Natural Cures for Burning Feet

Calcium, Magnesium and High pH Water
Posted by Jen (Phoenix, Az) on 11/20/2017
5 out of 5 stars

I had burning feet for a year and things got bad when I started to lose feeling in my feet, numbness, nerve pain and electrical feeling.

I did research and believe Dr. Hulda Clark's analysis is right on. She said it's acid in the foot built up because the kidneys are not filtering uric acid and other acids. She said to take calcium pills and magnesuim /potassium pills. And fix the kidneys.

I have started a couple of days ago with the calcium, mag/potassium and am taking kidney glandulars. Also, I buy a couple liters of high ph water, like 10 ph to up my alkalinity. And it's worked.

I have not had burning in my feet for the past several days. Usually night times are the worse, it's like my feet are on fire. And I have had no burning for the first time in a year. Also, the numbness in my feet is getting better, less numb.

The acid connection is it. Also stress produces cortisol, which makes acid (lactic acid) and this also can be a problem. I take ashwaganda to lower cortisol.
I think the calcium and magnesium and the high ph water made the largest difference. Fix the kidneys. I also take a heart glandular as well. The glandulars I got online but they were first given to me by a "nutritional response" therapist. This is the best therapy I found. But it costs a couple hundred dollars every 3 weeks, which I don't have. So I just get the glandulars they use online. But if I could go back and get regular muscle testing with that therapy, I believe it would fix alot of my health issues. As it seems like according to Dr. Robert Morse that acids are the basis for many health issues, including the fact that our kidneys and adrenals need support due to high toxins we are exposed to regularly.