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Baking Soda Remedies and Natural Cures

Last Modified on Aug 22, 2015

Baking Soda and Benzene   1  0   

Posted by Nathan (Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam) on 02/12/2008

[YEA]  I read Dr. Hulda Clark's book, "The Cure For All Diseases." In it she mentions that most brands of baking soda are tainted with benzene. I know you can buy better baking soda in a health food store, but that's not an option where I live. Is it safe to mix ACV with carbonated mineral water instead? The ACV they sell here is pretty acidic, so I need something to buffer it.

EC: Excerpted from an email we received in 2006:

Replied by Methuselah
Los Angeles
...For sodium bicarbonate, I use the regular Arm & Hammer baking soda that you can find in any grocery store. I contacted them also, and they told me that they do not add anything to their baking soda although they do not have any chemical analysis of the soda ash (a mined mineral deposit) from which they make their baking soda by adding carbon dioxide in a solution--i.e., no additives or stabilizers. I hope that this information answers your question. Please let me know if you need more information. Have a great week and keep up the good work. Also thanks for all the help.
Replied by Beatrice
Oakdale, USA
I also have been reading Dr. Clark's books. In fact I am in the process of starting the parasite program, kidney and liver cleanses. I was browsing about baking soda because a natural healer told me to bathe in Epsom salt and baking soda for a joint problem (3 cups of salt and 1/2 of baking soda) for 20-30 minutes, once per week. I haven't tried it yet, but I was glad to find some information on your site. Thanks for all the info.

PS: Does anyone else have any input on Dr. Clark's research? Or has anyone actually tried the kidney and liver cleanses? I have high cholesterol and hope this will reduce it.

Replied by Joyce
Joelton, Tn
Hello, Epsom salts is magnesium sulfate, not table salt and baking soda. I always come out an epsom salts bath feeling better & more relaxed. I don't know what table salt and baking soda does!
Replied by Milgam
Safi, Morocco
Cumin has helped me to get rid of many toxins, it has been used by some natural healers to detoxify liver. best
Replied by Darlene
Denver, Colorado
What are the exact measurments of cumin used and do you boil it in water?
Replied by Truerae
Moberly, Mo
I've done the Hulda Clark's regime and everything that she says turns out to be true including passing the liver flukes on the 3rd liver cleans - same happened to my daughter!

She was a blessing to the world and a thorn in the side of the conventional medical quakes who want to "cure" us with $$$pharmaceutical drugs (dangerous side effects) and surgery...

Baking Soda and Children   0  0   

Posted by Mary Anne (Virginia Beach, Va) on 01/31/2010

why should children under 5 NOT be given baking soda?

Baking Soda and Potassium   0  0   

Posted by Freakzilla154l (Philadelphia, Pa, Usa) on 08/24/2010

Hello all, I've been drinking baking for over 2 weeks now by itself ( I add a pinch in all water I drink), however I would like to start adding the potassium into it. However, I do not know exactly what potassium is the correct and best to use and where to buy it at? I read a lot about it on here, but there is so much info that I'm confused. So, could someone please enlighten me on which potassium to buy and where I can buy it from? Thank you so much! I'm doing this for ulcerative colitis and I feel like the baking soda works sometimes, but not all the time. I'm having a lot of mucous and gas... Any help is grateful. Thank you all!!!

Replied by Vicky
Melbourne, Australia
Hence the lemon juice squeezed into the bicarb solution.. provides the potassium

Baking Soda and the Pancreas   0  0   

Posted by Dennis (Indianapolis, Indiana) on 01/24/2013

I had a gall bladder attack which affected my pancreas, I wanted to take baking soda to help improve my PH. Will this affect my pancreas? Thanks for help and God Bless.

Replied by Bill Donate

San Fernando, Philippines
1169 Posts
Hi Dennis... Supplementing Sodium Bicarbonate will not harm the pancreas or the gallbladder. One of the main functions of the human pancreas is to provide pancreatic juices during digestion. These pancreatic juices necessarily contain bicarbonates for a purpose. These juices are important and necessary to neutralize the chyme(food and acid from the stomach) and to create the necessary alkaline medium for proper operation of the pancreatic enzymes for main stage digestion to occur without problems in the duodenum. So supplementing with Sodium Bicarbonate or baking soda is actually beneficial to the pancreas - it restores the important bicarbonate stores in the pancreas necessary for proper digestion -- and will also benefit gall bladder problems.

For gall bladder and gallstone issues Ted also advises adjustments in diet -- no vegetable oils, no dairy, less meat and low sugar intake. Supplement a teaspoon of granulated lecithin(not the oil form) at mealtimes and also taking Ted's citric acid or lemon/lime alkalizing remedy twice a day will also benefit gall bladder problems. I would also advise taking 1000 mgs organic chanca piedra capsules 3 times a day with meals or just take the tea form three times a day. This regimen helps to reduce excess calcium and fat(mainly excess vegetable oils) in the body thereby helping to prevent gall bladder problems and which also helps to remove gallstones as well.

