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Bladder Infection Remedies for Dogs

Last Modified on Jul 18, 2015

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Posted by Lani (Austin, Tx) on 10/01/2010

Hi, My sweet 16 year old male Kitty, Angel, is at the vet right now all weekend with a catheter for the UTI- crystals blockage. (again) This is the 4th round in the vet's office in 2 weeks. I want to pick him up Monday and try giving him organic ACV. The vet contends the Royal Canin SO is way better than ACV. I don't honestly think we have time to "wait' for the Royal Canin stuff to work. Should I combine the Royal Canin with the ACV? Or is that too much of the same type of stuff? I want to break down the crystals, but do now want to hurt him. Or just feed him some other canned cat food? What dosage of the ACV should I give him? I'm thinking I'll syringe feed him for the first few days unless miraculously he wants to eat on his own. Help!! I cannot afford to go to the vet everyday to unblock him. And if he can't pee on his own I can't try to nourish him back to health and keep him hydrated. Any help is GREATLY appreciated!!!

Posted by Donna (Barbourville, Kentucky) on 07/08/2010

[SIDE EFFECTS]  My 14 yr. Old black lab is having a horrible time with kidney leakage. She weighs app. 100 lbs and yesterday we gave her apple cider vinegar but wasn't sure how much to give. I gave her app. 1 1/2 tablespoons and diluted with a little water ... She has been gagging since we gave her the ACV. What should I do????? I don't know if I should give her anymore of the ACV because she's still gagging and nothing comes up. She has plenty of water to drink ... But she only drinks when she wants to. How much and how can I give her the ACV? PLEASE ... I NEED HELP!! I DON'T WANT TO LOSE MY BIG GIRL ... I KNOW IT'S INEVITABLE WE ALL HAVE TO DIE BUT I DON'T THINK I CAN MENTALLY HANDLE IT AT THIS POINT IN MY LIFE. ANYONE WITH MORE INFORMATION ... PLEASE ... PLEASE LET ME KNOW ASAP. Sincerely needing help.

Replied by Heidi
Asheville, Nc
To Donna from Barbourville, I just read your post- sorry it doesn't seem that anyone answered, it seems that you didn't dilute the ACV enough 1 1/2 tbsp. in just a little water still will be strong and the poor thing must have had a hard time with bad sensations in the throat or stomach. Dilute in at least 1 gallon of water 2 tbsp. There are enough posts here that you can go over and see what worked for other people in a similar situation. All the best wishes for you and your Lab. Don't give up, and really hope she's doing better.
Replied by Tweety647
Yuma, Az
you need to have some food in your dogs stomach before you give it the ACV and mix it with plain yogurt. Good luck
Replied by Lauren
Mabelvale, Ar
Beofre trying home remedies, please take your dog to the vet if you think your pet has a UTI or bladder stones. Not only did I miss signs (hindsight is 20/20), but so did the vet. Make sure they check for diabetes. I lost my little doxie to diabetes complications. We didn't know she had it until she was in a crash situation. The vet never mentioned this as a possiblility causing UTIs--her sugar spiked to 530 and she had ketoacidosis. Her kidneys failed and we lost her in 3 days. Be safe--always check for diabetes!!!

Posted by Janet (Manchester, England) on 12/31/2009

[WORKED TEMPORARILY]  Six months ago my darling baby Bobby had a UTI and the vet said if it recurred he would have to be put to sleep and I was devistated. I found this site and started to rub some fresh chicken every day in apple cider vinegar as well as adding a crushed cantharis tablet for cysitis in humans to the chicken. It worked a treat for six months, or so I thought, however, he was rushed to the vets today, once again with the same thing. He was lethargic and crying and could hardly walk. He is now on a drip for two days and I am worried sick. Is there anything else which I could try if he pulls through? I was so happy that it seemed to be working but it was not to be.

