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Thyroid Remedies

MB, TSP, STS, Lugol's, Turp, Borax  

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Posted by Cj (Texas, US) on 11/16/2014

Hi all,

I would like to know if there are any known issues with the following remedies. More specifically, if they would interact/hinder each other.

Borax, sodium thiosulfate, turpentine, methylene blue, lugol's iodine, trisodium phosphate. I guess I should add in my thyroid medication Armor.

My current regiment is to take Borax M-Th as told by Ted 1/8 tsp. First thing in the morning I'll take 1 drop of 2.3% MB - that gets put into a cup and mixed with 1000mg of ascorbic acid. Fr-Sun I'll take 12-30mg of Lugol's. No MB on those days, or if I do, I put 12 hours between them.

TSP I'll take after work, 1 oz of a solution (1/2 tsp in liter water).

I plan on taking STS and turpentine on different days since they are so powerful. Perhaps Saturday and Wednesday nights before bed.

Anyone see any issues with this? I also take sodium bicarb after lunch and dinner.

Replied by Benton
What is MB and STS?

EC: MB = Methylene Blue
STS = Sodium Thiosulfate


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Posted by CH (PD, FL, USA) on 02/06/2009
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In my search to find out what is wrong with me since November 2006. Doctors have not yet figured it out. The only thing one of the doctors has decided is that (first I had hypothyroid and hyperthyroid symptoms) and now they have decided that I have hypothyroid, They placed me on synthroid 50 mcg, which seems to make my problem worse. I started doing some natural stuff for my thyroid and when I go next week for my thyroid check I will know if it is working. I did not continue taking the synthroid at this time. The doctors can't figure out why my heart does the things that it does (races, drops beats, feels like it my heart trembles inside all of the time, feels like my heart stops for a second and then jumps back into starting, and then about every four months my heart with start beating with a fast rage and I wind up calling 911). They are now checking to see if it is cardiomyopathy. I will keep you posted, but in the meantime while I was doing research on the internet (which I don't gues doctors ever do) I found this interesting artcle below:

Histamine aggravated levothyroxine-induced cardiomyopathy in guinea pigs.
Hu HJ, Dai DZ, Shen YM.

Department of Pharmacology of Chinese Materia Medica, China Pharmaceutical University, Nanjing, China.

AIM: To study effects of histamine on cardiomyopathy.

METHODS: Cardiomyopathy model was developed in guinea pig by i.p. levothyroxine 0.5 for 10 d. Langendroff's hearts were perfused. ECG and contractile force were recorded. Histamine (5 micrograms) was given by intra-aortic injection. Histamine content of coronary venous effluent was determined fluorometrically.

RESULTS: Attack of histamine on cardiomyopathy was severer than that in normal hearts. Tachycardia was more prominent; atrioventricular conduction block occurred earlier; decrease in coronary flow was more marked. Uptakes of histamine were 37% in the model and 19% in the normal hearts (P < 0.01).

CONCLUSION: Histamine aggravated levothyroxine-cardiomyopathy.

Generic Name: levothyroxine (LEE voe thy ROX een)
Brand names: Levothroid, Levoxyl, Synthroid, Unithroid

Zhongguo Yao Li Xue Bao. 1997 Mar;18(2):159-60

I then wondered if my symptoms got worse because of the synthroid

Replied by Dianna
Austin, TX
i just read your post and wanted to say that virtually all the women in my family suffer from various thyroid conditions. my mom being the worst - she was always cold and had VERY dry skin and even developed a fatty patch over the place where her thyroid is. she has the condition where calcium in any form is very bad for her too - too much calcium in her blood - this has something to do with her thyroid. the doctor has never given her medication for this. i started taking VCO and found that i was no longer cold. also my skin was not so dry and neither was my hair - but it was the cold that really bothered me. i told my mom about it and she started taking it too. i hadn't seen her in about 6 months and she came to visit and we were all amazed at the transformation in my mom. she looked at least 10 years younger!!! her skin was amazing - and she says she feels great.

