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Borate Powder
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Posted by Dr258250 (Johnstown , Oh, Usa) on 10/21/2010

I wanted to let everyone know that I have 4 dogs and suffer from the same thing FLEAS. I have tried so many things on the dogs I'm at a loss so I am excited to learn of the ACV but I wanted to let you know of something I use in my house. The stuff is... RX for fleas plus. I have not tried the yard stuff because I have to much yard. Just wanted everyone to know what seems to work in the house and the great thing about this I only do it once a year. LOVE IT.... Now off to see if the ACV works.

Replied by Linda
Baytown, Tx
What is Borate Powder, and where do you find it?
Replied by Theresa Donate

Mpls., Mn
Hey Linda!

Borate powder could be boric acid powder, could be powdered borax..

You can get the boric acid from your pharmacy, and the borax from the laundry aisle.

Replied by Mark
Exeter, United Kingdom
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[YEA]   FOR: Linda Baytown, Tx.....
Borax = sodium tetra-borate decahydrate

CAS-No. 1303-96-4

The most commonly occurring Borax compounds are:

  • Borax/ sodium tetra-borate Decahydrate =

(Decahydrate means "10 water molecules")

  • Borax/ sodium tetra-borate Pentahydrate =

(Pentahydrate means "5 water molecules")

  • Borax/ sodium tetra-borate Anhydrous =

(Anhydrous means “without water”)

All 3 of the above are exactly the same product except for the number of water molecules .


Boric Acid = Orthoboric Acid

CAS-No. 10043-35-3

Boric Acid can also be sprinkled directly onto a carpet or near the infestation of ants, fleas, termites, silverfish or cockroaches as the Boric Acid is abrasive to an insect's exoskeleton.

Boric Acid is an effective insecticide, by acting as a stomach poison in insects (ants, fleas, termites, silverfish & cockroaches).

To prepare poison add 1 teaspoon of Boric Acid and 10-12 teaspoons of sugar to 50ml water. Mix into a syrup and leave syrup near infestation.

To apply the powder, crush any powder that might have clumped up and using a sieve / sprinkle the powder onto carpets, fabrics and upholstery

(If you use a sieve, please do not use it in the kitchen after, as Boric Acid can be harmful when ingested).

Leave the powder down for 1-2 days, this will kill all eggs and larvae, then hover all the powder up making sure none is left.


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Posted by R M (Quincy, Illinois) on 09/30/2014

I have recently learned of using Borax to get rid of fleas and I am wondering if it is safe to make a spray with the Borax to use on our cats? If so, how much Borax should I mix to the water? Thanks for your help!

Replied by Laura
Raleigh, Nc
I had that thought too but couldn't find a 'recipe' anywhere for the right mix for Borax water. Then I finally came across something that said Borax that gets wet loses effectiveness because it's actually the physical properties of dry Borax that kills fleas...therefore wet Borax is completely useless! That said, dry Borax didn't do me much good but I'm pretty sure it's because my berber carpet didn't allow the powder to go deep enough to reach the eggs down there...seems to work well for everyone else though.

I've been spraying a mixture of (equal parts) apple cider vinegar/witch hazel/lemon juice all over the carpet every day and the problem is much better! You have to keep it up though because success seems to come from a cumulative effect, not necessarily an 'on contact' sort of fix. Still looking forward to the light at the end of the tunnel. Good luck!!

Replied by Nikki
Yuba City, Ca
For the borax to work on carpet you need to sprinkle everywhere & leave it for at least 3 days. Otherwise it won't do anything. After 3 days or more, vacuum. Then sprinkle it again. The recipe for a spray borax is "Teds Mange Cure". Just search it here on E.C. It 100% works for fleas as well as mange. My dogs get rinsed after every single bath with Ted's recipe. They've never had mange. I've always used it for fleas. Hope this helps. Nikki

Posted by Patrick (Deer Park, Wa ) on 12/13/2010

[YEA]  I have two Golden Retrievers that had a serious flea condition. After washing the dogs with flea shampoo and I then went around the entire carpeted house and lightly sprinkled Borax (yes, the 20 Mule Team type)on the carpet. I sprinkled extra on the dog's bedding and areas where they hung out. It was amazing but I got rid of the fleas completely within a week. I later learned that the Borax dries out the flea eggs and they don't hatch. After a week I vacuumed the house and I never had another problem.

Posted by Bonnie (Torrance, Ca) on 12/02/2010

[YEA]  I had a nasty flea infestation, and the ONLY thing that worked was borax powder. This stuff is amazing! You can buy it at a hardward or gardening store, and it is pretty inexpensive. I take the powder, and sprinkle a lot of it into all the carpets... I find that using a stiff broom to brush it in really helps to get it deep into the carpets. Then wait a few days and vaccuum! The cool part is that borax powder is less harmful than table salt... A win/win if you ask me!

