Effective Natural Remedies for Bartholin Cysts


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Posted by Leilani (Kona, Hi) on 10/28/2015

Just endured painful cyst this past week, and it finally ruptured last night! Hallelujah!

Short Term Causes and Remedies: I had been wearing pantiliners for a month and it has been horribly hot and humid here. Plus eating too much sugar! So, once it started, the horrible cyst, I tried everything. I ate yoghurt, I put Tea Tree oil on it (dilute, or it burns! ), Witch Hazel, and compresses of Epsom Salts. Even tried a paste of Diatomacious Earth, to dry out the cyst. I took Colloidal Silver, some antibiotic, Vit D, and Silica. This all likely helped but it wasn't until I received the Serrapeptase that I rush ordered from Amazon, that it finally burst six hours later. I took three pills so that it would be at the suggested 120 dosage. I'm sure the others helped, but I think the Serrapeptase helped it to rupture on it's own. Years ago, when I had this, the doctor sliced me open, so painful and it came right back the next day. Has to rupture on it's own.

Long term causes and remedies: eating too much sugar and acidic diet, so off sugar and switching to vegetarian, alkaline foods.

So happy to be able to walk and sit down again! Hope this helps! I was there, just a day ago!


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Posted by Cheezymacaroni (New York, Ny) on 12/04/2017

Hi lovelies. I'm also suffering from this - I had a giant, painful infected Bartholin's cyst that needed to be lanced twice, plus 3 rounds of antibiotics, sitz and soaks, about 4 months ago.

Since then, it's been very small - about the size of a grape if you push in to find it, but nearly flat on the surface - and stayed that way, but about every other day or so it swells a bit and is slightly sore...and then drains some blood and pus.

It's literally been open and draining like that for 3 months - occasionally, it's bright red blood and more than usual.

Has anyone else experienced continual draining? Could my taking daily homeopathic silica be affecting it in that way? I still do a hot compress for about an hour every night, and some witch hazel and tea tree compresses, which seems to keep it from getting any worse.

Stay strong, ladies. We can do this.

Posted by Natbee (Australia) on 01/20/2015

I used a silica supplement which contained 5g horsetail, zinc, B6 and manganese to treat my recurring bartholin cysts. Dosage varied between 1-2 capsules per day and saw results within 5 days. It saved me from having the marsupilization procedure. Extremely happy to find a natural alternative :)

Sitz Bath

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Posted by Kelseym (Duluth, Mn) on 03/12/2018

Just noticed my BC yesterday morning and successfully popped by this evening!! I did one sitz bath with epsom salt last night. This morning I noticed it was more tender and it bugged me all day at work. It was a bit larger than pea sized..

I perused all the remedies here and decided to continue with the epsom salt baths and add cotton compress of colloidal silver and witch hazel. The sitz bath I took after getting home from work really softened it up (I massaged it a bit as recommended by another writer). Then I mixed 1 part coconut oil, 1 part colloidal silver and 1 part witch hazel. I dipped a cotton pad (gauze) into the solution and applied to the softened BC. I checked it about 3 hrs later and it had popped and started to bleed! I made 2 new pads for over night.. applied one now and will switch midway through the night. I already feel relief and hope it's even smaller by the morning. I plan to continue the pad through work tomorrow to really ward off infection.

Replied by D.
(Bundaberg, Queensland)

I have two Bartholin cysts which are now starting to become painful. But my gynaecologist doesn't want to operate on them as I suffer with Vulvodynia & the cysts are right where I get the burning pain from that, so he is worried if he operates & removes them that it will make the Vulvodynia worse. Can anyone suggest the best thing I can use to try & make them burst keeping in mind that I can't use anything that will make the burning worse.

