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Epilepsy Remedies for Dogs

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Posted by Sam (Hereford, England) on 06/28/2012

Hi, I've been reading all of the comments on people who have dogs with epilepsy. We have a beautiful Yorky cross Jack Russell who started having fits. We are fairly sure that it can coincide with when he goes through certain fields where crops are grown and the farmers have put fertilisers on the soil. The vet said it may be an allergy type reaction. But on asking other pet owners in the area they have also said their dogs have had fits using the same fields. I am going to try a natural remedy as the vets don't seem to have any answers. I just wondered whether anyone else had experienced this with their dog and if there were any proven links with fertilisers and epilepsy? We are going to keep our little dog out of the fields for the summer now. Thanks Sam

Posted by Pat (San Francisco, California) on 07/15/2009

I'm also looking for an answer as to why my dog jasper gets seizures. The last episode i almost lost him, I'm about broke due to the vet bills,right now jasper is on three different anti-seizure meds.he has been averaging an out break every two months and the second month is coming around the corner and i am afraid. The seizures are to hard on him this last time he went blind for three days after wards. Jasper just turned 4 yrs. old on July 1st, he is a 85 lbs.pit bull and i love him so much, my mental health would be seriously compromised if something were to happen to him. I have been taking notes on what ever one has said but i am so scared that I'm frozen in my tracks. I have begged God to help me help him, i would rather it be me instead of Jasper. I have had a lot of critters in my life and i loved them all but Jasper is some how extra special and i would not be OK with out him. I don't know what to do.

Replied by Diane
Lakeland, FL
Hi... I found an herb that was causing seizures in my black lab. ROSEMARY is known to cause seizures. An online encyclopedia web site states that ROSEMARY can cause convulsions and seizures.

My dog had his first seizure at age 7 and had another one about one year later. Both were unexpected and the vet could not figure it out. After the dog food poisonings I wanted to find an all natural dog food. That dog food caused a seizure in my dog but at the time I did not connect the two. My vet did not either. It wasn't until my Dad stopped by and took some of the food home to try on his dog. Within 3-hours his dog had a seizure. Then I knew to look at food consumption as the cause. I searched the internet all day and finally found something alarming.

The internet stated that there has been an upward swing in dogs and cats both getting seizures. If you look at pet products today, there has been an over whelming amount of ALL NATURAL products and many of them contain ROSEMARY.

I checked the label on that expensive dog food and there it was... ROSEMARY. I then racked my brain to figure out why my dog had a seizure the year before. I then remembered that I was on this kick of eating Triscuits with the Olive Oil and Rosemary flavor. I remember giving my dog a few crackers.

When looking back on both seizures that my dog had, there was the same 3-hour window from when the dog consumed food to having the seizure.

I read every single label including people food before I give anything to my dogs. Neither my dog nor my Dad's dog has had a seizure since we both started reading labels. It's been over a year now. And for the record, the two black labs are not related to each other so it wasn't genetics.

Replied by Diane
Lakeland, Fl
I wanted to add to my previous comment about seizures. I am happy to say that both my dog and my father's dog are still free of their seizures and have been for well over a year. I still believe it was the rosemary because the seizures were "isolated" and only occurred when they both ingested rosemary.

I was researching today about canine seizures because my girlfriend's 13-year old dog just experienced her first seizure. It was one day after ingesting a heartworm pill. So now their dog will never receive that drug again.

I have stopped all vaccinations except rabies because it's the law. But I'm seriously thinking about stopping that too. I read an article from an Veterinarian Immunologist who stated that the initial immunization lasts for life. Repeating every year weakens the immune system. It's no different than our childhood immunizations. We received our shots once and that was it.

Even heartworm pills are scarying me. I was researching to see if there was a mercury preservative in heartworm. I've read that a mercury preservative in vaccines was the cause of autism in children. While doing the search I stumbled upon this site...