Posted by Ivory Coasst (Loco, Ca) on 12/21/2009






Replied by Linda
Baytown, Tx
Any idea if the Borax will work on roaches as well?
Replied by Theresa Donate

Mpls., Mn
Hey Linda!

Borax from the laundry aisle will work on roaches, as will diatomaceous earth. However consider doing a google search for "mason jar roach trap" or check out this video on how to make an effective trap at home:

Posted by Pierre (Phuket, Thailand) on 07/11/2009

[YEA]  YEA - Hi all, I have been infected by flea and teaks, now is the raining season in Thailand where I living at the moment. I owned 3 dogs and have a see what is the Flea infection , but like this one I never see before! They was there, a millions and millions!!! I take under control this infestation using Borax, mix 4 part of Borax, 1.5 part of Salt 1.5 Soda. I cover all my garden and all place they the dogs playing. Left over night plus 24 hours. I added to the drink water ACV but not much because the dogs do not liked. Finally I prepare mix Hydrogen Peroxide, ACV, Borax and spraying the dogs.

Now I am on the second week and thats work, thats more then miracle, the dogs are more calm and can sleep over night, and not toxic for the dogs and for the human.

Hope that help, Just do it. Cheers Pierre.

Posted by Diane Hacker (Emerald Isle, North Carolina) on 05/29/2008

[YEA]  re: fleas in the house: sprinkle 20 mule team borax around the house. it dehydrates all insects.

Replied by Sharon
San Clemente, Calif
One reader recommended Borax. Can it be used indoors if so full strength on carpets? I see lots of flea/dog remedies. Can anyone help me with cat fleas? Thank you, Sharon
Replied by Cait
Waycross, GA
I read on here you could sprinkle borax and salt on your carpet to get rid of indoor fleas. Would the borax have any effect on indoor cats?
Replied by Rosy
Orlando, Fl
[YEA]   I use Borax in my carpet for fleas and it didn't hurt my cats, but they didn't like it on their feet. It works best if you leave it on for a while. What I did was sprinkle under furnature and leave it there. I applied to the carpet that we see and let it sit for 5 hours. I just confined the kitties to a screaned porch for treatment. The borax left a film on the carpet, so wear socks after you vacume. Also vacume before and after the treatment. Empty your bag/canister, and spray filter with tea tree or neem oil. That way the eggs in the filter don't hatch and reinfest your house.
Replied by Pkt2313
Collierville, Tn
great information, i am going to try these remedies.
Replied by Amym
Boulder, Co
[NAY]   NEY-Borax was terrible. Although it did kill the fleas, it got caught in my loop carpet and I could not get it out. I steam cleaned it 3 times, carpet raked and vacumed countless times. It dried out my skin and caused a weird reaction in my ear. I had to stay with friends because I could not stay at my apartment and eventually had to replace the entire carpet so I could sleep there again. Apparently other people have also had a terrible reaction to Borax. Borax came out, took samples but refused replace my carpet because I did not keep the box.
Replied by Christopher
Brooksville, Florida
Can any tell me where I can buy BOREX detergent? I used it for flea control, but can't seem to find it in my area stores.
Replied by Edh
Marietta, Ga
You can buy it at a grocery store (I got mine at Kroger). I'm sure Target would have it too. Look in the laundry detergent aisle - 20 Mule Train Borax.
Replied by Jml
Mayfield, Ky
I found 20 Mule Team Borax laundry detergent at Super Walmart in the softner aisle. $3.27 for a big box. They told me they didn't even carry it and I found it by accident.

Borax, Baking Soda
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Posted by Kathie (Houston, Tx / Usa) on 02/03/2012

[YEA]  I make my own carpet powder (for sprinkling on my rugs before I vacuum). I mix half borax (20 team mule) and half baking soda along with a few drops of essential oils (I like lavander and a touch of lemongrass).

I feel like this will keep down the bugs (like mites, fleas and maybe any other gross things! - because we have pets), absorb odor and add a fresh scent. I also put this mixture on our sofa (the cat sleeps on it... ) I then put on rubber gloves and rub it in, then vacuum.

Borax, Hydrogen Peroxide
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Posted by Rondamommie (Kansas City, Mo, Usa) on 11/11/2010

I am reading the flea bath for cats suggestions here. Today I only have borax on hand and ACV... I do Not have Hydrogen Peroxide on hand. I have read through Ted's suggestions for remedies. Will it work to give my cats a bath/dip in only a Borax solution? Do I need the Hydrogen Peroxide for it to be effective? Can I substitute ACV or white vinegar and get the same results?

I also wish to treat my yard effectively. Can anyone recommend a solution they have effectively used? I do not have the Hydrogen Peroxide for the yard treatment recommended either. Can I use plain Borax, liquid or dry???, in my yard. Shall I combine it with something else?

