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MMS: The Miracle Mineral Supplement from Jim Humble

Last Modified on Sep 16, 2015

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Posted by Kilihunebabe (Seattle, Wa) on 12/13/2011

Through research on H202, I came across Miracle Mineral Supplement which seems to have the same effect as H202 except it is chlorine dioxide. I didn't see any info on this site, which is my go-to for all things au naturale. Has anyone had any experience with this?

Posted by Jean (Mitchell, Nebraska, United States) on 07/20/2011

I am wondering if anyone can tell me if it is ok to take mms in iced tea or in hot peppermint tea?

Posted by Alicia (Orlando, Fl) on 04/26/2011

I wanted to post this since MMS is a subject on this site. I just want avoid people doing damage to themselves based on misguided information. This link is from a doctor that is pro-natural healing/supplementation, yet I take this page as a warning. Read and make your own decisions about MMS.

Replied by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe
some ppl might be confusing MMS with MSM.
Replied by Joyce
Joelton, Tn
Hi, Sure hope no one is confusing MMS and MSG.

MSG is methylsulfanylmethane which is one of the best for traumatic arthritis (also helps with allergies and other things) is a substance our bodies require. It is also a great anti-inflammatory without the side effects of the NSAIDS (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs).

MMS is short for mirace mineral supplement (proper name is sodium chlorite) and it allegedly kills just about all pathogens. If any of you have been reading up on the latest thing coming out of India (allegedly a "gene" that instantly converts all pathogens to drug resistant type. If this is so, we all know that some mad scientists have come up with a new way to reduce the world wide population which is said to be the new world order's greatest desire. Jim Humble claims that there is no way any pathogen can become resistant to MMS. Let's hope he is right and may I suggest that those of you who haven't taken a few precautions, immediately do so, because I fear the NWO is a lot closer than we'd like to think.

If you haven't already done so, get you a few gallons of 35% food grade H202, a few pounds of MMS, a supply of Lugol's solution (15%) or SSKI *saturated solution of potassium iodide). If you find a source of potassium crystals and online source says to mix your own SSKI, fill a brown bottle to about 60% full, next add distilled water to about 90% full, put cap on and shake vigorously for at least 2 minutes. You will know if you have a saturated solution because there should be a few undissolved crystals in the bottom of your bottle. A good supply of these and you should be set to handle many of your own problems without a doctor or hospital. Also suggested is getting a good book on identifi-cation, gathering and preparing herbals that grow in your local area. You will be surprised to learn that many of the best herbals plants are con-sidered as weeds.

PS. If you can't come up with a better way to remember whether you want MSM or MMS - my opinion is that MMS is much easier to pronounce or spell than MSM & maybe remembering to think "mommy, me sick" for MMS will tell you it is the one to use to wipe out an infection.

Replied by Nasira
Springfield, Ma/usa
I think all people should read J Humble's new edition of the MMS book (the 3rd edition). It's on the internet somewhere as a download for free. The understanding and explainations for why it works are great. Do the research and follow the instructions (don't improvise) or drink or eat something you shouldn't then say it does not work or it made me sick... Because that is on you and not the product itself.... The propaganda is out there and TPTB want you under the knife or using drugs that will kill you... make the wise decisions in life.


Replied by Neb
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
I guess that it is easy to get sidetracked about anything. We are genetically disciplined to listen to what the good doctor is saying. However, now-a-day Doctor is just a copy of a copy of a copy of a Doctor from some 50 year old book together with a recipe for good business. If it hides the symptoms and it sells, then that is the way to go. There are countless testimonials from people all over the Globe saying how MMS helped them in many, many ways. Yes, maybe if you foolishly take 20 drops, have all kind of stomach problems and then again, take another 20 drops then I believe that something is wrong with you - not with MMS. Yes, maybe some people had bad experience because of so many different circumstances and I am sure that the Lady from Dr. Sedura's report died and was also taking MMS.

However, it does not say and is not in any way proven that she died from MMS intake. On the other hand, if someone would collect how many people died from using regular medications and procedures that are approved by FDA, it would probably take a better part of the year and more then ten thousand pages to write them all up. However, these are "well known and approved" way to "cure" different illnesses - although I have yet to find a drug that actually cures anything.

