Natural Cures for Bronchitis

Posted by Candyland (Brooklyn, Ny) on 12/25/2010
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Reading the website I wondered if I could get some info on what to do as the dissolving takes place from the inhalation of DMSO and ingestion of MSM. I have chronic bronchitis and as the permanent damage loosens it does not come out right way rather I go through severe choking spells both day and night, impossible to breath or expel enough to make a real difference. I also inhale essential oils 7 times a day in boiling water, almost four years now 15 broken ribs and one coughed out intestine. No relief. Am I doing something wrong or is this the process? Just wanting to know if I'm on the right track and will eventually break the bio film that holds the disease to my body. I understand, no guarantees just some helpful feedback would be nice at this point.