Cure Kennel Cough with Natural Remedies

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Posted by Diamond (Salisbury, Usa) on 09/10/2011

I am trying to find a treatment for a very sick kitty, she has a bad upper respiratory infection, some times she gets so bad coughing & sneezing at the same time I'm thinking she is having seizures, if I keep calling her name or try talking her out of it she eventually stops. But I am very worried about her.

I am wondering should I also try the turamic?

Where am I supposed to find these answers to these questions? Thanks everyone for your help.

Posted by Tammy (Mesa, Az) on 08/03/2011

I have a 5 1/2 wk old heeler and the I think the symptoms she had was kennel cough now turned to pneumonia as of yesterday. She had the violent cough for 2 days. I can't afford a vet. Any help on saving her life would be greatly appreciated.

Posted by Linda
San Tan Valley, Az
My pup had the cough and I followed a previous post several months ago to fill her water bowl up with 8 ozs of water and three drops of HydroPeroxide (anyone will do) and a teaspoon of honey. I gave the honey to my pups separate from the water. Within 3 days the coughing was going away by day 5 all gone..

Posted by Marisu (Mount Kisco, Newyork, Usa) on 06/23/2011

I have a 12 week baby pomeranian 2.2 lbs who has kennel cough. The vet gave us 10 days of antibiotic which did not work very well. His coughing during the day did subside but he is up at night still coughing. I want to give him something natural, ie; garlic but he is so tiny I am afraid of hurting him. Anyone out there have any answers for me?

Posted by Tonya (Hutchinson, Kansas,usa) on 12/16/2010

I have a 2 pound puppy that sounds like he has kennel cough but the vet thinks it's just respiratory infection, I have been two times to the vet given the meds given as directed & he still has the cough , I want him better , has anyone got a remedy that's safe for this tiny baby?

Posted by Charlie (Ft. Smith, Ar) on 01/07/2010

my 10 yr. old shihtzu has been diagnosed with an enlarged heart and has a nagging cough, at times. She is on medication but it doesn't seem to be helping the cough. Anyone have a GOOD cure for this ailment?

