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Posted by She (Virginia, US) on 04/02/2014

I have a really bad rash all along my bra line and under my arms. I have tried everything and nothing is working! I finally went to a Dr to get help. She prescribed an anti-fungal cream and that has done nothing. I tried coconut oil....nothing. Then I mixed coconut oil with tea tree oil....nothing. Then I tried oregano oil...nothing. ACV......nothing. I don't know what else to do but go to a dermatologist. Which I really don't know want to do. I've even tried going gluten free and dairy free to see if that would help........nothing!!! Anybody got any more ideas? I love reading about all the home remedies and the people that they helped.

Posted by Mama To Many
Tennessee, Usa
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Dear She,

It is vexing to try remedy after remedy and not get cured!

I would try some things internally. It always surprises me when this works so well for skin issues, but it has for us. Try 1 teaspoon (or 4 capsules) of Turmeric three times a day. (Always use plenty of water to avoid constipation. (Constipation, by the way, can be related to skin rashes.)

I would also try three capsules of Borage Oil once or twice a day. (The kind with at least 1000 mg per capsule.)

You can take baking soda baths, also. 1-2 cups of baking soda in a warm bath 3-6 times a week.

Keep only 100% cotton next to the skin. You might also hand wash clothing that comes in contact with the rash in just baking soda or a natural castille soap, and be sure to rinse them well.

I once had a rash on my arm for a year. I tried countless remedies. Borage oil ended up being my solution. It was shocking to me that just one thing internally was my solution.

I hope you find your solution soon. Please let us know what you find out!

~Mama to Many~

Posted by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe
She, have you checked your skin's reaction to your detergent? Body areas that are tightly covered, and/or sweat areas, might be more affected than other places.
Posted by Bill
San Fernando, Philippines
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Hi She from Virginia...The probable reason that topical remedies like coconut oil, tea tree oil etc didn't work is mainly because these oils are not so well absorbed into the subdermal layers of the skin.

Here's a remedy that should work for subdermal rash problems.

You will need:

99% DMSO (DimethylSulfoxide solution)

3% Hydrogen Peroxide

Borax (20 Mule team Borax is fine to use -unperfumed and not scented)

Aloe Vera Oil or Gel.

The remedy:

To a container(such as a glass saucer) add:

9 teaspoons of 3% Hydrogen Peroxide

1 teaspoon DMSO

1/16 tspn of Borax (250 mgs approx)

Mix all these ingredients into solution which eventually gives you a solution approximately containing 3% HP, 10% DMSO with a small amount of Borax. This solution will kill a wide variety of bacteria, fungus, viruses and mycoplasma etc within the sub-epidermal layers of the skin.

Using cotton wool, dab the fungal areas with this solution 3 times a day. 20 mins after application apply aloe vera gel or oil(which also kills pathogens and helps protect the skin as well).

Make sure to always apply this solution last thing at night(when you are not wearing your bra). Wash your bras in borax to get rid of possible fungal contamination.

For myself, I've found the above remedy to be very effective against topical and subdermal rash problems because it kills fungus, viruses, bacteria, mycoplasma etc very quickly within the skin itself (not just topically).

The secret to this remedy is the DMSO -- which has the ability to carry or pull other nutrients (that are not normally so well absorbed into the subdermal layers) through the skin and even into the blood. None of the above nutrients, even if they are carried into the blood, will cause you harm in the dosages advised.

And if this remedy does not work, as Mama to Many has already suggested, then you probably have an internal or systemic fungal/bacterial infection in your blood which will require a different internal protocol to get rid of it. In other words that your topical fungal rash problem may be just a symptom of a deeper systemic fungal issue in your blood.

Posted by She
Virginia, United States
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Thanks for all the advice!! I will certainly try them all. I am getting a cotton bra and I only wash my clothes with baking soda and rinse them twice.I take turmeric now for inflammation, but will increase my dosage. At first I thought this was my body's way of getting rid of toxins. But I'm not so sure.

I'll let you know how it goes!! Thank you!!

Posted by Scratchy (Maddening, Itchland) on 12/05/2012

I am a previously healthy 25 year old female with no past allergy problems and no history of exzema, psoriasis or anything like that.

About 3 months ago I developed an itchy rash over my entire body - arms, stomach, chest, shoulders and back, thighs, buttocks... It never really seemed to affect my feet, hands, or face (although my ears got hot, itchy, and almost scaly for a while). It started kind of mildly, but in less than a week progressed to such an intense itching that I couldn't sleep at night.

