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DMSO, or dimethyl sulfoxide has been used for many years by athletes to treat painful muscles and joints. DMSO builds up the white blood cells and increases immune production of migration inhibitory factors (MIF) by macrophages.

DMSO has been associated with a number of therapeutic benefits, such as for the healing of wounds; its use as an anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-fungal; softens collagen, helps eliminate hydroxyl free radicals in the body, stimulates the immune system, increases interferon formation, reduces the number of platelet thrombi, and is a potent diuretic. DMSO skin remedies are useful in treating topical fungal infections.

DMSO Testimonials for Multiple Alternative Treatments!

On this page you will find dozens of DMSO testimonials for numerous home and folk cures. Everything from DMSO pain remedies to DMSO for herpes; our readers have created a number of discussions over the use of DMSO for migraines, burns, hair loss, scars, wound treatment, muscle strain, and even for ticks. Let us know if you try DMSO for any of the ailments listed here, and especially if you know of a home use that we do not yet have listed.

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User Reviews

Acne   0  0   

Posted by Jessi (Murrieta, Ca) on 12/06/2011

[BETTER BUT WITH SIDE EFFECTS]  I have been using DMSO for acne and it's the only thing that has seemed to help reduce the inflammation and really help with my severe acne. It does make my skin very dry and flaky, but if I use an oil free moisturizer it seems ok.

I have been using the DMSO morning and night and I just roll it over my face before my other skin care products. There is a slight/mild tingle and stinging for about 5 mins. I am also using on top of the DMSO the Jan Marnin Bioglycolic Bioclear Lotion which I think is working well together with the DMSO. I'm not able to use Benzyol Peroxide because I am allergic to it, so the DMSO has been an amazing cure for my acne. I truly can't live with out it. If you are suffering from acne I would definitely recommend trying the DMSO. I use the roll on 70% DMSO 30% aloe or the 70% DMSO 30% distilled water. It's $10.00 on Amazon .:)

Back Pain   4  0   

Posted by Serenity (Jordan) on 11/05/2014

Hi, I have done several surgeries and have multilevel titanium rods and screws holding some of my vertebrates together. My question is can I use DMSO for back pain at the location that has the metal. Would this be toxic in anyway or dissolve the metal hardware?


Replied by Serenity

Ted or anyone I would appreciate it if you could shed some light on my situation. I have dmso but afraid to use it because of the titanium and platinum in my back.

Posted by Pickle (Boston, MA) on 11/05/2014

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  I'm a 44 year old active mom that loves to do hard work in the garden, bike ride, hike, etc. I am generally healthy, but had a small accident when I was 27. Diagnosed with a ruptured L4. I managed it well though my 30's & pregnancies. When I hit 40, it started to give me trouble. Worse in the past 2 years, esp after a physical therapist did a move on me that sent it into a new stratosphere of pain. A year of painful hell followed. I rehabbed myself after bad advice/treatments from spine drs, orthopedist, physiatrists, chiropractors, acupuncture, and a poorly administered cortisone shot. Trigger point therapy helped a TON. However, I have residual chronic low back pain. I don't like RX opioids, Advil, etc. I am a clean eater - lots of organic fruits, veggies, local meat/eggs/chicken/dairy, filtered water. I've been the same weight for 20 years (5'6,125 lbs) I supplement with probiotics, calcium, zinc, selenium, magnesium, B complex, Vit C with rosehips, those kinds. Nothing too exotic. No juices or sodas for me, one 8 oz cup of coffee a day. No real alcohol consumption.

I finally caught an article on MSM and how to up your dose to manage inflammation. I could not BELIEVE how much relief I have gotten in the past 2 weeks from 6000-8000 mg of MSM a day (with Vit C for better absorption). No side effects, really.

Feeling better, I have jumped back into the joy of fall raking, no small feat here in New England, but I love it. Now I am achy & ouchy, in my low back in esp my legs. I can't imagine how much I would be hurting if I wasn't taking the MSM! So I purchased some 99.9% pure DMSO liquid from a feed store, plus some DMSO 70% rose scented cream from Amazon after reading all these good things about it.

Please, anyone with a good knowledge of DMSO, I need some answers!

I am not getting any weird taste or smell from my DMSO applied to skin. Does that mean it isn't the real thing? It sure does sting if I use it ABOVE the waist (why?) but not below the waist! Am I supposed to apply a lot, enough to taste?

I have a small appetite. I drink a glass of water with each 1000mg of MSM, plus my Vit C capsule. It is displacing my appetite for regular meals. My thought is, maybe I can ingest DMSO in smaller amounts so as not to throw my appetite off. Can I take DMSO internally? How much? Will it harm me? How do I take it? Do I buy a diluted solution? Will it help with this elevated ache after hard outdoor labor? I also can't take MSM after 6 or 7 pm, keeps me awake, which leaves me achy at night, hard to sleep.

My husband is skeptical and does NOT want me to try this, thinking I could harm myself. Any guidance would be welcome. Also any other advice on how to manage this would be appreciated. Sorry for the long back story!

