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Posted by Notthatparanoid (Los Angeles, Ca, Usa) on 10/13/2012

Been battling the Morgellons monster for over two years now. Been reading, researching, and thank God I have some money to try these ideas. I wanted to share some interesting results that I have had over the past few days.

I read somewhere that magnets have healing potential, so what I did was go to the fridge and pulled a magnet off the door and put it right on top of a particularly nasty sore that hasn't stopped oozing for over 4 months. I left it on for about 30 minutes or so for a few days and the sore stopped itching and oozing. I am glad I tried that, so now on top of Zapping with the ____ Zapper, I think I am gettin even better.

I also use baking soda mixed with water and it does help, but the magents are something else. I know it sounds crazy, but in crazy times crazy may be the only answer. It makes sense if a magent works, cause if they are nonobots, then a magnetic field should interfere with it's functions. I will keep posting my results to try to help anyone out there going out of their mind.

My Protocol: I have been feeling so much better with the Zapper, drinking baking soda in water, adding garlic to my meals, and now these magnets seem to be helping with the sores.

As Mr. Spock said in Star Trek 6, "removing all possibilities that don't fit makes the impossible, however improbable, possible. " I am paraphrasing. But if you have a magent in your house, try it over the sore and see what happens, what have you got to lose?

Replied by Peg
Minneapolis, Mn
[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]   I have found Olive Leaf Extract 500-1000 mg 2x day or whatever you need... This is the one herb I have found they haven't seemed to build a resistance to... but it really works to mix up the Olive Leaf with Garlic 1000 mg and perhaps Cats Claw 500 mg also Alpha Lipoic Acid and C0Q10... These are some of the most powerful herbs out there... amazingly since I've been fighting these beasts... My blood sugar has dropped to very low levels (good) and my cholesterol has dropped 60 points... So the garlic and these other herbs have done good things for my body in general... Online Vitacost has a 3x strength Neem extract that's great... My naturopath says Wormwood works the best against it... Can only use 7 days at a time though.. She recommended the tincture... Also Vitacost has shampoo w/neem in it and you can add a little to make stronger... What's probably slowed them down the most is Psorinum homeopathic... Its actually made of residue left from scabies so it works against the mites... You need to work w/homeopath with that cuz its powerful for some reason... But I did read that homeopathics say that diseases are made chronic by putting things on skin which drive things into body and make them a much bigger problem. try to drive these buggers from the inside out... Things on the skin will only make chronic.... If you possibly can... But I've been taping 2500 gauss or 5000 gauss magnets around my body - just don't put the high powered ones near head... Heart area might not be good either... But they do weaken them. Good luck...

Posted by Gina (Raleigh, Nc Usa) on 01/01/2012

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  3 years into this and trial and error with different products has resulted in several things. Any type of fruit, pineapple, citrus, pears, can be mixed with olive oil, virgin coconut oil, grapeseed oil, ( which can be found at Kroger, Harris Teeter) as well as sea salt, garlic and parsley, cilantro can be found in the produce section in squeeze tubes, as well as cornmeal and peanut butter to make a mask to apply to lesions. Sallys beauty supply has a pineapple enzyme exfolliating cleaner as well as a dead sea mask which are excellent. Experiment! Dr. Brommers peppermint is a life saver, I put it on my bounce sheets for drying clothes. Borax, Windex is a good cleaner for counters. Diatomaceous Earth also, but its tough on vacuum cleaners. I also put Borax, Dr. Bronners, Baking soda, vinegar, salt, as well as E. Oils in bath water.

Posted by Maria (Yucca Vlley, California) on 11/30/2011

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  This not a cure, but it has helped me tremendously. When I have a "breakout" these days instead of it being hundreds of bite's or stings, it is only one or two, never more then ten. If I feel them starting I wipe with alcohol and if that does not get them off me I head for the bath. I hope this helps, I know it radically helped me.