The rash itself was bright red with small raised bumps. It seemed less itchy first thing in the mornings, but by evening would be unbearable. I had a "crawling" senseation on my skin and the itching would grow more and more intense until I finally broke down and scratched. After a few days of scratching the skin started to dry out. Thick flakes of skin began to peel off my elbows and the inflamed/scabby area beneath oozed slightly.

It did not seem to be contagious (or only very mildly so). It might have been spread around by my scratching, but I was living in very close living conditions with another person at the time, who did not develop any of the same symptoms.

I tried everything I could think of to relieve the itching. Cortizone cream which I occasionally use for mosquito bites did nothing. Antibiotic ointment did nothing. Cold water helped only a little. Salt water soaks didn't seem to help. Dillute apple cider vinegar rinses gave only a minute or two of respite, and dillute baking soda rinses made it burn as well as itch. Taking an antihistamine (loratadine 10mg) helped somewhat, providing enough relief for me to finally fall asleep in the evenings.

I was at the time temporarily working pretty far from home, so the first doctor I saw was at a nearby urgent care clinic. He took my temperature (normal) and blood pressure (good), took a look at the rash, and diagnosed it as folliculitus. He proscribed me an antibiotic (cephalexin 500mg to be taken 2 tablets 2x per day for 9 days), as well as a histamine-blocker (ranitidine 150 mg to be taken 1 tablet 2x per day), and told me I could also take an over-the-counter antihistamine (diphenhydramine HCl 25mg) before bed if I was still scratching too much to be able to fall asleep.

So for the next 9 days I took all the meds as prescribed and took a bath/soak with a cup of vinegar added to help relieve the itching every evening. The rash improved slightly over this time, but I was still itching intensely and scratching my arms bloody in my sleep overnight.

The week after finishing the antibiotic my itching slowly started worstening again.

Next I went to see a naturopathic physician. He gave me a tea tree oil salve to apply to the affected areas, homeopathic sulfer (200c), suggested I take baths with oatmeal or bentonite clay added, and reminded me to drink plenty of water to support my liver.

The tea tree oil salve helped enormously, but the itching would return in just a few hours and I had to reapply the salve 3-4 times a day for relief. Using it that frequently over pretty much my entire body quickly became almost prohibatively expensive, and was (of course) not covered by my insurance.

I went to my regular physician's office after returning home (at this point I've been continuously itchy for 2 months now and I am miserable). She takes my temperature (normal) and blood pressure (good), looks at my rash and tells me Dr. #1 was a kook, it isn't folliculitus after all I just have an allergic response/auto-immune problem atopic dermatitus - probably eczema. She prescribes me with a medium strength steroid cream (triamcinolone cream 0.1%) and a stronger antihistamine (hydroxyzine HCL 50mg: taken 1 or 2 tablets at bedtime as needed for itching), and tells me to get a quality healing moisturizing lotion to use.

So I try that for awhile instead, but now I suddenly have an extremely itchy fluid-filled blister between two of my smaller toes, an itchy ring of rash on my buttocks again that now looks something like diaper rash, and a thick slightly yellowish vaginal discharge (not itchy or smelly or bothersome, just thicker and a little yellower than usual).

I start to think that doctors don't know a lot about itching disorders! From my own research about my mystery itching symptoms I wonder why no one has considered the possibility of a fungal skin infection. Antifungal cream burns when applied to my arms, so I start adding a small amount (1/4 cup) of bleach to a tub full of bathwater, making sure to rinse thoroughly and apply more tea tree oil creme afterwards. My rash goes away at last (yay!! ) but my skin still itches. I read about yeast infections of the skin and candida overgrowth, which sounds scarily similar to what I'm experiencing, so a few days ago I also cut sugar and all processed foods out of my diet, just in case. Now I feel hungry all the time, even immediately after eating. The itching is getting way better, but now my stools are a light yellowish brown color - much softer than usual and they float. Could this be from the yeast "die off" symptoms that people talk about, or should I go get checked out for serious potential liver problems?

What in the world is wrong with me?

Posted by Bill
San Fernando, Philippines
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Hi Scratchy... Most of the symptoms and problems that you report seem to point to Candida. Candida is an assocoative disease which happily associates with other pathogens -- bacteria, viruses and even parasities -- because this disease has such a strong ability to lower immune system capabilities. Therefore little wonder then that doctors get so confused and are unable to diagnose candida and associated problems. Doctors have been taught and adhere to the One Disease --> One Germ tenets of the Germ Theory. So they simply cannot understand or cope with a medical situation where multiple pathogens have invaded the body. It is well known through research that candida also occurs in 80% of sufferers who have fibromyalgia and that candida is a regular and dangerous problem in patients at endstage cancer, hepatitis and HIV AIDs.

