Holistic Treatments for Breast Cancer

Gerson Therapy
Posted by Natalia (North Royalton, Oh) on 01/12/2013

Hello, my mom has been doing Gerson Therapy (cofee enemas, 13 juices a day, no salt, high potassium, high in potato diet) for almost a year. Her breast cancer has grown larger and hard and she developed nodules on her thyroid. We have contacted the Gerson clinic in California and they are suggesting for her to go for surgery to remove the tumor in her breast and her thyroid because her body is not battling it. They are trying to break all ties with us because the therapy didn't work. We are at a loss of words because the therapy has a large success rate. We believe it has to do with her thyroid and her high estrogen. Would you be able to give any advice? We do not know what to do because we know that surgery spreads the cancer. We live in Cleveland, OH. It is urgent. She is still doing the Gerson Therapy.