It is so informative and talks about a case study whereby plants do cause seizures in people and in canines. Rosemary was listed, as was a bunch of others.

As for heartworm preventative, I'm now searching for an alternative. I cringe knowing that I have been feeding my dogs poision. Heartworm is from mosquitos and it's not every mosquito that carries the disease. So for now if they are outdoors in the evening, I use a safe mosquito repellant.

Replied by Tesslynn
[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]   Hello all you wonderful pet owners, I read your posts and CONCUR. I have had dogs all my life. Grew up with dogs that made it to 17 yrs. Had a Sheltie that got to 14, I put her down after a stroke. Now have a Sheltie that is coming up on 17 yrs. Let me relay my experience with dog seizures. The pet store ran out of my usual brand of dog food last year, and I picked up a small bag of another well known premium dog food. Within 1 hr my Sheltie had a seizure. She has ALWAYS been hypersensitive and allergic, but usually it meant vomitting up whatever didn't agree, but seizures are the WORST. I am a researcher and I immediately went online and found a great article about Rosemary and how it was NOT good for many dogs. BINGO this temp food had Rosemary...but then my regular dog food started adding it and BINGO another seizure. It is popping up in all kinds of stuff that DIDN'T have it before. Ok, my adorable little girl is aging. she suffers from stiff joints and arthritis. By the way, have had GREAT success using green lipped mussel and boswellia, if we miss a dosage, she doesn't get around well. Found that remedy on a UK post, works for her. But seizures have become the concern, and more frequent. But I can ALWAYS trace it to something she ingested. Canadian bacon from a McD's egg mcmuffin, seizure withing an hour, awful one-nitrates? not sure but won't let that happen again. Trail mix she got into....seizure within 3 hrs, had rosemary extract. The last 6 mths I have been cooking for her as kibble didn't interest her at all. I had tried every type I could find w/o rosemary nothing seemed to interest her. My dog is an eater, but is kinda picky. I figure if you get to be 16 yrs old, and your breed usually expires around 12 to 14 yrs, then she deserves whatever makes her happy, ha. I do find that she will have seizures that are WORSE during a full moon. I do find that the ice pack remedy cuts them down faster and the daze afterward is averted. I would NEVER use prescription meds on a dog, EVER, research the whole drug industry- it isn't acting in anyone's best interest. I believe in herbs, and even essential oils. My dog is healthy, bright eyed and her coat is so glossy, she is just having issues with seizures lately, and like others I am trying to make sure she still enjoys a quality life. I don't know if it is just old age causing them now, or if she is deficient. She gets filtered water, organic food. I am going to try the magnesium and coconut oil suggestions. I use dulse flakes as a flavoring and she LOVES those. Pets add so much to our lives you just want to make sure they are well cared for. My mom thought dog food was TRASH, she cooked for our dogs and they never had any health issues and had longevity. I think she KNEW something, ha. But my family lived into their nineties, sickness wasn't in our family, they all expired of old age not disease, most died in their sleep peacefully, they didn't believe in Drs unless you broke a bone. They didn't believe in anyone "practicing" medicine on ya. Most of the top notched vets in my area seem clueless, and expensive, so NO thank ya. When my current sheltie was a puppy she chewed a rock and broke a tooth, a baby tooth, and one of those FINE educated vets told me I had to pay for a tooth extraction. Last time I took her to that vet, because she LOST that tooth naturally, I wasn't about to put her under and have him extract something that was coming out soon anyway. I told him he was a quack and a thief. He later was brought up on pet abuse charges, this was supposedly an exceptional vet-BUNK! GREED motivates more unnecessary procedures-I know, I volunteer in hospitals and hear and see awful stuff. So please be an advocate for your pet, and choose wisely.
Replied by Om
Hope Bc Canada
Thank you for your post. I fully concur. I am praying for the Change that is to come. Your dogs are lucky. Om