Thank goodness for Earth Clinic! Thanks to everyone for their input!

Replied by Om
Hope, Bc, Canada

Pickle (Boston, MA) --- if DMSO does not have an odour, it is because it only happens to some people, not all. I do not get it myself. It stings in the upper body because it has to be diluted especially if used in the upper body.

It can be ingested. Please see Dr. Jacob's website. He is thought to be the "father of DMSO". There is also a section on DMSO here on EC.

I hope this will give you new perspectives and all the best.

Namaste, Om

Replied by Timh

Pickle: Two items comes to mind to help your painful back and soreness condition. A once weekly hot bath for at least 1hr w/ 1/4 cup Baking Soda, 1/4 cup Epsom Salt, 1/4 cup Borax. About halfway into your bath, you can add the liquid DMSO which works for me very well as there is no burn.

Magnet Therapy directly over the injured vertebrae should help noticeably. One could wear a magnet belt over the area for several hrs per day or sleep on a magnet pad at night.

As for the MSM and Vit-C, if I am not mistaken, MSM is readily absorbable and the Vit-C is not, but taken together they compliment absorption and utilization. I have used both these substances separately in the past w/ limited results for a bone infection until I read a Walter Last article stating that the antibiotic power of this combination is many more times greater than either alone; and I can testify this is so as I have finally, as of only recently, made some progress in my condition. So, from this, it seems highly likely that you also have infection issues.

You may also consider Zapping with a Don Croft Zapper to kill any local infection in that L4. The infection hypothesis is further validated as what appears to be maybe also a Kidney infection as evidenced by the chronic low back pain. Remember, injury/pain/inflammation/infection are conspirators in their ministry of one's misery. Low sugar Cranberry Juice or simply Cranberry softgels should provide immediate relief for the low back pain.

Replied by Dave
Fountain Inn, Sc

Hello Pickle,

I can sympathize with your low back problem. I've had low back issues for many years. You report many years ago your L4 was diagnosed as ruptured. Quite serious but if truly ruptured you would be suffering even more than you are. I can see how MSM could benefit but here is my take on your description...much like what I've experienced.

Your L4 is significantly displaced; likely your pelvis is a half Inch out of line and twisted. You likely have an S curve in your whole back. Most folks who have an S curve also have some neck issues. If left uncorrected over the years most people will begin experiencing not only hip issues from the pelvis shift but ultimately knee problems too...since the WHOLE frame is out of alignment.

When I work on "frame" issues I approach as a unit problem. There can be exceptions to this general rule...point specific as opposed to a unit issue. Maybe in your case ONLY the L4 is the culprit...from some injury and the entirety: neck/shoulder rotation/ S curve compensating for the upper frame injury/ and then pelvis shift as also compensating and then knee issues.

That sequence can be in reversed order: A pelvis injury effecting the spine and then that misalignment effects ultimately the neck and shoulder. Headaches, shoulder rotation and forward posture, numbness of hands and aching back at S curve junctions result. And hip joint and knee problems also result.

Well, to help correct I do a lot of things, but in your case, Pickle, lets assume the problem is JUST...L4 but from your description, the pelvis sounds shifted also. Again, I say that is unlikely because of how long the issue has been present with you.

If me, I'd find a chiropractor that could get the pelvis rotated. L4 would almost certainly have resulted in pelvis shift. This results in muscle contraction in the legs, especially inner thigh and sharp hurts in deep low back.

The MSM and DMSO treatment can help with pain but in my opinion based on what I personally experience, and on seeing others with similar problems; you'll not really be helped on a fundamental level until the FRAME issue is addressed or if more localized, your low back and pelvis are not adjusted.

Not all chiropractors are alike ... some are really good with low back adjustment. Go to more than one until you find someone who seems to really know how to help. A good chiropractor is worth his weight in gold!

If, in your experience, you feel the problem is aching in the pelvis area, you know the situation is way beyond the L4 issue. If you are experiencing mid back pain; neck and shoulder pain; headaches in the back part of the head around the neck; and of course neck pain... then the problem is fully S curve related with the corresponding frame resulting maladjustments.

With my low back pelvis issue, I'd have my wife, (like the Japanese do) stand gently on my beltline, while I pushed gently up like a push up; repeating a few times. So stationary pressure would be applied to pelvis while I pushed up from the other direction. THIS IS A FORM OF PRESSURE POINT THERAPY.

Also, I use stretches that address the atrophy problem associated with low back misalignment.

Pain that results in "limping" is often a result of atrophy. And inner thigh tightening pain.

Well, not an easy answer to your situation. But as much of an advocate for nutritionals as I am, I think on certain spine problems/ shoulder/ neck and pelvis/knee pain; the issue is a FRAME matter.

I hope some of my suggestions (low back) might help.

Replied by Pickle
Boston, MA

Thanks so much for all this input. Trying to sort through it all. Thank you Om, TimH, and Dave for taking the time to reply!

