Natural Remedies for Hypertrichosis: Reduce Excess Hair

| Modified on Jan 30, 2024
Multiple Remedies
Posted by June (KC, KS) on 02/05/2008

I can certainly sympathize with any woman suffering from excessive hair growth, especially facial hair.

I have had this problem, unfortunately, for about 20 years. Over the years I have watched it get worse and worse. I continue to research this problem and try different remedies. I can share some of my experiences.

Laser treatments help slow and diminish the growth. But lasers only work if you have very light/white skin and dark hair. Laser treatments are also very expensive, about $100 a pop where I live.

Various forms of electrolysis are also expensive, as well as terribly painful, and did not help me in the slightest.

For maintenance I do shave. If your skin is irritated, try applying a thick yet gentle facial cleanser when you shave. Wash it off and then apply a good moisturizer such as almond oil or other natural oil...nothing that will sting or clog pores.

The main cure is to look at your hormones. Yes, too much testosterone is the cause. I have noticed when I eat too much sugar or processed carbohydrates (such as popcorn and bread) over a long period of time (even a couple weeks) my hair growth will increase. The more you can reduce your testosterone levels and balance your hormones in general, the less hair you should have.

For us girls with pcos (polycystic ovarian syndrome) losing weight is a must. It is also very difficult. I've found ACV plus lots of exercise helps me lose weight. Exercise will also help your body convert testosterone into female hormones.

What has worked for me and what didn't? I tried Saw Palmetto (supposed to lower testosterone rates in men and some women) for years with no results. I also tried progesterone creme on several occasions and each time it made me hemmorage!!!

I also tried Ted's lime/baking soda cure for calcified ovaries/pcos and found it made me itch all over and dried out my skin.

Vitex - Vitex is recommended for women who don't ovulate and therefore don't produce any progesterone to counteract estrogen. This can cause heavy bleeding. I began taking vitex and did find it lessened my bleeding. After a while I realized I was taking too much (3 capsules x day instead of 1 capsule each day). When I reduced my dosage my bleeding lessened even more. Finally, I stopped the vitex all together and the bleeding almost totally went away. This was combined with weight loss and lots of exercise.

Inositol is a form of b vitamin (B8) that is supposed to be good for women with pcos and I do believe it helps me. "This vitamin prevents hardening of the arteries and is important in the formation of lecithin. It also plays a part in the metabolism of fat and cholesterol, and removes fats from the liver. Inositol is also known to have a calming effect. It is found in Brewer?s yeast, fruits, lecithin, legumes, meats, milk, unrefined molasses, raisins, vegetables, and whole grains." according to a site where I buy supplements.

I also tried Edgar Cayce's castor oil pack remedy, but I've never been able to do it consistently. When I wasn't having a period it would help me have one. But if you are bleeding you are not supposed to use them because castor oil can increase the bleeding.

I have also tried liver flushes and just about every remedy under the sun. The hardest is lifestyle change.

There is a book out about pcos written by a woman physician who helps women with pcos. But the diet is so strict it's ridiculous. And, she recommends tons of expensive supplements that she also happens to sell. I am believing more and more in EarthClinic remedies and less and less in tons of supplements.

In the past year I've read two articles that say mint (and green) teas lower testosterone levels. The first story said men in India complained of a lessened libido (lowered testosterone) after drinking lots of mint tea. A story I read yesterday in Allure magazine's November 2007 edition said women may benefit from drinking mint tea because it lowers testosterone levels.

I've been taking BSM (black strap molasses) for a month and it took away my heavy lingering bleeding, a side effect of too much estrogen. It has helped me the most in regards to my hormones of all the remedies I have tried. I will watch to see if it lessens my hair growth and pcos symptoms.

PCOS is such a tough ailment to address and has many symptoms. I constantly have to remind myself that it involves a huge lifestyle change including LOTS of exercise, elimination of sugar and processed carbohydrates, lots of veggies and the right supplements.

I am taking ACV (apple cider vinegar) and BSM (black strap molasses) and I believe these help lessen my sugar cravings. (The more sugar/processed foods I eat, the more I crave them.) I also think green tea does help. My sugar cravings are almost non-existent these days. I have had basically zero sugar and alcohol for the past 6 weeks. If you have to have something sweet try eating a little dark chocolate, preferably following a meal.

Ted recommends drinking a large glass of water after eating sugar to lessen the effects on blood sugar and hormones.

I also eat regularly. Do not starve yourself because allowing yourself to be hungry further messes with your hormones. Eating every 3-4 hours and making good food choices will help speed up your metabolism. Find exercise that you love and do some every day.

I had fibromyalgia for 9 years and was able to heal my body from it. I have to remind myself I can heal from pcos, too. But I think it's even tougher than the fibro! It's so hard to make lifestyle changes...especially when you have a huge sweet tooth and your body is prone to manfunctioning...but you will only change when you get sick and tired enough of your problems.

Be patient with yourself and keep trying. Try only changing one or two things until you can incorporate them into your lifestyle. Fast change does not work. If you can't change your diet drastically, then at least start exercising. If all you can do is start drinking green tea with mint added then drink tea. Find something you can change and get started.

