Natural Remedies for Burning Mouth Syndrome

| Modified on Dec 28, 2023

Burning mouth syndrome is a miserable condition which can be difficult to treat. Fortunately there are effective natural cures that can give relief to symptoms and resolve the causes in many cases. Home remedies for burning mouth syndrome include nutritional supplements, herbs, and the treatment of underlying health conditions.

What is Burning Mouth Syndrome?

Burning mouth syndrome can be idiopathic (with no known cause) or it may be a secondary condition to another health problem. With burning mouth syndrome, there is a burning sensation felt primarily by the tongue. The gums, palate and mucous membranes in the mouth may be affected as well. Treatment focuses on bringing temporary relief, figuring out the underlying cause and treating that cause.

What Causes Burning Mouth Syndrome?

Burning mouth syndrome may be a secondary condition that arises from a primary condition. Anxiety, stress, depression, diabetes, acid reflux and allergies can cause burning mouth syndrome. Nutritional deficiencies and certain medications can cause burning mouth syndrome. Burning mouth syndrome may be caused by bruxism, tongue chewing or other poor oral habits.

Thyroid disorders, including hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism can be linked to burning mouth syndrome. Oral health conditions, including thrush and a dry mouth can cause buring mouth syndrome.

If you have any of the above conditions, seek remedies to treat these conditions. This may solve your burning mouth syndrome. If you take any medications, either prescription or over the counter, see if dry or burning mouth are a side effect of these medications. Even if burning mouth is not a listed side effect, if could be a side effect for you. Speak to your doctor about alternative medications if you think this is a possibility.

How to Help Burning Mouth Syndrome - Right Now!


Allow a half a teaspoon of honey to dissolve in your mouth. Honey has amazing healing properties and is soothing to irritated tissue as well. A local and raw honey is ideal.


Clove is anti-bacterial and also has numbing properties. A drop of clove essential oil added to 1/2 teaspoon of coconut oil can be placed into the mouth. Allow the oil to sit in the mouth for a minute or two and then swallow. 1/2 teaspoon of clove powder can be added to warm water and taken as a tea.

Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne is an herb that can reduce pain, increase salivation and increase circulation. Adding a bit of cayenne pepper to food or adding 1/4 teaspoon to some juice and slowly sipping it may bring some temporary relief.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is alkalizing to the body and the mouth. Add 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda to 6 ounces of water and sip on it, allowing it to come in contact with all areas of your mouth before swallowing.

Supplements for Burning Mouth Syndrome

It is not uncommon for burning mouth syndrome to be caused by nutritional deficiencies. If you suffer with burning mouth syndrome, consider the following supplements:

  • B Complex - The B12 and folic acid are especially important. 
  • L-Lysine - L-Lysine is an amino acid commonly used to solve other oral health problems including cold sores.
  • Zinc - Zinc is necessary for cell repair. 
  • Vitamin C - Vitamin C is also needed for cell repair and is critical for immune health.
  • ALA - Alpha Lipoic Acid  is another nutrient that is needed at the cellular level and is helpful to some with burning mouth syndrome.

Long Term Remedies for Burning Mouth Syndrome

Blackstrap Molasses

Since burning mouth syndrome is often linked to nutritional deficiencies, supplementing your diet with blackstrap molasses may be the cure for you. Blackstrap molasses contains iron and B vitamins, both of which are critical for sufferers of burning mouth syndrome.

Burdock Root

Burdock root is a gentle herb that is healing to the nerves and cleansing to the blood. Burdock root is a food in some cultures. Take 2 capsules with each meal for at least 3 months. It can take time for the healing to be complete.

Oral Care for Burning Mouth Syndrome

SLS (sodium laureth sulfate) is in many oral care products and most toothpastes. Look for an SLS free toothpaste. Better yet, use baking soda to brush your teeth. Baking soda has been used to clean teeth for generations. It also helps to alkalize the mouth.

Do not use mouthwashes that contain artificial colors or sweeteners. Hydrogen peroxide from the drug store can be used to rinse out the mouth instead.

Dietary Changes

Certain foods may aggravate burning mouth syndrome. Diet sodas, anything with artificial sweeteners and msg should be strictly avoided. Sugar, coffee, and processed foods may need to be reduced or eliminated as well.

Foods high in iron, like eggs, leafy greens and lean red meat may be helpful to some with burning mouth syndrome.

Fruits and vegetables are also an excellent addition to the diet to increase nutrients to the body and moisture to the mouth.

Be sure to drink plenty of water or herbal tea each day. A dry mouth is going to be more likely to be irritated than a moist mouth.

Have you used a natural remedy for burning mouth syndrome? We would love to hear about your experience!

Continue reading to find out what solutions our readers have found for this frustrating health problem.

ALA, St. John's Wort, Wood Betony

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Posted by Dreadfulwitchdoctor (Texas) on 08/03/2016

I've had BMS for about 4 years. I've tried every remedy and some helped more than others. I settled on alpha lipoic acid as the most effective, even though it just reduces the symptoms; it doesn't eliminate them. I tried the r-ALA and couldn't tell much difference, if any. I was disappointed because I've read from so many different people that it was much better. Since it's so much more expensive it isn't worth paying for it, for me. Others may, and obviously do, have different experiences. I take 300 mg three times a day.