i got sick of VCO after taking it a while and quit. after a month or so i realized that i was getting cold hands and feet again and then started to suffer from being cold again. since then i have started taking it again and the symptoms are going away.

have you tried VCO? i guess you have since you wrote you are trying natural remedies. my mom's doctor has even heard about it.
Replied by T
Maryland, USA
Have you been tested for thyroid antibodies? The fact that you have both hyper and hypo symptoms should prompt an antibody check to help determine if you have Hashimoto's. You want to get both TPOAb and TgAb tested. This link has some detailed info (not a sales link):

Don't take the doctor's word for "normal" results - get the figures and reference ranges from the lab yourself and research at thyroid forums. You will find helpful and knowledgable people if you read around. The ignorance of many doctors in regards to thyroid conditions is appalling. From your scenario, I personally would be finding another doctor who understands thyroid problems and is flexible and open about treatment (some flatly refuse to prescribe natural meds like Armour, for instance, even when a patient is obviously doing badly on synthetics like Synthroid - big pharma money in their pockets, I'm sure). Check some thyroid forums and ask for recommendations for a good doc in your area.

In the meantime, be sure you're getting ample magnesium and potassium. These may help with the palpitations, and will help support heart health at any rate. A banana a day and some calcium magnesium citrate liquid from the health store would be good. Best of luck and please do update us.
Replied by Joyce
Joelton, Tn.

525 Posts
Hello CH, In reading your e-mail a few things come to mind. The first is that B vitamins and magnesium both have a lot to do with the heart. The B vitamins can also kick a sluggish thyroid into gear to function better and not likely to create more problems for you to deal with. I suggest that you get a good B complex vitamin and a magnesium supplement.

The next thing that came to mind is that heart problems & irregularities can be caused by ingestion of monosodium glutamate (MSG) and aspartame, so you need to google "excitotoxins" to find names that MSG is hidden under in ingredients lists and start looking for them in foods. Aspartame is usually labeled as such or Nutrisweet or Equal. Any hydrolyzed plant (corn, soy, pea, etc)protein contains both MSG and aspartame.

If you are into diet foods or drinks, please stop them while you google the above toxins.

Posted by Gina (lethbridge, Ab/canada) on 01/01/2009
5 out of 5 stars

For 11 years, following major surgery for endometrial tumors, I had been plagued with so many symptoms, multiplying and worsening year after year. I eat only whole vegetarian foods, meditate, exercise, pray, love, and have tried every (believe me, Every!) natural remedy! Doctors want to prescribe antidepressants if you have too many complaints, or drug after drug to address each symptom.

I had night sweats (soaked through 4-6 changes of p.j.s every night) insomnia, painfully cold hands and feet, severe heart palpitations ( heart would Stop for a moment, then race to catch up, would sometimes make me collapse) nightmares, insomnia, muscle pain, chronic fatigue, painful menstruation, anxiety, phlegm,phlegm, phlegm, chronic cough, nasal drip, pelvic pain, constipation, diarhea, nausea, skin rashes, dizziness, fogginess, an indescribable feeling of unwellness, low blood pressure, hypoglycemia... the list goes on and was unbearable and no wonder it sounded like hypochondria. I urge anyone who has many symptoms that they can't seem to resolve to check out I stumbled upon it and it has saved my life. The remedy is liothyronine...a natural substance normally produced by your body. It is not easy to find a physician who will work with you on this, but try. I only take one capsule per day, as opposed to cycling on and off the medication like the website says. It made life worth living for me again.

EC: Liothyronine (Brand names: Cytomel, Triostat) is a medication prescribed to treat thyroid issues.