This is my take on the article that Alicia from Orlando, FL is pointing us to.

Replied by Grace
Seattle, WA
[SIDE EFFECTS]   I thought it - MMS - was used in the hospitals to cure malaria? My doctor orders my hormone, I go to pick them up later. I asked my husband what one of the ingredients is in my hormones that I have never heard of? He, goes, that is antifreeze. I called the pharmacy to make with a natural substitute instead. Anyhow, MMS makes it hard for me to breathe. I'm hypersensitive, so hard to say if it is just me or a detox.

Posted by Bobbyjo (Jamestown, Pa) on 04/14/2011

The evidence is abundant and I have experience with mms. Anyone claiming mms to be dangerous is a despicable pharmapuppet.

Posted by Dj (Somewhere, West Coast) on 03/08/2011

Anybody heard anything about this? I just met a gal last night talking about this great detox stuff??

EC: See here:

Replied by Rob
Manhattan, New York
Andrew Weil gives it a big thumbs down. I respect his wisdom and education & tend to agree. The info, here, suggests that it may be effective to rid oneself of worms... I've seen no anecdotal evidence yet of anyone saying it helped or cured more serious illnesses of cancer or hiv. Here is the link:

A friend with Lyme disease tried it with no positive results.

Replied by Peter
Bangkok, Thailand
I was in Nigeria a week ago and I met a doctor who is quietly curing people of the HIV virus using MMS. I say "quietly" as he doesn't want his efforts to be stopped by Big Pharma and their friends.
Replied by Ronald
Lima, Peru
There is no way anyone who is sincere and investigates MMS can deny that it is very effective and has saved many thousands of lives.

Does anyone have information regarding the effect of iodine on MMS? It is important to raise iodine levels using higher doses when fighting cancer. A few people have said that it can reduce the effect of MMS/chlorine dioxide.

Replied by Bill Donate

San Fenando, Philippines
1182 Posts
Hi Ronald...Iodine is an anti-oxidant and MMS(Chlorine Dioxide) is a pro-oxidant. So if you combine them or take them at the same time, they will simply react with each other and cancel out each other's beneficial effects. So if you take any anti-oxidant nutrient together with MMS then the same thing will happen.

MMS only lasts for about an hour in the blood before it is quickly removed from the body so the best way to take MMS is to take it in a one to three drop dose, once an hour, eight times a day. You can take it in higher single dosages, but this may cause headaches, nausea and vomiting (similar to large dose HP). The MMS protocol is very similar to the Hydrogen Peroxide Protocol -- which only last for about an hour in the body as well because it also has similar pro-oxidant action.

Posted by Lilly (Margate, Fl) on 12/15/2010

[SIDE EFFECTS]  I wanted to try MMS for myself, I had no illnesses or discomforts but needed to know what it would do to a healthy female aprox 115lbs 5ft 3in. My first dose was as per the protocal (1drop mms per 2drop of cit acid) pure lemon juice. I only used 2 drops because I didn't want to dilute the solution too much. One drop did nothing, I felt nothing at all, no effect. So I waited about 35-40min and did it again, still nothing. I didn't want to overdo it so I went to bed and the next morning took 3 drops w/the six drops of lemon juice (fresh squeezed. By the way on all tries I did wait the 4 min before adding the water and drinking. It turns a deep yellow. Anyhow, 3 drops did nothing so I kept adding drops till I got up to 6 and still nothing, so I got anxious as to why I still had no effect ie: heat, nausia, diareaha (spelling)dizziness.. Nothing.

So I jumped to 9drops impatiently and thats when it hit me. I felt miserable almost like getting the flu. My head ached (not hurt) my body was weak.. The whole day went on like this with a little diareaha (spelling). I did not eat dinner I went to bed w/a headache and in the morning felt brand new, like I could outrun my dog and I am pushing 44. I kept going without ill effect untill I reached 15 drops and still no ill effect. That one little spout of found germ or whatever and it was over. I only take it on an empty stomach and wait the 4 min before adding water. I am still doing 15 drops 2x s a day. I even give it to my dog. She did not get sick up to 3drops. She is a pit and about 65lbs.

