Appendicitis Remedies

| Modified on Mar 12, 2024

Seeking advice from a professional is always advised in the case of severe health concerns, such as appendicitis, but with doctor’s supervision some natural remedies for appendix pain and inflammation can sometimes prevent the need for more intrusive treatment methods. In some cases, however, surgery is the only option for treating appendicitis. In such a case an effective plan for appendicitis surgery recovery must be followed.

Listening to the body, seeking medical attention and getting adequate rest are important factors in treating or recovering from appendicitis. Likewise, maintaining a healthy diet and maintain a healthy lifestyle prevent further complications and improve overall health.

What Is Appendicitis?

Appendicitis involves the inflammation of the appendix, which is the short tube of tissue that protrudes from the large intestine. The exact function of this organ is actually unknown; however, people can safely live without it. Appendicitis occurs as the appendix becomes blocked by stool, a foreign body, or cancer. This blockage causes the infection and swelling.

When your appendix becomes inflamed or even infected, you’ll experience a variety of symptoms. Dull pain near the navel, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, abdominal swelling, fever, and inability to pass gas. Additionally, painful urination, vomiting prior to abdominal pain, severe cramps, constipation, and diarrhea occur in nearly 50% of cases of the condition.

Home Remedies for Appendicitis

Eliminating the underlying infection is actually one of the most effective treatment options, so using natural remedies such as castor oil, garlic, or ginger is often a fruitful first step.

1. Castor Oil

Castor oil helps treat appendicitis by way of helping relieve the blockage. Castor oil taken by mouth helps treat constipation, which allows the intestines to move normally and in turn relieves issues in the appendix. The oil also helps reduce inflammation and treat infection.

2. Garlic

Garlic is a powerful antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. You can take a garlic capsule or just add additional garlic to your diet to eliminate the infection associated with appendicitis and to reduce painful inflammation.

3. Ginger

Ginger helps treat the symptoms as well as the cause of appendicitis. Taking ginger can help relieve vomiting and also reduce pain and inflammation.

Read on below to learn more wonderful recommendations from our readers!

Appendicitis Surgery Recovery

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Posted by Jennifer (Sunrise, Fl, Usa) on 04/07/2012


As someone who just had an appendectomy yesterday, it really scares me that there are people on this page considering "natural" treatment instead of getting surgery. The mortality rates for a ruptured appendix are extremely high. Yes, my surgeon told me (and according to research I've done), it is possible that an appendix can "get better". However, more often than not, an appendix will continue to get worse. In a very short amount of time. Or, in a lot of cases, if the infection does clear up, it will recur, getting worse every time and the appendix will have to come out anyway. My surgeon told me that a lot of times, the pain in the appendix will go away or get better even though the appendix is WORSENING, then the patient doesn't even know it's not getting better until the appendix actually RUPTURES. When an appendix ruptures, feces get released into the bloodstream, and you know what that means - severe, life-threatening infection, sepsis, if you are lucky, weeks in a hospital while they clean you out, and if you are not so lucky - DEATH.

I tried to wait it out a little and the paramedics yelled at me, asking me if I was crazy - they have seen way too many people who "waited" to see if the appendix would get better. They told me that when the appendix ruptures, it is one of the most painful, life-threatening conditions they have ever seen, and people often DIE from it. They have seen it happen many, many times. Obviously they have no personal stake in the outcome of my appendix, so if you don't trust my surgeon's advice, at least trust theirs.

Believe me, I believe in natural cures for almost everything, I NEVER go to the doctor, but when I thought I had appendicitis, I immediately went there. (By the way, my symptoms were that I had a dull, aching pain to the right of my navel that was constant and woke me up out of a sleep. It did not feel like a pain I've ever had before, not gas, not cramps, not stomach pain. The pain got worse with movement (getting out of bed, walking) and seemed to subside when I stopped moving. I lost my appetite completely and I also had a strong feeling/instinct that something was 'really wrong' and that I needed to go to a doctor. Other symptoms include low-grade fever and nausea and a pain that moves from the navel to the lower right quadrant of the abdomen.)

Personally, I applied castor oil with heat to my appendix area but stopped when I learned that applying heat can inflame the appendix further and cause the appendix to rupture. I also sipped a lot of water with ACV to calm down any infection until I got to the ER, but I also stopped that too when I learned you should not drink, either. Of course, maybe if I continued to apply castor oil and take ACV, it *might* have cleared up. But what if, what is more likely, it doesn't? The money I will have to pay for the surgery (I have no health insurance) is a small price to pay compared to the possibility of death. I am not going to play Russian Roulette with my own life. Trust me, the surgery is not that bad and if I'm sitting here typing this to you almost 24 hours after my surgery, the surgery is relatively minor compared to the risks of NOT getting it - don't you think? Basically, don't eat, don't drink, don't take ibuprofen or painkillers, GET YOURSELF TO A DOCTOR IMMEDIATELY if you think you have appendicitis. Your life is worth it. The bills will sort themselves out.

