Natural Remedies to Deep Vein Thrombosis (Blood Clots)


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Posted by Katzie (Calgary) on 01/02/2022

DMSO thins the blood, naturally. Way better than warfarin or coumadin. There are books on it by Naturopathic doctors and such, attesting to its healing qualities. Here is my experience:

Had a hard fall mostly on my shin, it hurt but I got up by myself and walked away as I had errands to do. Got home 2 hrs later, noticed my leg didn't hurt anymore and was surprised to see it had swollen to 1.5x its size! I did icepacks, elevation & acv/epsom salt soaks. I also applied DMSO 4x a day.

About a week later I was on a flight sitting beside a doctor, still swollen. He thought it could be DVT related and told me to see a Dr. Not wanting to take warfarin or coumadin, I stepped up the DMSO (rubbed on leg only) to every 2 hrs, and arranged to drink 3 or 4 750ml bottles of water one afternoon/night, and the next day my leg was back to almost-normal.

I have a good lymph system, I've been told. I wanted to open the dam sluices and get that excess water out! I peed alot that night. Only I could tell there was still a little swelling left at the ankle, which was gone soon after. I boarded my next flight the next day with no problem with my leg.

I haven't seen DMSO mentioned as a blood thinner, so I wanted to mention it is worth asking a Naturopath about and looking into on your own.

Best of Healing, everyone.

Replied by Amy
(North Carolina)

Hi Katzie,

I recently suspected DVT with swollen right leg after a 7 hour international flight. Emergency department did ultra sound to rule out. Pain and swelling didn't go away. I was concerned because my left leg returned to normal with little or no swelling a few days after the flight. Went to my PCP and was diagnosed with cellulitis. Had to take antibiotics which I hate but it did do the trick. Interested in your water treatment. Also have heard of DMSO as a remedy for many ailments but not DVT. Thanks for your contribution.

Replied by Katzie

Hi Amy.

My leg had previously been injured before my flight and they were very short flights, so I just wanted to clarify that.

I had not been able to figure out exactly what it was (dvt), but I knew I wanted that swelling down so I had been using DMSO anyways. While waiting for my 1st short flight I was searching online about edema. Then I read a poster saying she had the same issues like me and had been told by her doc to drink more water and take walks right after each bottle for at least 20 mins to get her lymph system on the situation.

That night at the hotel I made it a point to drink one 750 ml bottle of water over the course of an hour or so, then walk to a store 15 mins away, 3 times, and bought another bottle. The poster's doc had stated that water was important to "keep things moving along". So yeah, I drank alot of water over that afternoon/evening, but nor did I flood myself. That's important to keep in mind. Also, since the swelling had been going down a little every day in the preceding days, I hadn't been too worried. But when my seatmate told me about dvt's, I took it more seriously and so did the walking & water thing. It really worked for me!

Healthy blessings to you.

DMSO, Cayenne +

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Posted by Terry (Colorado Springs) on 06/08/2022

For blood clots,

I used DMSO, cayenne, fibrinolytic enzymes, and lots of infrared saunas.

Replied by Cindy
(Illinois, USA)
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Rebounding also "unsticks" blood cells and makes them "slippery" so they don't clump up. There is - or, at least, there used to be - microscopic videos of before and after rebounding showing how sticky they are, before and how free flowing they are, after - it's quite remarkable.

Replied by Shahna

How did you use it?

Folic Acid

Posted by Francine (Spring, Tx) on 07/19/2015

My doctor prescribed 1 mg of Folic Acid...I have a genetic mutation that makes me more susceptible to blood clots. This helps keep my homocysteine levels balanced which will help prevent blood clots.

