Holistic Treatments for Breast Cancer

| Modified on Jun 30, 2024
Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Eljer777 (Philly suburbs ) on 08/02/2022

My wife has stage 1V breast cancer and uses 35% food grade HP with only alexapure water. Cancer is disappearing quickly. Uses 10 drops in half a glass of water and 1 drop of DSM 2X a day.

Baking Soda
Posted by Jerry (Miramar Florida) on 06/13/2022 23 posts

Hello Ted and friends,

Have anyone heard of or tried cotton round pads, soaked in baking soda and warm lemon water, applied on a tumor site, for breast cancer? Does this have a chance of reducing the tumor/mass?

Alkaline pH
Posted by Maryla (Isle of Wight) on 05/23/2022

Check out Dr Eric Berg on YouTube and his video on baking soda. Should not be taken long term as it upsets the gut flora making it too alkaline. Good explanation.

Lugol's Iodine
Posted by Hisjewel (New York) on 03/16/2022

A friend was diagnosed with breast lump that was metastasizing. The Prayer Warriors have been praying for her. God has provided so many ways for us to get our healing, so I suggested to her to add to the prayer, a few drops of Clove Oil mixed in Olive Oil. Our olive oil bottle holds about ¼ cup of oil. I told her to anoint the breast area each day, She said she missed some days . However, two months after using this mix and lots of people praying for her, her doctor reported that the lump has decreased in size. The doctor was supposed to be scheduling surgery if necessary, but did not. he just told her to keep on doing what she's doing.

Here is a study about Cloves Tumors and Cancer


Yes, there are so many ways to get your healing. I was healed of a lump a some years ago after going on an all vegetable fast for seven days. Take your choice.

Lugol's Iodine
Posted by Jerry (Miramar ) on 03/14/2022

What is the alternative remedy if the person is allergy to iodine?

Lugol's Iodine
Posted by MissM (New York ) on 10/05/2021

Paint the iodine on. You don't need to bandage it on. Painting it on will allow skin to absorb. Take modified citrus pectin.

” Modified Citrus Pectin (MCP), a modified polysaccharide derived from citrus fruit peel, has shown antimetastatic properties in many cancers, including breast cancer. MCP is thought to reduce metastatic potential by inhibiting galectin-3 which may block the “loss of anchorage” phase of metastasis (anoikis”

NO sugars or carbs. Eat clean!

Iodine really helps externally and internally. Get some Lugols iodine and do two drops in water and take other companion supplements.

I did not have cancer but seriously painful lumpy breasts. I went to several doctors and they didn't have a clue except dole out pain meds. Found out hypothyroid later. Painted iodine on, got thyroid meds, problem gone. Check your thyroid many doctors will ignore you if in range. Stop the Thyroid madness has symptoms and tests. Do not get one test done, get another.

Lugol's Iodine
Posted by Lizzy (NC) on 10/04/2021

You add several drops of the iodine in water and drink it 2-3times a day. Also breast cancer is usually high estrogen, try progesterone cream.

Baking Soda
Posted by Ela (London) on 02/18/2021

Hello Sam and all lovely ladies posting here on breast cancer, I hope you are all doing well. I highly recommend looking up chrisbeatcancer.com, Curing cancer with carrots by Ann Cameron and books by dr Mark Sircus. My Mum was diagnosed with breast cancer last June. What she does is carrot juice and alkalizing her body plus a bunch of supplements. Her blood tests results have been good and there has been no metastasis so far. She's had no conventional treatment at all. We are having a CT scan in March to see whether the lump in her breast has shrunk. Best of luck and courage to everyone who has to go through the (breast) cancer nightmare <3

Posted by Joanne (Minneapolis ) on 02/17/2021

I nearly cringed reading your well written message. I started this journey long ago myself. Irregular periods, put on the pill, still irregular bleeding, then a hysterectomy leading to severe menopausal symptoms. Then I met a doctor, who specializes in women's health who told me about Xeno hormones. My whole life changed after following his advice, which was get rid of all products containing fake hormones! No more symptoms, no more discomfort. My own gynecologist had never even heard of a Xeno hormones. Every doctor should know. I bet I wouldn't have needed a hysterectomy if I had met Dr. Eckhart earlier.

Miscellaneous Remedies and Supplements
Posted by Ruralady (Illinois) on 02/01/2021

Raw garlic is known to destroy many types of cancer, but it can't be cooked in any way...It must be raw.

Organic Juicing Diet
Posted by Marc (texas) on 01/08/2021

Orange juice everyday (sugar), carrot juice (sugar), juice 8 times daily I think is too much, don't you?

Breast Cancer Prevention
Posted by Marc (texas) on 01/08/2021

One of the causes is the genetics from family. Other type is excessive amount of estrogen. Check if your estrogen is running high. There are different ways to check it.

Breast Cancer Prevention
Posted by Marc (Texas) on 01/08/2021

Well ,my wife did Thermography for more then 3 years and they did not detect anything, even when she told then she had a little lump. For the fact that breast fibrosis runs on the family but not breast cancer they said its ok. Thing got worse and she was diagnosed with stage IV BC.

Baking Soda
Posted by cclark (Oklahoma City, OK) on 12/24/2020

You might check out Panacur-C which is actually a medication for dog parasites. Also search for Joe Tippins, someone who found that this product helped with his cancer. Also look at this web site: www.cancertreamentsresearch.com which has a wealth of information.. I had 10 Vitamin C IV treatments that greatly helped, as well. Good luck!

Baking Soda
Posted by Debra (GA) on 12/01/2020 5 posts

please check out documentary "The God Plant". CBD is the topic.

Baking Soda
Posted by Marla (Ca) on 11/30/2020

Hi Sam,

I also hv breast cancer, DCIS. I had a lumpectomy in Oct 2020 with great success, no cancer in lymph nodes. I've decided to opt out of radiation too. Too many cons than pros for me anyway. I rather be diligent in a "natural approach" with alkalizing first thing in the morning with warm lemon & Apple cider vinegar. Vit D, DIM, Vit C IV therapy, etc. As much as I can to keep my immune system healthy. My surgeon also didn't agree with my decision, but its wht is best for me in my opinion. Hope this helps a little. Good luck!

Alkaline pH
Posted by Dawn (Canada) on 03/20/2020

Kris- I have the same problem. Check your saliva ph. If it is low, add magnesium chloride and nascent iodine to your diet. Read Dr Mark Sircus' books.


