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Natural Flea Control

Last Modified on Mar 20, 2015

Multiple Remedies   2  1   

Posted by Dorrie (Austin, Texas) on 10/26/2011

Here's what's finally gotten my dogs' horrible allergies under control: she's allergic to flea bites and the harmful spot-on treatments had ceased to work, so I took her off and put her on chewable garlic and brewers yeast tabs. They stopped biting her after a few weeks. Combed her everyday to get them off her. I have a huge yard and cats that are indoor/outdoor and are able to wander over to the neighbors' yards so they bring them in. Diatamacious earth on the lawn lessened them but still have to do lots of flea combing. Put the dog on holistic grain free food and at night she gets raw- the chicken in the big sausage kind. Tried various shampoos and AVC rinses, so-so. Tried enzymes etc. Found a spray called Dermacton and a bar shampoo they make. Shea butter oil and essential oils that have moisturized her coat and also repels fleas. She stopped itching like immediately and smells devine. She doesn't really like being sprayed but seems to know it helps. This past week she's been scratching some more and I think it's because she's been off the raw food. So... It seems to be a combination of keeping her on the raw food with a pinch of kelp added, washing her feet to get rid of the stuff she walks through and spraying her every other day or as needed with the spray. The spray has definitely made the biggest difference though. Just wish they'd lower the price.

Posted by Whitney (Lucasville, Ohio) on 11/22/2008

[NAY]  I lived in a house that had all tiled floors & I had 2 cats. After a while my boyfriend ended up getting a ferret, which some how got fleas. So of course all 3 played together and the cats got them too. Now we have moved to a house with shag carpet and I know the fleas are unbelievable...I just dont seem to get bit. Since then the cats have been miserable, so I gave up on the flea baths and bombs and put them both outside. The ferret is still inside and I have to bathe him atleast once a week. Which is not recommendation is every few months. But the fleas are driving him crazy, and I have to change his bath water multiple times because of all the fleas floating. I have had flea shampoo, flea bombs, and some sort of flea spray. IT DOESNT WORK! I set off 6 bombs in my house in 2 days and within 30mins of letting the ferret run around he was covered. I dont know what to do...for him. Im fine. But his hair is starting to thin out in the back of his neck and his skin is very irritated from scratching. Im just tired of going to the store and spending a bunch of money on things that absolutely does not work. If anyone knows something that DOES work please email me and let me know! Thanks!!

Posted by Candice (Victorville, CA) on 11/21/2006

[YEA]  We rescued two kittens, just to find out that they were infested with fleas. Since they were so young they could not use the traditional flea baths/powers/creams. This is when I searched (earthclinic) and seen the remedy. I decided to combine a couple of them.

*Dish soap (Ajax, but any will do).
*Rice Vinegar (this is just what I had)
*Baby shampoo
*Heating pad (optional)

First-what I did was filled up the sink half way with lukewarm (make sure not too hot, because what is comfortable to us is hot to them) I then added the VINEGAR (any vinegar will work!) I put a very good helping.

Second-I dipped the kittens in the vinegar solution (minus their heads) then I began to massage the DISH SOAP on. YOU WILL SEE THE FLEAS RUNNING! They will be running towards the head. This is when you lather the kitten with the BABY SHAMPOO ... try your hardest not to get any in the eyes.

Third-Now dip the kitten back into the solution (making sure not to get the head wet) and use a cup or your hands to make sure that you are saturating the fur entirely.

Fourth-This is where it gets tricky. Using a pair of tweezers, tweeze off all of the fleas that you can. THIS IS TIME CONSUMING! But it is worth it! When done tweezing, redip and then rinse off with lukewarm (not too warm) water, and towel dry.

This is when the heating pad will come in handy. What I did was set it on LOW, and put a towel/small blanket over it and then set the kitten down on top if it (first checking to make sure that it wasn't too hot) this is when I went flea hunting once again. This was about an hour process, with two kittens. Once I was finished, I towel dried them very well, and the kittens went right to sleep. I haven't had any reinfestations and I only did this the one time. I have 10 (all rescued) cats and it would be very hard for me if they became reinfested, but so far so good! THANKS!

Replied by Sue
Hazel Green, WI
[YEA]   I just bathed my 2 8 week old kittens with the vinegar and dish soap recipe. We picked some fleas off. It seemed to work for now. Hopefully no more for quite a while. Thanks for having this posted on this sight. I had been looking for a safe remedy for little kittens. They are comfortable under a blanket with a heating pad.
Replied by Sue
Hazel Green, WI
[YEA]   I'm just updating on the flea bath. We did all 3 of our cat in the vinegar, dish soap bath. It has worked wonders. They are happy cats now. Thanks for the cure. Hope everyone can enjoy this website as much as I am.