Replied by Gean
Salina, Ks
I have used MMS quite a bit and I thought the protocol was to use 5 times as much citric acid as MMS - so 5 drops of acid for 1 drop of MMS.
Replied by Nasira
Springfield, Ma/usa
"12/15/2010: Lilly from Margate, Fl wrote something.....and Gean responded to her...12/16/2010: Gean from Salina, Ks replies: "I have used MMS quite a bit and I thought the protocol was to use 5 times as much citric acid as MMS - so 5 drops of acid for 1 drop of MMS"... Thanks Gean... This is what I am talking about.... Lilly wanted to experiment and did something she should not do.. Instead of following the directions or reading and learning... well I think you follow what I mean.

There are "Sheep" out there who going to miss a good thing when they listen to the responses of people who don't follow instructions or who believe in the posts of people who spout the propaganda... Read the book (free download somewhere on the net)... then "talk what you know".

PS It Works!!


Replied by Bill
Franklin, Tn
One of our cats was diagnosed with Cytauxzoonosis, which is a parasite and the mortality rate is near 100%. I took the cat to the vet on a Friday and was told that she would not likely make it through the weekend. I brought her home and decided to treat her with MMS. Our cat weighs about 8 lbs. So I knew it wouldn't take much to treat her. I started with 2 drops of MMS and it was a good fight getting her to swallow it but I got it in her. I repeated this every 4 or 5 hours through the weekend. One morning I noticed of puddle of yucky something on the floor that she had vomited. I felt bad for making her sick but I knew it was working. She made it to Monday and her behavior was indicative that she was feeling much better. I continued doing this twice a day for about 5 more days and then stopped. This happened back in April and here it is August and she's doing great.

Posted by Jeff (Nashville, Tn) on 10/13/2010

I did have interest in MMS till I ran across an FDA warning. Even though it is from the FDA it sounds kind of scary.

Replied by Carly
Seattle, Wa Usa
Jeff - it is the governments JOB to scare us into being the docile creatures they would like us to be. Think about it. ;-)
Replied by Pete
I agree. Unfortunately most governments in the world are no longer working for the people, but for their big corporations through blatant legalized lobbying practices. MMS hurts a LOT of big pockets. That said, MMS should be used with extreme caution. Only a few drops can be enough to create major detox (it happened to me, it was scary). I don't see it as a supplement or remedy. I think only experienced professionals should be using it on their patients. There are gentler ways here on EC to achieve the same results.
Replied by Neb
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
It's all said... FDA is there to scare us for the good of Corporations.

If MMS was really bad but it didn't actually work at all - I am sure that FDA wouldn't even bother to do any report on the subject. That is scary - not MMS.

Replied by Rev. Dr. Mayo
Alva, Florida, United States
That is total BS by the totally corrupt FDA! Notice they do not tell you why or how it did any of this? Notice that they give no reasons for how it can do any of that?

Their real reason is to halt MMS as it cures everything their partners, Big Pharma, sell at 100,000s % profit that never cure but only treat. MMS has never killed anyone, Pharma kills over 1,000,000 yearly with their drugs.

The sickness may be true, it is not a sickness though, it is a Herxheimer reaction due to the pathogens being killed so fast that the body is eliminating them by vomiting or diarreah.

The new protocols do not even cause that as you use a max of 3 drops every hour and kill the pathogens slower and longer.

MMS has a oxydation potential of 9.1, that is how it attacks and kills the pathogens. Anything good in your body is 11.2 or above, MMS at 9.1 cannot harm anything above it's OP, so it cannot harm you. Pathogens are below 9.1, so MMS seeks out and destroys all those very quickly. H202 is actually more dangerous than MMS as it's OP is above 11.2, as is oxygen also.