To confirm whether you have systemic candida you can quickly check your tongue. If it is pink you may not have candida -- but if it is white then, most probably, you have candida. Also, you can do the Candida Spit Test(Google it).

Perhaps the best and most aqccurate way to find out whether you have candida or not is to take this questionnaire, which more or less represents all the different symptoms you can get from systemic candida:

Dr William Crook's Candida Questionnaire

I will also be posting my upadated Anti-Candida Protocols soon -- so you can use this alternative protocol to kill off the candida and associated pathogens that you may have.

Posted by Tina
Houston, Usa
Scratchy, I would suggest 2 things immediately...

1. If you can make home made milk kefir with raw milk (it takes 24 hrs to make 1 batch of kefir at home) and starting ingesting it as well as liberally applying it to all areas of the body it will help immensely with itching and other issues.

2. Begin juicing green veggies (not fruits, veggies - pref organic) and drink up to 16 oz daily pref 1st thing in the AM. This will enable your body to be more alkaline and your body will attain a state of balance which will resolve your issues.

Google 'fat, sick and nearly dead' for info recipes on juicing. If you do have a fungal issue (like candida) you want to stay away from the sugar which is in the fruits.

Good luck, Tina

Posted by Ginny
Boise, Idaho
You might try to do a food test to see what you are allergic to. From what I understand, most skin problems stem from the digestive track. I have always had some kind of skin problem. I did an 8 water fast followed by 10 day juice fast and cleaned out my system, upon introducing food back in my system, I am able to tell when I have an allergic reaction to each food. You have to introduce stuff one at a time and maybe for a few days. You may have different reactions to each food that your body does not like. For-instance - Cocoa makes my arm pits and feet stink, baking powder makes my neck break out in a huge rash with bumps, store bought organic carrots make my lips and tongue tingle. Wheat or Gluten tares my stomach up for 30 hours. If you cant do a water fast, just try removing gluten from your diet , keep a daily journal of every thing you eat and how it made you feel. Try to eat all organic foods and no processed foods. You will be amazed at how good your body feels getting all the icky food out of your system!

Posted by Carolina (Nyc, Ny, Usa) on 11/28/2012

Dear all, about a week ago I had the brilliant idea of buying a Tom's deodorant because they are natural. The first day I used it everything went well but I woke up with an awful rash in both armits. They are both burning, sensitive with red itchy patches and brown, dark areas around my armpits. What is worse is the fact that I developed a smell. Like a forest, deep, smelly smell. I could go without deodorant for days before this. I was never a smelly armpit person. Now I shower and wash my armits thorougly but the smell comes back right after I clean. I am mass producing it. I am scared. Today I put organic cold-pressed coconut oil under my arms out of despair. Do you have any ideas of what this may be or how can I cure it? Thanks in advance!

Posted by Jaki
Fremantle, Western Australia
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Carolina, my daughter had the same thing happen after using a different brand of shaving cream. She used 50/50 ACV straight up which helped a bit but kept returning and flaring over a long period. In the end, it was Sea Buckthorn oil (Himalayan, organic pure oil) that finally cured it. Her routine was no deodorant, washing with mild Castile soap, lots of changes of pure cotton shirts and twice daily applications of Sea Buckthorn oil. Her rash has completely gone now and she can use organic, essential oil deodorant but she feels to be minimal and cautious from now on after that ordeal. Good luck!

Posted by Vasudeva (Chennai, Tamilnadu/ India) on 07/30/2012

Sir, I am having red rashes and cracks all over the body it will disappear after some time but I have itching in the legs and forearms in the evening I had treatment for the last 60 days in allopathy skin doctor, but dont have any improvement so far if I stop the tablets its arising again can u suggest me whether its curable or not, I went blood testing 5 tests like rbc critine urea everything is normal. Kindly advice me what should I do. thank u.