"Liothyronine sodium is a synthetic (man-made) version of one of the two hormones made by the thyroid gland, triiodothyronine. It is used for treating individuals who are hypothyroid (do not produce enough thyroid hormones)." Source

More information here:

Natural Thyroid  

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Posted by Aloha (Las Vegas, US) on 10/16/2014

It appears they have changed the formula of this natural dessicated thyroid med. that everyone has been seeing good results with please see link:


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Posted by Tbird (Louisville, Ky) on 12/16/2011

Has anyone had experience with hyper- functioning thyroid nodules. Possibly Plummer's disease. I am at the point of either surgery or radiation. I would really appreciate any successful stories of healing such naturally. Thank you in advance.

Replied by Tina
Houston, Us
Pranic healing is an alternative healing that is very effective on glandular issues. Please google it and find a reputable healer to do this for you. Within a few sessions you will see results.

Posted by Meadowsweet (Halifax, England, Uk) on 04/20/2011

Does anyone know a natural cure for thyroid nodules with mild hyperT, please? I've found how someone found relief using ACV/baking soda, co-enzyme, selenium and L-lysine, which I plan to try, but that remedy was for hyperT caused by Graves Disease, I think. My problem is thyroid nodules which seem to be making thyroxine on their own. I'm waiting to see a specialist but the possible problem seems to be Plummer's Disease (i. E. Toxic multinodular goitre). I'm not on any medication. Thanks.


Posted by Jenny (Morehead City, Nc, Usa) on 10/14/2010

After the birth of my son almost 5 yrs ago, my birth control choice was Mirena I.U.D.. Up until the day that it was implanted, I was steadily losing the baby weight, that first day-I stopped losing and began gaining, slowly. I didn't attribute this to the choice but, to the fact of relocating, taking in a foster child in addition to 2- 8 yr olds and a newborn, life... I had it in for three yrs before tieing my tubes and that's when my OB/GYN found the nodules and sent me for the ultrasound. My question is: Is there a home remedy that could help reduce the size of the nodules and help alleviate the obvious hypothyroidism the birth control caused?

Replied by Tom
Regina, Sk
In this slide show on scribd. com:
Look at slides 36 and 48 and 81, where the word "nodules" is found in a Searchbox (must have the item locally on your computer, not just in the viewing window to be able to use Search). They say nodules in ANY tissue are from iodine deficiency, not from any disease. But another document I have says that a shortage of Selenium and magnesium will result in those nodules. That makes sense too since all the Iodine doctors are clear that Selenium is required to get the iodine where it can be used! So, an easy and harmless route to try for a few weeks if you're in no hurry is to make sure you get foods high in Se, like brazil nuts, cruciferous= cabbage family veggies like broccoli, brussels sprouts, and then garlic. But try to get some foods with Iodine in them at the same time (dulse seaweed, etc)

If you do want to go the LUGOLS iodine route, then just heed the slide 36 note that on their high doses of 50-150 milligrams per day, after 1 month one should get a thyroid panel to ensure you haven't gone hyperthyroid! (BTW, 1 drop LUGOLS 5% contains 6. 25mg total iodines. )
Or you can take a lot lower starting dose of LUGOLS, say 1 or 2 drops per day. That will still give you more intake than over 95% of people get today. The iodine taste is easily hidden by putting in milk, or fruit juice a few ounces.
Replied by Dixie Pearl
Tracy, California
Tom from Regina, I also have nodules, I was told I need to have my thyroid removed, I have a goiter also, I am also hyperthyroid, when I read about taking iodine, it nearly always talks about hypoT.

I need help fast, I only have until the end of this month, I came off the medication I am talking for hyperthyroid and I'm sure the DR will be able to tell I did that, if I can't find something fast to help this problem, I just don't want to have my thyroid removed, I feel sure there is help for me naturally. Can anyone help thank you

Replied by Merryanne
Orange City, Florida, Usa
Go to and find the listing for the yahoo groups, there is one that teaches the use of iodine and nutrients for healing your thyroid, The owner of the group is a Naturepathic Doctor, she is a recovered thyroid CA patient.

