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How To Use Apple Cider Vinegar for Allergies in Dogs and Cats

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Posted by Steve (Murray, KY) on 10/09/2008
5 out of 5 stars

After reading the articles about dogs scratching and chewing their feet, I read over and over about using apple cider vinegar as a spray. I was at the point i had to try something, I tried a 50 50 acv and water and also within the first hour i saw results, i use it now at least one time a day and sometimes two, my dobhie/lab mix has been chewing and scratching for 3 years and this is the best i have seen her, i have made numerous visits to the vet, shots and have been giving all sorts of pills i do believe this has given her more relief than anything. i started also about 3 weeks ago giving her a fish oil capsule 2 times a day. pleae if anyone has a problem try the ACV/water solution for your dogs sake. thanks for all the folks who recomended this. from the bluegrass state

Posted by Virginia (Cushing, OK) on 08/07/2008
5 out of 5 stars

FLEAS/TICKS and ACV: Full Strength ACV on dog that was scratching constantly. His hair under his tail and on his abdomen had a red tint to it (he is white) and I am not sure it wasn't some kind of mange problem too since it had a terrible odor which wasn't helped by bathing. After spraying him down with full strength ACV the odor dissipated and his scratching has stopped. I sprayed him for 3 consecutive days at first but skip a day or two now. Thank you for saving me a vet bill...

Posted by Nadia (Brooklyn, NY) on 08/03/2008
1 out of 5 stars

Apple cider vinegar should not be used if a yeast allergy is present! This is obvious in retrospect because yeast is used to ferment the apple cider.

I introduced this to my dog by adding 1/2 mL of organic apple cider vinegar to his food on the first day and 1 mL on the second day, and rather than relieving his mild allergy symptoms it induced a full allergy attack (head to toe hot, pink, itchy skin, severely itchy paws, ears, and muzzle).

Replied by Beaubeau
Indianapolis, In


You must use apple cider that hasn't been distilled with yeast. Some companies use yeast to make the cider ferment faster. You must use the correct type, otherwise your animal will get worse!

Replied by Maria

How do I know if my cat is allergic to ACV? right now my poor cat who is 19 has red ears and face and is itchy all over. I introduced raw food but poor guy is still suffering. I was so excited about ACV that I went to buy it today but I keep seeing your message about allergic to yeast???? So how do I know this?

Replied by Wendy

Only buy the organic Apple Cider Vinegar! Your local supermarket may have it in their health foods section. It is also sold on Amazon and at Whole Foods. Don't worry about yeast with a perfect product such as organic ACV.

You say you're feeding your cat raw lamb, but you also need to make sure you're feeding a high-quality raw diet. I personally don't know much about feeding raw, so YOU need to do your OWN research to make sure you're not adding to your cat's distress by feeding tainted food!

Replied by John Handy
South Africa

What apple cider vinegar is best to use for yeast infection. We only seem to have two types here in S. Africa. What must I look for on the label?

Posted by Linda (Miramichi, Canada) on 07/10/2008
5 out of 5 stars

My little Venus has been going nuts with itching and biting..had 2 spots size of toonies on her with a scab, one with hair off and bald. She is on a regime from vet for fleas etc. In desperation, one hot day I sprayed apple cider vinegar and water {half and half}all over her skin and especially on those 2 spots. She stopped scratching for about an hour and a half. So we now put 5 ml/ 1 tsp. mixed with a tsp/ water in a 5 ml. syringe and shoot it into her mouth once a day. She wouldn't eat if we put it in food or drinking water. VOILA!!! NO MORE ITCHING AND BITING

Replied by Gloria
San Antonio, USA

Our chihuahua has really bad eye allergies. Do you think that the ACV would help her stop her constant eye rubbing? Please reply ASAP, if possible---Thank you.

Replied by Kristen
Oklahoma City, OK
5 out of 5 stars

To Gloria from San Antonio - I know the chances are slim that you will see this, but I put ACV on my chihuahua's neck twice a day and it has greatly helped her eye allergies!! It's not a total cure all, but it has provided her so much relief. I'm a believer!