Replied by Jo Hannah
(Mars Hill, Nc)

Wow, Jennifer. You just described perfectly what happened to me! I had an appendectomy yesterday also and am also a Western Medicine hater, but I am so grateful today for my surgeon and the staff at the ER. Also, that feeling you got that there was something "really wrong" is spot on. That was the tell tale sign for me. I began to panic, which is not like me. I usually get sick and tough it out, rarely going to a doctor, but my heart rate went sky high and I had a strong sense of "doom". So paying attention to what the body is telling us is very important. And, I agree wholeheartedly on your warning. Just go! I do feel a bit like Chuck Norris paid me a visit last night, but I don't feel near as bad as I did when I was laying on the carpet in the fetal position two days ago! Hope you are recovering well and thanks again for posting.

Replied by Jill
(NJ, US)

I had my appendectomy yesterday, and have to echo the original poster. I am all about natural cures, but appendicitis holds too many risks. I first went to the Urgent Care, but my temp and white blood count HAD NOT RISEN YET- so they did not do further testing. Here, the lesson is listen to your body! I went home and could only sleep all day and then took my temp in the evening- 102 degrees. I went to the ER and by then the white blood count was up along with the temp so I had the CT scan.

Perhaps one day there will be better diagnostic tools and alternatives for appendicitis, but the risks are not worth it for where we are right now.

Replied by Nanowriter
(Hotspot, Texas)

There is at least one researcher in UK who contends that for many appendicitis sufferers, antibiotics may be used instead of surgery, often resulting in fewer complications.

Many medical treatments are carried on generation after generation without examination. If the treatment makes money for the system and results in an acceptable outcome, doctors and hospitals are ok with it. But is it truly what is best for us, the patients?

Nice to know that surgery is available if antibiotics don't work, but also nice to know it might be possible to survive appendicitis without having to spend $20000 (just guessing) and be exposed to surgical complications.

Replied by Nanowriter
(Hotspot, Texas)

There is at least one researcher in UK who contends that for many appendicitis sufferers, antibiotics may be used instead of surgery, often resulting in fewer complications.

Many medical treatments are carried on generation after generation without examination. If the treatment makes money for the system and results in an acceptable outcome, doctors and hospitals are ok with it. But is it truly what is best for us, the patients?

Nice to know that surgery is available if antibiotics don't work, but also nice to know it might be possible to survive appendicitis without having to spend $20000 (just guessing) and be exposed to surgical complications.

Replied by Mama To Many

Apparently, prior to 1950, if you went to the hospital with suspected appendicitis, you were given an enema. If that helped you, you went home. I learned this from Herbalist Rachel Weaver. You can read more about the link between constipation and appendicitis here:

While it seems that the "safest" thing to do when you have symptoms of appendicitis is to have surgery, surgery is not without risks.

Not everyone has the option for immediate surgery and it is wise to know what to do for a suspected appendicitis.

Here is a great story of how charcoal helped someone survive a ruptured appendix.

My husband and I have each had our appendix out. We know what the pain feels like. A few years ago our son was having pain that were were sure was his appendix. I took him to the doctor. The doctor insisted that it wasn't appendicitis and sent us home. We used charcoal poultices over the area, and I think chamomile tea internally. It did give him relief. This happened a couple of times and both times the poultices relieved his pain quite quickly. He has not had the problem in years. I am quite convinced it was appendicitis. He had the rebound pain and all. But apparently, you can have an inflamed appendix that is not actually critically infected or about to rupture. I know someone else for whom a charcoal poultice helped appendix like pain.

At the least, a charcoal poultice could be used on the way to the emergency room, or if there is no medical care available. It is worth it to relieve the suffering.

What is odd is that when I was having appendix problems, the problems came and went over a couple of weeks. I went to one doctor who said it was not my appendix. I went to my OBGYN who said it was not my appendix. The third flare up, I went to the ER. The did a CT scan. But before getting the results, they did the surgery. But, of course, they still charged for the CT scan that was very important and then suddenly not important.

What would be really nice is to have a doctor who would be willing to monitor you and treat you conservatively and only do surgery if it were truly needed. Unfortunately, I think for most doctors, the easiest/safest (for them) thing to do is just remove the appendix. In our society that sues doctors quite quickly, I can understand their position to just take out the appendix.

Just my random thoughts on appendicitis.

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Prioris
(FL, US)

"my surgeon told me ..."

Sadly there are too many [sociopaths] who are motivated to give surgery for purely financial reasons. It comes down to TRUST. Does one trust that the surgeon is motivated for the right reason. Does one trust that the surgeon has truly researched and studied alternatives to surgery and has not been too brainwashed by their education. It is rare that such a surgeon will exist. They use scare tactics so this becomes analogous to the boy who cried wolf. That one or few times they could be right. Worse, fear can override ones subconscious mind (the one that tends to make the correct decisions).

There are emergency situations where one doesn't have time to research and think nor control of the situation. Can't really criticize someone under this situation. We need some luck in this situation.

if one even thinks there is a remote possibility that it could be appendicitis, one needs to be proactive in heading off a potential emergency situation even if it is not. One should start gentle preventative measures. One may need to even make the diagnose themselves. I don't trust most doctors because they are brainwashed. The doctors which do use alternative approach tend to be ostracized. Many others that would get intimidated.

if we trusted what most surgeons say, there would be no need to consult the earth clinic anymore.

