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Posted by Om (Hope, Bc Canada) on 09/19/2014

One morning I had a message from Google saying the new article in my e-mail might interest me. It showed an elderly lady with a nice cat in her arms in front of her house.

Since I am known as the cat lady in some places I thought it was about rescue. Oh no! I kept on reading about this lady and over three hundred readers replies.

This happened near Vancouver, BC and made the headlines that day. This lady was in her early eighties and had been diagnosed with advanced Als. I forget the terminology. She was an intellectual, so were her husband and acquaintances. She made it public that she would commit suicide not being able to face her destiny by dragging a mattress onto a scenic spot by her residence and take pills. She succeeded .

The gist of this is as I see it: She is not the only one and reading of the conditions in old age homes and that the body forgets even the most basic functions, is too much to handle. Thus her decision. Caregivers gave much account of the heinous effects of that condition .

Our medical community is making money out of this, but no cure. No public education either. No care, period.

When in the best years of life, stress and total ignorance as to the body's basic needs plus spiritual balance, when intellect is thought to be all that makes the man, disaster is in the offing. Some succumb early, others late.

Many of us know through EC the many steps that must be undertaken to prevent such disasters. We are making use of it and get educated. But is seems we are a civilization that sees no other option than suicide in view of the horrors awaiting even before old age. Most of the readers would have followed that old lady's decision and a tiny handful made mention of our creator. There is a serious gap existing and I personally put much of the blame at the present disease mongering system for profit. Please wake up and do your utmost to prevent such tragedies. Study EC and take your life into your own hands - nobody else can do it.

Namaste, Om

Vitamin B3
Posted by Mike (Colorado, US) on 09/09/2014

If it is just the nicotine you are after, that can be found in many off the shelf products such as the patch, pills or even non tobacco chew. You seem to be going for moderation or the "a little bit often" approach many have found that difficult with tobacco products including myself. I do still think you would have side effects from the smoke over a period of time. Growing tobacco might make for a fun hobby though.

Posted by Zark (Emerald City) on 09/07/2014

Just reporting back regarding my father who has Alzheimer's.

His Alzheimer's has improved nicely and has now stabilised. The improvement in short term memory and ability to manage conversations is quite noticeable. The most important thing is that the gradual decline has been halted.

He is still taking Turmeric regularly (the preparation they chose includes black pepper), and the BHT is no longer necessary.

My last post was in April, but I should add that my father had been on Turmeric for some time already. He has been using this for over a year.

Posted by Clare (England) on 08/16/2014

I was doing just that. I am 64 and overweight and happy to lounge around watching tv and resisted any form of exercise. About two months or so ago I started doing Dr Johanna Budwig's protocol and as the days went by I started to get more and more energy. Now I just can't lie around anymore as I feel I want to move and exercise. I can't tell you how good this is.

I was resigned to feeling more and more ill as the years go by, and now my mental outlook has changed too. Whether this is because I have more energy I don't know but I suspect it is. I have got my PT bouncer from its home in a cupboard and bounce three times a day. This is the most amazing exercise and because my hips and knees ache I am being careful, but this ever increasing energy has me putting on my iPod and going mad on the rebounder while listening to a Trance track with a fast beat. I am feeling better every day. Rebounding is wonderful. The more you do the better you feel. Hips and knees are taking it well. I was getting a bit weak and wobbly on my legs which made me feel unsteady. That is nearly gone and I have only been using the rebounder for a matter of days. I forgot to say I started the flax seed oil, flax seeds and quark regime for a painful lumpy breast and that went fairly soon into the regime.

Posted by Oscar (Syracuse, New York) on 08/15/2014

Dear " Mama to many ". I very much agree with you about the importance of exercise for all people, especially the elderly. I am talking about moderate exercise. I am now an older person at 65. It is all too easy to fall into a pattern of just laying or sitting about doing very little exercise watching TV, reading books and such. Everyone needs to exercise. Bike riding, hiking, swimming and such. I also recommend avoiding jogging because it damages the joint tissues especially in older people. Also drinking plenty of quality water can only help. Sitting on your butt all day is NOT the way to remain healthy....Oscar

Posted by Mama To Many (Tennessee, US) on 08/14/2014

Two months ago my 85 year old father was using a cane and having quite a bit of trouble getting around.

Since then, he has been going to the YMCA 3-4 times a week for an exercise class for Seniors. It is an hour long. Some attend in wheelchairs.

I just got back from a visit with him. I am amazed at how well he is doing. He no longer needs a cane. He can walk much further. He even had some decorative brick work around some flowerbeds that he put in himself! He would walk around his yard picking up stray leaves in the yard!