Posted by JoAnn (Tucson, Az Pima) on 11/08/2008

My name is joann and I had a french mastiff named hooch which i loved with all my heart. Unlike most of you dogs mine had a seizure once two months ago and then two days ago he had them back to back until he didn't come out of the last one. I was forced to put him down. The sad thing was he hadn't gotten a booster shot for ten months and my other dogs eat the same thing as he did, i dont know what caused it and the vets wouldn't even see him until i got money together which i managed to do even though i live from pay check to pay check. They wouldn't even take payments, i think that just sucks. My dog seemed to just get the seizures out of the blue and it hit him fast and hard no worning I still don't know why, he was five days shy of his third birthday. I found out the same thing happened to my dads min pin except that it never had a seizure before and they did all the test and never did find out what caused it but it was too severe to allow the dog to go through it so they put their dog down too about two years ago, my dads neighbers cat also did the same thing and had to be but down. it is a weird that these three instances the animals were healthy and then boom they get back to back seizures that they can't recover from.

Replied by Jamie
Lake Worth , Florida
JoAnne, I am sorry about your companion, its a painful ordeal. My first thought is the animals are getting into something. Is there anyway they are getting anti freeze? Does a vehicle leak from the radiator, even just a little? It is highly toxic to animals, even one drop.

Posted by Cristina (Bucharest, Romania) on 08/16/2008

I have an eight year old French Bulldog. Last year I took him to the vet for his annual rabies shot and DHPP booster. Over the years I noticed he didn't feel too well the first few days after his shots, but it always passed. Last year, the day of the shot he was completely lethargic, and that night he had his first seizure. I told the vet, and since it started out with my dog crying, and it lasted for one minute at most, the vet said he must have had a nightmare. He kept having a seizure every night for the following month. I knew they were seizures when he couldn't control his bladder during these brief moments. Since he only had a minute long seizure a night, we didn't put him on any medication. After a month the seizures started coming further apart, every 2, 3 nights, and not every single night. After a year they were down to one every 2 months or so. Since his last shot his hind legs have also grown weaker. He used to be able to jump all over and run. He can't even climb stairs any more. And this doesn't seem to be getting any better. I only hope that by not giving him any more shots it won't get any worse. Vets in Romania still insist on giving shots every year. Some even advise pet owners to come in earlier, so the shot's effect does not expire and leave the dog unprotected. Since no laws are being issued to protect pets, I only hope that more dog owners start doing research on their own and start acting in the best interest of their furry friends.

Replied by Diamond
Salisbury, Usa
Cristina;Here is a great web site where it says a dog after a certain age no longer needs any vaccines, also when dogs are still pups you or other person can give the pup a shot your self it's much cheaper. Please read info. Below. Good luck.

Posted by Kristiina (Toms River, NJ) on 08/27/2007

Hello. I have a five year old chihuahua.He started to have seizures 2 years ago. He didn't have many and at the time we really didn't think much of it. The strangest thing happens. He is fine for a while could be months and then all of the sudden when he eats, he'll throw up and seizure. He eats very very fast so I have tried giving him food a little at a time. At times I thought that worked however for the past few days, that food comes up and he seizures. Last night I gave him a little food he thrw up and then an hour later I fed him again and he was fine.. Just a week ago he was eating treats throughout the day, his food etc and now he is in a cycle again. When this 1st started happening we thought it was due to dry dog food. I give him the beneficial it literally looks like stew that humans could eat. Please keep in mind he is only "just two pounds so I am scared giving him herbs etc due to dosage. I cant afford all of the testing that the vet wants to do. They want to run all kinds of tests b4 trying meds.. he's a loving animal and is in great spirits after the seizure.. Any suggestions? It seems like they occur when he east or gets very excited and like I mentioned above he eats very very fast its insane! Thank you in advace for any input.. With Much appreciation,