I decided to add wood betony since I had some and I know this herb is useful for nerve issues, particularly related to the head. I do feel I get a slight improvement from this addition. I make a tincture from the dried herb and a menstruum of 50% Everclear and 50% distilled water. You could also use straight vodka. I let it sit for about six weeks then strain into a dropper bottle. I take a dropperful a couple of times a day but it would probably be better if I upped that to three.

The wood betony got me thinking about other herbs for nerve pain/damage and realized I should use St. John's Wort. I'd never used SJW for nerve problems before, but I have read that it's excellent both internally and externally for that purpose. I do know that it loses potency quickly when dried, so I ordered some from a source I know to have fresh, high quality herbs and started making tea with it. I am in the process of making a tincture from it as well, since my understanding is that you can get a quality tincture if you make it shortly after the SJW is dried. But I may just continue drinking my tea (and add the wood betony to my infuser) since I think the surface contact is helping as well. I've been letting it cool enough that I can take a large sip and hold and swish it in my mouth to bathe the inside surface of my mouth with SJW. I let my herbal teas infuse for about 10 minutes, covered.

I've been using ALA almost exclusively for at least a couple of years now, but the addition of both of these herbs, especially the SJW, has done a lot to alleviate the residual discomfort.

Replied by Nicky

Yes, I have had burning mouth for 10 years now, I have seen every doctor there is to see. I have tried everything from pills the doctor prescribes as well as herbals and ALA. I have tried Zegrid, an antacid, which another lady had mentioned and it helps, but I get flare ups. sugar seems to be a trigger. I take coconut oil in capsules and candistat, plus golden seal. I have tried everything and I am just so done with this. I'm tired of pain every day. Never Happy. Not sure what to do next.

This all came on as I had an underlining condition back in 2008. It was a Deep Vein Thrombosis (blood Clot) at the age of 38 between my stomach and my small intestines. It was removed along with 3 ft of small intestine that died. My symptoms started back in 2007 around thanksgiving, with my mouth, then it moved to my arm then my stomach and here I am. Thank God they found it or I could of died. I pray that God will cure all our diseases. I pray that all that are suffering, they are healed. This is so hard as it is not seen. Very unhappy. Thanks god bless

(Georgetown, Texas)

I was so surprised when I read your article about burning mouth. I've had it for over 30 years, and several years after it started, I had a DVT in the same location you did. Mine was 5 inches long and could have easily killed me. I had two more DVT's since then. The burning mouth was gone while I was on 3 mg of clonazepam, oxycodone and methadone, but I became a zombie after taking this medicine for 10 years. I lost 8 years of my life in an almost coma state. When I was taken off of the meds that worked (mainly the clonazepam) the burning returned. I am ready to give up and die. Unless one has this, he can't understand how miserable it is. The burning is now all over my body. Like you, I pray that someone figures this out to help others.

Karen S.

Replied by Hisjewel
(America, New York)

Good Morning Nicky!

"This is the day that the Lord has made,

I will rejoice and be glad in It! "

The fact that you are still praying tells me that "you are a woman of faith."

"You believe that what you are asking God for can happen." While we are in that waiting place, we have to take up a declaration and a song, which God puts in our hearts.

Let no one still your joy, and don't you give it away! I often have to catch myself here. During my trouble, if I am not doing something I enjoy, I may be worrying. We protect our joy by: (1) Maintaining a right attitude, (Now I tell you the truth, if its hormones I take a 400 to 800 IU Vitamin E or I just keep saying "Jesus" until I feel the burden and weight lifted.), (2) Speaking Bible declarations, (3) And by singing a song God gives us.

The woman who had the issue of blood for years in Matthew Chapter 9 kept saying within herself, “If I may but touch His garment, I shall be whole.”

Here are some declarations that have brought me through some sickness and infirmities and tough times.

(1) I have touched the hem of His Garment and I shall be healed

(2) "With His stripes I am healed"

(3) In Him I live and move and have my being.

(4) "This is the day that the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in It."

This is how we keep giving our troubles and pain to God. We chase away worry with scriptures, songs and thoughts of good and lovely things.

You are praying for us, and we will be praying for you. You have the victory!


Replied by Suez

Hi everyone, I've gotten this on and off for a couple years, but it would always go away by it's self. This time, NO. I've had it for about 3 mo. now. I take a lot of good things, Wheat grass, and two other greens with lots of good things in them. I've also been taking large amounts of Oregano Oil for about, 3 weeks. Nothing. I drink lemon in my water everyday. I'm plagued with Fibromyligia, Thyroid problems, and acid Re-flux. I will try some of the things others have offered here. But, I have a question. With your burnt coffee syndrome, do you have tiny little red bumps that go with it? I do, and also my husband says my tongue, gums and the roof of my mouth look orange. Anyone have this. I feel sorry for anyone that has this, it is very uncomfortable to say the least. My God help us all, so many people sick now days, because of all the junk they are adding to our foods, water, and the air we breathe. :( I try and eat as much organic and non GMO as possible, but it is kinda impossible to be 100% free of it. Kind regards everyone. Shalom.