Anyway, it is exciting to see him improving in his mobility. Perhaps I won't underestimate the value of exercise again!

~Mama to Many~

Posted by Mmsg (Somewhere, Europe) on 08/15/2014

Oh joy!!!!! To hear about an older person getting BETTER!!!! Thank you, Mama to Many!

Posted by Mama To Many (Tennessee, US ) on 08/14/2014

My father has been taking 325 mg of "no flush" niacin for 4 months. (I would like to see him taking more, but he takes a lot of medication and even getting in that one pill a day is a step in the right direction.)

I, and others, have noticed a lessening of his Alzheimer's/Dementia symptoms. He is less confused. He is sharper. As mentioned in another post, I just got back from a visit with him. We played cards. He played a spelling bee type game with my son. He would not have done these things a few months ago.

After my mother passed away four months ago, we expected my dad to decline steadily. He is doing so much better than we expected. He does have less stress now (watching your spouse die of Alzheimer's over the course of a couple of years is very stressful.) He is also getting regular exercise. Those and the niacin may all be contributing to his improved mental condition. Whatever it is, we are glad!

~Mama to Many~

Posted by Zark (Emerald City, The Land Of Oz) on 02/04/2014

There is a great deal of good research being done on Turmeric for Alzheimer's. Also my father is doing well on this, but he has also recently added BHT to his regime (in case of HSV infection).

Here is some research from Japan:

Effects of turmeric on Alzheimer's disease with behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia
Ayu. 2012 Oct-Dec; 33(4): 499-504.


We describe here three patients with the Alzheimer's Disease (AD) whose behavioral symptoms were improved remarkably as a result of the turmeric treatment, which is the traditional Indian medicine. Their cognitive decline and Behavioral and Psychological Symptoms of Dementia (BPSD) were very severe. All three patients exhibited irritability, agitation, anxiety, and apathy, two patients suffer from urinary incontinence and wonderings. They were prescribed turmeric powder capsules and started recovering from these symptoms without any adverse reaction in the clinical symptom and laboratory data. After 12 weeks of the treatment, total score of the Neuro-Psychiatric Inventory-brief questionnaire decreased significantly in both acuity of symptoms and burden of caregivers. In one case, the Mini-Mental State Examination (MMSE) score was up five points, from 12/30 to 17/30. In the other two cases, no significant change was seen in the MMSE; however, they came to recognize their family within 1 year treatment. All cases have been taking turmeric for more than 1 year, re-exacerbation of BPSD was not seen. The present cases suggest a significant improvement of the behavioral symptoms in the AD with the turmeric treatment, leading to probable benefit of the use of turmeric in individuals with the AD with BPSD.

Posted by Zark (Emerald City, The Land Of Oz) on 02/04/2014

People have been eating tofu for hundreds of years in Japan and China.. and they haven't suffered an Alzheimer's epidemic because of it. In fact the opposite is evident. My suggestion is if you can't find some evidence to support this then I would disregard the warning.

This part I agree with the above poster: Soy protein powders sound kinda synthetic/industrial and unnatural so I would be avoiding it due to likely contamination/corruption. I did try some soy protein powder once when I was a teenager (trying to put on weight and muscle), and that didn't make me feel well.

Tofu has never made me feel unwell though - it is a very different to these nasty soy protein powders, one is natural and time honoured, the other is not.

My 2c

Niacinamide, Vitamin A, Coconut Oil
Posted by Joyce (Asheville, Nc) on 02/01/2014

Thank you Hashieaussie for your advice about silica and horsetail tea being good for UTI's. I will try them.

Niacinamide, Vitamin A, Coconut Oil
Posted by Hashieaussie (Melbourne) on 01/31/2014

Thankyou for your post. I lost my own mother 18 months ago and wish with all my heart that we had known this and joined some dots. Maybe someone else will benefit. My family observed that every time my mother deteriorated, (over at least 8 years) which did not happen steadily but in bursts, that she had a strong distinctive smell around her body. I now think this was due to the urinary tract infections you describe which of course we knew she had too but never drew the connection. I have also read recently that silica in mineral water has been shown by researchers to reduce the symptoms of Alzheimer's and stave it off, they think by chelating aluminium. Interestingly, horsetail or equisetum, which has a lot of silica is traditionally used to treat urinary tract infections. Perhaps this is something else to try for your mother - some horsetail tea probably easier than the litre a day of silica water used by the researchers. We also had some success with coconut oil skin cream which 'woke' my mother up after 15 minutes or so in the later stages. I wish you all the best and thankyou for your insightful posts.