Replied by Janet
Manchester, England, Lancashire, England
I had to rush my beloved Bobby to the vets over New Year as he had another bout of not being able to pee and was crying in pain and lethargic. They emptied his bladder and put him on a drip for a few days. I brought him home on Sunday (it is now Tuesday), and he has started again. I was supposed to take him back today but we have had the most horrendous snow fall and there are no taxi's, as I do not drive I am unable to do anything for him, it is hell. For six months I gave him acv in chicken and a cantharis tablet which is for cystitis in humans, which seemed to work. I just got a half teaspoon of acv and water down him and he is asleep. I just hope this works for him as this weather looks like it will only worsen. I am on pins constantly as I have work the rest of the week and cannot take time off to take him to vets. I will try again with the water and acv again later. No use putting in food as I have three other greedy cats and Bobby does not seem to be wanting to eat. I feel so helpless right now.
Replied by Annonymous
Manitowoc, Wisconsin, Usa
A friend of mine had a male cat who was on Iams food and frequently had urinary issues. The vet's recommendations sort of helped, but didn't resolve the problem last I heard. However, I learned that in some cats (males only if I remember right) the cords/bits that hold the organs in place when they are developing in the womb don't break down like they should. It causes the bladder to not empty completely. A simple surgery fixes the problem.

Posted by Junith (Beaverton Ontario, Canada) on 11/23/2009

I am very interested in this treatment as endorsed by so many. Our English Cocker was diagnosed with a bladder infection, the vet did ultrasound, x-ray, physical exam, blood analysis for the diagnosis. He is on a three week round of antibiotics that two weeks into it has not cleared his urine. We had another blood analysis which was better, but not clear. Thus far the bills are $520 and mounting, so I am going to try this. I will let you know what happens. One question, though, can you purchase Apple Cider Vinegar at the grocery store, or does it have to be purchased at a health food store where it is pure and of course, much more expensive?

Replied by Tazzy
Hi sorry to hear about your puppy (my words for my 7yr old dog )my boy has a infection that shows up in his pee sometimes I give him cystopurin basically cystitis stuff from the chemist that I buy for myself.. before anybody freaks out it was a vet that told me this works I also have used it for years on my cat who survived for 17 years so give it a try. I personally found it to work they dont like the taste oh well neither do I ..

good luck x

Posted by Raindancer (Jeannette, Pa) on 09/27/2009

[YEA]  My lab mix was having a problem, when she urinated she was only getting a couple of drops of blood out no urine. I called the vet to see how much it was going to cost me just to walk in the door because although I had every intention of taking her, I was not going to have any money for a day or two, so I needed to know if they could accept a check, or bill me or something because I was scared! I was told they only take cash or a debit card and the do no billing. I asked If there was anything I could do for her until I could get her there, they told me they could not tell me anything! I immediately went online to look something up on urinary track infections ( that was what the vet said it sounded like she had) and ran across the site about acv. I have to admit I did not think it would work, however I had nothing to loose by trying this, so I got out the acv and a baby medicine dispenser and gave it to her! She did not like this at all and was very upset with me. We went to bed that night with a heavy heart as to where I was coming up with the money we needed to get her to the vet. The next morning she wanted out to the bathroom I was holding my breath, because unlike the other stories I read she would not go to the bathroom or drink water, and low and behold she went and NO BLOOD droppings. She went for her walk in the morning to take our son to the bus and went again and was running around like her old self again. It was such a relief and quit amazing as to not only work, but work so fast (overnight) I am happy to say she is doing fine and still does not like the taste of acv, but like I told her I would rather have you mad at me for a little while then sick or worse! Long story short thank you for the home remedy, and by the way I only had to give her 1 dropper full for 2 days!

Replied by Angie
Equality, Al
I just have to tell everyone that is using Apple Cider Vinegar for the cats that first of all it does have to be the organic, raw apple cider vinegar with the mother and diluted; (not really expensive) I use B brand and my cats all love the vinegar if I put it on some plain yogurt which I believe is o. K. For them in small amounts. They think it is a treat. Hope this helps.