Raw Food Diet  

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Posted by Andi (St. Paul, Mn) on 11/03/2010

If you have thyroid disease, can you eat cruciferous vegetables? I have read that you should avoid them completely, and other sources say you can have them as long as they are cooked. Thanks.

Posted by Sharon (Soldotna, Alaska) on 03/07/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I am obese not from overeating, but due to stressors that I did not handle well and that caused a major stroke a year ago. Since then, I have made a major change in my diet even though I had eaten very well before without white flours, sugars and the other problem foods for many years. Now I am eating raw vegan foods and have not only finally dropped almot 40 pounds but my blood sugar levels are down to the mid-90s. I credit eating a raw food lifestyle with all this! My thyroid numbers are also in the more normal range! Lots of good changes that I believe eating a raw food lifestyle made happen.

Replied by Jaya
Dar Es Salaam,Tanzania
dear friend,

me and my elder son having thyroid problem due to that we put up too much weight. myself is 33 years and my son 10 years but we have 100 kgs of my self and my son have 60 kgs,when we knew this in last week getting too much worried about this,even we r doing lot of exercizes and yoga we put up.

now by taking raw food i want to reduce our weight. pl kindly help me by giving information reg. food which we will take. we dont eat pork, red meat.
thanking you will wait for your reply. i want to save at least my child from this chronic disease, i am not giving any medicine for him, i want to get his hormones balance by changing diet,yoga, like natural....

pl help me

Replied by Amanda
Hot Springs, Ar, Usa
Stay away from soy, fluoride, chlorine (even get a shower filter because your skin absorbs it), bromine(in some breads and gatorade and mountain dew). If thyroid is low then no raw cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, no mustard, millet, peanuts.
Replied by Kittykat
Long Beach, Ca, Usa
This is very interesting about raw food helping with your weight loss and thyroid. I have been eating raw vegan food for the past 3.5 months and ever since then my thyroid went from 2.8 (TSH test) to 3.7! My lipid panel is still within normal range but it was better 4 months ago (before the raw food). When I used to eat only chicken and fish for protein and vegetables I lost the most weight and my sugar levels went from 7.2% (A1C test) to 6.2%. Since going raw vegan I only impoved my sugar by. 2% so I'm now at 6.0%. I don't understand what's happening, especially to my thyroid. I avoided the cruciferous vegetables for that same reason. I feel like going back to chicken and veggies, maybe that will help my thyroid go back the way it was?

Sea Kelp  

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Posted by Joanna (England) on 01/17/2006
5 out of 5 stars

hi, i suffered with weight gain and thinning hair, although blood tests showed borderline hypothyroidism i started taking sea kelp and at last my weight has slowly started to come off and as a plus my hair grows much thicker and quickly. i will take this supplement for life.

Replied by Gail
Somewhere, in USA
How much Kelp did you take?

Soda Crystals  

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Posted by Daniella (Beirut, Lebanon) on 05/17/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Carbicarb remedy which is a solution for many symptoms!! I had painful red itchy hands with pimples after working in the garden and i took 1/4 teaspoon of soda crystals (baking soda and sodium bicarbonate) in a glass of water the trademark is Tricel, made in the Netherlands, and in one hour the symptoms were gone. I also had running nose and the soda crystals dried my nose. My nose sometimes gets blocked and with daily use of soda crystals can return your nose to its normal condition and opened sinuses. Soda crystals does a lot! It helps my mother sleep easily, it alkalises your brain, helps your hypothalamus and help your exhausted adrenal glands to recover.This remedy and advice i got from Ted, he advised me to take daily soda crystals with a lot of water... It is helping my thyroid problem as well as i have hypothyroidism. I hope it will clean my liver too from the fats and clean it like it cleans a dirty plate. Thanx Ted for the great help you give with your advice as always. You are the best website!!! And Ted is the best! What do we do without Ted? What do we do without Earthclinic? We would probably die.. I am telling everyone i know how great Earthclinic is and they are checking your site.