Niacinamide, Vitamin A, Coconut Oil
Posted by Joyce (Asheville, Nc) on 01/30/2014

Hi Everyone,

Sorry that I have not been on the site to answer questions. My password was not working and I couldn't find my post. But I got the problem fixed.

Some of you asked about the brand and amount of Vitamin A etc.

Here is what I used. Klaire Labs Micellized A drops. I gave her 100, 000 IU's for 3 weeks, then cut back to 20, 000 IU's for maintenance. Sorry about the typo on my previous post. It is IU's (not mg's). The doctor who wrote the article stated to not worry about the high doses of vitamin A. He says that he regularly puts patients on 100, 000 IU's or more for several months with no problems. But this protocol only calls for doing that for 3 weeks so you should have nothing to worry about. And of course the maintenance dose of 20, 000 needs to be continued for life.

Here are places that carry it online....

As for the coconut oil we try to give her 3 TBLS a day spread out throughout the day. We put in in her food over vegetables, on toast, cook eggs with it, etc.

Here is a super healthy recipe for using coconut oil that tastes like chocolate! The measurements are approximate as I don't measure when I make it.


In large bowl mix together about 1/2 cup (8 TBLS) coconut oil, 3 TBLS flax oil, a couple of spoonfuls of Chatfields Carob powder (put enough so that it doesn't look translucent anymore and looks like chocolate-if you put too much or too little it doesn't taste as good). Add unsweetened shredded coconut, and some cashews or walnuts broken into small pieces. Mix well. Then spread out on wax paper or parchment paper on top of a cookie sheet and FREEZE until hard. Then break off pieces and enjoy.

Hope this answers any questions. I will try to check my post for any future questions. Be well.

Niacinamide, Vitamin A, Coconut Oil
Posted by Tony (Tn, Usa) on 01/25/2014

Hello guys! The daughter stated it was specifically "Mycellized Vitamin A". That comes in liquid form. The site where I order my herbs and supplements has this form of Vit A. It comes in a 1 oz. bottle. The brand name is Kirkman Labs. It's not expensive but not real cheap either. Should be affordable for most people. Thanks & God Bless!

Niacinamide, Vitamin A, Coconut Oil
Posted by Mike62 (Denver) on 01/25/2014

Nowhereman: This may be a one time thing and she might not be monitoring the site any more. Maybe I could be of assistant. She may have intended to say 100,000iu instead of mg. 1mg of animal a is 1000iu. 1mg of beta carotene is 50iu. Many sites do not recommend palmitate because this is a synthetic isolate and has side effects. The proper ratio of animal a to d3 is 7-1. The daily dosage is 35,000iu of animal a to 5,000iu of d. Eskimos get this from blubber and liver. More is not more beneficial. Less is less beneficial. People also need some iodine and k2 for optimal functioning.

Niacinamide, Vitamin A, Coconut Oil
Posted by Nowhereman (Indiana) on 01/25/2014

Very impressive!!

I'm assuming you used Vitamin A in palmitate form since that's the only type I found online. If you could confirm that would be great.

Also, I am having a heck of a time finding a conversion chart that will convert mg's into IU's and hoped you could clear that up too. Evidently, not all conversions are created equal...converting Vit. A and Vit D from mg's to IU's involves a different process.

So if the Vit. A drops {palmitate} are 5, 000 IU's per drop, how many drops would = the 100, 000 mgs that you gave your mom? Since Vit. A is stored vs. eliminated, I want to be careful!

Like another poster here, I would also be interested in how much coconut oil you gave your mom each day too.

Thank you for sharing your success story. It's very encouraging!

Niacinamide, Vitamin A, Coconut Oil
Posted by Andrea C (Wales) on 01/25/2014

Hi, to back up what you said about UTIs, a nurse in the hospital told me the SAME THING!! And it's not just in the Elderly but most common with them. But UTIs can make anyone really ill and cause chronic pain all over the body as well as other problems. Love Andrea C xxx

Niacinamide, Vitamin A, Coconut Oil
Posted by Labrat (Burlington, Vt) on 01/24/2014

That is wonderful. Very happy for you. If only the same would work on everyone with that dreadful, insidious disease.

You mentioned coconut oil but didn't say how much you gave your mom per day.