Alkaline pH
Posted by Kris (Bulgaria) on 11/12/2019

automatic translation:

Hi, I never wrote here, just read. I have breast cancer removed and radiation afterwards. I read that high PH should be achieved. I have had a urine pH of 8 for 3-4 years now. Why am I sick?

Baking Soda
Posted by Sue (Asheville, NC) on 04/28/2019

It's one teaspoon of baking soda to one cup of water to drink one half hour before your meals. One tablespoon per cup of water would be way too dangerous, especially for older people.

Paw Paw
Posted by Marjorie (Newfoundland, Canada) on 01/13/2019

Thank you for posting, I have been told I have breast cancer recently and have been doing Paw Paw program. The company I have been using has been having great success over the yrs with cancer.. Paw paw is not available in Canada so I order it from the US. I intend to continue this and also add some of the recommendations from this site. I have what appears to be inflammation around my nipple. Is this a common symptom?

Baking Soda
Posted by ORH (TEN MILE, TN) on 11/12/2020

SAM, another way baking soda kills a cancer tumor is direct injection as this doctor does.


Do not give up.


Baking Soda
Posted by Art (California) on 11/11/2020 2212 posts

Hi Sam.

Please look into melatonin for breast cancer, especially if you decide to use radiation as it can ameliorate some of the damage caused by radiation as well as have synergy with radiotherapy as well as with chemo. Here is a link to multiple studies showing the benefit of melatonin in breast cancer :


Good luck to you on your journey!


Baking Soda
Posted by Candy (IA) on 11/10/2020

I would check into hydrogen peroxide inhalation.
bill munro video on YouTube.

Baking Soda
Posted by Sam (Vancouver, Canada) on 11/10/2020

A month ago I found a lump in my breast and, before I even went to the doctor and had it checked, I decided to err on the side of caution and started the baking soda/BSM mix which I'd heard about years ago. I starting with 1 teaspoon of each and intentions of doubling the amount of baking soda after a few days. I felt fine for the few two or three days, but by the third day I had a headache, which worsened significantly on the fourth day and left me feeling as if I might have a stroke. That's went I learnt that baking soda has a LOT of sodium; that is probably what affected me so badly. As soon as I stopped taking the baking soda (never even got round to upping it to 2 teaspoons), the headache and terrible feeling went away.

If baking soda is good for cancer, taking it certainly didn't work for me.

Last week I had confirmation my lump is breast cancer. I've been doing everything I can with my diet (eating the full rainbow of veggies and fruit) to help myself, and taking herbs and spices that are supposed to help. I had a pretty good diet to begin with, largely whole foods, planet-based, with the only meat being a bit of chicken, but I think the main weakness in my diet was that the range of fruits and veggies I ate, wasn't wide enough, nor was I using a wide enough variety of spices and herbs. But breast cancer runs in my family, and I've lost two sisters to it, so it's possible (if I have the gene) that nothing would have averted me getting it. I've always tended to believe that even if you have the gene for a disease, it might not necessarily be triggered or manifest in you if you do your best to live a healthy life. I did—and have always been healthy. I've never drunk or smoked it my life, am very active year round, have never been on medication for anything, and have never had to be treated at a hospital for anything except a broken wrist five years ago. I've never owned a mobile phone, or have any wireless devices in my home as scientific data proves EMR/EMFs are dangerous to the health of all living things. But none of that helped me stave off breast cancer.

I've decided on a lumpectomy with no radiation after (which the surgeon recommended in order to be sure all the cancer was gone), because I prefer to trust in a more holistic approach and use all the foods nature provides to get me through.

I've no doubt the surgeon feels refusing radiation is a poor health choice on my part, (my family doctor certainly thinks that! ) but when people are conventionally trained in medicine, and they encounter someone who is innately holistic in their outlook, there is NEVER GOING TO BE a meeting of the minds. I'm sure both think I'm crazy and am taking a terrible risk.

My surgery is in two weeks, and they feel there's still time for me to change my mind about having radiation after. If I should receive compelling information from anyone out there who has had breast cancer and agrees with them, I would welcome hearing from you.



Breast Cancer Prevention
Posted by Sam (Canada) on 11/07/2020

What about wearing a bra when you exercise, such as using a rebounder or running? Isn't it harder on your breast not to wear a bra when doing such activities? That's the only time I wear a bra, and also I wear a 'not tight' sports cotton bra in summer when wearing light clothing.

Molasses, Aloe Vera and Beets for Cysts
Posted by Leo (New York ) on 07/24/2020

Any update on the use of Molasse, Aloe vera and Beets?

Breast Cancer Prevention
Posted by Adrienne (Id) on 11/16/2018

I decided to see what I could learn about Pueraria mirifica and it doesn't sound too good regarding breast cancer.

From the government website, National Center for Biotechnology Information: "In conclusion, in the present study long-term postpubertal treatment of Donryu rats with PM at a dose of 200 mg/kg b.w./day exerted promoting effects on mammary carcinogenesis after the initiation with DMBA. Furthermore, PM elevated cell proliferation in the mammary glands of DMBA-initiated rats, which might lead to the promotion and progression of mammary tumors to greater malignancy. In addition, it inhibited the levels of calcium in the blood, and induced inflammation, hemorrhage, and dilatation of the uterine wall in rats." 200 mg per kg of body weight is a lot, I'm sure, and these are poor, unfortunate rats, but still, I would be a bit leery of this herb for cancer and opt for more tried and true alternatives.

Miscellaneous Remedies and Supplements
Posted by Alya (Uae) on 09/25/2018

A comment on garlic and turmeric:

This is not commonly known in the west, but here, in the middle east, we have the MALE garlic (that comes mostly from Yemen), is quite small and has only 1 bud, in comparison to the normal looking garlic (which has many buds together and is the female common variety). The medicinal properties of the male garlic is said to be approximately 1000 times more potent than the female common variety. In addition, contrast to the male garlic, the FEMALE Turmeric root (has a much stronger smell and colour, and is also smaller looking than the male), is also believed to be the 'medicinal' and more potent variety of turmeric. Good luck!

Gerson Therapy
Posted by Stacey H. (New York) on 05/31/2018

Her cancer got worse because the diet is not starving or reversing the cancer. Mercola.com is a good source and my favorite book Beating Cancer with Nutrition by Patrick Quillin. And a quick possible source for breast health and cancer cure in Europharmausa.com, Terry Naturally's CuraMed-Breast (for healthy breast cells). And of course, a no/low sugar, low glycemic diet. Too many potatoes and not enough whole food as chpt 13 in P. Quillin's book amazingly explains. And this site on breast calcifications. Parasites are also an issue, I love drclarkstore.com and mountainmeadowherbs.com. Going chemical free in body products and home is a major issue and plenty of pure water, along with a dairy-free, sugar-free, gluten-free, vegetable oil-free (except EVOlive Oil, and for cooking only, Coconut or MCT Oil and Avocado Oil). Also, increase Omega-3 animal source fish in diet and much less Omega-6 and less salt in diet. Breast Cancer exercise videos on youtube and wherever to stretch, weight, aroebic, and lymph drainage (rebounder). All of this is a good start in helping stave off and reverse cancer.