Posted by Thinktank
La, US
If your itchiness increases in the evening it is advisable to have your liver bile levels checked just in case this is the cause

Posted by Dan (N. Providence, Ri) on 07/15/2012

I recently visited a walk in clinic for a big round rash (6x8)on my side that occured after I had been out in the woods. I am starting to get red spots around my body that resemble the big rash on my side. The doctor prescribed me antibiotics and told me I might die if I didnt take them because I have a blood infection. I dont like to believe the first doctors office I walk in to but it could be as serious as he thinks. I have a healthy diet, and am in great shape, and feel as though my body can utilize a natural antibiotic from mother nature without taking scripts. Any cures, remedies or advice? Thank You SO MUCH

Posted by D.c. (Arlington, Virginia) on 07/04/2012

Hi there! A couple of days ago, I noticed that I had a couple of bumps near my chin - they looked like tiny pimples. A few hours later, I saw bigger bumps under my looks which looked like small mosquito bites.

When I woke up yesterday, the right side of my face was covered in dots. It is concentrated near my chin but spreads from below my eyes to my chin. It is mostly on the right side but there are a few bumps on the left side. It is not itchy at all. In fact I didn't notice anything until I looked in the mirror.

I sleep on my left side so I don't think it's an issue with the pillowcase.

Could this be a food allergy? A reaction to sunscreen? I don't think it's acne because it appeared so suddenly and so dramatically.

The changes to my routine over the past few days:

- We spent the weekend at the beach and I used body sunscreen on my face.

- I ate scallops two nights in a row.

Other than that, everything has been the same. What recommendations do you have for eliminating this rash? Thanks!

Posted by Alex
Nairobi, kenya
Dont worry, try this remedy as you try to reach any Naturalpath Dr.:

Take honey mix with garlic powder into fine paste, add 2tsp of olive oil. Before, apply pure vaseline gel so that it may not burn the skin.

Posted by D.c.
Arlington, Virginia
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Thank you! I tried this and the rash seems to be drying out a bit. I am also using ACV as a toner and following it with coconut oil before bed. Thanks!

Posted by Cheryl (Willow Creek, Ca, Usa) on 05/26/2012

My daughter went swimming in a river in late August. Unknown to her were the dangers of swimming in slow moving water with blue green algae blooms. She became ill immediately, and broke out in a rash on her legs and thighs. Two years later, she still struggles with the rash, particularly on her feet. We have tried everything... Salt, hydrogen peroxide, ACV, goldenseal, comfrey... Any suggestions?

Posted by Kay
In The Valley, Ca
It almost sounds like she has some kind of parasite. Can't you get the rash cultured? If you can, it would give you more of a fighting chance. Good luck to you.
Posted by Mario
New York
Try sugar. Shower as you normally do. Then mix sugar in water. 4 or 5 spoons on small glass of water. Put it in all over you body and leave it for about 10 minutes then rinse.you will see the diference in about a week.
Posted by Anonymous
La, Ca
My ND doctor is very whip smart and says if it is on your skin then it may very well be in your body. The skin is just expressing what is going on the inside, he also says your skin is the third lung so it is attempting to breath out toxins because the body is overwhelmed He suggests turmeric pills for inflammation/ rash. I would go see and ND or chinese medicine dr and get on a Natural parasite cleanse and alkalize. She needs to go to the doctor and INSIST on having it cultured. I would no longer swin in any lake, river or ocean I think those days are over for now.

Posted by Pyroluriac (Alamogordo, Nm) on 03/03/2012

My husband has an intractable rash. It started years ago in his feet and on his hands, the tops only never on the soles or palms. The places are larger where it started and smaller where it spreads, but given time they get big too. There is no other pattern I can see. It is extremely itchy, gets worse with heat and better with cold. Contact with raw shrimps or fish make it flare up angrily. Also any lotion or cream with any essential oil will do that too. We are trying the borax and peroxide cure for mange or demodicosis, and he is now all dry and tight and sore. The places have turned hard and red. He is awakened itching at 3 to 5 am relentlessly. Also some at other times also. We are scared. It is now reaching up around his trunk and near his neck. The dumbass dermatologist told him he had dry skin and told him to soak in a tub, then sent the bill for almost 200 dollars. I hope someone has a clue. I'm out of ideas.

Posted by Sara
The Beach, Canada
Hi, I just wanted to say the hemp seed oil internally and topically has saved me from scratching myself raw and it is tolerable by all... Chances of allergy to it is very low. it will take awhile for the red and rash to go away with it but the itching will calm down within days.
Posted by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe
bh -- Have you tried virgin coconut oil?
Posted by Kay
Destin, Fl
If it's a seafood allergy you must eliminate all fish/seafood from his environs: do not even breath the air in a building with fish/shrimp etc. cooking! Beware: Worcestershire sauce and Caesar salad dressing, and many asian food contains anchovies, shrimp paste etc so must be eliminated form the diet.