It's very hard, but I know some women have successfully shed the weight and reduced or eliminated their symptoms altogether.

Good luck. I am trying right along with you all

Blackstrap Molasses
Posted by Kim (Westport, MA) on 02/11/2007

Hi there I have been reading and applying the remedies on this site now for over a week with positive results. Since I have added taking 1 tablespoon full of blackstrap molasses every morning before or after my acv concoction, I have noticed something different about the hair growth I suffer from on my face. It I feel has retarded the growth, slowing it down so I don't have to pluck so often. Could it be true? I have suffered for years and years with this condition, I think due to polycystic syndrome. Is it possible that possibly the magnesium in the molasses is affecting my hormones in such a positive way? All I know is, I will keep taking the acv and backing soda for general well-being and pain reduction, along with my tablespoon of black strap molasses to help with female issues and help reduce pain as well. I have noticed my knee pain that was really bad, has almost totally gone away. When I mention what I do to others they simply shake there head roll there eyes, and decide its not for them. But I have to say my excitement and testimonials are making some wonder! All I know is my contact dermatitis disappeared, and pain has greatly diminished and now facial hair slowing down...I am waiting for my body to begin showing me more signs of all of the natural elements being to cure/heal& be gone! I am in awe of this site and appreciate all the feedback I read.

Coconut Oil, Flaxseed Oil
Posted by Andrea (Natchez, Mississippi) on 08/11/2016

About 3 years ago, to my horror, I found a course thick black hair growing on my chin, at first I plucked it and It stayed gone almost 10 months, (the time frame is very accurate because it just so happened the hair first appeared on my 33rd birthday) but now It appears about once every 9 weeks . So about 3 months ago, for unrelated reasons, I began looking into Natural/organic skin care and whipped up this exfoliating scrub using the following:

  • organic ground flaxseed
  • coconut oil
  • Himalayan Pink Salt
  • a few drops of tea tree oil

**also after having a cup of lemon zinger tea I emptied the contents of the tea bag into the mixture with a little bit of boiling hot, store bought distilled water **

Well, because the flaxseed thickens and gets super slimmy it went from a scrub to more of a mask that I left on for about 15 minutes after it was dry, then I added little warm water & was able to use it as an exfoliating scrub after all, a gentle once over and my face felt and smelled amazing, my skin was so smooth and it was brighter.

As I said before, usually that hideous hair showed up about every 9 weeks but it's been over 12 weeks since I used the scrub and NO HAIR ON MY CHIN!!! *

*I think using the boiling water brought out the oil from the flaxseed but please don't take that as fact I'm only guessing

** I am convinced it was the flaxseed bc I've been using the other ingredients for a while, and the hair was still coming back. now I just boil some water add it to the ground flaxseed, Pink salt and coconut oil, paint it on, let it dry then scrub myself head to toe skin is so happy smoothe and it even seems that the little bit of cellulite I began to notice About a year ago (butt and thighs) seems not so visible these days...

Probably use this 3 or 4 Times a week for body and for face I just add boiling water to ground flaxseed for a sticky but soothing moisturizing skin brightener just about daily....

Coconut Oil, Flaxseed Oil
Posted by Sandy (Christchurch) on 11/03/2015 2 posts

I have had course hairs on my chin for several years, made worse when I decided to pluck them, I usually pluck these hairs twice a week, About 6 weeks ago I made flax seed oil for my hair, and decided to put some on my face to see if it would be good for my skin, around the same time I also applied coconut oil....I used both of these products for about 2 weeks but stopped as I didn't like the tight feeling it gave my skin.

From the time I started using the gel and oil I noticed the hair on my chin had stopped growing, I kept feeling for hair to pluck and NOTHING..It has been 6 weeks and to date I have pulled out 3 hairs.....This is so weird...I figured if it is the oils then when I stopped using them the hair would return..but it hasn't.

Pea Protein Powder
Posted by Plum (Nsw Australia) on 06/17/2016

I have suffered from facial hair growth for several years during and after menopause had to check daily and was always plucking out lots of hairs. However, at the end of April this year I decided I needed extra protein in my diet as I had given up eating meat I bought whole coconut and pea protein with probiotics here in Australia which I started having every morning in almond milk and continued checking my chin and tash every day for hair growth low and behold my hair growth started reducing, am I dreaming I thought? No, it has become very sparse I am now into the third week of June. I think this product has balanced my hormones and the great result is totally reduced facial hair. Who would have thought pea protein for brekky! So girls give it a whirl and post on line if it works for you too.


Mint Tea
Posted by Miss G (Columbia, Ky) on 12/11/2009

I had a horrible problem with facial hair for a very long time. I read somewhere that spearmint tea would help reduce facial hair. I began 1-2 quarts of spearmint tea daily. I was so surprised to find that my facial hair disappeared! I am a firm believer in drinking spearmint tea. I also found out that if I skip a day or two of drinking the tea that my facial hair would come back. Spearmint tea along with tumeric has also helped reduce the amout of boils that I have!