Mycodex   1  0   

Posted by Stella (OH) on 06/07/2008

[YEA]  If you have a flea problem in your home and you decide to use chemicals, at least use one that Really Works. When we first rescued our dog he came with fleas the only thing in the world that worked for us was Mycodex Plus Environmental Spray. We got it from our vet. We sprayed around the whole inside of house then again in two weeks. It completely worked unlike other crappy chemicals tried. So if you must then at least use Mycodex. We never had a problem again. You can find it many places online but here is what it looks like.

Natural Flea Control   0  0   

Posted by Sloan (T-town, Al) on 06/02/2013

Garlic is still being disputed as a safe food for pets. There are conflicting results on a cat's ability to break down the chemical compositions in the garlic, remember their liver isn't as powerful as ours and even the pollen of an easter lily is enough to cause liver failure. Until there is more evidence of garlic being safe, I would recommend each reader to do their fair share of research to make that call, as there are reports of garlic (in any form) being highly toxic to both cats and dogs.

Also, Diatomaceous Earth is a great product if used properly. Readers need to learn of ALL the precautions on how to properly administer as a pet/home flea prevention method. Using it on carpet gives easy access to the pet's eye causing severe irritation and harmful damage. Since their face is constantly inches from the carpet, breathing the stuff in will happen. This can cause severe lung irritation.

I buy FOOD GRADE Diatomaceous. I use it as a de-wormer for my pets. But this "food grade" is HUMAN food grade and I use it as a supplement for myself (no, not as a de-wormer lol). It has great benefits for us, just research it before you use it, but is does some remarkable things.

When I use it in my carpets, I don't use enough to make a dust when I walk. I do it when my pets are out of the house (outside on porch or getting groomed, at the vets). I don't let them back in until it is settled in the carpet and wiped up, off the counters and floors.

When bought packaged as a human supplement (high grade, pure DE), the package clearly states "Keep from eyes and DO NOT BREATHE". This applies to our animals too. I would recommend not applying it directly on their skin, as some may suggest.

When using natural oils, again be sure to get food grade, high quality essential oils. DO NOT apply it directly to their skin, as they have a different PH than we do, and they often cause severe skin irritation. Even we humans use carrier oils when applying it directly to their skin.

Again, a cat's liver can often not handle many of the essential oil and have a hard time processing them. Their liver is just not as strong as we seem to think. AND YES! They do absorb the oils through their skin, which eventually gets processed by their liver. WE HUMAN DO THIS TOO. Anything that is absorbed by the skin gets processed by our organs. Skin is the largest organ we have. Nicotine patches work by being absorbed through the skin. Normal flea treatment works like this. After it is absorbed, it gets into the blood stream and viola! It's in. So do your research. There are conflicting reports when it comes to your pets ability to handle essential oils.

So be careful what you put on your animals.

I know I sound like a downer, but I'm just trying to inform people to do their research and decide for themselves. When there are conflicting reports, one needs to take precautions.

Fleas are a pain. I know. I have 5 long haired cats and a dog. It's a constant struggle. So far, there is no one answer. Good luck to you all.

Natural Flea Sprays   1  0   

Posted by Christina (Florence, Alabama/ United States) on 09/30/2011

I am wondering if anyone is familiar with the Ecosmart Organic Insectide. We purchased it to help with a small (or so we hope) flea problem.

The ingredients are:

2-Phenethyl Propionate, Clove Oil, Rosemary Oil, Peppermint Oil, Thyme Oil, water, Potassium Oleate and Lecithins.

We have sprayed it in two rooms with carpet... And WOW... It definatley has a strong smell... Not chemically, but sure clears the sinuses!

I guess I am not sure what the first ingredient really is... Is it truly safe for pets... And us?

Posted by Cheryl (Centerton, Arkansas) on 09/18/2008

[YEA]  You can use Dawn in a shampooer just put it in the soap container and mix it with water. I also have a spray bottle with flea shampoo and water in it to spray under the beds and hard to reach areas for any fleas & eggs that might have fallen off the dogs. It also works good on furniture and carpet as well for bad cases. If its a mild case like I have now, I recommend water and vinegar solution to spray everything down plus it works as a deodorizer.

Neem Seed Oil   5  0   

Posted by Double D (Bfe, Ok, Usa) on 02/19/2013

[YEA]  I used neem tea to relieve my dog of fleas. I made a strong batch, soaked an old t-shirt and rubbed it all over the dog. By the next day, he was no longer scratching. Thanks to whoever posted about using neem!