I do everything I can to avoid an emergency situation where conventional medicine that involves surgery is needed. If that day comes, maybe it is time to die anyway.

Why should one not remove their appendix

The latest study says

" The finding adds weight to the idea that the appendix helps protect our beneficial gut bacteria when a serious infection strikes. "

Replied by Radonna
(Colorado, US)

I would like to say this. There are a billion Chinese that DO NOT use surgery to treat appendicitis. To say that everyone is going to die from said condition is purely false. If you truly want to remedy appendicitis, turn to TCM and change your diet, lifestyle - exercise, and re-examine your emotions. To say that there is no other treatment is absurd, and nothing more than a reflection of the ignorance and brainwashing of our society. However, if you are experiencing a high fever or even a moderate fever and don't have a TCM doctor handy.....well you know the drill.

Replied by Carly
(Wa, Usa)


I can only speak from my personal experience. If I had not had surgery for my ruptured appendix I would have died. My stomach pain lasted for days on end. On the fourth day it filled my entire abdomen with poison when it ruptured.

This was over thirty years ago, and I have the adhesions in my pelvic cavity to this day. I wish I would have sought medical help sooner, as I would have saved myself years (decades) of misery due to the adhesions.

Please understand that I am NOT a fan of standard medicine by any means.....but when it comes to this type of thing, well, sometimes you just have no choice. If I had waited a few more hours that day, I would be dead now.

So....Please don't try to make people feel like they have failed if they truly need to seek medical intervention. Until you have experienced it, you do not know what a ruptured appendix feels like. It was HELL on earth before I gave in and went to the E.R. that day.

Good luck to anyone out there with appendix issues....and if the pain has not resolved within a reasonable period of time....PLEASE SEEK HELP!

Replied by Timh
2063 posts

If I might add, by way of prevention; I have had a terrible time w/ chronic infection due to but not limited to a twice compromised immunity, so I have remained mindful of any first sign of appendicitis as I know it can be deadly if not remedied quickly.

Well, I have had maybe two or three "flare-ups" in the past few yrs which I quickly resolved each time w/ an Hulda Clark Zapper. Zapping directly over the affected area for 15 or maybe 30 min once or twice per day for only two or three days terminates the infection.

Replied by Sindee
(Santa Cruz, Ca)

I had ruptured appendix at the age of 35 after I had been to the ER with severe pain, nausea ect and was given Demerol shot and sent home. I had been to my doctor with same problems and given pain pills and told to loose weight (I weighed 160 lbs at 5 ft 7 & 1/2 inches height) and no diagnosis of what was going on in my body.

After coming home from the ER I collapsed in a coma sometime in the night. My husband was on the road driving long-distance. My oldest who was 15 went to school leaving his three younger siblings with a neighbor thinking mom will get them later in the day when the Demerol wears off. Another neighbor came to check up on me and was alarmed at the deathly state I was in and immediately took me to another hospital in the area. They operated on me not knowing what they'll find and had given my husband less than 50% chance of me pulling through. I was given nine different types of antibiotics prior to and after surgery via drip while still in coma. I woke up on the ninth day and learned of everything that the doctors did at that Catholic hospital to save my life. It took long to recover from the massive damages from the infections after the rupture but I have been able to live a semi decent healthy life and see my children grow to become adults and have two grandkids now. I had to have multiple surgeries to rid of the scar tissues and other complications but God spared my life and the doctors (three) are heroes in my book who used whatever means necessary to treat me with the hopes that I might make it.

The first year my body shed all my skin and parts of my body turned dark (those that got exposed to sun a lot), shed a lot of my hair, couldn't stand heat above 60-65 degrees and same with cold. I live a fairly normal life but my diet is very restricted or I pay in other ways. I developed IBS, heart problems, inflammation, constant fatigue...better than being dead! If anyone suspects they have appendix problems go to a doctor and get treatment, get second opinion to be sure of proper diagnosis and care. You have one life to live. I am a staunch advocate of natural remedies and practice it diligently but somethings we shouldn't mess with.

Replied by Timh
2063 posts

S: I have had a recent chronic near-end experience with all the bad health things I am dealing with, as well as an acute episode in 1997. Just prior to the 1997 incident, my health had been deteriorating quickly and it was of vital interest to me to keep my eyes open to any new knowledge associated w/ death & dying. By fate or fortune I ran across a book published by Gallup named Adventures In Immortality way back in the 70's. This book was one of the first publications of an increasing number of people that had undergone profound mystical or "near-death" experiences during brief episodes of being clinical dead (no pulse or heart-beat or breathing). Most of these people were, prior to their experience, what is defined as "naturalist", that is they don't believe in life after death.