Epilator, Alum and Rose Water
Posted by Hafs (London, UK) on 07/12/2009

getting rid of excessive bodily hair: I found by using a good quality epilator on my body in 2 years I have almost totally eradicated my hair on arms and legs .I looked like a chimp before. My facial growth is really severe for that i've found ground powdered alum mixed with a good quality rose water rubbed on daily after I thread my facial hair. I rubb it in and leave on for about 1 hour reapplying if necessary .(if I don't thread daily I get a beard within 2/3 days) is finally making a difference .Aftr two month I can actually see a difference and now only thread every 2 or 3 days.This is a remedies used in Pakistan , i've seen many totally hairless women who swear by it.Works even on under arms etc. Apparently girls use it from the onset of puberty and within a couple of years are hairless on any part of the body. Best of luck to any one who suffers as I have since my teenage years.

Saw Palmetto
Posted by Beverly (TN) on 06/24/2021

My Gyn. nurse told me to take one 500 mg saw palmetto every day to combat body hair growth component of my natural hormone creams. It definitely helps.

Peppermint Tea
Posted by Nw (New York, Ny) on 02/09/2010

I read on ec that excessive hair growth can be treated with blackstrap molassses and spearmint tea so i tried. i couldnt find spearmint so i got peppermint. its been 2 weeks and i cant believe the difference! I drink the tea 2x/day but am kinda lazy about the molasses..i used to have to "pluck" EVERYDAY because the hair on my chin was so coarse. its been so frustrating for so long and i think ive finally beat it.i bought the sand paper type thing they sell for unwanted hair just to get the few light hairs off that were left and now my face is so smooth, it has to be the tea...

Peppermint Tea
Posted by Michelle (Toronto, Ontario Canada) on 04/19/2011

REPLY to Sara Khan from Birmingham, Uk

SARAH, we are not GUYS... That's why we are here... Try not to use YOU GUYS to girls/females as it is offensive.. That's like saying YOU MEN.. We already have problems with excess hair.. We don't need to be compared to men!

Mint Tea
Posted by Becky (Atlanta, Ga) on 08/10/2009

Mint tea for Hirsutism : This is not something I have direct experience with, but I have heard of a remedy for women with extra hair growth that is not listed here. It is spearmint tea! Yummy, right? You can probably find more info by googling it but I heard an herbalist talking about how mint tea will lower testosterone in women. Apparently it can start working within a week, drink two cups of mint tea a day. If anyone tries it please share your experience. Sounds like a really easy remedy to try. :-)

Blackstrap Molasses
Posted by Elizabeth (Easton, Maryland) on 01/23/2011

Hi Kim, I also take organic, unsulphered BSM for ovarian cysts. After I began taking 2 tbsp/day my cysts disappeared as did most of the symptoms that came along with them!! It is wonderful to be able to treat this ailment with something so natural! Best wishes to you! ~Liz

Blackstrap Molasses
Posted by Candance (Fremont, Nebraska) on 10/28/2012

I mix a tablespoon of Black Strap Molasses and 1 tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar in aprox 2 cups of water. It tastes like prune juice.

Epilator, Alum and Rose Water
Posted by Mas (Rockville, Maryland) on 12/26/2011

Hi, I have excessive facial hair and have tried so many kind of hair removing method including laser treatment but nothing really worked for me. I've been using alum and rose water for the past 2 months and I can definately see the improvement. The hair does grow back but much finer. I bought the alum at an asian store in Rockville, Maryland. Thank you

Mint Tea
Posted by Missg (Columbia, Ky) on 12/13/2009

I order my spearmint tea bags off the internet. I live in a rural area and it is hard to find specality items in the local stores. I take 3-4 tea bags and put them in a 10 cup coffee maker. I fill the coffee maker up with water just like I am making a pot of coffee. After the tea is brewed I take a 2 qt pitcher and pour the hot tea in it. I then add some type of sweetner to taste and fill the pitcher up the rest of the way with water. Then I leave it in the refridgerator to cool. I usually make a pot every day. I can tell a big difference in my facial hair if I skip a day or two. If I remember correctly it took a couple of weeks before I could notice a difference when I began using it. Good Luck!

Mint Tea
Posted by Sandy (Toronto, Ontario) on 02/24/2011

I've had excess facial hair since age 19 (I'm 22). I tried laser hair removal and let me warn all of you LASER MAKES FACIAL HAIR WORSE!! Instead of getting rid of the dark hairs, I now have a peach fuzz, PLUS the darker hair. I've heard of many other woman who have experienced the same thing.

I've been getting electrolysis for almost a year now, on a weekly basis and I'm starting to see results... But it takes a long time!

Anyways, on to mint tea. I read that it helps with excess facial hair, by blocking free testosterone in your body (or something of that nature). I can honestly say that I notice a big difference during the weeks that I drink mint tea daily vs. weeks where I forget. The growth of the dark hair is minimilised considerably.

For anyone battling annoying facial hair, I suggest you try it. You have nothing to lose, as it's delicious and nutritious! I buy plain old peppermint tea bags from the grocery store.

Hope it works for you!

Epilator, Alum and Rose Water
Posted by Leah (Nyc, Nyc) on 09/02/2009

LOL! Oh boy, I've been rubbing my legs with an Armenian pickle dish. YIKES!

EC: Hilarious!!