General Feedback

Posted by Xome The Way (Sacramento, Ca) on 08/18/2012

I have a 76 year old relative who developed a blood clot in her leg after she took a long airplane flight (13 hours) and within 3 months off cartilage repair surgery on her knee. She was treated w/shots and then given coumadin. She has her blood tested every 2 weeks. Three months later, the clot is no longer in her leg, yet she has been told that she must continue on the coumadin therapy until she has been on it for 6 months to a year. The rationale is that the clot could have broken up leaving smaller clots that are still traveling in her body. The longer therapy apparently guarantees the break down of the smaller clots. I don't trust western medicine so I'm checking in here to see if anyone has an opinion.

Replied by D12know
(Norfolk, Virginia)

Hello. Last year, I was informed that I had DVT in my leg. At the time of initial diagnosis, I was given a shot and told to take shots of Arixtra for a few weeks. Thereafter, I was told to take coumadin as well until a 3 or 6 month time period to ensure that the clot is no longer a troublesome issue as far as the danger of traveling to my lungs. Hopefully, this helps you understand that it is normal treatment. Hope all is well with your family.

Replied by Prioris
(Fort Pierce, Fl, Usa)

Coumadin may be "standard" treatment but Coumadin will damage ones health over long term. The best thing to use for blood clots are fibrolytic enzymes such as nattokinase. Unlike Coumadin which has side effects and can damage ones health especially over the long term, nattokinase is completely natural to the body. To transition off coumadin, it takes around 3 days before starting nattokinase.

At this point just finish the 6 month course and hope there are no side effects. one may need to take a diuretic for water gain.

Next time say NO to coumadin and take fibrolytic enzyme to remove clots.

(San Diego)

Hi I'm taking warfin and nattokinase supplement I need to know how to get off warfarin and just do natural blood thinners that will work. Please reply thank you for your information. Love this site.

Replied by Helen

I take 2.5 mlgs. Of Coumadin every night I want to know if I start taking organic apple cider vinegar to lose weight. Will it effect my blood level??

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Vitamin E and fish oil are two very common ones but there are many natural blood thinners. Ginkgo Biloba would be another. Nattokinase is also a blood thinner as is Vinpocetine, but you sure don't want to overdo it with blood thinning.


(San Diego)

Thank you, Art.

I did stop my warfarin and now using vitamin E, Fish oil and cayenne pepper, and nattokinase 2x a day And garlic. I'm scared but pushing forward.

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MJ, how are you doing with this natural routine? How much of everything are you taking, when, and how often? Empty stomach or full? Any changes with diet? Do you check your inr often?

My husband has been on Coumadin a very long time due to 4 blood clots from Factor 5 Lieden propensity for clotting.

General Feedback
Posted by Shelley (Calgary, Alberta) on 09/23/2011

I have a friend, who had knee replacement surgery.

Right now the knee is getting better, but she has a severe complication. She developed blood clots and when her knee was accidentally dropped it pushed one of the blood clots to her left shoulder.

The doctors have told her that if the blood clot moves again, it will go directly to her brain and she would die instantly.

She is being medicated up the wazoo. One of the medications, I know she is taking is warfarin. The doctors say that it is a blood thinner, but will not affect the already formed clots.

Would Baking Soda and Lime/Lemon treatment affect the medicine she is taking?

I understand that Grapefruit can be a Deadly Poison when mixed with some drugs.

My 2nd question is, how long should she take the Baking Soda & Lime/Lemon treatment to make this deadly blood clot go away?

Replied by Dud
(From The Woods Of, Wv, Usa)

Shelly....... research:

1. nattokinase enzyme - from fermented soybean curd called natto, protein lysing [digesting]

2. serrapeptase enzymes - from a silkworms gut bacteria, protein lysing [digesting]

3. papain protein lysine enzyme from papaya trees

4. bromelain enzyme from pineapple stems, [or fruit?]

5. vitamin b12

6. garlic eating

7. other things also, Chinese herbs, etc.

Replied by G
(Nyc, Ny)

Cayenne pepper and garlic are said to be the roto-rooter of the veins/arteries. (read Dick Quin "Left for Dead" and also research Dr. Christopher) These two things taken together help to dissolve clots/plaque/cholesterol. Cayenne opens up your veins to allow for better blood flow.