Fast forward to about 2009 and once again my health going down and so I get on the internet and their are hundreds, thousands of these NDE's reports on several websites as well as live on YT. I have two hard-books and two e-books on the subject. Also several motion pictures or movies have been made concerning these experiences. Two conclusions to draw from these reports. One, 100% of the people reporting that were once naturalist, are no longer and consider themselves supernaturalist. Two, the key-word or main theme in the reports is "there is no death".

So, it was unfortunate for you to not have had an NDE unlike the famous neurosurgeon that also experienced several days in a coma, had a lengthy NDE and luckily survived to "tell the tale". If my memory serves me correctly his name is Rubin Alexander and he has a book as well as personal testimonies via audio or video.

There are several NDE websites but proly the main one is IANDS (International Association Of Near Death Experiences) here

Good luck on your adventures into NDE's !!!

Replied by Ravynne

Many medical procedures are done in haste for the convenience (and "protection") of the doctor, not the patient. However, many people become intimidated by the white coat and forget that they are the ultimate decision maker over what happens to their own body. A white coat is not "all knowing! " After all, medicine IS called "practice! "

Replied by Pain?

Hello Mama to Many,

I so value your input, I think everyone is great but you being a female I figured I would ask. I have been doing coffee enemas for months now to help with heavy metal detox. Was curious about your "appendicitis" symptoms when you had yours removed. When you said OB/GYN I wondered what type of female symptoms you were having. ( or other symptoms) My discomfort started mostly yesterday, as far as the appendicitis question. I read that Ginger is helpful for it, I am always nauseated it seems, so I'm wanting to work on the inflammation, if it is that.

Thank you much!

Replied by Mama To Many

Dear Pain,

I went to my obgyn because I had a good doctor patient relationship with her and wanted a second opinion. I didn't really think it was an OB problem, but I do have a history of ovarian cysts. The pain was on my right, in the lower abdomen.

Enemas used to be used to as a first course to treat suspected appendicitis, since a back up in the digestive system could irritate the appendicitis. If you have been doing coffee enemas, I would think a back up is not the issue.

What is difficult is that while it seems some appendicitis surgeries can be avoided, some are very necessary. My father had a ruptured appendix in 1985. He had bad stomach pain for days but with his history of ulcers I guess he didn't go right to the doctor. By the time he did and had emergency surgery, his appendix had already ruptured. He had been walking around for days with a ruptured appendix. He ended up with gangrene too and nearly died. Surgery, antibiotics, and medical care saved his life. He will be 89 this month!

Do you have a trusted medical professional you could consult with? Fever and increased pain can also be signs of appendicitis, I believe.

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Pain

Thank you Mama to Many,

I have a feeling I am older than you, but you know so much about so many things, I appreciate you getting back to me. I'm thrilled that your father got that taken care of and is doing well and continuing to live a good life.

I am not able to seek any medical help at this moment, and the situation seems a bit better, so I figure it was a false alarm.

Many Blessings to you!!

Replied by Teena
(Melbourne, Australia)
233 posts

Dear Pain

I wanted to warn you re thinking your appendicitis was over, mine was not textbook at all therefore I did not believe it was appendicitis. Over 3 days I had pain in the lower right side which would increase and decrease, with a general feeling of nausea. My doctor sent me to hospital in an ambulance in acute pain, when I arrived my pain had diminished a lot so they put me back in the waiting room. While there the pain and nausea increased again, so to re-advise the admittance nurse I had to sit in the queue I could no longer stand. From this point on the pain was extreme. The doctors decided to take my appendix only because I "didn't need it", they saw nothing wrong in their tests. By this stage I was on morphine for pain. One day after admittance my surgery was conducted. My appendix was dead and gangrenous. My abdomen was infected with the disintegrating tissue. I believe (with recent research) my appendix became toxic due to a lifetime of constipation. Please be careful

Castor Oil

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Posted by Grace (La, Ca) on 04/28/2013

I was ill for a 15 months before they figured out I had chronic appendicitis I was soooo sick that all my glands swelled up my ND told me to start rubbing good quality H--- health castor oil on my gland I would do while I was in shower (if you do this be careful it may make the shower slippery) I spray my shower daily to break up the oil. I also used a heating pad to get the oil to penetrate deeply within a few days all my glands returned to normal and my appedix was removed a couple weeks later.

Castor Oil
Posted by Andoy (Boise, Id) on 09/22/2011

For appendicitis, I used Edgar Cayce's medicine of massaging area with castor oil and it worked for me.

Chronic Appendicitis

Posted by Anonymous (Chicago, Illinois) on 07/10/2012

I was sick went to Urgency Care ran blood tests, scan everything looked fine, referred to GI specialist everything checked out. I was looking for answers I hired a whole team of doctors no answer at all. One doctor wanted to prescribe anti-depressant because I had been ill for so long so that the drugs could help manage the illness better. I declined it. Got rid of the doctors.

Did my research diagnosed myself with chronic appendicitis which is overlooked by most doctors they are looking at white blood cell count to tell them of infection. Chronic appendicitis does not appear to do that. It was suggested it is best to get blood draw when the fever is high, and have them culture the blood for infection, and just maybe the lab might detect infection Apparently, I had low level sepsis that goes undetected by most medical doctors because they are not trained to look at this. when my appendix would releases pus / bacteria into the system suddenly my heart rate would go up, fever/chills, felt like vomiting/ nausea, breathing rate increased, brain fog dizziness, with a dull ache on the right lower side or by the belly button . Also felt very tired because adrenal gland gets overworked due to long term illness.

