Cure Kennel Cough with Natural Remedies

Last Modified on Oct 29, 2014

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Posted by Cc (Matthews, Nc/us) on 01/10/2011

My dog was diagnosed last year with kennel coughing, whatever stopped within cough. I knew this was wrong because Kennel Cough is higly contagious, so the experts say. I have three other dogs that lives in the same house and they have never caught it. The vet gave my dog an atibiotic which never worked and a year later she is still couging and still no other dogs in the house coughing.
Tonight I tried 1 tbsp. Of Organic maple syrup only and within 10 minutes her hacking, gagging, coughing stopped. I am going to try the lemon juice and 3% peroxide with the maple syrup if this coughing starts again tomorrow.
I will not spend another 200.00 for bloodwork etc.or antibiotics again. That expensive therapy did nothing for my dog. Just 1 TBSP has done the job for now. Maybe we all will have a quiet night and day tomorrow. I know she is miserable coughing all the time. It's defintely not a contagious disease whatever the cause.

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Posted by Rosalind (Grand Prairie, Tx) on 06/26/2011

[YEA]  Thanks to all of you. I picked my Yorkie up from the Kennel after being on vacation for a week and noticed that she had runny nose, coughing and feeling miserable. I begin to search for answers to why she maybe coughing. I am so "GLAD" I found this site. I've used the remedies you all have suggested and it's working. Honey, lemon juice, 3% hydrogen peroxide.... Wow... This is amazing. I was going to take her to the Vet and probably spend tons of money. You all are awesome and I thank GOD that you have shared "ALL" of the remedies with us. I've wrote them "ALL" down and will share with those who has experienced what we all have gone through. GOD bless you all! Shyla (my yorkie) is much happiers now!

Posted by Diane (Lakeland, FL) on 02/16/2009

[NAY]  Yorkie with breathing and coughing problems: I have a 10 year old Yorkie who is coughing quite a bit. She coughs like she is trying to get something up, but never does. Sometimes I can hear rattling when she breathes like there is liquid in there. After coughing she wheezes for a while. Usually activity causes her to cough. The vet had her on all types of meds, but they have not helped. I have tried ACV, H202, yogurt, acidopholus....and nothing seems to help. I hate for her to have such problems and would like to hear if you have any recommendations. The meds that the vet put her on just made her miserable. I would prefer to stay away from that.

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Posted by Kelly (Memphis, Tennessee) on 03/01/2008

[YEA]  My Pomeranian, Holly, had kennel cough. WE used the 3% Hydrogen Peroxide, but the cough would just get weaker. We then tried no-dye Benadryl in the the morning and at night. It works great she has a lot of energy during the day and at night she can sleep. We are going to do this remedy for another week so she can get better.

Posted by Cathy
Woodridge, Canada
To Kelly from Memphis- cough medicine. I have a Sheltie that has a cough. The Vet told me to give her Robitussin DM - he made a point of saying it had to be DM BUT I never thought to ask him how to get it down her. He gave me a syringe but its all over her bib and nothing in her mouth. I tried H202. Can't put it in her water dish...2 dogs and 2 cats drink the same water. Put in a dish of warm milk with a tsp of honey. She drank about 1/4 of it. I will try again later.

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Posted by Hilary (San Tan, Arizona) on 12/27/2007

[YEA]  100% Natural Oregano oil in capsules ; 2 capsules twice a day for a week or so, about 2 to 5 drops of oregano oil per capsule with a carrier agent like grape seed oil (about 12 drops). You can get the essential oil at most nature type food stores and the empty capsules. Within a few days you will notice a huge difference in your dog and within a week no more coughing and back to normal. You can also sterilize your home of germs and viruses by putting about 15 to 20 drops in a humidifier and running it. Your house will smell like a wonderful italian kitchen and the house will be sanitized!

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Posted by Dusty (Modesto, Ca) on 11/27/2009

[YEA]  My dog developed a cough and was coughing up a clear mucus. She lost her energy and had a hard time eating dry food and wasn't drinking as much water as she normally does. I fed her canned food which she ate very quickly...I gave her pedialyte (about a half ounce to an ounce) every two hours for about 8 hours. I left for work and got home about 12 hours later. When I got home, she was running around and playing. She coughed a couple times, but it wasn't that honking, dry cough and she didn't cough up any mucus. My family has used pedialyte when our dogs get sick to prevent them from dehydrating, but it seems to work for parvo as well. I was told u can inject it just under the skin as well, but I fed mine to my dog using a turkey baster. Worked well.