Ammonia and Epsom salt baths help leach them from your body and will help to heal the lesions quickly. There also seems to be something about Sun laundry detergent that helps, so I alternate with the Sun and epsom salt and the ammonia and epsom salt. Vick's mentholatum around your eyes helps to rid them from your eyes and keep them from entering them. Hot Salsa made with tomatoes helps to rid them from you gums. The hotter the better! Carrot juice and Pinapple juice helps rid them from your intestines. They really don't like the juice, they will start comming out the pores in your face also. And finally if your having a bad biting episode and if you can take the burning sensation for a few minutes Any brand of heated muscle rub will bring the ones buried on your skin to the surfuce so you can get them off of you, even the one's you can't see. The hair's the specs and any morgie will want out to the point of I actually seen them falling or jumping off of me to get away from the heat rub. But like with anything else that helps with morgellons you have to alternate and be diligent. And lastly mix some ammonia and water in a spray bottle and spray your bedding, your mattress, furniture, every thing always! It kills them bleach does not. I spray twice a day, this helps with the amount of laundry you have to deal with also.


You don't put vick's on the eye just around it. I do but It doesn't bother me but I don't want to see any body get hurt so use caution with any and all things.

I know the baths help a lot and if you question the safety of it by all means look it up! The baths of ammonia and epsom salts has been around longer then morgellons. It has been used for years for cleansing. Be informed! Stay Informed!

God Bless, M.V.

Replied by Karen
Peterborough, Ontario Canada
Hi there, you say you use alcohol with these morgellons varments, what kind of alcohol???and I love fresh pineapple, do u know if cold or hot is better to applied when skin is on fire this is I believe when they are attacking my body(area is burning)????Any kind of help I have just been told I have this, thanks for your reply.

Posted by Godslivinglight (Marina Del Rey, Ca, Usa) on 08/25/2011

my All Natural #1 Morgellons CURE protocol (BAKING SODA, MSM & Oil of Oregano) Morgellons may be a mutated form of Lyme disease

I suspect that Morgellons may be a mutated form of Lyme disease with overgrown Borrelia Spirochetes. Giardia may be involved. As well as Flagella etc. I decided to treat the Lyme disease and anything that makes a human being ill (Fungus, viruses, parasites and bacteria) This treatment is safe for dogs and cats too. My big dogs tumors appear to be shrinking and my little dog had black color on her belly that's finally going away. I am also starting to suspect that Baking soda is a cure all when used as a base and combined with other natural herbs and oils. Finding the right combination is the key. I also believe (much like my distant cousin Dr. Linus Pauling)that Vitamin C is essential however Sodium Bicarbonate destroys vitamin C so it is important to wait 4 hours after taking Sodium Bicarbonate before taking the Vitamin C. (i must admit I have not taken the recommened amount of vitamin C pills but I do drink tons of Orange Juice). Oxygenation is another important aspect. Bacteria can only stand so much oxygen however parasites may like it.. Urgh.

Here is what I've been doing for Morgellons the last 45 days and my symptoms have diminished with each dose. I really feel that I am finally conquering this disease because in the past I have gotten it to go dormant or to calm down with colloidal silver but then when the symptoms return quickly and they are then the same as they were or worse thus why I do not include really include Colloidal Silver with this treatment (i did take it twice 4 wks into treatment). As I mentioned before I am concerned that it may assist mycoplasma.... The only problem is I wont be sure when to stop treatment but I'm sure I will figure it out. So far its been 6weeks and I almost feel normal again. Over 90% of my symptoms are gone. definately going another 14 days.

for photos of morgellons snakes and bacteria go to

Recipe to kill a Fungus Among us;

1st batch I made using 3 tbsp 100% Pure Maple Syrup and 1 tbsp baking soda (Sodium Bicarbonate) in a regular size pot (not a small sauce pan) cooked on a low heat for 3 minutes (supposed to cook 5 min) stirring constantly! Let it cool then rolled the SB/MS mixture into little cylinders and stuffed it into pill capsules along with Olive Leaf Extract, Cayenne pepper, garlic salt and more baking soda.
(all other batches have been doubled 6 tbsp Maple Syrup & 2. 25 tbsp baking soda)

In the morning (7am)
Breathe stretch
Coffee or lemon water or capful of vinegar
SB/MS (1 or 2 Hershey kiss size)
Protein breakfast (spinach omlette w/cheese)
1 oil of Oregano pill

vitamin C 4 hours after (11am)

In the Afternoon (1 or 2pm)
10 minutes of sunlight
orange juice or lemon water
SB/MS (1 Hershey kiss size)
yogart (probiotics) not necessary but probiotics are always good
2 oil of Oregano pills
MSM 1000mg

vitamin C 4 hours after (5 or 6pm)