Posted by Jill (San Antonio) on 12/05/2017

LDN stands for low dose naltrexone. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Low-dose_naltrexone

Magnesium Chloride
Posted by Art (California ) on 09/12/2017 2212 posts

Magnesium chloride (MC) has many potential health benefits and in the link to the full study below it is suggested that breast cancer might be one.

In the study they compared the effects of MC with cisplatin. The cisplatin was more effective and comes with side effects and can only be given for so long, whereas MC can be taken indefinitely and side effects are more likely to be other health benefits. Being replete with MC may be a safe and effective preventative or it may be a great addition to a breast cancer treatment strategy. Definitely worth the read and consideration.

Here is a link to the full study:



Posted by Denise (San Francisco, Ca) on 07/18/2017

Chlor- did u paint iodine on an ulcerating breast cancer tumor and have it go away?

Baking Soda
Posted by Grey (Ca) on 07/12/2017

HIFU- High Intensity Frequency Ultrasound basically targets the cancer and destroys it .Mexico has places that do it and I read guys with prostate cancer cured in couple hours using HIFU no real side effects . A study was being conducted in the U.S. and we all know the rest of that story.

Ted's Remedies
Posted by Kmm (Atlanta) on 05/29/2017

How are you doing on this treatment. How often do you take H2O2

Lugol's Iodine
Posted by Wydo (Ca) on 06/19/2016

Okay here is my recipe for topical Lugol's iodine.

Use a clean glass dropper bottle. Put 10 dropper fulls of 5% Lugol's iodine into the bottle. Add a few grains of vitamin C powder until the iodine goes clear. Then add 20 dropper fulls of aloe vera to the mix. Add a dash of zinc chloride to the mix and put the cap on loosely and swirl until it dissolves. You will feel it heat up. Lastly add twice the amount DMSO to what you have. Let it sit for a few minutes.

This does not make very much but you have to use it up or the mix will separate and turn amber again so you will need to use it up.

When you apply to the skin you will not need very much of this on a spot. Just a few drops will do. If this still burns add more aloe vera and less zinc.

I worked this recipe out from something that Ted wrote. So thanks to him I have it.

I hope this helps.

Lugol's Iodine
Posted by Dee (London) on 06/17/2016

The lugol's might be too harsh to apply directly to the skin. Mix it with a bit of organic coconut oil. Eat bitter apricot seeds as well up to 30a day.. Combine with zinc, curcumin, vit c and selenium.

Lugol's Iodine
Posted by Wydo (Ca) on 06/13/2016

In the States we can buy hot cold packs that are made up of pea sizes gel beads. There is one here that comes with a belt with a pocket that you can Velcro to your body so the heat goes to the spot you want it to be. The gel peas make it so that the pack shapes to your body. Heat will help drive the lugol's to a greater depth. Heat also kills cancer cells. So check your Boots for a heat pack. DMSO also helps to move the iodine into you. DMSO will also break through cancer cells and carry the iodine in.

Cut out all sugar and junk food. Cut down on carbohydrates like crisps. Sugar will feed your cancer because cancer cells require 8 times as much glucose as your normal cells need so starve it.

Look into Ted's alkaline drinks here in EC and also take L-lysine up to 5 grams per day spread out.

Protect your liver with silymarin and alpha lipoic acid.

If you plan to do chemo therapy and/or radiation therapy get vitamin C powder and start taking it throughout the day in mega doses to protect yourself from the damage it does.

Keep asking your questions here and keep learning how to stop and reverse the cancer. Treat your body and not just the cancer.

Lugol's Iodine
Posted by Shade (London, England) on 06/12/2016

I am trying out Lugols iodine 5% for a recent breast cancer diagnosis.

Soaked some in gauze and wrapped to skin overnight. In the morning - iodine patch on skin- then blister rips off, leaving raw patch. I apply a dry dressing daily. Hope to get barrier cream.

Anyone used Lugol's to treat this condition? Pls let me know.

Thx Shade

Breast Cancer Prevention
Posted by Cheri (Michigan) on 05/05/2016

Currently breast thermography is not covered by medical insurance. Prices may range from $100 to $200 out of pocket.

Breast Cancer Prevention
Posted by Ben (Bremerton, Wa ) on 05/05/2016

A safer cancer diagnostic tool is a thermogram. You hear doctors preach about how women need to get yearly mammograms etc yet the very act of medical imagery exposes you to needless radiation. It's long been known that such radiation helps to get cancer growing. Now unless you have a naturopath for a doctor, I bet you never heard of a thermogram. Well this medical imaging technique can be safely used by anyone at any age. It looks for areas of unusual heat signatures. A thermogram can detect a tumor as small as a grain of rice. This means it can detect tumors 7 to 10 years earlier than an old fashioned mammogram.

The procedure is very simple, you first get a baseline image. You sit in a temperature controlled room and let your body cool for a brief period of time then body mapping begins. Every square inch of your body is thermally mapped by computerized equipment then kept as a data ase. Next year any changes, even tiny ones, that show up can represent a possible tumor. These then can recieve additional testing and diagnosis. With the ability to detect tumors many years before being able to be imaged by any other technique.a thermogram can give you a valuable head start in cancer treatment options. This can be a life saving asset.

Breast Cancer Prevention
Posted by Jessica (Las Vegas) on 01/10/2016

Which couldn't possibly be the only cause.

Breast Cancer and Deodorant
Posted by Gary (Ga.) on 08/08/2015

My Wife/best friend/most important/everything has just been diagnosed with Breast Cancer, that's why I'm on this site. This may or may not help those looking to stop using store brand Deodorant. In nature meat eaters/Predators smell one way while Pray/vegetarians have no or a very slight smell. Chlorophyll tablets may do for you what it's done a great job for me. If you can get the type tablets Hospitals use in Colostomy bags, those Work Best and they Work Great. The drug store tab's work OK. The side effects are min, 2 is all I've experienced. 1st is gas, after a day or 2, noise (if you can't silence it) is all that will give you away. Then, It's the GREEN you'll leave in the toilet that may have you feeling faint until you remember what's caused it. I've used Chlorophyll for years and still do. Good Luck, hope this helps someone, sometime. God Bless all those coming to this site for answers/help, know 1st hand that we need all the prayers our loved ones can get.