This is what I did- cut back on solid food and juiced more, ate easy digestable foods, drank water with dash of sea salt, took walnut wormwood parasite cleanse plus GSE in water just in case Tommy is right regarding parasites. Drank fresh ginger tea with some fresh lemon and acv. Hired a smart Naturopathic doctor who quickly came up with UNDA remedies to drain the toxins out of the organs and help heal the appendix and suggested castor oil packs on my abdomen. I took natural blood detoxifiers all day long to clean the toxins out of the bloodstream. I'm now on the road to recovery.

Replied by Anonymous
(Chicago, Illinois)

I thought I had chronic appendicitis and had many xray and CAT with contrast still negative I thought I was getting well then every thing began to turn and I became really sick with new symptoms, finally a the second time I took a blood test for H Pylori it came back positive what I learned from this experiene is that you really do need a positive diagnosis for more serious matters, because you could spend a lot of time, money and energy doing something that isn't really addressing the issue, and whatever may be the causative factor comes back with vengence.

Replied by Anonymous
(Chicago, Illinois)

Here is an update, the infectious disease doctor decided to run a second test for H. Pylori, not satisfired with method used by ER for my first test the first H. Pylori test was a false positive. Meaning there was an error in the test results, I did not have H. Pylori. Fourteen months later and a miilions tests. A week ago, my MD prescribed Nitazoxanide, known as Alinia for two weeks. My MD is big time researcher type, I think he figured I had chronic appendicitis. It is no surprise that Alinia kills Dientamoeba fragilis.

I have done tons of research figured out that female issues such as ovarian cysts, etc.. can look like appendicitis. I had an ultrasound and two small ovarian cysts were found and pain in the area or the right ovary, close to the appendix region. In 2 weeks I will have exploratory laprascopic surgery to take a closer look at the appendix and uterus. An invasive procedure is my last resort I prefer natural methods, but I absolutely reached my limit with this.

Fasting, Dietary Changes

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Posted by Vic (Honolulu, Hi) on 10/01/2014

Ok, so natural cures definitely work for appendicitis, but you have to be diligent. First of all, you have to immediately stop eating food and drink water only. You have to rest for at least 3 days and do enemas to remove the obstructions in your bowels. The infection will empty into your bowels and be removed from your body. You MUST NOT EAT FOOD. I went through this last year. It works but you have to not eat food and rest. You must change your diet afterwards as well if you expect to not get it again. You must eat lots of veggies and fiber on a regular basis to not get appendicitus again. DO some research. This method is used in India and has been used by knowlegable doctors in other places. American medical doctors are taught to remove the appendix immediately. However this still doesn't solve the problem...your problem is your diet. And when you remove your appendix, you are handicapped. Your appendix excretes oil and good bacteria when needed. Most people who remove their appendix end up with colon cancer. So do the research. Also turmeric helps with the inflammation & pain. Along with garlic & ginger. After the fast you should do a liquid diet for a week so that your body has time to heal so you dont just get appendicitus all over again

Replied by Eliza
(London, UK)

For how long not to eat food? I don't have severe pain or temperature but it feels like appendicitis (or I suppose some kind of ovary problem) (seeing doctor today and will have to decide what treatments I want). I don't want a temporary thing like antibiotics and then it all keeps coming back. I want to get better quickly. I just about never take pills and eat 100% paleo.

Interestingly when I felt bad last week the first thing I did was eat nothing until evening and that seemed to feel naturally right.

Replied by Laquinna

Please be specific, if your are not to eat solid foods, what are you able to drink that can help with or replace nutrients?

Replied by Diane

I have to take food with blood pressure pills. I usually eat three Crackers twice a day. I'm not sure it is appendix either

Lemon, Dandelion Root

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Posted by Bebe (Indiana) on 02/08/2016

My appendex would hurt, so I took dandelion root capsules along with a half a lemon 3 x a day every day for two weeks at the end of two weeks I passed old stool. Then after that I was no longer in pain, I healed up, I would open up one dandelion capsule and put it into the cup of warm water along with the lemon juice that I would squeeze from a lemon about half of lemon or less to your preference and do this morning noon and night for two weeks, eat less food than normal for the two weeks to allow this to go through your intestines, I was very amazed at what happened, then I was no longer in pain, and if it happens again in the future just do this again, because your appendix will get clogged from time to time.

Multiple Remedies

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Posted by OrganicFanatic (Coeur d'Alene, Idaho) on 02/21/2024

Advice & Remedies for Reversing and Healing Appendicitis

I researched via the entire internet, including Earth Clinic, I scoured through all of my text books and materials. I'm a nutritionist with many years experience, I own and operate a natural health clinic using advanced technologies like Rife in North Idaho ( I completely reversed and healed my severe appendicitis in 2 days. I'm taking the time to write this in hopes it will help others. MESSAGE to earth clinic staff: my time is extremely valuable and I'm taking the time from everything else to write this, free of charge from my many years of vast knowledge and experience. Feel free to change or edit anything I wrote if need be for legal or any other reasons, so that it can be posted on your website and my time writing this is not in vain!

