Epilepsy Remedies for Dogs

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Heartworm Meds and Seizures   0  0   

Posted by Corgi Mum (Colo Spgs) on 10/13/2013

[SIDE EFFECTS]  Our male Corgi, from age 4, started having seizures regularly after accidently given two doses of Heartguard on the same day (am & pm). Found out later that Collies are very sensitive to Heartguard. Our Pemb Welsh Corgi was a white and tan. This mixture came about by inc the Collie breed. My vet never said a word about this. Later we ended up having to put our Corgi on Phen Barb and potassium bromide. After starting him on this nasty combo--his seizures all but stopped, but then he came down with Degenerative Myopathy (we tried everything in the book before PB and PB).

Posted by Cathy (Wyckoff, NJ, USA) on 07/15/2008

[SIDE EFFECTS]  My Pug, Peanut, developed grand mal seizures after taking Interceptor heartworm medication. I took her off the medication immediately. She had one small seizure 2 months after coming off Interceptor. She is completely seizure free after being off the medication for the last 3 years. I do not give my dogs any heartworm medication as they are mostly indoor dogs. They have all tested heartworm negative even though I do not use heartworm medications.

In addition, after the seizure scare, I do not update my dogs' vaccinations. The dosages are too toxic. However, my dogs are mostly indoor dogs.

Posted by Sandy
Houston, Tx
[SIDE EFFECTS]   Heartworms are epidemic in the Gulf Coast area. Dogs WILL get them if no preventative is used. My problem is, I suspect Heartgard is the reason for my Border Collie/Pointer's seizures that have started at 5 yrs old. I'm switching to ProHeart, which use a less toxic chemical, and I'm using a smaller dose than is recommended. I'll have her tested in a couple of months and again after the first big cold spell of 2010, but I'm guessing she will be heartworm free. In addition to decreasing the toxicity of heartworm meds, I'll be using herbal remedies as a back up. If you don't live in this area, you have no idea how bad the mosquitos are. And I refuse to keep my 3 dogs indoors all the time because they need to be outside enjoying life. Good luck to everyone on this thing...
Posted by Olga
Hollywood, Florida
I've had four dogs since living in south Florida since 1979. They are inside dogs and I have used lavender and skin so soft if they happen to be outside during times that there were many Mosquitos. None of my dogs have ever been on heart worm prevention. I had them tested annually however, to ascertain that they did not get bitten by an infected mosquito. I have to say however, that I cook for my "children with hair" and use alternative remedies as the norm - thanks to websites as Earth Clinic. My German Sheperd was 17 when she passed away.

Hemp   1  0   

Posted by Dharmony (Ny, Usa) on 05/16/2014

[YEA]  Hemp is working for my dog's seizures!! ... I previously wrote about my dog Diesel here http://www.earthclinic.com/pets/epilepsy3.html Look for two entries, 02/06/12 and 10/20/13 to read about the difficulties we have had and all of the things we had tried to get control of his seizures. Note that in October 2013 we had tried the hemp oil supplement containing CBD, which really seemed to be working. We had 42 days seizure free (which was really good) and then over the next couple of months we had some breakthrough seizures and the oil didn't seem to help as much as his seizures came back more regularly.

Soooo...In my never-ending search to help my little guy, I found a hemp supplement that isn't an extract or oil but is 100% hemp. It is called Canna-Pet and is actually developed by veterinarians for dogs and cats. http://www.canna-pet.com

There have been major improvements in Diesel. Not only way less seizure events, but he is more alert, has a better appetite and sleeps better.

So I started reading and learning about phytocannabinoids, terpenoids and flavonoids, the important parts of cannabis. I learned that the process to make the oils and extracts (heat, alcohol, chemicals) could destroy some of the natural things in the hemp, which are beneficial. The new product doesn't use any of these methods.

For anyone who would like to learn more about the important parts of cannabis and hemp and why they are important, here are some of the links I came across while educating myself. Keep in mind that some of the links are about medical marijuana, but the same important things are in hemp such as CBD.

