Holistic Treatments for Breast Cancer


Posted by Sam (Miami, Fl) on 05/10/2015

A young girl is born. She is a difficult child. Fussy eater, poor sleep pattern, lots of colds. She loves chicken and craves chocolate. She has trouble with her periods from almost the onset of menstruation. They are irregular and painful and she suffers PMT. Her doctor puts her on the oral contraceptive to suppress ovulation and this seems to quieten things down. Eventually she comes off the pill to start a family. Her periods take 6 months to resume and they are worse than ever. She has trouble conceiving because the pill has depleted her zinc levels. She is low in progesterone and loses a few pregnancies at multiples of 4 weeks (4,8,12,16). She eventually gets pregnant but her copper accumulates and she develops postnatal depression. Her baby is zinc deficient and probably has excess copper. She tries for another baby but this time she can't because she's developed endometriosis. Answer: the oral contraceptive. She starts to gain weight, starts to get depressed, then her skin changes. Her face develops a reddish tinge. Then she develops anxiety symptoms. She is told this is anxiety/panic disorder causing her depression and is put onto antidepressants, but these don't help her tiredness. Then she finds out that she's iron deficient, but she can't raise her iron levels with supplements. Then she's told she's got an under active thyroid and needs thyroid replacement. Still no real improvement in energy. After a few years of this purgatory of health, she goes off the pill and develops heavy periods. She finds out that now she also has fibroids and consents to hysterectomy. Then she discovers that her Estrogen levels are low. Then the punch line. "You don't have uterus, therefore you don't need progesterone". She starts Estrogen only HRT. Despite complaining of breast tenderness, she is told to continue. One day one of the painful lumps in her breast is brought to her doctor's attention. She has a mammogram, then a biopsy. The pathology shows breast cancer. She has a lumpectomy with axillary node clearance. Her tumour is Estrogen receptor positive. So then it starts. Chemo then tamoxifen. Five years later she gets a terrible pain in the back. She has spinal metastases. More chemo. Then liver secondaries. Sorry, not much more medicine can do, we've really done our best. We've followed the book; every single health recommendation. Oh, and by the way, don't go near those natural therapists. They have no idea of how to help you. End of story. This case represents the full house of Xenoestrogens symptoms, and unfortunately many of the patients with breast cancer have some version of this story.

Do you think that the medical professional would accept any blame for these events?

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Dear Sam,

What a sad story. Sad but true. And likely played out many times over.

Thanks for sharing a sobering story.

~Mama to Many~

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This is an obvious example of a win/loose game. I like the scenario where there are no losers. Referencing to war, Bruce Springsteen said "Nobody wins unless everybody wins".

A few yrs ago, I gathered statistics from obituaries from regional newspaper and came up with a mean average death of 75 (to the best of my recollection as I have those stats written down but cannot now find them but am presently searching). From my local paper last two editions here are the numbers: 11 deaths 51 being the lowest and 95 the highest # and a mean average 67.5. My recent interest in recording these stats was stimulated by one edition obit of 6 deaths with 4 reported in the 50's category.

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The information is from the book "Nutritional Medicine: Fact & Fiction" by Dr Igor Tabrizian (Australia).

Chapter 8 Strangers in the night: Xenoestrogens and health.


Dr Tabrizian's web site is: www.nutritionreviewservice.com.au

Replied by Joanne

I nearly cringed reading your well written message. I started this journey long ago myself. Irregular periods, put on the pill, still irregular bleeding, then a hysterectomy leading to severe menopausal symptoms. Then I met a doctor, who specializes in women's health who told me about Xeno hormones. My whole life changed after following his advice, which was get rid of all products containing fake hormones! No more symptoms, no more discomfort. My own gynecologist had never even heard of a Xeno hormones. Every doctor should know. I bet I wouldn't have needed a hysterectomy if I had met Dr. Eckhart earlier.

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