First I believe the primary reason for most appendicitis is simply a blockage preventing the flow from the appendix to the rest of the colon, I believe the mainstream and google pretty much echo that as well. Can be a blockage from too much fiber, like thick fibers like coconut flour for example, can be a blockage from too many years of build up and fecal compaction (not eating properly and not doing regular colon cleanses).

DO NOT PANIC, it's important to not panic as that can actually just make things worse! Just relax and consider the situation logically. If you don't feel comfortable doing any of this or feel it's just too severe and too far gone, then remember getting it removed surgically may be what you decide to do, if it ruptures before that it will leak stool into the abdomen and that is life threatening! So this is a serious situation that will require your full time and attention, don't do anything else, everything else can and must wait. If you have anyone available to help take care of you, explain the situation and make sure they too are giving full time and focus to the appendicitis, it's more important than anything else.

In my case it was caused from too much food grade bentonite clay! I was taking the bentonite clay to help soak up mold toxins from killing some candida I realized I had. It's also important to take bentonite with a lot of water, but I didn't drink enough, so I did too much clay, not enough water, and bammo ended up with Appendicitis. Within a day it was swollen and you can feel the referred pain in the lower back.

Here are the solutions that I did to completely reverse the appendicitis within about 2 days, keep in mind I employed just about every tool because I didn't want to take a chance of ending up in the death factory hospitals and I tend to go above and beyond with my regimens:

-Minimize food as this will take some load off things while you work on clearing the blockage, if you do eat ensure it's very light and easily digested, like organic bone broth or some raw milk/dairy which is full of probiotics, or some fermented foods.

-CLEAR/DISSOLVE THE BLOCKAGE: Drink lots of pure water with lots of Apple Cider Vinegar (1 Tbsp for about 16 oz water), fresh Lemon juice and Phosphoric Acid (Phosfood from Standard Process), add a good size pinch of sea salt or mineral salt, you can sweeten this with some stevia and optionally add any flavor enhancers or gut healing powder you'd like OR if in a pinch you can drink some pepsi or coca cola as those have phosphoric acid and can remove a blockage in about an hour, though those are last resorts as they are full of sugar, sugar may feed any infection beginning to occur in your Appendix. You can also supplement with stomach acid (HCL) with food or even on empty stomach with lots of water, this can also be very helpful. These are the best solutions available in the world to help dissolve any blockages, regardless of what they are!

-MORE HELP FOR CLEARING BLOCKAGE: At a good time, away from everything else you may be doing like before going to sleep, do a thorough colon cleanse, there are many available on the market, the one I had on hand was an oxy magnesium from global healing center. The colon cleanse alone may get rid of the appendix blockage! CONSIDER doing 1 TBSP epsom salt (in about 6oz water) along with your colon cleanse, or if you have no colon cleanse the epsom salt may do the trick. Epsom salt not only helps clear you out, but can relax your various ducts and tissues to help release any clog or blockage!

-INFLAMMATION & PAIN: Take anti inflammatory, such as frankincense, turmeric, and many others that are available, if severe or in a pinch you can also take ibuprofen as it is an anti inflammatory. This will help reduce the size and swelling, the pain, and reduce the chances of it rupturing prematurely. You can also utilize cannabis extracts however you'd like (smoke, vape, oral, topical), these are immensely pain killing and anti inflammatory, will help you be much more comfortable as well, THC is much stronger of a pain killer than CBD.

-PATHOGENS / INFECTION: It's a good idea to take 1 to 2 raw cloves of garlic per day to help kill any bacterial infection that may now be present in the appendix because of the blockage. Oregano or others are great as well. Killing infection will also help to reduce the swelling and inflammation. You can take antiparasitics such as bitter wormwood, sweet wormwood, with the black walnut and clove, there are many of these available on the market but I love the ones from Standard Process and Kroeger herb wormwood combination. You can also take ivermectin and FenBendazol. Ivermectin is powerful against many round worms which Hulda Clark notes are a common infection in appendicitis. Parasites may be part of the problem or cause, so this is a nice extra measure. You can also take some anti candida supplements/herbs as candida is found to contribute to 1% to 2% of appendicitis cases. Many hospitals try to first use antibiotics to avoid the appendix removal.

HEALING/SOOTHING SUPPORT: Put Castor oil topically over the appendix area (castor oil packs) and inside the belly button. You can add frankincense essential oil and pure DMSO to the castor oil to help penetration and inflammation even further. You can also apply things like Deep Blue stick from DoTerra, which is pain relieving and anti inflammatory.

-You can also take digestive enzymes and proteolytic enzymes, and various probiotics on empty stomach, these can help dissolve blockage and also the good probiotics can be helpful.