Here is an article about the Canna-Pet product and the vets who developed it. http://www.prweb.com/releases/2013/10/prweb11276477.htm

Here is a link to the "white paper" from Canna-Pet - If you scroll down you can learn about phytocannabinoids, pharmacological actions of non-psychotropic cannabinoids, terpenoids, flavonoids, cannabinoid profile of medical marijuana and cannabinoid profile of Hemp #112 and their "golden Ratio" and references at the bottom. Tons of information. http://www.canna-pet.com/technical.html

Importance of Terpenes http://www.hightimes.com/read/talking-terpenes

Difference between Industrial Hemp and Cannabis (I never knew...) http://hempethics.weebly.com/industrial-hemp-vs-cannabis.html

Interesting and fun facts you didn't know about Hemp (I didn't know any of this) http://hempethics.weebly.com/i-bet-you-didnt-know.html


An excellent video about CBD... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=31SrjjgPbhU#t=22

For those that did not see...I know it is about marijuana but the CBD is the important part... WEED - CNN Special Dr. Sanjay Gupta 2013 Documentary https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B4GUkzTnFG0


WEED 2 - Dr. Sanjay Gupta 2014 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tAFu-Ihwyzg

Diesel is still on phenobarbital, Kbr and Zonisamide along with the hemp. These medications have never given control to him. If the hemp continues to control/eliminate seizures, these medications will be reduced with the guidance of my vet.

Posted by Dharmony
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UPDATE: Doctors Greg Copas and Sarah Brandon, the vets who started Canna-Pet are now at www.cannaforpets.com Their new product name is Canna Companion. Diesel is now off of Keppra.

Homeopathy   0  0   

Posted by Lia Vang (Milwaukee, WI) on 06/04/2013

I want to start using belladonna supplements for my 10 year old dog who has been having monthly seizures since my other dog passed away on 9/2012. Any suggestions about belladonna or homeopathic remedies that may help? She is having accupuncture once a month, on chinese herbs and taking cholodin as well as neuroplex. Any suggestion on food to feed dogs with seizure? She is on the raw meat diet and I jusy got another dog so she won't be so lonely. Any advice would greatly be appreciated. Lia

Karo Oil, Pancake Syrup or Honey to Stop Seizure   4  0   

Posted by Michelle (Las Vegas, Nevada) on 04/29/2007

[YEA]  dip the tip of your finger in karo oil, pancake syrup, or honey given orally will bring any person, as well as dogs and cats, out of a diabetic and an epileptic seizure immediately.

Posted by Sandy3598
Mobile, AL
[YEA]   YEA.. Honey really works!!! My mixed breed (Rot, Lab, Chow) has moderate to severe seizures. He was starting into a seizure I ran for the honey. He was not fully into the seizure so he was able to recognize me and able to lick the honey off my fingers; HE CAME OUT OF IT ALMOST IMMEDIATELY. He usually is unsteady on his legs and takes him several minutes to hours to come around; again, he immediately was back to himself and needed to go outside.

It works for people too - I have a friend that has a friend with epileptic seizures, I told her about the honey and they were at the store purchasing honey when she had a seizure, they opened the honey and gave her some. She came out of it almost immediately and was amazed.

Posted by Beaglemama
Charleston, Sc
[YEA]   I just wanted to say THANK YOU! My 5 yo beagle has horrible seizures and has been having them more regularly. This morning he started to have one and, having read your post, I ran to the kitchen for the honey. As soon as it got into his system the seizure completely stopped!! It worked and he loved it!
Posted by Jamesm
Riverdale, Md
[YEA]   Honey! Honey! Honey! Stops my Honey's seizures when given before they get a good hold, while glazed eyed, or any other sign begins. Tonight even my Honey was going into a seizure, and I ran Wildflower honey over to her, and in less the 5 minutes she was just about normal, and asking for some food.

Magnesium   0  0   

Posted by Jennifer (USA) on 04/29/2009

I read the suggestion for magnesium for seizures for pet. I have a yellow lab who has a seizure about every other week and was going to try it. I needed to know kind of magnesium - there is chelate, chloride, citrate, glycinate, malate, oxide etc. etc. Most are for at least 500mg so i wanted to make sure i got the right one.

Thank you for your help.

