Effective Natural Remedies for Chalazion

Epsom Salt, Tea, Castor Oil

Posted by Ixel (Florida ) on 12/17/2016
5 out of 5 stars

Hi so I had a chalazion and it was there for about 2 weeks because as soon as I got it I started doing warm compresses and prior to this particular chalazion I had 2 different styes within a month that went away within like A week and had a little pimple head so they could pop easily. But with the chalazion that I just had I was frustrated because it wouldn't seem to get any better :( and the only thing that truly worked was castor oil!! And I'm so happy I found that it works good because with out it I would feel very insecure because of this huge bump on my eye.

So to all those who want to get rid of a chalazion listen to these steps!

Okay so first you're gonna want to get epsom salt, chamomile lavender tea (or green tea), then you're gonna want to buy 100% castor oil (I purchased mine off of iherb.com)

Now, you're gonna want to bring water to a boil in a pan and pour epsom salt in it (stir to dissolve) then get your tea bag and put it in there.

Next grab your tea bag out of the water and put it close to ur eye and open ur eye and let the steam get into your eyelid pores, then once cooled down make it a compress and hold on eyelid till cold (repeat process) and then put Castor oil all over the bump and on eyelashes.

Also STAY AWAY FROM APPLE CIDER VINEGAR. it will only make things worse. :) also it's good to sleep with a cotton ball dipped in castor oil taped to ur eye! Take my advice and get rid of this problem!