Breast Cancer and Deodorant
Posted by Moll8 (San Francisco) on 07/12/2015

I agree that eating a clean diet will cut down or eliminate b/o. My husband has found the same thing. I do usually use some coconut oil - and if I'm going to hot yoga or something, I'll pat on some baking soda as well (though sometimes baking soda will irritate if I've just shaved).

Posted by Sam (Miami) on 05/11/2015

The information is from the book "Nutritional Medicine: Fact & Fiction" by Dr Igor Tabrizian (Australia).

Chapter 8 Strangers in the night: Xenoestrogens and health.


Dr Tabrizian's web site is: www.nutritionreviewservice.com.au

Posted by Timh (Ky) on 05/11/2015 2063 posts

This is an obvious example of a win/loose game. I like the scenario where there are no losers. Referencing to war, Bruce Springsteen said "Nobody wins unless everybody wins".

A few yrs ago, I gathered statistics from obituaries from regional newspaper and came up with a mean average death of 75 (to the best of my recollection as I have those stats written down but cannot now find them but am presently searching). From my local paper last two editions here are the numbers: 11 deaths 51 being the lowest and 95 the highest # and a mean average 67.5. My recent interest in recording these stats was stimulated by one edition obit of 6 deaths with 4 reported in the 50's category.

Posted by Mama To Many (Tennessee) on 05/10/2015

Dear Sam,

What a sad story. Sad but true. And likely played out many times over.

Thanks for sharing a sobering story.

~Mama to Many~

Posted by Sam (Miami, Fl) on 05/10/2015

A young girl is born. She is a difficult child. Fussy eater, poor sleep pattern, lots of colds. She loves chicken and craves chocolate. She has trouble with her periods from almost the onset of menstruation. They are irregular and painful and she suffers PMT. Her doctor puts her on the oral contraceptive to suppress ovulation and this seems to quieten things down. Eventually she comes off the pill to start a family. Her periods take 6 months to resume and they are worse than ever. She has trouble conceiving because the pill has depleted her zinc levels. She is low in progesterone and loses a few pregnancies at multiples of 4 weeks (4,8,12,16). She eventually gets pregnant but her copper accumulates and she develops postnatal depression. Her baby is zinc deficient and probably has excess copper. She tries for another baby but this time she can't because she's developed endometriosis. Answer: the oral contraceptive. She starts to gain weight, starts to get depressed, then her skin changes. Her face develops a reddish tinge. Then she develops anxiety symptoms. She is told this is anxiety/panic disorder causing her depression and is put onto antidepressants, but these don't help her tiredness. Then she finds out that she's iron deficient, but she can't raise her iron levels with supplements. Then she's told she's got an under active thyroid and needs thyroid replacement. Still no real improvement in energy. After a few years of this purgatory of health, she goes off the pill and develops heavy periods. She finds out that now she also has fibroids and consents to hysterectomy. Then she discovers that her Estrogen levels are low. Then the punch line. "You don't have uterus, therefore you don't need progesterone". She starts Estrogen only HRT. Despite complaining of breast tenderness, she is told to continue. One day one of the painful lumps in her breast is brought to her doctor's attention. She has a mammogram, then a biopsy. The pathology shows breast cancer. She has a lumpectomy with axillary node clearance. Her tumour is Estrogen receptor positive. So then it starts. Chemo then tamoxifen. Five years later she gets a terrible pain in the back. She has spinal metastases. More chemo. Then liver secondaries. Sorry, not much more medicine can do, we've really done our best. We've followed the book; every single health recommendation. Oh, and by the way, don't go near those natural therapists. They have no idea of how to help you. End of story. This case represents the full house of Xenoestrogens symptoms, and unfortunately many of the patients with breast cancer have some version of this story.

Do you think that the medical professional would accept any blame for these events?

Molasses, Aloe Vera and Beets for Cysts
Posted by Deon (Pretoria, South Africa) on 04/06/2015

Do you have any results?

Breast Cancer and Deodorant
Posted by Jackie (Ukraine) on 02/18/2015

I find this topic...well I am not quite sure how to put it...but....following a healthy fresh food lifestyle will eliminate any need for deodorant as there can be no poisons that the body is trying to eliminate. I have lived this way most of my life and nobody has ever told me I smell!! Drink a glass of properly distilled water evry hour or so.

Miscellaneous Remedies and Supplements
Posted by Sari (Toronto) on 01/19/2015

Dear Nancy from Melville New York... Thank you so much for your comment & the stats on DCIS... I didn't know... I've been refusing surgery & have totally changed my lifestyle too but I didn't have the facts to answer people... If you have a blog or website or other place where you share about your strength & methods I'd love to hear more...

Breast Cancer: Post-Treatment Remedies
Posted by Jackie (Kiev, Ukraine) on 01/18/2015

I use H202 therapy on a permanent basis and I swear by it. It has helped me so much! I cannot think of life without it. Do NOT drink the 3% H202 normally bought at a pharmacy/drug store as it will not be pure and likely have contaniments in it. If drinking it it is essential to follow the correct protocol suggested by David Williams. You MUST purchase 35%FOOD GRADE H202 ONLY and use it according to THE specific protocol. NO OTHER WAY WILL DO. H202 35%FG can also be used for mutiple purposes if diluted down appropriately.

Posted by Timh (KY) on 12/25/2014 2063 posts

I see alkalizing, particularly by mineral baths, as the very first step in preventing cancer, but only a first step. Detoxing and immune boosting are certainly very important. But yes, alkalizing is mandatory first step as all other treatments or remedies (conventional or alternative alike) depend on this for their success.

As for the hormone problem, as I understand it, excess estrogen and insufficient testosterone is the major problem in both males & females. Estrogen mimicking environmental zenobiotics are a big problem. For men in particular, aging often decreases the utility of testosterone. Estrogen dominance is one of the causes, but other factors as well. The loss of utility of testosterone causes a buildup of "bad" dihydrotestosterone in the prostate which leads to enlargement and cancer. This problem is easily corrected w/ the herbs Stinging Nettles and Avena Sativa. About 3 yrs ago I decided to try the green oats and the results were profound as my libido shot thru the roof, which is evidence I had high dihydrotestosterone levels.

The natural occurring chemical in cruciferous veggies Diindolymethane (DIM) is effective in reducing estrogen excess in both men & women. Many male athletes and trainers use DIM regularly to boost free testosterone.