-LYMPH and CIRCULATION: try to walk around and get some movement in periodically, people have reported positioning their body upside down so that 'gravity' is working to help remove the blockage, if you see what the appendix looks like on a google image search, you can see how this positioning could help. If you feel comfortable with it and the pain isn't too severe you can do some light, gentle massage with a downward motion and/or vibration to the area while upside down. You can also take Thymex from Standard Process to help circulate lymph, the appendix is loaded with lymph fluid.

PRAY: I'm a Christian and believe God our father and creator heals, so we prayed and asked for full healing and restoration, while laying hands on the area. This is up to you of course, but praying to something like a wood carving or stone statue may not work! Be sincere and believe it will be healed!!! You can command and declare healing with your words, your words have power!

I also did a Rife pathogen scan with my machine, the 1st day showed no serious infection, but the 2nd day when more severe it showed infection popping up big time! So I treated the infection with the Rife which is extremely effective and can get places other antibacterials can have a hard time getting to. So my rife frequency therapy treatment was the night before the appendicitis was gone. I'm sure it helped a lot. You likely won't have this amazing tool (there are only 500 or so of this particular machine in the entire US) so just rely on other antibacterials.

I did not employ hydration enemas. I nearly did and if I wasn't healed from the other stuff I was definitely going to do this next. I've read a lot that those can be really helpful as well, again they can help to remove / open up the blockage in the colon. This is also a great way to hydrate (faster and more effective and safer than IV fluids) and even safely powerfully deliver certain natural medicines if you needed to!

RECURRENCE: If you're eating clean, healthy, organic, balanced diet, you should not get recurrence. IF YOU DO get recurrence, ever, it means you're DOING SOMETHING WRONG with your diet, lifestyle, etc. You also likely should be doing a colon cleanse at least once a year. You also may have low stomach acid, which decreases as we age, by age 65 is only 15% production compared to in our 20's! I won't get into it here but low stomach acid leads to indigested material and thousands upon thousands of other health issues. So you would just take around 600mg HCL supplement with each meal.

I also recommend you can take some whole food vitamin C and organic wheat germ oil (vitamin E). If you avoid dairy daily (not getting 2-4 servings) then you're likely calcium deficient and calcium is needed to fight infection in the tissues! It's also needed for inflammation response as well. So intake a high quality pasture raised raw dairy or food grade calcium supplement to help!

Replied by Joe

Thank you for your time and imput.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Jules105 (Woodstock, Ny) on 10/12/2015

I woke up today with a lot of appendix area pain - I've had a little pain there before once in a while but today it was worse. I took some ginger capsules, ate some garlic, rubbed some castor oil on the area and took some of Dr. Schulze's Intestinal #3 formula - which is laxative, Dr. Schulze said if you have appendix pain the most important thing is to get the toxins out of there. I also took some Dr. Schulze formula #2- which is basically charcoal. After I passed some stool I felt much better and feel fine tonight.

Rosehips, Anti-infection Herbs

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Posted by Kayla (Los Angeles, Ca) on 02/25/2012

This is my experience, first off my life style is a super healthy herbivore for 25 years. One day I had abdomen pain/pressure, headache, fever, and nausea. It was coming and going. At three months mark it got worse I had the chills headache, fever, abdomen discomfort and pressure in the upper right side of my abdomen went to the doctor, they ran CAT Scan, Uterine scan , Ultrasound, blood work a few days later I had endoscopy and colonscopy. Everything was normal. It is not six months later I still have chills, fever, and nauseau which comes and goes. Of course when doctors run out of answers "you send them for counseling to check for stress, anxiety or depression" I know because I worked in the field and I know the roll! I still have the symptoms. Any additional trips to the doctor are inconclusive. I believe I have what is called appendicitis inflammation that will never register on the radar of western medicine until it get so bad that it goes off the scale, and then you go running and howling into the ER for emergency surgery and/ or your appendix has ruptured. My chinese doctor says it is " because western medicine indicators have to be extreme for intervention to occur, and intervention at that point is surgical removal or the appendix has ruptured. " Tommy, I think your right! I'm going to get an independent lab to run the Dientamoeba fragilis test I'm sure I picked up this amoeba in one of travels. I'm currently taking fresh green hull wormwood, Grapefruit seed Extract and , drinking green gram (green mung bean) tea to see if I can kill the amboeba, but once I get the lab results I will get my doctor to prescribe something gentle to get rid of it. I also am drinking certified organic buttermilk three times a day to help my situation.

Appendicitis is serious and if you have it, run to the doctor. In my case, it was useless to run because all tests show up normal, but I have all the symptoms of recurring appendicitis. I have a version of it that is not routinuely seen nor acknowledged in the medical world. However, there are cases where doctor will remove the appendix because the person is suffering and the symptoms fall away. I want to hang on to all the parts that I was born with. So I will post again once my test results are confirmed.