Posted by Nancy (Dingmans Ferry, Pa) on 08/14/2009

[YEA]  Thank you so much for all your posts! Our 2 year old labrador, Gail, has been struggling with an ear infection for weeks. We were treating it with a cleanser and drops that the vet prescribed. Several days ago she started leaking urine. We were shocked since she has had maybe a dozen accidents in the house ever and we've had her since she was 6 weeks old. I assumed it was a bladder infection. My daughter found this site and I gave Gail 2 Tbsp. of ACV with yogurt twice that day. I also cleaned her ears with the 50/50 ACV and water solution. She got up in the middle of the night twice but otherwise seemed okay. The following morning she couldn't even stand. We called our vet. We have taken Gail there since she was a puppy. We were raising her for an organization that trains seeing eye dogs. All of her vet bills were covered through the organization and she was screened for EVERYTHING, even her hips were x-rayed. These dogs have their genetic history tracked so we were certain she didn't have a genetic disease. But she ended up being offered back to us for adoption since she had recurrent ear infections, which means all of her medical care is now our responsibility. Of course we were thrilled to have her back. We also assumed that this vet, knowing her history, would work with us to let us pay them over time since my husband has recently become disabled. No such luck. So much for all of those people out there that criticize others for not calling the vet. And by the way, we treat our animals like our children but if my child was sick a hospital would treat him, not ask for money up front.

Anyway, long story to say that we had no choice but to continue to keep trying the ACV and yogurt in the same dosage. We got her to eat it that morning and within an hour she could stand and go outside. We gave her water from a cup we held up to her since she couldn't stand to drink out of her bowl. She slept most of the day and then around dinner time was up and wanting her dinner. We gave her the regular amount of food with some yogurt and another 2 Tbsp. of ACV. She went outside for a short walk afterward. This morning she is her old self. No leaking urine, no limping and her ears are almost completely better. The one looks normal and the other has no heat or black gunk in it anymore. I am going to continue with the ACV in her food at a lower dose for a week or so, just to make sure and we will continue to use the ACV to clean her ears. We can't thank you enough for this site. We are sure it saved our furry family member.

Replied by K9luv
Boynton Beach, Florida
[YEA]   If your having trouble with ear infections get them off of grain!! This is very important! I bet once you do this you'll see amazing results.

Read the book "Foods Pets Die For" as well.

Posted by Matthew (Treasure Island, Florida) on 07/16/2009

[YEA]  Apple Cider Vinegar great cure almost a miracle!!!

I will admit I was very skeptical about this entire process but I figured what could it hurt its definitely won't hurt my wallet. It all started yesterday (July 15th 2009) when my dog had to urinate about every 15 minutes. The first two times I wasn't too concerned until I noticed there was a little bit of blood in her urine. After doing a little research on the internet I came across this site as well as a few others. I wasn't sure just how to give the dose of Apple Cider Vinegar to my dog since we just moved on July 10 and she has not been drinking water or eating much if at all. I ended up hitting the health food store down the street and bought unfiltered apple cider vinegar and also bought a plastic baby medicine dropper so I could give it to her directly. I gave her a 2 table spoon dose mixed 1 to 1 with vinegar and water. This morning she went out there was not blood (thank god) I then gave her some food with some vinegar sprinkled over it and also some in her water which she finally started drinking not much but did drink some. She continued the need to go out every 15 to 20 minutes for a few more hours. This afternoon I also gave her 2 large spoons full of unflavored yogurt and about a table spoon of vinegar. I had my doubts she would eat it but she gobbled it down and seemed to love it. Over the last 6 hours she has not had to go out and seems happy and content. I still have some vinegar in her water and will give her some more yogurt and vinegar tomorrow just in case. Thank you very much for this I will continue to put some vinegar in her water since I heard it will also help keep her tear stains at bay.

Replied by Kay
Allentown, Pa
[YEA]   Our 4 month old female choc lab was showing obvious signs of a UTI and not wanting to subject her to antibiotics and expensive lab tests, I chose to try the yogurt/ACV treatment and it totally worked! I gave her 1 tablespoon organic natural yogurt 1 tab raw apple cider vinegar four times the first day, spaced out 4 hours, and I could tell by that first evening that it was working. I was so thrilled and so relieved! I continued it through the second day, just wanting to make sure the infection was gone. I am going to continue to give it to her once a day as a supplement to keep the UTI from coming back again. Natural, healthy supplements have to be better than drugs and antibiotics from the vet!