Posted by Gavin (Northland) on 12/24/2014

Remove the cause, and you have the cure. I came across this with regards to breast cancer, as a hormone related cancer it would be the same for prostate cancer in males. As the incidence graphs are similar. http://rense.com/general35/av.htm Here we have a general hormone disruptor in widespread use in the Western world that no one seems to be addressing. When it is, a PR machine swings into action. The general rise in Obesity, Diabetes, Heart disease could be laid at the overconsumption of this culprit as well. Remembering that Insulin is a hormone as well.

Miscellaneous Remedies and Supplements
Posted by Mayan2012 (Ontario, Canada) on 12/14/2014

Unfortunately a good majority of doctors still believe in chemo and other life threatening treatments. Maybe they should start teaching about diet and other natural cures to help the body and hospitals should stop passing out cookies and treats to patients getting treatments!

Miscellaneous Remedies and Supplements
Posted by Sam (Miami, FL) on 12/13/2014

I meant IP6, Inositol Hexaphosphate

Miscellaneous Remedies and Supplements
Posted by Sam (Miami) on 12/12/2014

LP6 supplement appears to be effective against many cancers. Lots of reviews on Amazon.

Miscellaneous Remedies and Supplements
Posted by Joy (Thailand) on 12/11/2014

To Melony UK.

in response to your recent post here on EC, I would advise you that this is what this wonderful site is about, CHOICE, Many people here have been through the convential medical fields and have not found satisfaction and wish to do something for themselves, whether good or bad and this site helps and is read by many many people who have had excellent results by trying their own natural treatments, maybe because you use the NHS you are conditioned not to think for yourself, so please don't knock anyone who uses alternative treatments.

Miscellaneous Remedies and Supplements
Posted by Timh (KY) on 12/12/2014 2063 posts

M: It would be nice if you posted an item in particular when describing "dangerous", instead you throw a blanket of generalizations. We all need more information and less fear.

There is a reason people come here for help. Cancer cure rates by conventional medicine are dismal and the cost are astronomical. Check out Ty Bollinger videos on YouTube. At only mid-age, Ty lost most of his family from Cancer, whereupon he determined to find out more of this tragedy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?

Miscellaneous Remedies and Supplements
Posted by Melony (Uk) on 12/11/2014


It concerns me that posters on the breast cancer page have serious conditions and are experimenting with all manner of 'natural' cures, some dangerous and some ridiculous. TALK to your doctor please. If you have done any research through pubMed discuss it with your physician first. Quite frankly this thread should contain a serious health warning.

Baking Soda
Posted by Mikeandmona.com (Calfornia) on 11/17/2014

One to two tablespoons baking soda seems like alot, maybe taper up to it? That seems like a lotta action inside a body, we do a 1/2 tsp. once a day, and when we're ill we compensate as we test acidic. We throw a half lemon's juice or a pinch of baking soda in every glass or bottle of water we drink, even throw a little lemon juice or baking soda in the dogs' water every now and then too, and have seen it spare dogs when vets failed. 1/2 tsp. when I'm in respiratory distress and test acidic gives me a quicker, profoundly stronger and longer last relief from respiratory failure than everything else I've done or tried, including major surgery, combined. We take a 750 mg. tablet of GABA when we do "a fix" though, else we run around (or go to bed) wired.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Maria (Gippsland, Australia) on 11/11/2014

Hi Eclipse, I agree this site is a learning feast. yes I believe in grounding. It has helped me, even as a kid I always wanted to be in bare feet. There is an earthing group in Adelaide who at one of their festivals did a test on 6 people. They did a live blood analysis then they did grounding for 2hrs (think it was that ) and redid the live blood analysis and it showed the cells weren't sticky any more. Unfortunately I can't remember all the details. Grounding is said to be one of the best antioxidants so as you said "its free".

If you can filter your shower/bath water that is mighty helpful as we absorb so much chlorine & fluoride thru our skin, we tend to only think about filtering our drinking water. I'm someone who prefers the pitchfork approach, as in doing more than 1 therapy provided they are not canceling one another out. There are also some very easy & cheap ones in the "Dirt Cheap Cancer Protocol"

Ted's recommendations regarding keeping your sugar levels down are really important I believe whilst you are doing your therapies. This includes fruit & its coming into mango season for you! (Oh I love mangos).

As an aside did you know that we don't make vit d in the morning and late afternoon sun? This came as a shock to me as for years being diligent to get sunshine at these times so as to avoid skin cancer. It is the midday sun we need, not a lot of it though. With all our careful sun exposure my hubby got skin cancers & low vit d, & my vit d level was so low it could not make double figures!! Keep up the good fight.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Mmsg (Somewhere, Europe) on 11/11/2014

Eclipse, make sure you get INTO the water and soak when you can.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Eclipse (Townsville, Queensland, Australia) on 11/10/2014

Hi Maria, thanks for the useful advise. I will look up the site you recommended. Sadly, I live a little out of town, so don't make it to the strand, but I do live at a beach, so I will certainly try the saltwater experience. I have been walking the dogs on the beach, killing two birds with one stone, exercise the dogs, get Vitamin D, breathe fresh air, and ground myself. Have you heard of 'grounding'? It may or may not be beneficial, but it's free, and who knows, it may help. I'm so glad that this site is here, I learn something every time I open it.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Maria (Gippsland, Australia) on 11/09/2014

Hi eclipse, I don't know the answer to your question, but if you don't mind I have some suggestions. I found breastcancerchoices.org very helpful and you can buy the iodine from them. They will post to australia, you just have to email them. I had no trouble getting my high dose iodoral. I was following "the iodine protocal". I was initially scared of a herx reaction being ill for so long so I started by painting lugals on the skin and then 1 drop in water slowly upping it. Never forget the co nutrients.

Don't forget your lymph system as it is what will take the rubbish out. One great herb is fenugreek. You have the lovely Strand to walk along (yes a little envious). Walking and rebounding good for the lymph also being in sea water. The water acts as compression and the nutrients in the water help. Try to get the water above the armpits. Sorry there are no links but my pendo is not pasting for some reason. All the best in your journey, God bless

Forgot to say I take borax usually Ted's way with 4 or 5 on and 3 or 2 off. although have done it Joel Wallach's way also. For so long we have been taught that it is ,but in the minute doses it is necessary for our health. This is not an answer but what I personally do.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Eclipse (Townsville, Queensland, Australia) on 11/08/2014

Hi! I've been browsing through the site, reading about 'borax', and it sounds wonderful. I was diagnosed with Ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS) which is 'preemptive Breast Cancer' over a year ago. I chose not to go the slash/poison/burn route. I am trying to help my body, hep itself. I don't always succeed with the improved diet, but I have supplements, and I take ACV (with the mother) three times a day. I also drink a glass of water with BAKING SODA, last thing before bed, and I rub a pinch on my gums x 3 times daily. I have a FARinfrared sauna, almost daily. I also only use himalayan salt, and I juice daily. My general health is greatly improved, so if I die of Cancer, I'll die healthy, apart from the arthritis in my knee that I've had for the last 3 weeks.