Niacinamide, Vitamin A, Coconut Oil
Posted by Tony (Tn, Usa) on 01/24/2014

Great story Joyce! Isn't God great? I take niacin myself for multiple health issues. Interesting to read about the Vit A form used. My mother is showing signs of Alzheimer's so this story I'll share with her. This sounds like a good plan for her. Thanks for sharing this great testimony. God Bless and may your mother continue good health!

Niacinamide, Vitamin A, Coconut Oil
Posted by Joyce (Asheville, Nc) on 01/24/2014

I would like to share how I cured my 89 year old mother from Alzheimer's!

Six years ago my mother was diagnosed by a very reputable specialist with Alzheimer's. At the time she had difficulty remembering things she had done that day. She would ask the same questions over a lot. She would say things that did not make sense and she had become quite angry and irrational. The doctor told us that her condition would continue to deteriorate and that within about 3 years she would not be able to function on her own (even at that time she needed full-time caregivers to remind her what to do).

I am a holistic health practitioner and so I am familiar with a lot of supplements, herbs and foods to cure different conditions. So I started her on some of the supplements that I knew about for Alzheimer's. These included Phosphatidylserine (PS), L-Carnitine, Tumeric, Ginkgo and vinpocetine as well as a multi-vitamin. Two years after she started this protocol she went back for a follow up appointment with the Alzheimer's specialist who had originally diagnosed her. He was quite surprised that her condition had remained the same for two years and not progressed as he said it would. I believe that these supplements halted the progression of the Alzheimer's. But we really wanted to see improvement.

Here is where the cure comes in!

I had read about studies done using Niacinamide to cure Alzheimer's. The studies suggested giving it in small doses many times throughout the day to keep constant levels in the bloodstream. It suggested giving an oral dose of Niacinamide 12 times a day! This is very impractical for my mother who struggles to take all of her other pills. So we ended up giving her a 500 mg. capsule three times a day with meals.

At this time I had also read about studies showing that high doses of vitamin A actually dissolves Beta Amyloid deposits in lab animals. The study found that it not only dissolved the deposits, but it did so in a matter of hours! The article I read which was published by a doctor recommended a form of vitamin A called “Mycellized A" in liquid form as this is better absorbed. So I also started her on the mycellized vitamin A.

After starting her on these two new supplements (Niacinamide 500 mg 3 times a day, and Mycellized Vitamin A 100, 000 mg. a day for 3 weeks, (then cut back to 20, 000 mg a day maintenance) we noticed a big improvement.

Later we added a couple of other things which I believe helped her as well. One of them is Coconut oil. The other is to make sure that she does not have a bladder infection. My mother is prone to UTI's and we noticed that whenever she got one that her mental symptoms would get much worse. So we have to make sure that those are kept in check. As long as we are doing all of these things she does great.

It has been 6 years since her diagnosis and instead of progressing her Alzheimer's is gone for the most part. She is now back to her old self. Her thinking and cognition are good. She remembers almost everything about her day. She rarely repeats questions, her attitude is so much better. She is not angry or unreasonable anymore. She actually has conversations with me now where she can give me helpful advice on problems I may have. She's back to acting like my mom again! To recap, I feel that what really helped her the most has been the Niacinamide and the Mycellized vitamin A, and secondarily the coconut oil and preventing UTI's. Please try these as they may work for you as well.

A note about UTI's: It is quite well known by nursing home staff that when an elderly person gets a UTI that it really affects them mentally. It can cause confusion, anger, and unreasonable behaviors. This is important-elderly people do not always have the typical symptoms on a UTI (frequent or burning urination, etc.) This is why it is so important if an elderly person is struggling with mental symptoms, especially if they come on suddenly that they go to a doctor and have a urine test done to check for a UTI. Usually they will perform a dipstick test on the urine at the doctor's office to check for bacteria and traces of blood. But if the dipstick test does not find anything please ask your doctor to send a sample of the urine to a lab for culture. This is a very simple thing for them to do. There are times that the culture will pick up an infection when the dipstick test does not. I hope that this information helps others who are suffering with Alzheimer's as my mother was. It is a difficult disease but I believe it can be cured with the above protocol. My mother is living proof!!!

Posted by Timh (Ky, Usa) on 01/22/2014 2063 posts

This may be more evidence as to the efficacy of Coconut Oil in preventing or treating Alzheimers. We have been assuming the saturated fats in VCO was supplying the brain w/ an alternative fuel source in the absence of glucose, but the antipathogen properties of VCO may also be at work here.

Posted by Prioris (Fl) on 01/21/2014

Regarding Alzheimer's, the beta amyloid always gets mentioned as the culprit. Here is another perspective.