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Posted by Lauren (Queens, Ny) on 05/26/2013

Hey Ec... Happy Memorial day to everyone.... Quick question guys... Anyone heard of these products for hypothyroid? T-100, GTA Forte, Spectra 303T and Thyrostim. I was reading a book recently that listed these supplements and since I am trying without success to get off meds, I was thrilled to find something that I have never tried or even heard of. Please anyone who has tried these, I would love to hear your comments. Thanks guys...

Replied by Anonymous
You might want to read: The Iodine Crises: What You Don't Know About Iodine Can Wreck Your Life by Lynne Farrow. You can read parts of the book at

Posted by Laura (Logan, Ut) on 07/08/2011
5 out of 5 stars

When I was a teen my thyroid was so low that I had the highest TSH score my doctor had ever seen. He said my thyroid was most likely dead. I believed him for twenty years. After a lot of research, I was lead to try alternative methods and found a good "muscle tester". She said my body did NOT like my Rx, (Levothyroxin, but I had used Synthroid in the past with similar results being that I was still very symptomatic) and replaced it with a whole foods supplement. I was VERY wary about stopping my meds. I expected to see the exhaustion and mental fog I feel the next day when I accidently skip a dose, but I was shocked to see an INCREASE in energy and in my ability to focus mentally. I was able to sort clutter all day for four days straight in preperation for an upcoming move. This would have been a nightmare for me before. I have been off my medication and taking the supplements for over a month now and I feel so much better! The supplement I use for thyroid is called Thytrophin PMG and is made by Standard Process ( It is very reasonably priced and it's all natural. It is supporting my body to make its own hormone which I never dreamed would be possible.

It is ESSENTIAL that you have muscle testing done to determine the needed dose. You can also learn to self test. It's actually pretty simple. The good news? My tester said it's pretty common that people can eventually stop taking the supplements once their bodies recieve the necessary nutritional support. I figure I will probably always have to check up on my thyroid and use this natural support on and off, but that's a far cry from a "dead" thyroid with lifelong Rx requiring blood work, etc.

I feel so good I can't even explain what this has done for me! PLEASE look into this. It's really true that you can get off your meds. Chiropractors are licensed to carry this, so they would be a good place to start.

Replied by Loren
Queens, Ny
Thanks Laura for this wonderful post. I heard a lot of Standard Process supplements but was always wary of using them because most of them contain animal products. I am especially scared of the ones that are made with beef. Do you know if this is an ingredient in the one you are using? I have been using meds for low thyroid for 2 years now and am dying to get off them. Also, how long were you on thyroid meds? Thank you so much once again for this wonderful post. It's people like you that make EC the place to be.

Posted by Anonymous (Chicago, Illinois) on 10/24/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I get flare-ups of hyperthyroid symptoms - my test results have come back with the markers of graves disease. I have taken these symptoms to help with my hyperthyroid/jitteriness/insomnia/racing thoughts. If I take them for a few days - a few weeks and then re-take a thyroid test, my thyroid levels actually show remarkable improvement as my symptoms improve:

L-Tryptophan - 500milligrams - 3 pills up to 3X a day (without food)

Magnesium Chloride - 2 teaspoons 3X/a day (with food). I have also used Magnesium Citrate 1-2 teaspoons up to 3X a day. I think I prefer the Magnesium Chloride.

Magnesium Glycinate 400milligrams - up to 3X/day (with food)

Vitamin E - I know some doctors advise against taking large amounts of vitamin E so please check with your doctor. When I get very jittery vitamin E helps make me tired and calm me down so I'll take up to 800 iU a day of vitamin E as well.

These are the supplements that have significantly helped me. Please check with your doctor first!

