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Bladder Infection Remedies for Dogs

Last Modified on May 20, 2015

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Posted by Rebecca Hazell (Tampa, FL) on 03/12/2009

I was trying to find a solution to my Boxers excessive leaking after she went to the bathroom. I am not sure what is causing this but am pretty sure it's a UTI and am trying the ACV treatments that I am reading here. I lost my job in Oct. and have been jobless since and can't afford a vet visit. So I went online and googled home remedies for UTI for dogs and this site came up. I read a lot of the testimonials and was glad to find something so easy for my baby. She is a seven year old Boxer who is just such a wonderful companion. I too didn't understand why she was peeing in the house out of the blue when she has been so good at not peeing indoors. She hasn't had alot of the other symptoms that I am reading like whining, or getting up in the middle of the night.. but she has been leaking really bad after she goes pee (for about 20 minutes). Sometimes it just dribbles and other times it waits until she lays down and then there are pools of pee there.. it's gotten progressively worse and so I am trying this home remedy in the hopes that this is what is ailing her. I gave her a dose of two tablespoons with a two tablespoons of yogurt with about half of cup of food and mixed it all together. She ate it up right there on the spot... so it's still too early to know what kind of response she is going to have... but I am praying for some relief for her and us- as we are constantly having to put a diaper on her or making her lay down on a mat so that she doesn't leak onto the carpets... I will check back in - in a few days and let you all know if the treatment worked. It was a pleasure reading all of your testimonies and hearing all the stories of your beloved pets.. I too am trying to avoid a huge vet bill as I just can't afford it right now.. so if this works I will be soooooo thankful. Thanks for the care and concern of all who took the time to write. So others like myself can try to find healthy alternatives to the industry of Vets who insist we take our pets to see them when there are easier and less expensive means to treat our animals. Thank you to whomever monitors this site and keeps it running for our benefit.

Replied by Ivana
Tampa, Florida
How is your furbaby doing ?

Posted by Blanche (Orland Park, IL) on 12/05/2008

Our 8 year old Bullmastiff has had regular Bladder Infections for the last 5 years. Most recently she has been on Antibiotics from our vet anywhere from 2 weeks to 1 month at a time. Each time she get her infection back usually as soon as a couple of weeks after finishing her pills. This time we were told her infection was back and to start her up again, and we decided it was time to try another alternative. I am hoping and praying that the Apple Cider Vinnegar works for our Blanche as we are concerned about so many antibiotics in her system. I am mixing 2 tablespoons of ACV with 2 tablespoons of yougart 3 times a day to start. She is a big dog about 117 lbs so I increased it a little. I will let you all know what her outcome is as soon as I see any changes.

Replied by Lisa
Anchorage, AK
Blanche I just found this site and your situation seemed simiular to mine. Ladybugg is a 9 year black lab and has had recurring UTI for 2 years (usually 1 every 3 mo. or so). My vet put her on Macrobid since November, so far so good. However, it cost $78.00 p/month not to mention any possible long term side effects. After reading all these postings I decided to give it a try, althought not sure if she will need it every day or not. I think I will try the PH testing and see where she is at. But, would be definitely intrested on how it is working for your girl.

Posted by Anne (Preston, MD) on 12/05/2008

[YEA]  I just want to comment on the UTI in regards to dogs. I have an older german shepard that was on antibiotics for weeks and everytime I took her off the drugs the infection came back, seemingly worse. The dog was in pain and the vets said there was nothing to do but put her on SRONGER meds, I was not willing to do that. I gave her 2 tablespoons of ACV in her food and within several hours she was no longer in pain. Amazing! For about 3 months I gave her ACV about 3 or 4 times a week and then stopped giving it and she's never had symptoms again. I now give it maybe 3 or 4 days a month just to help keep everything in check. The vets said there was nothing they could do after I spent hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Makes me wonder.....