..."If beta amyloid were the cause of Alzheimer's disease, then why would ridding the brain of this protein actually cause patients to worsen? Harvard researcher Dr. Stephanie Soscia and her associates may have the answer. Their recently published research questioned why beta amyloid accumulates in the Alzheimer's brain in the first place, and concluded that in fact, the protein actually serves to rid the brain of a variety of bacteria and viruses. They described beta amyloid as an "antimicrobial peptide" which accumulated in response to an infectious agent. Their work looks upon beta amyloid in a new light as they stated, "If the normal function of beta amyloid is to function as an antimicrobial peptide, then an absence of the peptide may result in increased vulnerability to infection." Rather than causing the disease, beta amyloid may be our brain's natural response to an infectious agent, accumulating as a way of defending us against a pathogen. So perhaps we should reconsider beta amyloid since it has been said that "the enemy of my enemy is my friend...."


Posted by Prioris (Fl) on 01/21/2014

I saw this quote..."withanolides, chemical compounds derived from ashwagandha, help improve the structure of both healthy and already damaged brain cells in subjects with Alzheimer's disease". There is a product called Ashwagandha KSM-66 which has 5% withanolides. I actually bought some a couple weeks ago just to experiment with it for cognitive related problems. It seems to get a lot of positive reviews.

Posted by Mary (Tampa, Fl) on 01/18/2014

Good comment. It's certainly true that there are often multiple causes and remedies for diseases. However, it is very difficult to research multiple items at the same time. For better or worse, the purpose of any study is to reduce the number or variables to find out is something works. Drug interactions are very problematic and difficult to track down. Anyone taking multiple medications daily can attest to how difficult it can be to figure out what drug is interacting negatively with another drug. I don't know how many Alzheimer's studies are currently in process, but just today I skimmed over at least 50, all different. Alzheimer's does not appear to have one cause: some are genetic, some may be environmental, a lot they're trying to figure out. Research done on one cause or remedy does not invalidate the research. A study is a beginning. Research on a medication, for example, cannot investigate drug interactions until they have the drug developed. No treatment will work on everyone. We are all unique.

Alzheimer's is certainly a very complicated and horrible disease, especially so to those of us who have watched it first hand destroy someone we loved. If niacinamide or anything else can help delay the progress for even a few people, IT IS WORTH IT! It's safe, cheap and has been around for a long time.

Posted by Emmanuel (Rotorua, New Zealand) on 01/18/2014

While it is encouraging to discover that B3 vitamin appears to be helpful in effecting the course of Alzheimer's positively, yet not completely to the point of reversal or even as a prophylactic, one has to ask the question why there is so much emphasis on one agent, when in fact all chronic diseases are a result of multiple deficiencies. Can people not think in multiple factorials? Or is it mental laziness that prompts people and scientists to want single solutions for diseases which they have decided are a single entity caused by a single factor or agent. All agents that will help to energize brain cells, such as D ribbose, creatine, MSM, coconut oil, coQ10, should be taken into consideration. One must also remember that toxins such as aluminium, fluoride and mercury are neurotoxic and probably play a major role in causing mental deterioration. If such factors are ignored, the research done on any disease becomes null and void and of no value what so ever.

Vitamin B3
Posted by Mike 62 (Denver, Colorado) on 12/07/2013

Nicotine stimulates the central nervous system. All longevity experts do not recommend products that stimulate the central nervous system. They recommend products that nourish the central nervous system.

Vitamin B3
Posted by Gavin (Northland, New Zealand) on 12/07/2013

I agree with most of what you have said. But they did do some in depth experiments on mice to either prove or disprove whether tobacco caused lung cancer. They found out that the mice who were breathing strontium got lung cancer, they found out that those who were breathing Tobacco smoke didn't. When they made a mix up and put the mice who were breathing strontium, onto breathing tobacco, it was found that it protected them, by the fact that the mucous floated the strontium particles out of there lungs.

So the conclusion was that Smoking protected them from lung cancer. this of course was not what they wanted to hear. So the conclusions were shelved and ignored. Moderate smoking of the natural leaf, probably protects the smoker from a host of diseases, Bowel cancer. Parkinson's. Alzheimer's. Obesity. Depression. Schizophrenia. Pellagra. Asthma. There are many more I cant remember. But if self medication is removed from just these, we all know who stands to benefit.

