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L-Glutathione, MSM  

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Posted by Rhonda (Boston, Ma) on 09/09/2011
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I know this sounds strange, but L-Glutathione & MSM help the texture/look/feel of my hair almost overnight. I have very thin hair, and when I take these supplements my hair doesn't have that "thin" appearance anymore. For the first time in my life I am getting complimented on my hair - I can't believe it!

L-Lysine, Biotin, and Blackstrap Molasses  

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Posted by Terri (Nanaimo, BC Canada) on 01/14/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I am just starting to try the ACV this week so will let all know how it works for me. I am writing to let everyone know what has finally worked for me after dealing with thinning hair for 20 years now. My hair has always been very fine, but starting thinning in my mid 20's.

My thinning hair has been a source of embarrassment and concern to me for many, many years. Although I eat very healthy, use all natural hair products for the most part and take supplements, nothing has helped.

I tried Nioxin which made my hair nice and shiny and healthy but did not stop the hair loss or thinning. My hair loss was so bad that it plugged the bathroom drain and I had to put a snake down the drain to clear it. When I pulled up the snake there were handfulls of hair that had been lost over time. I was really upset at that point and decided to go to the doctor and have complete blood work done thinking that I must be very low in iron. My tests all came back normal although my iron was in the low normal range. I did some reading on this site (stumbled across it) and read a testimonial from one member who said that she had started taking Lysine, biotin and iron pills for her hair loss and she had great results. I bought the biotin 5000mcg, lysine 500mg, but decided to take 1 tablespoon of blackstrap molasses instead of the iron pills (they upset my bowels).

After only 1 month I can see any incredible difference already!!!! My hair is thicker, healthier, and is filling in nicely. More importantly it does not seem to be falling out at the same rate it used to. I had almost gotten to the point that I had given up on trying to find a "natural" cure to my hair loss and was ready to consider a hairpiece or transplant when it thinned a little more.

I had been struggling with thinning hair and the lack of self confidence that goes with it (you can spend a lot of time trying to cover all the thin spots) for years. Please give this an honest try even if you are fed up with all the things that never worked. It is worth one last try and the supplements are reasonably priced and won't do your body any harm. Good Luck to all!

Replied by Al
Deerfield , Fl

hey terri, did it really work? im so desperate. ive been havin the same issue sort of. ive been losing hair for about 5 years, in the frontal part of my head. its been a slow process though. right now im taking biotin, panthothenic acid, and vitamin C. im going to see how that works. so you took it for a month right? im only 26. i just hope something works out for me. any suggestions?

Replied by Joyce
Virginia, MN
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I too have been loosing my hair. I'm 58 years old, have COPD and celiac disease. I have for the most part quit eating gluten foods, but evey now and again I binge on them. I just did this. When I did, I noticed my hair falling out much heavier than normal. I stoped and the abnormal hair loss stoped. I take two tablespoons of blackstrap molasses every morning with hot water. I've also started with a teaspoon of honey mixed with ACV as well, morning and night, and notice right away that the hair loss stops. I have low energy so I began yesterday by adding cinnamon to the ACV/honey mixture. I'll see how that works for the low energy. Also, with the BSM, I've noticed a change in color in my hair. Where it was once almost all gray, it is turning back to the original dark/almost black, that it was. It's a miracle! Especially in my condition. Check for severe allergies; they might be the culprit to the hair loss and you can eliminate them then. Also, if you've gone through trauma of any kind and/or are high strung, try the honey, experiment with dosage, as it is a relaxer. It will help you sleep, too. Look for honey that is local to your area as it can also help with outdoor types of allergies.

Replied by Vm
Dayton, Ohio
5 out of 5 stars

I have had great success with black strap molasses and later biotin in regenerating my thinning hair. I am a 58 yo female and noticed my hair thinning on top of my head. I started taking 1 to 3 Tbl molasses and my hair started filling in and getting thicker. Later I started taking biotin from 1000 mcg to 3000 mcg a day and it also helped my hair get thicker. Both the biotin and molasses separately help my hair grow. I took molasses for about 6 months and quit taking it and then started in on the biotin for around 3 months and have hair that is about 2 1/2 inches long. I part my hair in the middle and there is new growth about 2 1/2 inches long all over my head but most noticable where I part my hair as the new growth is all the same length and the rest of my hair is shoulder length. My hair also does not fall out like it used to. Both products worked.

