Natural Cures for Bronchitis

Posted by Renee (Boston) on 09/07/2022 41 posts
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Acute Bronchitis and Ivermectin

Today is day 10 since I started with a dry hacking cough after almost getting over a common cold. I have had bronchitis in the past and do tend to have lingering chest congestion after colds that can last for months but this time was a doozy. I have never felt that I couldn't breathe, like each breath was thru a straw. The uncontrollable cough was hurting my ribs so bad but for the first the 3 days it was all an unproductive cough.

The only thing I took for the first 3 days was Mucinex and Tylenol or Ibuprofen. I used a humidifier and was already taking Zicam since my cold had started. I couldn't think straight, I was exhausted. I could barely blow my nose because I didn't have enough air. I kept wondering if I should go to the emergency room, call my doctor or something, but what kept me from doing that was that I was worried they would kill me. Seriously.

A friend of mine's brother had gotten a little dizzy in the shower and fell, he hit his head and his wife made him go to the hospital to make sure he didn't have a concussion, he supposedly tested positive for covid so they admitted him, started him on Remdesivir and to make a long story short, he died of kidney failure. Hospitals make $35,000 for every COVID DEATH, they don't get paid to save you.

So anyway by day 4 I wasn't getting any better and I decided to come onto earth clinic and look for remedies other than Mucinex. I tried several so I can't say which ones have worked. I made concoctions with garlic, ginger, ACV and Cheyenne pepper. I stood over boiling water with baking soda and sprayed peroxide down my throat, I gargled with salt water and covered myself in Vick's vapor rub, etc etc.

So all of that probably helped but I also realized that my bronchitis is from a virus, it's inflammation, and it somewhat has similar characteristics of covid. So I started taking ivermectin as well, I used the Zelinsky protocol for active covid. (I can provide that if anyone is interested) You pretty much double everything you usually take for prevention, double zinc, C, etc. The ivermectin was double too. I have taken ivermectin monthly for about 6 months as a preventative and to also see if it would help with my arthritis inflammation but this time I decided to attack this bronchitis with everything I had.

By the first day I started to hear and feel my check loosen, I started having productive coughs, finally! Now it very well could be that the virus was on a scheduled course anyway and it was time to loosen up or the Mucinex started working or the other home remedies, who knows? All I know is that I feel 90% better today, slept thru the night the past few nights, hardly cough at all now and when I do I have a productive cough. I was still feeling tired during the day, but today I don't!

So I'm sorry that I don't know what actually worked but I do know that we need to be active in our own care because Drs only tell you what big Pharma wants them to tell you.

I will continue taking garlic, ginger, AVC, and all of the wonderful remedies I found on Earth Clinic until I have no signs of bronchitis left but I will also keep taking ivermectin for another day or 2 as well.

FYI: Ivermectin cuts down the viral load.

I am a dog breeder who has given my dogs monthly ivermectin for yrs. I take the same one I buy for them since that's all I can get. 1% liquid.