Please research this info -

Posted by Douggy (Alexandria, Va, Usa) on 01/28/2010

I was informed by a friend about MMS. His Chiropractor was diagnosed with a rare skin cancer. They looked like several beige circles. He said that chiropractor was drinking 11 drops of MMS everyday for six months and that his skin cancer is total gone. My friend who has the same skin cancer started drinking it for 30 days and his physicians said that they noticed that his skin lesions look lighter. He has continued his use of MMS. I read somewhere on Humble's website that the new protocol is to drink 2 drops of MMS every two hours for (8-10 hours) daily. I also read that to get rid of the HIV virus, one had to drink 3 drops of MMS every hour for 8-10 hours for 3.5 weeks. Has anyone done this? Does anyone know "personally" of anyone who has been cured of AIDS/HIV with MMS or any other regiment? Looking for real answers, please.

Replied by Nasira
Springfield, Ma/usa
It should be noted that Humble points out in the book the antibodies will forever remain with an HIV/AIDS person due to the exposure..... So the only way to tell if a person is recovered is "health" and a good WBC count... (you get what I am trying to say... Right?)


Replied by Tcharles
Corona, Ca
What are you trying to say? I'd like to know. I'm considering of purchasing MMS for this particular ailment, but I need to know if it will make the virus worse or make it undetectable. I do not want to start taking HIV meds cause I know it's a form of poison. I'm searching for alternatives methods of treatment, namely natural remedies, to treat this ailment. Please help.
Replied by Mweather
Riverside, Ca, Usa
What she is trying to say is that if your body defeats a virus, you will have antibodies. Permanently. The antibodies don't mean you are still sick. Unfortunately with HIV, there is no test that will say "You are now cured", only a test for antbodies, which it is claimed will always mean you are still actively infected. Since it is assumed by the medical industry that there is no cure, it is also assumed that any HIV antibodies must mean you are still sick. So... They will never say "You are cured". Is that a bit clearer?

Posted by Norman (Nelson, New Zealand) on 01/23/2010

Hi. I have just read a report in the Sunday Star Times Jan 24th, titled Miracle Chemical Dubbed a Danger. For those of us who are unqualified to comment, but read these articles with interest it appears to be similar to Hydrogen Peroxide in claiming what it can achieve. Is it the same as H.P. ?. It is certainly getting a bad press from a Doctor in Dunedin, New Zealand, Dr Paul Trotman. If you would like me to send you a copy of this report please forward your e-mail. I would appreciate your feedback on this.

Thanks Norman

EC: Link to the article if anyone is interested:

Posted by Norman (Nelson, New Zealand) on 01/23/2010

Hi. I have just read a report in the Sunday Star Times Jan 24th, titled Miracle Chemical Dubbed a Danger. For those of us who are unqualified to comment, but read these articles with interest it appears to be similar to Hydrogen Peroxide in claiming what it can achieve. Is it the same as H.P. ?. It is certainly getting a bad press from a Doctor in Dunedin, New Zealand, Dr Paul Trotman. If you would like me to send you a copy of this report please forward your e-mail. I would appreciate your feedback on this.

EC: Link to the article if anyone is interested:

Replied by Jeffism
Madison, Wi
OK This is my first of many entries. I say this to anyone who is out there posting on this incredible site. Do not comment on side effects when you have not studied the use and protocols for the substance you are using. Heck, the first time I tried methylene blue I took 20 times too much and got a side effect. Of course, I did not post that because it was my bad math that caused the problem, not the substance. You are confusing others by posting side effects when your lack of knowledge is the problem. Study it first, no matter what it is.

The Doc you are mentioning did no study and is making childish assumptions. MMS, when used as directed by Mr Humble, is an exceptional healer in my life and thousands of others. He 100% deserves the Nobel prize for his work with Malaria and instead, you will see his products for water purification only in the next few months and he is at risk personally for doing nothing but good in the world. I have 80 inches of scars from Viet Nam and it so confuses me that ignorance and money still rule the planet.

Stay the course. Healing of most anything is out there. People have tried the MMS with the CC1 zapper from paradevices for HIV and succeeded.

Never give up. We deserve wellness in this life but, as a great healer once told me,

"The whole purpose of illness is to find the answer". Blessings to all....Jeff ism.