Replied by Kamy
New Delhi, India

I am a 58 year old woman losing hair from the last 15 years slowly. I have lost almost 60% of my hair. I am taking medication for Hypothyroidism and BP. Maybe it is the side effect of medicine which is causing hairloss. Please can someone suggest alternate medicine for my problem. I am very worried.

Replied by Connie
Slc, Ut

Hi Kamy; B12 stopped my unnatural hair loss. As I recall, it took about a month or so. I was also taking a low dose of B-complex. 1000 mcg of a sublingual lozenge of B12 is a good average amount to try. Many people find that after 6 mnths. Of this, they are able to reduce their thyroid meds. When the proper amount of B's are supplied, they can help balance electrolytes, which in turn may help with blood pressure. It may also help lower BP to increase potassium in diet. This should be done very carefully if the BP med. is a potassium sparing type, though.

Replied by Louwrence
Rustenburg, North West South Africa
5 out of 5 stars

Hi, Try Lugols iodine it helped me with hair loss, also have thyriod problem. Good luck.

Replied by Rose
Dallas, Texas
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Hi, I too am doing these remedies but haven't seen any changes. Can you tell me what brand of the apple cider vinegar and blackstrap molasses you use please? Thank you


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Posted by Assaf (Tel-aviv) on 06/24/2012
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Hello, I am taking magnesium for hair loss, that is magnesium citrate tablets, two a day, about 100% the RDI, for now a month, and have a lot of growth on my scalp, and in the beard actually too, which appear to come in fuller.

Magnesium seems to calm the scalp, or something similar, I think. I am taking iodine and phosphorous as well, as these minerals are lacking in my nutrition.

Replied by Roses
In So. Cal., Cal.

How do you know you need to take these minerals?

Maple Syrup and Herb Tea  

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Posted by Joseph (toronto, canada) on 06/20/2007
5 out of 5 stars

Dear Ted, i just wanted to say you are a genius, keep up the good work, people over profit. i worked with a master healer in vancouver BC and many of your remedies are the same as hers. She taught me how much dogma and false truths exist even in the alternative community. i have had some hair thinning over the years but have been able to maintain it to a slow loss and stabilization with adequate protein and minerals. My favorite mineral supplement is pure maple syrup syspended in liquid such as herb tea. Here is a blend:

1 bag green tea with mint and
1 bag stigging nettle sweetened with maple syrup.
all water should be filtered with a brita filter.


Medications Causing Hair Loss  

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Posted by Maryann (Newfane, Ny, Usa) on 09/23/2010
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Female Hair Loss - after fertility drugs

Hello & thanks for reading this!!! In November 2009 I lost almost all of my hair, after 37 years of LONG THICK hair. I took Clomid for one month and lost a 1" by 1" square of hair. The doc told me no hair loss related... And switched me to Femara... The rest fell out fairly quickly... Over the next couple months. I only took them for a total of 4 months. Later a dermatologist told me the Clomid has a 1% chance of hair loss... And the Femara has a 5% chance of hair loss. It has been almost one year since I have taken ANY of those drugs... My hair is just about gone. I have done 4 months of steriod shots in my head... I did get some growth last month... But then the new stuff recently started falling out. I had 12 viles of blood drawn... Slightly low in B, lower in D (prominant in my area)... All else was fine... Even thyroid. I think the drugs triggered some type of auto-immune in my body... And if someone could just figure out what the trigger was... Maybe it could be fixed????

I have been reading some of the remedies here... Apple cider vinger and so on. I am going to try some of them. But, I'd love to know what has had the most success......... I'm so frustrated... Some of them are such odd mixes of this and that.... I just don't know where to start. PLEASE help if you can... Thanks so much!!!