Posted by Karen (Enfield, CT) on 11/29/2008

[YEA]  I have a 6 month old Newfoundland female and she once again developed the signs of a urinary tract infection. The first time I had her treated with antibiotics from the Vet, this time I tried some Yogurt and ACV and IT WORKED! I was so excited that this natural cure actually worked and it worked right away! I tried two teaspoons of ACV with two to three Tablespoons of Yogurt. She ate it right away-my older male Newfie had some yogurt too and loved it. Now I need a remedy for dog hiccups-my pup gets them several times during the day.
Thanks for the help! Karen

Posted by Trysch (South Florida) on 11/23/2008

[YEA]  THANK YOU! I gave my precious princess 1 tsp ACV and 1 large tbsp yogurt for what appeared to be a bladder infection which started on a Friday. Saturday she got the mixture three times, and by Sunday she felt well enough to want to run and play with her toys again! She's still having some problems, but the incontinence is GONE!

Replied by Karri
Londonderry, NH
Well, I was at my wits end til 10 minutes ago when I found this site. I thought my little Min Pin Cello was just acting out because of our recent move 3300 miles across the US. He was a rescue dog inherited from my son (you know how that goes :) ) and he has been peeing EVERYWHERE the last week and a half. It is so unlike him. At first, I thought it was a reaction to me being gone in the day for work or that he didn't have his own doggy door like he was used to, so it has been a very confusing time for us both.

I did try cranberry tabs last week which seemed to help a bit, but the frequent urination in the house started back up again after I stopped with the cranberry tabs (Twin Labs). So, I am praying this works.I just can't see paying that much for a vet. Thank you so much for this site and the info.!!

Posted by Yellowlab (Charlotte, NC) on 11/19/2008

[YEA]  Thank goodness for this site. My puppy had back to back UTI's beginning at 4 months. (She's currently 7 months)We actually had to take her in for surgery to fix her "area". She was doing very well and suddenly got another UTI. We were at our wits end and really can't afford to take her in for anything serious anymore. I mixed in the ACV with yogurt and not only does she love it but it seems to be working. Thank you so much. =0)

Posted by Edna (Kansas City, Mo) on 10/30/2008

[YEA]  It worked! I tried the apple cider vinegar remedy yesterday morning and my little 1 yr. old 4 lb. chihuahua-rat terrier mix seems back to normal today. No more "accidents" and her temperature is back to normal too.

i mixed 1 teaspoon of organic apple cider vinegar with about 2 big tablespoons of plain whole yogurt (organic) and some water, about a tablespoon or two, for hydration and she lapped it right up. I did this three times yesterday and gave her regular potty breaks. Tonight I added some of her dry kibble into the same mixture and the bowl was licked clean.

Her symptoms started a week ago. She peed on my boyfriend's shoe....while he was wearing it. I gues she was trying to tell us something was wrong then.

Posted by HappyInNC (asheville, nc) on 10/13/2008

[YEA]  ACV (apple cider vinegar) Today was my first visit to this site...found it on a search engine, and I have now bookmarked it! My little girl (22lb corgi mix-dog) was showing typical signs of a urinary tract infection. I tried the ACV suggestion about 6-8 hours ago and her lethargy has done a 180, as has her warm nose, the constant peeing, and obvious discomfort. On the "magic-8-ball"..."all signs point to yes"...Thank you SO much for the suggestion, it saved me $300 I dont have for a Dr Visit. I first tried it in H2O, wouldnt drink it, in wet food, didnt like it, then in plain yogurt, and she ate it in that put about a tsp and mixed it in good.I will update if things do not continue to improve, but from everything I have read, dont think i'll be back!

Replied by Paula
Berkley, MA
I'm hoping this remedy works for my 6 month old Olde English Bulldog. We just had him neutered and now he may have a UTI. He's been peeing frequently in the house and seems to be on soft surfaces - like the rug or comforter. Not good. Also he is drinking tons. Hoping to eliminate another vet bill since I just paid for his neutering. I'll give this apple cider vinegar a shot and see how it works. If anyone else has a suggestion please let me know. Thanks!

