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Posted by Keri (Mississauga, Canada) on 02/11/2009

[YEA]  Hi guys, I thought I always had yeast infections and accepted it as a part of life but one day I decided to go to the doctor.I found out I had a combination of excess yeast and bacterial vaginosis. The doctor prescibed me diflucan and flagil, and like a dummy; I took both. For the first few days, sex was fine, but then after my period, it was like all hell broke loose.

I found out that garlic kills yeast, so I inserted garlic vaginally overnight, and the yeast was gone!, it was painful, but well worth it. The only problem was that the fishy smell persisted. I came across this website and started taking 1mg of folic acid daily, 3 acidoliphus (however you spell it) pills, and tons of activia yogurt daily. Now, my vagina is healthy and I am happy!

My message here is...garlic kills yeast and folic acid with probiotics kills bacteria, oh yeah, and easy on the sugar ladies.

Posted by Prabha (Delhi, India) on 12/15/2008

[YEA]  Garlic

A few days ago I suffered a very bad attack of yeast infection. At first I tried the usual antifungal pessaries from over the counter but of no use. The itching was just intolerable. Then I came upon garlic method while searching on the internet. One of the home remedies sites said garlic cloves if kept in vagina cured yeast infections;dose and duration varied according to the severity of infection. Usually 3-4 cloves strung on a thread kept for 12 hours for 4-5 days was good for a mild infection. However I had a rather full blown infection. I used 5-7 garlic cloves peeled, cut them in half and strung in a thread with a needle. However those who have garlic sensitivity should not cut or nick the clove after peeling it. Also I kept the string inside for 24 hours and put a renewed string immediately after removing the used one. The itching stopped almost immediately and after a period of 9 days of continuous use I was free from it. Hope this helps someone. However I would also like to add that I was sure I had yeast infection. This remedy may not work for other infections of the vagina.

Posted by Nome (Baltimore, USA) on 12/03/2008

[YEA]  Garlic cured yeast infection and sinus infection--on different occasions. The yeast infection while pregnant, just inserted it up before bed and taken out in morning. Sinus infection and coughing phlegm many times, chopped up raw and on a PB sandwich, sucked and chewed on slowly during day too.

Posted by MsB (Rosenberg, Texas) on 10/21/2008

[YEA]  I must be honest, I was really scared to try the Garlic Clove, but i figured, what harm can it do. I peeled a piece of fresh garlic, and cut it in half (vertically) and inserted into my "sugarpot". My "sugarpot" began to feel much better! In the morning, I had no symptoms. Im going to do it again to make sure that the yeast is gone. But It really really works, Thanks to all who posted feedback, it has really helped!

Posted by Rose (Coast, Oregon) on 09/05/2008

[YEA]  Wow, garlic worked WONDERS on completely eradicating my yeast infection within just two days. Well, the first day I swallowed a couple cloves of crushed garlic, but I didn't notice any improvement over the day. So that night, I inserted a small clove of garlic and Thank Mother Earth, the next morning the itching had subsided almost completely. The next night, I did the same, only I crushed the garlic a tiny bit to release the oils more. Today, no more symptoms whatsoever! None at all! Yayy. I may do the same again tonight, just to make sure all the yeast is gone. Haa, we should all chip in and advertise garlic clove yeast infection cure, that'd put the tube-o-chemicals company right OUT!(incidentally, I have never used any of those type of creams and only had a yeast infection once before, but it seemed to go away on it's own after about 5 days...still, garlic is a wonder for this.) :P I love this site so much, thank you! Everyone is so helpful, you are all amazing people. Oh...and also, I started drinking a few cups of Kombucha a few days ago, and then this happened. I'm not sure how exactly they would be connected, if anyone knows or has had the same experience with Kombucha, I'd like to hear about it. Thanks for any info. :) Peace

Replied by Kishka
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
I know this is an old post but I had yeast for 3 months and then BV for about 3 weeks. I used probiotics, garlic, yogurt, oregano oil and ACV, which did not work. I added about 8 oz. of kombucha a day and it cleared up within 3 days. I am completely amazed and elated. The connection is that kombucha has copious amounts of good bacteria, B12, and amino acids, etc. The difference could be that it has live, good bacteria compared to probiotics in pill form.