Replied by Ken

Do you eat vegetables every day....this might help

Replied by Charity
(Faithville, Usa)

I am trying out some GABA this week and very sleepy /groggy, so I was googling around and found this article saying some Burning mouth sufferers are low in GABA ....hope this article below helps someone

Replied by Allyson
(Colorado Springs)

I just left a comment on another page and forgot to put burning mouth is caused by the herpes virus (per Medical Medium/Anthony William there are over 60 of them) H. Viruses cause 100's of diseases All arthritises, MS, burning mouth disease, chronic fatigue, hair loss, dry eyes or can go blind, mental loss, sooooo many diseases, go learn all the anti-virus foods to eat, what not to eat while you are killing the virus and add Ted's remedies to kill that virus so we can feel better! When you have rheumatoid arthritis, he calls it stage 4 of having the herpes virus (he also calls it the Epstein Barr virus I think not to offend some folks...some bug bit us that had one of the herpes viruses and made us soooo sick! ) Go get all the remedies and kill it....if you have had it for decades, MM says you need to drink FRESH celery juice due to it's miracle mineral salts that kill viruses but you must drink it for 2 years...he wants you to drink it forever to keep all viruses and toxins away. Not gonna lie, bitter, so I am following Ted's remedies and eating anti-viral foods like garlic, onions, most fruit, Wildflower REAL honey (real is take a drop of honey put on finger, if it barely moves, it is the real stuff, if it runs off your finger, corn syrup was added, throw it away), wild blueberries, rasberries, figs, dates, etc., go learn them!

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If you haven't already tried it, Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) may be worth a test.


(somewhere, europe)

Karen, never give up! While you're looking for help, do try inhaling h2o2, the plain 3%. You can also dilute it and spread it on the skin in that area.

Alpha Lipoic Acid

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Posted by Linda (Mpls, Mn) on 01/20/2018

I had burning mouth syndrome that was increasingly getting worse. I had it for four months and read about taking Alpha Lipoic Acid. I couldn't believe it. Within the first week the burning in my mouth started to decrease along with the reflux. I am now 1 month out from starting to take it and I have very very minimal symptoms only on my tongue. I continue to take it and for me it worked.

Replied by Patricia
(Tacoma, WA)

Hi Linda, how many Mg of the ALA do you take and how many times a day?

Alpha Lipoic Acid
Posted by Girl On Fire (Tiffin, Oh) on 08/15/2017

After suffering for almost 2 years, going to multiple doctors and even a homeopathic practitioner, I made a list of possible remedies that I found in different forums online, and started to work my way down the list. Thank goodness, Alpha lipoic acid (ALA) was at the top. 200mg 3 x per day for 4-6 weeks, then dropped the dose to 200mg per day. - always on an empty stomach. It works pretty well - not 100%, but pretty well - and it's cheap. I started the ALA in April of 2013. It is now August of 2017. I am 53 yrs old. This all started when I was 47. I have very well controlled diabetes - no meds and am entering menopause - those were two of the factors that seem to be most represented in the studies I found. I am hoping that once I get through menopause this will just go away. By the way, I do have flair ups on the ALA that last for a few days but they are manageable.

Alpha Lipoic Acid (Ala)

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Posted by Debbie (Hadera, Israel) on 04/23/2010

Burning mouth syndrome

I have suffered terribly from BMS for about 2 years,tried lots of alternative treatments and none helped. I then started taking ALA 600 mg every day. It's gone !!! The only thing that I am not sure of is for how long I need to carry on taking it? Forever?

Replied by Dean
(Huntersville, Nc)

I get a burning sensation on the roof of my mouth in the rear twards the enterance of my throat when ever I eat starchy, flowery, foods, like Bisquick, Mrs. Butterworth, or pretty much any pancake mixes.

I have spent my adult life avoiding starchy carbohydrates as I might just as well attatch them to my waistline as that is where they go. I love the taste of breads and potatoes but dropping them from my diet also dropped my weight and waistline.

What causes the burning on the roof of my mouth? I think I remember reading that your mouth is the fastest way for starchy carbs to get into your bloodstream and mess with your sugar. Any input?

Replied by Wundurbear
(Birmingham, Al, Us)

Try avoiding gluten containing foods. As soon as I removed gluten from my diet, the burning stopped. It is a hard diet to follow, but anything is better than the BMS.

Replied by Wundurbear
(Birmingham, Al, Us)

I tried taking ALA. It made my liver enzymes elevate. After 5 years of suffering from BMS, I also had some digestive issues. I had begun to address the digestive issues through research and elimination of certain foods. I came to the conclusion, I was gluten intolerant. After eliminating gluten from my diet, the burning in my mouth completely stopped. After 5 years. And the digestive issues have also ceased. I had gas, bloating, indigestion and just complete discomfort after eating. I was diagnosed with acid reflux and took those treatments. Turns out the gluten allergy was causing it all. Please try this, just to see. I can't tell you how relieved I am!

Replied by Brian
(Campbell, California)

I also suffered with BMS for about 2 months. It was getting progressively worse. I could hardly eat or drink anything. Almost couldn't brush my teeth anymore. Did some searching on the web and decided to try 600 mg of Alpha Lipoic Acid 1x day. Also, stopped all oral products except Biotene toothpaste and mouthwash. Dramatic improvement within 2 weeks, and now 5 months out I still do the same regimen daily. I am back to normal. I can eat and drink whatever I did prior to the onset.