Posted by Jane (London, UK) on 06/27/2009

[YEA]  Thanks to everybody who wrote about cider vinegar bladder infection treatment. It works! I took Tasha - black labrador, 4 years old - out for a walk yesterday and she was passing urine every 10 minutes or so. That's very unusual for her so I knew something was wrong. Realising it might be a bladder infection I googled; google took me to this site and I decided to try the cider vinegar on her.
She still had her appetite so I gave her 2 tablespoons of cider vinegar mixed into muesli and dessicated coconut - two things she likes - and she ate it all! Later I gave her yoghurt with her supper. By then she was very quiet and listless, but when she woke up this morning she was completely back to normal. I would recommend this to everybody - effective treatment with no side effects. Perfect medicine

Posted by Phil (Seattle, WA, USA) on 06/23/2009

[YEA]  Thank you all for this incredible tip about apple cider vinegar as a cure for a canine bladder infection. My dog Cleo (she's a BBD - big black dog - around 90 lbs) picked up a raging bladder infection yesterday, and of course with typically good timing did this right after the vet had gone home for the day (which ended up saving me probably three hundred bucks, as it turned out). She was clearly miserable: pacing around, and peeing literally every two minutes. After reading the posts here, I rather skeptically tried giving her apple cider vinegar (ACV), and was amazed at how fast it worked. Within 45 minutes she had calmed down and no longer had a desperate need to go out, and while she peed a few times during the rest of the evening she was basically fine, and slept soundly through the night.

What I gave her: I started with two tablespoons of ACV, and first tried mixing all of it with some food, but she took one sniff and was having none of it. So I resorted to the direct delivery option with a plastic syringe we have in the house. Since my wife was away, it was just me doing this, and it's not an option I'd recommend for entertainment - it wasn't fun for either of us! I later mixed another tablespoon in with some dry food, some yoghurt and some meat, and she loved the meat so much she ate everything. I don't know if the yoghurt was necessary, but whatever I did worked.

Anyway, thanks again to all who contributed.

Posted by Grateful (Springdale, Arkansas) on 06/20/2009

[YEA]  The Apple Cider Vinegar treatment for my dog's UTI was a God send! Of course the vets don't want you to use this treatment, because it works and they don't get your money! Is it a cureall for everything? Of course not, but it seems to work for the UTI issue. My dog was wanting to pee all the time and was starting to have accidents in the house - something she never did before. My friend referred me to this web-site and I am very grateful to her. I immediately when to my cupboard and found my ACV. I had a baby syringe that holds 1/2 Tablespoon and gave my 28 lb. Corgi two syringe fulls of straight ACV. I then followed that up with her Bil-Jac treats, then gave her two syringes full of water, because she wasn't wanting to drink from her water dish. I put her in the laundry room overnight and she did pee twice on the towels I put out but there was no blood in her urine. So, this morning, when I put her outside, she only peed once and was ready to come back in - yesterday, she would just wander the yard trying to pee over and over. I have her another treatment of the ACV and added a syringe of orange juice and she has had no more accidents and seems to be feeling better. Just took her outside to pee again and not only did she only pee once, but felt like staying outside on her rug for awhile and enjoy the nice weather. I have now added a few drops of ACV to her water dish and she is drinking it now. Thanks EarthClinic! You not only helped to make my dog better, but saved my pocketbook, as well! ACV will now be a regular part of my dog's daily diet!

Posted by Alysone (Camarillo, CA) on 05/25/2009

[YEA]  24 hour fix! When my 2 1/2 year old golden retriever suddenly showed signs of a UTI, I was very worried. I've worked in clinics before and I know how expensive any exam, testing and treatment may be - and, like almost everyone right now, I definitely don't have the money to pay a vet outrageous amounts. I found this site and immediately tried ACV home treatment; I used 2 table spoons of ACV in her dry dog food that morning. I had to coax her to eat with some gravy, but she got it all down. She later got another half tablespoon of ACV with yogurt that afternoon. This morning, she seems completely better! She only had to go once (compared to the squatting marathon of yesterday!) and is normal and frisky as ever. She'll be getting on tblspoon of that "delicious" stuff for another three days, just to make sure we're all clear.

Thanks for all the help and advice on this site!

Replied by Country Woman
Jackson, NY
I have just experienced this same problem and I took my English lab to the Vet, ASAP. WE caught her infection, in time. And the total cost was $55 for the Urinalysis and the medicine. How much does your dog mean to you??

