Apple Cider Vinegar for Basal Cell Carcinoma

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by C (Connecticut) on 01/20/2022
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Worked Temporarily

Hi All -

I've had many BCC and several SCC over the last 25 years. No longer will I do excision, toxic chemo creams or MOHS all of which were recommended by my dermatologist as they always come back. Mine have come back after using ACV too after a few years.

Here are some things I have read for thought... I have heard of people curing cancers by change of diet: no animal products (causes your body to be too acidic), no sugar or processed foods - just fruits, veg, nuts, seeds legumes, whole grains etc. Many stories of successful reversal of cancer via juicing (search Chris Wark, James Templeton) my thought is if it works for cancer why not skin cancer? Also search Ralph Cole carrots.

I have heard great things about Curaderm BEC cream but I have not tried it. James Templeton of Templeton Wellness has interviewed a doctor who has a proprietary product he uses (only available in the USA through his traveling clinics). I have also found information online (youtube videos) regarding Petty Spurge aka Radium Weed which grows wild all in the UK, Australia and am sure must be in Europe. Many people mention Rick Simpson oil - some type of oil made from marijuana. Search Dr Tullio Simoncini out of Rome Italy who uses 7% iodine and or bicarb but there is a process/procedure that you have to follow. You can have an on line appointment with him and he gives you the procedure. (I didn't do it as I cannot get the iodine.) A few days ago I discovered an author, Ewan M Cameron, who has written a book called The Skin Cancer Miracle but I have not read it yet. Another thing I have read many people say using good quality Frankincense essential oil several times a day got rid of their skin cancers.

Also there was a study done at Sydney University where people took 500mg 2 X per day of Nicotinamide (NOT Niacin! NOT Niacinamide) and many people said it kept their BCC from coming back. If your dermatologist has not told you about it and or recommended you to take it - fire him/her and get another dermatologist who honors their hippocratic oath to do no harm. They clearly just see you as a $ sign. And call him/her out on it! New research may show sun screens which are loaded with toxic chemicals may do more harm than good and that we need some sun (work your way up to 15-20 mins per day) exposure on bare skin. It seems everyone on this post seems to be having the same issues of recurrent skin cancers.

There is a solution...what works for one may not work for another but don't ever give up....keep trying and keep researching. I hope some of this helps.