Anti-Candida Diet

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Posted by Leslei (Alaska) on 02/23/2022

My boyfriend had burning lip syndrome several times in his life. So miserable for him. We tried everything, brushing only with baking soda, peroxide rinse in mouth, and only relief he got was from ice cube. Finally went to doctor. He had a huge overgrowth of Candida. He took anti-fungal medicine and we went on basic no carb diet for two months. We drank lots of water. He detoxed hard. He hated giving up bread, beer, candy, chips, junk food and so after two months he quit. It stopped the burning on his lips. He never went back to toothpaste, just baking soda. We kept toothbrushes in peroxide and replaced them every two weeks. Candida once gets in your blood, systemic, is hard to get rid of. We also took pills, [email protected], has an amazing set. he's on YouTube Eric Bakker.

Baking Soda, Dietary Changes

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Posted by Anjum (Miami, Florida) on 06/28/2009

I have been suffering with BMS for 10 years now. Recently about two months back I found Earth Clinic and I decided to do what TED said. He said to try baking soda 1/4 teaspoon in a half glass of water for two weeks that will get rid of burning mouth or burning toungue. It is burning because of acid in mouth (most of are too much acidic) but you need to avoid dairy, sugar ( all even honey and substitues sugars)and white bread and white grains (like white rice) Take any thing that is brown, like wheat bread, brown rice, oatmeal, corn bread is ok. ( unless you are allergic to gluten) because the gluten is a protein found in wheat, barley and oats. Then you can eat only corn and rye and ofcourse gluten free stuff which is really hard to find. Drink lemon (1/2 sqeezed)with one glass of water ( 8 ounce)atleast two times a day when you are taking Soda bicarb in water.

Good luck!

I really got rid of burning mouth but I still have weird taste in the mouth that I think will go away with time. Sugars are eliminated for at least 6 months for these conditions to go away. I even got rid of Migraines since I got rid of sugars.

I had my gallbladder removed 18 years ago and I was getting bloating and uneasiness in my stomach also for that I have been taking "Lecithin" just once a day with food. (It helps to break your fats and helps in digestion if you need to take it two times a day with your main meals it is ok too)

Good luck every one. It is not easy to leave all sugar, dairy and white bleached flour ( every food we consume has either suger, dairy or white flour) I am satisfied with this remedy but I also have leg cramps ( heavy legs) I am taking Vitamin E and doing some yogas that are helping me a little but not very much. May be it will take sometime before I can say anything since I just started this yoga a week ago.

Replied by Xlevine
(East Brunswick, Nj)

I agree with Anjum from Miami regarding baking soda. I use double action bking soda, whatever that is, and it tingles somewhat. I take what is less than 1/8 teaspoon and put it directly in my mouth, don't bother to dilute it in water. Several times a day when the problem arises. Then I forget for a few days and the symptoms return. Also noticed that the problem is directly tied to sugar. After eating Italian ices I get a flare up right away. Am I going to give up sweets.... heck no. I discovered baking soda as the remedy because I noticed the problem subsided right after I brushed my teeth with a product that has baking soda (you guess which one). Then I went right to the high octane baking soda. BTW I went to Dr. specializing in this stuff and he didn't diagnosis it properly. He gave me a concoction that sort of worked but in the long run didn't help.

Replied by Anjum

Hi every one suffering with BMS, I was in Miami Florida when I wrote here to BMS sufferers and I said I was doing good after 10 years of suffering with BMS. Yes, for five years I was BMS free but recently in April of 2016 it came back again. I still think the cause is the sugar.

I was taking Jamba Juice greens, thinking it has only natural fructose from fruits and green verges but I guess not, it also has some kind of sugar that triggered it again. I am trying hard to get rid of the symptoms but it is not helping. It has gotten worse than the one I suffered 10 years before. But I am confident that controlling the diet, ( eliminating all the sugars and sodas, dairy and wheat, ( even wheat bread with 100% whole wheat will sometimes triggers it, eat it when you are symptom free) white pasta and white rice. Just, eating the greens with proteins (good meats) brushing teeth with baking soda and coconut oil, using biotene mouth wash, swishing mouth with coconut oil and also taking vitamin C and vitamin Bs, Alpha Lipioic Acid and minerals will help) That's what I am doing and hopefully it will get better in few months. It takes time for it to go away. I am hopeful.

I am having few good days in a week already where it is 50% to 80% relief. Please the first thing you do is, quit the sugar for good if you have BMS. Even though honey is non-acidic food, is not good with BMS because you never know if it's really honey or sugar syrup. Nowadays you can not trust on anything if it pure or junk. Even vitamins are not what they say on the label. Every thing is full of chemicals and GMO.

What should we eat? At least, I figured what not to eat: "SUGAR" dairy and wheat.

EC: Thank you so much for updating us after 7 years!