Replied by G
(Nyc, Ny)

Sorry, forgot to add: do a wikipedia search for warfarin. Cayenne (and also many other natural supplements/vitamins) is also a blood thinner. Your friend is lucky to have you as a friend.

Replied by Bibi
(Atlanta, Ga)

Help! My husband has a blood clot in his jugular vein at the base of his brain. he has been suffering with severe headaches for 4 months now. He was on Heperin and now warfarin to 'thin" his blood but the clot is not dissolving. The medical doctors are not offering any solution except more pain medication! He is tired of living like this. We are very afraid of any invasive procedure that might force the clot elsewhere.

Would Cayenne or garlic help this clot dissolve?

Thanks so much!

Replied by Lisa
(S. California, Ca, Usa)

Try Nattokinase. It's a natural enzyme that dissolves blood clots. It has lots of reviews on iherb. It does thin the blood, so your husbands doctor should be informed.

Replied by Bess
(Calgary, Alberta, Canada)

Hi Bibi - Dud from WV mentioned that taking serrapeptase may help dissolve clots (along with other suggestions in his September 23/11 post).

Here's an excerpt about this enzyme: Serrapeptase is a proteolytic enzyme - it breaks down protein. This means it is able to act on pathogenic (disease causing) tissue, such as blood clots, cysts, arterial plaque and the substances produced naturally by the body as part of its inflammatory response.

Do an Internet search (blood clots serrapeptase) for more information. It sounds promising. Good luck to you and your husband! Bess

Replied by Maria
(Gippsland, Australia)

Hi Bibi, Cayenne, garlic and Lisa's suggestion Nattokinase all have evidence that they can dissolve blood clots. When taken in therapeutic doses they also can interreact with warfarin, so you may want to check that out first. As the warfarin is not doing the job for your husband the question is which is worse - movement of the clot (and the damage that would do) or a possible interreaction? If you do use them in therapeutic amounts keep a watchful eye out for excess bleeding. Serrapeptase (Bess & Dud suggestion) appears to not interreact with warfarin.

Magnesium is also good at dissolving clots and lack of it can be a cause of blood clots.

Ginger is worth looking into as well. . Arginine has been said to also help so you could search that also (it is new to me). All the best.

Replied by Helpyourself
(Houston, Texas)

Garlic thins the blood. Try 2 cloves, cut up in very small pieces, wash down with water, do this for a couple of days. Next, try 20 drops of Tabasco in about 4 oz of water, do this a few times a week, then use as needed. Tabasco has only three ingredients: cayenne, vinegar, salt, no additives. The cayenne is like a rotor rooter. Good for so many things, seems to clean the blood, stops headaches, sinus, depression, stomach problems, etc. Good Luck!

Replied by Mary G
(San Francisco, Ca)

I too have a clot in the jugular vein in my neck as does your husband. Mine was caused by the insertion of a Central Line into my neck at an ER. Mistake!!!! I had major headaches, that have been stopped with the use of Lumbrokinase, and Serrapeptase prescribed by a well known MD/naturopath. Doctors tell me that the coumadin, despite it's troubles, gives the body a chance to fix/dissolve the clot by thinning the blood and the body can then heal better that way. A long arduous trek of 7 months on coumadin is a drag! However, these enzymes help with my headaches, and sharp pains. Good luck to your husband. A real drag I know.

Replied by Ilana

Hi Mary G from San Francisco, if you see this message please let me know which type and dose of serrapeptase/Lumbrokinase you have used and who is your ND?