Posted by Fletch and Mia
Rockland, Ontario Canada
Jennifer, not too sure if you've found your answer, but in my researching for my yellow lab, I've learned that Magnesium needs calcium to be properly absorbed, so buy magnesium in combination with calcium in the chelated forms of magnesium glycinate, magnesium citrate or magnesium gluconate. As for dosages, a medium sized dog would start at 20mg and could go to 50mg/day.

Melatonin   1  0   

Posted by catroina (astoria,ny) on 03/05/2008

[YEA]  to :anonymous in Mississippi--around the time the "next ?" rabies booster is due, have the vet draw the titres and take it from there.
IF the titre proves coverage...contact your board of health or whomever handles rabies vaccinations and let them know you want an exemption, have proof etc.
for those with epileptic dogs,we have found,thank God that going by your dog's weight,melatonin(natural supplement)WORKS esp. IF your pet is prone to night time,early AM seizures--there is a website out here but unfortunately I can't remember their name,had a forum for epople to post questions/responses/their stories etc--what works..
one thing finally dawned on us here--we had 2 wonderful dobies that lived healthy lives till 14-16 years---a VERY loooong lifespan for this breed. They were NOT vaccinated for all these diseases and only received a rabies the year nyc mandated it.
for testimonies both human and pet.
Also,try to purchase the BEST natural /holistic food u can as it definitely makes a differencein your pets' lives....or prepare your own.

Miscellaneous Remedies   2  0   

Posted by Wendy (Melbourne, Australia) on 12/03/2011

[YEA]  My 15 year old cat started having seizures about two months ago. As soon as she starts, I grab her and continuously tap FasterEft style on the point above her eyebrow all the time saying "Let it go, let it go, let it go, let it go" until the seizure stops. It usually stops within 10 to 15 seconds. (Go to Robert Smith's website fastereft.com for info on tapping. ) I then hold her and cuddle and reassure her and give her Rescue Remedy. I fill a 30 mil dropper bottle with spring water and add four drops of Rescue Remedy and I keep this bottle handy.

I give her a dropper full from this dosage bottle. Sometimes I can only get half a dropper in her mouth but it seems to be O. K. The length of time from the start of the seizure until she's back to normal is no more than a minute

Fastereft is a technique to help you release your stress and all emotional issues, e.g. Anxiety, trauma, depression, abuse, fear, anger etc. Etc.. I've been using it on myself for a couple of months and I can't recommend it enough. I thought I'd try it on my cat and the result was extraordinary. She is still having seizures but this shortens them dramatically. I think I'll try coconut oil as well.

Robert Smith founder of FasterEft is a most generous man and he has posted nearly 500 free FasterEft videos on Youtube so people can learn how to heal their emotional issues and stresses.

Do yourself a favour and check out his site, it is life changing stuff.

Posted by debby (miami, fl) on 05/02/2007

[YEA]  hi i know how horrible seizures could be , i have tried several natural remedies and would like to reccommend them . very important is to evaporate alcohol from herbal and homeo remedies because as it occured with my chi , his liver was hurt from alcohol in the tonics . But what has worked fairly well is Dr. Cynthia Foster's Composure formula, Frankincense oil diluted in jajoba oil and the healthy dog diet homemade recepie from Dr.Dodds , google these persons and you should find out , he still has seizures but i am controlling it better without the use of pheno , although his have been pretty mild . any further info email me . Also his thyroid was low, dr dodds has a cheap and great service for checking this out google her you'll see , way cheaper than vets prices. God bless, deb

Potassium Bromate, Acupuncture   0  0   

Posted by Helaine (Jacksonville, Fl) on 07/06/2011

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  I had a dog (70 lbs) that had grandmal seizures for years. For control I gave him Potassion Bromate caps (made in manipulate pharmacy) quantity depending on his weight. And what really made the difference was acupuncture. I was succesfull controling the attacks and lived to be 14 years.