Epilator, Alum and Rose Water
Posted by Sunshine77 (Stockton, Ca) on 05/17/2011

Sir, while I understand that much of what you say is true, you have never suffered as a female with excess hair growth. And even after everything you do.... waxing for ten years, laser treatments, etc.. the hair always grows back; nothing works. So this natural remedy may just be a miracle for some of us. I don't know yet as I haven't tried it, but I plan to, and I hope with all my heart that it works because no one, NO ONE, should ever have to feel like this.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Gean (Salina, Kansas) on 05/12/2008

re: Facial Hair. A few years I had bought a Gaia Herbs naturopathic handbook by Richard Scalzo, and tried their herbal suggestions for allergies. Within a couple of weeks or less, I realized that all the hair on my upper lip had disappeared. The stuff I took was: Compounded Turmeric/Catechu 30-40 drops 3-4x daily between meals (4-6months) Fresh Nettles Extract 30-50 drops 3-4x daily (4-6 mo) Compounded Echinacea 30-40 drops 4x a day (The health food store got me Echinacea/Goldenseal instead since they couldn't get the other one, which I shouldn't have taken long term had I known) Licorice Root Solid Exract 1/8-1/4 tsp 2x daily for 2-4weeks (you can order this from Tahoma Clinic, search online) Compounded Bitters Elixir 1/2-1 tsp. 3x daily in a small amount of warm water before meals 4-6 mo. Compounded Psyllium Husk Powder, 1 heaping tsp. in full glass of warm water 2x daily for 3-4 mo. Compounded Vitamin C Elixir 1 tsp. 2x/day Flax oil 1 Tbls. 2x/day. Always take a break from this every seventh day, every seven week, every seventh month. It's expensive and takes time and effort, but I guess it really balances hormones. I didn't do it for the full 4-6 mo.,(my blood pressure kept dangerously dropping, probably due to the long term goldenseal) but when I get money and time I'll try it again.

Cocoa Butter, Calomel, Epsom Salts
Posted by Mh (Toronto, On, Canada) on 12/11/2011

Folks, calomel is (thankfully) banned virtually everywhere, and is highly, highly toxic, even if only applied to skin. Mercury preparations will surely stop your hair growth -- by killing you!

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Lola (Fairfax, Va) on 07/11/2010


Hopefully, you are still reading this blog. Sorry it has taken me this long to respond, I have been soo busy with in my life the past year. I hope you found something that works for you to balance your horomones. To give you an update, I have lost about 25 lbs since I last posted, I took the acv off and and on and I came back to earth clinic to see if I could find a treatment for eczema when running across this old post. I lost my weight by cutting down my carbs to about 30grams a day while doing some activity but not much. Also I was not too consistent with my dieting. From reading your post it sounds like you may also have PCOS if you're unable to lose weight and your testosterone is running high. The main problem with PCOS is that in most women it throws off insulin and makes it spike up. PCOS tends to run in women that have diabetes in their family. The theory behind the elevated insulin is that the cell receptors responsible for processing sugar and insulin are not working properly so after eating a meal containing carbs, or sugar the body cannot properly metabolize those types of food and instead of using the food for fuel our bodies store it as fat because after the cells wont use up the sugar/carbs in the food the body cannot let all this sugar roam about so than the body produces LARGE amounts of insulin to counteract in order to lower the blood sugar. This is also the reason why diabetes is a risk factor for pcos because after the pancreas has spent countless years trying to produce insulin to counteract a high carb meal, eventually the pancreas will start to fail and the body has no way to bring down sugar levels in the body and that's what diabetes actually is "high sugar. " The problem with PCOS however, is that as long as your body is producing these large numbers of insulin your body will almost find it impossible to go into its fat storage in order to use fat for fuel. And that is the main culprit of PCOS. Once insulin is high than it will cause a chain reaction to testosterone to elevate and other hormones as well. So the key again is to lower insulin and unfortunately one of the quickest and most effective ways to lower it is by either being on medication such as metformin or others, or by following a low carb diet (but not necessarily high fat). Now since you are vegetarian I'm sure that it may not be an easy thing to do but you can still cut out the bad carbs such as simple carbs and sugar. You can eat things like beans such as lentils, eggs or egg whites, veggies, and if you're gonna eat bread I found a GREAT low carb bread from a company that sells online only (just type in low carb bread, they are based out of CA) that has breads that are made from all organic, high fiber foods (9 grams of fiber per slice or so) That has been a lifesaver for me. Good luck to you, btw exercising with some weights is also good. Studies show that it helps the cells process sugar better therefore, allowing fat storages to have a decent chance to be burned. Good luck to you!

Alum and Rose Water
Posted by Jess (Melbourne) on 04/13/2015

Hey, thanks for the responses. I have found shaving alum and rosewater is easy to find. I tried it by dipping the shaving alum in a bowl of rose water and rubbing it onto my skin after I wax. I noticed my facial, thigh and upper arm hair are very short and blonde especially my thighs the hairs are so sort and barely noticeably but everywhere else is still the same. It hasn't permanently removed the hairs but I noticed a difference in thickness.