Baking Soda Bath for Sickness   1  0   

Posted by Mama To Many Donate
(Tennessee, US) on 03/07/2015

[YEA]  My six year old had a stomach virus this week. He is normally a high energy guy and was down for days. None of our usual "go-to's" for stomach viruses were seemed to knock it out. (Turmeric, charcoal, peppermint, black tea, Apple Cider Vinegar, essential oils.) Perhaps he would have been worse without these things, but I was surprised he was down for so long. I offered him a baking soda bath a couple of times, knowing it helps one of his siblings to feel better for at least a while whenever she is sick. Finally, yesterday, I told him (kindly) that he really needed to try a bath. I made him a comfortably warm bath with a cup of baking soda and 1/4 cup of Epsom salt. (With the diarrhea, I didn't want to give him to much magnesium (Epsom Salt), but thought he probably needed some! ) He played in the bath for 20-30 minutes. He was perkier when he got out. He ate dinner. Today he is back to himself and even wanted to take a little hike with me.

Baking soda or epsom salt baths seem to always give at least temporary relief to acute sicknesses. Sometimes they seem to be what is needed for the patient to turn the corner. I will make a bigger effort to try that earlier in the game next time around!

~Mama to Many~

Baking Soda Mouthwash   1  0   

Posted by Clio51 (Manchester, , Uk) on 05/22/2013

Hi. Can somebody please help me I have read somewhere on this site about bicarbonate of soda with mouthwash. I can't find it now, and don't know how much to use and what to do!! As anybody seen this or do this themselves? Want to start asap.

Replied by Wendy
Mona Ut
[YEA]   I use Baking Ssoda first to brush then Apple Cider Vinegar to rinse. I put some drops of peppermint essential oil in them and my mouth stays fresh for a full day! :)

Baking Soda Side Effects   0  0   

Posted by Baldev (Mumbai, Maharashtra, India) on 12/15/2012

[SIDE EFFECTS]  My question is for Ted, Bill or any body who can give some explanation for some one to develop too much of gas after taking sodium bi carbonate even with apple cider vinegar or with lemon. Some time soda is used in cooking and if that food is consumed even that creates lot of gas. I would like to know if some body else also had this type of experience, and if so what was the remedy. Thanks. Baldev

Replied by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe
Baldev, just taking a wild guess: try taking MUCH less and see if it works out better.
Replied by Jan
Liverpool, England
I totally agree I have had loads of gas too.
Replied by Joan
Cairo, Egypt
Look into proper Food Combining... It may be the fruit you're eating! BSoda is best taken 1teaspoon in 1mug 8oz water on an EMPTY stomach... Look at Food combining charts under Alkaline Diets... Good luck!

Posted by Wilma (Ingram, Tx) on 09/02/2010

[SIDE EFFECTS]  Please be careful with baking soda. It took me 2 years to realize it was cleaning with baking soda that was causing the skin around my finger nails to crack and bleed... Very painful. Use rubber gloves to clean with baking soda. It also caused a rash when I wash my hair with it. It took me several months to figure that one out since the rash didn't start when I first used it... It didn't start until several months later.

Replied by Francisca
Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France
Wilma, I suppose that you use what we call bicarbonate of soda, if so I have been using it in my bath water and also to exfoliate my face with very good results. Maybe you are allergic to it....
Replied by Dallas
Amesbury, Ma
[SIDE EFFECTS]   I have used baking soda and coconut oil as a deodorant and it is super! Best deodorant I have ever used. However after using it for a while, I broke out in a flat, red, itchy rash about the size of a quarter or a bit bigger in both underarms. Coconut oil alone has never given me a skin problem. Nothing I have used gets rid of this rash though I discontinued this protocol at least a couple of months ago. Anyone have any idea as to how to get rid of a rash like this?
Replied by Mama To Many Donate

Tennessee, Usa
Hi Dallas,

One of my teen sons has had this happen to him, several times. He has very sensitive armpits and has had just the rash you describe, even from natural deodorants. He had immense relief from a home-made salve I made for him. It has been a while and I don't recall the exact recipe. But any natural salve made with calendula would be similar. Plantain, comfrey and chickweed would all be good for your skin if they would be in a natural salve you could find. I think the one I made had some tea tree essential oil in it.

If you can't find something like that, try A&D ointment (the original one) for diaper rash. It has to be the name brand and the original. I believe it is effective because of the Cod Liver Oil (for the A&D.) Generic has A&D but the source is not Cod Liver Oil and I find it doesn't work at all. You would find this in the baby section of any store with a baby section.