Replied by Teena
(Melbourne, Australia)
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Hello D,

Suggest tea tree oil dabbed onto your cyst 3 times a day, if this tingling is too sensitive you can make a paste of turmeric and a healing oil you have on hand, like castor, coconut or olive, apply with organic cotton wool or clean cotton rag folded up and tape on. Soak at least 20 mins in bath with cup sea salt or Epsom salts daily or twice daily, to make the paste application more effective. If you don't have bath tub soak in plastic tub. Consuming turmeric will also be beneficial.

Sitz Bath
Posted by Maria (Quebec) on 12/18/2017

Tea tree oil + hot baths + sea salt

Definitely, it helped me. After read some horrific stories, mine..it was the same. The was pain of my life. The bartholin cyst started on Thursday and it burnt on sunday around 4am. I did hot bath, and hot compressed with vinager and sea salt really intense on Saturday. On Sunday I wasn't able to walk, to sit, even lay down. After, read this reviews.. I added the tea tree oil (sunday 4pm) to my rituals baths ..and 4am I was bleeding and screaming Hallelujah (one of the girl on the page write this..so I remembered the comment... and definitely yes... Hallelujah!!! ).

I still doing hot bath.. now, I am a bit loss about next steps... how to keep drain it.

Good luck girls, a lot faith, prays, and meditation :) xo

Sitz Bath
Posted by Prettycookie (Georgia) on 12/05/2017

Hi there, this is my second post in two days concerning my experience with Bartholin Cyst. It ruptured last night, so here is my full experience.

I noticed a grape size lump on the right side of my vagina where the Bartholin gland resides about a year ago. I did not have insurance so going to the doctor was not an option for me at that time. It did not hurt at all, it only would swell up from time to time and go away. Usually during sex, or when I am negligent with my hygiene. Because it did not hurt I simply observed it and moved on. As of last week I noticed it growing larger. Now the size of golf ball, I guess is the closest reference I can use. As it grew it became uncomfortable but not painful, I just felt the pressure from the size. At this point I enrolled for medical insurance for the 2018 year because this was not looking promising.

By Saturday I was beginning to experience more pressure and thus more pain. I started doing heavy research and learned about sitz baths, tea tree oil and castor oil. I had these things in my home already in addition to epsom salt. So I took my first bath Saturday night. I notice the pain slowly getting more intense. By Sunday I was walking as if I had a limp and it was painful to sit directly on it. I took 3 baths on Sunday, which became more and more uncomfortable with each bath due to the pain and having to sit in the tub. It was the longest 20 minutes.

I took a full bath that night, filling the tub all the way up. I layed on my stomach and soak for an hour. That night was on and off with sleeping because of the pain. It hurt to move, shift and roll over. I had to place a pillow between my legs to avoid the pressure of them being closed. I am a heavier woman so my thighs applied a lot of pressure. I also slept on my back with my legs open or on my stomach with my legs spread apart. I am a side sleeper so this was major uncomfortable. After tossing and turning all night and having to deal with constant bathroom trips I got up for the day at 630am to take my first bath of the day.

My plan was to head to a health store thereafter and purchased some vitamins to help remedy the cyst. I didn't make it because of the pain. Instead I called off work and went to my boyfriend house and laid in his bed just to have somebody around. I took an Ibuprofen soon after I got there and had some relief. I also heated some castor oil and soak a gauze and placed it on the cyst to avoid friction. I then fell asleep and rested. right around the 8 hr mark after the pain killer wore off. I fell into excruciating pain. I took another Ibuprofen and took another bath. I was getting worse. I started calling around for free clinics that could possibly help with a payment plan option. I didn't get through to anyone because of the time it was right at 430 pm. I went back to sleep at 5pm, at this time the ibuprofen buffered the pain until later I went to urinate. It flared the pain up a bit, so I took some salt water and poored it on my vagina for some relief of the burning and slight itch feeling. It worked for a moment, so I immediately did another sitz bath but in a small basin this time. I sat for 20 minutes and dried off. I felt better, but I could feel the pain trying to increase so I took another Ibuprofen before the 8 hour mark, so basically I am overdosing at this point, then I went to lay back down. within 5 minutes the pain completely subsided. I thought hmmm Salt water bath? As I reached down to touch, the lump had felt softer, as I felt toward the inside that's when IT RUPTURED! It was a disgusting thing to witness but It was everything I needed. I slept well overnight and here I am now. I still am going to work on getting vitamins and rebuild my immune system to NEVER experience this again! The cyst is still slowly draining so I am wearing a pad to catch that and keeping my vagina rinsed with salt water.