I would appreciate anyone's experience with this! Best, Ronda

Posted by Millie (, Missouri) on 10/27/2010

[YEA]  My son has a black lab and she got case of fleas. He wasn't sure it was fleas because he treats her monthly with frontline. She was in the process of developing mange, he had her to the vet a couple of times but he hasn't go a lot of money, he lives on disability, so I went on line and found your idea of borax and peroxide. He tried it and she is as good as new. We thank you so much we can't tell you how much. God bless you and your work. He also put cider vinegar on her spots as you recomended.

Boric Acid
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Posted by Diana (Staten Island, NY) on 06/13/2013

[NAY]  Someone used boric acid -- Stop!!! Mature cats know not to lick it, but kittens are killed.

Boric Acid Powder or Head and Shoulders
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Posted by Tania (Stockholm)

[YEA]  For fleas in dogs wash them with boric acid powder or Head and Shoulders. Use white vinegar in the water just a little. Sprinkle Earl Grey Stash tea and fleas will run dogs love it could be the reason they roll in it!

EC: Boric Acid can be toxic to dogs.' Read more about this on our Mange page.

Brewers Yeast, Garlic
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Posted by Debbie (Climax, Ga) on 11/25/2009

[YEA]  I give my dogs brewers yeast and garlic tablets.1 tablet for every 5 lbs.They love them,eat like treats.I have mini dachshunds from 3 months old to 2 years old. No fleas or worms. Garlic kills the worms and brewers yeast is good for the skin.

Replied by Dwszoo
Midway, Tenn
Just a bit of warning about using garlic on dogs and cats.... They have found that onions are toxic to animals and galic is in the onion family so be very cautious of the amounts you give as you could be harming you dog and I would never give it to a cat.... Just fyi

Brewer's Yeast
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Posted by Robyn (Hampton, Tn) on 05/16/2010

[SIDE EFFECTS]  I bought a bottle of brewers yeast at walmart for flea control as I read somewhere it might help.

It made my german shepherd so sick and he got an ear infection right away. I had to take him to the vets to get meds. The vet would not give me oral antibiotics, but gave me ear drops. I wish I had bought fish antibiotics and looked up the dosage from revival animal health or drs foster and smith for him. He ended up biting me really badly because he didnt want the drops put in his ear and I ignored the threat display to get them in his ear and he attacked me...not that it was his fault..he is a wolf hybrid german shepherd and he has a large set of teeth.

Never use brewers yeast for flea control it doesnt work and it causes illness.

ON the contrary, I have a big steel pot I use for all my animals water and every time I fill it up I put a cap ful of apple cider vinegar in it, the best kind is the kind at the health food store but I just use the kind at the dollar store, and it starts working in about two weeks. They dont even notice it is there and it cuts the yeast out of their bodies and the fleas dont really like the taste of it and I also mop with it and I love it for all it does!

Replied by Blankie
Fajardo, PR USA
[YEA]   For years I have used Brewer's Yeast until now and that is because it has been difficult to find it here in Puerto Rico. I used to buy it at Walmarts and Walgreens Pharmarcy but it has been discontinued. I have always used it for my dog and her hair is shiny, she is quite healthy. She is always outside and she loves to sleep on sand (major factor for fleas and ticks) and she has no fleas nor ticks. I have used it on all the dogs I have had. The ones that died were of all ages (15 yrs) but never due to anything they ate or that I gave them.
Replied by Mikki
Youngsville, Nc Usa
I wanted to add to this a little as well. Some dogs do have a high yeast count in their body's and giving them supplemental yeast could result in a yeast infection of the skin or ears. But as a general rule, brewers yeast is effective on flea prevention and is very safe for your dogs. If you are concerned that your dog might develop a yeast infection talk with your vet about assessing yeast levels on their skin before you begin.

Posted by Izzy3 (Sebastian, Florida) on 10/16/2009

[YEA]  Thank You so much for having this site !! I am having success in only less than a full day using Brewers Yeast against these invisible biting bugs , which I believe to be Sticktight Fleas, I have suffered with them for a year now. I am so thankful to be able to pass along what I consider VERY valuble information. I always knew somehow , the remedy would be something simple and common, Brewers Yeast has been used for decades ( maybe longer ) on all kinds of animals for fleas and moskitoes bothering people. I felt results within 15 minutes of taking it, you will feel them getting active in your flesh!! I slept last night , straight through for the first time in at least 8 months. Don't give up the Borax & DE in carpets though, it is also valuble in this battle, I will continue using 20 MT Borax in my laundry for some time. My prayers are with you all.

Replied by Holly
Martinsville, In
How much brewer's yeast do you take, and internally, right? Thanks
Replied by Westwind
Orlando, Fl
[YEA]   Brewer's Yeast works! I started using it early last spring, throughout the summer and into early winter. I never saw a flea on my Bassett Hound. I had my doubts living in a humid, hot climate where fleas thrive, but I never saw even 1 flea. I put about a teaspoon on her food at night (she's a small bassett, about 40 lbs). She loves the taste! Brewer's Yeast is natural and filled with other nutritional stuff your dog needs. Give it a try!