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Posted by Rob (Kentucky) on 09/16/2023

Ginger root has been shown to be highly effective in preventing, and curing, blood clots, heart disease, cancer, arthritis, and a variety of other illnesses. For example, the blood clots that trigger heart attack dissolve when exposed to ginger. Ginger interferes with the long sequence of events necessary for blood clots to form. This helps to prevent clots that can lodge in narrowed coronary arteries and set off a heart attack. Something called thromboxane synthesis initiates clot formation. Ginger is a potent inhibitor of this process. Ginger also inhibits The clumping together of platelets in the blood. So ginger inhibits blood clots in at least two ways. In a study in Prostaglandins Medicine, ginger inhibited blood clots more effectively than onion or garlic. Ginger also increases the strength of the heart. Scientists call ginger a cardiotonic agent because of its ability to increase energy production in the heart and to enhance calcium pumping within heart cells that is required for optimal cardiac output.

Ginger is more effective than aspirin at preventing blood clotting, with none of the risk of internal bleeding associated with aspirin, making it a powerful aid against heart disease, according to many recent laboratory studies.

Ginger Research is just beginning to confirm the centuries-old notion that ginger is essential to good health. Ginger contains several unique and powerful antioxidant plant chemicals, including gingerol, shogaol, and zingerone. These antioxidants and unique compounds fight cancer, heart disease, blood clots, and arthritis far more effectively than pharmaceuticals and the medical establishment ever will. As a matter of fact they deliberately try to discredit and suppress information like this. But the fact is that ginger is a God-given cure to many of the illnesses that afflict modern man, and is one of the most powerful weapons against all of these illnesses.


There are 27,205 published studies in the NCBI database on Ginger root and its medical usage.

Source: officinale

How to use: Some people prefer fresh ginger root. You can grate 1 inch piece of the root into a cup, add water and let steep overnite. Drink the next morning.


Take capsules. 4 grams is the recommend maximum daily. So that translates to taking 2 – 500mg capsules = 1gram. 3X/daily = 3grams per day.

Posted by Fran (Face, GA) on 02/12/2007

Ginger root is good for the spleen... Also figs are good to rid the body of gallstones... Also, ginger work s to rid the body of blood clots... God Bless you

Ginger, Walking

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Posted by Kitbar (Phila, Pa) on 03/19/2011

I thought I had a blood clot in my left leg. Me being holistic I automatically came to your website and amazingly found the cure before it got any worse. I went walking for about 20 minutes a day for 2 days and had some ginger soaked overnight in water(luckily had it already soaked for other health reasons)and by the next day no more tingling or throbing in my leg.

Replied by Axel

You claim that you leave the ginger soak overnight. Then what do you do with the water? Please, advise. To solve pain and itch on an open ulcer in the leg.

Grape Seed Extract

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Posted by Jeff (New Jersey) on 03/09/2022

Grape Seed Extract (50:1) 400 mg, 1-2x day helps a lot with phlebitis and vein issues.

Juice Fast

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Posted by Joseph (Kingwood, Texas) on 10/05/2009

I had pulmonary embolism blood clots all over my lungs. I woke up one morning and had chest pain every time I breath I went over to my daughter (being a paramedic) I figures she would know what to do, she did, to the hospital I went. They stabilized me and after eight days I came out using Warfarin. After 4 months I was introduced to a person who has been a raw vegan for 15 yrs. And he directed me to do a juice fast for which was consuming nothing but juice for 3 months. I bought a good juicer, one that presses the produce and proceeded to juice what Dr. Walker suggested in his book Fresh Vegetable and Fruit Juices. The recipes I used were for Arteries, Arteriosclerosis. After a month on juicing my Dr. took me off the Warfarin and was amazed as to how clean my blood was and that I had lost 20 Lbs of excess weight. Two months later my Dr. check my blood again and was even more startled, my blood cholesterol had dropped from 314 to 170, my blood pressure from 150 to 106 and all toll I lost 50 Lbs of unwanted fat. After the juicing I became a Raw Vegan and still am. Whenever my Dr. calls me in for a visit he is amazed as to how healthy I am. I will never go back to eating Cooked food or the SAD diet (Standard American Diet) I eat fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and sprouts and a combination of these. I feel great in fact better than I ever have.