Replied by Patti
Camlachie, Canada
To Jeffism: Very diplomatically put sir! I too have posted similar remarks as I grow weary of people jumping the gun.

Thank you!

Posted by Forestnfama (Rio De Janerio, Brazil) on 01/19/2010

I am very suspicious of those who are dissing mms. I have seen hundreds of cases where mms not only helped but be considered cured all kinds of ailments. And for sure there are people who the mms did nothing for. Probably karma, their negative thinking prevailed or they are just stooges for the big pharms or just idiots that dwell in the ditches of ignorance. There is not one case that I know of that mms cause great bodily harm, to the contrary, mms is a God send..

Replied by Patricia
Camlachie, Canada
Forestnfama; I very much agree with you on why people would comment badly toward MMS. I would say it's because they are not educated properly in the use of it. All the information necessary for the proper usage of MMS is found at Jim Humbles site. He has everything there one needs to know about MMS1 and MMS2. MMS is exactly what it stands for MIRACLE MINERAL SOLUTION. It is a GOD send! People have been 'stuped' for so long by the fluoridation, hormones, pesticides, chemicals and soy in our foods, water and air that they haven't the 'sense' enough anymore to make the right decisions. This is exactly what Big Pharma wants. They need us stupid so we will follow their dogma like sheep. This gives them power over us,telling us how to live our lives, making up laws to suit their pocket books etc.! We need to wake up! Anyway, back to MMS :-)

My hubby and I began taking MMS almost a year ago and it is EVERYthing it's supposed to be. People forget the basic premise of this wonder mineral and that is it KILLS all pathogens! Any bacteria or virus in your body WILL BE eliminated from your body. However, people think that is all they have to do. You still need to ingest the right foods and take the right supplements to keep your immune system in peak performance. Once the serious ailments are taken care of, a weekly maintenance dose of MMS will keep you clear of low ph pathogens that are everywhere!

Here's to MMS and keeping it away from big Pharma!

Replied by Robertson
Columbus, Ohio
[BETTER BUT WITH SIDE EFFECTS]   I've been badly poisoned by massive exposure to mercury and also to lead as a kid and even more later in industry. As I began taking out a lot of that mercury I also experienced very strong infection pains. That was a result of Herxheimer pains that occur whenever the body's immune defense discovers a powerful infection. Part of my infection came from getting a "dirty" blood transfusion. After I had that operation I felt terrible and my heartbeat began skipping real bad. Then an electronic MSA test was performed which showed I've got Lyme Disease from my transfusion. After my healing progress stalled I began to take small doses of MMS and worked on up. I got as high as 12 drops of MMS twice each day in 60 drops of citric acid mixture. After about 2 months of doing that in approx. late 2008 I quit using any MMS after my heart STOPPED skipping altogether. After 3 or 4 more months passed that heartbeat began skipping again, but not nearly as bad. Then I took the same 12 drop doses of MMS mixed with citric acid drops for the final 3 months of 2009 and that STOPPED my heart skipping once again. Now a massive amount of heavy metals have been removed so I started to take MMS some more now in July 2010. The Herxheimer pains I'm now having after taking only 8 drops of MMS twice are now very STRONG indeed. The MMS is now getting to my infections and killing them which causes those pains. The mercury in me has been sequestering, or hiding, these infections so my immune could NOT have any affect and wasn't able to cure them. That's why mercury was being administered by doctors to patients in the 1800s who had syphilis - because mercury in the body will lock those infections within a matrix of mercury ions and that causes the infection symptoms to be milder.
Replied by Linda
Greenville, Sc
Robertson, from Columbus - what is Herxheimer pains? I have gotten up to 4 drops for 6 days and have diarrhea (5x times in the morning) and then have different types of pains going on in my stomach. Each time I get up to 4 drops for a few days, I get this diarrhea/pain schedule. I have stopped it for the last 2 days and am afraid to go back on it, even though on 1 and 2 drops I feel fantastic. I have been told by a few practitioners that I have overgrowth of bacteria, some parasites and a worm infection. I really want to stay on this stuff, but I could use all the support I can get right now, I feel pretty bad in the bathroom department (lots of intestinal gas, too) although I have great energy otherwise. Thanks for any responses.
Replied by Neb
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
To Linda, if I may. If you feel great with 1 or 2 drops - why would you want to take more and suffer with stomach problems? It is your body telling you that you found the right dose for yourself. Cheers!

