Weak Immune System Treatment and Boosters

Last Modified on Sep 25, 2014

Muscadine Grapes   1  0   

Posted by Jessica (New York, NY) on 01/16/2009

[YEA]  A friend of my recommended muscadine grapes because my immune system is weak. I have been taking these supplements I find that I haven't been getting sick as much. muscadine grapes also have a lot of anti-oxidants as well, I noticed it has helped keep my skin a lot clearer and smoother which gives me a more youthful appearance.

Niacin   1  0   

Posted by Rob (Manhattan, NY) on 09/09/2012

[YEA]  Some new studies that show that megadose of Niacin B3 massively increase the immune system's ability to kill different strains of the super bugs, including MRSA. A 1000 times increase, reported.

Stating also that one should megadose only under a Dr. S supervison... (I believe Ted mentioned Niacin for superbugs?)


Overuse of Antibacterial Products   0  0   

Posted by Kt (the USA) on 05/14/2013

Something to think about...I have wondered how many are using anti-bacterial soaps or hand sanitizers. Good and bad bacteria are everywhere but if you use these you are not only killing the bad bacteria but the good bacteria that fights it. It seems like the more germ-free and sanitized people are trying to be, ailments and diseases are escalating.

Pineapple, Apple, Grapes   1  0   

Posted by TAN KOON PENG (SINGAPORE, SINGAPORE) on 06/20/2008

[YEA]  Pineapple, apple plus grape (including the seeds) are a yummy juice to boost your immune system. You need a percentage of pineapple and apple 25% each and grape 50%.All the fruit must be fresh for best result.

Robert Henry's Remedies   0  0   

Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile , Tn) on 02/02/2014

HI U GOOD PEOPLE DOIN, My friend told the medical folks at Erlanger Hospital in Chattanooga that he is not leaving until they find out what was wrong with him. Sounds good, but that will never happen when your problem is one that they do not recognize. Parasites is a zero for our traditional medical folks. They don't know how to treat it and don't know whether to sheet or go blind.

I have given up on my friend as he will only listen to Allopathic doctors. What all you trashy folks need to understand on EC is that you are smarter n normal folks. You will listen. That is a backhanded compliment if you have never encounter one of those.

=======OLE ROBERT HENRY===============

Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile , Tn) on 01/29/2014

HI U GOOD PEOPLE , , , , , , , , , , , , , This is a perplexing story, but one that may help some folks. I have a friend who is a hulk of a man at 62 who does hard physical labor and works out at a gym almost daily. I year ago his health started failing and he gave up his bush hogging and ended up desperate. He has gone to 13 doctors and finally found a doctor in Chattanooga who said his problem was H Pylori and Systemic Candida. This doctor also told him that he sees about 3 people a year who have this condition but none a bad and his.

Last week we visited and I reviewed his $10,000 lab work. AYSM? Yep, he is consumed with H Pylori and Candida and his immune system is flat lined, zero. The doctor had him on an Anti-boitic but no Probiotic. AYSM?

I loaned him my parasite Zapper and gave him a 20 Billion Proboitic along with ACV and a Pysillium fiber shake to take daily to remove any die off. Left him with GSE, Borax, organic coffee for enema's and things for mineral baths. Told him to do only one natural anti-fungal at a time. Also explained to him that he had to go slow and only kill off pathogens as he could remove them with the fiber shake. He agreed that the he needs to cease the Anti-biotic, which had killed his good gut flora and his immune system.

It appears he is far worse off than I thought. 4 days later he came down with Herxhimer's reaction and is now sick as a dog. I talked to him today and told him to shut down all my stuff except the probiotics. Now I am convinced that I cannot help him in his state and he must see my integrative doctor if he is to survive.

What I have learned in this health ministry is that you can take a mule to water, but you can't make him drink. That's his decision. Regular folks also don't do reading too good. You best present your case with a video off the internet. That is what I have done. I sent my friend video's I.V. 's concerning Hydrogen Peroxide, Vitamin C and Ultra Violet Blood Irridation. My Doctor does all of these and my friend now must make a decision. I have now involved his sister.