Vitamin B3
Posted by H (Up The Creek In Wv, Usa) on 12/07/2013

Hay Robert Henry;;

What you need to do is grow your own natural tobacco. The hi-nicotine varieties that the Indians used as a sacred plant. then you could control the amount of pesticides and herbicides on it. I myself do not grow it, or use it, but I do take nicotine in the form of supplement pills. The Indians were exactly right; tobacco''s nicotine content is a necessary nutrient for the human body. They got their supply by smoking tobacco, that their creator gave to them. Then came the barbarians from Europe on to their continent, and killed them all, about 300 milion of them, except for a small remnant of them; and began putting poison on the sacred herb.

You are exactly correct about the true source of the diseases caused by tobacco consumption being the poisonous herbicides, pesticides, curing agent chemicals, put on the leaf by man.

They have never proved that tobacco causes cancer, or any other disease. That never happened. No experiment that they performed ever showed that.`A guy named "captain Joe" ( or some similar name) on the internet, tried to track down the research that proved tobacco caused cancer. He never found it. It don't exist. What he found out was that in the original research; the test animals were given cancer causing radiation in order to induce cancers, to the tobacco test subjects.[animals] So if I gave you cancer with radiation while you are testing milk out, and you get cancer; does that prove milk causes cancer? Of course not. And neither does it prove that tobacco causes cancer. What it does prove; is that radiation causes cancer.... which everyone already knew.

This is a case exactly like the cholesterol research that they have falsely reported on. If you go and find the original research clinical studies, and read them yourself, you will find the original research studies proved that high cholesterol diets DID NOT cause heart disease rates over and above low cholesterol vegetarian diets. The entire interpretation of the diet research was a fraud.

The Polio epidemic was caused by nuclear bomb testing radiation fall-out coupled to DDT pesticides. The Polio epidemic went away when these 2 things went away. There never was any polio virus. That was a fraud. People got polio from the DDT and nuclear bomb testing fall-out. It was the poisons, and not some evil virus creature., that never existed. Remember the news-cast films of the government employees spraying people and children with DDT as they walked down the streets of America, in the 1940's and 1950's , IN A CLOUD OF DDT DUST ?

Syphilus disease was caused by mercury poison. Mercury was a favorite medicine of the white man up until the 1950's, or so. All the symptoms of syphilus are the exact same symptoms of chronic mercury poisoning. Syphilus went away when the mercury was taken out of the food & medicine chain.

The same for aids; caused by man-made chemicals, and not a evil virus creature. Follow the money trail.

Vitamin B3
Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn.) on 12/06/2013

HI U GOD FEARING FOLKS DOIN, , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Just read an interesting article that equated Alzheimer's with the advent of mercury flu shots and folks that stopped smoking. The article had a graph of the last two and the advent of Alzheimer's. The graphs tracked. Upon more research, I learned that tobacco is an herb where our B 3 vitamin comes from. Research has shown that B 3 helps your brain. Mercury does not. The problem with smoking or chewing today's tobacco is not the tobacco, but all the chemicals that has been sprayed on it. That includes insecticides, fungicides, and pesticides. Only a few years ago arsenic was sprinkled on the plant to kill the boll worms. If you smoked you got all that garbage. I don't have a clue about nicotine, but now all the smart people are saying that caffeine is good for you. The problem with coffee is that unless you buy organic you are still getting the stuff that you did with tobacco. They spray coffee plants too.

I quit smoking back in '73, but I loved it. I now think that there may be a way to smoke and it actually would be healthy for you. It would have to be organic and could only smoke one cig after each meal or some other protocol . Anyways, this is a story of how greedy folks can take a good thing and make it into a bad thing. Hope this makes you think.

====OLE ROBERT HENRY==========

Posted by Prioris (Fl) on 10/29/2013

Here is a link that would support the use of both Nattokinase and Serrapeptase in rats with Alzheimers:

Since Serrapeptase also has fibrolytic activity, I should have somewhat same effect on amyloid plaque. It is not as natural to the body as Nattokinase but that may be why to add it. Many supplement formulas used both to remove plaque from arteries. When one considers the list of very positive effects that these fibrolytic enzymes have on clots, heart attacks and strokes, i'd add it even if I didn't have Alzheimers especially if one is 40 years or older.

Posted by Rsw (Uniontown, Oh) on 10/28/2013

Do you know if Serrapeptase also clears this plaque? Thank you.

Posted by Prioris (Fl, Usa) on 10/28/2013

Prevent Alzheimers Disease with Nattokinase. Here is explanation:


Alzheimer's disease occurs when there's a build-up of amyloid. Amyloid is oxidized protein. It's a waste product that builds up inside all non-dividing cells. This includes the cells in your heart, brain, kidneys, etc. It builds slowly. And it slowly shuts down the ability of your cells to properly function. It irritates them, sort of like a chigger on your skin. Your brain cells are particularly sensitive.