Posted by Justine (Edmonton, Canada) on 06/10/2008

[YEA]  Hello! I'd like to say that after 6+ yeast infections/year, I went off my birth control pill, and it helped a lot (cut my infection rate in half)! Secondly, the acidophilus and garlic suppositories (pessaries for those in the UK) are really, really effective at reducing itching etc. Especially more so that diflucan or OTC treatments. I will try the boric acid with my next infection, but rest assured, some natural help is out there (and on this page!!) Thanks.

Posted by kiki (copenhagen, denmark) on 06/20/2007

Hi I have suffered from yeast and candid infections for many years almost 10 years and I found your website when trying to find a remedy for my itching vulva. After reading all the testimonials I have decided to try the garlic first and see if it works. I see it has worked for many people and I am hoping that I will have tremendous results. Once more I would like to greatly thank all those who have contributed to this website. Its good to learn that I am not alone. I will sure keep you posted on my progress.

Posted by Monica (Winter Park, FL) on 01/25/2007

[YEA]  Clove of garlic works wonders for yeast infections! After inserting 2 small cloves of garlic into the vagina, the itching stopped in about 20 minutes! This was during the day...and no, I do not smell like a pizza. At night, I use the 3 day Monistat. I'm on the second day, and all the symptoms are beginning to subside. I really enjoy your website, and it is very informative. Thanks for the home remedies!!!

Posted by Yasser (St. Louis, MO) on 06/13/2006

[YEA]  I really was waiting to hear about garlic. it's really indefatigable yeast enemy. I'm really improving with it. i did discover I had loads of yeast infections this month, I have about 50 bad symptoms now. its death experience for me. so I'm starting a war of education toward these infections. I'm amazed as i read now how approach to one matter could be different. I'm covering piece of my mouth now on how hard and easy this battle seems to be, I will write more soon about my symptoms that it also had great deal with skin fungus that fed from inside and outside (running on burning sand on summer). and the eastern remedies (by the way I'm from alexandria egypt) I relieved with, I appreciate the writers and the website for the great systems of research.

Posted by Dot (Buffalo, NY) on 05/15/2006

[YEA]  I too have been suffering from yeast infections for almost a year now. The one time pill does not even touch it. After a morning of burning and itching I thought I would give the garlic clove treatment a try. Within about 15 minutes the burning sensation stopped. I will continue using it for a few days. I know what you all are going thru. It effects your whole self-being. No one can relate until they have gone thru it. I will be stopping at the pharmacy today for my 1000 mg garlic tabs. Thanks for the self-help tips. The doctor couldn't even help me.

Posted by Lizzy (Manchester, UK) on 01/24/2006

[YEA]  Hey everyone! Just thought i'd write to tell you my experiences with yeast infections. I have had recurrent infections for over a year, it would start 4 or days after my period and stay until 3 or 4 days before my period . it was living hell and it was effecting me sexual, financial (over the counter treatment is expensive!!) and my over all mood was low. The worst part was my doc kept sayin "these things happen" she just didn't seem to understand how much yeast infection were effecting me. I honestly didn't know what to do, i had tried yogurt but that only seemed to calm the symptoms temporarily, i washed with a few drops of tea tree oil in a pint of water daily but again it just seemed take the initial itch and soreness away then I read somewhere about garlic and it has changed my life! I started takin 1000 mg a day three months ago and haven't had thrush since (touch wood!) Garlic IS a miracle, i swear by it!!

Posted by Clara (Vancouver, Canada) on 01/19/2006

[YEA]  A clove of garlic, peeled and inserted into the vagina, cures yeast infections. Every night, for a few days, insert a garlic clove into your vagina to cure yeast infections.

Posted by Cynthia (Miami, FL)

[YEA]  Well, I am a firm believer in garlic, and did some research on Garlic oil Capsules. Little did I know, Garlic was great for just about anything wrong with you. And for some reason I had a bad yeast infection and decided to try garlic as a cure, instead of an OTC. I inserted 1 capsule @ night, until a day after symptoms were gone. And I have been a happy camper since. (Get the softgel capsules because they dissolve).