If left untreated, it will cost you ten times more than that, plus you are putting your dog through a lot of unnecessary pain! All I can say is that your dog is a member of your family, would you allow your child to suffer, or use an unapproved home remedy?? ( By the way, the Vet was totally against this for a UTI ).

Please consider what you are doing and think of the dog first!

Replied by Coco
Escalon, Cal
Wow! that's great your Vet. only charged you $55.00, here in Calif. the Vet. wanted $200.00 and wasn't sure that it woundn't be more, just because some of us choose to use Earth clinic to find Remedies to help our pets dosen't mean we love them less or say they aren't part of our family.
Replied by Lc
Jupiter, Florida
[YEA]   In response to some of the "dough heads" who think that some of us don't care for our animals because we don't take them to the vet everytime there is the slightest "something" wrong with them. I noticed that my 9year old Rottie was piddling every 10-15 minutes and immediately knew it was a bladder infection. My family has been hit very hard by the recent events in the US so taking her to the vet is nearly out of the questions. And yes, if it was my 5 year old daughter, I would have done a similar thing. It wasn't anything more that that and I am thankful for websites such as this one that has holistic remedies. It is people like this who run to the doctor for the slightest sniffle that has many of us with no health care for ourselves and our pets!! Thanks Earth Clinic!!
Replied by Kari
Phoenix, Az
Country are very judgmental. Any home remedy is better. Antibiotics are not good for living creatures and should be used as a last resort. My Vet wanted $229 to start and the projected cost for further treatment was $650 that she said would probably be needed. (Urine culture, antibiotics, ultrasound) I love my dog but I am going to try the ACV first.
Replied by Angel
P. S., Colorado
To Country Woman from Jackson, NY, I use natural remedies for all of my animals and my family. I use ACV and garlic to deworm my animals. I make a tonic that has ACV and garlic among other ingredients to use on my family during cold and flu season. My kids like it so much they ask for it daily whether they are ill or not and the best part is I can give it to them daily because there is nothing harmful in it. I will definitely try ACV for my new puppies UTI. I never use doctors or vets unless it is an emergency or mandatory vaccination. My animals nor my famiy ever suffer. As a matter of fact we are rarely sick. Our home remedies may not offer immediate results, like prescribed pain killers and other cold and flu medications, but there are also no harmful side effects that you have to worry about years down the road. And if I have to deal with the sniffles or a sore throat a little longer than if I use OTC or prescribed drugs that's ok because at the same time my immune system is strenghtening itself so that my body will fight it off faster next time.

Of course if you ask your vet or doctor if they would recommend these home remedies they are going to say no because they want your money. If you heal yourself they don't get a penny. Also if you are not taking their medications they are not guaranteed future care of you when you have liver problems or anal leakage or one of the many other side effects. It doesn't make sense to me why you want to give something to your family or pets that are guaranteed to cause future health problems. Take care of it now naturally and chances are you'll have less problems later.

Replied by Nicole
New York, Ny
I am so glad I found this site! ACV has been a wonderful cure all for my dog and I have sent this to just about every dog owner I know! Despite what some of the comments on this site have implied, I really love my dog and I wouldn't do anything for him that I wouldn't do for myself, and that includes homeopathic and over the counter remedies.

I started doing this a couple of years ago when after taking my dog to the vet numerous times for skin rashes and diahreah for seasonal allergies, a dog trainer friend asked me why I kept rushing him in. I told her that the vet said he needed immediate treatment. She told me to give him a benedryll and milk of magnesia ... yeah, cleared it up in about 30 minutes. I could have spent $10 on over the counter remedies, rather than the $100 a pop for taking my dog in for the exact same thing... And it was the exact same things, I compared the medications the vet gave me to the active ingredients in the OTC stuff. She also told me to start giving him yogurt for his ear infections... cleared them up in a day.

Now, this is not to say that vets are not important and that I don't value mine, but I don't rush to the doctor every time I sneeze and I don't think I should for my dog either. And since moving to NYC, just to walk in the door at my vet is $60. Also, I find that vets, much like doctors are quick to prescribe an antibiotic, and I'm not a fan of these since they can cause serious immune damage to your system (humans and animals). Since then, and finding this site, I have treated ear infections (1 part ACV, rubbing alcohol, and water), UTI (AVC and yogurt), hot spots (ACV and aloe), and it has greatly improved my dog's allergies and conjuntivitis. I am a true believer.