Posted by Lauren (Norridge, IL) on 04/22/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I can't thank you enough for your remedy on your website. My Yorkie has been suffering on and off, mostly on, with smelly, itchy, swollen feet. I've tried everything....medicinal sprays, ointments, special shampoos, socks, washing with and hairdryer on low, antibiotic, and the list goes on.

In desperation, I searched various website, but (they are mostly selling something) and found yours. Your suggestion (simple and safe) I thought so I tried it. It was 2:30 in the morning when I found your remedy, and wouldn't sleep anyway for the licking, licking he was doing only making it worse and throwing up from all the medication he licked off when he pulled the socks off. I had some Acv in the pantry. I dissolved 1/4 cup in pint of water. I first washed and rinsed squeaky clean what was left on his feet from medication. I held his paws over the sink and poured the solution on his feet one-by-one. I could actually see the inflammation disappearing and the swelling going down. Could this be possible!? Am I seeing things I want to see and believe this will work! You bet it did!!!! I put some Acv dissolved in water in a spray bottle just in case he starts licking again.

He hasn't and slept through the night. Me, too.

I am very grateful and wish i found your site sooner. Needless to say, I'm happy and so is my Yorkie and I can't thank you enough!

Posted by Debra (Salem, NY) on 03/02/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Apple cider vinegar is helping myold cat with her scratching and digging - she was just raw from all this - I was at my wits end - had tried everything, including the steriod and antibiotic treatments to no avail.... she is healing! I am also putting some in the dogs water :) They are drinking it too - Red (the cat) also gets it dabbed on her raw spots - within two treatments I began to see a difference. She licked and chewed so much, she constantly threw up most of her food - she is now happier and so are we! Thanks

Posted by Jill (Dania Beach, FL) on 02/07/2008
5 out of 5 stars

After using ACV in a spray bottle only once so far, I have already seen results greater than the last 2 months of using Diphenhydramine for itching! Although not completely gone, I believe both dogs slept soundly last night whereas since this all began they'd be up biting and licking and scratching. They won't go anywhere near the Emergen-C, and I sneaked a capful on ACV in their drinking water but they're staying away from that too.

Posted by Arif Jinha (Carleton Place, Canada) on 01/29/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Our cat was suffering from raw patches of skin and loss of fur, and one spot that likely started from scratches from the other two cats that she had licked raw to the point that it was a scarlet red wound, slightly crusted with a lot of hair loss. We used a few drops in the water, and sponged the affected areas with ACV. In less than two days, we are happy to say her skin is healing, her coat is healthier-looking and the bad scratch has begun to heal, no more brigh red. miraculous! I tried to find any journal articles from peer-reviewed veterinary medicine journals but could not! We were even advised by a pharmacist that using ACV was a silly idea. This has convinced me that we really have a problem in the way traditional science evaluates these remedies. So many anecdotes of success, but researchers ignore it! thanks!!

Posted by Colleen (Pinetown, South AFrica) on 01/01/2008
5 out of 5 stars

ACV CURED MY DOGS OF SCRATCHING THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for a wonderful site. I'm a Yorkie mom, who dreamed of having a Yorkie with a show coat. My two babies scratch so much that they have severly damaged their coats, and I'd all but given up on ever having long-haired Yorkies. That's till I doscovered this site. Last night, I bathed both my babies and used ACV in the final rinse water, and within 15 minutes I noticed a marked reduction in the scratching. Within the hour, the scratching had diminised by about 80%. Tonight I bathed they again, using ACV in the final rinse water, and the scratching has completely stopped. I was not sure what quantity to use, so I used 2 tot measures in about 2 litres of water. What a miracle find. By the way, the scratching was NOT as a result of fleas, as I spend a small fortune at the vet each month to keep the fleas under control, but if ACV helps with that too, then I'll be saving so much money. I've also read on your site that ACV promotes hair growth, so who knows, I may have a show-coat Yorkie after all. Furthermore, their coats are shining like mirrors!!! This truly is an amazing find, and I'm so grateful for your site and the information contained therrein. Thanks again for a wonderful site, and keep up the good work.