Posted by Lettie (Brisbane, Queensland Australia) on 12/09/2009

I have a Barrett's Esophagus and have a lot of acidic juices coming back up and it hurts. I'm on Nexium 40mg 1 daily if I don't take it I suffer. I don't want to take it any more so tell me will MMS 2 help, I can't have any acid
base products. And will it help with weight loss as well? I'm in my very late 50's Thanks for your help

Replied by Barry
Rochester, Mn Usa
[YEA]   I don't know what Barrett's Esophagus is but I had acid reflux for a long time and my doctor had me on Nexium and it was doing nothing to stop the condition. It made it worse. I was also taking baking soda after every meal to kill the acid. That gave temporary relief. They wanted to operate on me. Then I saw a guy on TV who said that acid reflux is not caused but excess acid but a shortage of it. Taking an anti acid only makes it worse and persistent. I started taking apple cider vinegar a tablespoon of it and it burned like crazy for a while as my esophagus healed. I have heard that hydrochloric acid pills work too but never tried them. Apple cider is supposed to have other curative effects so I stuck with that. The theory is that lack of acid causes a corrosive gas to burn the esophagus and damage the valve leading into the stomach. That seems to be the case but I can't prove it. Once my esophagus healed the acid reflux went away and I have not had any trouble for years, well until my doc had me take high doses of Metformin for diabetes and that caused constant indigestion. When I quit taking it the indigestion goes away. The only other time I have trouble is if I eat a lot of meat and go to bed shortly afterward.
Replied by Cat
El Paso, Texas
Lettie, I have Barrett's esophagus also, I'm tired of take Prilosec because it has bad side effects.. have you Tried the ACV or other methods of controlling acid reflux?
Replied by Nasira
Springfield, Ma/usa
The purple pill has withdrawal effects which are probably worse that the orginal problem.... You must stay on for life ( with the side effects).... That's the hook.... Keep Researching


Replied by Bob
Seminole, Tx
Good grief guys.....

Eat an apple or part of an apple with reflux.

I do 8 drops of MMS a day and my wife does 6 and my sis does 8 and my friend does 10.

When you do that you sleep well and do not get sick.

If you are working out some bad stuff and it reacts, back off a drop or two until things are working.

When I had the flu I had about 3 days of diaria (sp) but only 1 or 2 days of flu symptoms and not flu shots. Keep a cough too long until I remembered vicks vapor rub on your feet and sleep with your socks on....

Get a grip this stuff works (for me :))

Posted by Rob (Taunton, Somerset UK) on 03/27/2009

Has anyone got experience of Dr Hulda Clarks zappers compared to using MMS? Have you used both in conjunction or do you think one is better than another? Thanks. Rob

