Appendicitis Remedies

Lemon, Dandelion Root

Posted by Bebe (Indiana) on 02/08/2016
5 out of 5 stars

My appendex would hurt, so I took dandelion root capsules along with a half a lemon 3 x a day every day for two weeks at the end of two weeks I passed old stool. Then after that I was no longer in pain, I healed up, I would open up one dandelion capsule and put it into the cup of warm water along with the lemon juice that I would squeeze from a lemon about half of lemon or less to your preference and do this morning noon and night for two weeks, eat less food than normal for the two weeks to allow this to go through your intestines, I was very amazed at what happened, then I was no longer in pain, and if it happens again in the future just do this again, because your appendix will get clogged from time to time.