Now, this is not to say that I would not take my dog to the vet when he is seriously ill, but after having him for 8 years, I can gauge if he's seriously sick or just a little under the weather. So to all of you who are taking control of your animal's well being and not feeling like you and your checkbook are being held hostage by your vet... good for you!

Replied by Bdmetz
Reno, Nv
I was reading these posts because my dog seems to be getting a UTI. A few people said that you always have to see a vet - let me tell you, that is not true! I am going to try this ACV and yogurt treatment, but in the meantime - let me tell you a story about vets. They are in it for the money, even the ones that seem to really love your dog. Now, there is a time and a place - but you shouldnt believe they are always out for your dogs best interest. I have been going to my vet for 15 years, and I really like her and trust her for most things, but not blinding trust. When my dog was having problems with her knees she said that I had to have a $5000 per knee surgury for my dog, they cut the bone in half below the knee and offset it. You do one knee at a time. She refered me to a specialist who confirmed what she had said. Luckily, I did some research on the internet before she went in for the surgury. The sites I visited said that the modern day dog, even on good dry dog food, are missing enzymes in their diet that cause all sorts of healing problems. I had a month before the surgery, so I thought I would try to heal her. I went from facing $10,000 (both back knees) in medical bills, to giving her Nzymes twice a day - she now runs, jumps, plays, hikes... She very rarely limps, and when she does just one aspirin gets her over it. She is 120 pound mastiff rott mix. The love of my life. Happy, healthy active. Anyway, I just wanted all of you to know that vets don't ALWAYS do what is best for your pet. It has been 3 years since I was told she would never recover without surgery, so please, do your homework!

Posted by bagofnuts (Metairie, LA) on 04/30/2009

[YEA]  My large 105 lb. rhodesian could not urinate or very little. Vet said it was his prostate. Suggested neutering however he is on prednisone every other day so surgery was delicate. Did tests and results were good for surgery. I researched this site and tried the ACV and honey (2tbls. each) 2X a day and wow, he was urinating within 5 hours. Continued this for months and then changed to 1 tbls 1X a day. He is still doing fine and no surgery.

Thanks...what a find. He probably had stones even though vet tested and found none.

Posted by Sue (Platteville, WI) on 04/20/2009

I read all the comments on apple cider vinegar for bladder infections in dogs. My question is, will constant use of vinegar cause tooth enamel erosion?

Posted by Tekela (Los Angeles, CA) on 03/16/2009

[YEA]  I read the comments about using apple cider vinegar to treat UTI in dogs and I tried it the same day. Earlier in the day my Maltese had blood in his urine and by the end of the night (after giving him a dose of 1 tablespoon of ACV and 2 tablespoons of organic yogurt), the blood seemed to disappear. Twenty-four hours later there were no signs of blood and he appeared to be back to normal. ACV really works and I recommend it if you suspect your pet may have a UTI. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this really has made a difference in my life.

Posted by Ross (St. Louis, MO) on 02/19/2009

[YEA]  Dog Bladder infection: My dog 11 year old black lab 75 LBS has had a bladder infection through out the month of January and February 2009.
I took our black lab to the veternarian several times and they ran urine samples to verify that our dog had a bladder infection and not something else.They also examined the dog to make sure he did not have anything else.The verternarian recommended a dosage of a anti biotic which lasted two weeks each time. During the period of while he was on the medication he was fine but after he got off the medication he went back to having problems and having the same symptoms. He would stand by the door crying at 3:00AM in the morning, he was always restless,and he could never stay in one spot for a long time. A week ago I gave my dog three table spoons of organic apple cider vinegar and I placed it in his food dish and would spread it around, then I gave him two spoonfuls of plain organic yogurt, and then a small portion of his dried food. I will feed my dog in the morning at 8:00AM then in the evening at 5:30PM. Since doing this his symptons have stopped, he is sleeping through the night, and he is no longer restless. He is also not urinating as much.It is working.

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