Posted by Larry
Elkhart, In
Bojangles, our 3 year old Shih-Tzu exhibits the same symptoms as your dog -- coughing up clear mucous, refusing to eat dry food mixed with his wet food, less energy at times, and drinking less water. (We use the best wet dog food we can buy). I'm going to try the pedialyte. I don't think he has kennel cough as he's current with his shots;however, our apartment is really dry because it's winter and we have forced air heat. Also he has allergies. Since he also is itching and biting, should I also use 1/2 ml. ACV, 1 tbl honey, 3 drops of peroxide in his water dish? We use benadryl (1, 2x day)He weighs 15 pounds and is healthy otherwise. Thanks for your post and this web site.

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Posted by Stephie (Peachtree City, Ga.) on 11/28/2011

What can you do for your puppy who has pneumonia? Can you help me please?

Kindest Regards~ Ms. Stephie

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Posted by Li (Canada) on 10/29/2014

3 month old Mastiff puppy was fine.

Took her to vet, he gave revolution. She's been coughing since he treated her for kennel cough, hasn't been right since.

Posted by Theresa
Mpls., Mn
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Hey Li!

Can you clarify some things about your post?

Did your vet just give your dog the flea treatment Revolution without your authorization or did you agree to it? It is confusing to me to treat a puppy for fleas when flea season is at an end.

And, did your dog have kennel cough and got treated for it, OR did your vet give your puppy the kennel cough vaccine and now you are seeing symptoms?

Lastly, what do you mean by 'hasn't been right since'? What is off about your puppy, what are the symptoms - and have you reported this back to your vet? What did they say?

Remember, as your dog's guardian you need to know why it is you have shown up at the vet appointment, you need to know why your vet wants to treat your dog for a particular thing, and you need to give the final approval of any treatment. You have a large breed puppy and the vet visits have only just begun; now is the time to find the right vet that will work with you as part of the health team for your puppy. If your current vet is poking and dosing without your prior approval IMHO you need to find a new vet.

Posted by Isha (Temple City, Ca) on 01/30/2014

My dog buddy is an old boy about 19 in human years he is very strong, still walks and runs too. Huge appetite and lots of water. But he has like the flu, he was reverse sneezing but now sneezes regularly and now blood comes out his nose.. Please help. I want to treat him naturally. Thank you

Posted by Theresa
Mpls., Mn
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Hey Isha!

Its very difficult to advise on natural treatments for your dog's nose bleeds without knowing the *cause*. Have you taken your dog to the vet for a diagnosis? Sneezing blood is almost always serious - you really need to take your dog to the vet.

I can think of three cases where dogs sneezed out blood; the first was my friend's Rat terrier, who had a foxtail up his nose and needed veterinary assistance to remove it from his sinuses. The second was my sister's Australian shepherd who at 15 started sneezing blood and the vet found he had nasal cancer. He was treated for 2 years for nasal cancer before he passed away. The third was a Dachsund that I was sitting who tried to run up a steep staircase and tripped, stubbing her nose on the riser; she sneezed out blood a few moments later and then it stopped, never to return - there I knew the cause and the additional lack of symptoms and bleeded warranted no vet visit.

If this were my dog, I would get the diagnosis first - and then come back for remedies to address the cause, as well as the symptoms.

Posted by Debbie (O'Fallon, Il) on 06/16/2013

I took my black Lab, Sydney to the vet yesterday because she has a terrible cough which she has had off and on for about three weeks.

After doing some research on EarthClinic, I first thought she might have kennel cough because she had been to the vet's three weeks ago and she was put in a room that had not been cleaned from the previous dog. I know kennel cough is very contagious and thought she might have picked it up there. But my other dog is just fine and does not have the cough. (I even tried the honey, hydrogen peroxide and bread and that didn't work.)

I next thought it might be heartworms. I don't have her on the heart worm preventative that the vet wanted her on because it is very dangerous. (My vet doesn't agree with me) So I made an appointment for a blood test to check to see if she has heartworms. She does not. The test was negative!

However, she does have a heart murmur and he thinks she may have an enlarged heart.

He wants to do an x-ray, but depending on how the x-ray comes out, it may not show everything they need to see so an ultra sound would be required. I asked him why do the x-ray? Just do the ultra sound!

Once the ultra sound is done then he wants Sydney to see a cardiologist, which means more testing and meds. (I heard it could cost possibly a thousand of dollars to do all this and I don't have that kind of money.)

I love my dogs and cat very much and want the best for them. I make sure they eat the best foods (Taste of the Wild); They are given garlic caplets for fleas (haven't seen a flea in years); They are given their baths with Dawn dish soap; Sydney is given Turmeric and glucosamine and an Adequan injection once a month for her arthritis. She is also taking Benadryl and fish oil for her allergies. They eat blueberries and bananas for snacks. So I try to do what is healthy and natural for them.

My question is what can I do for Sydney that is totally natural for her?? I don't want to put her on meds. I have read so much about how harmful the meds can be for dogs. I have checked other websites that swear by their products but I don't know what would be good for Sydney. I like to hear from those that have already tried something that actually works.