In the evening (7-8pm)
Red Wine or Peanuts etc (Resveratrol a powerful antioxidant)
Breathe stretch
SB/MS (1 Hershey kiss size)
1 oil of Oregano pill
1-2 olive leaf extract pills
Orange juice

2-4 Vitamin C 4 hours after ( no less than 2000 mg & no more than 9000 mg per day)

Be cautious with dairy products other than cheese

Day 6 added parasite zapper to regimen

Day 10 reduced Sodium Bicarbonate intake a little

Reiki Meditation visualizing light coming into my charkas pushing negative energy out thru my root cord. BELIEVE! HAVE FAITH! BE POSITIVE!

It is also very healthy to sing, dance, listen to music, laugh, cry, oxygenate, do brain exercises, have sex and sleep as much as possible. Playing Sudoku is great exercise for your brain.

Been thinking about adding Pau Da Arco but not sure about that yet.
There will be a Herxe Reaction which will last for hours. Symptoms act up and then diminish. I lost 7 pounds in two days after months of not being able to loose weight.

if you try this please let me know and keep in touch here or via email which can be found @ the below link

Replied by Rj
Tyler, Texas
Thanks, Many good suggestion I am looking forward to trying. Comment that red wine is OK is very interesting. I was under believe all alcohol was off limits and have not touched the stuff for over a year. However what I miss the most besides a trip to the pub with a glass of beer is a glass of red wine. Is this possibly an isolated data point for which one person does not experience problems?

Thanks, RJ

Replied by Jayne
London, Uk
I love your regime! I always thought that coffee and alcohol were both bad for morgellons, due to their acidity, and wouldn't maple syrup be bad parasite-wise, as it is so sweet?

I'm interested that this is all helping you, and would love to try it but I'm a bit scared to break my routine of not eating these things! I love what you say about singing, dancing, reiki etc..

One more point, when you say have lots of sex, aren't you afraid of the risk of infection? This is something else I've been scared to do since getting this horrible thing. :(

Would really appreciate your views on these things if you're still on here. Or anybody else's.

Posted by Sara (Minnesota, Usa) on 06/11/2011

I have tried over 20 things... This is what I found most effective and helpful.

#1. PH balance seems to be most important. To achieve this-follow Ted's baking soda/vinegar remedy. Watch sugars.

#2. Drink sea salt in water when itchy. I continue to do this every 3 days, to keep it at bay and away.

#3. I use Verilux UVC for 10-15 seconds on remaining sores and they dry up. 2-3 times of this throughout the week and it takes care of the sores and itchies. (This is only around $30-40. 00) I also put apple cider vinegar on new spots to help with relief.

#4. Limit yeasty foods. If I eat items with high yeast content, usually within the hour I will start to get itchy. For example, if I make homemade bread or pizza, I will get "bites". One day I ate 3 donuts and got spots within the hour-it came on so quickly. Of course I quickly drank sea salt water.

#5. Don't itch. Once I start to itch, more start to come. It is crazy. These remedies have helped to live a more normal life.

Posted by Sara (Somewhere, Minnesota) on 06/09/2011

I have tried over 20 things... This is what I found most effective and helpful.

#1. PH balance seems to be most important. To achieve this-follow Ted's baking soda/vinegar remedy. Watch sugars.

#2. Drink sea salt in water when itchy. I continue to to this every 3 days, to keep it at bay and away.

#3. I use Verilux UVC for 10-15 seconds on remaining sores and they dry up. 2-3 times of this throughout the week and it takes care of the sores and itchies. (This is only around $30-40.00)

#4. Limit yeasty foods. If I eat items with high yeast content, usually within the hour I will start to get itchy. For example, if I make homemade bread or pizza, I will get "bites". One day I ate 3 donuts and got spots within the hour-it came on so quickly. So of course I quickly drank sea salt water.

#5. Don't itch. I feel that once I start to itch, more start to come. It is crazy. I am not crazy, but these remedies have helped me a ton to be normal living.

Posted by Darla (Reno, Nevada) on 03/01/2011

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  I am tired very tired..... After suffering for almost 18 years with this affliction makes one wonder how many more years before it finally kills you. Anyhow I decided to remove all of my teeth and dental implants after four surgerys later came the dentures and adhesives.....