Replied by Anjum
(Sacramento, California)

Hello my Dear friends, all who suffer from BMS, I had been suffering with BMS on and off, for more than a year now. ALA was not helping much to but some other things are so I do have few days of BMS free and the burning is Subsidised, but some weird sensation is still there in the mouth even salt bothers. I am taking green smoothies, slippery elm, absorbable calcium, and some trace minerals like celenium, magnesium l- acetal carnatine and lugal's iodine with L-tyrosine ( amino acid). I don't have my gall bladder so I am also taking Triphala ( an Ayurvedic herbal supplement that has three different herbs in it) It has all the vitamin Bs and C in it. I read somewhere that we need to take bitter green like neem which is bitter too, for good digestion I thought gut is very important to repair and may be it will help me cure all my ailments. It did help a lot and also improved my insomnia. I have taken Triphala for 3 months now. My digestion has improved a lot and my skin is clear of blemishes. I love this herbal supplement. I was also taking alkaline water for few months. Some thing is sure helping. Just wanted update my condition andlet you know, after one years that I am doing much better. I thank God for it every day. I pray for every one else to have some relief from BMS. Amen!

EC: We really appreciate your faithful updates!

Beer Rinse, Baking Soda

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Posted by Peggy (Vidor, Tx - Texas) on 05/21/2012

I am a 60 year old female in really good health. I have had burning mouth for 6 months now. I have tried all the remedies on the computer. I have found rinsing my mouth with a light beer ( I do not drink) lessens the burn for a while. Also brush with baking soda often helps also. Good luck to you all.

Replied by Margie
(Lebanon, Il)

Have you have any more luck finding why or how you got Burning tongue and how to quiet it down? Raisins help me...

Burning Mouth Syndrome Triggers

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Posted by Rusty (Montana) on 11/07/2020

I found that eating tart apples brought on my burning mouth.

No more apples.

Burning Mouth Syndrome Triggers
Posted by Diane (Canada) on 11/22/2016

I had a burning tongue about 2 years ago and many appointments. ( 3 doctors, many blood tests, dentist and finally the ENT). Everything looked normal except my tongue was burning and driving me crazy.

When I finally saw the ENT, he was very helpful. He looked at the tongue and mouth, and right away, he said he could see that I had the habit of running my tongue over my teeth. I was probably doing it many, many times a day without noticing it, like a nervous tic. The diagnosis was burning tongue syndrome, but he was sure it was caused by this habit. He said : the good news is there is nothing wrong with you. The bad news is I can't help you.

He said the only thing to do is to be conscious when I am moving my tongue in my mouth, specially when I am running it over my teeth. Then, consciously make the effort to just relax my tongue at the bottom of my mouth. It will go away once you relax.

In my case, he was right. I started noticing how much I move my tongue in my mouth specially when I am stressed. It feels like it's in constant motion. Worst in the afternoon, when stress level is rising and I start feeling tired. So I started by making a point to take breaks at work. I would sit down for about 15 minutes, breath, and relax the tongue at the bottom of my mouth. At first it felt weird, like it wouldn't relax. What helps is gathering saliva in my mouth ( sorry if it sounds gross! ) and kind of let the tongue bathe in the saliva. It seems to relax better that way. I also try to relax my whole face, and the jaw during this little session ( I am always surprised how tense my face can be! ) . After about a week of doing this a few times a day, I really started to see some improvement.

I am pretty much symptom free now, but I get the burning feeling once in a while, specially late afternoon, during stressful hectic days, or when I am worried. Then I make a point of doing this relaxing exercise and it just goes away on it own again.

I am easily stressed and tense. Some people bite their nails. I knew I was a lip chewer, but I hadn't realize I was also obsessively rubbing my tongue on my teeth, and that is what was causing my tongue problem.

I sincerely hope it can help someone else.

Replied by Carol

Thank you so much for posting - I have been suffering with BMS now for about 2 years. It seemed to have started during a tooth implant procedure but I was also going through my life changes. As I was reading your post I started relaxing my tongue and I can't believe that it actually started to make a difference. Looking back on the past couple of years, I realize now that I too unconsciously move my tongue around a lot as it seems I just can't get it into a comfortable place; and my mouth and jaw have been very tense. In trying to consciously relax my tongue and letting it bathe as you suggested, I almost can't feel the annoying sensations while in this relaxed state. I will be consciously trying to relax a few times a day now in hopes that it will get me into the habit - I am hopeful that this will work. I am very excited, as this is something I NEVER thought about. The funny thing is when I first started reading your post, I thought to myself, Nah, that's never going to work, but as I kept reading and started to relax my tongue, I was amazed as how almost immediately I felt a difference. The irritation is still there, but a lot more tolerable and it's only been about 10 mins. It makes sense now as to why BMS reportedly gets progressively worse through out the day as stress levels grow. Now it makes perfect sense as to why relaxation can work! I'm hoping that by relaxing, it will give my mouth a chance to heal and maybe this thing will finally go away. The mind is a very powerful thing! Thanks so much again and God Bless!

Replied by Diane

Carol, thank you so much for your reply! I hope you can find some relief from this little relaxation technique. In my case, things got better slowly. After the first week I could go hours without thinking about it. After that, it could be days without thinking about it. Now it comes and goes, mostly around supper time. But I know it will go away in a few hours.

I remember the Burning tongue feeling getting a little better after a teeth cleaning. I was worried all this playing around in there would make it worse, but no. I remember going to the grocery store after the appointment, running my tongue over my teeth and feeling: oh! It feels really clean. I KNOW it is clean so I don't need to check 50 times an hour!! I didn't make the connection then, but looking back and knowing what I know now, this was a big clue!