Replied by Pat
Austin, TX
My Naturopath has zapped me several times for parasites and amoebas with subsequent muscle testing to see if they were gone. Trouble is that even though the muscle testing showed success, I was not feeling markedly better. I still seemed to have high sensitivity to salmonella and e-coli and was stuck in a cycle of recurring treatments and expensive supplements. I have been using MMS for a few weeks and am at 9 drops twice a day. So far some head fog and diarrhea (minor), but much less use of supplements and more tolerant of food bacteria. My problem with the zapper is I can't tell if it actually did anything.
Replied by PR
Houston, Texas
Hello, I have used the zapper for a long time and can't say that I ever noticed any results. But I have to say from reading Dr. Clark's book that if you have a certain kind of parasite in your muscles you would almost have to wear the zapper 24 hours as they are hard to get rid of. Plus zapping is a surface electricity does not go deep enough to get all the parasites. Any how I got tired of zapping. I have friends who do MMS and are getting great results. I plan to try the MMS when I can have time to deal with some of the cleansing that goes with it. I have had good results using food grade Diatomaceous Earth. I would take 1 heaping teaspoon a day. I even got rid of a festation of mites in my body in 24 hours. Parasite seems to me to be a long term treatment. Probably because of our diets of picking them up again from those who prepare our food. My thinking is we should all do something done evasive to keep them under control. One thing I like about the MMS is it goes very deep in the body even into the brain and bones. From my understanding these areas are very hard places to reach.
Replied by Farrellyrainbow
Traverse City, Mi
As to using Hulda Clarke's zapper. I find if I do her herbal protocol for getting rid of parasites and do not zap I get a cold. I think the zapper does have impact.
Replied by Chrisg307
Springfield, Il, USA
I made my own zapper from Dr. Clark's book years ago and used it sporadically. But recently I had a major illness due to mold in my workplace HVAC system which created lumps, seemingly in my lymph system, the last of which were extremely painful. I left the job and started zapping and the lumps disappeared along with the lethargy I also experienced during this time. I mean it was an effort to open my eyes, just move my eyelids! But the lethargy vanishes after a zapping session. I firmly believe in zapping. At least for me it worked. I guess one could question whether just leaving the workplace might have resulted in lump disappearance, but I don't think so, just going by how I felt. Happy Healthy Trails to all of you.

Posted by Helen (Austin, TX, USA) on 02/02/2009

A new remedy for me, MMS, (tell your search engine to look for "Jim Humble MMS" or "Miracle Mineral Supplement"). It's chlorine dioxide, used by municipalities for water purification. Used as directed by Jim Humble's protocol, it is said to kill viruses, bacteria, funguses, and parasites in your body without harming good bacterias in the gut or harming healthy tissue. Think a moment, how many diseases involve virus, bacteria, fungus, or parasite?

In just two days of using a very dilute solution of it as a mouthwash, my gums are healthy. Wow!

I'll let y'all know in a few weeks if it gets rid of my perpetual athlete's foot and my pre-cancer, etc. (Some are saying cancer is a by-product of a fungus. Kill the fungus, the cancer cells die.)

Replied by Vividlight
Olympia, Wa
Are you using the solution directly on your feet, or taking internally as directed?

Posted by Ron Hamer, MSc (Sedona, Arizona) on 01/01/2009

[WARNING!]  Firstly, Jim was never an Aerospace engineer. He may have been a lowly electronics technician if that.

Secondly, he has no solid educational background in Organic Chemistry or Biology, yet alone microbiology.

MMS can purify water and can be used to kill parasites. MMS is Very dangerous in more ways than one (can be used to create explosives).

Sadly, MMS is dangerous and not to be used by the common man. It is highly oxidizing and will NOT cure cancer or AIDS.

I have a copy of his book in-full. It is full of holes and very very un-scientific. The proportions are not even correctly calculated (titration calculations).

I am very upset that this has been pushed into the hands of a million poorly educated new-agers who believe in things which can literally kill them.

I have tried MMS several times, so do not tell me to try it. I smell like a Chlorox bottle for hours. Only Chlorine gas has this smell. It pours out of one's pores for hours. The Same deadly gas used in the World War to kill people.

Replied by Nicolas
Paris, France
[YEA]   hey Ron,

Can you prove MMS is dangerous ? Do you have any studies reference ?

I took hydrogen peroxide, MMS and Tea tree oil for 1 month... I should be dead now :) But it is the opposite i m getting better :) and my body is getting so strong !

Do y really need to say you're a Msc ? will it help the people recover ? if there are so many people here it means there MD cant cure them.

I got a systemic candidosis, and i compared antifungals. The side effects, i have are the same taking 4 cloves of raw garlic or 10 drops of H202 or 7 drops of MMS + Caprilic acid. it means hyper sensivity in the eyes, itching chest. That s all for me, i'm fine.