Replied by Peggy
(Fishers, In)

Could you please tell the juicing ingredients for the arteries and how much how often were used?

Replied by Manuel

I have a diabetes, but had vein blood clot with my bruise purple on my left leg. So don't want to cut off my left leg. Can anything help? Please thank you

Replied by Taram7
(Cincinnati, Oh)

Manuel from Brooklyn, have you been taking Cayenne Pepper Capsules? or even make a pepper drink if you don't have the stuff to make capsules. Cayenne is great for heart and circulatory.

My mom is diabetic and I keep 'fixing' her when she gets bad but she goes right back to her diet of death. She is able to maintain her sugar at completely normal levels but will not stay on it, so it goes right back.

If you have type 2, doing a parasite cleanse and treating systemic fungus will have your body functioning again in a healthy way and you can use gymnema sylvestre to control the sugar levels until you are healed. This has taken her completely off her meds for a couple months... until she falls off the wagon again.

Take lots and lots of Cayenne. Best Luck!


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Posted by Whisperingsage (Northeastern California) on 05/20/2015 47 posts

In reply to Replied by Mary (Usa) 12/09/2014 who wrote: "Be very careful with vit d. Look up USDA vit d as it is a mouse poison."

No, vitamin D is not a mouse poison, warfarin is a mouse poison, also known as coumadin, often used in rehab hospitals, warfarin is known to interfere with vitamin K1 function, Vitamin k1 is the greens vitamin needed for the proper functioning of platelets and clotting.

Vitamin K1 is converted to vitamin K2 in grass fed milk and meat and eggs, and is valuable for tooth repair and development and skeletal development- and making sure vitamin D works as a team with calcium (along with A, and magnesium) as it guides calcium to bones and ensures proper functions as it pulls it out of soft tissues like arteries and nerves and improper places.

K2 prevents heart disease. K2 could safely be used instead of warfarin in knee and hip replacement patients.

Lemon and Baking Soda

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Posted by REKHA (PUNE, INDIA) on 06/24/2009

Thanks Ted for your superb remedy for Varicose veins & Deep vein thrombosis,i tried 1/2 lemon &baking soda, thrice a day, it immediately relieves the pain---i'd be grateful if you could let me know how many days i have to continue this treatment as i have a few bulging blue veins from the knee to toes, i also have corns on my left foot--but the honey remedy has not helped !!, my diabetes varies from 125--200, controlled by tablets, diet etc,while ACV is a miracle, it brings my weight down, while my docs want me to put on atleast another 2 kgs. Ted please reply ASAP, God bless you and this site.--rekha

Replied by Martha
(Roseville, Caliornia, Usa)

Please let me know how long I need to take the lemon and baking soda to get completely cure. I already feel better. Thank you for helping me. I need to asap.


Replied by Devinder
(Brampton, Ontario)

From my experience I can say that Lemon and Baking Soda is a safe drink to use it for as long as you want to, however, after the initial treatment for 10-15 days I would suggest to do it 3-4 times a week. This has helped me a lot in stopping my Gout attacks and I believe the same should apply to DVT condition as well.

Replied by Wendy

What is the exact baking soda lemon juice recipe for phlebitis?

Replied by Taram7
(Cincinnati, Oh)

Baking soda should be mixed until it will not dissolve anymore. There is really not an exact recipe. You can say 1/2 teaspoon or or 1 even but depends on the size of lemon and if you dilute it, etc. So add it until the liquid will not dissolve anymore.