If neither of those work, it could be a fungal rash, though it does just seem to be a reaction to the baking soda.

By the way, my son can use Alvera Aloe deodorant. He works on a farm and gets very sweaty and this really does work for him. He has used it for years with no reaction.

Let us know how it goes! If none of these work, I will try and think of more ideas. We have dealt with many skin issues in our family.

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Anon
Since the rash happened probably because of the baking soda, which is alkaline, maybe applying an acid like apple cider vinegar would soothe it?
Replied by Nanowriter
Hotspot, Texas
I have had good luck using zinc ointment for skin irritation. The kind I use has no petroleum and has chamomile in it as well as zinc.
Replied by Dallas
Amesbury, Ma
Thanks, Anon. I will consider using your idea for a treatment, but as the rash is not only itchy, it burns a lot too, and many things I put on it make that burning worse. ACV probably would be no exception. But if things settle down, I might just try it.
Replied by Dallas
Amesbury, Ma
Dear Mom to Many,

I too, am a mom to many. Thanks for your advice. I have tried the A&D and it helps for a while but then the rash comes back as strong as ever. I will look at your other ideas and see what to try next.

Replied by Kt
FYI: I just checked our drug store brand generic A&D and the first ingredient on it is cod liver oil. It also says to compare the ingredients with the original. Costs less and works well for us. As far as rashes go...could be something that is being eaten. I had to make a list of everything I ate and what time I ate it to observe what reaction I was having when. Food is changing. Our entire food supply is being infiltrated with hidden sources of MSG and GMO's. Everyone is on his own to find what is safe.
Replied by Mama To Many Donate

Tennessee, Usa

Thanks for letting us know about the generic A&D. That is good to know. It has been years since I checked on that. I don't know if all generics have Cod Liver Oil, but glad at least one does.


Borage Oil, internally, helped me to clear up a chronic skin rash. Just another thing you can try. Let us know how it goes!

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Dallas
Amesbury, Ma
Thanks, Mama to many. I will add that to my list of things to try.
Replied by Dallas
Amesbury, Ma
Well, I do have food allergies but they never have shown themselves in quite this way before - I have had other kinds of rashes before ie: eczema which were caused by food allergies, so why not?

Posted by Dallas2 (Amesbury, Ma, Usa) on 08/29/2010

Dear EC: I have been doing the baking soda remedy for raising body chemistry pH. I have put baking soda in my water because it is acidic - to raise the pH to about 7.2. This remedy, as well as the borax remedy, gives me sore kidneys, as well as making me urinate what seems to be much more than I am taking in, and almost totally clear urine at that. I try to drink my proper quota but know, however, that I seldom drink as much as I should. I know that the copious amount of clear urine can be a sign of kidney problems, yet I have had these problems on and off years ago (pre baking soda or borax in water) and cured them by going off all sugar, so I suspect that the problem was originally yeast, and that the baking soda and/or borax is killing yeast and giving me a herxheimer reaction. Yet, kidney pain with copious amounts of almost clear urine is a bit scary. Has anyone else had this problem or can anyone explain what might be happening?

Posted by Dallas2 (Amesbury, Ma, Usa) on 08/29/2010

I just wrote a post re: kidney pain and baking soda/borax use. I forgot to mention that I have recently become a vegetarian.

Posted by Sara (Sacramento, Ca) on 08/23/2010

Are there side effects from taking baking soda constantly as a remedy for heartburn?

Replied by Dianna
Austin, Tx
There are probably not side effects for everyone - however baking soda for some reason does not agree with my body. I was putting a tiny amount in ACV and noticed that when I would do this I would get gas and that I wouldn't get gas w/o the baking soda! Also I tried using the baking soda to rinse my mouth out after taking the ACV and noticed my teeth got more sensitive with the baking soda than they did with the ACV alone!!! However my boyfriend frequently takes up to a tablespoon (!!! ) of baking soda in some water - at one time and hasn't had problems... So I would say it depends on your body! Watch and see what your body tells you. Personally I am now leery of baking soda for myself and my boyfriend LOVES it!!! Btw - he hates ACV...
Replied by Jody
Fort Worth, Texas, United States
If I only take 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda with a 8oz glass of water, I get severe gas and abdominal pain. After I pass the gas, I start to feel better. I was taking the baking soda to relieve burning after urinating. I don't think I will be able to take baking soda. Every time I take some baking soda this happens. Some people can take baking soda without any problems & in some people it causes problems. I guess I will have find another remedy that don't cause belching and severe abdominal gas.