My question is, should I also be taking Borax? I would really appreciate some feedback.

Posted by Bill (San Fernando, Philippines) on 06/11/2014

Hi Donnaw13...Iodine is anti-carcinogenic and can be used against cancer. Iodine helps to modulate the estrogen pathways to prevent cancer gene expression. In fact here is the overwhelming evidence:



But you will have to take a much higher dose of lugols iodine than normal to fight the cancer. I've read that 300 drops of 5% lugol's iodine per day(in split doses) has been used to treat cancer. But you should really be properly supervised by a medical professional before taking such a large amount of iodine.

If you do take lugols iodine please also ensure that you take the full Iodine Protocol with companion nutrents

Here are some of the other useful healing properties of iodine for the body:

Healing Properties of Iodine.

Posted by Donnaw13 (Tampa, Fl) on 06/09/2014

Hi Bill, I have breast cancer that I am trying to heal naturally. Iodine is something I have been wanting to add to my arsenal. Would that be a good idea? Thanks.

Essiac Tea
Posted by Grannyjo (Usa) on 06/05/2014

To Emilie from Quezon City, Philippines. Hello Emilie, I'm sorry to hear about the cancer, I hope you are better. God healed my daughter of breast cancer over 16 years ago after taking Essiac, surgery, minimal chemo, and prayer. Sometimes all the doctors can do and all we can do is not enough, but we can Pray and trust God to heal us, and if we ask sincerely in Jesus name, I believe He will do it.

One of the best ways I know to prevent and fight cancer (and other diseases) is to keep your blood PH alkaline, instead of acidic. Disease hardly grows in alkaline blood.

I used baking soda (in water) for this until I learned that baking soda contains aluminum. We don't need heavy metals in our body, so I stopped the soda & started drinking Apple cider vinegar, (or fresh lemon juice, which are both alkaline) in water instead.

I suggest using at least 2 or 3 fresh lemons daily, (or equivalent ACV), squeezed in water with maybe a little stevia (absolutely no sugar, as cancer feeds on sugar)

About Hydrogen peroxide, I have used the 35% food grade (Diluted) HP in the nebulizer for colds etc. and on infected wounds with success but I have not taken it internally, however I believe I cured a skin cancer with Hydrogen peroxide.

For about 5 years A coal black spot had grown on my hand, to about the size of my thumbnail. I began to worry and prayed. I believe God told me it was cancer and that I should put undiluted 35% hydrogen peroxide on it. I did, very carefully keeping the HP on the growth. A bit got of the skin around the growth & turned white, but no problem. The white color soon went away.

The black growth puffed up like a water blister, which I left untouched for a couple days until the blister went down. I then applied the hydrogen peroxide a second time. and let the blister go down again, at which time I noticed the edges of the black growth had begun to curl up something like the edges of a crispy fried egg.

I very carefully started gently pulling the edges of the growth loose, prepared to stop if I saw any bleeding. There was no bleeding. I pulled every bit the growth off easily with no pain or bleeding, leaving only brand new baby pink skin beneath. My normal skin color soon returned. That was at least 5 or 6 years ago and the growth has never returned. GrannyJo.

Posted by Phil (Georgia) on 05/31/2014

Once again, another article on breast cancer and bras.http://www.naturalnews.com/045366_breast_cancer_bras_lymph_nodes.html

Breast Cancer and Deodorant
Posted by Emarie (Indianola, Wa) on 03/27/2014

Juice from a fresh lemon works wonderfully as a deodorant as well.

Baking Soda
Posted by Carol (Australia) on 03/20/2014

Hi Edda, sorry if I was a bit dramatic. Carbon Dioxide is a poison. It's created when the body utilises oxygen as well as in other processes that happen and the body works hard at getting rid of it as quickly as possible. That's why you breath in oxygen and breath out carbon dioxide.

From what I've gathered Vit C is a general label they put on a substance they didn't understand very well At the time. it does come in various forms. I was referring to citric acid which is different from the vit c sodium ascorbate you said you were using. You just have change one molecule and it changes what happens.

When using mms you mix sodium chlorite with citric acid as an activator. It can taste yuk, especially with larger amounts. So word was out that if you mixed bicarbonate soda with it, it tasted better and was less acidic. Which it did. Now days a I try to research everything from different angles. Some times I even check out the quack sites for a good laugh. two main things happen. If the bi carb hooks up with the mms molecules it creates a much larger molecule which then can't do what you want it to do which is to take extra oxygen deeply into cells that need it. And if it combines with the citric acid molecules it becomes carbon dioxide. In the past I have occasionally squeezed lemon into a glass of bi carb which made it taste better and lemons are so good for you. High in citric acid and I won't do that again.

bicarbonate soda is a wonderful substance used in so many ways but do some research on what it actually does. It can throw the acid, alkaline balance of your stomach and lower intestines, needed for proper digestion, totally out of wack. It might provide temporary relief for indigestion or heartburn but far better to work out what is causing the problem Long term. It can cause other mineral imbalances. If you've had a few drinks which is very acid then drink a big glass of water with a spoonful of bicarb dissolved in it before bed. You will fell much better in the morning.

The last two years has been a steep learning curve for me and I'm learning more all the time. Especially not to take things for granted, including breathing. All the best.

Baking Soda
Posted by Edda (Riverside, Ct) on 03/18/2014

Dear Carol,

Wonderful, positive post, thank you. I have a question regarding your statement... "Be aware that mixing bi carb with citrus acid (vit c) chemically combines to create carbon dioxide, pure poison..." I beg to differ about mixing citric acid with sodium bicarbonate. I take this form of vitamin c almost every day for years and am alive and kicking. It's called Vitamin C sodium ascorbate and is the best form of vitamin c to take in my opinion. Definitely not a poison!