Replied by Maria

I have varicose veins. My veins on right foot under my inner ankle are kind of purple. A few months ago my right foot got swollen. At the beginning it was just around that inner ankle but then it went around my foot. That time even my blood pressure was higher around 140/80. I was started taking apple cider vinegar each morning and going for walks. This helped. But then I stopped taking care of myself (busy with office work and I'm a wife and mom of 4 kids). It did not get worse than were it started. Recently I had been taking baking soda and lemon juice in warm water every morning for about 2 weeks straight and doing some walking every day. I felt and saw the difference in my veins on my foot and varicose veins on the upper right leg. My blood pressure got lower 95-110/67-75. But I started feeling dizzy. When I turn in my bed it takes a while until my head adjust to different position. Or even when I'm up it happens. When I stopped taking the lemon juice & baking soda solution, my head spins a lot less. I have not experienced it for years. Can anyone explain to me why it happens? I would like to continue taking it. Is it safe for me? THANKS!

(Earth Clinic)

Hi Maria, baking soda can quickly deplete essential nutrients, especially two critical ones; potassium and magnesium. If it were me, I would stop the lemon baking soda tonic for a few days and take those two supplements. Then retry. Apple cider vinegar and baking soda tonic (and ACV alone) used to make me quite dizzy, but no longer does as long as I take those two supplements once a day when I take ACV.

Read up on Earth Clinic's baking soda remedies page, and you'll read more side effects.

N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC)

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Posted by T1D&Fading (PA) on 07/31/2021 8 posts

Interesting that Amazon recently decided to stop selling NAC (N-acetyl cysteine) supplements (Link on the story below). I was researching potential supplements to break up blood clots in hopes to remedy femoral and tibial occlusions and came across an article stating that diacetyl-L-cystine, the disulphide dimer of N-acetyl cysteine (NAC), is a potential new treatment modality for atherosclerosis; however, is still being studied. (I left two links to these articles below.)

So, naturally, I started looking at NAC supplements and could not find anything on Amazon. Interesting that NAC is also being prescribed by holistic doctors for COVID 19 patients yet the FDA wants it pulled off shelves??? Anyway - Piping Rock has it - but I hate the fillers they use. Does anyone know where to get a good quality NAC supplement online? More importantly - can anyone tell me how to convert NAC to DiNAC to blast occlusions in arteries? I am trying to avoid a serious and complicated bypass surgery.


Replied by RSW

Hi T1D,

I bought Metabolic Maintenance NAC, and the only other ingredient listed is vegetarian cellulose capsule.

Serrapeptase and Nattokinase are also clot busters, although they also thin the blood.

Best wishes.

T1D & Fading

Thanks RSW - I'll check it out!

Replied by Stacey
(Gardner, KS)

Jarro makes one. I've had my bottle of it for a while. I either bought it at Natural Grocers or Sprouts. It's probably more likely that it was Natural Grocers, though.

Joe A.
(Stockton, Ca)
75 posts

My comment is about NAC, I use that for a few reasons being it may help Tardive Dyskinesia when associated with Antipsychotics. I would like to learn more from anyone that has the knowledge. I use it on my son who does have Severe Tardive Dyskinesia every morning upon waking up for the first 2 hours, then it significantly reduces the movements considerably the rest of the day. I am open to learning more.

Jayna D.
(Southern CA)

I have been taking Swanson Vitamins' NAC 600 mg. capsules since 2009 and have not had any flu, Coronavirus, and COVIDS since then. No flu shots either. It's about $10.00 a bottle. Child: 1/Day Adult: 2/Day This is a very good supplement for the whole body! I post publicly and freely on MeWe.

Replied by Jill

I have had 3 blood clots in my femoral artery. Two have been while taking NAC. I am now taking serrapeptase, nattokinase and lumbrokinase. These enzymes all work differently. Look into them and I think you will be happy. You can still get NAC at iHerb.

Replied by Lorraine

I bought pure NAC from

Replied by Marcia T
(Cape Cod, MA)

You can still get NAC from Thorne as a dietary supplement. The fillers are Hypromellose (derived from cellulose) capsule, Leucine, and silicone dioxide. I've been using NAC for years w/ no problems. Agree that Amazon pulling it was a surprise and, imho, deeply suspicious since it is supposed to help those with covid.