Sitz Bath
Posted by Bella (Malaysia) on 06/02/2017

I've been suffering for BC two years ago, pay a visit to OB specialist, they given me painkiller and antibiotic to resolved it, I asked them to do procedure on me but they turn me away by saying that its only small lump. I went home walking with excruciating pain (it 10/10, I've never felt so much pain in my life). I took sitz bath (no added salt) 4-5times for about 4days, and cont taking antibiotis and painkiller before that little satan burst in afternoon. I was BC free for about 2 1/2 years.

Last friday (26/5/2017) I felt small little lump at my genital area but wasnt sure if its a BC or not so I decided to left it on its own. 2days afterwards, I felt it getting bigger but no pain felt, so I talk to my doc about it. She not giving me anything coz I said it doesnt hurt until the next tuesday(30/5/2017) I felt like it bugging me whenever I walk and sit. So I asked my doc to examined me and confirmed it was BC. (damn hell). She contact a specialist at nearest hospital to refer me to them, however the specialist asked me to try antibiotic first. I was a bit relieve coz its holidays weeks for us. So I decide to do sitz bath at home, I did few times a day (without salt) and massage that little satan, I bought serrapeptase online and took it 2x daily (since a pill is only 40uid, I took 3 to increase the dose), I also bought Australian Tea Tree Oil to rub at night, Kerdel Horsetail herbs supplement. I did everything for few days and the cyst getting bigger and its even hard for me to sit and walk (i walk like a monkey lol).

After trying anything I could, finally I felt like the lump has soften a bit but still tender to touch. So I did a mixture of baking soda and salt and apply it with cotton pad on my cyst, its not long I felt burning at my skin so I decide to take it of and continue with tea tree oil. I rubbed a few times a day.

Today(2/6/2017), I already lost hope to try anything I could. I told myself, if this cyst hadnt burst tomorrow I will straightly go to ER to make it drain. Before sleep I took a sitz bath again, and ate 2 tablet of horsetail herb and went to sleep without applying anything on the cyst. Sleep was hard when I cant even find comfortable position to rest my eyes. Few hours later, I touch the area and its wet, I try to move my legs and smell the odor, (guess what its foulty smell), so I get up and find my skirts all wet, when I turned on the lamp, I see blood and white yellowish stain. So I rush to bathroom and do sitz bath along to drain the cyst. Its a bit painful(but not as painful as having the growing cyst). After drain the cyst, I place a cotton pads with tea tree oil to ease the pain and prevent infection. I still can feel the small lump right now but not as painful as before. So I will continue to take my supplements and antibiotics, along with sitz bath and massaging the area to clears the clog.

My advice, its okay to try anything that u could, just don't lose hope. It will get better even it can make u depressed, emotional and physically hurts. I havent ate for 2days in a row, and I can feel that im malnutritions right now. Talk to some one about your condition. Im sorry to be lengthy, but I really do hope my experienced will help u guys a bit.

Lots of love,

Sitz Bath
Posted by Annas (Littleton) on 06/23/2016

Okay so I have had Bartholin cysts for about 10 years. One grew the size of a lemon because I didn't have insurance to get it treated. The one I just currently resolved I did completely on my own.

First I took 2 sits baths each day for two days.

Second I used a lavender salt scrub on the affected area before the site baths. After all this is caused by a clogged duct. What do we do to our faces when we have clogged pores from makeup? Anyways it sounded logical to me.