Peppermint Tea
Posted by Beth (Dublin, Ireland) on 03/28/2010

Hi Nw ,I also suffer from really coarse hair on my chin, I have been taking peppermint tea now for about 3 weeks (2 cups per day)I have not seen any improvement, as yet!

Could you tell me what blackstrap molassses is? please.
Thanks Beth.

Peppermint Tea
Posted by Drpeprchick (Durham, Ontario) on 03/30/2010

I think spearmint tea is what you want to try.

Peppermint Tea
Posted by Sara Khan (Birmingham, Uk) on 09/10/2010

Hey guys read your comments and I thought I would clarify it is spearmint NOT peppermint tea. You need to drink two cups a day for 5 days in order for testosterone levels to decrease. Hence, not good for men!!! There are many websites which will explain the spearmint tea. However, I can recommend alum powder and rose water. Mix the two and apply with cotton wool on areas where hair is removed. This should be washed after 15 minutes... (but some may keep it on longer about an hour max) This will overtime reduce the growth of unwanted hair and coarse hair will reappear as fine hair and may eventually disappear overtime. The alum powder and rose water formula has worked miracles for many I know!!! Good Luck

Peppermint Tea
Posted by Beth (Dublin, Ireland) on 10/04/2010

Hi Sara, I have started taking the spearmint tea, (I have had to order it from the USA, as it is not available in Ireland) I've been drinking 2-3 mugs a day now for the last nine days and have not seen any improvement yet! You mentioned alum powder, what is alum powder?( I never heard of it) and rose water, I would like to give that a try, the only problem is I cant get alum powder here. Do you know of any sites where I could order it?....... Many Thanks, Beth.

Mint Tea
Posted by Tessa (Auckland, Nz) on 09/22/2010

Hi - I have been drinking approx 2 cups of organic spearment tea for about six months now - I have not noticed any difference yet. I would also like to add that my facial hair also got A LOT worse after getting laser treatment. I am now going to try the Alum or go back to electrolysis.

Epilator, Alum and Rose Water
Posted by Hafs (London, UK) on 07/17/2009

Yeah that's the stuff, really mix it in the rose water well, powder if necessary. Alum can irritate so if you're sensitive leave for less time but make sure you're rose water is not the cheap grocery shop brand. It works, takes time i've got patches now where hair don't grow and the hair has became really fine in some places.

Epilator, Alum and Rose Water
Posted by Hafs (London, UK) on 07/22/2009

Hi Kay I mix approx 1/2 tspn of ground alum powder with 2-4 tbspns rose water. Mix well till alum dissolves then apply to face with cotton wool or fingers as I do. Leave on for minimum 15 minutes to 1 hour.,or longer,if you're not too sensitive.It's more effective after hair removal when it penetrates the roots.Sometimes it dries powdery on your face within a few minutes then you could re apply it. Be careful of eyebrows or hairline or eye lashes because if it falls on those they'll disappear aswell. Best regards

Epilator, Alum and Rose Water
Posted by Hafs (London, Uk) on 08/18/2009

Hi, I normally keep stirring eventually it dissolves .Otherwise rub into face and keep reapplying rosewater to stop it drying out but this can make your face sensitive and have a caustic effect. As long as you get the alum into your skin so it is absorbed with the rose water it's ok. I often wonder if adding alittle apple cider vinegar (IT MAY HELP TO ABSORB ALUM INTO HAIR FOLLICLES) would speed things up but am reluctant to try since for the first time in my life something is actually working on my hair problem. BEST REGARDS

Epilator, Alum and Rose Water
Posted by Phyl (Ocklawaha, Fl) on 08/29/2009

Where do I buy rose water? Looked today but I could not find it at different stores

EC: We've seen rose water sold in all Indian, Middle Eastern, and international grocery stores. Very cheap item! Otherwise, check Google or Amazon:

Epilator, Alum and Rose Water
Posted by Tracey (Gainesville, Fl) on 08/31/2009

what is threading?

EC: From:

"Facial hair threading, a technique using a string to remove hair passed down through generations in eastern countries is becoming extremely popular here for many reasons, like being chemical-free and gentle to the skin."

"The process uses a cotton string using a twisting motion, to trap hair in a mini lasso that pulls up each hair right out of the follicle as it passes along the skin."

Epilator, Alum and Rose Water
Posted by American Ed (Silver Spring, Md) on 04/12/2011

Third world countries have often used remedies that are dangerous. Due to the lack of medical access, extreme poverty, and the absence of social programs and agencies that protect people from toxic substances; home remedies have evolved that while they may work in some cases, they also have lethal or serious side effects. One recurring problem on the internet is the magnitude of misinformation, myths, old wive's tales, ignorance, economic conditions and desperation of persons who will try or believe anything. Alum is toxic and on a continued basis accumulates in the body.

threading and epilation are just fancy tweezing methods. The hair is ripped from the follicle causing damage each time. If this cycle is repeated often enough to the same hair follicle(this is the trick-more than one follicle may grow from a site and hair must be in the active phase to be effectively destroyed so multiple rounds will be required to destroy it. )regrowth will be inhibited. Women from India and the Middle East are very hairy-it is genetic. North Americans are next in terms of body hair, while sub-saharan Africans and persons from the Orient(Chinese, Japanese, Thailand etc. have the least amount of facial and body hair. Of course many people are a mixture of different ethnicities and reflect the combination of genes in regards to amount of hair. Women with serious excess should have medical evaluations done and the next groups for whom it is genetic, familial or socially undesirable (fashion has now decided that hair anywhere is to be removed) have a variety of methods. The only permanent method in the hands of a trained and capable operator is electrolysis. All other methods- laser, even waxing of large areas, threading, are temporary.