One day I put some zinc free super poligrip on a lesion that was bothering me and you would not believe how much stuff I rubbed out- amazing how when I covered an open sore with the cream and let it dry and did remove it for a couple days or more, then pelled the dry adhesive away the spot had started to heal. Also, I have found that by rubbing grape seed oil is very very good at helping clear out some of the crap thats found in the open sores. Baby shampoo from the dollar store for washing my skin inside of eyes, ears and nose any product with lavender in it help to wash away biofilm and fibers from skin. I swear by the Sun color safe laundry soap and 25 al-fal-fa tabs in hot bath soaks along with removing all of body hair with hair removing cream by Sally Hanson. Paper towels for drying skin then blow drying after showers and baths. Putting all dirty laundry in plastic bags and washing clothes with 1-2 dryer sheets grabs the fibers from the clothes and wash water. Never wearing dirty clothes more than once. A sponge and liquid laundry soap for dusting by rinsing sponge cuts down the "spreading" of fibers when dusting and a good bagless vaccuum with good filters makes a big big difference.

Posted by Kingrew (Raleigh, Nc) on 11/24/2009

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  Sulfur soap really helps with morgellons. Also fill a spray bottle with 1/2 white vinegar and 1/2 water and spray yourself all over after shower or bath. Spray your carpets, bedding, chairs,spray any spots that itch during day. Take epsom salt baths at least 2 cups per bath. Change sheets at least every 2 days. Don't wear the same clothes twice without washing. Wash your hair with the sulfur soap, or with Selsun Blue medicated with menthol. Wash clothes with borax. An alkaline diet with good vitamins esp magnesium supplements and digestive aids, along with exercise, prayer, and positive healing thoughts. This will help your joint pain, itching, energy, sores, tremendously. Spray your joints with the vinegar spray or any sore spots - amazing. They say putting dissolved salt into the vinegar spray helps too but haven't tried it yet.

Posted by Kingrew (Raleigh, Nc) on 11/09/2009

[YEA]  morgellons and lymes treatments

white vinegar and water spray helps stop the itching and joint pain of what is called morgellons. Also Selsun Blue medicated shampoo with menthol used regularly on hair and body. Washing sheets every few days, using mattress cover, using different pillow case every night, different towels every day. Spray the vinegar on sheets furniture, into shoes,etc. Sulfur soap, and taking msm which is a sulphur supplement helps as well. Also wash clothes with peppermint soap. All these are antiparasitic. I take the protocol with samento, cumanda, quina, banderol, enula, mora, serrapeptase and magnesium malate also.