Posted by Matt (Millbrook, Ny) on 12/26/2009

[YEA]  I had slept on a bad mattress for one night too many. I woke up one day with sharp pains in my back. It made work very difficult, but I figured it would eventually go away on it's own. No dice. One day, after a week of back pain, I took about 1/2 teaspoon of DMSO to help my immune system recover after Lyme. I didn't realize it at first, but the back pain was gone within hours (probably sooner), and it NEVER came back! I even slept on that bad mattress again! lol not smart...

I should also add that some people are very sensitive to the smell of DMSO, and I "offended" at least one person.

Replied by Sher
Jackson, Ca

I just purchased DMSO 99.99% Pharma solvent grade which says it is odor less from a company named 21st Century Chemical on Ebay. I have not tried it yet. I must admit I never have heard of odor less DMSO. The company has been registered on ebay since 2006.
Replied by Man
Sojouring America

From my experience it seems that the people who are unhealthy, and smokers especially, find the odor of DMSO offensive the most.
Replied by Man
Sojouring America

[YEA]   I had very sore muscles in my back recently from labour and I applied the DMSO gel by hand to my lower and upper back, then I put on by a roller cayenne extract after about 5 minutes. The results: The best heat pad in on the earth. It felt wonderful all day long. It was like an electric heat pad that I could walk around with all day.

DMSO comes from trees.

Replied by Andrew
Toronto, Canada

Can anyone recommend a source for medical grade DSMO?

Thanks, Andrew

Replied by Andrew
Ma., US

I found mine at
Replied by Nancy

[YEA]   I've used DMSO for years; I'm 73 now. The best is from Dr. Jacob's lab. He researched it for 50 years an F now is 93 and healthy. Make sure to put it on clean skin as it's absorbed and takes other things with it. I take it in my orange juice and externally. It is today modern miracle like aspirin was a century ago. I'm a retired chemistry I am aware of chemical uses. I've read every book I could find and watched videos on YouTube. My dog jerked her leash and me and caused me some terrible back and arm pain. I'm getting better using the DMSO directly on the pain areas. It gets rid of inflammation which causes lots of pain. It is absorbed by cells and repairs them if they are damaged including precancerous ones. It's faboulous! Every ambulance should have it.

Posted by Lucinda (Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, USA) on 01/04/2009

[YEA]  Found some roll on DMSO in a closet I was cleaning out and found your website. I have lower back pain and I put some on it. Already, it feels good! Thank you, Lucinda

Replied by Ben
Parker, CO

First I would like to recommend the book DMSO: Nature's Healer. It is a must read for anyone wanting to learn more or use DMSO. Second the main side effect of DMSO is a oyster/fish like smell on the breath, within seconds of application. There is extreme importance in thoroughly cleaning the area where DMSO will be used, prior to use. DMSO is a solvent, therefore, whatever comes into contact with it will be absorbed into the skin very rapidly. So clean, clean, clean, then use. From my experience, DMSO can be mixed with many things, as it enhances absorption and transportation into the body. I personally use it with Arnica oil. Application is called "painting". Simply take the DMSO or mixture and apply in strokes, with a cotton tipped applicator. Good luck and feel free to email with any other questions.
Replied by Leo
Camrose, Alberta

To apply DMSO, I use various kinds of brushes I can buy very cheaply. Just dip the brush, and apply. Great to get at hard to reach places, and it doesn't get on your hands so much. Leo
Replied by Nany
Tokyo, Japan

Hi, I would like to ask how often can I apply DMSO in the affected area ( I have my arm swelling from gout) a day! Im quite afraid may overdo it, thanks
Replied by Man

I have thought about using those cheap "chip brushes" from the paint store to apply DMSO but I am not certain what chemical are on those even if they are brand new. I have several here but am hesitant to use them for that purpose.

Burns   3  0   

Posted by Pammy (Malibu, California, United States) on 07/03/2010

[YEA]  One of the most amazing treatments I have ever used is DMSO for burns. I have had serious burns and minor burns.

Usually I just open the container and slap a big tablespoon of DMSO on the burn. It is best to do it right away. I keep it on for about 1/2 hr. I keep a jar in my kitchen for the possibilities of getting burned at the stove. It takes the pain away immediately and the pain never comes back. You can apply a little each day for awhile, but I have not found that necessary. I wish every one knew about this as burns can be so painful. And the burns heal up nicely.

It is either Canada or Alaska that they use DMSO in ER for burns. Blessings to all. Pammy

Posted by Bill (Santa Ana, ca) on 09/03/2007

[YEA]  I burned my finger one day at home. I quickly grabbed the DMSO washed my finger, poured it over the finger. The pain and swelling stopped immediately. No subsequent problems. While winter hiking in the Sierras a girl in our group burned her hand on a hoy stove. I applied the DMSO from my back pack. She came to me the next morning to say she had no distress at all from the burn. I also used it on my mother's face when she fell on the cement smashing her glasses and nose. It moved the blood right out. The next day she had on a yellowing of the skin. Great stuff. I carry it everywhere.