Posted by Marlenei
Brookport, Ill, Massac
this is to the person whose dog has a enlarged heart. i was told a year ago my baby had an enlarged heart. he is on alot of meds. i have had to increase them since then. in the last two weeks i almost lost him. i found out about hydrogen peroxide for cough. he had a bad bad cough he couldnt get any rest. sam and i had nothing to lose i put 3 drops in his water in a short time his cough stopped and am hoping i will have more time together. before i started it i looked up. good luck
Posted by Monica
Van Nuys, Ca
I rescued a 6 month old Chihuahua about 3 weeks ago and noticed the second night of having him it had this horrible cough that sounded like choking. I immediately searched online and found this site and the Hydrogen peroxide with honey remedy, I gave it a shot; I used a teaspoon of honey, I used a children's cough dropper and gave him 0.08 of the peroxide and 4 ounces of water. I saw improvements the same night, no coughing at all I've been doing it for 2 weeks and no coughing. I highly recommended it!!
Posted by Grant
Orlando, Fl
[QUESTION]   Please Help! We just got our border collie puppy (he weighed at the vet as 5. 8 lbs) from a rescue about 3 days ago. His litter had parvo and they were all treated for it. He was fine until last night he started coughing a dry cough/dry heave. Sounds like kennel cough I think. We took him to the vet today and the vet gave us antibiotics and some other stuff. We tried the Hydrogen Peroxide/Honey/Water mix I put 3 drops HP 1 teaspoon honey in a full glass of water (probly about 20 oz) then used a dropper to put some in his mouth. We have done it once about every 3 hours. He doesn't seem to be getting better. Are we not using enough? Please Help? Any advice? We are frantic.
Posted by Liz
Scranton, Pa
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I just happened to glance here to see the new pet remedies and saw your post. Ironically, I had just posted about goat colostrum and how much it has helped me and my old cat who has a chronic cough. Poor old thing is 17 and was keeping me up all night coughing and sneezing. He was exhausted and I was afraid he was on his way out. I was able to buy goat colostrum on line (fairly reasonably at iherb), but I think you could get cow or goat colostrum at many health food stores. My cat actually likes the taste of this. I am dissolving the capsule's contents in a few tablespoons of water. He laps it up (mother's first milk). Have also tried putting it in small balls of raw meat. Some people with very sick animals dissolve the powder in water and use an eyedropper to get it down the sick critter's throat. I have been giving it to Joseph (my cat) 4 times a day. I think it says to give one capsule per 10 lbs. , but more would not hurt as it is basically a food. Did not notice any difference in Joe the first day, but that night he slept soundly. He continues to improve every day. This was not instantaneous. Old ones do not bounce back, but he is certainly improving-- out exploring, sleeping beside me again, purring-- more energetic. As for me, this stuff really controls my severe allergies, and I feel generally much better. Worked quickly. Please try this for your puppy. A number of people are finding colostrum a better alternative than antibiotics. After two rounds of antibiotics, my cat only got a couple weeks of relief. Colostrum is actually good for animals, and I will probably continue to give him a maintenance dose for the rest of his life once he is back 100%. I hope this helps.
Posted by Kylee
Athens, Ga
My weimanraner woke up in a coughing fit yesterday! Shes never been boarded or to a kennel except to get fixed for one day and that was well over four months ago. All the signs point to kennel cough. It is sunday and none of the vets are open except hospitals which is an automatic $100 charge just to get looked at! I cant wait to try this remedy with the hydrogen peroxide! I'm so glad to have found this. Any tips would be grateful and I will let you know how it goes!
Posted by Jackie
Osceola Mills, Pa
[YEA]   My Chiuahua Is having a terrible cough with no mucus or anything (yet lol) So I found this website and I went to the store and tried the 3 drops of hydrogen peroxide 3%, Honey, and water in a 12 oz glass of water and WOW he hasnt coughed in like 2 hours! This was amazing, I also read on here to give the dog a bit of garlic as well so I gave him some in a little bit of mashed potatoes and everything is great so far! No coughing and he's finaly getting some rest! Thanks everyone on this site that has put posts on here for treatment. It really worked! Hoping it stays this way till his cough is all better =)
Posted by Sal
Roodepoort, South Africa
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I have two Boerbulls and suspect they have kennel cough. Unfortunately I cannot afford a vet bill so I would like to try the Hydrogen Peroxide treatment. I am extremely confused with which one to get as there seem to be different posts. Should I get the food grade hydrogen peroxide (12%, 17% or 35%)or the pharmacy diluted one to a 3%??
Posted by Linda
San Tan Valley, Az, Usa
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I used the 3% hydrogen (3 drops) mixed in 8 ozs of water; which I poured in their bowl. Also, I gave a teaspoon of honey directly to them, I didn't mix in water. This worked like a charm, I kept this up for 3 days and coughing gone. I am actually once a day putting 3 drops of the hyrogen perx. in their water as a precautionary measure.

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Posted by Wishapup (Southeastern Area, Ontario, Canada) on 05/13/2013

[YEA]  My 64-or-so pound dog once had a cough/respiratory infection in the middle of winter, and the vet told us to wait it out. She was coughing a lot and not doing well, so I started some home treatments for her. I made sure she was warm, and added some powdered garlic and water to her dry kibble each meal. I also gave her, several times a day, a mixture of about 1 tbsp lemon juice, 1 tbsp honey, and added some to her kibble. It really seemed to soothe her throat and keep her from coughing. To encourage her to eat it, I had to add crushed biscuit.

I also added wild rosehips to her diet. They have a huge amount of Vitamin C, and I would add handfuls to her food and give them to her as treats. She consumed a full quart of them within 1 week! Her recovery was quick and she was soon back to her normal self again.