Posted by Rebecca (Winter Park, Florida) on 10/05/2008

[YEA]  I found this website last night while searching for home remedies for my dog's UTI. I thought why not lets give it a shot. With the horrible economy I can't afford a $200 dollar vet bill. I started using the ACV last night. I gave my 65 pound 5 year old boxer 1.5 tablespoons mixed in with some plain yogurt. When she went out for her morning potty break she urinated only one time. It was normal in color with no blood. Just the night before she was going every 5 minutes or so and nothing was coming out and when urine did come out it was bloody. I have continued to give her the ACV today and plan to keep her on it for about a week. Boy was this one of the most effective home remedies I have ever found.

Posted by Beverley (Rancho Santa Margarita, California) on 09/26/2008

[YEA]  After reading all of the posts here, I decided to try the ACV treatment on my 6 year old male cat "Hunter" who had a UTI. He wouldn't drink his water with it in it so my husband and I had to give it to him every morning and night by syringe. I put 1 teaspoon in a 16.9 oz bottle of water and then we just filled the syringe from that. Five days later and he is absolutely fine. Thanks so much to your posts here I couldn't afford another $300.00 vet bill.

Posted by Mary (Sterling Heights, Michigan) on 09/25/2008

[YEA]  Thank you all so much! My little 13 yr old Lahsa (pound rescue two years ago) developed a bladder infection and (despite my doubts)1/2 teaspoon apple cider vinegar in a tiny bit canned cat food twice a day took care of it in a day and a half! You've saved me so much money. I initially dosed her with one teaspoon diluted in half with water (orally using a syringe)but a lot of it came back up. She doesn't much like it in her water, but hey, if that's all that's available, she (and the cats- a plus) will drink it (1/2 teaspoon in ~2 cups water). Thanks again! I'm telling everyone about this web site.

Posted by Pete (VeryRural, MN) on 09/21/2008

[YEA]  Day 1 of ACV & I like what I see. Please read the below.

My 8 yr old Springer Spaniel had a bladder infection about 6 months ago, it was soon after she'd come out of heat, it gave her the typical discomfort, whimpering, peeing indoors, multiple dry pees outdoors etc... I took her to the vet who did the standard test & diagnosis exam, antibiotics and out the door for $275, a few days later Kayla was on the mend.

Well here we are today, yesterday actually & Kaylas been out of heat for a week now when she suddenly developes the same symptoms, as it was Saturday all I could do was sympathise w/her & made sure to walk her often. Poor girl she was panting, whimpering, pacing & me knowing the vet was at least two days away. Late last night I came to this site & saw this Apple Cider Vinegar remedy forum and figured what the heck it couldn't hurt....... I got some fresh ACV at the general store this morning and gave her 1.5 Tbsp. mixed w/her kibble. One hour later she's sleeping comfortably for a change, no whining, no visible discomfort, in fact she's obviously feeling just fine 'n dandy all afternoon. I give her another 1.5 Tbsp with tonights supper feeding, still she's feeling well & really appearing to be back to her old self. I'm retired & I'm with my dogs 24/7 mostly so I'll be careful to watch Kayla & to try to be impartial in my continued assessment of ACV treatments for UTI or bladder infections. I'll update this every day or so with a few quick comments, sorry this was so long winded but it seemed only proper to give Kaylas known history.

Replied by Pete
VeryRural, MN
[YEA]   Kayla is now in day 5 of the ACV treatment. btw Kayla weighs appx 45#s. I chose the dosing of 1.5Tbsp as it is a rather innocuous substance and wanted to make sure she got all the meds she needed.

I've not called my vet yet on the bladder infection as it seems to be getting better every day. Today (Thursday) is the first day that Kayla hasn't had any dry pees, they've tapered off slowly since day one of the ACV. Most notable and worthy of mention again is the fact that the very first dose of ACV halted all outward signs (pacing, whimpering, discomfort & zero accidents in the house) within just an hour or two after she consumed it in her food. She felt immediate relief and was resting comfortably in bed without waking for hours. I'm thinking of continuing the ACV @ 1.5Tbsp in her food twice a day for a total of two weeks, then perhaps twice weekly as a preventative measure. I'll come by and post again in a few days.