Antihistimines like Benedryl will help treat and ID an allergy (and definitely help him sleep); if the itching stops within the hour, it is probably an allergic reaction to something. Aloe Vera is the "Go to treatment" for skin issues; use pure aloe on a small area and see if it helps. And many itchy or painful rashes and skin conditions respond very well to Oatmeal baths (warm or cool, whatever feels better), and/or Epsom salts baths. I would try each one separately in a finger, hand or foot soak for a few days in a row, to evaluate what works/feels best; if they both help then use both together. If he is already overdry, start with the Oatmeal.

Footbath : use 1 cup per gallon of water

Body Bath in a full tub; Use 1 cup per 60lbs of body weight. And be sure to disinfect the tub with bleach, and rinse it well BEFORE & AFTER BATHING (in case it's a fungal/bacterial infection)

Posted by Amanda (Vancouver, Bc) on 03/01/2012

Help! I get rash on my feet, legs with infection. It started 2 months ago. The little rash was found after I had hot tub in a public pool, few days later it became rash. My feet were swelling, itchy. The cortisone helped, later rash came back. The itchy kept me up during night. It likes a hell. Please help!

Posted by Chris (Middlefield, Ohio) on 01/16/2012

Daughter had both of her third toes in from Big toe with a reddish purple rash on top of one toe and the other has it on the bottom of the other. What could this be from? Four days ago she had slapped face but did not complain at all about any pain. When the toes are touched it is a little painful.

Posted by Arietta
Chania, Crete, Greece
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They sound like chilblains. I get them when it's really cold. The best remedy that has helped me is to do a foot bath with empsom salt. The water should be warm and bathe feet for a good 10-15 min. Daily. It really helps soothe the pain & itchiness.

Posted by Rigoha (London, Ontario, Canada) on 12/08/2011

I am needing some assistance with my skin disorder. In June of this year , my body took on a bacteria infection from a hot tub. I went to the western medicine doctor after trying to handle it naturally. I was given the sulpha drug , and after 5 days I took areaction to that drug. I went to infection specialist after , and much to my surprise he couldn't assist. After the last appointment I was FRUSTRATED!!! . I started acupuncture September 5th approx, I have been able to reduce the itchiness and hive like skin bumps, with some huge and some little changes.

This week I have come to Fort Myers, Florida, and after two days of being in the wonderful sun, my skin has once again exploded with the same bumps. I stayed completely out of the sun for one day, the skin calmed but still itchy and obviously noticable bumps still present. I am interested in hearing what the website has to say.. Any input is appreciated. I am not sure where to turn to next....

Posted by Gmedina702 (Las Vegas, Nv, Usa) on 10/27/2011

I am having some really bad skin irritations.... I don't know what it is. It could be hormonal. I break out in a rash all over and it's prickly and itchy in certain spots. I can't use any of my cleansers or makeup please help, what can I do or use.


Posted by Jonny (Brooklyn, Ny, Usa) on 10/25/2011

I have a rash that comes out in the heat. It's on my chest and stomach. Any suggestions? It's raised a bit and red. It doesn't itch and only is bothersome because it is ugly to look at. Thanks!

Posted by Aki (Melbourne, Victoria) on 10/23/2011

2 or 3 weeks before I was stop using any cosmetic (day cream-night cream) during my holiday.... And my face become so dry and somehow it pops up like rash (but not red and not pimples either) and it feels itchy...... So came back to use the cream again... And it's getting better (also had a good sleep during the time)... But now due to my examination... I always sleep late... And my face get a bit itchy again.... So could you tell me what happens with it please? because it never happened to me before... Just start from this year... And also when I go back to my home town.... (it was very hot that day like 40 degress- and I fled from the area of 4 degree; in this time the rash was more obvious and become read.. Also my face was so dry... 'casue I thought I need to stop using any cosmetic... And it's even worse... ) so please help me.. Thank you ;)

Posted by Oshtagne (St-jean-sur-richelieu, Qc, Canada) on 09/30/2011

I used anti-fungul creams but always seem to come back. I started ACV for about a week now twice a day. I have an mild itchy head and sometimes around my nose. MY nose is running a little so not sure what is causing it. I have read allergies to ACV but I have never been allergic to anything. I am going to check my PH Level is I can find PH sticks to see where I am at. If anyone has any ideas that would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you, Marc

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