Replied by Lillian

Thank you Diane, I too have BMS, like you I feel I do the same, chew on my lip and my tongue seems to rub on my teeth all the time, certainly doesn't help!! Some days it's excruciating, and some days it's bearable, using the baking soda mouth rinse, that helps a bit, also Chewing sugar free gum, helps to moistened the mouth!! Going to try your relaxation remedy. I'd never heard of BMS, it's good to read about other people having the same and how they cope with this awful problem!!! All my doctor can give me is very strong drugs, which I'm not at all willing to take!!! So came online to look for alternative remedies and found this website. Thank you!

Replied by Paul

Thanks this post - very useful. I really feel moving my tongue around all the time really aggravates the BMS. Spent most of the morning asleep as I am so tired from it and now it feels better than it normally does by mid afternoon. Also cleaning my teeth (with earthpaste) after eating so I don't fiddle with the food in my teeth. Relaxing to the bottom of the mouth really seems to help.

Replied by Ajh

I have the exact same thing happening due to stress that started when preparing for a big move, with three kids and a dog. I had dental work done and my mouth has not been right for 4 months now. I notice my tongue is out of control, and I have to consciously make it stop, but it's very hard. Even now, I can barely make my tongue stop rubbing on my teeth. Sometimes I hold water in my mouth for a little bit and that temporarily helps. Thanks for your post. There are so many remedies to try. I pray that I find a solution that works for me. Good luck everyone!

Burning Mouth Syndrome Triggers
Posted by Duckiedmud (Montreal, Quebec) on 02/06/2016

I had a prevnar13 shot (vaccine used to prevent pneumococcal bacteria infection) 3 months ago. A week later I started to get BMS. It has gotten steadily worse. I am blaming Prevnar 13. I will try things I have read in other post. I can hardly eat it hurts so much.

Burning Mouth Syndrome Triggers
Posted by Bernie (Nj) on 03/23/2014

My BMS started about 3 weeks ago (3-01-2014) 1st started with dry mouth then shortly thereafter burning mouth. All of this started shortly after a ct scan with contrast of stomach and pelvic area. I have not seen a Dr. yet but will make appt. Monday. I am 75 yrs old in pretty good health I feel the scan had something to do with BMS. BERNIE

Replied by Faithfulfriend

That is very interesting sounds like you contracted something at the hospital? This is my thinking if baking soda relieves some of it maybe it is FUNGAL in orgin That is why people are getting relief from no carbs, gluten, and no sugar basically the anti candida diet. If it is fungel try a a natural antifungaLs such as oregano oil , olive leaf oil and garlic and brush your teeth with baking soda and orginal listerine mixed if fungus is the cause you will know soon enough

Burning Mouth Syndrome Triggers
Posted by Kate (West La, California) on 08/09/2011

I have never experienced burning mouth or burning tongue syndrome until recently. However, I had read about the terrible problems people have with this condition by perusing different health sites over the years and I figured it out within a day or two. My episode was triggered after I ran out of our holistic toothpaste and grabbed my husband's small travel tube, which was an Arm & Hammer brand. Almost immediately after using it, the right corner of my mouth cracked open and started to bleed. Then my tongue started to feel raw. Not realizing I had just triggered burning tongue, I ate tortilla chips with the hottest salsa imagineable at a restaurant the next day. The hot peppers in the salsa burned the tip of my tongue, causing tiny but immensely painful blisters. I was unable to sleep for the next 2 days. It was sheer torture. After finding burning tongue remedies on Earth Clinic, I started to alkalize with Ted's baking soda remedies. I also swished baking soda and water solution in my mouth several times a day. It took a week to heal and what a painful week it was. During that time I spoke to an oral surgeon friend who told me that this condition appears more frequently for menopausal woman (I am not). He told me that he had a female patient commit suicide after months of having a burning tongue. That's how serious and painful this condition is.

I hope people will look to the chemicals in toothpaste and hot spicy food when they get a burning tongue. I never want to go through that again! Hope this post helps someone, somewhere.

Replied by Marina
(Paros, Greece)

I recently suffered from BMS, never heard of it before and after reading ALOT about it did the following home remedies. I immediately bought a herbal toothpaste, I drank 1/2 teaspoon of Bicarbonate of Soda (Baking Soda) in a glass of water twice a day to reduce acid, I also took 1 capsule of Spirulina with a glass of water 4 times per day after reading that my body could be lacking iron (along with some other nutrients). I took a capsule of milk thistle to help the liver illiminate toxins, I avoided sugar and other white carbs (white pasta, white rice, cookies, cakes, white flour etc. Etc. ). I also sucked on lumps of coconut oil (from the fridge so it was solid) which IMMEDIATELY eased the symptoms whenever the burning was unbearable (being anti virul, anti bacterial, antisceptic and anti fungal I thought it could do no harm). I also drank a couple of litres of water every day and often squeezed a lemon in too. Amazingly, after fearing that I was going to be living with BMS the rest of my life, it has GONE AWAY - yeah!!! I don't know whether to continue with this regime now it's gone or stick with it - I feel better all round so I may just keep it up. Avoiding the white carbs has also caused me to lose a few unwanted Kgs and I have heaps more energy. Good luck everyone - I can't imagine still having that bloody condition - nightmare.