Laser does not work on light -colored hair or grey hair and special lasers afre required if you have pigmented skin and dark hair. All of these methods are expensive and time-consuming. If you wax, shave, pluck, tweeze, epilate or remove hair forcibly from the follicle, you need to exfoliate to prevent ingrown hairs especially if you have thick hair, textured hair or curly hair.

One problem with laser removal is that it can stimulate hair that might never become a problem. It will make these hair darker and coarser and it will appear that the laser it not working when it in effect is causing other hair to grow and thicken. We have millions of hairs and most of it will not grow to any visible degree unless stimulated-you can see this when you take a cast off after many weeks. To the woman who grew hair after laser, you probably want to use electrolysis especiall from a person who works on males transitiong to females because these operators are very good at getting at the follicle. If you have been epilating the hair using any of the above-mentioned methods, then electrolysis will take longer.

The other alternative for those who have no real problem but are victims of fashion, maybe it is time to rebel against the imposition of fashion nonsense and simply love ourselves. this does not apply to women who have hirsuitism or real excess that is socially and or psychologically disabling.

One treatment I forgot are creams that are available from your doctor that are effective in inhibiting hair growth. They work, but must be used on a regular basis and if stopped, the hair grows back. It would be a good alternative for some people who do not mind having to use a cream everyday.

Epilator, Alum and Rose Water
Posted by T (Phoenix, Az Usa) on 05/24/2011

I'd love to know just how toxic this alum is. I really want to try it. I've been shaving my face since I was 14 - I am now 32. As mentioned before, and it's totally correct, NO ONE should have to live like this. I have to shave every single morning, and by nighttime I am prickly again. It sucks. Google isn't being too helpful in the possible alum danger department ><

Epilator, Alum and Rose Water
Posted by Winnie (Hampshire, Il, Us) on 02/17/2012

To Deepti from Schaumburg - From what I've read, the adverse reactions people had to alum came from either ingesting it, or inhaling the powder, which, like talc, is very fine. When added to the rose water, there is no powder to be inhaled. But, I wouldn't snort it, or sprinkle it on popcorn!

Epilator, Alum and Rose Water
Posted by Dan (S.s., Md.) on 03/09/2012

My wife, who is Filipino, introduced me to Alum. So, if you know of a Filipino grocery store (and there are a few around where I live in Silver Spring, Maryland) you can find it in it's rock, crystalline form..... It looks likke a chunk of ice. It is also called 'TAWAS' in Tagalog (one of the Filipino languages).

I actually used it for a bout of gingivitis..... A mouth wash. Now, my subsequesnt understanding is that there is a DIFFERENCE between the naturally occurring Alum and the synthetic version..... I have no idea, which is which.... Other than I have been getting the natural version from the Filipino grocery. It is also reputed to be good for all types of skin issues.... Like athletes foot. I believe the natural version is Potassium Alum.

If you look closely at the ingredients in a lot of toothpastes, you will see that Alum is often an ingredient. It is also a common ingredient of underarm deodorants.

What I do is mash it with a hammer, put it in a coffee mug of water, about 2 tablespoons (which makes it about a 5-1 mixture) and then HEAT IT UP. Put it in the microwave oven about the same time you would to re-heat a cup of coffee.... It will DISSOLVE, but it has to be hot to do so! ..... then, let it cool down before you apply to your skin (but stir it up each time you use it), or use as a mouth wash.

Now, I used this recipe for the mouth wash.... I don't know what one needs to do for hair removal. My wife tells me that if you use it for your feet, you make a footbath out of it. Fill a large pot/bowl and soak your feet for 20 minutes.... that sort of thing.

Good Luck! ... I sincerely hope some of this helps some one.

Epilator, Alum and Rose Water
Posted by Winnie (Hampshire, Il, Us) on 03/09/2012

in response to Dan from S. S. , Md: Alum will dissolve in hot water as well; but, when cooled, it will reconstitute itself back into crystals, and settle in the bottom of the glass. It's amazing that alum doesn't do that when dissolved in the rose water. I'm thinking the rose water keeps the dissolved solution suspended. When I first stumbled on this post, I wondered "why rose water? what's so magic about that?" But, now, I think this is the reason why: it's a skin-friendly medium where the alum can stay dissolved.

I microwaved the rose water in a pyrex measuring cup, and dissolved the alum in that. I put the solution in a small applicator bottle (I emptied out my 'anti-puff Eye Roller' by ______ which has a steel roller on the top for the applicator. I never realized any benefit from this goofy thing anyway, so I figured I may as well make use of the container. ) This is the perfect solution for small areas such as the face. It's small, convenient and no mess, which is what it needs to be in order for me to keep with the regimen. I either have it handy in my pencil holder at my desk, or in my makeup basket, and use it several times a day. I've just been doing this for the past couple weeks, but can already tell the difference... With no epilator, by the way!