Posted by SamLaunch (Knoxville, TN) on 06/26/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Thank You to everyone who contributes and writes on this website. My Hyper Thyroid problems began in March 2008 and lasted until May 2009. Thanks to Ted and his research which led me to find a vitamins that aid in long life: Co Enzyme Q-10, Selenium and L-Lysine. Here's what I took: Baking Soda mixed in apple cider vinegar with water added, those three vitamins listed above. What happened soon after taking those vitamins and drinking the drink: I fell into a deep sleep at 9:00PM. I never go to sleep at 9:00PM! I can't remember but it seemed like overnight, my eyes receded back into my head and my thyroid shrank. I say shrank because my neck had been bulging out with my eyes. I'm not sure which one of the four did the trick: Baking Soda w/ACV & H2O, Co Enzyme Q-10, Selenium and/or L-Lysine. I've been washing my scalp/hair with Borax and coating my face with Hydrogen Peroxide after shaving. I'm looking good and feeling good. I had been scheduled for the Thyroid radiation treatment at my veteran's office but no longer need or want to get a dose of that to fry my insides. Anyway, I'm very happy and owe my well-being to this free website. Thank You Ted and Friends.

Replied by Exp
Charlotte, N.C., U.S.A.
SamLaunch...What amounts of each did you use, and how often did you take them! Please be much clearer! Also, others posting their results, please remember to give exact measurements, time of day, times taken each day, whether it was pills, liquid, tablets or what ever! This information request is stated on the "comments/contact us" page. Thank you for your post though.
Replied by T
Maryland, USA
SamLaunch's post is about HYPERthyroidism (such as Grave's Disease), not HYPOthyroidism. This is a very important distinction! One is overactive, the other underactive. People with HYPER-t should not necessarily be taking the same measures as those with HYPO-t or vice versa. Please be careful to make these distinctions both when posting and when reading the posts of others or doing research.

EC: Very true, thanks for pointing that out. Posts moved to correct section.

Replied by Samlaunch
Knoxville, Tennessee
Yes, of course. I had been cured of Grave's Disease by using a combination of: Co Q-10, Selenium, and L-Lysine. Since, I'm very happy and back to my normal athletic self I did some research on Selenium and found that one atom of Selenium combines with one atom of mercury to neutralize the affects of a lifetime of vaccine/shots. Mercury causes a myriad of problems including hypo/hyper-thyroid problems: Protein inhibition, Disruption of mitochondria function, Direct affect on ion exchange in a neuron, Disruption of neurotransmitters, Destruction of the structural framework of neurons. L-Lysine regulates hormones in the body. Hypo/Hyper, to me it is one-and-the-same: too little or too many hormones, the three vitamins listed can bring your system back to productive functioning. Of course, the way you eat and what you drink (good water) will aid in your recovery. I don't drink tap water because I think it is poisonous. Mercury also causes gray hair and makes a person sterile. Ted, I love you very much. The link you provided to Dr. Denham Harman's reasearch on Free Radicals provided the clue into my finding my very own personal cure. I began taking Co Q-10, L-Lysine and Selenium on June 7th, noticed a change within one week and it is now August; a total transformation during that time. The good news is: I won't need the Nuclear Medicine treatment of burning out my thyroid or an operation to remove my thyroid. I can keep it (my thyroid) in place, where it belongs!!!
Replied by Samlaunch
Knoxville, Tennessee
Someone asked about how much was taken of each vitamin to cure my hyperthyroidism (Grave's Disease): one of each per day.

1. L-Lysine: 1 pill (500mg)
2. Selenium: 1 pill (200mcg)
3. Co Q-10: 1 pill (100mg)

The Selenium detoxified my system so that the Co Q-10 could do its' job of helping my mitochondria along. L-Lysine regulated my hormones. I should really stock up on those pills as there is mention of something called the CODEX: that will ban supplements as early as December 2009.
Replied by Samlaunch
Knoxville, Tennessee
Hyperthyroid: My Story

August 14, 2007: Hyperthyroidism begins. This condition came out of the blue (nowhere) and hit me hard.