Replied by Angierose
(Dublin, Ireland)

I have been suffering from BMS for almost eight years now and have been reading up every article or item I can get my hands on to help educate myself on any possible cures out there. The medical profession seems to be either ignorant of its existence as an ailment or powerless to help. I also suffer from food allergies which I have now read are possibly related and which means I have Type 3 BMS (there are 3 types according to the website medscape). Anyway, have tried everything, every diet, every pill, every alternative therapy... Nothing has helped. I suppose I will end my days with the horrible ailment, I would not wish on my worst enemy. My mother also suffered from it, but not my three sisters, so far. Am trying the coconut oil, solid from the refridgerator which does ease the pain for a short time. Also doing the baking soda and water twice a day combined with lemon juice in water. Somethimes I get some relief, other times no relief.

I am 58 now and although am almost resigned to having this curse forever, I would be most grateful for any help, suggestions anyone out there may have. Thanking you in advance.

Replied by Molosser
(Asuncion, Paraguay)

Hi. I am a 44 yo male , living in South America. I had the same "Burning Tongue" symptoms for almost a year. I figured, that it had to be a metabolic problem, because I tried almost ALL existing treatments against the most obvious like candida and herpes, with no results.

I cured it with Oregon Grape Root.

I bought empty capsules, size 00, 1 pound of organic Oregon Grape root powder and a encapsulation machine, all on amazon. With my 210 pounds bodyweight, my dosage was 4 times daily 6 capsules. The pain got away at the fourth day of treatment. I halved the dosage after one week and took the capsules two more month. After a year, the problem came back and I used the same method again, with positive results. Before trying this, please adjust the dosage to your bodyweight.

I wish you all the best.


Replied by Liette
(Barrie, Ontario)

I've had BTS for a few months and it seems to go away when I avoid coffee! I do have food allergies, especially to wheat, dairy and eggs. Sometimes when I eat other types of flours it tingles a bit but for me coffee is the culprit. I don't know if I'm allergic to it. good luck everyone! Liette

Replied by Jacque
(Seattle, Wa)

I had BMS for about five years with no help from my doctors (they seem to think you are crazy when you mention BMS). Recently I have been diagnosed with celiac disease and am following a strict wheat-free diet and after a few weeks my BMS has completely disappeared. I am convinced that the gluten in wheat is the culprit here.

Replied by Maureen
(Montreal, Quebec, Canada)


I have burning mouth syndrome from time to time (I do right now) and I find that stress is a contributor but not a cause, but when I am not eating well (too much carbs or sugar) and am stressed as well, I have to cut coffee or my mouth will start to burn. Coffee seems to be the thing that is the ultimate trigger and I like my coffee STRONG!

I, like many of you, have digestive issues, allergies including one to nickel, food intolerances and even a sorbitol intolerance. Food intolerances often cause acidity as a reaction so I am not surprised that food intolerances or allergies may cause or contribute to BMS. Also, stress causes acidity as does sugars and refined carbs. I think the main culprit here is acidity in the mouth, whatever the cause.

Good luck to all!

Replied by Janice

I am such a healthy person except for this severe BMS which I have had for 11 months. Speaking and swallowing are difficult and nothing brings relief. I have to work really hard not to be depressed. It has been awhile since you posted this message. Are you better yet?

Replied by Judy
(Tasmania, Australia)

Try Endep it is a prescription medication. I had BMS really bad 7 years ago, due to wrong medication supplied. The ENT specialist prescribed it, and with in a short time the pain went away. I still get it sometimes, but nothing like I had before.

Hope this helps.

Replied by Kokear

Hi Judy, I have had this burning mouth and throat for about 4 weeks after a few months of stress worrying about my health. I went to my GP today and she had never heard of BMS. I have been using natural remedies baking soda/honey etc. She gave me endep to take so will see how it goes. Also decided to take Alpha Lipoic Acid 600 mg daily. Will let you know what happens.

Replied by Judy

Hi Kokear, Sorry I haven't been on the site for a while.

I asked my doctor about Alpha Lipoic Acid, he said he didn't know anything about it. BMS has come back due to the stress of losing my husband a few months ago.

I am taking 10mg of Endep twice a day, but I still get some burning in my mouth. I feel I should try the APA and see what happens.


Replied by Maureen

My BMS came on as I was diagnosed with periodontal disease. I initially thought the pain was related to that but was given BMS diagnosis by periodontist. Had antibiotics, antiseptic mouthwash, various toothpastes and more antibiotics and mouthwashes. Hard to pinpoint cause but feel that it may have been a combination of the gum disease and the shock of learning how advanced it was. Since both the gum disease and pain came out of the blue think there is a relationship there. Anyone else got any ideas as to cause?

Replied by Carolyn K.

I have had bms for 2 years now. It is awful. Most drs have told me that it is a nerve issue. Burning and aching pain. I can't say enough how this pain has changed my life...