Raw Diet   2  0   

Posted by Marsala (Webster, NY) on 03/19/2012

[YEA]  My 4 y/o Keeshond began having seizures (clusters). Started the phenobarb routine, it changed her personality and she also developed increased thirst and appetite from the meds. She began peeing in the house, couldn't hold it. I found a vet who specializes in Chinese medicine. Daisy started on Chinese herbs and a weaning schedule to get off phenobarb. My vet was not sure this would work. I also stopped feeding her commercial dog food and started giving her raw meat and bones- appropriate for her size and teeth. That was Dec 1st 2010. It is now March 2012- she has not had one seizure since the end of Nov 2010. She is still on the herbs-(successfully weaned off phenobarb over 6 week period) vet says the herbs won't hurt her- is somewhat of a liver cleanse. The vet doesn't particularly like that I feed raw food- but both my dogs (also a 10 lb Shitz-poo) are thriving, wiht beautiful coats and teeth and great digestion. It is amazing how small their poops are. After 6 mos of exclusively raw, I changed to one cooked meal in the morning and raw chicken necks at night. The cooked meals are rotated: beef- chicken-fish each weak with some veggies, eggs and rice. The cooked food gets ground egg shells and kelp mixed in for extra minerals. For those of you who have seizure dogs- there is hope. Look into a raw diet. Stop poisoning your dogs with commercial foods that have been totally stripped of nutrition then fortified with added in vitamins and minerals which are never quite like getting it from actual foods.

Posted by Taylor
Baltimore, Md
[YEA]   My dog Penny has been seizing for years, started out once or twice a year until it progresses and became monthly and then weekly. We tried phenobarbital, keppra, and bromide.. Some helped for a little bit but she still had a seizure about once a month. In November of 2011, she had a cluster of 9 seizures in a 48 hour period and was hospitalized. A friend of mine suggested I look at raw feeding and I started reading success stories with regards to raw food and epilepsy.

December 2011 I switched my dogs cold turkey to the prey model raw diet. Penny is now 5 months seizure free and counting! Additionally, both my dogs have more energy, no doggie gas, and their teeth are unbelievable! Moving them to this diet was the best thing I could have done.

Posted by Suzy
Austin, Tx
Thanks for sharing this very helpful information. Would you mind telling me what foods your dog eats now?
Posted by Jr
Coloma, Mi
75 Posts
Marsala, you mentioned that you feed your dog chicken necks. Do you feed any other kind of raw bones?
Posted by Amanda
Hi,I just read about you feeding your dogs raw because of seizures. Our pug has had a couple and I am very leery of phenobarbital. I am looking at a natural way to handle this. If you could please send me your recipe for your dog as an idea I would be very grateful. Thank you so very much, Amanda in Canada

Remedies Needed   0  0   

Posted by Dharmony (Orchard Park, Ny, Usa) on 02/06/2012

Help for a Jack Russell who has cluster seizures.

Diesel is 3 years old and the sweetest dog. He started his first seizure at 8 months old and has gotten progressively worse moving into cluster seizures. He has been on Phenobarbital and Potassium Bromide which has not helped. We use intra rectal valium when he clusters. We added Keppra (levetiracetam) December 2010. After a year on Keppra, the neurologist said to come off because it was not helping. He is now on Zonisimide which doesn't seem to be helping either.

Unfortunately, he had many vaccines; rabies, distemper, parvo, corona virus, leptospirosis, lyme disease, bordetella. (I will never listen to a vet about vaccines ever again)

The seizures have changed, the cluster seizures turn into a long drawn out 45 minute or longer slow motion seizure that are not always the same. Sometimes it starts out with him running into a wall when he gets frantic. Other times he can't walk where he will take a few steps and drop hard to the floor get up and repeat and turns into start and stop without the drop. Other times he can't stand and his back legs draw up close to his body and shake and at the same time, his tail comes in close to his body and then relaxes. This happens rhythmically. A few times his front paws also turned under and curled in. Sometimes he foams at the mouth. A few times he clawed at his mouth. Lately he arches his head back, opening his mouth wide, paddling then getting up, walking a few steps, dropping down and falling over. He still also gets grand mals here and there.

Diesel doesn't like the cold and he also runs from the wind. Diesel's episodes seem to happen around the same time in the early evening. He will close his eyes to try to nap and his eyes pop open like he knows something is wrong and then he goes into the run and stop. Some of the time, he comes out of it without a post ictal period and other times he seems blind or has vision changes. You can tell because when he plays with a ball, if your hand moves he will grab at it instead of the ball and not realize it is your hand.