Replied by Jayna Dinnyes
(Orange County, CA)

Greetings! Since 2009 I have been taking Swanson Vitamins' NAC ( from Cysteine, an amino acid) 600 mg. capsules (about $10.00 a bottle.) We started buying it because there was a Web rumor from a doctor that it prevented H1N1 flu. We started taking it and have not had any flu or Coronavirus' including COVIDS even though I was exposed. It also improves the lungs and digestion. Child: 1/Day Adult: 2/Day I take one in a.m. and one before sleep. These days I believe that everyone should be taking it whether they took Fauci's Ouchies or not like me. I post publicly and freely on MeWe.

Nattokinase, Serrapeptase, Lumbrokinase +

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Posted by Jj (Usa) on 09/09/2020


I just wanted to share some info on some amazing stuff, maybe you guys know all about it, Nattokinase, Serrapeptase and Lumbrokinase. I was diagnosed with a DVT (blood clot) in my lower right leg, below the knee (serious but not as dangerous as above the knee)...My Docs all ranted about me refusing to take injections of Heparin then go onto Eliquis or Warfarin.I chose instead to treat this with Nattokinase, Serrapeptase and some supplements... DMSO topically 2X/day on leg... with Mag oil.

Will be adding or cycling the Lumbrokinase (Boluoke) starting today.

I have seen amazing progress in this one week, in the swelling, redness and pain, knock on wood! Elaquis and Warfarin do NOTHING to dissolve clots, they just keep them from growing... most times. With all sorts of side effects and risks of major bleeds.

Here is some interesting info if anyone wants to check it out:




Posted by Bluemoonrising (Hamilton, On, Canada) on 06/08/2013

My partner has deep vein thrombosis (DVT) in both legs and restricted flow in the aorta below the the renal artery. Doctors want to do an invasive procedure of graphing in a new aorta with branches to be attache in both legs below the blockages. We are not wanting this proceedure. The left leg DVT has been there for more than 10 years with 2 pulmonary embolisms and since then only an occasional flair up. 2 years ago due to a physical injury a blood clot formed in the right leg. Emergency surgery was on the table, but the thrombosis specialist stopped in as it was discovered there was a clot just outside the vena cava and not being stabilized it could move during surgery. He has been on daily self-injections of Fragmin for the last 40 months. Couple of questions. Should he stop the Fragmin if he starts any of the remedies I have read... Cayenne & Garlic... Nattokinase... Honey Cayenne Vinegar... Lemon & Baking soda water. Also, has anyone heard of a STRONG tea of Sassafras - 1time - should be dark orange in colour strong.... And whether it has any effect. Supposed to clean out the pipes of plaque and clots. Haven't tried it yet. Told to stop Fragmin for that day because too much thiner. That is why I am asking if Fragmin should be stopped when trying these others.

Replied by Bess
(Calgary, Alberta, Canada)

Hi Bluemoonrising - Sorry, I don't have information about sassafras. However, to be on the safe side, you may want to work with a naturopath who can monitor your husband while he takes alternative remedies just in case they interfere with his anticoagulant. You could ask the naturopath about taking high-quality serrapeptase or other systemic enzymes (you may want to do an Interent search on systemic enzymes and deep vein thrombosis). I wish you and your husband the best of luck! Bess

Replied by Harold
(Louisville, Kentucky)

Please ask the doctor if your husband is a candidate for a trapeze vena cava filter to keep any and all future blood clots from traveling from the inferior vena cava, through the right side of the heart, and then possibly into one of the lungs. Please make sure you specify a trapeze filter, not one of the others which have been strenuously recalled over the last couple of years. This procedure at the hospital usually takes less than twenty minutes and is a good safety net for moving blood clots in the venous system from the legs to the inferior vena cava in the chest before interring the right side of the heart.

Replied by Shanique

Let him take Ginkgo biloba natural blood thinner works well with the about it.

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