Replied by Lisa
Lafayette, La

Maryann, let me first say that I am SO sorry for your troubles. I just sent up a very strong prayer of faith that you will have your hair back! That being said, I just read that MSM helps overcome autoimmune diseases. I just started my husband and myself on it today. Also, check into Hyaluronic Acid, supposed to bring youth and hair back. (look under Alfred's posts here on earthclinic! ) My suggestions to myself in this situation would be approx. 4 grams MSM to start with, and 150-200 mg. of Hyaluronic acid. Split doses morning and nite. (MSM, split morning and mid-day, no good for night time, keeps you awake! ) My sister, 36 yrs old, took Clomid for a good while, not anymore, but now is in a hair crisis herself. She too has beautiful long hair, and it is falling! She just started on HA today, and I will give her some MSM to get started on that as well. Get a GOOD brand, no dollar store or box store stuff. God bless. Lisa

Replied by Lattebreak
Quad Cities, Il

Maryann, I would definitely try iodine therapy. The fact that you have fertility troubles already points to possible, even probable iodine deficiency. I have been able to get decolorized iodine at a local pharmacy (not sure if I'm allowed to say it's CVS?). I have struggled with thinning hair as a result of thyroid and other hormone problems. I have taken iodine orally for over a year which has helped with fertility and greatly improved my thyroid function, but my hair was still falling out by the handful in the shower. I started putting the iodine on my scalp with a q-tip every other night or so and within about three applications I only lost about 1/3 the amount I previously lost in the shower. It takes weeks, even months to see new growth so of course I'm still waiting for that. However, it's so nice to keep what I've already got at least! Blessings!

Replied by Sue
Jamestown, Ny, Usa

Hi, I was wondering with the iodine therapy if you apply it to your scalp and leave it, or do you leave on for a while then wash off. If someone could post a answer I would appreciate it. Also, does anyone know if HRT causes hairloss or help with hairloss? I have seen conflicting information and do not know what to do. I am a 50 year old women with general thinning. If someone knows I would appreciate their input. Thanks Sue

Replied by Lou
Tyler, Tx

Has anyone tried using onion juice or garlic in olive oil for hair loss? I've been reading about it online. Also, sometimes I just cover my whole scalp with coconut oil and let it stay in a while then rinse out. It makes your hair oily, but it helps the texture. I used to get mine deep conditioned at a salon. That may help also.

Medications for Hair Loss  

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Posted by Amanda G (Oklahoma) on 07/06/2010
3 out of 5 stars

Better But With Side Effects

About 2 years ago I got a nickel sized bald spot that grew in 6 months to about 3 inches from one side to the other. My Dr put me on alprazolam 2 mg 3 times a day and it grew back within a few months. He said it was stress. Now I suddenly found another bald spot a little further back than the first one and it is already quarter size. I don't want to be put back on that drug because it made me feel different like drugged. This bald spot makes me break down and cry every time I see or think about it. I am so stressed about it and don't know what to do.

Replied by Ebony
North Hollywood, California

Hello all, It saddens me to read about the problems some of you are having with hair loss. I too have suffered with hair loss (not really sure of the reasons). 12 years ago my hair was barely ear length due to massive breakage, neglect etc. Due to a job layoff and depression, I ceased to comb my hair and kept it under a scarf. 5 months later, to my suprise my hair was healthy and at least 3 inches longer.

Since then, I've kept my hair "UP" in protective styles with very low malipulation.

My diet was balance.

Through research, I've leaned how to take care of my hair. There are sooooo many things one can do to ensure long, healthy, strong, thick hair. My hair is now 28 inches (mid back length) and ultra thick. (I'm 56 years old). The methods below worked for me:

1. Massage scalp with pure aloe vera gel.

2. Co-wash often (clean scalp and hair with conditioner only.)

3. Massage scalp with one or all of the following:

-extra virgin coconut oil

-extra virgin olive oil

-Emu oil

-Argan oil

-Tea tree oil

-Castor oil

-Onion juice topical

-Garlic juice topical

-Jamician Black Castor oil

-Seal ends with shea butter

-Vegetable Glyercine

-Black tea hair rinses

-Weekly hot oil treatments

-Jojoba oil...... And so on. These methonds worked for me to achieve and maintain healthy, strong hair.