Replied by Chris
Media, PA
I also have a seizuring Chihuahua. I hope that yours is still a live as I am writing this. I am going to enter a URL that may save your Chi's life. I have switched Punkee's diet completely. He has no Glutten, wheat, soy, etc.. in his diet. He is being fed Dick Van Patten's Sweet Potatoe and Duck dry food. Best of luck. Chris

Posted by Sonia on 08/20/2007

Hi my name is Sonia i have a Rat Terrier and Minature Pincher Mix. He is 3months old and i just took him to the vet for his distemper, parovovirus, rabies, and bordetella shots on friday. and he has already had two seizures in the past two days im scared and am taking him back to the vet today. its was the saddest think to see my puppy go thru and know that was nothing i could of done. i will NEVER give my dog another shot. if anyone could give me any advise about what i can give him for thh seizures to stop. Thank You. sdcruz82/@/ and is it ok not to give my puppy anymore shot after this?

Replied by Diamond
Salisbury, Usa
Sonia; here is a website;on some good info. Not on seizures but your dogs shots. I don't give my animals any more shots at all. But you can choose to buy the dogs shots or opt out of not giving them as I did. I'm quite sure dogs that small could cause any one any real damage such as tear a leg or arm off haha. Good luck with your dog.

Posted by Rita (chicago, illinois) on 08/19/2007

I noticed that my border collie mix started with seizures at the age of two years old. It was the hardest experience of my life. He was my baby. I noticed that the phenobarbs were not working as well. He gain much weight and the seizures came in clusters. He spent most of the day in the basement with my other dog. I came after school and spent the rest of the day with them and slept with them myself. some people say, basements are bad for dogs, some people say foods additives and i know for fact it can also be genetic. Whatever the reason is, it is very overwhelming to see your pet suffer. It is painfull and depressing. I had to put my baby to sleep because I was too cowardly to watch him suffer. I now regret it after reading all the data available. I ask myself if I did the right thing?

Replied by Tonya
Houston, TX
It's not necessary to put an animal to sleep if they have seizures. The seizures are hard to watch, but the animal doesn't know what's just happened, and the animal can take Phenobarbatol, Keppra and Valium for clustering or severe gran mals. Seizures are not a death sentence for people or animals. Search Yahoo and the Internet for message board forums where other people meet to share tips and support regarding their seizure cats or dogs.

Posted by Veronica (Greer, SC) on 06/17/2007

It's me again.The one with the husky/lab mix pups.They just turned 18 mo on Sat.We lost our male this past Mon.He hadn't had any seizures since April 23.Sun.he was having cluster seizures;about every 2-3 hrs.He was howling,barking,and whining after coming out of each one.That is the worst thing my family has ever gone through. My female will NEVER get another booster shot.When I took our male to the vet he said-ironically-this is the age when "epilepsy" shows its ugly head. Duh, this is when people give their dogs their boosters, because you tell us to.I've let everyone I know not to give boosters to their dogs.There is no sense that this wonderful young dog should have died or had to go through this.I truly feel for everyone who has lost a dog so soon after booster vaccinations.It's time to get mad and take action!

Replied by Jeff
tampa, florida
I was reading the posts about seizures. My 3 cockers are due for their shots next month. One of them has seizures and I don't want her to have the shots. I have read not to give boosters, but whatabout the rabies? this is truly a remarkable website with wonderful information - what a service to all pet owners!!

EC: Perhaps some useful info in the the advice section of the Vaccination Side Effects page:

Replied by Diamond
Salisbury, Usa
Here is a website about what to do, or not to do;I tell my vet. That we buy our own shots for our pets at Agway feed & grain store. Easy beans no questions asked.

