Natural Cures for Bronchitis

Fig Tree With Piloncillo
Posted by elpidio (Lompoc, ca) on 02/15/2008
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first thanks for the website. there is a woman that sufferd frome bronchitis for years,the remedy is:the leaf of the fig tree boiled in water together with [piloncillo] like tea instead of water for several days, this woman is just fine she tels me. Pilincillo is that dark brown sugar conelike bar sold in the market, I don't know it's name in many leaves? it takes a day I do not know.

for dust and pollen allergies I have to say that vitamine E saved me frome years of itchy eyes runy nose and lots of missery I was taking 800mg a day until I was 100% ok I finished the botle of 100 caps.I was good for like 3 years then they came back but now I know the remedy

EC: We just did a Spanish to English translation on the web and learned that Piloncillo is powdered brown sugar.