Sometimes you can tell by the look on his face that something is wrong. He gets a look like he has a headache. You can tell that by the eyebrows.

His thyroid has been tested by Dr. Dodds and is normal. Lead and zinc heavy metals – normal. The neurologist says it is not epilepsy, possibly a metabolic disturbance or brain degeneration. The metabolic urine test was normal but shows high levels of some amino acids which they say is probably from the Phenobarbital. A hair analysis shows rabies miasm. We have tried many different remedies through the holistic vet over two years.

We just want to get him under control so it is manageable. He has been having the run and stop type almost daily, then he will have a good week and then two weeks of almost daily episodes.

He has been on a species appropriate diet (raw) eliminating gluten, corn, soy, dairy and MSG for over two years. This has not had any noticeable effect on seizures (Although healthier otherwise).

Summary: Tried the following: Phenobarbital, Potassium Bromide, Keppra, Zonisimide, been to a neurologist, raw diet, many homeopathic remedies, herbs, chiropractic, heavy metal test, thyroid test…

Don't want to give up on this precious dog!

Posted by Marianne
Berlin, Germany
26 Posts
Dear DHarmony: Please go on the following website:


Dr. Smits was a homoeopathic doctor from the Netherlands. Unfortunately he died of cancer last year. He cured many children and adults who had all kinds of vaccine damages. I am sure it works with animals as well but I don't know if he worked with animals. Anyway, you can download his book which explains everything. There are many people who keep up his work and have been trained with his method so I am sure you can find answers. You wrote that you have tried many holistic methods as well as homoeopathy. Unfortunately there are a lot of people out there who call themselves homoeopaths but really don't go by the classical way which Hahnemann invented. So maybe this will help you and is a new approach for you.

Good luck. Marianne

Posted by Deborah
Chino Valley, Az
Hi DHarmony, so sorry to hear about what's going on with your pup. Perhaps you may find help under 'Heart Murmur' on this site for pets. I've posted there about our sweet dog, Mocha, who went through a similar situation as your pup. He is doing GREAT now, but we had to move off of meds and stabilize all of his systems naturally. Our dog's former seizure episodes were all coming from his cardiovascular system which went chronically undiagnosed. Since treating that, no episodes whatsoever. I would particularly recommend the L-carnitine, as most small breeds I learned tend to need this supplemented to stabilize both cardiac function and blood sugar. Please let me know if I can help futher. Sending good wishes for you both. Deborah
Posted by Fullflaps
Venlo, Netherlands
Dharmony, I feel your pain. Take a look at Taurine supplement. I, too, have a lovely dog with uncontrollable seizures. Tried everything I could find including what you have already tried. No luck until I found Taurine. My dog has been seizure free for 2 solid weeks now. Please google taurine and you will find many blog posts about this amino acid. Taurine is all natural supplement with no known side effects. FullFlaps
Posted by Marsala
Webster, Ny
I feel your pain. I just posted how my dog is seizure free (15 mos now) after switching to raw diet and chinese herbs. My dog is taking Tian Ma Gou Teng Wan- prescribed by a vet. Just wondering if you have tried this herb blend. Also with raw- I fed exclusively raw for the 1st 6 mos- included organ meat (beef heart especially which is very high in Taurine). No grains or cooked food at first. I also gave a supplement called DMG in liquid form. And I stopped all vaccinations. I live in an area which is heavily sprayed with pesticides, so I keep my dogs away from the areas when the spraying is active. I have always wondered if there was a connection with my dogs seizures and pesticides. I think a seizure dog has a delicate immune system, so I try to do everything to keep at bay an assault on her system. Good luck to you. It's a heartbreaking disease for a dog and an owner to live through. P. S: I know in the case of my dog, Rescue Remedy and an ice pack on her lower back during a seizure did shorten the seizure time.
Posted by Iheartmybabies
Moorestown, NJ
4 Posts
Hi, I know you posted this back in February but it caught my attention so I wanted to share my experience. I actually posted the entire story somewhere on this site, but just in case you don't find it... I have a 4lb Chihuaha that had a seizure or two in her younger years, but when she hit 7 years old, they really escalated. I tried everything, but nothing was working too well. I know every dog is different, but long story short - due to the marvelous people/stories on this site and hours upon hours of reading, I started seeing a common thread: Based on that, I put my chi on a very simple/strict diet. She now eats only New Balance Limited - which removed the Rosemary extract found in almost all dog foods, and it added taurine and magnesium which is very beneficial to seizure prone dogs. It was the perfect recipe. I also bought New Balance Treats, Dr. Ackerman's Epilepsy & Seizure Control Supplement ($10.00 on amazon.com) and stopped washing the floors with detergents. I now use one part white vinegar and 3 parts water to mop with. I will never use any type of flea spray or medicine around her either. No shots, nothing. So far, so good! She was having a seizure every single day and now it's been 9 days since I made the switch and not a single seizure thus far. Also, I kept honey on hand (and I do mean, ON hand... Like right next to me) so whenever I saw the signs of a seizure coming, I'd immediately put some on the tip of my finger which she would lick off and it would keep the seizure at bay or stop it altogether. This was before the new diet. Sometimes I still let her lick honey off my finger, she loves it, but it's just for a treat now. PS - Prior to this, my chi was on a high end grain free food, but it still had the Rosemary Extract in it and it didn't have Taurine. I wish you all the best.
Posted by Iheartmybabies
Moorestown, Nj
Update on Louise - we're almost 4 weeks into this new diet and she's only had one seizure, and ironically enough, it was on the same night that she stole my other chihuahua's dinner. I am now convinced that all seizures are related to diet, shots, cleaning products and/or flea/tick control products.

