Natural Anger Management: Holistic Tips & Remedies

| Modified on Dec 13, 2023

Are you struggling with anger that seems to overpower you? Many people find managing anger a universal challenge in today's high-stress environment. Notably, anger doesn't just disrupt peace of mind; it poses significant health risks, including increased chances of coronary artery disease and heart attacks, even in those with normal blood pressure.

It's essential to recognize that uncontrolled anger might stem from more than just emotional instability. Factors like chemical imbalances in the brain or nutritional deficiencies can significantly influence how we handle stress and intense emotions. The good news is there are natural ways to address these imbalances and aid in anger management.

Natural Anger Management Solutions

Incorporating B vitamins and herbal remedies, such as Passiflora incarnata, skullcap, or flower essences, can have a calming effect, aiding in mood regulation. Some homeopathic remedies are designed explicitly for mood management. For women experiencing severe PMS due to hormonal imbalances, certain herbs can be particularly beneficial.

Diet plays a crucial role in managing anger. Foods that are spicy, sour, or stressful for the liver, like black tea, caffeine, coffee, soda, tobacco, and alcohol, can exacerbate anger. Pairing a balanced diet with calming activities, such as meditation, tai chi, yoga, qi gong, and other martial arts, can significantly enhance your ability to manage anger.

For additional insights and tips on natural anger management, continue reading below for tips from Earth Clinic readers. Please also share your own experiences and remedies with us!

Anger Management Remedies

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Posted by Jane (Venice, Florida) on 07/14/2015

People must realize that anger/wrath has a negative impact in the spirit, soul and body which when it something is said or thought in anger/wrath the body tries to rid itself of that negative impact by localizing it a certain area of the body. In the Old Testament book of Proverbs many places tell of the outcome of being an angry/wrathful person. Prov 1:5,3:10-12,4:24,14:17,29 15: 32,19:11,19,22:24,25,26:21, and 27:4

The New Testament also confirms that it is not good to harbor anger. Eph 4:31,32, James 1:19-27 and other passages. There is however a place for righteous anger, but to be careful not to sin, by going out of bounds, and instead keeping a calmness in spite of being angry.

Replied by Pamela
(North Dakota)

This is such a true posting, that the Bible that hardly any human reads is so important. The Creator wrote it for our own behalf, it is life's handbook on the human condition. I encourage all to read it, as I did things against it, but now live for him and follow his ways and I tell you, it is the best cure for the human condition, both physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Anger Management Remedies
Posted by Sara (Ca, Usa) on 04/14/2014

I've been feeling extremely irritated and angry and there' nothing bothering me. I get angry for silly reasons, like if someone talks to me while I'm watching something on TV, I'd snap at them and feel pretty irritated. I just don't want anyone to talk to me or tell me anything. Why is that? Could it be some sort of vitamin deficiency or something because there's NOTHING bothering me.

I am 40 years old and do not have any medical issues.

Replied by Mama To Many

Dear Sara, Vitamin Deficiency could cause that "easily irritable" feeling. 1 Tablespoon of Blackstrap molasses a day would be something to try, as well as B-complex. Please keep us posted as to how you are coming along with this. ~Mama to Many~

Replied by Iowama
(Iowa, Usa)

Dear Sara, With all respect to the the other posters, your query resonated with me. Although you are only 40, your easily aroused aggravation after eating foods such as yogurt could signal the start of perimenopause. Anger, eventually coupled with bloating, was the first sign for me and dairy was one of the food groups I have had to give up. I'm not suggesting that you are aging prematurely, just that hormonal imbalances do start for most of us eventually. Some women find relief by leaving all dairy from cows behind and learning to like the taste of goat yogurt and goat cheeses instead. Best regards to you.

Replied by KT

Avoiding hidden sources of MSG. Eliminating whole wheat products would help. Adding ginger to what you eat will help. My nutrition book reports there is an antidepressant ingredient in ginger. Since I've increased ginger in my diet, it has made a world of difference. I think it's difficult to zero in one one thing. It has been over a twenty-year piecemeal endeavor for me so I understand why many don't agree.

I've mentioned BSM several times but Mama to Many is correct and I am adamant about taking that too.

Replied by Cb
(Ny, US)

You may want to try cutting out dairy (products made from cow's milk). I've suffered from bouts of unexplainable irritability and anger my entire life. Dairy was a constant in my diet until my early 30's when I experimented with veganism. The moment I tried adding dairy back into my diet I could feel the difference almost instantaneously. vitamins have also been a huge help. I'm not saying you have to be vegan (it didn't work for me) but cutting out cows milk may do the trick. Good luck to you!!

Replied by Andrea C
(Wales Uk)

Go get your blood checked to see if your 'Peri-menopausal' I was your age and had exactly the same symptoms and it's the beginning of 'The Menopause'

I worked this out before my blood test as it's not my nature to be angry, moody, or suddenly feeling like strangling certain people????

And check as to when your bloods can be done as I can't remember if it's a few days or so before or after your last period as you won't get a true reading if you don't get it done at the right time.