It's rare to find a compound that can dissolve amyloid. But recently, researchers discovered that my favorite enzyme, nattokinase, cleaves to the protein and enhances its removal. What's interesting is that other protein dissolving enzymes, including trypsin and plasmin, don't do it. Trypsin is a protein-dissolving enzyme made by your pancreas. Plasmin is a protein in your blood that dissolves clots.

Interestingly, nattokinase got its fame as a clot buster or clot preventer. Now science is showing its superiority in dissolving this other unwanted protein.


I noticed Nattokinase was missing from Earth Clinic's Alzheimer remedy list.

B12, Folic Acid
Posted by Kathryn (Maryland) on 09/13/2013

I have given a b12 lozenge that contains hydroxycobalamin with a drop of a high-potency folic acid liquid supplement that contains 5 mg per drop on top of the lozenge every day to parents to help dementia. It really does help as some medications depete the body of these nutrients. Gives energy to them. Cognitive thinking. Not any b12 and folic acid will work.

Vitamin B
Posted by Gavin (Northland, New Zealand) on 08/24/2013

This might give a clue as to what nicotine (B3) can do and why the big pharma want in.

Vitamin B
Posted by Toourlady89 (Ca, Usa) on 08/24/2013

I found an article on MSN dated 5/22/2013...

Vitamin B keeps your brain from shrinking, reduces Alzheimer's risk

"A new study shows that vitamin B supplements reduced brain shrinkage by up to 90 percent in certain areas vulnerable to Alzheimer's, suggesting the vitamin may be more protective than previously thought. Dr. David Smith of Oxford University, who led the study, said, "our work shows that a key part of the disease process that leads to Alzheimer's disease, the atrophy of specific brain regions, might be modified by a safe and simple intervention. " Others caution that there's no magic bullet against Alzheimer's..."


Posted by Zark (Emerald City, The Land Of Oz) on 08/06/2013

Just wanted to point out that the "NAY" above would appear to be more specifically against Turmeric preventing cancer rather than Alzheimer's. There is pretty decent research indicating the *likely* effectiveness of Turmeric.

Turmeric is the fourth anti-inflammatory shown to help Alzheimer's that I am aware of. The other research/examples are: A DMARD injected into the neck (very controversial), NSAID's such as Aspirin (not controversial IMHO), steroids (listed on these very pages)

EC: Thanks, Zark. We'll remove that erroneous rating.

Vitamin D, Juice
Posted by Matty (Washington State) on 07/31/2013

You can buy liquid Vitamin D with a dropper in health foods stores and then you don't have to cut open Vitamin D gel caps, plus the quality is often better than those in gel/pill form.

Gotu Kola
Posted by Om (Hope BC, Canada) on 07/12/2013

I am thinking of an ayurvedic herb BRAHMI or its other name GOTU KOLA. It is supposed to repair and revitalize brain cells and nerves. It also decreases senility and aging. It is also a powerful blood purifier. Dr. David Frawley in Santa Fe would be the right professional to consult. Best of luck. Om

Coconut Oil
Posted by Michael (Ny, Usa) on 06/19/2013

I'm about to start this for my father, 79. And myself, 52. Might not be alzheimers or dementia, but he has severe memory issus and mine is getting bad. Must be genetic but I'll be dammed if I let the Monsanto madness take me out like that. Thanks for this thread and best of luck with your efforts.

Coconut Oil
Posted by Shirley (Toronto, Canada) on 05/02/2013

Coconut is actually very good in aiding weight loss. Just don't take it before bedtime if you are aiming to lose weight.

Alzheimer's and Aluminum
Posted by Leah (Philadelphia , Pa) on 04/20/2013

Hello, thank you for mentioning the link to metal toxicity as a potential cause of AD. I don't know if zinc or copper are as problematic as some of the other well known heavy metals since both zinc and copper are essential for immunity and fighting microbiota. Many people are actually low in these two essential trace elements. Signs of deficiency can be found on Dr Myhill's website.

So far no one has mentioned vaccines as a source of aluminum in the elderly who are strongly encouraged to have yearly flu shots. There was one study I came accoss showing increasing doses of flu vaccine with higher rates of altzeimers. Some have even suggested that altzeimers is very similar to autism and that both seem to result from a combination of metal poisoning and a resulting chronic inflammation in the brain.