After the bath I would pat dry and then applied tea tree oil to the affected area. After just 1/12 days ( or 3 treatments of each) the thing ruptured and completely drained itself. It was much less painful than enduring the cyst or having the procedure done. Hope it's just as effective for you as it was for me. I also want to note that for two days after I rubbed tea tree oil on the site. Tea tree oil is a natural bacterial. The only side effect that I noticed from using it was a tingle down there.

Sitz Bath
Posted by Lisa (Connecticut) on 07/31/2014

SOLUTION:Get fluids moving naturally.

Had Bartholin Cyst, the size of golf ball. Alot of pain, swelling, soreness, tried the following: tea tree and grapefruit seed extract topically-BAD IDEA -worse pain!! Also did castor oil hot packs applied to the area 2 nights in a row, all night, very hot water baths with a cup of epsom salts, cup of sea salt, and cup of baking soda. NO RELIEF!!

Then I spoke wih a Naturapathic Doctor today-- he said the problem is that fluids are not moving. The fluid that comes from these glands is for the purpose of lubricating pre-intercourse. Somehow those fluids have to start moving again. Well, the area was so inflammed, ultra sensitized and there was a great feeling of pressure that I instinctively felt would be relieved if I helped to "get fluids moving". I don't know if this is what he was implying, but I did another hot sitz bath, went back to bed and did what I could to "get fluids moving"-- three times.

Immediately felt alot of pain relief and did another sitz bath, the cyst broke up, alot of blood and fluid. You may think this is unconventional, but I have been dealing with excruciating pain for 48 hours and this was the thing that "got fluids moving" and broke up the cyst. It would be a natural instinctive way to---- "get fluids moving" as the Naturopath said. Most importantly: IT WORKED!!!!!

I do believe that the castor oil hot packs, baths with epsom salt, sea salt, and baking soda also were integral to the success of this. Sorry if you think it's crass, IT WORKED!!! I think taking a knife to the problem is crass and draconian. THANK YOU EARTH CLINIC!!!!!


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Posted by Dlk88 (Milwaukee, Wi) on 04/12/2016

I had my cyst drained about 10 days ago and I wish I had just done it right away. The surgical drainage brought me instant relief and it turns out mine was very abscessed, which is nothing to mess around with.

Going back, my problem started on vacation. I had no idea what was wrong, but didn't want to see an island dr., so I toughed it out. The day after I got home I went in and was diagnosed. My Dr.offered to drain it at that time, but I wanted to try natural remedies first.

After almost a week of sitz baths, with and without Epsom salts, the swelling was going down a little. The area of swelling had gone down to the size of a largish cherry tomato. But I decided to up the ante with Serrapeptase and Cypress oil. I don't know for sure that they triggered anything, but the problem got much much worse--worse than it had been at the beginning. By the end of the 2nd week, I had swelling that extended all the way to the crease of my leg. The area of swelling was at least the size of an egg. It hurt to walk, sit, and lay down. So I called my doctor and had to wait another week to get in. I'm not exaggerating when I say it was excruciating.

I should mentioned that I talked to an OB-GYN of acquaintance and asked what SHE would do it if were her and her body. She said she'd get the procedure because the relief would be instantaneous. I also called another Dr.I see, who has more of an integrated / holistic approach to medical care. HE supported the surgical drainage. I was convinced--plus I couldn't take the pain anymore.

By the time I saw my dr., I was tired of being in pain and quite crabby. The procedure took 20 min. at most. She gathered the instruments, disinfected the area, numbed me up, and made a small incision. She did not put in the catheter; she holds that back for recurrence. The worst was that she had to push on it to try to get the yucky stuff out, because it turns out it was very abscessed. (That hurt like heck.) I hadn't run a fever and the area didn't feel hot, so I was surprised by the infection.