Replied by CA
Susanville, CA
Oh yeah, people are dying left and right --exploding in droves they are. MMS is very dangerous, very very dangerous.
Replied by Amber
Antigua, Guatemala
To Ron Hamer, MSc from Sedona, Arizona

I have an intuition that your intentions for writing here are not for the best interests of the true health seekers here. I am acutely aware that there are people employed by the The Pharmaceutical/Medical Industry who soley work to find these wonderful sites merely to ridicule, shame, and cast doubt and fear about the people and products who are helping (and curing) so many. I wish it wasnt so...

Replied by Elipoarch
Barcelona, Spain
[WARNING!]   There is an FDA warning for this product! It states that MMS is an industrial bleach, and when you mix it with an acid it turns into industrial strength chlorine. The FDA advises to throw away the product and not take it, and adverts it will prosecute anyone who sells or distributes this product. Is that a good enough argument, Nicolas from Paris and the rest?
Replied by Adsymil
Austin, Tx
Ha ha ha Ron, I can write the same type of unsubstantiated post as you can! Observe:

Ron Hamer is no expert on this subject, he is only a part-time volunteer with the police force of Greater London's Metropolitan Police Service. The MSc he attaches to his name stands for Metropolitan Special constabulary -- sadly he just wasn't good enough to make the force and only works 2 hours per week as a lowly volunteer. Far from having a Master of science degree, he only has a high school diploma and a certification in phlebotomy. Listening to him is very dangerous and should not be done by the common man. I have a copy of his post on this topic -- it is full of holes and very, very unscientific. His arguments are not even framed rationally; the whole post amounts to nothing more than opinionated mud-slinging. I am amused that he attempted to foist his lies on a million well-informed and educated consumers who refuse to allow the pharmaceutical companies to literally kill them. It is a good thing that he has tried MMS -- smelling like a Clorox bottle would mask the odor of all the crap that comes out of his mouth! How did I do, Ron-Ron? Do you think I could get a job writing for the guys who paid you to write your post?

Replied by Adrian
Rockton, Pa
I can't imagine too many people around here thinking too highly of the FDA. They are after all, the same organization that says eating industrial waste is good for our teeth (fluoridation). And that Aspartame is safe enough to have in thousands of low sugar products. No thanks, I've forgotten the FDA a long time ago.
Replied by Ray
Greensboro, North Carolina, Usa
Unfortunately, you are just another sheep. Educate yourself first about the FDA, so you won't post such an idiotic comment next time. I've been taking MMS for more than a year with great results. I have recommended it to my family members and friends, and they have also had super results. No wonder the FDA is so upset. They can't protect their pharmaceutical friends' interests, should the whole world learn about the benefits of MMS. I did my homework before starting to take it. Why don't you do the same? Would that hurt your head? Your intellect is geared only towards telenovelas, amigo. There are almost 5.5 billion of your type (sheep)populating this planet. What a burden!
Replied by Smartguy
Great Falls, Mt
ron your dumb shut up and do some more research.

i have a disease called cystic fibrosis and I just recently started mms and I am due for a double lung transplant. The doctor said that I would have to get on within the year after a month of this mms. I had an appointment with the doc and he checked me out an did tests and told me that I was doin so good that I could wait on the transplant for a couple years maybe even longer than that so if you dont have the balls to try the stuff dont talk. reasearch is one thing trying it is a whole nother thing.

Replied by Davekbaker
Ottawa, Ontario
Since taking MMS on my own accord I have blood work proof alt prior was 195/60 then 2 wks of taking MMS not by protrocol went down to 102/60 then 5 months later is now 69/60. I am hoping the next blood work will show cured but, if not it's likely I'll have to pull my fillings out, as I understand it can prevent healing in your body. Here's one book to read about the AMA, FDA, its called MEDICAL MAFIA, THE FLEXNOR REPORT 1910-1925, they shut down 2500 medical schools down to 650 in north america, ALMA ATA 1977 they expanded the FLEXNOR REPORT WORLD WIDE, WHO'S BEHIND IT? THE ROCKERFELLERS WHO IS ALSO BEHIND THE U. N. VERY CONVENENT. NOW WHAT WERE YOU SAYING ABOUT MMS?
Replied by Wanda
Grande Prairie, Ab
Love love love the replies to the paid pharma dude! Wonder if he feels like a dumb ass?!

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