Where to Buy Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide

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06/13/2014: Jullin from Jalisco, MX: "I am looking to buy food grade H2O2 in Mexico and delivered if possible. The one company that I found wants 75 dollars for a gallon to be sent and its only 8%. The most you pay in vancouver is 20 dollars. Much appreciate answers."

11/06/2013: Leonie from Cancun, Mexico: "Hello, Saw your website and saw that FGHP can be purchased in Mexico. I am an American living in Cancun MX. and would like to buy some FGHP. How can I do this asap? Leonie"

11/08/2013: Kcat from Greensboro replies: "Hi, Have you checked Amazon? They have the best selection of food grade hydrogen peroxide, hands down. One brand is a little inconsistent in terms of quality.I'd go for the brand that guarantees the potency in its blurb. I've tried them all and that one is the best. Good luck"

03/12/2011: H2o2 Orden from Colima, Colima, Mexico: "Mexico
We at www.RemediosConPeroxido.com are located in Colima, Mexico and server all of North, Central and South Americas with 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide, h2o2. Our website in still under construction with grammatical errors and English to Spanish translation, however, orders can still be placed. Please visit our website for more information.

Nosotros, en RemediosConPeroxido punto com se ubican en Colima, Mexico y el servidor de todos los del Norte, Central y America del Sur con 35% de Calidad Alimentaria de peroxido de hidrageno, H2O2. Nuestro sitio web en el todavo­a en construccion con errores gramaticales y de Ingles a Espanol, sin embargo, las ordenes todavoa se pueden colocar. Por favor visite nuestro sitio web para mas informacion.

Brazil, Mexico, Antigua and Barbuda, Argentina, Bahamas, barbados, Belize, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Grenada, Guatemala, Guyana, Haiti, Honduras, Jamaica, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Suriname, Trinidad and obago, Uruguay, Venezuela"


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01/14/2013: Ajayi Balogun from Ado Ekiti, Nigeria: "Pls, where can I get 35% food grade HP closer to me enough and pls by what amount. Thanks in anticipation sir/ma."

03/05/2012: Kingsley from Onitsha, Anambra State, Nigeria: "Are you looking for where to buy 35% hydrogen peroxide food grade? It took me time to get it for my use, but finally I got it and it's good. In case you too need it, I can be of help to you. Just email me on kingsleykainebi(at)yahoo(dot)co.uk and text or call on 2347035623645

My name are pastor kingsley o kainebi, live in the city of onitsha in anambra state of Nigeria. Feel free and God bless you with good health amen."

02/29/2012: Kingsley from Onitsha, Anambra State Nigeria: "pls I need Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide. Mail me back- it's urgent. thanks, kingsley o kainebi 2347035623645"

[WARNING!]  10/15/2011: Earth Clinic : "We recently received an email from a long time contributor on Earth Clinic that a private seller advertising food grade peroxide in Nigeria is in fact a scam.

Please only buy food grade peroxide in Nigeria from a reputable store. Unfortunately, we still don't have the names of any stores that sell this product in Nigeria even though such a question was posted on our site in 2009. Sorry!!"


05/28/2009: Tony from Lagos, Nigeria: "I discussed with a friend who lost his son to sickle cell anaemia and we got to read about one cure for diseases. The analysis on the attack of the extra oxygen on disease causing bacteria was point blank on our problem of sickle cell anaemia. We have been looking for 35% food grade h202 since then (Dec. 2008) If any one has an idea of a source close to Lagos Nigeria, please post a reply or contact me on my email.

Kind regards,

10/24/2009: Abiodun from Warri, Delta State, Nigeria replies: "Like Tony, I'm still searching for where to get the 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide in Nigeria. I don't mind buying online and receiving it by courier if the law permits. Can somebody please help?"
07/13/2012: Arisah from Port Harcourt, Rivers, Nigeria replies: "Please I also need information on where to purchase 35 Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide and Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth in Nigeria. Let me know any known distributor(s) with their locations."
10/24/2012: Travelin from Johannesburg, Gauteng replies: "I bought FOOD GRADE HYDROGEN PEROXIDE AND DMSO from a company in South Africa called: DMSOSOUTHAFRICA. COM - It is an online company and their service is excellent. I received my HP within 4 days."

Pakistan: Karachi

03/22/2010: Roger from Karachi, Pakistan: "From where can I get food grade H2O2 and raw apple cider vinegar in Karachi. Can somebody please tell."

EC: http://www.earthclinic.com/remedies/apple_cider_vinegar_buy_questions.html#Question_980


05/09/2009: June from Panama City, Panama: "Hello, I live in Panama and would like to know if you know of any distributors that sell food grade hydrogen peroxide in Panama. I would like to purchase some for consumption. Thank you, June"

07/14/2011: Bernard from Panama City, Panama replies: "Di any of the inquirers from Panama ever find food grade Hydrogen Peroxide? I am looking for a supply myself.

Thanks, BMC"

11/04/2007: James from Panama, Panama: "Can you help me locate a distributor of 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide in the Republic of Panama? I have read a lot of the testimonials and, I would like to try the daily dosage of diluted peroxide. Thanks, James."

04/22/2010: Ruben from Medellin, Antioquia-Colombia replies: "PUEDO ENVIAR EL PEROXIDO DE H AL 35% GRADO ALIMENTARIO(humano)a todo Centro y Suramerica. INTERESADOS ESCRIBIRME A misaludenbuenasmanos@yahoo.com"

EC: Google translation: "I CAN SEND TO H peroxide food grade 35% (human) to all Central and South America. Interested write to misaludenbuenasmanos@yahoo.com"


04/05/2011: Wiseguy from Miraflores, Lima, Peru: "Where can I find this product in Lima, Peru? I need it URGENT for my best friend!"

10/13/2011: Nestor from Swanton, Oh 43558 replies: "I would like to know where I can buy A food grade Hydrogen Peroxide in Peru South America. In what State?"


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03/08/2011: Marc Kristian from Tagaytay, Pilipinas: "To william g of paranaque.... Please include me in your list.. I really wanted to have the 35% hydrogen peroxide.. Please include me in your order.. Thanks a lot.. My email is Mark_khristian(at)yahoo(dot)com. Ph.. I am from cavite..thanks"

12/16/2010: Mckoy from Cebu, Philippines: "Does anyone know, where in Cebu Philippines can one purchase the food grade 35% hydrogen peroxide please?"

05/25/2011: Ace from Tagbilaran, Bohol replies: "I too have been searching for 35% FG H2O2. As usual as with many items that are readily available in other countries such as the US or Europe, they are not available in the Philippines. Apparently if you get a disease here, they would rather you die!"
05/26/2011: Ricky from Manila, Philippines replies: "It is available in Paranaque call this number: 8201894 / from Chem phil / near Manila Memorial Park, just ask Chemphil"

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