I believe if those issues are adressed, the seizure epidemic would cease. My vet wanted to put my little chi on harsh meds that would ultimately comprimise her kidney's/liver, but here she is doing fantastic from just a simple diet change.

After months of research I've also decided that ALL man made dog foods are junk, even the "good" expensive one's. Research "meat by products" and be ready to hurl. I can't believe I've ever allowed my babies to eat any of that. From here on it, it's home cooking. I can't bring myself to go raw... Even my one beagle won't eat raw, I tried. However, loading the crockpot with meats and veggies, cooking on low (much healthier than high heat) once or twice a week is not only so much heathier but I believe it will be cheaper in the long run. I will add the taurine and magnesium to my one chi's food for the rest of her life as I'm sure it's contributed to her lack of seizures. I'll also continue with Ackerman's epilepsy and seizure control supplement (all natural, very inexpensive), because I'm not taking any chances with her and currently it's all working.

Whatever you do, don't give up on your dog - you'll find the answer to help them, just keep researching and changing their diet/environment until you see improvement. My vet never gave me any hope at all, and here she is all but cured. Go figure....

Posted by Dharmony
Ny, Usa
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I thought I would give an update to Diesel's condition :) !! It has been a frustrating and an amazing journey with a positive ending!

I forgot to mention in the above post that I always give Diesel one capsule of milk thistle daily to protect the liver. Always use it if your dog is on Phenobarbital.

Since my original post over a year and a half ago, I have tried many things. Besides trying all of the above things in my original post, I did a saliva test though Dr. Jean Dodds. The test is called Nutriscan through her Hemopet.org site. It uses the dog's saliva to test for "canine food sensitivity and intolerance". Diesel had a strong reaction to soy and weak reaction to many foods including turkey. So I decided to eliminate anything that gave a weak or strong reaction and only feed things that had a negative reaction. So he could eat chicken, beef, lamb and salmon among some other things. The change of diet helped a little.

I am always looking for answers so in my search for answers I also have tried Colostrum, NZYMES, Curcumin and coconut oil and Nigella Sativa. None made a huge difference.

I also did an anti-parasite regimen for 21 days. I used black walnut, wormwood and clove tinctures. I put the drops into his food. When using a human tincture, the amount given must be reduced for animals.

I also discovered that the liver sausage I had been wrapping his pills in contained soy. I switched to cleaner brand called Thumann's which didn't have soy or unnecessary ingredients like carrageenan which is not even listed on the label.