I was prescribed antibiotics, and she suggested continuing the sitz baths to encourage further drainage. It's too early to comment on recurrence, but my suggestion is that if you have insurance and a Dr.you trust, just get it drained. Save yourself a lot of time and discomfort. Plus, you could have an infection and not know it.

Replied by Amber
(Sunnyside, Ny)

So no marsupialization or catheter? I had mine for 3 weeks, the last being excruciating. Was on vacation and finally desperately on the drive back, asked my boyfriend if we could stop at the ER. The pain was passout pain, and the only relief could be found lying down. I assume because it takes the pressure off. Anyhow, the doc finally set me up, applied lydocain (sp?) and started the procedure. I've never screamed so much in my life! The relief was totally worth it. I assume the duct must be so blocked (maybe with scar tissue) that there was no chance for it to drain. I'd been taking the baths for 8 days. It may be that I didn't start the baths until week 3, however.

Anyhow, he attempted to insert the catheter, but too much had drained, and he couldn't get it to drain. Thank goodness...it hurt so much. But NOW he wanted me to go to a gyno to get the marsupialuzation, which I really prefer not to do! I have a rather large incision (done on Sunday, it is now Tuesday). I'd just like a little advice prior to the doc recommending what the book tells them. I generally take no drugs or antibiotics. But in this case, am taking the antibiotics and Motrin.

So sorry for all enduring. This is such an unpleasant experience...

Replied by Rin96

I've had marsupialization surgery twice. When you're in acute pain and nothing else works, it really helps because the pain is gone immediately after surgery. The healing process itself was ok for me, it took about 1.5 weeks before I could easily sit down for a longer time and about 6 weeks before I could have sex again.

But for me, it didn't really last and I've had a new cyst forming in the same place just weeks after both surgeries. I'm happy for everyone who got rid of their cyst via surgery but most sites seem to imply that after marsupialization, no cyst will ever happen again in that place again which just wasn't true for me.

Tea Tree Oil

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Posted by carlianna95 (Georgia ) on 12/08/2023

Tea tree oil for Bartholin Cyst

I woke up Wednesday morning and felt a Bartholin cyst. This is my second one. My first one was about a year ago and I didn't know what to do, so I spent almost a week in bed in pain. I had a lot to do and I have to go on a roadtrip next week so I knew I wasn't going to be able to drag this out and I wouldn't be able to ride in the car with all of the pain.

Right away Wednesday morning I started putting castor oil and 2 drops of tea tree oil on gauze. I had it on the cyst all day. It was not painful, just irritating. Thursday I was able to go to work and I just put more castor oil and tea tree oil on it. It was getting more uncomfortable all day, but it wasn't painful. When I got home I started feeling more pain. I saw on here that turmeric is good for it, so I put turmeric powder in castor oil and let it sit for about 2 hours. When I took the gauze off there was blood, and I knew that was a good sign. Then I took a hot bath in Epsom salt and tried to loosen the cyst up on my own by touching it. I put new gauze on with castor oil, tea tree oil, and frankincense oil on it. I put really hot water in a water bottle and slept with the water bottle between my legs. At 2 am I woke up because I felt it draining.

I'm so grateful for all of the suggestions because it went from a week of pain and not knowing what to do to being able to drain and heal it in 2 days. Thanks so much.

Tea Tree Oil
Posted by carlianna95 (Georgia ) on 01/04/2023

I’m going to be long winded so bear with me, please. I recently noticed a lump and found out it was a Bartholin cyst. It wasn’t hurting too bad until Sunday afternoon. I didn’t have pain, it was more uncomfortable because of the knot. I started doing research on natural cures because I have had a pilonidal before that I had to get lanced and it was an awful experience. I was young and embarrassed and I didn’t know what it was so I waited too long and the local anesthesia didn’t work and it was the worst pain I’ve ever experienced so I was determined not to have that happen again. When I realized that this cyst was getting sore I started researching and I want to help someone else get rid of it naturally like I did. I tried a few things to get rid of it but I want to let you know what I think worked.