Love Andrea C xxx

Replied by KT

Dear Cb from Ny, I am convinced there is no one-size-fits-all for everyone. I still put milk in my coffee, oatmeal and cold cereal. I also add BSM to it. I only get milk in glass bottles and I get 2% because of what the dairy cows are being fed. I can never eat yogurt because of how it is manufactured and what other ingredients are in it. The manufacture of other ingredients sometimes produce a manufactured glutamic acid (MSG) that is the culprit. Gelatin capsules are another example.

I have had to cut back on wheat products (which almost always contains some sort of corn and/or soy product). I saw the biggest difference in my husband's attitude and reactions when I stopped getting 100% whole wheat bread. It also helped me recognize my own.

In hindsight, after we moved to another area, I remember my mom getting 100% whole wheat bread and I was always angry. My mom was always angry because I defied authority. The physical abuse by her was just the beginning of my head traumas. I had a lot of trouble in school...paying attention and learning. Because of what is being done to our food and supplements, different combinations are going to cause different reactions and it is only getting worse. Various sources of MSG and GMO's have permeated our entire food supply in one way or another.

During the first ten years of my life (latter 40's, early 50's) I ate differently. We lived with my grandparents who had a garden and raised their own chickens. After we moved I ate all kinds of processed food and I feel the drastic change was too hard on my developing brain.

Replied by Bea

Google Niacin Therapy and look at Dr Abram Hoffer. This and high dose C has been hugely helpful to me. B vitamins in general, but also methylfolate has been helpful to me as well. Look up 'food matters niacin' on youtube. Listen to Andrew Saul on youtube.

Anger Management Remedies
Posted by Baylamer (Skokie, Il) on 10/17/2013

Hi,LOVE this site! I have learned so much. Does anyone have any suggestions for dealing with irritability? Most of the time I want to punch holes in walls and rip off people's heads - even over the least little things. Obviously I control myself, but I hate feeling this way. It is so hard to enjoy life when I am feeling this nearly constant irritablitly.


Replied by Mike 62
(Denver, Colorado)

Baylamer: I am a cranky old goat who needs to sweeten up. This is why I am always eating a whole lot of my favorite delicase, sugar. You and I we are not bad people. We have a nutritional deficiency, like Scrooge in the Christmas Carol. I learned everything from my favorite coach, the banana girl. I watched her videos. There are four beneficial substances we need, enzymes, bioactive minerals, sugar, and kangan water that radiates far infrared waves. All these are in raw organic fruit. Raw fruit has enzymes. Organic fruit has 3 times as many minerals as conventionally grown fruit. Bananas and dates have the most sugar. After I eat a bunch of raw organic fruit I admire everybody's proficiency, appreciate everybody's effort and respect everybody's decisions. That is why I am a very popular social butterfly with a lot of interesting people in my life.

Replied by ExerciseLover
(Berkeley, Ca)

I commend you for wanting to get ahold of your anger issues. I can relate. Years ago as a young thirty something year old, nasty comments would pour forth from my mouth during my commute into and out of San Francisco during rush hour. I would suprise myself with how much rage I had directed at strangers.

After my girlfriend at the time pointed out that I had a problem, I decided to do something about it. I started to work the anger out of my system every day at the gym. I got a personal trainer who was an ex boxer and trained me on the punching bag. After a few months of regular rigorous training, my anger dissipated. Yes, it took a few months. Some people might tell you to try supplements and pscyhologists, but in my opinion you need to exercise until you feel peaceful. And if and when the toxic emotions well up again, you go back to gym or go for an arduous hike. Move it through, don't let it out, is what I tell my kids now when they get angry. Good luck.

Replied by Nanowriter
(Hotspot, Texas)

Try upping your B vitamins, especially B3 (niacin) and magnesium as well. I also found it useful to stop and try to figure out why I was becoming angry--was I hungry, tired, trying to do too much in too little time, etc.

Replied by KT

Hi Baylamer, you should stop eating 100% whole wheat bread, if that's what you eat, and add powdered ginger to whatever foods you eat for starters.

Replied by Dave
(Fountain Inn, Sc)

Hello Baylamer from Skokie:

In re: Irritability

What a great question and also a great confession.

You've taken the first BIG step in getting control of the problem and that is self recognition. That honesty opens the way for a solution.

1. Is the problem of irritability lifelong or has it worsened in the last few years? If it has worsened in the last five years, then it is at least partially caused by fatigue. Your adrenal system is depleted and as such the whole endocrine system is impacted. With hormones out of balance you literally cannot control you reactions. A police officer can easily become endocrine impacted in 15 years. If a male, he should get testosterone supplements AND adrenal glandular pills. A mother who is going to school at night and at the same time is seeing marriage problems, needs an endocrine panel test. She will definitely need adrenal glandular, and maybe thyroid supplements etc.

2. Next in importance of depletion: Magnesium. I am an advocate of Epsom salts baths and oral supplementation of magnesium. Heat up two cups of ESalts in hot water on stove. Then run a very warm bath and pour dissolved salts into bath water. Soak for twenty minutes. Repeat every other day for at least a total of three. In the "old days" our great grand mothers would comment upon encountering an irritated person, "He needs his salts. " That mean the irritated person needed his Epsom salts/ magnesium baths. The transformation can be remarkable. In just a week, you can go from a mad man to a happy and mellow person. The herb valerian is also a help, not only in sleeping but drink it during the day to just "chill."