Replied by Sojournor

[YEA]   This comment is not about a burn persay, but I do want to second the healing speed of a cut on my finger just last week. Some how or another I had two shallow slices in my pointer finger on the pad of it and I put on a dab of DMSO and then put a loose bandaide on it. It healed so fast I was amazed. I seem to recall about 48 hours later the wound was healed. I have a patch of fresh new skin on my finger tip where the slices were. I keep finding new uses for this DMSO. But I don't know what you should do, I only know what I do.

Calcium Deposits   0  0   

Posted by Leo (Camrose, Alberta Canada) on 05/23/2009

Does anyone have experience or information about massaging DMSO with enzymes to dissolve calcium deposits? There is a patent application on the web about that, at, referencing DMSO and Papain, but has anyone experience with this? Thanks. Leo

Replied by Stuart


Tested 1.0 ounce Papain dissolved into 4 ounce of DMSO gel (90%) applied topically over the spine.

Papain mix applies very sticky; must let it dry before you put on shirt, or it will glue together.

More over, the mix liquifies to a amber goo after two days. I will dispose the prepared mix, and just make 'just enough' mix for daily use. It smells bad when the mix ages.

I may recommend using a salt shaker and apply papain powder directly to DMSO applied to spinal axis.

Results after three days is still unknown. No issues, positive or negative; none is expected until about two weeks daily application.

DMSO and Aloe Vera   3  0   

Posted by Susan (New York) on 02/08/2013

Bill from San Fernando, can you explain how to do this (from Ted's posting)?

DMSO must be used together with aloe vera oil to prevent inflammation however.


Replied by Bill
San Fernando, Philippines

1062 Posts
Hi Susan... The preferred method of using aloe vera with any DMSO topical protocol is to apply the DMSO protocol first, let it be absorbed into the skin and the skin is dry, then apply the aloe oil on the skin afterwards. The aloe vera helps to rehydrate the skin and prevents skin irritation which can sometimes arise with DMSO use. I have bought a DMSO solution that also contains aloe vera - it's all I can get in the Philippines -- this is the other way of doing it. But I still think that the first method I described is better.

If you're using DMSO on its own, say, to help against an injury or arthritis then you will be using it on the same spot over and over again -- snd this is where sloe vera is quite useful -- it will help to prevent skin irritation. But if you are just using DMSO as an internal delivery mechanism for a nutrient like lugols iodine, then you should try and use the protocol in different areas of the body -- thus also reducing the possibility of skin irritations.

Replied by Jun
Manila, Philippines

Hi Bill from San Fernando, Philippines, where did you find your DMSO?
Replied by Man

[YEA]   I have recently bought Aloe Vera juice and put it with DMSO I really haven't noticed that it helps do much of anything but it hasn't hurt anything either. Even if it is just an innert substance it still can play a role in my tinctures. Aloe vera juice is a way to cut the DMSO to a lesser strength and for all I know it may help something. So I am using Aloe Vera Juice in my blends now for topical application. It may help sooth the skin but I don't see that it stops the irritation when used with DMSO cut with it. My experiments with DMSO and Aloe Vera juice have been Straight DMSO with 30% Aloe; 40% and 50 % blends and I don't find any reduction in irritation. When I add this to the Cayenne extract and make a blend of that. I find no irritation at all but I get the side affect of warmth where the blend is applied and it feel quite good. So a bottle filled with 50% Cayenne extract and 25 % DMSO and 25% Aloe Vera juice and a tiny spot of glycerin has a really good affect, mild. I heated it up today by applying straight cayenne extract on top of the blend and it draws moisture and really heats up nicely on the skin. In summary, I can't tell what Aloe Vera does but I like what I read about it and it is a God made plant it is a leaf. The leaves of the tree are for the healing of the nations from Revelation chapter twenty two.
Replied by Mike 62
Denver, Colorado

[YEA]   Right on Man from America: The joint formula I use says right on the tube that the aloe vera base carries the herbal extracts into the joint. Like you I add cayenne for heat. Works great all the time.
Replied by Man

[YEA]   Thanks Mike, I don't know if there is a better "heat pad" than cayenne extract. I love the stuff.
Replied by Riversidian
R.I., US

aloe is dead in any form but from a live leaf

DMSO and Cayenne for Pain   2  0   

Posted by Man (America) on 12/29/2013

[YEA]  I have been making cayenne extracts to roll on areas of pain. Especially for knee or back pain issues. This cayenne extract ( in alcohol 100 proof) has been really amazing in pain relief topical application. Just today I took some DMSO and Aloe Vera juice and a spot of Kosher Glycerin and filled the rest of the ounce with cayenne extract in alcohol. I made this blend this morning and have just applied it and the heating sensation is perfect. I have been experimenting with DMSO and Aloe Vera juice too by adding 30%, or 40% or 50% of Aloe Vera Juice with coresponding amounts of pure DMSO. They all cause me to itch so far. I want to try some honey in this DMSO to see if I can make a home made blend that does not itch. Well, Until later.