First of all I started with the sitz baths. I probably did 4-5 a day where I sat over boiling water and let the steam hit the cyst. I put apple cider vinegar, epsom salt, and witch hazel in with the boiling water. I also did a few baths where I sat in the water as hot as I could stand with the same ingredients. I was using a drawing salve, but I’m not sure if that worked or not. It seems like it might have brought things to the surface but it didn’t really help the cyst break loose. It wasn’t painful until Tuesday night.

I looked for answers here and I saw that a lot of people recommended tea tree oil. I’m scared of tea tree because I’ve burned myself with it a few times but I took a chance. I put only one drop with a lot of carrier oil. I used castor oil. And I also put 3 drops in my bath and one drop in my sitz bath. I’m not sure if I would do that again because it did make me feel really itchy that night and I was scared I might have burned myself again. I think I would stick with one drop of tea tree with a bunch of carrier oil on a gauze pad for a half hour and not put it in the bath water.

I went to bed in pretty bad pain and I put drawing salve and castor oil on overnight bc I was feeling itchy and dry from the tea tree. I woke up Wednesday morning in really bad pain and I was about to go into the ER to have it lanced. I took another bath and put a gauze pad soaked in witch hazel on it. I took a few ibuprofen to help the swelling and my mom made me a drink with pineapple, ginger and coconut water to help with inflammation. I also took a turmeric shot that I found at Aldi and I’ve been taking turmeric vitamins for the past 2 days. The pain started going away so I decided to hold off on the er visit because I switched insurance and I wasn’t sure of the hospital I would have to go to. I wanted to go to sleep so I lay in bed, and I started to feel it drain. I’ve never been so happy. I laid on my side, hoping gravity would help it drain more. I think the best thing is to dry it out. Maybe the drawing salve worked, but for me it seemed like the pain went away when I used the tea tree and the witch hazel and it got worse when I used the castor oil and the drawing salve and kept it moist. I hope I don’t get another one but I’m happy I’ll know how to take care of it if I do. And hopefully, knowing what I know now, I’ll be able to get it over with much sooner.

I hope this can help someone because the previous posts on here helped me a lot.

Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Freddie (Germany) on 12/16/2022

I had this Bartholin cyst since Monday (Today is Friday) yesterday it started to hurt really badly so I started googling and found this page.

I bought Teatree oil and some coconut Oil.

Yesterday night I mixed a Teaspoon of coconut with 4 drops of the oil, put it on a pad and wore it for 20 Minutes. There was an Instant pain release.

This Morning I did the same thing again.

2 hours later, I made myself a warm bath with 2 tablespoons of tea tree Oil and Camille for 10 minutes. After that, I wanted to lay down and the cyst burst (maybe 5 minutes after the bath) now the pain is gone and it feels so much better than befoer. I wish I would have found this sooner! Thanks to this site!

Replied by Airiana

What brand of tea tree oil do you use?

Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Sonali (Uk ) on 11/07/2022

I read about tea tree oil treatment in Barthlion cyst condition. I put a few drops of Tea tree oil with some Alum powder in small round bath tub. I sat for 10 minutes and press over the cyst gently. My cyst bursted its own in next 10 minutes . I couldn't believe it as I was so much in pain that I was screaming day and night for the past 4 days. I was given antibiotics and painkillers by the doctor and A&E but nothing helped. Thus was an amazing treatment. Thanks.

Tea Tree Oil
Posted by V (Boaz, KY) on 10/07/2022

Bartholin Cyst:

Treating early is the key, it drained overnight. I poured a few drops on a cotton ball and held it against the affected area for a few minutes and then repeated an hour later. You can dilute the tea tree oil with coconut oil or jojoba oil if it burns, it can be a little strong. Use witch hazel to soothe. I wore a pad to bed and it drained overnight.

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