Although not sure, I'm not convinced that it matters if it dries or not - it's still on your skin. I used alum in powder form, from grocery store.

Cocoa Butter, Calomel, Epsom Salts
Posted by Kathy (Nevada, NV) on 07/17/2009

what is calomel? And is this a permanent hair removel/ Can I use this on my face? Where can I buy it?

EC: Calomel, aka Mercury Chloride, was an old-time remedy. Read this page from an 1854 magazine called "The Eclectic Medical Journal"on google books.

Also see:


"Safety considerations
Main article: Mercury poisoning

Mercurous chloride is toxic, although due to its low solubility in water it is generally less dangerous than its mercuric chloride counterpart. It was used in medicine as a diuretic and purgative (laxative) in the U.S. from the early 1830s through the 1860s. Calomel was also a common ingredient in teething powders in Britain up until 1954, causing widespread mercury poisoning in the form of pink disease, which at the time had a mortality rate of 1 in 10.[6] These medicinal uses were later discontinued when the compound's toxicity was discovered.

It has also found uses in cosmetics as soaps and skin lightening creams, but these preparations are now illegal to manufacture or import in many countries including U.S., Canada, Japan and Europe. A study of workers involved in the production of these preparations showed that the sodium salt of 2,3-dimercapto-1-propanesulfonic acid (DMPS) was effective in lowering the body burden of mercury and in decreasing the urinary mercury concentration to normal levels.

Cocoa Butter, Calomel, Epsom Salts
Posted by Brooke (Montgomery, Tx, Usa) on 12/05/2010

Hi Sarah, sorry for not posting back. I will give you the direct quote from the Cayce readings - I am not sure where you can by Calomel - I have searched online but you may be able to find a pharmacist that can order it for you. 14. (Q) Since diet has not caused hair on lips to diminish, is there anything which will prevent this that can be used externally? Will cutting or bleaching increase growth?
(A) Do not shave off, do not attempt to bleach or dye, but use this mixture:

Cocoa Butter......... 3 drams,
Calomel.............. 2 grains,
Epsom Salts......... 20 grains. Mix these thoroughly, as with mortise and pestle. Massage this ointment gently in the areas where there are the disturbances from superfluous hair, and after leaving on for fifteen to twenty minutes, rub off. This used as an ointment will remove hair without injury to the body. To be sure, mercury is in the calomel, and this is a poison, but with this combination and in this quantity there is not sufficient for a body to absorb enough to become detrimental to the body-forces. After this is used, as the base for a better skin condition use the Genuine Black and White Cream.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Lola (Fairfax, VA) on 02/21/2009

Hello there thanks for posting all this info on your experimentation with treating pcos. I self diagnosed myself with this about 8 years ago. I'm 35 yrs old and my diagnosis was later confirmed when I complained to my doctor and my test came back with elevated hormomes, especially insulin and testosterone. I must admit I dont really follow any diet but I know that reducing sugar and carbs are KEY with pcos. Studies have shown that elevated insulin levels throw off many other hormones including testosterone. Therefore lowering carbs and sugar is essential to this. I recently started taking ACV before meals and I do notice reduction in appetite. I too was on saw palmetto but didnt notice much on it. You're 100% correct the right diet will work wonders alone, but of course that's the hardest thing to do. For now I'm gonna stick to the ACV and see how that goes. Good luck to you!

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Heather (Barrie, Ontario) on 04/21/2017

Hi Lola,

lol. Well, 7 years later, I've unintentionally found my old post, and your response. Thanks. You were right; I do have PCOS. I was diagnosed a couple years ago. I have been doing some reading - trying to piece everything together - and what you've written is a confirmation for me. So thank you.

It is SO hard to eat low carb as a vegetarian. Even harder when you can't have dairy or anything that spikes insulin. I have found that Dr. Eric Berg has a few recipes that look decent on youtube. He does them with his wife. I'll try to get back on the wagon, and make it stick this time.

Thanks again. Maybe in several years, you'll run across this post. lol

Blackstrap Molasses
Posted by Mariam (Jacksonville, Florida) on 01/29/2012

Hi Kim, can you please tell us exactly what blackstrap mollases is, how it works, and whether it should be applied to the skin or just eaten. Step by step in details please. Please reply asap!!

Coconut Oil, Flaxseed Oil
Posted by Britni (Oamaru) on 05/01/2018

Do you have to put this mask on 3-4 times a week every single week? Or is there a certain amount of time like a month for the hair to be permanently gone?

Coconut Oil, Flaxseed Oil
Posted by Teresa (Chicago, Il ) on 03/23/2016

Hello, Sandy. How did you make the flaxseed oil? Is organic flaxseed oil the same? Very interested because I have the same problem...Chin hairs. I've been plucking them for the last 15 years, on a daily basis!! Really would love to know if I can use organic flaxseed oil instead of making my own. Thank you!