January 1, 2008 thru June 7, 2009: Condition worsens. Can't stand for more than a few seconds without shaking, can't hold a pen/pencil without my hands shaking all over the place. No sleep for more than 1-hour. Eyes and neck bulging. High blood pressure, 130-beats per minute is my resting heart rate, hair thinning and falling out, and small bumps begin appearing all over my body.

At the beginning of June 2009, I read Ted's post that linked to Dr. Denham Harman and researched any article on Dr. Harman; especially the interviews. He mentions Co Q-10 and Selenium. This website (earthclinic) mentions L-Lysine to regulate hormones.

June 7, 2009, I begin taking the three vitamins: Co Q-10 (100mg), Selenium (200mcg), and L-Lysine (500mg). One pill of each is taken everyday. I began noticing a change; 3-days after beginning my personal vitamin regimen. From December 2007 thru June 2009, I visited my doctor and the nuclear medicine specialist. They suggested radiation treatment to burn out my thyroid.

Between June 7, 2009 and October 7, 2009; drastic improvements have taken place. In October, I've switched my toothpaste to non-fluoride and drink only non-fluoridated water. At this point, I'm thoroughly cured. My doctor tells me to quit taking vitamins and to come in for my thyroid destruction. I tell him to get lost and continue with the vitamins.

December 5, 2009: No more symptoms. Hair is looking good, skin is nice and smooth with no problems, sleeping nicely, heart rate is normal, eyes back to normal, and my neck has shrunk back to normal. I haven't changed my soda pop drinking habits and it's one vice I'd like to keep.

The drastic changes occurred with the three vitamins, and eliminating all fluoride intake. The biggest plus working for me is that I was always in shape before the hyperthyroidism hit so my heart could take the rapid pace; until the health reinforcements could be found. Anyway, Ted saved my life and this earthclinic website. I do owe them a gigantic debt. One more thing, I mix one teaspoon of baking soda in a glass with bottled water; to drink every so often.
Replied by Saba
Mentor, Oh
Question to Samlaunch from Knoxville, Tennessee - Are you taking any prescribed medication along with the vitamins or just the 3 vitamins ? Thank you.
Replied by Fxdiva
Atlanta, Ga
Samlaunch fron Knoxville, Tn - I wish you would come back and give us more detail about the hyperthyroidism cure.

Did you continue to take your perscribed medication while doing the Selenium, CoQ10 and L-lysine or did you stop? My thyroid is 4x faster than it should be and I just refuse to let them kill my thyroid. I've been on your vitamin workup for about a week now and my husband told me I was getting lighter [darkening of skin can be a side effect of hyperthyroidism] so the vitamins ARE doing something.

I tried coming off of my medication and my hyper symptoms started to reappear. I'm afraid to but am interested in trying to maybe double my dosage of vitamins by doing one in the morning and one in the evening to see if that will allow to discontinue the perscription. I'm on 4 - 50mg of PTU 4x day.

Your direction would be greatly appreciated.

Replied by Fxdiva
Atlanta, Ga
5 out of 5 stars
Oh my goodness, I can't even begin to tell you how much better I'm feeling!!! I've been on the suppliments now for exactly 8 weeks and it has made all the difference in my world.

I did double my dosage - same amounts, but one dose in the morning and one at night and I've been off my medication for 7 of the 8 weeks. The first thing I noticed was NO MORE heart palpitations or sweats. My thyroid shrunk almost immediately - I'd say within 24 to 48 hours, my breating and heartrate also slowed. My overall dispositioned improved considerably. I'm soooooooooo much happier these days and other "stuff" has started working better too ; )

I'll be going to the doctor to get my levels checked really soon, but I'm pretty sure that these suppliments are working 100 times better than my medication ever did. Even if I have to take this for the rest of my life, I'd rather take something natural than something perscribed.