Posted by Gwen (Richmond, Texas) on 08/05/2009

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  After dealing with seborrheic dermatitis/morgellons for over twenty years, I have discovered a few techniques for controlling the organisms. Much information has been shared as to symptoms but any sufferer can testify to the stinging, itching, fibers, and attraction of insects,etc. For relief of total body symptoms, CVS Pharmacy's foot soak (used externally) is very effective. Two packages in a tub of very warm water for at least 20 minutes will remove unwanted organisms. Instructions on the box indicate that it can be used for bathing. It is so effective that it will work once. (These organisms have keen survival instincts). Acne Free Purifying Cleaner will remove residue from skin for any itchy areas on the body. It can be purchased at CVS, Walgreen's, Walmart, etc. Simply rub Acne Free briskly over itchy areas and rinse with running water. Neosporin Cream and Cortaid Cream can be used together to rid areas of organisms. Success of eradicating organisms from the scalp involving thick crusty dandruff is strictly "mechanical". By that I mean it must be physically lifted using a mixture of T-Sal Shampoo, olive oil and pure glycerin.(One part olive oil to two parts glycerin) and Benedryl Gel. (Do not substitute store brands for Benedryl). Use a blow dryer to dry until dry to the touch. Gently comb off Benedryl and dandruff particles that will stick to it. Clean a second time to remove more flakes. Benedryl will remove crust where there is crust to be removed. There will not be any particles removed where crust has not accumulated. A nit comb can also be used to remove scales. Avon's Skin So Soft oil can be used with Benedryl Gel effectively also by drying and combing. Lanacane and Cortaid along with Cocoa Butter oil, baby oil, and heavier hair preparations may be used after shampooing. Shampoo using Dawn Antibacterial Soap to cut oil. Use facial scrubs with shampoo. Target's Apricut Scrub works best. Condition hair with St. Ives Body wash added to the shampoo or White Rain's Coconut Conditioner. For active areas, use Mary Kay's 3 in 1 face cleanser with shampoo. The scalp will become very tight and dry and will need to be cleaned with Benedryl Gel and oil as described above. Acne Free may also be used in place of the Mary Kay cleanser. Gylcerin and Olive oil combined 2 to 1 can be used to soften crust before shampooing. Apply one hour prior to shampooing. Do not cover with a cap. (Use a night cap or scarf to prevent water from forming.) Am Lactin Lotion may be used to soften skin, scalp, and heels. Doctor's medicines that work fairly well are Lydex Solution (early on), Lydex Cream, Betamethasone DP (Comes in liquid, lotion and cream), Clotrimazone and Betamethasone. The drug "Orap" works after three weeks but will slow metabolism and require monitoring by a doctor. It will stop working three weeks after it is discontinued. Other hints: Kleen Green Enzyme Cleaner by Natural Ginesis can be used on furnishings, bedding etc. Avoid getting into eyes. Avon's Skin So Soft repells insects. Borax can be used with detergents to remove residue or fibers from clothing. Lint rollers are helpful in removing particles that cause discomfort on clothing or bedding and cloth furnishings. Vacuum daily. Change sheets daily. Use vinyl mattress covers and vinyl pillow covers. Stay away from water-based and alcohol-based products as much as possible. Cautions: Go slowly in removing scales. Only one "layer" at a time. Use all products in small amounts on small areas of the body until you know how your body will react to each product. Do not shampoo in the shower when using any oils listed. I am sure that the organisms we are dealing with are parasites driven by fungus. Therefore, it is important to include a good fungal shampoo and cream. Colloidal Silver mixed with Eucerin Lotion or Cream can be helpful. Organisms including mites, knats, fleas,etc. may be involved. Food chains and food webs are possible on humans as in nature. Hopefully, you will be helped by the suggestions above. The Center for Disease Control is investigating, finally. There may soon be answers from the medical community.

Replied by Laura
Portland, Or
After suffering Morgellons for years, I went to a naturopath who is now treating me for latent chronic Lyme disease. I came to realize that my Morgellons was probably systemic.

It's been about three weeks. I'm seeing some definite improvement. The coating of Morgellons on my skin is becoming much easier to exfoliate off of my skin. Both the naturopath and I agree that Lyme and Morgellons cross paths. I'll try to update if I find this path has cured me totally. So far, so good. I have to say, it was the first time I felt I was being helped instead of ridiculed by the medical community.

Posted by Gina (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) on 06/09/2009

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  Hi - very grateful for the info on this site! My question to Ted is how long on the average, before the borax tubs and drinking the 1/4 tsp in a litre of water daily.... before possibly clear of Morgellons?? Do you actually know of anyone who got rid of them??? ALSO - how much magnesium citrate should one take daily and how much potassium citrate.....should you take both at once, alternate or only need one?? This I haven't added to my routine yet. The borax is one of best remedies I have tried! Was quite desperate at not having cleared it totally when I found your site....thank you so very much.

Originally I worked with the condition thinking it was a bad pinworm problem. Months later discovered more symptoms on Morgellons and found I had all but the skin lesions. Also, a site named Acremonium as one species of it, and an independent university analysis named that as one of the infections I have (a common environmental species), as well as Novospingbium.... a bacteria apparently modified genetically. Doctors ridiculed it as 'lint' of course. Sounds like this originates in genetically modified food sources and jumped to human genes via an agrobacterium used in the plants they've been crossing genes in with our foods.

Some successes first: my daily baths in apple cider vinegar 1 cup + 3/4 to 1 c.baking soda helped noticeably. I originally started with one cup hydrogen peroxide, soaking my ears as well, thinking it was pinworms coming from my ears.The head is the worse still but now they're very tiny for the main part. Borax seems much better now that I found this site, I use 1 cup borax and sometimes 1 cup A/C vinegar. Then applying oil (with essential oils, and thanks to Ted, now use Vetiver, Myrrh, + my regulars of Juniper or Cedarleaf and Basil.
It helps to quickly eliminate red blobs/pimples that appear, to use Castor Oil + baking soda as a paste, with a bandaid on the worse offenders. I also applied the Castor Oil with essential oil over whole body. When you mix it with baking soda, it seems to drive them out, so you are quite itchy and best not do at night. A fine comb collects them from body or head. Also sometimes use coconut oil instead, but castor oil seems preferred as its thicker and sits on skin longer.Castor Oil is said to have antimicrobial properties. They seem to adapt to most things, so best to alternate remedies I guess.