3. Consider your "situation" in life. If you are living under extreme strain then consider your "life situation. " Example: In my office a few weeks ago I had a couple I was counseling with. In their late twenties their lives had been filled with drama. Both had come from previous marriages and one had maxed out the family credit cards... Not on necessities. I instructed them as follows: "Place a sign on your refrigerator that says, 'I will not blame you and I will not blame myself. ' " Next I offered them a one hundred dollar prize if they would do the following for only five days: After supper they would turn off ALL electronics in the house that created "noise. " For one hour they would sit in their living room and read or just talk. But the talking had to be positive with no negative about anything. They didn't have to talk. They were to try to just enjoy each other's company... even if no words were exchanged.

I have found an amazing relationship between ambient anger... and electronic noise. There must be times of peace... quietness when the spirit can rest. Children can be trained to love such times... when the parents aren't screaming at the kids to be quiet and someone turns the TV even louder to over come the screaming.

The couple I counseled with could not even complete the second night of "one hour of peace."

4. Irritability is almost always associated with lack of exercise. Not exercising at the blare of rock music at the gym. I mean a thirty minute walk in the evening. I find when I walk alone at night I pray for almost the whole time. I come back into the house refreshed and happy.

5. Memorize and repeat: "Be anxious for nothing (don't be anxious about anything), but by prayer and supplication make your requests known unto God. " And speaking of God, if you are a Christian, really if I am exploding in "fits" then I ask myself, "Now would the Lord approve of screaming at that driver like I just did? I then breathe deeply and let my mind relax and chest muscles and shoulders relax, and ask Him to forgive me and fill me anew with His Spirit. " There's nothing like BEING forgiven that lets me forgive myself. And irritation can be based on... Anger at myself even more than anger at others or circumstances. The Christian cannot be controlled by circumstances but actually "give thanks in all things, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you. " My irritation/anger level vanishes when I "reckon" that truth as a reality in me. After all, if I am His, and I am, then the responsibility is on Him to take care of me and deal with the problems thrown at me and all I have to do is do all I can, and let him make my work.... Work. Blessed rest. It is paradoxically the "work" of faith.

Irritation/anger/prejudice/frustration/ all vanishes. "I must decrease, He must increase.

Replied by Baylamer
(Skokie, Il)

Thanks for the comments! I am already gluten free and dairy free. I am currently detoxing from mercury poisoning via the Andrew Cutler protocol. I have the mthfr gene and am taking Methy B12 vitamins (along with several other types of Bs) as well as Deplin (basically medicinal levels of folate) - people with the mthfr gene don't methyloate (sp?) well. Then I take TMR (type of betaine) and charcoal to help escort the extra homoscyteine out of the body (homocysteine produced by not enough folate - that is what I have read). The Deplin has helped a lot with depression, but I am still darned irritable. I have no emotional reserves. Someone recommended burdock for anger issues, and I just started taking that today.

I do agree I need to exercise more - very hard to do as a single mom. I'll just have to work harder to make time to do this. I'll post again after a few days on the burdock. Thanks again for the suggestions!

Replied by Prioris
(Fl, Usa)

I admire you for recognizing the problem and making an effort to address it. Many irritable people just don't care if they bludgeon other people.

There is something called tapping. It involves tapping certain accupuncture points. I'd study that and other body energy manipulating techniques. You may find something very simple that you can do to release your irritability. I'd also consider visiting a real shaman or psychic involved in energy systems who may be able to find a source for it.

Replied by KT

For Mike62 from Denver: We have been lied to about the safety of our food. The medical profession is not keeping up with what is being done to the food. I used to have such a problem with anger and depression but over the last twenty years I have learned it was caused by what I was eating. Our food supply has been engineered to last longer and assimilation is difficult. If food is cooked too long MSG is created. If it is not cooked long enough it cannot be digested and can contribute to indigestion or constipation. Raw fruit is harder to digest. Either way, uncontrollable anger can result. Learning how what foods need to be cooked to what degree is difficult. "Organic" is no longer safe. Here is a link for you:

Replied by Mike 62
(Denver, Colorado)

Kt: Yes, you are on the right track. The info was incomplete. The article stated that the gmo was for infant formulas and the decision was reversed in April of 2010. Raw fruit is not harder to digest. Nutrients are not bioavalable when locked in cellulose, like carrots and baby leaves. Nutrients in green smoothies made from baby leaves and juiced carrots are bioavailable. Cooking denatures valuable enzymes. Nutrients in hawaiin spirulina are bioavailable because spirulina does not contain any cellulose. Spirulina is wild harvested so is neither conventional or organic. David Wolfe says wild harvested nutrients have 10 times the potency as organic nutrients. Organic has 3 times the minerals as conventional and contains humic acids. Raw food has 3 times the electrical energy as cooked food as seen through a tesla scope. Please google raw food videos for verification. Thank you.