The vet did give me meds for Sydney's cough. I haven't decided to give them to her or not. (Cough Tabs, 1 tablet, 3 times a day and Doxycycline 100mg, 2 tablets once a day)

FYI: Sydney is 6 years old and weighs 82 pounds

I would appreciate any feedback that you may have. The vet wants to schedule the ultra sound for next week. Thank you!!

Posted by Spunky Spider (Gibsons, Bc Canada) on 09/06/2012

I am at my wit's end. My dog, a 6 1/2 yr old 85 lb male Rottweiler, contracted something (virus, bacteria, fungus) last December 2011. We live on the Sunshine Coast of BC, a 40-minute ferry ride from Vancouver. At first we thought it was something caught in his throat but learned that it may be kennel cough. Apparently kennel coughs, a virus, has to run its course and can take up to a few months to pass. We wanted to help his immune system fight it so we decided to feed him a clove or 2 of raw or cooked garlic cut up in his 2 meals per day. After about a month he didn't heave or hack as much but still had a cough. Because my boyfriend and I have been taking apple cider vinegar and hydrogen peroxide for health issues we decided to try adding small amounts of apple cider vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, lemon and honey once in awhile to my dog's food. He also eats a lot of vegetables and fruits both raw and cooked as stews and brown rice along with his regular dog food. With each meal we gave him something that is known to help with coughs or that is anti viral, fungal and bacterial.

Over the next 3 months till he seemed to keep whatever it was/is at bay with some days worse than others. If he over extended himself, chasing stick or exercising, he seemed to get worse and needed to rest a couple days but for the most part he was functioning and seemed ok. In May we spent some time on the ocean and because my dog loves fetching stick in the ocean and we thought that maybe if he aspirated some salt water while he was playing that that may help his lungs/cough. However, he took a turn for the worst and his eyes started weeping mucus so we finally conceded to try antibiotics thinking that maybe he aggravated his throat and got a bacterial infection. It was a 10-day treatment (clavamox 250 mg) and although it didn't work ultimately he did improve slightly.

We thought maybe he should be eating a homemade diet exclusively so we made him stews daily really wanting him to have the best nutrition to improve his immune system. Unfortunately I didn't realize he was losing weight slowly until he got really sick a few weeks later. He obviously wasn't getting enough calories from his new diet so I put him back on he combination of homemade and dog food crumbles I had previously been giving him. By June when he took another turn for the worst we took him to another vet to see if we could deal with it once and for all because all our attempts to treat him with proper nutrition, natural cures and remedies and a balance that we thought worked for play and rest he wasn't getting better. Too many months had passed and we really wondered about what it really was since it didn't appear to be getting better.

By June he had a full fledged major infection where he was lethargic and what ever it was got deep into his sinuses and he had swollen eyes and a lot of discharge and mucous continually. I took my dog to another vet to try to get another opinion and the vet felt that he needed to go on another round of antibiotics this time for 30 days (amoxicillin clavulanate 500 125mg). I also got another opinion from a 3rd vet. That vet determined that there was something in the lungs (from x-rays not through the stethoscope) and knew he was on antibiotics and suggested if it didn't clear up with the antibiotics that it may be chronic bronchitis. At the end of the 30 days we knew it was almost licked but there was slight evidence of a cough and eye infection left so we continued with another round of antibiotics for another 30 days (same dose) and also used tobramycin dexasone drops to treat his eyes which had not fully cleared up yet. About 5-10 days into the last treatment his eyes completely cleared up and he ceased all coughing for about 2 weeks. Yaaa! We thought we have finally done it. We continued on the antibiotics till the end just to be sure.

This took him to mid August 2012. All the meanwhile we were either putting hydrogen peroxide or raw garlic and sometimes ginger and sauerkraut/fermented cabbage in his meals. Just before he completed his last treatment he appeared fully recovered. But the last 4-5 days of his treatment he started coughing a bit... Very minor though. The vet said maybe it was because he was breathing in the water at the ocean. He's been off his antibiotics now 14 days and he is not doing well with each day getting worse. He is lethargic and more withdrawn than usual. His cough sounds wetter (although he isn't coughing much yet). Whatever it is in his lungs is still there and I'm afraid that it is growing and gaining momentum again. I'm afraid about what is coming next.

He is such a great, loving dog and depends on me to help him. I don't know what to do. I know that antibiotics weakened his immune system but I had hoped it would kill what I thought may be a vicious strain of bacteria or super bug. Yesterday I had a pharmacist suggest that it may be a fungal infection called crytococcus. I have Googled information on it and think it's a possibility. I read that antibiotics weaken the immune system and IF it's Cryptococcus or a fungal infection it makes it worse. I really need a regiment to rid the infection / possibly fungus. I started giving him methylene blue the last couple days as well as hydrogen peroxide garlic and ginger. I am considering adding coconut oil because I also take that everyday and I know it's antifungal as well. But I'm just guessing and experimenting the best I can. If anyone can help me with a recommended regime of natural remedies I would so much appreciate it. This is breaking my heart. I feel so helpless.