Posted by Sheila (Salt Lake City, Utah) on 01/30/2013

[YEA]  OMG, I cant believe it, it works!!! All I did was dab a dropperful (twice in once week) around her ears, in betweem her shoulderblades and behind her neck, and shes relaxed, calm mellow, happy and not scratching, I cant believe!!!

Every year my Dog has a horrible time with fleas (Large shepherd), to where she doesnt sleep thru the nite and she licks the hair off her hindquarters, and shes bald and scabbing. Awful.

I had been using finely powdered brewers yeast sprinkled in her dry food (like cinnamon toast, twin labs brand) for a few years and it worked like a charm, but it seemed to stop working.

I did some research online herd rave reviews, except one lady claimed Neem oil killed her dog, as the dog had licked it off its fur, and went into convulsions and died. So I was sure to place the oil where she couldnt lick it off, I was nervous, but desperate, and Ive used Neem oil on myself over the years with great results (yeast infections, etc, lol! Healing skin rashes, ear mites for the cat, and ear infections on my 5 year old)

I was very skeptical, but First I gave her a bath, and rubbed a small amount thruout her fur when she was dry. Then dabbed a dropperful or two in proper areas. She seemed better, then a couple days later, I did it again.

Shes great now, cant believe. Shes not scartching at all.

Replied by Kelli
Dunlap, Tn
I need to know where to get some of this neem oil??!! I have 2 dogs & one lives n the house & other outside??!! The outside dog comes inside at least once a day, mostly twice a day!! The inside dog goes outside several times a day?! Will this help with my situation & where can I get some! ? HELP HELP FLEAS ARE TAKING OVER MY HOME & MY LIFE
Replied by Theresa
Mpls., Mn
Whole Foods Market may carry it - give them a call:

(423) 702-7300

301 Manufacturers Rd, Chattanooga, TN 37405

If they don't carry it you may be able to find it at your local whole foods co-ops, or stores that carry natural products and essential oils.

A proper flea bath will help the pets, and if the fleas are in your house try a shallow pan like from a microwave meal - white is preferred so the lighter the better - and add to that some dish soap. Put the pan on the floor near a night light or even a desk lamp put on the floor will work. The light emits heat, the fleas are attracted to the heat and the white of the pan, and they will jump in the water. The dish soap dissolves the flea's body oil making them sink and drown. Any dish soap will do, but something like Dawn works really well. The flea traps work best at night, but leave them out all day and check and change often.

Posted by Gabriela (Pahoa, Hawaii) on 02/24/2008

[YEA]  My pet recipe: Neem Seed Oil (100% pure only). I use it on everything, when our pets have itching, they scratch constantly and inflict wounds on themselves. If they have tics in their ears, they might inflict a wound somewhere by constantly scratching on the outside.

Neem Seed Oil is against parasites, mites and tics and fleas. It is also anti-bacterial. I used it on little turtles, chickens and cats. These are our only animals. I am so confident with this. I have solved problems, the vet said, were psychological. In one case, it truly was. Our cat was not stopping to scratch herself and inflicted wounds on herself because we had been away for some time and she was traumatized. I solved this problem by using Neem Seed Oil on her wounds first and then I put a little dog-shirt on her (like a T-shirt for tiny doggies you can buy). She was so estranged about the funny thing on her body that she forgot about her licking and couldn't anyway. After a few days, she got it off herself and had all forgotten her obsessive licking. When I use Neem Seed Oil, I put it on my hands, and oil the animals generously on all the spots necessary. They hate it - but usually one or two treatments are enough.

Replied by Sue
Hazel Green, WI
[YEA]   I tried the 1 oz Neem oil with 8 oz. vinegar in a spray bottle. It is working fantastic. I have 3 cats and are having a bad time with fleas this season. This spray has worked wonderful on them. They are enjoying not scratching and playing around more. Thanks so much for this web site. Keep up the great ideas.
Replied by Magnet
Canton, Ohio, 44707
Hi Sue, What is Neem Seed Oil and where do you find it? Is it an essential oil ?I thought cats had a difficult time with oils and some can cause toxicity. I don't know for sure, only what I read on the net. Magnet
Replied by Sassy
Gold Coast, Qld
[YEA]   Hi all, Neem oil is really fantastic stuff. But just I little bit of info, its classed as an insecticide, so using this if you have frontline etc on you animal will actually cause the frontline to stop working. Also, the drop things you put on the back of your animals. These actually work in the natural oils on the skin, so they don't really work until the flea actually bites the animal. Thanks :)
Replied by Nannah
Baltimore, Md
??? now we just got the drops to place on the shoulder blades of our cats and I was thinking of doing this neem seed oil.... Help me to understand please... I should not use while using the drops but should after the 1 month of the drop so that it will be the most effective?