Posted by chris (Escondido, California) on 04/12/2007

I have a five month old puppy. Her name is Starbuck. She is now having seizures. Funny but when we first got her she was a jewel, smart, calm and everyday we were amazed at how wonderful a dog she was. As good dog owners we took her to get her shots. Everything started happening AFTER she started her shot series. First she was vaccinated against Parvo. One week after getting the shot, she contracted Parvo, we almost lost her not to mention the 2000,00 we paid to put her in the hospital. She was house bound to decrease the chances of getting Parvo. How she contracted is debatable i suspect it was the vaccines. She survived and of course we were thrilled. We bonded, trained her to do amazing tricks and welcomed her as a part of our family. She was house bound still at this point. All was well and to continue being the responsible dog owners we are, continued with her shots.. one week after receiving her third set of vaccinations, she began having seizures.

Now our sweet dog is having seizures on a weekly basis. I will not elaborate on how stressful and heart breaking as well as expensive this is but I completely understand all the emotions other dog owners are having when their pet goes through this.

We are now on the usual drugs which are not really working. She cant go out to play or anything that causes excitement. If she has too much fun she suffers from seizures when she goes to sleep. The seizures have become clusters mainly on the weekends.

They have not told us that because they happen in her sleep, that may be "significant". Translation: Now we have to go to a specialist. We cannot afford this and if the is what the vet tells us, we will have to make the decision to either give her away or have her put to sleep. THis is heart breaking to say the least.

I believe that these problems are caused by vaccinations. I am not a veterinarian, i am just looking at cause and effect.

Another reason I believe that vaccinations are the culprit is the experience i had with my ferret Duke. Duke was a healthy, fun loving house bound ferret, and being the responsible pet owners we are we took Duke to the vet to get his first series of shots. He had an immediate reaction to the shot and suffered an allergic reaction. One to two weeks after receiving his shots he began to get sick, no one could tell us why. I tried to save him, staying up nights, forcing food and everything else I could do to help him, but he just wasted away and after losing so much weight and suffering a seizure we had him put to sleep. They never determined the cause and we spent 3,000 on tests.

Shots are a necessary evil I understand but I also believe that they kill our animals, cause family members all sorts of heartbreak and drain our bank accounts. My only hope is that if we ever decide to bring another animal into our house we pray that they will survive the vaccinations.

Replied by Erin
San Clemente, Ca
My mini schnauzer started having seizures after her vaccines they get at age 1.5 ish. Since then I have kept track and most of her seizures happen a few weeks after her bi-annual bordatella vaccine. My vet and I agreed to never give her that vaccine again. I fear its only a theory and hope that it proves correct. Only time will tell. I will refuse to get her rabies in the spring and hopefully the law will not come after us. Lol.
Replied by Diamond
Salisbury, Usa
Chris, from California; Here is a website of many sites that may interest you.....

Here is yet another one.

Posted by Lorie (Charlotte, NC) on 03/08/2007

I definitely believe that the booster shots cause seizures in dogs. I had a Samoyed who received a rabies shot. She had gotten loose and was picked up by the dog warden. When I went to pick her up, they asked me if she had had her rabies vaccination. I said it had just expired about a month prior. They would not let me get her out unless she got her rabies shot, so I said ok. I had not gotten them their shots, because I had heard of the controversy of vaccinations and so I had held off so that I could do some research. But instead I had to let them administer it to her in order to get her out of the dog pound. About 2-3 weeks later she had her first seizure. I was scared to death because I had never seen anything like it. I started trying to figure out what could have caused it, and thinking over the recent events to try and come up with a reason for her to have had a seizure. The only thing I could figure is that she had just had the rabies shot. Since I am in the medical field, I went into work and looked up the rabies vaccination in the Physicians Desk Reference. Low and behold, right there in the "side effects" it states that it CAN CAUSE SEIZURES. After doing some research on the internet, I found other cases where dogs had had rabies shots and had started having seizures as well. Now, I know that in the US, dog owners are required by law to have rabies shots every year or two. So for those of you who don't know this, you can have what is called a "titer" drawn. It is a blood test to determine if your pet is still immune or not. If they are, they do not need the shot and you can use that for proof, if you ever have the authorities question you. When an animal is already immune to rabies, and they are given another shot, it overloads their nervous system, and that is what causes the seizures. I unfortunately had to learn this the hard way. My Samoyed has been dead now for 3 years. I still cry to this day over her. She was like one of my children and she should still be alive today. So I hope this helps others to prevent this from happening to their dearly loved pets.