Baking Soda
Posted by Carol (Qld, Australia ) on 03/18/2014

I was diognosed with stage three breast cancer that was also in my lymph nodes in 2011. After much research I figured I probably had a better chance with healthy alternatives than big pharma.

phcurescancer is a lovely site by a gentleman who cured his own cancer using bicarbonate soda and the lump in my breast did go from 80mm across down to 70mm in the two weeks I pushed my ph into the high 7s. However this is not a good thing to do long term and bi carb not the best way to do it. Be aware that mixing bi carb with citrus acid (vit c) chemically combines to create carbon dioxide, pure poison. Good info on http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=XuFGobY4dUI.

One of the best ways is diet and drinking alkalising greens. Coral calcium is also excellent and a much better balance of essential minerals. I test my pee regularly and a ph in the 6.5-7 is good from what I understand. If you are reading 7.3 or higher then your body is probably too alkaline and is trying to get rid of excess. If for some reason I've dropped under 6.5 then I will take a quarter to a half teaspoon of bi carb which just boosts things up nicely but I rarely have to do that now.

I'm sure through diet and lifestyle changes it is possible to help the body get rid of most cancers. I had some very positive results and felt fantastic health and energy wise. Once I started working I got a bit slack and by the end of 2013 the lump in my breast had gotten large again and some lymph nodes were enlarged. So this year I started using MMS with MSM or DMSO. Cheap. Very definite results. The tumer is half the size it was in two months and the lymph nodes are getting smaller. I found I could only use very small amounts or I got pretty full on detox effects. In a couple of months I'm hoping for an all clear and I will put together a more detailed report and put it out there.

So don't panic. research. There's a huge amount of very good information out there. Keep an open mind and a healthy amount of scepticsism. It's a wonderful world and we are amazing beings so I hope all goes well.

Breast Cancer: Post-Treatment Remedies
Posted by Julia (Sylva, Nc) on 03/15/2014

Thanks for all your suggestions, have been using organic coconut oil on my breast and it does seem to soften it up. I just pray I can continue to stay away from the doctors and medications that have side effects.

Breast Cancer: Post-Treatment Remedies
Posted by Barbara (Atlanta, Ga - Usa) on 07/04/2013

Please research hydrogen peroxide therapy (h2o2) before using internally (or on the body). Buy ONLY 35% food grade and dilute to 3%. A good source for info is: www.cancertutor.com

Breast Cancer: Post-Treatment Remedies
Posted by Andy (Grvll, Sc) on 05/04/2013

Hi, I have heard that mammograms are not always good and thermograms are better. Also, I have heard that oxygen therapy is good like using food grade hyrdrogen peroxide therapy. There is a book that tells about it... It's called the one minute cure or something like that and tells you how to dilute the peroxide and how to take it. You build it up slowly each day by how much you take but another thing is that sugar feeds on cancer and Doug Kaufmann from know the cause show says fungus mimics cancer and natural anti- fungals like oregano oil topically and interanally can help.. he also has the phase 1 diet which is very similar to the paleo diet to help as well.

Posted by Tina (Los Angeles, Ca, USA) on 04/27/2013

Thank You for your responses. I really appreciate your time and your advice. I will check into all of the above.

To Rsw from Uniontown: I'm not sure which LDN site you're referring to. There are several websites with LDN in the domain name. Would you please clarify. Thanks.


Posted by Rsw (Uniontown, Oh) on 04/26/2013

Hi Tina, There are people on the LDN site who use it for cancer, along with PawPaw, alkalizing, IP6, and fasting from Sunday until Wednesday morning, then eating baking soda with some form of sugar that goes directly to the cancer cells. One man's wife had stage 4 breast cancer and her doctor now talks of long term cure. He is always willing to share their protocol if you search cancer on the site, the comments will come up and you can email people directly and privately. Obviously, I have read many excellent recommendations here, also. Best wishes.

Posted by Timh (Louisville, Ky, Usa) on 04/26/2013 2063 posts

Tina: Not to divert the question, but for others to answer; this looks like applying an Epsom Salt poultice or warm cloth would very much alkalize locally and more (detox).

Posted by Gavin (Manganui, Northland, New Zealand) on 04/26/2013

After listening to an interview from a doctor who had breast cancer for the second time, and was advised it would be terminal. She realised that in China it was called "rich womans disease" as only those who got it in China were rich and could afford Dairy. The only thing she could do was to cut out all dairy which she said wasn't as easy as it might seem, but checking everything in her diet was dairy free.. The tumour in her neck started shrinking, till it finally disapeared, her oncologist was astounded. If you google doctor with " breast cancer and dairy" you should be able to find her.

Posted by Tina (Los Angeles, Ca, Usa) on 04/25/2013

Hi, after 23 years of being cancer free I now was diagnosed with Stage 1 Breast Cancer. It's not a fast growing one, and it was detected early so that's good. The usual treatment would be a Lumpectomy with Radiation afterwards. This treatment is not an option for me because I have had radiation before. I read that no cancer can survive in an alkalized body. I'm working on this since 4 days. Do you have any specific Advice for me regarding the alkalizing process quckly where I have a chance of getting rid of the cancer before having to do the Traditional Treatment which in my case would be a mastectomy and either chemotherapy or hormon Therapy afterwards.

I have one more question in this regards: how do I make sure to not get stuck in the 6.8 - 6.9 ph levels, since I read that they are dangerous to be in.

Your advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You, Tina

Ted's Remedies
Posted by Sue (Stevensville, Montana, Usa) on 03/13/2013

I have had a lumpectomy and lymph removal (7). No other conventional treatment. I am currently taking DIM, vit c., zinc, ellagic acid, bromelan, vit D, red root, chlorella, kelp. Just started hydrogen peroxide/water and baking soda, lemon water and lysine. Any suggestions are appreciated!

Ted's Remedies
Posted by Anon (Anon) on 03/12/2013

Hi Sue, it would be helpful to know what treatment you have had so far- conventional eg radiation- etc ovaries removed? What's your diet like? The Plant Programme by Jane Plant comes highly recommended as do many others. What's your blood work like? White cell count? Lysine is recommended as it increases the immune system and White blood count so it is said to stop cancer spreading. Iodine is often recommended to kill the breast cancer but there are lots of others. Kind Regards.

Ted's Remedies
Posted by Sue (Stevensville, Montana, Usa) on 03/11/2013

Ted, I am new to the site and feel so hopeful. Your advice seems sound and I am grateful. A year ago I was diagnosed with aggressive, estrogen positive breast cancer that had spread to lymph. I would appreciate your suggestions as to what I should be taking. I have bought lysine (from reading this web site). It is in capsule form (500 mg). I am also taking hydrogen peroxide (35%) 3 drops in 8 oz water. I just started these and don't know if they should be taken away from food, together, etc. BHT is on order.

