Bee Sting Relief for Pets!

Last Modified on Dec 07, 2012

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Posted by Jessie (Lompoc, CA) on 04/23/2009

Yesterday we had a very scary exprience with our 6 mo. old puppy. He was stung on the outside of his mouth. We removed the stinger and his lip swelled up I didn't think anything of it at first becuase I had never heard of dogs being allergic to bee stings. I went on my way to work a traveled about 6 blocks and realized he was passing out not falling asleep then without warning he started throwing up eveywhere. I took him stright to the vet fortunutly it is about 20 blocks from my house. After an 8 hour hospitilization they said it was the most extream case they had seen he was definetly anaphylactic and next time will be worse. How am I going to keep him from bees we are in spring!! please help me!


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