Replied by Anjum
(Sacramento, California)

Hi Maureen, My BMS started in 2000, right after a dentist visit for cleaning and regular check up nothing extra ordinary. I told my dentist but He denied of any thing happening with the cleaning teeth or medication he gave me to take for pain after the cleaning, has to do any thing with BMS. And I was disappointed but has suffered with insomnia, anxiety and depression at the time but then I researched and found the same things to do that you mentioned. I stopped taking any sugar even fruits for few months, took a lot of green veges and changed my toothpaste to a herbal toothpaste and drank bicarbonate soda in water for few weeks. I also quit wheat, white rice and spices for six months and took natural anti biotics, alternating every week, like grapefruit seed extract, oregano oil, lugal's iodine, garlic, borax and Hydrogen peroxide ect. And all the symptoms were gone and I started to enjoy regular food, spices and meats. I was free of symptoms for 5 years and BMS came back again, last year. This episode was worse and aggressive than the last one. I tried to do the same regime, to get rid of it but it is still there. It is 80% gone but keep coming back with the little things like bananas and even berries. I am not in a lot of pain now like I was before but still in stress. I am trying to relax the tongue now and hoping to have a miracle.

I am so happy to find your post that is quite similar to mine when I posted it first from Miami, Florida ( I was visiting my daughter at that time, she is in Chicago now)

I am hopeful again with the green smoothies and Ayurvedic herbs Triphala for gut problems, milk thistle and vitamins that I need for Graves' disease.

I hope we all get cure soon. Amen!

Donna Lee

Are you thinking that bananas make burning mouth symptoms worse? I love bananas but have been thinking I should eliminate them from my diet for a while too. I'm running out of fruits to eat; I've already eliminated mangos, oranges, melons, berries and others. I'm definitely going to try the cold coconut oil pieces to see if that can relieve the burning. I do have acid reflux and take omeprazole daily. I also take Levothyroxine for a thyroid condition. I'm a 65 year old female. It helps to read that I'm not alone and my symptoms are not "in my mind" and are real.

Replied by Pat

I have had BMS for 3.5 years, and I've talked with my dentist, my GP, and I have seen an allergist. No one has a clue what to tell me. I notice that it is worse some days that others, and just this week, I linked eating banana to increased pain. After eating a banana, my mouth felt like it had slivers of glass in it, prickly and painful. I stopped eating a banana at breakfast and it is better, but of course, not gone. I think that the solution is different for everyone. I am exploring eliminating as much acid from my diet as possible. Amazingly, banana has a pH of 5.6, which puts it in the acidic range. I am examining the water I drink and just bought some with pH of 7.7 and one at 9.4. A friend told me her dentist told her that her bottled water was too acidic and was causing her to have cavities for the first time in her life. I am also taking a Prilosec every day for a while to see if I need to calm my digestive system. I do tend to have acid reflux, so at least I'm getting relief from that. Citrus fruits like lemon and lime cause problems for me, too. I read that watermelon is a good fruit, more alkaline. I'll try that. Just sharing what I'm learning, but I really don't have relief yet, so maybe none of this will work.

Replied by Tim
(Georgia (Rep. Of))
21 posts

Hi Pat,

Start to chew dry Sage leaves all day long in nonstop regime - avoid stems - of course interrupt when food intake - do it few days or as needed - hope you'll feel a great improvement and, finally, get rid of any complaints.

Wish you the best.


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Posted by Erin (Sherwood Park, Alberta) on 04/16/2009

I was suffering with burning mouth syndrome for over a year. Tried everything, B vitamins, oral rinses etc. My oral pathologist prescribed lozenges with capcasin and it is the only thing that helped. I have also been tested for celiac twice, but tested negative. As of right now my bms has totally disappeared. I was eating oatmeal everyday, but have stopped and my digestive system is better. Next week I am going to start eating oatmeal again everyday to see if the bms comes back.

Replied by Carolyn

Suffering from Burning Mouth Syndrome. I haven't been able to find Capsicum lozenges anywhere. Anyone know where I can buy them?


Fisherman's Friend cough drops sold at Wal-mart, Family Dollar, maybe Dollar General.

Cayenne is really good at breaking up congestion mucus.

Carbonated Water

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Posted by Nic (Sunderland) on 08/12/2018

I have found sparkling water, like Perrier or any supermarket brand with carbonation, very soothing. Also chinese herbal mouth wash.

Change Toothpaste

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Posted by Mama to Many (TN) on 02/19/2022

My daughter has had some mouth issues on and off the last few years since wearing braces. The braces are off now but still she has had intermittent trouble with mouth sores and a burned feeling in her mouth. She has learned that she probably has a cinnamon allergy - at least if she consumes a large amount of cinnamon.

But even still she would say that her mouth was burning, and it felt like her taste buds had been burned off and she couldn't taste anything. I wondered if it was a delayed covid reaction since we had covid a month ago.

Then it dawned on me. Burning mouth syndrome. I have read about it here on Earth Clinic many times. I tried to remember what remedies I had read about, and it hit me. Her toothpaste. She uses one with SLS. I told her my suspicion and told her not to use her toothpaste anymore.

The next day I bought her some Burt's Bees toothpaste. She has been using it ever since and now her mouth is fine! I know it isn't such an easy fix for many people, but it is surely an easy thing to try first!

~Mama to Many~

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