Posted by Carrie (Pittsburgh, PA) on 12/06/2007
5 out of 5 stars

Every winter (once we turn on the furnace) my cat suffers from constant scratching. It has gotten to the point that he scratches all his hair off his neck and he has scabs all over the area. He does not have fleas. I have tried every pet spray, wipes, drops there is. I did not want to take him to the vets, only because to him, it is tramatic and I can't stand to see this cat act like he does at the vets, and I did not want him to be on any steroid treatment. So looking on the web one night hoping to find a "miracle" for this cats condition, I stumbled across something about apple cider vinegar. I decided I would try it, what could it hurt? I decided to put a few drops in his water and mark his water bowl to see if he drank any. I was never so excited when I came home from work and found out that not only did he drink some of his water, but the scratching and CONSTANT licking has stopped!!! I came home to a very playful, happy cat. I am thankful I read about apple cider vinegar. Don't be afraid to try really works and its very safe to use on animals!!!!

Posted by Grace Wahlman (Chester, Illinois, USA) on 08/28/2007
5 out of 5 stars

After reading about Apple Cider Vinegar as a remedy on your site, I started given it to my Boxer, Peaches, who has had recurring allergies and skin rashes...I noticed a marked improvement in less than a week... I also give it to the Lab, Sadie, just because, and her coat has improved tremendously and she doesn't shed nearly as bad.. I have recommended ACV to many people and 99% have been helped... Thanks so much for posting this info.

Posted by Ann (Victoria, Australia) on 07/28/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I used acv after reading about it on the website and my doggie who was suffering from terrible skin problems, started looking so good, her hair was growing , there was no more scratching. She is looking great. All the medications never brought her to full recovery but acv is just great and has done so much good for my doggie.Thank you so much.

Replied by Pete
Union Beach, Nj
5 out of 5 stars

Try a raw food diet ex. BARF, your dog's allergies will subside and overall health will improve. I have a black lab who has Allergies, the meds the vet gave didn't work. Someone suggested a Raw food diet, my dog has never been healthier... No more scratching or sores, small stool and a shiny coat. Just read up on it before you decide to do it.

Or go grain free... not as good as raw but a better alternative than reg dog food.

Replied by Susan
Tampa, Florida

My kitty has been scratching her ears and is losing hair there from all the scratching. She does not have fleas or mites, could it be her food? I have changed her food and is still doing it. Any recommendations for a good food for her, I think she is allergic to the Blue Spa and it is holistic food. I'm new here, a friend just sent me this link, glad to be here and hi to everyone. Thanks, Susan

Replied by Karin
Wilmington, North Carolina

Raw food has cured my cat who had chronic urinary tract blockages due to urine crystals. He's done so well that I put my other cat on it. Their coats are beautiful - no itching for them. I wish I could afford to put my itchy German Shepherd on it to help with his chronic allergies, but will try the apple cider vinegar. I'm very excited to discover this website!

Posted by Helen (Long Island, NY) on 01/21/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I tried Margaret's remedy of ACV and water on my cocker spaniel's feet and it is working. Thank you.

Posted by Margaret (Northern Ireland) on 05/04/2006
5 out of 5 stars

My Female Kerry Blue has been constantly licking and biting her feet particularly in between her paws for over a year now. Her pads were red raw and sometimes she found it difficult to walk she had so much pain, I had been to the Vets 4 or 5 times with her, injections, antibotics, creams, shampoos, allergy tests etc, and she still continued to eat them. I discovered this website for Apple Cider Vinegar and went out straight away to get some , I put some into a spray bottle and sprayed her feet every morning and evening and like a miracle she has stopped completely, ( within 2 days!!). Her little paws are completely dry now and she is so happy - a completely different dog. I cannot recommend this product enough - it has done wonders for my dog.