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Posted by Kathryn4 (Owings, Md.) on 04/03/2013

[YEA]  Kennel cough: I use buffered Vit c powder- just sprinkle a bit over his food every day. If I forget, after a few days it comes back. My dog was vaccinated supposedly for it from the Aspca when I adopted him but he still gets bouts with it. He gets regular vet appts for updates on the kennel cough - but this works and I just don't worry about it.

Posted by Bubblebuzzle (Hughson, California, America) on 01/02/2012

[YEA]  I have a dog with kennel cough, a cavelier king Charles spaniel , and I gave her a teaspoon of honey mixed with a crushed fourth of a 2000 vitamin c tablet and the coughing stopped almost instantly!

Posted by Leticia
Houston, Texas
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[YEA]   YES! When I adopted my 2nd Bichon from the pound, she had kennel cough. The vet was wanting to charge me 200 bucks for a medicine and told me that it usually doesn't work the first time around. I told him I would try myself and then bring her back if my rememdy didn't work. I found a chewable supplement for kids and gave her 1 wafer. She ate it without problem. A few hours later, she stopped coughing altogether. I even gave it to my first dog so that she wouldn't get sick. It works and it is cheap! Anytime I use any kind of human supplement on my dogs, I use a child formula as it helps with taking the guessing out for dosage because children's medicine/vitamins usually give dosages according to weight.

P.S. Even though kennel cough presents itself to dogs who are under stress and have compromised their immune system because of the stress, it is contagious- be sure that you lysol your pet's kennels and wash their linens while you are treating them. Good luck!

Posted by Lcmrockets (Austin, Tx, Usa) on 08/31/2011

[YEA]  Hi there, awhile back ago when I adopted my dog from the shelter he was in the early stages of Kennel Cough. A previous dog I have owned got Kennel cough once and we took him to the vet. It cost us over $100 and I think about a week later he was almost done with all his meds and he was still just as bad. I called the vet and he said it takes about 2 weeks to get over it. So I was thinking whats the point in the meds they arnt even helping. Anyways this time I went to my local health food store and kinda browsed at the books and I found one I really liked. I think its called the natural health bible for cats and dogs something like that. It said to take vit. C, so I bought a bottle of buffered vit. C made from rose hips bc they are a natural source of vit. C and gave him about half the recomended dose. He's about 50lbs so I think I was giving him about 600 to 800mg a day. It took about a week and it was gone! It worked so great and only cost me like $10! Its so exciting when natural remadies work just as well if not better than drugs! Hope this helps someone, I know all the comments people have left help me so much!!

Posted by Dr. F
Phoenix, Az
I'm surprised that some Vet or MD hasn't hijacked this thread warning us off all natural remedies and chastising us for not taking our pets to some authority in a white coat immediately. Of course vitamin C, H2O2 and apple cider vinegar work for people and animals. There are hundreds of natural remedies that are safe and effective for infections, but BIG PHARMA and their minions are desperate to misguide us. Thankfully, we have reached a time when the illusion is unravelling.
Posted by Debs
Exmouth, Devon, Uk
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Here in the UK, there has been a law passed that it is obligatory for owners to take their pets to the vet if they are unwell at all, or face prosecution. On the face of it, this is a good thing because it makes lackadaisical owners responsible for their pet's welfare but on the more sinister side, it is a way of getting owners to take their pets to the vet without being able to search for an alternative. One owner was asked by the vet manager why she hadn't brought her new puppy down for vaccinations, which just rang alarm bells for me!
Posted by Jason M
Toronto, Ontario
Hey guys I need your help I want to try out the honey Lemon and hp ( hydrogen peroxide) but I'm not sure which hp to use? I found the food grade one but it was 35% I noticed a lot of you are using 3% is that the normal one used for cuts out of the brown bottle??? PLEASE HELP


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