Replied by Man

[YEA]   I made a bottle of cayenne extract with coconut oil and a spot of kosher glycerin and I put it on the shelf. I picked it up yesterday off the shelf and have not yet used it. It is too late to try it today because I have already applied a blend I made yesterday and I don't want to confuse the experiment. I like yesterday's blend which is DMSO, glycerine, Aloe Vera juice and homemade cayenne extract in alcohol. So far I am liking the blend. It is mild, yet still generates a heat pad affect. I may try this type of blend with Extract of Bhut Jolokia extract. It will be very hot I am certain but for a bad flare up it would probably be perfect for the relief. Thank you, and I am going back to work.

DMSO and Lugol's Iodine   1  0   

Posted by Cl503 (Oregon, United States) on 09/23/2014

[YEA]  DMSO and Lugol's Iodine: yea- I think.

After a detoxing bath filled with epsom salts and borax, I mixed some DSMO cream I had with iodine and applied it to my lower back, and then kind of smeared more iodine on my chest. It couldn't had been more than 3 droppers full of 2% lugols and within about 5 minutes I became aware of a slight pain which I realized was my thyroid. It kind of scared me, it didnt really hurt, it was just that I was very aware of it, and had never felt it before. Anyone else experience something like this? I know DSMO acts as a carrier and allows things to be absorbed, the whole blood brain barrier thing..?

Replied by B
Nevada, US

You used a couple dropper fulls of 2%, that is a lot! Even after the chernoybl nuclear fallout in europe people close were told to take no more than 1-5 drops a day to protect their thyroids of lugols 2% by medical doctors.

DMSO and Lugol's Iodine   0  0   

Posted by Jane (Hoddles Creek, Vic Australia) on 01/20/2010

[SIDE EFFECTS]  Lugol's Iodine and DMSO - a couple of sprays on the skin once only I almost fainted 3 times that day at work and did not repeat the trial, as a nurse in home visits I didn't feel it was appropriate to faint on the job!

Replied by A
Wind, Ont

This will do this but when applying this add sea salt internally and selenium and this will offset this. Remember the Dmso is carrying the Potassium in the system so it will lower blood pressure so you will need salt to balance it out and the selenium to regulate the iodine--I use this with an SKI/lugols I make with a 5% dmso solution and noticed the same thing. You sleep deep and rest like a baby but it can have a drowsy like effect when not having salt.

DMSO Application Tips   0  0   

Posted by Jeanie (Ca, USA) on 09/20/2014

Quite by accident I discovered that by adding a drop of peppermint essential oil to a cotton ball with DMSO on it I did not smell of rotten garlic! My husband with the super nose who could always tell when I was using DMSO never smelled it. I used it 3 times a day for a week and a half before telling him. It's amazing. No bad breath, no stinky skin. I wasn't using an expensive brand either. DMSO is too good to make us social outcasts while using it.

Replied by Vivian
Mexico City

I don't get how do you use the cotton ball to avoid the smell, in fact I am still researching and haven't used DMSO yet (nor have I found it in Mexico City), but it sounds great for several ailments in my family, so I'm interested in this tip to avoid the smell. Thanks
Replied by Jeanie

I'm sorry it sounded confusing. I use a cotton ball to apply the DMSO to my skin. Now I just add a drop or two of peppermint essential oil to the wet cotton ball. I have never used DMSO internally so I do not know how that would work.

DMSO Combinations   2  0   

Posted by Mrs. Hill (Arkansas, US) on 06/18/2014

I have seen many posts here about DMSO. I found some that is 90% DMSO gel. When I mix it with aloe juice to get it to less than 70% solution to apply topically, it gets quite hot for several seconds. This happens less if I mix it with castor oil. I don't understand what is happening chemically.

It seems as if I have seen it said that you can't mix DMSO with other things ahead of time and must mix right before using. Is that correct? I was wanting to try DMSO and Colloidal Silver in a spray bottle for bug bites.

I appreciate your opinions. Thank you.

Replied by Bill
San Fenando, Philippines

1062 Posts
Hello Mrs Hill from Arkansas...When you paint DMSO + aloe vera onto your skin it is a unique characteristic of DMSO that it will transport the aloe vera through the skin transdermally and into the blood. DMSO is able to do this by increasing the porosity or permeability of the individual skin cells which are then able to allow passage of the aloe vera through the skin cells as well. It is this sudden increase in skin porosity or permeability that causes the warm feeling on your skin which is nothing to worry about and is entirely normal when using DMSO topically.

When you paint the DMSO and aloe vera onto your skin, make sure that this area is not sopping wet with DMSO +aloe vera. All you need is a thin damp layer painted onto the skin for best effect.

There is also no reason why you shouldn't use the DMSO in a sprayer. But please be aware that DMSO can dissolve some plastics. So if you're not sure then perhaps best to use a glass sprayer. So using colloidal silver and DMSO in a glass sprayer should be fine.