This was quite remarkable, a $1.19 remedy that'd cost me nearly $300.00 just 6 months earlier.

Could I make a modest donation to this site?

EC: Thanks, Pete. Very kind of you to offer. Donation info is here:

Replied by Pete
VeryRural, MN
I see a lot of 'YEA' comments were taken down & I wonder why. The entire two weeks of ACV treatment will have cost me $1.19 as opposed to the $275.00 vet visit w/2 weeks antibiotics that I paid 6 months ago. Kayla has no signs whatsoever and is back to normal behavior 100%. I'm not qualified to make medical evaluations but I am retired and single & so my two dogs are with me close to 24/7, I know for a fact that after 12 days/nights of ACV treatments that Kayla is cured.

I recommend that you try ACV twice a day on your dogs food for bladder infections before resorting to antibiotics for the most obvious reason, it is important NOT to expose your self or your pets needlessly to any extra antibiotic treatments.

Be diligent in following through and try a natural remedy first. There are vitamins and minerals missing in our canines and felines diets from packaged foods, a natural remedy such as ACV should not be overlooked.

Once again I'm going to mention that Kayla found immediate relief in the ACV, soon after the first dose (1.5Tbsp) of it in her food she was sleeping nicely and didn't wake up to the anxiety of her infection.

EC: No YEA posts have been removed from the bladder infection remedies for dogs page! Perhaps you were reviewing another page like acv for dogs...

Replied by Pete
VeryRural, MN
I'm glad to see that all the 'YEAs' are still in place as it was the strong testimonials that convinced me to try & to stick with this treatment instead of folding to the temptation of a vets visit.

Kayla is doing just fine, business as usual and her daughter (my other springer) has been on the ACV regimen from the start as well even though she had shown no bladder issues herself. It's ACV & can't harm them so now they get it in their food on Wed/Sun as preventative medicine. Funny thing though, Alice had a batch of pups 2 yrs ago and I held onto one of them 'Scooter' for about 10 months before giving her away to a friend whose springer had recently passed on. As I sat watching Scooter acclimate herself to the back yard and her new family that very first day she ran up to the apple tree and grabbed an apple off the ground ran under the deck and ate it, we all laughed at her behavior but little did we know she was adding nutrients her body was likely needing. A habit my friend Dave says she repeats often. These nutrients are missing from our pet foods.

Replied by Katie
Birmingham, AL, USA
[YEA]   My 60 lb. Lab/Beagle mix female started having accidents inside on Thanksgiving night, not the time to seek a vet's attention. Had been straining when she went outside for a while but didn't put 2&2 together but thought it must be a UTI when I saw blood in her urine. Googled UTI's and found info on home remedies. Found and read postings on your site, thanks Pete from Very Rural, and decided to give ACV a try as I had just spent $700 having her epilepsy diagnosed! My aunts, retired nurses, use ACV religiously so I figured it couldn't hurt. Put 1 Tbs. in 2 Tbs. plain yogurt and mixed with dry food. Got a few funny looks from her but she ate it all. Gave 3 doses that day and 3 the next. No more accidents and no more bloody urine. Don't want to overdue a "good thing" so going to cut back to 2 doses a day for 2 weeks, again thanks Pete (probably partial to your posting since I had a springer who was the "love of my life"!). I will probably also keep her on a preventative dose. Now, if I could just get it to cure my Plantar Fascietis! - might give it a try! Thanks for the great site!
Replied by Karin
Chicago, IL
I have two springer spaniels, and one has had bladder infections on and off for months. Just finished a round of very expensive antibiotics. Now the other has begun peeing in the house every day. Saw Pete's post about springers and have already given both my dogs their first dose of 1.5 TBS of ACV with a bit of cottage cheese since I didn't have yogurt in the house. Keeping my fingers crossed for good results and will keep you posted!
Replied by Bex
Riley Twp., Usa
[WARNING!]   While natural remedies are my first option we all must take a look at what foods we are feeding our pets. The dyes, genetically modified corn, fillers and by products cause many many issues with our beloved friends. The food you feed may very well cause diabetes, uti's tumors etc. Be aware of what you feed...