Posted by Jholl
Louisville, Ky - Kentucky
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You can get grapefruit seed extract from most health food stores or try googling it. I have an 8 pound dog and give her about half a capsule when she has had a cold/cough. I think that would be about 2-3 drops from the liquid version. Grapefruit seed extract (sometimes referred to as GSE) is an anti viral, antibacterial and anti fungal. It can also be used as a disinfectant for household use.

The GSE tastes terrible so you need to figure out a way to trick a dog or even a human to take it. Wrap inside bread, whatever. Also, I highly recommend diluting it with water or chicken broth or something. It would likely burn taking it straight.

Other remedies such as olive leaf extract or oregano oil extract are also valuable for the same qualities. These are common remedies used for humans and dogs. You may want to do an internet search to find out more. There is also excellent information on this site.

Posted by Sandra
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In answer to your question, I am wondering if your baby has hookworms that have migrated to his lungs--or roundworms. When is the last time he was dewormed. Even tapeworm can cause a cough. And, no, a low percentage of fecal exams actually show infection. My opinion is that parasite infestation should be first line of defense. If worms are in his lungs, it may take several treatments as the dewormers only remove intestinal parasites. Keep dog as strong as possible while recovering and hydrated to cleanse the body from die/off symptoms and detoxifying internal organs. Also, too, we women tend to worry and carry fear and sorrow when our babies get sick. Let it go--they don't know why you are upset, they just know you are. It doesn't help them heal. Check him out. Best to rule parasites out first--it cannot hurt.

Posted by Cassie (Grand Junction, Co) on 05/17/2012

Hi ~ I have a Douge De Bordeux French Mastive. Foster is about 10 years old. The last check up we had was to do a annual checkup and teeth cleaning. However the vet said he couldn't go under anesthesia because they diagnose him with an enlarged heart and the heart wasn't pumping properly with the other half. And that there was nothing else he could do except put him on Sotalol and fish pills. A month flew by and Foster started getting this cough where it looked like he wanted to yack. So I stop the pills because as a nervous mother I thought maybe he had gotten a fish pill stuck or something. Time has past and the cough is getting worse and the vet cant do anymore. I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions, as I am desperate on any herbal remedies.

Posted by Sammi (Hinckley, Minnesota,usa) on 01/23/2012

Hi, I have a kitten about 5months old. She sneezes a lot and snot comes out- its light green, kinda clear. Her breathing also sounds kinda clogged and her eyes are a little watery. I've been giving her the cold and flu the homopathic medicine but wondering if there is anything that will work? My mom works at homeopathic store mostly for people but can get any remedy we need for her. Please let me know asap. I'm tired of her sneezing snot on me. lol

Posted by Vanillaspices (Whitman, Massachusetts) on 11/22/2011

I have 2 female spayed cats (Maine Coon/ Ragdoll/ Tiger mixs) they are Mother and daughter (Mother is 2 1/2 and daughter is 1 1/2. who are sneezing, have runny nose, sleeping constantly, not eating as much as they normally do, constantly for the last week. I don't have the money currently to bring them to the vet and was wondering if and what product I could use for a home remedy to try to see if it would help cure them?? If you could let me know asap - I would greatly appreciate it and I know they would as well!!

Posted by Timh
Louisville, Usa
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Vanillaspices, or they may be suffering from allergins from food or air. Change or clean air filter in your house. Limit or eliminate foods with additives & colorings. Increase omega 3 foods like salmon cat food or even give can sardines. Colloidal Silver or Hydrogen Peroxide is very good natural antibiotic.
Posted by Vanillaspices
Whitman, Massachusetts
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Just want to update what's going on after two days with my two female (Maine Coon/ Ragdoll/Tiger Mixes) I have no air purifer or what not so I can't really change the air quality. We are hoping to move; but not sure when. I am looking into changing their food. In the meantime, I did try the Apple Cider Vingar on the back of their neack and in their mouth morn and night (day 1). It seemed to help a little; but not enough to see any real change. The following day I took the Apple Cider Vinegar and mixed Golden Seal extract (only had capsule so opened it and mixed the powder into the vingar) and put on back of neck and in mouth. Within the hour they both were running around and jumping like they were 8 weeks old again! So I am going to try to keep this up and see if this helps them... What do ya'll think???
Posted by Andrea C
These symptoms in the mother cat and kitten, and the kitten sneezing and watery eyes sound like cat flu to me. Search cat flu symptoms on google.

Posted by June (Folkestone, England) on 09/19/2011

I've got a german shepherd dog she had the kennel cough nasal jab done a couple of weeks ago now she sneezing a bit is there any remedies to give her to stop her from sneezing? Thank you?

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