They worked for me but may not be for everyone. Do your research and as always.... Consult your M. D. Before beginning any new regimen. Good luck.

Mold Caused  

Posted by Zack (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia) on 11/22/2011

Hi Ted, I have hair loss caused by mold, I am waiting on my borax to arrive via mail, I am also experiencing eye floaters in my vision, as well as a few times a day my vision dims slightly, it feels as though I half blink my eyelids but I know I haven't blinked.. Just wondering if this is common? And if supplementing with borax will fix this problem?.. I am also in the process of being desensitized to mold... Via drops under the tounge starting in a week or so. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks

Replied by Judy
High Point, Nc/usa

Please see an eye doctor immediately, the dimming like a curtain falling is a symptom of detached retina, it can result in blindness, but if caught in time and repaired can save your sight.

Multiple Remedies  

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Posted by Mary (Corpus Christi, Tx) on 01/10/2013
1 out of 5 stars

I have been having hair loss for two years. It started when I moved to this coastal area. I also have a burning sensation on left posterior side of head that corresponds to a burning and gasy stomach. I have been to doctors and given antibiotics-yuck-which I took with regret but just hoping it would help. Right now I have itching in the scalp and occassional large dime size breakouts or sores in scalp. But I have the burning in scalp still. Do not smoke and little alcohol and I did give up coffee for 6 months with no improvement. Take vitamins and have tried just about all the suggestions- did for 6 or more months ACV, washed hair with distilled water and use borax for shampoo, take vitamins, had iron and thyroid and test for immune problems-all good. Any help out there? Thanks and God bless-yes and I pray!

Replied by Om
Hope, Canada, Bc

Hi, I know where you are coming from. I had the same symptoms. I remembered then that hot water is for cleaning but COLD water is for toning and healing for such things. Slowly turn the shower head to cold as you wet your hair (make sure you are not feeling chilled at the beginning) try cold water for about one to two minutes, then towel dry. Remain in temperate surroundings and repeat the towel drying process until you know you could not catch cold.

Repeat this procedure and you will feel the wonderful effects of natural treatment and increased blood circulation and a feeling of well being.

In addition I use urea with great benefit. This is, however not for those that do not know anything about it. I also use coconut oil, undiluted ACV, and colloidal silver in case there might be a parasite infestation. In addition I chew soaked fenugreek seeds, a good teasp. Daily for diabetes but it makes also the hair grow. This may take some months as the action is at first in the hair follicles. Good luck and patience. The itching and burning disappeared quickly at the outset. Om

Replied by Mary
Corpus Christi, Tx

How did you use the ACV, colloidal silver and other stuff. Ingested or put on scalp and how much and how often? How did you use the urine therapy?

Posted by Aurora (Palo Alto, Ca) on 11/29/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Hi, I just thought I'd share my success with growing out my hair (even if not intentional). It used to be thin and stay shoulder length, it would break off, very fine and dry. This was when I was in my twenties and part thirties. Now, five years later, my hair is shiny, wavy and fairly thick, I cut it about a foot (12inches) every 9 months or so, it reaches my waist right now.

This is what worked:

1. stopped using commercial shampoo.

2. only wash with a natural shampoo with low alcohol content once a week (I started doing this after a trip to Italy, when I got some advise from a lady with enviable curly hair to her hips. She says shampoo is the worst enemy of hair; it strips it of nutrients, opens the fibers and makes it vulnerable to break off).

3. wash everyday (if needed) with a natural, low alcohol content conditioner, or even better; an olive oil based cleaner like available in Italy (not available were I live, so I realized I could use a lightweight conditioner). The reason the conditioner cleanses is that if you think about it; oils cut (mix with) oils. What we want to cleanse is the amount of oils in our hair, right? We don't want to strip out all the good oils from the hair, that makes it break... (commersial or harsh shampoos)

4.Rinse with COLD water when finished, to close the fibers in the hair.

