Apple Cider Vinegar for Basal Cell Carcinoma

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Babushka (Georgia) on 05/15/2021
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I am a bit concerned. I used ACV before to get rid of new wart on my forehead. It scabbed up, fell off and left no scar. All within 5 days.

I found this site and thought would try it on the bcc on my thigh and then other troubling sites. I applied ACV to 2 suspected bcc on my thigh, a possible wart on the collar bone, a wart or skin tag on my hairline, and an off color dry rough flaky patch with brown on one edge on the back of my upper left arm, that I have had for at least 4 years. The latter patch is the one most troubling to me.

I used ACV for two nights and a hole filled with looked like light yellow pus with a black dot appeared. Also, around the perimeter, other things are happening which I am not sure is a reaction to band aid or tx, but my skin is red bumpy and looks bruised. The site was painful the 2nd night and going forward every time I applied tx.

On the third day, I used ACV for about 4 hours, then H2O2 3% during the day. At night I put organic coconut oil on it. This hole has not changed much. The site is looking really bad with this yellowish hole, and now black spots on one side. It is still really irritated along a 1 inch perimeter with one side red and bumpy. Yesterday, I tried only H2O2 dabbing it on rather than letting it sit under a band-aide. I alternated using coconut oil and essential oils that worked to removed suspected bcc. Last night I dabbed with H2O2 let dry and then treated it with the essential oils.

What was a 1 inch site that did not itch or hurt me has been a major problem since I started treating this and I am not sure if this is normal and how to proceed since it is so irritated on a wide area of the perimeter. It is on the back of my arm, so it is hard to even dress it now. I need some direction as to whether this is normal for the surface to change this much. An infection has been a concern, I am keeping it clean and no fever, so maybe I should not be too concerned.

Anyone who has experienced this, please advise. I did not think the site cancerous and but now am wondering what it was to have such a severe reaction. Did I burn a hole in my skin? or is this a process of healing?

FYI: I have treated most of the sites the same except for my scalp hair line. I decided to go with H2O2 dabs and then essential oils.

The bcc on my leg went flat and shiny red to a pit raised and this a.m. felt a bit raw and looked like it had broken skin on the edges, so I cleaned it with H2O2 and put essential oils on it. The collar bone is a sore site but not as big, it is now a red raised bump with a white center. Should I continue on with alternating tx and resume ACV? diluting it?

Advice welcomed, please.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Patti (Florida, US) on 04/11/2015
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Hello, I started using apple cider vinagar 4 weeks ago on 3 spots on my legs. They are sooooo very painful, they sting all day long, I am also very tired. They have changed in size and the top is now turning white. How long before the pain and stinging stop and they start to heal?

I have bruises on my legs from the bandages!

Thank you, I was hoping they would be healed by now!