I would appreciate if you would list out a program that would help me heal of what to take when. I feel I am making some progress but also think it is spreading ( I realize that sounds contrary). Thank you for your time and caring.


Breast Cancer: Post-Treatment Remedies
Posted by Timh (Louisville, Ky, Usa) on 02/07/2013 2063 posts

Julia: I am no expert on radiation therapy side effects, but I do know that it can be as big a problem as the disease in which it's supposed to treat.

It simply seems wise to do some radiation and bad energy removal therapies found right here on E.C. which would include Magnet Therapy, Mineralization, and Alkalization. Read all the post in this category and begin these remedies.

Please update us on your protocols and progress.

Breast Cancer: Post-Treatment Remedies
Posted by Julia (Sylva, Nc) on 02/06/2013

I had breast cancer back in 2004 and went through all the prescribed therapies, lumpectomy, chemotherapy and radiation. The area around my lump was benign and the first lymph node was clear but they scare you into doing the therapies. Anyway, I have been doing good, not taking any medications, just trying to eat right and taking herbs and vitamins and eating lots of fruits and veggies. Well, I know this is normal but it scares me. My breast that was radiated is starting to feel more and more like rubber and I'm wondering is there anything out there that might help. I've used aloe gel right off the plant, used apple cider vinegar, castor oil, comfey salve and olive oil after showering but it seems to be getting worse. I do not want to go back through the drill with the doctors as I want to live a quality life and that involves no drugs which I do not trust, if you can help me in anyway please do, I still have my mammograms yearly as well as a yearly physical. Thank you very much.

Gerson Therapy
Posted by Timh (Louisville, Ky, Usa) on 01/14/2013 2063 posts

Natalia: try to find time to read E.C. chapter on Cancer here: https://www.earthclinic.com/cures/cancer.html. There is probably too much to digest in a few minutes but you can take notes (copy & paste) any or all remedies that are easy and can begin right away. Don't be afraid of taking too much nutritional supplements as there are very few contraindications or problems in that area; just fallow labels recommended doses. As for advanced nutrition that could be a life-saver, I would highly recommend cellfood or cellpower drops.

Keep us updated as to your progress.

Gerson Therapy
Posted by Anon (Anon) on 01/13/2013

Best recommendation would be the budwig protocol.

Sea Vegetables
Posted by Anon (Anon) on 01/13/2013

Or just take lugols iodine as recommended by ted and bill.

Sea Vegetables
Posted by Frank (Leicester, UK) on 01/13/2013

Sea greens contain high levels of salvestrols which are natural anticancer agents. Salvestrols have been used to successfully treat breast cancer even if its ER ve or ER -ve.

The ancient Egyptians knew about the powerful anticancer effects of seaweed and the oldest recorded cancer remedy is recorded on a papyrus manuscript.

Gerson Therapy
Posted by Mmsg (Somewhere, Europe) on 01/13/2013

Natalia, read up on Iodine painting on EC.

Sea Vegetables
Posted by Anon (Anon) on 01/12/2013

From WH Foods online:

"Sea vegetables may play a role in lowering risk of estrogen-related cancers, including breast cancer. Since cholesterol is required as a building block for production of estrogen, the cholesterol-lowering effects of sea vegetables may play a risk-reducing role in this regard. However, more interesting with respect to breast cancer risk is the apparent ability of sea vegetables to modify aspects of a woman's normal menstrual cycle in such a way that over a lifetime, the total cumulative estrogen secretion that occurs during the follicular phase of the cycle gets decreased. For women who are at risk of estrogen-sensitive breast cancers, sea vegetables may bring a special benefit in this regard."


Gerson Therapy
Posted by Natalia (North Royalton, Oh) on 01/12/2013

Hello, my mom has been doing Gerson Therapy (cofee enemas, 13 juices a day, no salt, high potassium, high in potato diet) for almost a year. Her breast cancer has grown larger and hard and she developed nodules on her thyroid. We have contacted the Gerson clinic in California and they are suggesting for her to go for surgery to remove the tumor in her breast and her thyroid because her body is not battling it. They are trying to break all ties with us because the therapy didn't work. We are at a loss of words because the therapy has a large success rate. We believe it has to do with her thyroid and her high estrogen. Would you be able to give any advice? We do not know what to do because we know that surgery spreads the cancer. We live in Cleveland, OH. It is urgent. She is still doing the Gerson Therapy.

Miscellaneous Remedies and Supplements
Posted by Din (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) on 11/07/2012

Raw garlic. Came across this pubmed article


Multiple Remedies
Posted by Natasha (Athens, Greece) on 09/16/2012

Could you please tell me how you used Argentyn on a bleeding breast tumour?

Oxygen Therapy - Warning!
Posted by Rhonda From Brooklyn (Brooklyn, New York) on 06/22/2012

I agree with the Carol. I was dealing with a recurrence of breast cancer. I decided to do the natural route, after having chemo. I head about heating the body to kill cancer cells and decided to seek a naturapath. He proceeded with heating with ozone in the tank, after four treatments I noticed my lymph node under my arm becoming much bigger. I told the doctor and he said it's the white blood cells doing its job. However, they kept getting bigger. I have since stopped, unfortunately the lymph nodes have all gotten bigger, the cancer has spread and all the lymph nodes in my neck on the left side is infected. I am now back in treatment, which I had seen this site (EC) sooner. Will use some of the remedies to counteract the effects of treatment. Thanks all for the great info and remedies.

Miscellaneous Remedies and Supplements
Posted by Doreen (Sandy, Utah, Usa) on 03/02/2012

Hi Nancy from New York. Thanks for the miscellaneous remedies for breast cancer. I have heard of severl of these remedies, and I'm glad to hear that you feel and look great. I am 49 and was diagnosed with breast cancer 6 years ago. I was curious about your thoughts on coffee drinking. What do you think about coffee from a health standpoint?

Breast Cancer Prevention
Posted by Jo (Redmond, Wa/usa) on 02/24/2012

I'm so sick of hearing about bras and breast cancer. I hardly ever wore a bra for 20 years, and I got diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer anyway. At age 39!

Posted by Chloe (San Francisco, Ca) on 02/23/2012

I had a bloody discharge from my breast. I healed it by painting lugol's iodine on it daily with a paintbrush, at least twice daily, alkalinizing my diet, consuming iodine rich foods, cutting out all sugar, caffeine and almost all protein. I ate mostly leafy greens, raw, and ate only the foods that gave me energy. I eliminated anything that made me feel tired. I have been discharge free for about 5 years now.

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