5. Supplements; I started taking selenium, blue-green algae and alpha-lipoic-acid together (to control blood-sugar spikes). It seems the side effect of perhaps Selenium is to support hair-growth. I also took multi mineral or coral calcium and Sublingual Vit-B multi-vitamin in the evening from time to time.

6. Stopped blow-drying. Let air-dry, massage scalp with towel while drying (for blood-sirculation) and only brush hair AFTER its dry. With a natural brush, llike boar, or wood-comb (not plastic or metal - again these will tear and break the hair if it is fine like mine).

This is what I was doing, and it's so nice to have my hair back almost like from my childhood, too bad I didn't know to do this in my twenties! ;-) Good Luck!

Replied by Far
Ny, On-canada

What is natural shampoo?

Posted by Gloria (Gaithersburg, Md) on 10/24/2012

I suffered sudden hair loss about two years ago; hair was falling out of my head, it didn't seem to be held in there tightly. It would come out in the shower and also during the day. I didn't know the reason, but I figured it was stress, since I'd experienced a very stressful emotional crisis (involving harm to a loved one and worries about her) about 6 months previously, and I had heard that it can take 6 months for hair loss to occur following stress, OR the reverse; that it could take 6 months following "healing" to see results and hair restoration.

Unfortunately in my case, one crisis led to another, and I went through a period of about 15 months of a rollercoaster of stress. I had had stresses before in my life, but never had I lost hair over them.

I also want to add that I am currently 50 years old, female, caucasion, have not yet gone through menopause, have always had a very thick head of healthy, coarse/wavy hair. During this episode, I lost about 1/3 of my former volume. I have been alarmed to see a lot more of my scalp along my "part. " I think it is unattractive. It has made me sad.

But my dad is bald, and I'd always "heard" that as women age, we might inherit some of the hair loss from our father's side (who knows). I hoped not! But I thought my hair loss, so sudden, might be from stress, rather than genetics. It occurred mainly on the top/front of my head (which is where my dad's is).

I am writing to let all of you know that I have tried many things and made many changes in order to hope to help my hair loss. I do think that some of them have worked, but I don't know which ones. The hair "falling" slowed down and then stopped. I am not sure, though, if I am experiencing significant regrowth or restoration, though I think so.

Here are the things I have done: I went "no-poo" -- in other words, I stopped using ALL commercial shampoos, even organic ones. I went through an adjustment period, but now my hair is much healthier. I clean it with rinsing with water most days, and baking soda or borax and ACV about once a week. My hair is long. I do not brush my hair except in the evening before bed. I don't use a hair dryer on it. I let it dry in the air. I detangle it and separate the waves with my fingers. I do not use any commercial products, conditioners, gels, etc. on my hair. For gel, I use aloe. For conditioner, I use coconut oil (a little goes a long way). For scent, I use a few drops of essential oil in a water rinse. My hair is soft and looks healthy.

I also worked hard to clean up my diet. I eat more vegetables and fruits and stay away from processed foods. I cook most of my meals from scratch (at home). I use organic foods as much as possible.

I started sunbathing (I am fair, so I do this only for about 10-20 minutes at a time).

I also supplement with biotin, vitamin D, B-complex, vitamin E. About 4 days a week.

I have worked on de-stressing using Bach Flower remedies and other energy therapies including massage and self reflexology.

I have worked very hard to help stop hair loss and hopefully restore my hair... So far, I think something is working. I am happy with my hair, though it is not (yet?) as thick as it used to be. It no longer falls out, and it feels "tight" in my scalp. It doesn't break off, either. I hope some of this can give some of you who are suffering with this problem, some helpful ideas to try.

Replied by Lisa
Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa

Hi Gloria, I also went through radical hair loss but mine was from hair dye. I would always have the worst reaction but I was too proud to let myself go gray. The reaction was so bad my husband would get upset that I would continue this procedure. Well, I went to Aveda because that was supposed to be "natural" and it worked for a time but then, I began reacting again. So, I changed to "natural" hair dyes from the health food store. Again, they worked for awhile and then I began to react once more! It was bad but the last straw for me was I began to lose hair in clumps. That's when I thought, perhaps gray would be better than bald... I stopped using shampoos with anything other than the mildest herbs and cleaners in them. I massaged my scalp, I used borax when washing my hair. Then I learned about hair oiling here on EC and began that practice about a year and a half ago. I take Chinese herbs and do fresh green juices every morning and follow much of Weston Price's ideas on diet.