And last but not least, all 3 suppliments combined cost around $20 for what ends up being a 2 month supply. Folks, you can't beat that with stick. . .

If you have HYPER thyroidism [Graves Disease], please don't hesitate to try this, you'll really be glad you did.
Replied by Debbie
Okanogan, Wa
this is to fixdiva, about hyper thyroid, hey I also have hyper thyroid, for more then 26 yrs, was suppose to have the radioactive iodine, but chickened out, I've been trying to find somthing that would help, i missed the message you wrote, about what you've been taking, could you write another post and let me know, thanks, and so glad its helping you, thankyou debbie
Replied by Fxdiva
Atlanta, Georgia
Hi Debbie,

I'm taking the supplements that Sam Launch suggested, right above my first post: one each of CoQ-10 (100mg), Selenium (200mcg), and L-Lysine (500mg).

I started off doing one pill each, once a day and half of my medication. The first 48 hours that worked very well, but when I tried to come completely off of my meds the symptoms began to show up again.

So, I took a chance at coming completely off of my meds by taking one pill each of the supplements in the morning and then once again at night, works like a charm.

My thyroid is 4 times faster than it should be, so I show results very quickly. Give it a try and let us know how it works for you.

Good luck

Replied by Iwanttobehealed
El Paso, Tx, Usa
Thanks for the info. I was diagnosed on new year's eve with hyperthyroidism with goiter. Because of the health care situation and lack of specialists in my area, I have yet to see the endocrinologist. So far the 4 general physicians I have seen told me I will need my thyroid gland removed and perhaps the goiter to be treated radioactively. This is my first time being attended/treated for any medical situation and it's definitely not easy. I'm not sure what all of my options are either. Everyone has told me the easy way to treat this is to remove the gland and that I will be on pills for the rest of my life. I've never had surgery before so you can understand how I am hesistant. I am looking to heal myself in natural ways. Can anyone give me any other advice? Right now the only medicine I was given is propranolol. Please help me, I don't know where to turn (websites, doctors, supplements, etc.)!
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You might want to read a book called:

Living Well With Graves' Disease and Hyperthyroidism What Your Doctor Doesn't Tell You... That You Need To Know

by Mary J. Shorman

You can check out reviews about it on Amazon.

Wishing all the best to you in your healing journey!

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Hi Iwanttobehealed... If you take the recommended medical solution for your problem with hyperthyroidism, and have your thyroid removed, then you will be permanently hypothyroid and you will have no other option but to take synthetic thyroid hormones for the rest of your life.

But, in my opinion, you have other options that you should try first. Thyroidism is a huge subject, and I haven't got enough space to fully describe the reasons which are somehwat complex. But here is a short article on the simple use of Lugol's Iodine that completely explains it:

And finally here are all the detailed research articles from The Iodine Project on the causes of thyroid problems, whose authors have discovered easier and less drastic ways of resolving thyroid problems -- including hypo- and hyper- thyroid problems -- using just larger dose lugol's iodine:

The Iodine Project is the most current independent research on the benefits of iodine that is ongoing. No doctor will recommend iodine as a cure for hypo- or hyper- thyroid conditions but the research simply speaks for itself.

It would seem to make sense to try these other options first before you decide to have such drastic surgery to remove your thyroid which will be irreversible.

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Hi, I've been looking tirelessly for the "link [Ted] provided to Dr. Denham Harman's reasearch on Free Radicals provided the clue into my finding my very own personal cure." but I could not locate it. Would you mind giving me some pointers? I've looked through google search engines outside of the website and within the website and within several topics on every single page. It would be so much appreciated if you could point me to the right article.

Thanks a lot for the help.

EC: We didn't find a link from Ted either. Fortunately, Bill provided some resources on Dr. Denham at this link:

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I read a case where this guy has goiter , his doctor wanted to kill the thyroid with radioactive stuff, the patient refused took iodine and he was cured!!