Iodine was an excellent for some time. I drove many long curly filaments out of my head by painting my scalp nightly for maybe 3 nights in a row and wrapping head in a cotton scarf. The cotton collects them and even washing in chlorine did not kill them. I now use a polyester scarf as I don't want them crawling out on my pillow at night and borax in laundry with a 'green'liquid wash. Iodine painted on my neck and torso seemed very helpful to eliminate some stages, but will burn the skin if used too long (over a week for me). Can be a tough remedy if used too long, but nothing is as tough as the condition. Also baths in a couple droperfuls of iodine now and then. Then oil up. Maybe this is why I missed the skin lesion part, I've done this for months.Sometimes I drink 4 iodine drops in my water to help thyroid and immune function (from health food store)

Little noticeable results with Collodial silver regardless of the ppm for me. I thought maybe grapefruit seed extract and caprylic acid helped, and taking antioxidants like grape seed extract, or green tea extract. Gets too expensive. LIVER CLEASES and colon cleansing definitely helped a lot and drove many out. Improves lymphatic/immune function also. I've done 5 liver cleanses thus far this year. The Hulda Clark liver cleanse routine is inexpensive and easy, using epsom salt drink, olive oil and grapefruit - one of the best cleanses. Also tried Oil of Oregano, Garlic, Bee Propolis as a natural antimicrobial. I think all help our system strengthen, but need be alternated. ALOE VERA GEL was fabulous. I rubbed all over body when out of tub, letting it dry. Areas would turn red where they were clustered and then they'd leave in a day or so. You can rub some black specks off from those areas with rubbing alcohol, or I've been told a better choice is vodka. All gets expensive. I also ingest at least 1 1/2 oz aloe vera gel in AM and PM now and then a few weeks and believe its excellent for colon and intestines, where I think they're focused. Always with liver cleanse, many more come out...sometimes the multi-branched filaments.Can we actually kill them or must we drive them out?

I also use frequency, particularly at 465 as a medical intuitive said that was the frequency they resonate at. Borrowed a machine with multiple settings, so use them all to electrify my blood and who knows what really is making the difference....perhaps all. If anyone can say they've known someone who actually eliminated the condition....that would be encouraging. Did some energy clearning on myself with medical intuitive's help and a skilled shaman to hopefully removed whatever energetic attraction drew this experience to me. I think it important to work spiritually with self to connect to Source and change our patterns, attitudes, etc.

Wishing you all the best to transmute this experience as quickly as possible and hope some of the above may help you to any degree.

Replied by Joyce
Joelton, Tn.

530 Posts
Hi Gina and all others with the problem of Morgellon's,

Have any of you ever tried boiling poke root and bathing in the water for Morgellon's?

Sounds like you have some sort of living organisms and bathing in poke sallet (pokeweed) water just might work to kill them off. If it works on scabies, it possibly can work on whatever you have also.

Another possibility to try is Sweet Annie weed (also known as Sweet wormwood, annual mugwort, annual wormwood, Qinghao), or by its botanical name Artemesia annua L (Asteraceae family).

Gather the whole above the ground plant and boil in water & bath in the sweet Annie weed water.
Replied by Sue
Where do you get pokeweed?

Posted by cara (Seattle, Washington) on 06/07/2009

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  help for morgellons I am so happy to find this site! I started my first week with the salt (1/4 tsp 2 times a day,borax 1/8 a tsp 2times a day in water) and my lesions are almost cured! No one seems to have posted yet about citrus mouthwash, I soak cotten pads in it and tie to my face with a bandana, it pulls the surface critters out. I don't find a difference in the different brands and haven't tried regular mouthwash. This alone is a godsend. I really use a lot of bag balm on my skin. The first time I used it, it made them start crawrling horribly and I had to jump in the shower, it was horrible, so be careful. Also, be careful with raw garlic, the first time I used it I had 911 abdominal pain. How do you access the weekly prayer meeting? Thanks to all contributers to this site, I'm the new kid on the block!