Nematodes   1  0   

Posted by Margie (Coppell, Tx) on 12/28/2011

[YEA]  Just wanted to add beneficial nematodes to the flea arsenal (maybe it's already here somewhere). Several years ago, the big name flea treatment applied to the back of the pets neck just stopped working for us. We got infested. We used borax & DE in the house (too much carpet), but outside we used nematodes. I purchased a bulk supply with 3 types of nematodes and have continued putting them out every spring. These fabulous parasitic worms also kill June bugs, termites, fire ants and other creatures that spend at least part of their life cycle in the earth. Here in zone 7, I spray them 3 times @ 5 day intervals in early April.

NexGard   0  0   

Posted by Deb (Roseville, Mi) on 07/11/2014

[SIDE EFFECTS]  Our 12 yo lab/pit mix is having side affects from the use of NexGard Flea and Tick treatment. He is in very good health as a rule . He had a vet check about a month ago. All was fine. Since giving him the flea mess we have noticed a loss of appetite, lethargy and dry flaky skin. This is by no means the norm for our baby. How long will this last? Are there any natural alternatives for flea and tick control. Seeing our dog like this is heartbreaking ...

Replied by Om
Hope, Bc Canada
Deb from Roseville. Mi --- as you may see in one post of mine below, natural orange cleaner which is essential oil of orange, kills even mites and is good for the coat. If it was my dog, I would not pay for poisons for fleas. Perhaps you may want to use charcoal or ESSIAC to clean out the poison now in the blood.

Namaste, Om

Replied by Theresa
Mpls., Mn
Hey Deb!

Om posted an excellent reply - re: Activated charcoal and Essiac tea to clean out the blood. I would also try to get him to take in as much liquid as possible to flush the chemicals out. In addition I would bathe your dog to remove as much of the topical as you can.

Also, since you have a senior with these symptoms you may wish to return to the vet and run a blood panel to rule out any complications with the liver or kidneys. The sooner you catch these things the better.

Oil Soap   1  0   

Posted by Bonart (Ravenna, Ohio, Us) on 11/24/2012

[YEA]  I have a Golden Retriever that was itching all over, I checked for fleas didn't see one. Vet found some droppings around her tail said to give her a flea bath and an antihistamine for her flea allergy.

That worked for a day or so----then found some research on Oil Soap for fleas---same one for furniture--and a lot of successful reviews--so I bought some and diluted 1/4 cup with 3 cups warm water--rubbed it in real good all over--rinsed her off-her coat was soft smelled clean-

she itched for an hour or so------then no scratching at all, and her belly had been red-now just pink--it worked. She's sleeping better and all night. What a cheap fix---then read cedarwood oil with a carrier oil kills fleas-----use that as a spray and this is 2 weeks now---no problems. I see a lot of Vets recommend the Oil Soap, wonder why my Vet never heard of it. It doesn't say anything on the bottle, just for furniture. So check it out on the internet. Molly had a great flea free thanksgiving and no more antihistamines-Bonnie

Orange Rind   2  0   

Posted by Rosie (New York, New York) on 03/01/2010

[YEA]  Another natural remedy for fleas is orange rind. Very good for kittens and for your home. I don't know if it works on dogs. Orange rind contains natural chemicals (pyritherins I think) that kill insects. It must be fresh. Use an orange zester - the large or small gauge. Both will express the orange oil out of the skin. Then just move fresh zest over your cat's fur and watch the fleas fall dead. You do not have to rub it in- gentle moving it around in the vicinity of the cat works well. Cats really don't like the orange but it works so well and harms nothing. I zest oranges before making juice and then toss the zest on carpets, let it set about 10 minutes and then vacuum it up. For furniture I place muslin or a sheet on furniture to protect it. Flea free.

I am going to give the amethyst remedy a try too.

Replied by Teri In T Town
Tacoma, Wa, Usa
[YEA]   I have used the orange rind on my dog who had a significant problem with fleas. I rub the inside of a peel all over her and then rub it in. It makes her smell heavenly meanwhile but really does a number on the fleas. I also made a spray by boiling 7 or 8 rinds down and filtering it. It is unbelievable how well this works. This and vacuuming seemed to eliminate our flea problem.
Replied by Nannah
Baltimore, Md
thank you... :D

Peppermint Oil and Lemon Juice   1  0   

Posted by Diamond (Ma., US) on 08/07/2014

[YEA]  I found one of the very best inexpensive tick and flea repellents. I put small amount of peppermint oil and part lemon juice and the rest with water. All this summer we had absolutely no ticks/fleas or anything. I sometimes spray right quick around the area where they go out to go to the bathroom, but as long as they are covered not important to spray outside.

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