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Anal Gland Remedies for Cats and Dogs

Last Modified on Nov 01, 2015

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Posted by Gibi (NJ, US) on 08/09/2014

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  I have 10 yrd old maltipoo.After getting bladder stone surgery a few months ago, he started having problems with AG 'scooting'. Also his anal area appears swollen. Tried a lot of things, but wary of most due to he has diabetes, on insulin shts 2x a day. Also has epileptic seizures. Last week , started giving 2 teaspoons plain lowfat yoghurt mixed in a little water. He gulped it down, appetite improved. Scooting very much reduced. Will keep u posted.

Replied by Peggy
When my 8 year old Daisy, a shepherd mix, had this anal gland problem, I made sure she got a lot of pumpkin. I purchased the canned pumpkin, some say fresh is better. I mixed several spoonfuls with her dry food. I had no problem with her eating it. There are some good sweet potato treats too that seem to help. She now gets pumpkin or sweet potatoes frequently to avoid this problem. I hope this helps.
Replied by Walnut2015
I see everyone is talking about dogs mostly on here. I need so help with options before I jump to the vet $$

"Walnut" my cat She has the 2nd stage or maybe 1 sac I think it might be an infection but not sure I saw the little black thing and I was trying to wipe it with a wet wipe and it wanted to come but I was a little worried of hurting her. I will try the pumpkin but I was not sure if there is anything else out there I should feed her.

I have another cat before who had stage 3 and the vet was so nice and took good care of my baby girl "cat" so people if u have stage 3 don't think ur extremely bad animal parent. My cat would just run off we thought it was because she was getting old 15 years old - then we saw her bottom. I was crying and got her to the vet asap.