The breakthrough…

Last month, I got into a conversation at the local pet store with a young girl who worked there and who always seemed to gravitate to Diesel whenever we came to the store. In my conversation with her, the subject of medical marijuana and CBD came up. There had been a story on the news about a young girl who was having 300 seizures a day who after starting on medical marijuana was reduced to 3 per month. After leaving the store I went home and searched on-line for CBD. CBD is the important part of the plant. They take out the THC which is the part that gets people high. I came across the following article:


BINGO...There was a link to the company where I could legally get some CBD. It is a Hemp Oil Supplement. I contacted them but they said they don't have a dosage for dogs, but that the dose for humans was 15 drops for a 150lb. Person. So since Diesel weighs 21lbs. I decided to give 2 drops per day. The instructions say to put on tongue and keep in mouth 60-90 seconds. I put two drops on my palm and swipe them up with my finger and wipe onto his tongue every night before bed.

The first dose was given September 29th and continued once per day before bed. Since then, everyone is amazed! I know it has only been 3 weeks, but he has not had one seizure and not one partial seizure. The only episode he had was to open his mouth wide and swish his tongue as if he was trying to get something out. This would be rhythmic and last about ten minutes. Considering he was having almost daily episodes, this was amazing!

Then this week, something even more amazing happened! He started playing. Running and jumping and playing with his ball. So what's the big deal??? For the past couple of years he was like a zombie always sleeping all day and night. He wasn't alert or even very aware of his surroundings. Since starting the Dew Drops, I am thrilled as his quality of life is much, much better!

For those of you who are as desperate as I was to help your dog because of seizures, I would highly recommend trying the CBD product. I ordered it at dixiebotanicals.com. It comes from hemp oil. The product I use is the 2 oz Dew Drops which is stronger than the 1 oz product. I don't know why but the 1 oz is 100mg and the 2 oz is 500mg. The capsules are only 25mg.

I would love to hear from anyone else who has tried a CBD product to see if it helped their dog too.

Note: Diesel still is taking Phenobarbital, Potassium Bromide and Zonisamide. If he continues to do well in the next couple of months, I will probably try to reduce these medicines.

Posted by Dharmony
Ny, Usa
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Correction: The little girl was having 300 seizures a week, NOT per day which was reduced to 3 per month. To read the story, search "Marijuana stops child's severe seizures" The girl's name is Charlotte.

Posted by Denise (Rancho Palos Verdes, California, Usa) on 12/27/2011

I have a 14 year old whippet who began about a month ago having one seizure and then recently 3 within 5 days. The first seizure he fell on his side, paddled, etc. The second the same but shorter, the third no peeing and much shorter and this morning just the stand up but shake severely one. My vet is suggesting very expensive tests for brain tumor and says it can't be epilepsy. I need help because testing is expensive and whippets do not do well under anaesthaesia. Please respond ASAP. I love this dog incredibly much and don't want to give up on him just because he is "old". Thank you

Posted by Lucy (Eastman, Ga/ United States) on 09/18/2011

My dog had a seizure and now she just lays around limp. What can I give her to help her get well?

Posted by Meghan
Harrisburg, Pa
Not sure if your pet is still having seizures, but when my elder dog has seizures, they are severe! It can take him quite sometime to recover. Giving him 2 tablespoons Haagan Daz (preservative free) ice cream and 4 drops rescue remedy really helps his post-ictal recovery time. Once you know the episode is over you can give 1/4 of his meal to replace some lost carbs.

Your pet just needs time to recuperate, he just ran the equivalent of a marathon.

Sunflower Seeds   1  0   

Posted by Barbara (Dayton, NEVADA) on 07/02/2007

[YEA]  Re Canine Seizures: When our 4 yo Brittany had his first seizure we weren't even sure what had happened to him. When he had a second two months later, I started to look for answers on the internet. Someone suggested giving him ground raw,unsalted sunflower seeds. This seemed like a doable thing so I got some from the health food store. He responded well and only had a seizure about once every 8-10 weeks. At 35 pounds we feed him 1 Tbls a day and we have learned to grind them fresh every day as they lose freshness very quickly. We also tried sunflower seed oil but that didn't work as well.

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