Replied by KT

This is for Dave from Fountain Inn: Weeding out the hidden sources of MSG, taking magnesium and ginger... I do not get angry anymore. If you have seen some of my other posts, I used to have a terrible temper... Fits of rage outbursts. My husband (also Dave) still eats some things he shouldn't but because I know this I am able to be the one who is now more self-controlled. Knowing James 1:19&20 should be enough, but when nerves are over stimulated it's hard. What is being done to the food can cause over stimulation of nerve cells. I am speaking from experience... What I have learned and am convinced of. It has been a difficult road with multiple tragedies... Small is the gate and narrow the road... you'll know them by their Fruit.

Replied by Hermiticwonderer
(Los Angeles, Ca)

Wow you got some awesome responses! Go Earth Clinic! :D

Just wanted to add - I dealt with an intense anger, everything made me mad, everyone made me mad, I could not handle the circumstance of life.

I recommend looking up Stuart Wilde and purchasing a copy of his book Infinite Self. It really truly helped me and my boyfriend so much. Completely changed our perspective (which is the actual problem :)! ) on life. You can get it on amazon for a penny + Shipping :)

Also, not sure if you are an alcohol drinker but when I stopped drinking 4 1/2 years ago things got 1000% better in regards to anger and irritability!

Just think - it can only get BETTER from here!!

Replied by Cheffdrboy
(Richmond & Califas)

Do u have a athletic hobby or do unrecreational drugs often... Are u in a relationship that ur not happy with ? Physical, or at work, maybe family.... Something is ticking still and u got to defuse it/ find it before it blows up again....

Replied by Jacqueline`

I'm an acupuncturist, if you have any signs of heat, avoid the ginger it will make you feel even more angry as will other heating foods like chilli.

Replied by Sam

Try Reishi. Listen about it on jingherbsradio com

Replied by Wydo

Dear Baylamer Skokie I hope you don't mean that you have the MTHFR gene, because everyone has this gene. What I think you means that you have the mutated MTHFR gene. One can even have the double mutated gene. This alone means you will have anger problems. You need to know if you have the active gene versus the lower active gene. Anyone with a mutated MTHFR that is active is the likely one with anger problems as well as ADHD, Bipolar, Schizophrenia, autism spectrum and a few other problems that you can take care of with diet and mentholated or active B vitamins. The important thing to know about the treatment is to take it slow on B vitamins especially the folate taking no more of the 5-MTHR at 1 mg. Because you can drive your symptoms to a worse state. If you have low active MTHFR you can drive it over to the active state if so you push it and end up with anger problems as well as depression so be careful.

Anger Management Remedies
Posted by Gean (Salina, Ks) on 05/04/2010

Has anyone had any success in anger management? I know someone who gets angry a lot, and cannot stop. Even if you can manage to control your words and actions, the angry feelings can not be good for the health. Any suggestions? (Maybe "anger" can be added to ailments)

Replied by T
(Maryland, Usa)

This will be my broken record until I die *lol* but here goes: everything starts with the diet! (And supplements if necessary - whatever it takes to get the proper nutrients in). Being ill for some time, my anger control was poor, and anger was actually present much more than before simply because I felt so awful all the time and my body wasn't able to take even the smallest stressor anymore. I really hated myself because it seemed like I couldn't get the control over it that I wanted to. Even when I didn't express it, it would tear me up inside. And you're right, that isn't healthy; it's downright physically and emotionally harmful. Once I cleaned up my diet and started to correct deficiencies, I started being able to level out much better. I think what has helped the most is taking a B-complex every day. I not only have greatly improved anger control, but I am not just "holding it in", either. I honestly don't feel it so much anymore. I'm not nearly as easily irritated as I used to be, and wow, what a relief that is! I can let a lot of things ride, and with this awareness and a deliberate aim towards practicing mindfulness, it's just getting better all the time.

A note - I found that when I took a liquid B-complex, I actually would get irritable. Taking a capsule (and it was actually the same brand!) worked great, however. If you don't see success with one brand or form, try another. But try to be consistent. If I stop the B-complex, it isn't long before my nerves start going downhill again.

Apart from supplements, leafy green veggies, eggs, and brewer's yeast, among other things, provide lots of B vitamins. And of course, dumping processed 'food' and artificial colors and sweeteners, avoiding MSG, etc. can only help.

Replied by Robert
(Martinez, Ca)

Regarding anger management, the diet suggestions are correct & helpful especially the B-complex which helps the liver. In Chinese medicine, anger comes from a hot,(inflammed), liver. I have personally used burdock root for this & it does work for me.The only side effects I know of are lowering the blood sugar levels & that depends on the amount used. I use the dried, cut root avail at most herb stores or the fresh root, called 'Gobo'by the Japanese is avail at asian markets.For the dried, I use 2-tbsps,prox, per quart of water & lightly boil covered for about 10-15 mins.There are plenty of other 'liver' herbs like dandelion, etc. but burdock works well for me & its also a great spring tonic.

Replied by Gean
(Salina, Ks)

Thank you for your replies. I have a question for T from Maryland. Could you please tell me what brand of B complex you used, whether it was a tablet or capsule, and whether it was time-release or not? There are several different kinds. Thank you very much.