Posted by Jc (Tonawanda, Ny) on 08/22/2010

I have been nebulizing sodium bicarbonate for a lung condition with positive results. However, there is a negative side effect with the treatment: I have been developing urinary discomfort. A CT scan revealed a ureter stone that seems to have passed when I temporarily ceased the SB and drank a lemon juice/oil mixture. But when I take the SB the discomfort comes back soon after. Is this common with others, and what can I do to continue the SB nebulizing without damaging my urinary systems? Thanks. Jc

Posted by Lou (Melbourne, Victoria Australia) on 04/28/2010

You have warned that taking bicarb soda may deplete vitamin b & other vitamins - could you please advise - under what conditions does this occur,,ie what amonnts ingested will effect vitamin depletion, also if this is the case, is it advisable not take bic soda at all ? i take a qurter of teaspoon daily with ACV. Your comments are appreciated.

Posted by Tekalign (Calgary, Alberta) on 09/15/2009

I have terrible acid reflex and I found this site and was reading about using baking soda to kill h. pyroli. I then googled baking soda good for stomach and I came upon the link below which has instances of people's stomach rupturing after taking baking soda as an antacid. Will you please check it out?

Replied by Tricia
Ok I looked at it and the first thing that I noticed is that the wording in the documents titling each article was unlike any other medical document I have ever seen. Most doctors will not use the word stomach for example or burst for that matter so I googled the documents and each search brought me back to the same URBAN legend site ... you decide....

EC: We did find the document titles, but no abstracts are available:

Replied by Kellyd
Seattle, Wa
This study provides a good overview about the risks involved with baking soda ingestion:

"One patient in our series was using the baking soda as antacid and subsequently was diagnosed with a perforated bowel requiring surgical intervention. This case was illustrative of the problem of using a home remedy treatment which could delay seeking medical help, as well complicate or exacerbate an existing medical problem. The instructions on the package for baking soda state ‘stop use and ask a doctor if symptoms last more than 2 weeks’.[1] This may be an inappropriate time frame as some patients may need medical intervention more urgently based on more serious symptomatology. The package also warns the user not to take the product when the stomach is overly full from food or drink. This warning was added at the request of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) because of multiple case reports of spontaneous gastric rupture due to production of large volumes of carbon dioxide on neutralization of stomach acid by the baking soda."

Replied by Nanowriter
Hotspot, Texas
Thank you for taking the time to link to this interesting study.

My takeaway was the importance of balance when we supplement. In this case, there was sodium supplementation from the baking soda, which obviously led to problems in people with already suboptimal potassium.

The whole "beat some drug test" aspect was something unexpected!

Replied by Nanowriter
Hotspot, Texas
Thank you for taking the time to link to this interesting study.

My takeaway was the importance of balance when we supplement. In this case, there was sodium supplementation from the baking soda, which obviously led to problems in people with already suboptimal potassium.

The whole "beat some drug test" aspect was something unexpected!

Replied by Nanowriter
Hotspot, Texas
Thank you for taking the time to link to this interesting study.

My takeaway was the importance of balance when we supplement. In this case, there was sodium supplementation from the baking soda, which obviously led to problems in people with already suboptimal potassium.

The whole "beat some drug test" aspect was something unexpected!

Replied by Nanowriter
Hotspot, Texas
Thank you for taking the time to link to this interesting study.

My takeaway was the importance of balance when we supplement. In this case, there was sodium supplementation from the baking soda, which obviously led to problems in people with already suboptimal potassium.

The whole "beat some drug test" aspect was something unexpected!

Posted by Jill B. (Newcastle, NSW Australia) on 07/02/2009

[BETTER BUT WITH SIDE EFFECTS]  any dangers from taking bi carbonate of soda? i have been taking approx 1/2 teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda twice a day for approx 2years without any apparent side effects. Recently I have been a bit constipated, despite drinking approx 2 litres of filtered water a day, and having a small quantity of fruit. Our diet has only small amount protein, no beef, and asian vegies. I have regular colonscopies, all good. I am not on any medication (62yo). At present I have a virus, flu and dr said low blood pressure. Is long term use harmful, could it cause fluid imbalance, hence constipation and low blood pressure, or leach out other necessary salts?

Replied by Betty
Spearsville, LA. USA
Dear Jill B,
I do not know if the use of the BS would cause the constipation. I have considered using it to help my lungs. I hope you are soon able to resolve the problem. I just wanted to mention to you that supplemental magnesium will help with the constipation. It draws water to the intestines. If you begin to develop diarrhea just back off it some. Everyone should be using mag.


Replied by Sara
The Beach, Canada
i cant speak for others, but i too experienced the constipation effect while taking baking soda and ACV. i releived this problem by taking magnesium citrate, 450-500 mgs a day. i think the baking soda may rob your body of some minerals, i dont take baking soda 7 days a week though. i take it 5 on 2 off. hope this helps. Sara.

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