Replied by Mrs. Hill
Arkansas, US

Bill, Thank you for your time and response. I will try the silver and dmso together.
Replied by Angelo
Boise, Id

[SIDE EFFECTS]   The warm feeling is actually a reaction with the water in your skin, not an increase in porosity. DMSO doesn't increase porosity or permeability; it simply dissolves a variety of compounds and is able to transport them quickly through your skin. It's nothing to worry about but it's the exact same thing you noticed when diluting it with water to a much lesser scale.

Posted by Justin (Chiapas, Mexico) on 02/13/2014

Hello everyone, my name is Justin. I just joined this forum today and I am very happy to be here. I am a 46 year old male.

I have some questions concerns aboat DMSO mixed with lemon juice. ever since first reading the book DMSO Natures Healer, and reading hundreds of personal testimonials I started to take 99.99% DMSO on and off over the years. I take it both topically and internally, making sure to dilute it down to 70% or less. I take it to try and relieve the aches and pains of life...surfing and rock climbing. As prevention to the calcification that comes with aging. I take it because I completely trust and believe in it's curative powers and health benefits.

Aboat two weeks ago I topically applied a mixture of DMSO 70% with fresh squeezed lemon juice, fresh aloe Vera pulp, and magnesium chloride oil to my head, face, neck back, chest and stomach. Then the next day, I had severe shooting pains in my stomach in the large colon area. Excuse me for being so graphic...lots of diarrhea, gas and the need to go to defecate many times a day. But I have no acid reflux. And otherwise my body feels great. This has been going on now for the last two weeks. I am concerned because I have never had any stomach problems in the past. I have been a vegetarian for the last 25 years, feeling strong and healthy with lots of energy. my digestion has always been good and regular. I eat very well, try and keep well hydrated and most importantly try to feed my mind positivity, love and kindness.

My question is ...what is going on down inside of my guts? I spent the last year in south east Asia, and six months in India. But I had no health issues. I didn't get sick. I am thinking that it may be the result of adding the lemon juice. I say that only because I have never added lemon juice to the equation topically. I have in the past ingested DMSO with MMS and lemon juice and or citric acid but I have never applied it topically. And also I have in the past practically bathed my whole body in DMSO from head to foot, with no negative side effects. So I am thinking that maybe the combination is awaking and or battling parasites or worms that I wasn't even aware of having. maybe all this funkiness is my colon cleaning itself out. But I have done several colon cleanses over the years and experimented with all kinds of natural medicines and cures. I don't know. I can't help but be concerned that maybe it was not a good idea to put this combination directly over my belly. I am concerned that maybe the pure undigested lemon juice, is burning my colon.

I will be doing a "complete dry fast" no water, no food over the coming weekend. I am curious to see if it will help to resolve or at least alleviate my upset belly.

If anyone has any thoughts aboat this. Questions and or comments, I would really appreciate it.

I am a big advocate of DMSO and MMS well as fresh squeezed lemon juice ....yummm. I drink it every day.

Again thanks to everyone. Thank you Ted. Thank you Earth Clinic

all my best to everyone......Justin

Replied by Dave
Fountain Inn, Sc

Hello Justin,

I, too, am a DMSO advocate and use it regularly as you use it topically and internally and have done so "off and on" as you said.

While it's natural to think of "association" as "causation" .... my first take on your reaction is that the cause is not...NOT.... the DMSO combo. It just so happened that a case of Montezuma's revenge hit you at about the same time that you took the DMSO combo.

As evidence, if the DMSO were the cause, you would have been over it in a day or two. But the fact that you continue to suffer tells me you have a very bad case of bacterially induced gastro infection.

And you're living in Mexico. I visited Albania/Romania a year ago and had read in the autobiography "MD" which is the life of a parasitalogist that Montezuma's is actually world wide and can be caused by bacteria and virus. There is a lot around the Mediterranean as well as Latin America. Well, it hit me in a big way, but I was expecting it....never felt anything like it before; like a fist in my stomach and I went straight to my Apple Cider Vinegar ..... and bought more a few days later. Avoided the huge consequences, but barely.

Maybe I'm wrong...and I look forward to see what others say. But a die off? I don't think so.

Get on ACV asap... two tablespoons in glass of water...drink over an hour...repeat two hours later. See if that improves and if so, you will know the cause was pathogens and not DMSO.

PS....I have NEVER had any adverse reaction with DMSO...and taken it for decades.

Replied by Nanowriter
Hotspot, Texas

Justin, I think you delivered a huge shot of magnesium to your body. DMSO plus magnesium plus large amount of body coverage. It's possible the magnesium is causing the gas and diarrhea. For two weeks--seems like a long time--but it was probably a lot of magnesium! Nothing to worry about--it is pretty benign.
Replied by Justin
Chiapas, Mexico

Hello to Dave at Fountain Inn.