I am now quite salt and pepper but my hair is nice and thick and healthy once more. I won't lie though, it took a long time though to restore it! As a matter of fact, just about a month ago I was going to a wedding and my oldest daughter said she wanted to blow dry my hair for it. She couldn't believe how thick it was and healthy and just kept commenting about it! It's probably been a couple of years since she last did that for me and she said it never felt like that before. So friends, take heart, our hair can be restored but you must be steadfast at working at that and be patient! Lisa

Posted by Alfred (San Diego, California 92115, U.s.a.) on 04/15/2010

Mom your taking the kitchen sink to grow hair. Please try Hyaluronic Acid at least 100 mg per day.. i am taking HA to reverse my ageing.. The first thing i notice my hair started to grow..On my bald spot as well as on my arms and legs. Please read up on HA.. When you buy HA please make sure.. for example if you take 3 pills per day.. make sure the 3 pill equal 100mg. I am old 83.. your young so your hair should grow faster.

Be will have beautiful hair again soon.
Much caring

Posted by Mom52 (Metairie, Louisiana, Usa) on 04/14/2010
1 out of 5 stars

I am 58 year old black female at age 35 i found out i was pregnant 5 years later i started menopause.i stopped hormonal treatments can not afford the medicine.Could this be the reason my hair is balding in the crown of my head.I went to a dermatologist and she asked if my mother suffered from this and the answer is yes,but i started losing my hair when my daughter was about 6 months old.

Can i regrow my hair? I have been using every kind of oil you can think of. I also use once every 2 weeks a mix i put together i did not measure cayenne pepper ,ginger, 10 alfalfa supplements, 10 spirulina supplements, 10 fenugreek supplement , aloe vera jell, extra virgin olive oil, avocado oil, almond oil, put on a plastic cap, let sit for 30 minutes rinse out shampoo and condition also started using clarify shampoo once a month never did this before also went to whole food and bought pure-castile soap.

Also take B-100 complex, C 500mg chewable, horsetail 500mg, B-12 500 mg, biotin 5000 mcg, E 200 I.U., Dong Quai 400 mg each capsule,i have used GNC hair,skin and nails formula, I've tried prenatal vitamins and i want to try cod liver oil i remember my grandmother use to give us castor oil and cod liver oil not together at different times. the crown is the only place i have balding,i have not perm my hair over a year,it's like i have a balding spot in the middle of my head and a natural in the back i can't wear a pony tail with a bald spot in the middle of my head i don't like wigs and i thought about having a stylist do a french twist with weave hair for church on the weekend but that is too costly because i have to do the treatments to my hair with the oils at night

what to do what to do help please

Replied by Msg
Somewhere, Europe

It seems that castor oil grows hair. Google it.

Replied by Bulbultuk
Bangalore, India

Try a mix of organic olive oil and cayenne pepper. Add 50 grams of cayenne pepper to 500ml olive oil and store in a tight bottle for 15 days. Let the transfusion season by shaking the bottle every day 2 minutes. The oil will become red and ready for use. Apply thrice a week on scalp before going to bed. Wear a shower cap to keep scalp warm and aid circulation. Wash with shampoo next morning. It may sting if the water flows to the eye, though its harmless. Done regularly will see positive results in a month or so. Eat a hair friendly diet containing omega3 fatty acids. To remove harmful toxins from the system consume half inch piece of raw ginger with each meal. Add lots of fruits and veggies to your diet. Best of luck.bbtk.

Replied by Kamy
New Delhi, India

Hello, I am Kamy from New Delhi. Please let me know whether we get cayenne pepper in the form or capsules anywhere in India.