My friend's Doctor did tell him that if he did not get his problem under control then his life would be cut in half. This doctor passed charm school and as most of you know I flunked all that my bosses sent me to. My friend knows I'm not PC so I told him that he did not get his problem under control, then he will soon die. After a year of hell, he agreed.

We got one other Expert involved with this problem. We are all praying.

==========OLE ROBERT HENRY===========

Replied by Robert Henry
Ten Mile , Tn
HI YA'LL, , , , , , , , , , Sad to report that my friend is now in the emergency room of a Chattanooga Hospital. Not going to drag this out, but want to make a point. When I read Hulda Clark's book some 10 years ago in which she stated that the root cause of all disease is parasites. She also said that if you have an indoor pet then you have the same parasites that the pet has.

My wife had indoor cats for 44 years of our marriage. What Dr Clark said made sense to me so when her cat died two years later, she said she wanted another cat. My reply was certainly, but for the last 46 years we have had indoor cats, and for the next 46 years we will have out door cats. That was 8 years ago and now she would have it no other way. They get fed twice a day with a measured meal. They love her far more that the indoor cats who had food on a constant basis. I hope we don't have their parasites, but we do have Candida as everyone has.

The two hot topics that is now on EC is Candida overload and Alzheimer's. They should be. What we have learned in our exchanges is that you can treat both for pennies. You just have to get the smarts and we are all helping one another in this endeavor. For my money, I think Candida is the biggie, you keep that in balance and you will have good health. We have all learned that there is no silver bullet. It's a disciplined thing. Candida is a parasite. I also think that Hulda Clark was a great woman and was far ahead of her time.

I request a prayer for my friend, Max. ==OLE ROBERT HENRY===

Replied by Theresa
Mpls., Mn
Hey Ole Robert Henry!

I am sorry to hear about Max taking a turn for the worse.

I will include him in my prayers.


Replied by Prioris
Fl, Usa
The recipe for good health is pretty straight forward

1) Avoiding vaccines - this is the biggest since undoing this damage is nearly impossible.

2) Minimize processed foods

3) Clean up your water supple e.g. fluoride filters. Take borax on occasion to help remove fluoride from body.

4) Genetic warfare. Minimize GMO foods - not easy

5) Realize that many food nutrients that were plentiful in the food supply have been removed or greatly lessened. One may need to supplement.

6) Watch out for anything containing mercury and other toxins. dental mercury is the biggest conduit.

7) Just like changing the oil in a car, doing the various cleanses every 10 or 20 years would be a good idea to rejuvenate body.

8) Be aware of the local environment hazards. For instance, if one lives in an environment like a farm where parasites are more prevalent then doing a parasite cleanse with turpentine every year would be a good idea.

9) Be aware of future weapons like nanotechnology and how they will be used against you

Serbian Recipe for Low Immunity   3  0   

Posted by mikenan (liverpool, merseyside) on 07/03/2009

[YEA]  i write in praise of your excellent site. i can confirm that the "Serbian Grandmothers Recipe" for boosting the immune system does work. i am now 71 years and am often taken as being 50-55. to add to this recipe i also take Black Strap Molasses 3 times daily. i see my doctor once yearly for blood test and flu jab. i feel good. i act and think young. i never celebrate my birthday.i cannot see any sense in counting the years. especially when you are "Young At Heart" i recommend your site to everyone i meet. i need to spread the word. to give people hope, by learning from WISE folk.

i leave you with much respect and sincere best wishes, that you continue to enhance peoples lives.it is EarthClinic who is sewing the good seeds.it is your many fans who continue to gain good harvest.i do go on but you inspire me to do so.you are simply wonderful and i thank you.......michael in liverpool uk

EC: Thank you for your kind words of support!