Thanks so much for yor response. Sorry I did not get back to you sooner. I just broke my first fast- a 72 hour dry fast. Wow. That was by far one of the most intense experiences that I have ever willingly put myself through. Especially because for the last two weeks my bowels were totally out of wack and having so much diarea. I think I went into the fast very much dehydrated. Then on top of that I am and always have been very thin with probably -50 % body fat. So I immediately turned into a living skeleton. That is why I didn't continue. I was in fact feeling really good. No healing reactions to speak of. actually I had a surprising amount of mental and physical energy. at times I felt like I was flying. And my bowels feel much better, having given them a vacation. But in the end I just let myself be consumed by fantasies of water, flowing rivers and pools of sweet colorful juice. I was living always just out of reach of the most mouth life saving mirage. And finally on the third night when I first looked at myself in the mirror I was shocked to see the grissle I had reduced myself too. I was thinking to continue fasting but I was concerned that if I passed through another night I just may disappear all together.

Now I am two days into breaking the fast. Slowly slowly. chewing my water and fresh coconut water. Yesterday I drank a the juice of the most heavenly watermelon. Today more water, coconut water and maybe some mango juice. mmmm I can't wait.

you may be right Dave aboat the Montezuma's Revenge. I have never had it before so it very well could be that. last month I inquired at a few "naturista" - health food/ supplement stores for ACV. I thought maybe I could get the good organic stuff, but they didn't have it. I was told that I could find it in the supermarket. Would definitely prefer the organic. Man that stuff is delicious. Now after spending more time on this Earth Clinic web site, I have read aboat how many people are using ACV for everything under the sun. So I will definitely try to get my hands on some.

That's cool that your were in Romania and Albania. Man I have wanted to check out Romania and that part of the world for quite some time. I hope to get over to Europe this summer to walk El Camino de Santiago. Then after was thinking that I could slowly make my way over to Macedonia and then maybe Bulgaria and then possibly winter over in Romania....hahaha, wouldn't that be nice and bone chilling. then pass the spring somewhere in Albania. Yes it is a very nice "what if" journey. I know one could spend a life time exploring each one of those countries, so maybe I'll make it to Macedonia and never leave.

Cool man. hey thanks again for your help. I really appreciate it. And like I said I am a big fan of DMSO. I am very curious to personally witness her healing powers in the future. If I may ask, why have you been using DMSO?

Yes this is a wonderful site. It feels like a community with concerned people trying to help each other out....such a beautiful thing. I spent a considerable amount of time reading aboat peoples personal testimonials using all kinds of treatments. most recently I have been reading all that I can on the uses of Turpentine for healing. I always thought it was poison but I see know that I was wrong. So I would love to get my hands on the purest Turpentine. As well as Fulvic acid/ Shilagit.....Nascent Iodine, Ormus. The list goes on.

Ok Dave, all the very best to you.....Justin

Replied by Justin
Chiapas, Mexico

Hello Nanowriter from Hotspot Texas,

Thanks for your reply concerning whether or not I funked my stomach up with the lemon juice/ DMSO combination. And sorry aboat not responding sooner.

Yes you maybe right aboat the dose of transdermal magnesium. I have not been using it for very long. Several times I have given my body a very lite all over with it mixed with DMSO and had no adverse reactions. But yes it could very well be as you've said.

I recently just did a three day dry fast. No food no water. I feel like my entire being just went through the fire so to speak. So I will see, now that I am drinking water and juice for the next few days how my guts respond.

Yes as you said it isn't anything to serious. All is good.

Alright then, I wish you a wonderful day and many days to come....justin

Replied by Dave
Foun Tain Inn, Sc

Hello Justin, I use DMSO anytime I want to carry a substance through colloidal silver. On the subject of ACV, you can use the kind you buy in grocery store. I have used both kinds...And grocery store works also...Normally use organic but either least for me to kill infections.
Replied by Baldev
Maharashtra, India

Hi, my question is to all who have taken DMSO internally and Bill / Ted if they too have tried internally. Has any body noticed it's effect on the blood pressure, whether it lowers it or it tends to increase it. I would like to know it's effect on systolic as well as diastolic blood pressure. My view is, it should help in high BP to reduce it. Kindly those who are taking DMSO internally for other reasons, please monitor your blood pressure and revert back with your experience. it will help many others the use of DMSO. Thanks.


Replied by Man
Sojouring America

[YEA]   Directed to Justin from Mexico.

I don't think there is a connection between the DMSO and Lemon juice and what you have experienced and described here. I have done some pretty crazy stuff with DMSO and I have not experienced anything like what you have described as a result. From my experience DMSO does nothing but good and positive things for the body of the man. It is a non synthetic product, I.e. not made by man. I've taken DMSO with water and vitamins, and Omega 3 fats and magnesium and cayenne extract and glycerine and I've had it before and after drinking apple cider vinegar (Malic acid). And I am not done experimenting. I have tried one (1) ounce of 99.99 pure DMSO in 20 ounces of distilled water twice a day. Once in the morning and once in the after noon. I have consumed about 2 quarts of pure DMSO since I began posting here and I haven't been posting here for that long.