Posted by Joe Merritt (Toronto, Canada) on 07/13/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I just wanted to thank Ted for his brilliant work and I will help add some feedback if I can. I am 30 years of age and have had some hair thinning for about 5 years, but I truly believe with Ted's remedies and my nutrition formula i am on the way to growing a thicker, fuller main of hair. I have also delayed the loss with some of my nutrion techniques but needed to clear my pores to kick up the growth to a new level.

here is my formula: firstly i tried all of Ted's hair bath's, cider vinegar, tea tree oil etc. I found the one that truly removed the dissolved minerals(feels sticky and block's pore's on hair follicles) on my scalp was 1 teaspoon of borax in a 1% hydrogen peroxide solution. So add 1 big teaspoon of borax to a big salad bowl. then add 1 cup of 3% hydrogen peroxide(this is the only concentration i can get here in canada) and then add 2 cups of normal water to dilute the solution down to 1%-like Ted says. mix the contents and soak your scalp in it while pouring a cup of it over you head and making sure in flows back into the salad bowl. do this for three minutes. and make sure to not get this mixture in your eyes, as it will sting.

Now put a teaspoon of baking soda in a cup of water and mix and pour over hair to rinse the borax/peroxide solution. Then i like to wash hair with Dr. Bronner magic soap with tea tree oil or any other good quality health food store shampoo with tea tree oil.

O.K now we have cleared the pores, time to build the bodies supply of protein and minerals.

Firstly hair is mostly protein(then minerals) by dry weight, so eat adequate protein. Free range eggs, free range lean meats and poultry, only wild seafood(i.e. not farmed such as tilipai, basa, atlantic salmon etc.) it is full of pesticides which i am sure erode health. Actually do not eat to much sea life in general, it has good nutrition but lots of toxins. many people are allergic to dairy so organic is better for most and consider goat and sheep milk products too. also a pure whey protein isolate can build hair too.

Now onto minerals. The first source of minerals is sea salt, any good sea salt contains most trace minerals that build hair-put it on food and in soups. also my favorite product in the world is Bioforce(A. Vogel) Herbamare. it is a blend of sea salt and herbs and kelp and contains all minerals needed by the human body. Season all foods with it and especially soups and rice dishes and stocks and liquids so it dissolves and releases the nutrition.

Now also maple syrup in teas. Maple trees roots dig deep into the ground and pull up minerals in the sap of the trees and are reduced to make the syrup. They are powerful mineral concentrates. use in teas such as stinging nettle combined with rosemary and mint. etc. put in all teas and even coffee. Now here is a big one. Most alternative physicians will talk of an algae product called spirulina (and others like chlorella) and will recommend high doses of it. THEY ARE WRONG. Because it is a superfood and one of the most concentrated sources of nutrition on the planet it will mess up your hormones at medium to high doses. TAKE ONE OR TWO PILLS EVERY ONE OR TWO DAYS - NOT MORE. You are using it as a homeopathic mineralizer, not a food.

lots of stews, stocks, teas, and water based liquids with herbs, veggies, sea salt, herbamare, to build up minerals.

Drink tap water filtered with brita and changed every two weeks to a month, unless you are in a farming area and your tap is full of nitrates, then find another source.

Do not drink distilled water as it has no minerals.

i also like Ted's vitamin C water with 1/8teaspoon of baking soda to balance PH.

also waking in nature, such as a side street or park or forest to oxygenate the body and scalp. One of the causes of hair loss is a lack of oxygen i.e. when people were baseball caps. i had the thickest hair on the planet and i thinned it by wearing a ball cap when i was in my teens -stupid me.

Also stretching and yoga will oxygenate the body.

So i believe the causes of hair loss are:

fungus/minerals in hair follicles/hats or low oxygen
lack of quality protein
lack of minerals
low scalp oxygen
unbalanced hormones.

low fatty acids (eat cold water fish oils, flax oil, olive oil, cold filtered raw oils , not cheap processed oils.)

Now this is just a start and there much more i could write but the most important point to consider is all body types are unique so take this info with a grain of salt and experiment with what works for you.

good luck and god bless

Replied by Jack
Bethnal Green, UK

I have a inquery involving Joe Merritt's remedies. How often do you soak your scalp in the borax/peroxide solution? Should I be doing it everyday, every other day, a few times a week etc.?