Replied by T
(Maryland, Usa)

Hi Gean,

Twinlab B-50 in capsule form is the one I've been using that works fine for me. It's not time-released. I usually only take one daily as I've upped my intake of B-containing foods (I also take extra B12, the methylcobalamin form, in a sublingual tablet). You can take more than one -- you might try one with each meal, for instance. I've actually just run out and might try another brand as I like to experiment a bit. If there's anything significant to report on that front, I'll update here.

Robert - interesting info on the burdock root, thank you. When you make up the quart you mentioned, how much do you take, and how do you store the rest?

Replied by London
(Op, Ks)

Thanks for this thread regarding anger. I have noticed that somehow my daughter and I are attracting conflict, and from the law of attraction concept, I thought we were having negative thoughts, etc., but no, not really, we're not. I am now of the belief that it is diet related. I was of the belief that fat was bad, carbs were good, ala 1980's fat-free diets that were presented to us ad nauseum, and as a result, we consumed way too many carbs, and since the 90's, we've been trying to figure the whole diet thing out. I think we are there ... eliminating sugar, eliminating wheat ... if not total elimination at this point, definitely crowding out. Dairy soon to follow. Adding greens, fruits, vegs, etc. Drinking kombucha. However, there must be something within us that is attracting conflict wherever we go! It's really noticeable ... be it road rage, office conflicts, relationship conflicts ... maybe it's this world we live in, and not really our diets.

If anyone has any input at all to this thought, I would love to hear it. I'm really at a loss. Thank you so much. Be well!

Replied by Lisa Bee
(Marathon, Fl)

Remedy: pray for those that hurt you, use you, do wrong to you. Doing this, it will help you more than it helps them, because forgiveness and love are very powerful.

It cures hate and disgust for society in general. I know, because I do it. It may take many times, but it is worth it. After a while, you may see that people will always be people and it's not our job to change them, leave that to prayer. :)

Replied by Londonbluue
(Overland Park, Kansas)

Lisa Bee, Thank you for the lovely response. In 2006, I read that we must bless the people who have hurt us, whom we have issues with. I have been attempting to do that, as I remember, since that time. I think it must be time to step it up and pray in earnest rather than only offering a blessing to those who wound me. It is baffling when I feel serene and in harmony, kind, even going about my day and then am faced with some conflict. Thank you, again, Lisa Bee.

Replied by Sophia
(Lr, Ar)

I wanted to add that alot of foods contain mercury ie: HFCS and it is in things you would not imagine need sugar! Heavy metal build up may cause anger issues. Cilantro is a good chelater (removes heavy metal toxins). Search for cilantro heavy metal detox with chlorella. Very tasty drops from planetary herbals brand.

Replied by Will
(Lima, Peru)

Anger; I agree our diets rule a lot of our well being. Also our rest, or lack of it. (Due to poor diet?) We all have a physical side, and also a spiritual side. We need balance in our lives in all areas. We can have a healthy physical body, but if we neglect our spiritual side we are out of balence. Look for the root of your anger condition. Anger is a "secondary" response to fear, or confusion. Anger protects our heart from being hurt again. As in medicine, doctors many times treat "symptoms", but never get to the "root", and our condition continues. What "triggers" your anger? A spiritual adviser helped me to find that "public humiliation" was my trigger. When I was a child I was humiliated in front of the class by the teacher. I wanted to kill that person. I held resentment in my heart for almost 30 years for the teacher that hurt me. Wow! Unforgiveness holds us in prison, not the person we are angry at. When we forgive, we set ourselves free. Is it easy? No, its not. But do you really want to mix a poison for someone else, and then drink it yourself? This is what unforgiveness, & resentment really are, poison for your heart, mind, & soul. Part of you is not free to enjoy life. If Someone has already hurt you emotionally, do you want to let them continue to control you spiritually, emotionally forever? Set yourself free. I did.

Avoid Hidden MSG

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Posted by Michelin (Roswell, Ga) on 09/14/2021

This comment saved me, thank you:)

I was also having a terrible anger and intolerance issue. I cut out the low fat/no fat yogurt and went back to the full fat version and this cut down my anger issues by 90-95% and it was instantaneous. Utterly amazing.

I read that some MSG is naturally occurring even in the full fat version because of pasteurization, but, it must not be all that much, because, I do just fine on the full fat!

Blessings everyone and a toast to good health for all!

Avoid Hidden MSG
Posted by KT (Usa) on 04/14/2014

Before I learned about the hidden sources of MSG, yogurt would do this to me. I loved plain yogurt. Even after I started weeding various sources of MSG out my diet and thought yogurt was safe, I got angry at nothing. My daughter would remark "you've been eating yogurt again" and that became an eye-opener for me. After I contacted the people who educated me about MSG, I stopped eating it. Cannot recall the "why's" but after I stopped eating it I stopped getting so angry.

Replied by Debbie T.

I have a book on excitotoxins. I think I remember reading that they can cause anger issues. Both MSG and aspartame. MSG has many other names as well. I remember at the time thinking that is probably why we are seeing so many angry drivers on the road.