Replied by Mary
Saskatchewan, Canada

Man from Sojouring America: Hi, would you mind sharing the results of all of your DMSO experiments?

I would love to hear and compare. For example, one night I took a table spoon mixed in some water and made me have such a relaxed sleep!!!!

Replied by Baldev
Maharashtra, India

Hi, So many of you have been using DMSO internally and I have requested all of you to give your feed back as to how does it effect the blood pressure. I request all of you to kindly monitor your BP and let us know it's effect on systolic and diastolic blood pressure. Thanks


Replied by Bill
San Fenando, Philippines

1062 Posts
Hi Baldev...It's very timely that you have asked about DMSO's effect on blood pressure. For the last 3 days I have been experimenting with supplementing just one teaspoon of 100% DMSO on its own(outside mealtimes) per day with a glass of water. Out of interest, I have been measuring my BP every day with a wrist monitor. My normal blood pressure is 110/70. After I started taking the DMSO I found that my BP didn't vary at all from my normal readings. I measured my BP about an hour after taking the DMSO. I am also going to try adding lugol's iodine and other nutrients individually to the oral DMSO to see its effects on my body.

It's well known that Dr Stanley Jacobs, who is the guru on the use of DMSO since the 70s, has been taking one teaspoon of DMSO everyday with a glass of water for decades. He maintains that DMSO is one of the best antioxidants on the planet. DMSO also contains sulfur which is anti-aging and acts as an efficient detoxer for the body. When it is oxidized, DMSO becomes MSM(also known as DMSO2 or methylsufonylmethane) another highly useful nutrient for the body. The FDA, the drugs companies and the medical profession all hate DMSO's unique and highly useful transdermal carrier properties. After all, if you could use something like DMSO to deliver drugs and nutrients directly through the skin and into the blood -- then people could easily doctor themselves at home very cheaply because this would make the necessity for injections redundant -- just think of the money stream lost from the medical profession because of this. And that's only one very good reason to use DMSO.

Replied by Baldev
Maharashtra, India

Hi Bill, Thanks a lot for the prompt reply and congratulations for having 110/70 as your normal BP. Don't you think that the body's defense system may not allow DMSO to bring the BP further down, where as if the BP readings were say 180/100, it would bring it to 150/90, just my guess. Kindly comment on this when ever you get an opportunity to use it on some one who has high BP. My feeling is DMSO must help in bringing the BP down and it is a better bet then taking beta blockers or any other medication. Thanks


Replied by Bill
San Fernado, Philippines

1062 Posts
Hi Baldev...Unfortunately, I have not read any actual research of DMSO being used to bring down blood pressure but I have found testimonials that seems to confirm that it can help to lower higher blood pressure. There is research here which seems to suggest that DMSO is particularly good at reducing spinal pressure and high blood pressure in the brain after injury -- this is mainly due to DMSO's ability to open up blood vessels. It is also a strong antioxidant. Its most key and unique feature is as a transdermal carrier of nutrients (which are not normally well absorbed by the skin) from the skin directly into the blood in high amounts. It appears to be the case that DMSO will carry most chemicals/nutrients that have a molecular weight of below 1000.

So if you want large amounts of nutrients like iodine, niacin, vitamin c, glutathione or even ALA delivered locally in much higher quantities into the blood than from the intestines via digestion, then using DMSO will do it without problems.

One thing that I've also learned from using DMSO transdermally is that you should not really use DMSO as a transdermal carrier to put acid forms of nutrients directly into the blood using DMSO -- examples of such acid nutrients being Ascorbic Acid, Alpha Lipoic Acid, citric acid, ACV(It's acid!! ) etc. Always use the chemical salt forms which are the product of Acid/Alkali reactions, which tend to be much more alkaline and safer.

Generally, I usually always add a couple of drops lugols iodine to the DMSO whenever I'm using it transdermally with other nutrients -- the iodine will kill the pathogens topically on the skin so that these live pathogens are not also dragged into the blood to perhaps cause more problems in the body. So Iodine is my added disinfectant whenever I use DMSO on the skin. Hydrogen peroxide is another one you can use to pre-disinfect the skin area before DMSO use. After using the DMSO on the skin, its also best to rub in aloe vera oil to help prevent any itching, dryness or irritation caused by the DMSO.

Replied by Man
Sojouring America

[YEA]   Directed to Baldev from Maharashtra, India and Mary from Saskatchewan, Canada

I have no idea what my blood pressure is in terms of numbers. Here is how I know if a something works for me or not, I know how I feel. When I lie to sleep and if I can't relax then I know there is something wrong. If I don't fall asleep or can't get comfortable then I know I have to look carefully at what I did that day.

A very good example of this and I have repeated this over the course of years because sometimes I forget how MSG affects me. If I eat a product containing MSG I can't sleep, I can't relax. It feels like high blood pressure but I can't prove it cause I have not tested it.

I have put some of my writings at

Replied by Carolyn
Carrollton, Tx

Update on how you are doing. As I was reading, was thinking parasites. Probiotics to reestablish beneficial bacteria in gut.

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