Appendicitis Remedies

Rosehips, Anti-infection Herbs

Posted by Kayla (Los Angeles, Ca) on 02/25/2012
5 out of 5 stars

This is my experience, first off my life style is a super healthy herbivore for 25 years. One day I had abdomen pain/pressure, headache, fever, and nausea. It was coming and going. At three months mark it got worse I had the chills headache, fever, abdomen discomfort and pressure in the upper right side of my abdomen went to the doctor, they ran CAT Scan, Uterine scan , Ultrasound, blood work a few days later I had endoscopy and colonscopy. Everything was normal. It is not six months later I still have chills, fever, and nauseau which comes and goes. Of course when doctors run out of answers "you send them for counseling to check for stress, anxiety or depression" I know because I worked in the field and I know the roll! I still have the symptoms. Any additional trips to the doctor are inconclusive. I believe I have what is called appendicitis inflammation that will never register on the radar of western medicine until it get so bad that it goes off the scale, and then you go running and howling into the ER for emergency surgery and/ or your appendix has ruptured. My chinese doctor says it is " because western medicine indicators have to be extreme for intervention to occur, and intervention at that point is surgical removal or the appendix has ruptured. " Tommy, I think your right! I'm going to get an independent lab to run the Dientamoeba fragilis test I'm sure I picked up this amoeba in one of travels. I'm currently taking fresh green hull wormwood, Grapefruit seed Extract and , drinking green gram (green mung bean) tea to see if I can kill the amboeba, but once I get the lab results I will get my doctor to prescribe something gentle to get rid of it. I also am drinking certified organic buttermilk three times a day to help my situation.

Appendicitis is serious and if you have it, run to the doctor. In my case, it was useless to run because all tests show up normal, but I have all the symptoms of recurring appendicitis. I have a version of it that is not routinuely seen nor acknowledged in the medical world. However, there are cases where doctor will remove the appendix because the person is suffering and the symptoms fall away. I want to hang on to all the parts that I was born with. So I will post again once my test results are confirmed.