Posted by Cheryl (Kanata, Canada) on 08/19/2008

[YEA]  This is a follow up of my previous comment on trying apple cidar vinegar for our pup's uti.

08/06/2008: Cheryl from Ottawa, Canada replies: "So I'm hoping these testimonials will work for our pup.She was spayed last week & started having symptoms this week. Frequent urination inside as well, with a strong odor. Unfortunatley it is too late in the evening for our pup to have water so will add some acv tomorrow. For tonight I gave it to her straight & followed with a bit of orange juice. I will add the acv to her water & food tomorrow. I sure hope that tonight's dose will start to work for her! I'll let you all know..."

Well...It worked like a dream!! Within a day her symptoms improved. We continued the treatment for close to 2 weeks to make sure everything cleared. She's as good as new!

Replied by Abriete
Leverett, Ma
I am very grateful for all the information. I think my 2 year old bison has a uti and we've given her 11/2 tsp organic acv, 1 tblsp yogurt, homeopathic cantharsis and staphysagria, and 4 drops of gaia herbs usnea and uva ursi and 10 tblsp gaia herbs echinacea, goldenseal, propolis for 3 days and she is doing much better. First had blood tinged urine, then no blood but peeing in the house. Today no more peeing in the house (yay) so I think she is on the mend. I read to give cranberry everyday to prevent so I will do that. Also, don't leave them too long without a pee break-I think that is what caused this in mine. I studied herbs for 11/2 years for humans and it seems what works for humans will work for dogs.

Echinacea, goldenseal and propolis are immune enhancers and natural antibiotics. ACV helps the ph of the urine I think and yogurt promotes good bacteria in the gut. Cranberry helps the bacteria not stick to the walls of the bladder and also helps the ph be inhospitable to bacteria. Also, my dog wouldn't drink at all and drinking is important to flush out the bacteria so I gave her water and chicken broth mixed together and that worked. I also gave her a little orange juice which I read would help, but didn't want to give too much because of the sugar content. Good luck! Abriete

Replied by Jill
Dallas, Tx
D-Mannose. Run, don't walk, to a health food or vitamin store and pick some up. It's a powder you mix with water and drink. It is the part of cranberries that work against bladder infections by preventing the bacteria from adhering to the wall of the bladder, so it can be flushed out. A friend of mine had recurring bladder infections that were resisting the antibiotic treatment her Dr. Was prescribing. What the antibiotics couldn't treat, D-Mannose treated very quickly without side effects.

Posted by Pat (Chicago, Illinois) on 04/04/2008

[YEA]  I can't believe how well apple cider vinegar worked for my dog, a 90 lb. Rottweiler. She started urinating in the house one evening (which she rarely does) and when she went outside, she'd squat but nothing came out. I found this site (and what a GREAT site it is) and realized it was a urinary track infection and gave her 1-tblsp. of apple cider vinegar mixed with her food twice a day. After the second dose she was cured. I've been giving it to her for a week now and am not sure how long I should continue. Any advice?

Posted by Susan (Lawrenceville, Ga) on 03/05/2008

[YEA]  I was looking for a home remedy cure for my female dog who has urinary tract infection for the second time. I did not want to pay the expensive vet bill again. This is how i found your web site. I hurried to the store to get some ACV, put a tps. in her food and in no time she was back to her self. Praise GOD for this miracle! The same night while i was walking her i fell off of my shoe and spranged my foot to where i could barely walk. I took 2 tbls. of ACV 2 times a day. By the end of the second day i was up and running, literally. It decreased the pain and did not even turn purple.

Replied by Cheryl
Ottawa, Canada
So I'm hoping these testimonials will work for our pup.She was spayed last week & started having symptoms this week. Frequent urination inside as well, with a strong odor. Unfortunatley it is too late in the evening for our pup to have water so will add some acv tomorrow. For tonight I gave it to her straight & followed with a bit of orange juice. I will add the acv to her water & food tomorrow. I sure hope that tonight's dose will start to work for her! I'll let you all know...

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