Replied by Nicole
Portland, Oregon
If you are hesitant to use a clove of garlic, please do try softgels of garlic extract. I have had success with these, as I did not have garlic cloves at home when I first tried this cure. Although I prefer to use supplements in their most natural form, in this case these were more comfortable (I imagine) and simpler to use. Either way it works!
Replied by Soculture
Lansing, Mi, Usa
[YEA]   I made my own garlic oil by filling a coffee cup half way filled with olive oil. Bought fresh garlic and used one clove and cut up into pieces and put into the olive oil in the cup. I let the garlic soak in the olive oil for several hours. I knew that it had steeped enough when I smelled the oil and it had a garlic smell. I then used this to apply to my outer areas and applied to a tampon and inserted vaginally. This is the only thing I have found so far to find any relief. I have been miserable. Once I did this for a day I found that my symptoms went away. I applied the oil any time I found discomfort on the outer area of my skin and used the tampon soaked in oil in the morning and a night. I found that I only needed to insert the tampon and leave it in an hour or two. This method does not cause discomfort or burning from the oil. It actually soothed the symptoms. I would highly recommend this and will use this again if I ever get a yeast infection again.

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Posted by Tamara (Fort Collins, Colorado) on 05/24/2009

[YEA]  I am quite prone to bacterial infections and when I got the last one in October, I went to my obgyn clinic to get antibiotics, which before becoming a regular on Earth Clinic, had been my go-to for UTIs. But this time they couldn't confirm it, so they gave me a lesser, short course antibiotic that, by the time the tests confirmed that the infection I had would be resistant to it, had already run out. So they gave me a longer, more potent antibiotic (I have no recollection of the name) that, of course, gave me a yeast infection. I had never had a yeast infection before (miraculously) and it was agonizing but I did not want to take diflucan or any other prescribed, traditional medication. Instead, I read up on Earth Clinic and tried a few of the therapies. Unfortunately, it was several months ago that it happened, but I do remember a few things that definitely worked. I took a few baths with about 2 cups of organic ACV in the water and applied organic coconut oil to the external parts that immediately reduced, but did not eliminate, the itching and burning. But I believe the most potent remedy was garlic. I chewed one or two raw cloves of garlic twice a day and at night I placed a raw, peeled garlic clove internally as a suppository. Amazingly, it worked. As a word of caution, I don't recommend leaving it too long (take it out after you wake up), try to find a smooth, rounded clove so that it won't poke or scratch the vagina, and to tie some yarn or string around the clove to pull it out easily (wouldn't want to get it lost inside!). I noticed that the garlic worked fast and I would use it internally whenever it started to itch but the oil from the garlic would burn if I didn't have an infection. I also started taking acidophilus in the yogurt-like form and eating coconut oil, which I think helped as well. I only had the infection for three days and started these remedies on the second day, so it could've been even shorter! I had been skeptical of home remedies until this infection and subsequent "cure" and have since used Earth Clinic for mounds of ailments. In fact, I was quite prone to every cold and flu and got a lot of cold sores (once every one to two weeks) and haven't had anything in over 7 months. I guess it took me awhile to realize what a healthy lifestyle and natural remedies can do for me. Thank you Earth Clinic!

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Posted by Karen (Manila, Philippines) on 09/04/2008

[YEA]  I had UTI last week and been taking antibiotics for 7 days (today is my last day). On the 3rd day of taking antibiotics I feel really itchy. I just ignore it and thought it was normal having UTI. On the 4th day I am experiencing extreme itchiness and swollen vulva that is really painful to urinate.

After reading all the post about yeast infection. At 1030pm I cant find any ACV nearby so I decided to buy hyrogen peroxide, Yogurt, Yakult and Garlic,

I eat 2 yogurt and drink 2 yakult. then inserted garlic clove. i cant stand the 15-20 mins. so just leave it for few mins. 2 minutes total. coz it was really painful. then washed with hyrogen peroxide dilluted in water. I was able to sleep without pain. the itchiness had lessen by 70%. its not swollen anymore. from flaming red color its now back to normal. i will buy organic ACV today and will update my post. Thank you very much for this site. Thank you for saving lives.

Replied by Jingkatphil
Cagayan De Oro City, Philippines
hi karen, has your vaginal yeast infection cured? I too took antibiotics which resulted to this infection.. I hope you'd reply on this.. I'm from the philippines too..

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