Replied by Wanda
Lancaster, PA

I'm responding to Joe Merrit's comment on misc. remedies for hair loss. He says that he likes Ted's vitamin C water remedy. Where can I find the recipe for this. Thank you very much.

EC: You might find it on at the top of this page:

Replied by Rob
Toronto, Canada

thanks Joe for your detailed remedy... I would like to add that of course heredity plays a big factor in hair loss.though by follow much advice from EC one can perhaps minimize it.....Also about Spirulina, or blue green algae, people should take caution since these have neurotoxins which can damage health..Chlorella is a better choice though still in some doctors minds (Andrew Weil) a waste of money.

Replied by Dave
Phila, PA

I saw Jack from the UK asked this question so I never bother askintg the same.That was over a year ago and Joe never answered.So now it's my turn.Maybe since it was actually one of Ted's treatments then Ted might respond for us.How often should you use the Peroxide/borax solution ? Is it something you just do once and done or is it weekly,monthly,daily ???? Thanks-Dave

Replied by Pitbullblonde
Apache Junction, Arizona, Usa

I would like to try the hair loss remedy of using borax and peroxide on my scalp, but was wondering if 1% peroxide would bleach out my hair - it's already blonde, and I don't want to go from pitbullblonde to pitbullplatinum overnight and have to explain my hair issues to my coworkers. Any and all information greatly appreciated, as I had always heard that peroxide would bleach out ones hair.

Replied by Francisca
Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France

Have you ever considered taking Evening Primrose Oil? I ask the question because I have just finished reading a book about it! It seems to work for hair loss........

Mustard Oil, Fenugreek and Scalptone  

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Posted by dan (LA, usa) on 09/05/2007
5 out of 5 stars

ok the best solution for hair loss is use MUSTARD OIL and put some " methi danna" (indian feenugreek) you can buy it from indian grocery store boil it for 10 mins and leave it all night next days put that oil in a bottle and apply every night. after doing that use scalptone pills which is really good for hair loss and you can buy it from these is best solution for hair loss.

Nancy's Hair Growth Formula  

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Posted by Nancy (Brunswick GA) on 04/08/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I would like to post another remedy. Can't believe how many people are interested in this remedy! I felt some of your readers might want to have this. Nancy

To grow hair:
Aloe Vera Gel and Cayenne Pepper.
1/4 to 1/2 c. of Aloe Vera and 2 capsules of cayenne pepper.( Any cayenne will do, You can use Kitchen Spice)
May need to adjust measurement of the aloe and cayenne a little more or less..For the right consistancy.
Pour mixture into a hair color bottle and shake well.
Apply to scalp, massaging in with fingertips.
This mixture will stimulate and clean the hair follicles.
The hair cycle may take a few weeks possibly months, but you will see results.
Leave on scalp at least 10 to 15 minutes or more if you wish. Can be applied weekly.
If you want to use this remedy more often I suggest you try it once and wait a few days, particularly if you have sensitive skin issues.
Caution.....This will burn somewhat, Be careful around eyes. Do not make mixture too runny as it could run into eyes.
Do not make mixture too thick as it will not squirt out of bottle.
You will continue to feel a slight burn even after this remedy is rinsed off.
Aloe Vera gel normally needs to be refridgerated, When mixing remedy allow it to sit a few hours at room tempature before applying to scalp.
Do not apply to scalp cold, as this will close your pores.
If you make more than you need, it will keep a few days in a cool place.
I have used this mixture as a facial scrub, It is a firey facial! Cayenne Pepper is great for circulation. Cayenne Pepper packs a punch, mixed with Aloe Vera and all the great things in Aloe Vera are increased.
Cayenne is called a "catalyst" herb that increases the efficacy of the ingredients you are using.

Replied by Ana
London, United Kingdom

hi Nancy, what is the best cayenne to use, and can you use instead of aloe vera, coconut oil for example?


Replied by Cindy
Woodbury, Nj, Usa


What is the best cayenne pepper to buy? Is it safe to the existing hair?