Replied by Diamond
Salisbury, Usa
Lorie, from NC; here is a link you might like to read, maybe go back to person(s) that picked your dog up & forced the dog to have these shots.

Maybe next time try telling them the dog is up to date on shots, if they need proof, I tell them I give the dogs shots my self, I buy the needles and serum at Agway feed an grain store it's subcutaneous, which is just under the first layer of skin on the back of neck, any one can give them. but I don't really give any of my dogs any more shots, all my other pets died at the hands of vets.. Good luck

Replied by Jenny
Jacksonville, Fl
I just wanted to let everyone know RED DYE CAUSES SEIZURES IN SOME ANIMALS. eliminate it from the food and treats as well as bones and toys and the seizures will stop unless it is consumed again.

Posted by Deb (Watertown, MN) on 02/21/2007

There is some evidence that epilepsy in dogs can be caused by all the unnecessary booster vaccinations. Dogs usually start having seizures at 2 years old after their booster shots are given. Most vaccinations given puppies should last their lifetime. Check the internet for more detailed information on this subject.This I know is not a remedy but possibly a preventative.

EC: Read more about Vaccination Side Effects here.

Filtered Water, No Bacon Strip Dog Treats   2  0   

Posted by Carolyn (Dalton, GA) on 08/03/2006

[YEA]  I have a 7 year old yorkie named Bogie. He was having seizures and I quit feeding him hotdogs of any kind or brand. He has been seizure free for the last 6 months.

Posted by Evelina (Livonia, MI) on 05/11/2006

[YEA]  I have an 11 year old dog that we found when she was about five months old. She started seizuring around the age of two. About once a week, occasionally more often. We installed an R.O. water filter system for ourselves and realized within a couple of months that our dog had stopped her seizures. The only difference was the water! She now seizures only about six times a year. We did notice that she started seizuring after eating "bacon strip" dog treats, and other treats with food colorings, etc. We went back to plain dog biscuits and she's fine. She must be chemically sensitive. I shared this info with her vet who said she would pass this info along.

Fish Oil   1  0   

Posted by Kay (Billings, Montana) on 09/02/2010

[YEA]  I had a litter of pups get their first vaccinations. Exactly three weeks later all of them had back to back seizures for 48 hours straight. Horrible seizures where they ran across the floor and would slam into the wall. It was terrifying. I looked it up and found that lepto will cause seizures 21 days after vaccination. Just like my pups.

They had seizures for several years until we found out that fish oil would stop them. Within a few weeks of giving them fish oil daily the seizures became so mild that the pups would just shake. Eventually they stopped completely. My pups lived to 14 and 15 years old. They never got another vaccination after they were one!

Replied by Sharon
Sparks, Nv
Fish Oil, what kind? how much? Do you really think that is what stopped the seizures?
Replied by Dean
Hi what fish oil do u use and how much do u give them? My mom's dog has this. So please can u tell me what fish oil and how much to give him? Thank u, Dean

Get a Tick Panel   0  0   

Posted by Lisa (Wood Dale, Il) on 08/01/2009

I have been in dog rescue for nearly 10 years. This year we associated Dog Seizures to Lyme Disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever exposure. It costs about $100 to do a Tick Panel to find out if your dog (especially a dog with an unknown history) has been affected. If not treated--tick borne illnesses can cause all kinds of problems while lying dormant in the dog's body. Even if a dog has suffered for years- a good 8 week course of doxycycline can usually help.

If I had a dog with seizures- I would rule this issue out. Testd codes are IDEXX 37161 or Antech SA330.

We do know these diseases can cause brain damage, deafness and aggression besides renal failure.

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