Another thought, even though you are gluten free are you having a lot of gluten free products? They contain starches that will raise your blood glucose levels rather high. Also too many carbohydrates would also raise blood sugar.

Since I went wheat & grain free, with limited carbohydrates, my diet is high in fats which seem to have a soothing effect on me. I feel so much more peaceful and relaxed.

Many parents with kids going grain free (not just gluten free) have also said their children's behavior & anger issues either vanished or were greatly reduced.

Replied by KT

It is important that you take B-Complex with the ones you take because not taking all of the B's causes a deficiency in the others. I only take a B-Complex once in awhile because I eat limited amounts of meat and eggs, sometimes twice a day.

I have to mention that I too got angry at everything all the time but once I started weeding hidden sources of MSG out of my diet I noticed a difference. MSG is a nerve stimulant and I used to be easily angered.

I could not eat plain yogurt without getting angry at virtually nothing. My daughter brought this to my attention when she was around six. I know you said you were dairy-free but do you eat anything that contains any corn, soy or whey ingredients? Do you take many supplements?

The binders and fillers in supplements/vitamins contributed to my anger. Capsules contain 11 to 13 mg of MSG. I have to get powdered magnesium. It is important to know absorption of magnesium may be inhibited by calcium.

Seriously, if your doctor has given you a clean bill of health, you need to find out what you are ingesting that could be contributing to your anger. It seems you may be getting more nerve stimulants in your diet than you can handle (It happened to me). I used to get migraines so bad I'd vomit. I used to have fits of rage. Eating habits are hereditary and you want to help your little one(s) while you are in more control of what is eaten.

This is being prepared piecemeal. Both of my babies were breech but only one was caesarean. I cannot sit here very long.

Our food supply has been tainted and has become very hard to digest (the binders and fillers come from the GMO plants). I cannot eat raw fruits or vegetables. I was a big meat eater but because the animals we eat or get milk and eggs from are being fed GMO grasses and grains I had to reduce my consumption. This was good because it helped me get my weight back down.

I mentioned "ginger"... Ginger contains an antidepressant ingredient. Sometimes I take 1/8 tsp of ginger and 1/8 tsp turmeric together in a little warm water but I sprinkle both on a variety of food. I only use sea salt because the flowing agent in commercial salt contributes to inflammation. My arthritis, backaches, and sciatica ceased when I changed my diet.

There is no one-size-fits-all remedy because everyone eats different and can tolerate different varieties of food. I hope some of this information helps you.

Replied by Michelin
(Roswell, Ga)


Thank you so much for your reply on yogurt! I've noticed that yogurt is causing me anger issues as well.

Apparently, they use the hidden MSG products in the low fat or no fat versions of dairy products. I'm going to switch to full fat yogurt and see if that stops the anger. If not, I will ditch yogurt altogether.

And also, all the yogurt that I'm buying is organic. So they are tainting the organic stuff as well:(

Avoid Hidden MSG
Posted by Tim (Ga) on 10/18/2013

I have found out the hard way that Monosodium Gludamate(MSG) has a very nasty affect on my mood and has caused rage that is shamefull. This garbage is in more and more processed food to a staggering about. It is horrible for children to eat this too. I have a bag full of food items that are going back to the store cause I failed to read the label, but you have to do it with out fail to know it's not in a product, but now thier are other names for it to disguise it. Some want to say it's natural and occurs in food anyway, so why add more? To make products addictive.

B-Complex Vitamins

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Posted by Kim (St. Louis, Mo) on 02/24/2013

I have started my B compex again and u r right, I am not so quick at being angry... And this statment is true because I started 4 days ago and this is the first time on this site... I was able to sit with co-workers and not have to get angry about what was being said for a whole week!!!

Dealing with Hurt

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Posted by HisJewel (New York) on 08/14/2021

To my EC Family,

I want to share my remedies for "Dealing with Hurt"

My mother was an amazing woman. She dealt with many hurts, and blows from close friends, family and children. She was always willing and ready to forgive, but she had a problem letting it go. She would retell the story; this in my experience seems to keep the wound open. One of the first things I do is stop the replay. I usually do this by singing. I might pull out the Good Book, or if hurtful thoughts persist, I may look at a movie or simply switch to a more happy thought.

I learned to ask the Lord to help me let it go. I try to remember a better time in my communication with that person and start from there. However I do Not purposely visit them if I know they are harmful or don't like me. I want to help them stay in a right attitude. I have learned to say positive things about myself from the word of God, "He will never leave us (me) nor forsake us".

Here are some hurts my mother carried. I will give these people names. They were more than friends they were from her church family; they also lived in the same neighborhood.

Mother and Lola went to visit Angela, all were around 60 years of age. Perhaps Angela was not well, I don't remember. Or maybe it was just an excuse for a meeting. Anyway, while my mother and Lola was visiting Angela, as some point my mother walked in the room where Lola and Angela's husband was ending a conversation. What they did not realize was my mother had a hearing problem. And what she saw was a friend just talking to a friend's husband.