Epilator, Alum and Rose Water
Posted by Nicole (Melbourne, Australia) on 06/09/2013


Shaving alum and rosewater:

Hello everyone, Right after I wax I dip the solid shaving alum into a bowl with rosewater in it and apply it to the skin for an hour or half an hour depending on the area. It does sting a lot but it's worth it. I use this on my face, arms and legs.

I have noticed a huge difference, the hairs are lighter, thinner, take longer to grow out and I have a few bald spots.

But if I don't wax for 2 months the hair grow back in the bald spots, I thought the alum and rosewater was supposed to permanently get rid of the hair but the hairs are still there, they just take longer to grow back and are much thinner.

Is alum and rosewater supposed to get rid of hairs permanently or am I mistaken?

Can anyone please tell me why this is happening? Do I need to be more patient?

Thanks for all your help by introducing this method to me and thank you in advance for all your answers :)

Epilator, Alum and Rose Water
Posted by Kaevi (SAn Diego, Ca) on 05/19/2018

Hi Nicole,

Thanks for sharing the update.

Did you continue using the rose water and alum? Was there any improvement?

Epilator, Alum and Rose Water
Posted by Merci (Usa ) on 05/20/2018

What about waxing? Does anyone do that? I am thinking about trying it but am worried about side effects. Would this possibly make pores larger?

Epilator, Alum and Rose Water
Posted by Kay (Russia) on 08/08/2018


How is your hairs now? Is it gone forever?

Peppermint Tea
Posted by Absa (Hawally, Kuwait) on 01/08/2013

Thank you so much for the remedies. Will try them out. I just hope I get all those things from here. Any idea how much time it will take to get rid of al these excessive hair.. I have heard about alum in rose water, does it help should I try that out too. I tried drinking peppermint tea 2-3 times a days but that did not help.

Alum and Rose Water
Posted by Jess (Melbourne, Australia) on 09/26/2012

Hi Everyone, I just wated to ask will shaving alum work the same as alum powder? If I just dip it into rose water and apply it, will it work the same?

I'm assuming if I use this on my face it will work the same as body hair, is that correct? I don't see why not.

Do I need to remove the hair before I apply the alum and rose water? and if I wax can I apply the alum and rose water straight after or will it be too strong?

Thank you all so much for your help :)

Alum and Rose Water
Posted by Jess (Australia) on 01/06/2015

I have written on this site and asked about Shaving alum and rosewater but I still have no yet received an answer.

For the last 2 years I have been getting my facial hairs threaded and after I dip my solid shaving alum into rosewater and rub it on my face, it stings a little but it has not removed my hair at all, I've been doing this for the last 2 years. I can't find alum powder here in Australia so I guess shaving alum was the wrong kind.

Alum and Rose Water
Posted by Betsy (Wilmington, De) on 01/06/2015

Hi Jess,

Have you checked the cooking and spice section of your grocery store for Alum? It's very common item here in the US.

Out of curiosity, I just checked Amazon's Australia web site and see it doesn't show up there. Very odd indeed. Maybe an international grocery store will have it in the spice section.

Alum and Rose Water
Posted by Suseeq (Sydney, Australia) on 01/06/2015

Betty, there is a lot of things that you lucky people can get hold of that us Australians can not.

Alum and Rose Water
Posted by Jenn (Cobbora, Australia) on 01/06/2015

In response to Alum and Rose water, both are available for a minimal cost in Australia.

Research online if unsure but generally you can buy Alum powder 250 gr for around $10.50.

Rose water is available in the cake section of supermarkets as it is used for icing mixtures..or you can get it from the local health food shop for a bit more expense..

Living in Sydney you should have a much better access to these than where I live, and I can buy them locally.

Email me if you are unable to access any and I'll do what I can for you!

Laser Hair Removal
Posted by Lisa (Hudson, Ontario Canada) on 01/18/2012

On the subject of lazer hair removal, myself and both of my sisters suffer with unwanted facial hair growth and we have all had lazer therapy for this problem with successful results. We all have dark hair and dark skin. On some of the comments on this site some people said that they didn't have good results with the lazer; that their hair grew back and that it doesn't work if you have dark skin.

Before going for my therapy I would stay out of the sun to keep my face from getting tan and the dermatologist can also give a bleaching cream to lighten the skin if you need it before the therapy. The lazer does work best on darker thicker hair. I had to go about 10 times and I didn't have anymore hair growth for about a year and you have to go back once every 6 months to a year and have one treatment to keep it maintained.

The hair that grows after the treatment is not the same hairs that were treated with the lazer before- it is new ones that are coming back. The hair that is treated with the lazer doesn't come back because the lazer destroys the hair follicle. You can't just go and have treatments and never go back to keep it maintained because with this hair growth problem you will always have new hair growth. It doesn't work for people with blonde or gray hair but I was told by my technician that they are working on developing a lazer that will target light haired people.

The lazer does work for dark haired people but you have to keep it mainted. I am stuck out in the boonies in canada and don't have access to lazer now and I'd love to go get treatments because it's been 2 years since my last treatment and now I'm starting to look like a man again lol

Laser Hair Removal
Posted by Louwrence (Rustenburg, North West South Africa) on 01/19/2012

Hi Lisa, Why don't you look at hormonal balance, it could be the cause of facial hair growth in women then maybe you won't have to have laser treatments.

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