Posted by Dragica (Edmonton, Canada) on 09/18/2007

[YEA]  One of the best remedies for colds, and to boost your immune system is apple cider vinegar, chopped garlic, honey, and warm water. Mix all the these ingredients together and drink it. Instantly you will feel better. This recipe is from my Serbian grandmother. I have been drinking since I can remember, and I have never taken any medication for colds.

Replied by Antonia
Cleveland, OHIO
Hi there~ I would really like to try your remedy, but how much of your ingredients do I have to combine in order to get the desired effect? My immnun system has been really weak for the past few months and I can't handle being sick (colds and flu) every month any longer! Thank you for your time, Antonia
Replied by Laurie
Sudbury, Ontario
Yes I really do want to know the same, only very few people actually put down the ingredients of how much, what, where, when and who if you know what I mean. How are we all going to help each other out if we dont know how to use it. I would also like to know how much of each thanks
Replied by Tricia
In most of the recipes on these pages you would have to guess the the measurements as people never remember to write this down or may have put it on a previous post and think we will remember. I'm guilty of doing this too. Curative recipes tend to be 1 or 2 tablespoons of acv. Maintenace recipes seem to be 1 teaspoon to 1 tablespoon depending on the ailment. Garlic will be as much as you can stomach without gagging. Remember that most of these recipes are non toxic so it would be hard to overdose. Again honey tends to be 1 to two teaspoons or to suit your taste and almost all the drinks remedies call for 8 oz water.At a guess this recipe calls for 1 or two tablespoons of acv, 1 clove of garlic, 1 teaspoon honey and 8 oz warm water. The clove of garlic would depend on size and strenght of odour and taste. More or less to suit. The honey could be increased for sweetness if you wanted to give it to a child.

This next bit answers another post from you too where you ask about giving these remedies to a child. My daughter is 4 and less than 3 stone in weight. I base this on Teds advice to use body weight as the divider. When giving her anything that I am taking myself I divide it by 1/3. In a drink recipe as above I would make as for an adult (water included) then tip 1/3 into a glass and fill again with more water. And give her as much as she will take. For vitamins, I try to buy in capsule form - open the capsule and tip up to 1/3 into her breakfast food or drink. this goes unnoticed by her. If it is a cooked breakfast I wait till it has cooled so as not to damage the actual vitamin through heat.I have put it on sandwiches when I forget to do it in the morning making sure it is well spread out. So as not to wastes the balance of the vitamin put the rest of the capsule/s on a spoon then lower into a heavy cup that won't be knocked over. Leave the capsule on the spoon in the cup for easy retrieval next day. And out of the way from little fingers. I'll post this to the other thread as welll to make sure you see it.

Replied by Moiz
Mombasa, Kenya
[YEA]   For sore throats, colestrol control, blood pressure control, etc STRENGHTHEN WEAK IMMUNE SYSTEMS

AppleCidar Venegar( Oragnic ) not processed - 1 cup
Honey - 3 cups
20 Eyes of Fresh Garlic ,
Cinnamon i table spoon freshly grounded

Mix all in a blender .
Keep refrigerated and take 1 to 2 teaspoons as required . Children half teaspoon . If taste is a issue, use lukewarm water half glass .

See the miraculous results within weeks

This is known as a Elixir of Life and recent scintific discoveries ( research ) confirms this, when it has been used in Eastern cultures for years

Greetings from Mombasa and Good Health to all, Ameen

Replied by Greta
San Diego, Ca
Hello, Johnny from Pune, India: Just wanted to let you know that you probably have MRSA it is boils from weak imune system and excesive use of antibiotics. Do some research, but what I did requested samples from my boils and Important asking for resistancy , so they did it and foundout that I could only take one antibiotic ( FUCIDIN), and all others that they would give me, be resistant. Problem is that I had to get it from Canada, because it is no longer selling in Europe, but that was like 5 years ago, so maybe it's changed. Do not forget Probiotics for long time. Check with your doctor


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