Anyway, when Lola got to church that Sunday, she began to tell some of the members that my mother was spreading a lie about her and Angela's husband. Two seniors approached mother to tell her how shocked that she was spreading this story.

Well, this was the first my mother had heard it. Lola had spread gossip about herself and blamed mom.

Even though she was hurt at what Lola had done and said, she seemed more hurt that some people believed Lola and came to chastise mother.

What do you do when the acid of hurt is building up in your stomach? Mother would get nauseous and sick behind such hurts. Alka Seltzer was her friend in those days, but she did have a natural healing method, love.

Her method was to heap more love on you. It seems as if she was saying this is what you should have done. It turned out that as Lola got older her sight got very bad, mother was there for her when she asked her.

When we were older, my mother told us how when we had to leave our home because the building was condemned, she thought to stay with her married sister, but her brother in-law put her and her five children out in the night. She became the only one he could tell his troubles to when he was down and out.

If anyone owed my mother anything she appreciated it if they gave it back, but she did not make a habit of asking for it back. Money was always coming to her. I was like, I want that anointing! Her method for dealing with hurt was flooding you with love.

I have this saying, "Love heals itself and then it turns around and heals the one who wounded it."

Remember: do not treasure hurt, do not hold it close to you, do not protect it, release it, cancel the charges so you can enjoy life fullest.

To those of you who don't mind divulging your secret of how you successfully deal or dealt with hurt please chime in.

Thank you,


Replied by Charity
(faithville, Us)

In my weaknesses the Lord is strong, so what I do after years of split off personality and two of them were named rant and rave and they were not happy about life, I ask the Lord every day to bless 1000 fold blessing to anyone or anything the enemy has given me a negative thought or accidental word about. So if any of you feel I have been negative toward you, you have been blessed a 1000 times greater than my weakness. I know the enemy hates that even when he is thinking he got me into his territory he has suffered a great loss. Where the enemy meant to harm me God is working it all out together for good. As I sow this blessing I also reap one. I am a sharp arrow in the quiver of the Lord and where he shoots me I hit the mark with precision and victory. Blessings, charity

Replied by Tessa

Hi HisJewel -

What a very insightful and uplifting story about your Mom. Thank you so much for sharing.

I'll have to borrow your secret on how to deal with hurt!

Best wishes,


Replied by Mama To Many

Dear Hisjewel,

Beautiful post. Thank you.

I am reminded that unforgiveness causes bitterness. It is like drinking poison and hoping the other person is harmed.

Years ago I read the story of a woman named Alice who survived the concentration camps in the 40's. She lived to be 109 years old and so pleasant and cheerful, even playing the piano in her 100's. When asked her secrets to long life, it was love and forgiveness!


~Mama to Many~

Replied by HisJewel
(New York)

Thank You EC, Charity, Tessa, our wonderful Mother to Many

And Everyone, You have given me Joy.

Let me tell you about "The Hug."

Just remember that one method does not necessarily fit all.

I have come to learn that a hug can heal many bad feelings; it can also help a person to feel appreciated and valued. My mother would hug all her children as we left out the door for school, and by the time of her second marriage, that was seven children to hug. The hug should have a healing prayer in it, kind of like that woman, who kept saying within herself, " if I but touch the hem of His garment I shall be made whole (healed)".

As a young woman, I remember being hurt, because someone had accused me of something that was not true. I told the Lord that I would treat her kindly anyway. However, whenever I saw the woman I would get angry all over again. So I asked the Lord for a good opportunity to hug her. And, I asked Him to take the hurt away when I did so. The next time upon seeing her, I hugged her. It worked!

After the hug, I was able to see that she was just over zealous in what she was trying to accomplish but really meant well. Some say that I make too many excuses for people, but that also helps me to move on with life.

Once again I say, to you, you have given me joy, I shall protect that joy.

This is a great day! Let us rejoice and be glad in it.


(faithville, Us)

That would be interesting. My mother was so broken from her own trauma that none of her 5 kids felt safe around her. She rarely hugged us as children. She took care of our physical health . Hugs from my father were dangerous and other relatives were unsafe. I found a rare flu shot in April 82 and met this lady that opened this allergy clinic and she hugged me and it was so awkward. I had never been hugged just to be hugged. I gave her a cross stitch I made, a hug is worth a thousand words. We are still friends almost 40 yrs later. I worked for her and we met up on many occasions. My daughter played some of the music at her daughter's wedding. I hugged my kids a lot and spent lots of time talking to them and taking walks with them. I would say that all relationships have ins and outs of close times and transitions and you can't put expectations on people or they will disappoint you. You have to truly love yourself to truly share love with others. Love others as you love yourself. Most people are hard on themselves and that projects onto those around them. You were blessed to have a hugging mother. blessings, charity

Replied by HisJewel
(New York)

An important method of surviving Hurt is to:

Purposely Shift your Thoughts.

The song goes, " Good morning heartache sit down..."

Hurt is not a medicine, it is not a healing supplement, it is not a healing herb, it is not an exercise, it does not heal, and it must not stay, so it does not get a seat. I repeat, do not give hurt, disappoint or heartache and the like a seat in your thoughts or heart.