Replied by Kayla
(La, Ca)

I was sure I had appendicitis inflammation.. So since medical doc were clueless I consulted with the an GI Nautropathic doctor He ordered parasite check and SIBO. On the the second visit to the ND I was told parasite check was negative and SIBO was positive and on the same day I was given a choice of antiobiotics or natural remedy. I picked the natural remedy. I have to share this part while I was waiting for the test results from the Naturapathic I was suffering sooooo much that I cut back on eating by 70% and just started fasting and drinking an anti-infection drink fresh organic lemons, ginger and cayenne diluted with alkalized water plus six garlic oil pills I did this 3 x a day . To really hit the infection hard, . I did this in addition to the anti infection drink I did this for ONLY THREE DAYS ( I went to the herb store and the clerk ground up 100% pure fresh rosehips and I capped them do not buy rosehips with c ) Day 1- I took TEN 100% pure rosehips caps to see if I was going to have an allergic reaction since I had no reaction. I proceeded to DAY 2, I took 22 rose hips caps, Yes I said 22! DAY 3, I took 24 rosehips caps. You DO NOT take a high dose of Rosehips for more than two days! . The Rosehips were extraordinary it seemed to work and my suffering decreased by 90%. I want to give credit where credit which is Robert Von gave me the Rosehips and anti-infection drink method He is amazing. By the time I was diagnosed my suffering decreased by 97% . Anyhow it is good first to get a diagnosis and work from there. I have insurance the medical cost out of pocket is about $4000 plus no diagnosis and the Naturopathic method cost $ 350.00 including diagnosis and cure.

Replied by Kayla
(La, Ca)

Also I forgot to add one more very IMPORTANT point, please buy Rose Hips that are SEEDLESS. Because the seeds will make you itch like crazy! My herbalogist only sells SEEDLESS ROSEHIPS so be sure it is SEEDLESS ROSEHIPS. My herbalogist grinds it right there into powder so I can cap them later.

Replied by Hid

For appendicitis, here's another thing to try. Our Amish friends from Ohio told us they did this when my husband got appendicitis. They go down their flight of stairs head first on their tummies. It seems the position empties the appendix of the toxic waste. Well my husband got fast relief by putting himself in that position on the bed he was laying in. That was about 13 years ago, and he hasn't had that problem since. Well this happened to me this year..... And I also got relief, but it took a longer time for me in that position. Sure beats surgery!

Replied by Sheila

Replying to your old post. Because I'm seeking answers.
I realize this post is old, but my daughter is suffering from stomach pain, most right above her belly button. Three hospitals and 22 days in hospital didn't find anything. They say it might be in her head. But I know it's not. It seems like appendix. She had bad virus, and stomach pain never left. She's in pain all day and night. I'm wondering what you discovered about your symptoms. You had an independent lab done. What was results?
Did you find healing?
Thank you.

Water and Sea Salt

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Posted by Anonymous (Canada) on 08/11/2013

Somebody submitted a post this week regarding belly button pain, probably appendicitis pain. I recommend the Water sea salt intestine cleanse it worked for me, I had the same symptoms for weeks, with couple of short recurring sharp pains, was unable to walk for couple of minutes, and interesting that was located mainly on the belly button area spreading the pain around it, and not in the lower right side. One day I wake up with unbearable pain I realized could be only appendicitis, searched the internet for any remedy and I decided to give it a try to water and sea salt, it took me not more than two hours to cleanse clear, and I had mostly liquidly food for the rest of the day, repeated the next day although it was not necessary. Hope it helps somebody!

Replied by Anon


Dear Anon from Canada, I had your exact symptoms. However, my "unbearable" pain truly was unbearable. I went to the hospital with a ruptured appendix and peritonitis. I came very close to death because I waited for so long to go in. What you are telling people to do if they are in unbearable pain could potentially kill someone. Peritonitis is nothing to mess around with. Please be careful as to what "cures" you are advising people on. If someone is in UNBEARABLE pain, they need to go to the E.R. right away. Better safe than dead.

Replied by Marriam
(Kogi State, Nigeria)

Pls. How Can I Get Water and Sea Salt?

Replied by Rachel
(Masterton Wellington, New Zealand)

For Appendicitis: How much of the water and sea salt and how often do I take it?

Replied by Tmi

You do realize that medical error is one of the leading causes of death in the US right? So, if someone is trying to avoid the pharma-pushers, that is up to them to decide if they want to take that chance - of going to the medical mafia route. You don't need to give a 1-star review, because of your personal fear of healing your own body.

Replied by Matt

Thanks for the note of precaution .. the scriptures exhort us "I would not have you be ignorant .." BUT the fact is that the 4th leading cause of death in the US is CORRECTLY prescribed medications .. so whether someone acts in intelligence by asking questions to try to help themselves or blindly thrusts the care of their health into a Medical phy$ician$ hand, neither should be considered the absolute. I dont agree with mandated vaccination and find sale$man$hip in the claims made for it, BUT for an unhealthy aging or immune compromised individual I would not completely rule out of my consideration that in that circumstance it may be wise.

Caveat emptor .. or as the bible suggests "check the fruit on the tree .." A lemon tree should not bear or advertise that it produces oranges. Check all advice and weigh the evidence and assess your skills to know how to act. Ask friends for assistance or experience in such matters. These are things that will bode well for the person in charge of their domain.