Mercury is an other culprit. We all should be very careful to avoid this neurotoxin yet it is fairly easy to be exposed to it from "silver" dental fillings, coal smoke, contaminated food and water and from vaccines that contain thimerosol.

Some other heavy metals to watch out for are cadmium, lead, arsenic, and nickle. Lead pipes are still a problem in older houses. Arsenic is becoming a major problem because it was used as an agricultural pesticide for many years and remains in the ground where food crops can easily take it up as with citrus and rice from heavily pesticided southern US states. Nickle is a component of stainless steel cook ware and silver jewelry. It, like the others, is neurotoxic and carcinogenic.

I would also like to highlight the problem with cholesterol lowering drugs. Dr Mercola has spoken out against them because they may in fact cause dementia and AD. Neurons need cholesterol coatings so preventing cholesterol should lead to brain problems. Low fat high carb diets are potential cause of dementia for the same reason. Each cell is composed of cholesterol. Vitamin D needs cholesterol to be produced in the body. MSG and aspartame and other synthetic neurotoxins are probably to blame too. Vaccines often contain MSG, formaldehyde, and other strange chemicals.

As for treatment, I see coconut oil mentioned very often. The Weston A Price Foundation also had a fabulous article on the need for sulphur to detox, in which case cruciferous veggies, garlic and eggs should help. DMSO is another good option for detoxing. Finally, I know proper gut bacteria can play a huge role in overall health, improving metabolism, fighting bad bugs, making vitamins, and helping eliminate heavy metals. Fermented foods or probiotics could help here. Others have mentioned vitamin D, iodine and selenium, B 12, juicing etc.

Vitamin B3
Posted by Hebster (Minneapolis, Mn Usa) on 04/16/2013

I'm looking for some insight into why this would have happened. My mother-in-law has Alzheimer's. She injured herself in a fall and got a steroid shot. The next day we noticed a significant change in her function, it was almost as if she had reverted back to the beginning stages of 5-6 years ago, an amazing improvement.

Now we are digging deeper to figure out why this would be - any thoughts? Nothing else changed except the shot, no drugs, no diet, nothing else.

Any insight would be extremely appreciated. We would like her to not revert back, if at all possible.

Coconut Oil
Posted by Stevenson (Vancouver, Bc, Canada) on 03/22/2013

Hi Linda. That's true, time just moves so fast now it seems. Yes, really wonderful news for him, but also for us, as it's not easy seeing someone you love wither away like that. 6 weeks ago everything looked hopeless, but now, it's such an improvement, so I'll keep posting here good or bad to see how he progresses.

Coconut Oil
Posted by Linda (York County, Southern Maine) on 03/20/2013

Hi Stevenson - what great news about your father! I truly hope to see monthly updates from you as "The Big A" is the real worry I have about getting older. As I've aged, I realize that 76 is not old at all - that's just 20 years from now, for me, and the time will pass in a flash!

Coconut Oil
Posted by Stevenson (Vancouver, Bc, Canada) on 03/19/2013

I will post every month, but my Father has severe Alzheimers, is 76 and it was downright scary. Forward 6 weeks later now, and three tablespoons of extra virgin coconut oil each and every day, his symptoms have improved so much that I think we are all still stunned. I will keep this thread alive with my posts to let everyone know what is going on with his progress. I overcame gallstones myself, so our family has had a little awakening at how certain foods can have such a vast affect on our bodies to make them well again.

It's much too early to tell which way my Father is going as he is quite stubborn, but so far, it's hard to believe his progress. Will post every month or so and keep everyone updated, but today he did a happy dance that made us all burst out with laughter. If you could have seen him about 6 weeks ago, you would swear he was on his last legs.

Vitamin D, Juice
Posted by Tree (Green, Pa) on 03/18/2013

Hi Larry, it is a major brand available in all major grocery retailers. V8-fusion the reg not the low cal. I did poke a hole in the vit D caps and squeeze them in the juice but only because had a hard time getting her to take pills but I don't really think this matters. God bless you!

Vitamin D, Juice
Posted by Liz (Boston, Massachusetts) on 03/18/2013

I'm not the original poster, but it sounds like she is referring to the V- F---- juices - in this case, the "strawberry/banana" flavor. The juices have a vegetable base, but are flavored with different fruits that you can choose from - pomegranate/blueberry, strawberry/banana, etc. Hope this helps.

Vitamin D, Juice
Posted by Larry (Fairfax, Va, USA) on 03/17/2013

Hi, Your Vit. D / juice recommendation to help overcome alzeimer's sounds encouraging. Can you please be more specific about the vegetable/fruit juice used. Thanks, Larry

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