If you have angina one of our beloved posters was known to suggest Natural vitamin E. And I have read that Natural E along with Selenium together works even better to cure heart conditions. However, to survive hurt you have to take charge of your thoughts.

Once I sat in the kitchen speechless over a friend that did not want to be my friend anymore. I had taken the letter out of the mailbox on the way home. I could not believe it. I wondered, what I had done wrong, or what I had said wrong, I felt like I was having a stroke, my head was so full.

I think I mentioned this before, my daughter happened to come home with a newspaper. I saw the headlines. For a change it was good news, "someone lived! " And there on the front cover the New York News printed her statement in big letters, something like, "God Saved Me." My thoughts quickly shifted from myself to read about this good news. If I was having a stroke, I changed my mind. What a wonder, someone lived and so did I!

"If you are hurting, Shift your thoughts"

Wake up thankful for another day, and declare today I shall have; Love, joy, peace, patience, goodness, kindness and Self-Control. You get it, say something positive.

Do something good today, shift your thoughts towards good things.


Eating Once a Day

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Posted by Looms (Buhl Id) on 06/01/2016

I have apprenticed in Asian medicine much of my life, and like you already mention here, anger is related to liver congestion. My upbringing was very toxic living beside industrial chemical factories, and rage or repression of it (along with some alcohol abuse by my parents and comfortable emotional habits) left my liver very irritable. I've done so many herbs and emotional therapies I can't remember em all and am a natural food junkie with 40 years vegetarian under my belt, but one thing has made a huge difference in my anger....I eat only one meal a's like a mini fast that keeps me clear minded and my liver eased. It saved my marriage, and has improved my health in general. And yes I do "over eat" my one meal (to keep calories up) which is supposed to be hard on the liver, but it does not seem to counter act the bennifits of my clarity, peace and all around health. I had the beginning symptoms of diabetus when I started too (it's rampant in my family) and all those are long gone as well from my one meal a day diet.


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Posted by Jon G. (Monterey, CA) on 06/01/2019

The best anger management remedy is boxing or a similar type of exercise that lets you release large amounts of frustrated energy that you may have been storing for years. I had serious repressed anger issues until I took up boxing at the gym a year ago. Took about a year of regular classes before I cleared the rage, but it worked. In prior years I tried running, yoga, meditating, eft, therapists, vitamins, but nothing worked as well as exercise. Oh and magnesium and potassium supplements once I started sweating so much in boxing class.

Hylands Nerve Tonic

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Posted by Serach (Boston, Ma) on 05/17/2012

I have had a terrible anger problem for most of my life. Recently, I had found myself yelling and breaking dishes. The anger felt very physical- like it was primarily coming from stress, I was very irritable and also would cry uncontrollably, often i'd rage, then cry then rage etc.

Its ok to cry of course, but I find I often get lost in it , drown in it and just cant stop.

The woman in the nutrition section suggested hylands nerve tonic, it's homeopathic and is not counterindicated by meds etc. It contains 500 pills and cost $16 . Maybe you can get it even cheaper over the net.

Since I started taking it I have had only one angry outburst in about 3 weeks even despite being exhausted and in a lot of pain, and far less crying. I am amazed at how much it helped. I highly recommend it.

Liver Detox

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Posted by mandandi (Gaborone, Botswana) on 12/22/2019

After being inflicted with parasite and candida infection for many years, I was left full of anger. The road to recovery started when i found out i was infected really, because I started a program to clean out the parasites. 6 years later, I was surprised to suddenly feel the anger disappear when I started taking milk thistle seeds, blended in watermelon juice once or twice a day. Within days, the anger just started melting away, slowly. A month later, I added moringa seeds to the mix and felt even better. For those suffering from low libido, moringa seeds may be your answer. Be careful though, they have lots of fibre so if you use a lot, you will get a running stomach So I suppose that a liver cleanse can dissolve anger left by chemicals from parasite infestation. I must add that I had tried milk thistle tablets earlier and did not feel any positive effect. Perhaps I still high levels of toxins then and needed to be patient. I wont know.

Liver Detox
Posted by Jeroen (Amsterdam, Nh Netherlands) on 08/23/2012

Anger and liver are closely related. Liver cleansing is most effective and simple to do, giving many more benefits than just anger releif. Google "liver cleanse" and be amazed of this simple healing.

Replied by Andrea C
(Cardiff, Wales)

jeroen xxx Thanks for your suggestions. I would like to add, that MEDS and people around you can make you really angry too! The thing is, being Human, we tend to allow the people that wind us up, put MEGA STRESS on us. When you're ill, you get afraid to push them out of your life, because they're the ONLY people you have contact with. Then you get ANGRY, with yourself for allowing them to sabotage your efforts to get well. I can't do a lot, but, I bought some paper and water coulour paints.

Low Carb Diet

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Posted by Lecia (Copenhagen, Denmark) on 04/07/2012

A Low carb or very low carb diet should help with anger management and mood disorders, especially if starting slowly. It takes time for the body to get used to less sugar, and every time it lacks it there may be anger, and feeling good again when having sugar, just like a roller-coaster. The body has to adapt to a moderate amount of sugar.

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