EC: One of the options when you sign up for our newsletter is the weekly prayer/meditation group: An email goes out every Friday or Saturday for that particular group...

Posted by Nan (Austin, Texas) on 03/19/2009

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  In the neverending search for a cure from this "thing", I've done a little checking on some of the cures. All evidence points to the fact that ionic silver is the new standard in silver...Phd's and researchers have found that it works far better than particular (colloidal) silver and that particularly in the stomach when it runs into hydrochloric acid...the ionic works much better. So I'm going to continue on with the seems to help. I also used some aloe vera gel on my face it worked really great and then put on scalp too. Seemed to kill most things or at least bring to surface so I could get rid of them. Try this. I also broke down and bought [cats claw]...had been using Cats Claw for a couple weeks and it helped but not enough. I did notice a difference with the [cats claw], seemed to slow these critters down quite a bit more than the cats claw and generally feel pretty good on has so many health benefits it can't hurt when we have all this garbage going on in our body dropping who knows what toxins inside of us. I started with 5 drops in a small glass of water half hour before meal. We are suppose to have [cats claw] for 12 days and then 12 days off, etc. with something else inbetween. I also take garlic with any food I shouldn't be eating just so they can't enjoy it. Am also back to taking a wormwood, black walnut, clove combo. Thing is this...this isn't going away in two weeks. Most people don't give any particular protocol long enough to work. It may take 6 mos to a year to get rid of this. So don't give up too early, if you see improvement keep at it.

EC: Sorry, had to remove a brand name from this post...

Posted by Kara (Milwaukee, WI) on 02/16/2009

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  morgellons: Been trying the shotgun approach latelly and have seen some definite improvements...seems to be killing off the smaller ones...don't feel in eyes lately so vision improving...

Taking Cats Claw 2x per day, considering 3x per day at 500 mg ea...suppose to be working the best...want to try Samento though that is cCats Claw w/o TOA which improves its performance - but costs 2x as much. also 2 doses daily of Black Walnut Green Hull, Garlic 1500 mg considering going 2x daily on this...also taking Olive Leaf Extract 1-2x a day, Colloidal Silver AM & PM, considering adding a 3rd dose, 1/4 tsp baking soda in water 2x day w/tsp apple cider vinegar. Combination Green Tea, Goji and Ginger (Ginger is said to dissolve worm eggs) 2-3x daily, taking high quality vitamin/mineral I prefer Vitamin World's Green Vitamin, the best I've so far. Plain yogurt adds back flora to the digest tract...While these things haven't disappeared, they do seem weakened - have been on this protocol for less than a weak and feel there is a die-off, but the larger worms will take longer to kill. At night I use tea tree oil, a little oil and hydrogen peroxide with a dab of hand soap to mix these together. I put it all over my body and wrap with glad wrap to keep on all night long - I get good sleep w/this technique, but you need to take garlic before sleep so it drives them to the skin otherwise they just dig into the body to get away from it. Happy Hunting!

Posted by NN (Dallas, Tx) on 02/07/2009

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  In frustration I've decided to attack these buggers with all I have...they do seem to fight back even harder when you attack them though...kind of scary! But here goes, what seems to work...

Cats Claw...saw definite improvement when I started using this the other day, they were becoming quite strong and I needed to try something so this definately pushed them back....they say the alcohol tincture is stronger and that the Samento (Cats Claw w/the TOA taken out which makes it better but much more expensive)...

They say Echinacea works well with Cats Claw and it is an insecticide may kill those bugs...I'm taking Super Echinacea (has all 3 Echinaceas in one tincture)

Also taking Apple Cider Vinegar tabs daily

Black Walnut & Clove & Wormwood wormer...available everywhere

Neem also kills lots of bugs

Olive Leaf Extr or Pau d'Arco are both great antifungals, antivirals and more

Colloidal Silver

Salt/Peroxide Baths I also add some aromatherapy to bubble bath and throw in: Lemon, Eucalyptus, a little clove, lavendar and there are others that are good for parasites

Ginger, Ginsent, Green Tea

Also Garlic tabs...Im taking 1500 mg daily

Silica homeopathic is good for clearing things out of the skin

Nat Phos homeopathic is good for alkalinity worms thrive in acid states

Eat lots of eggs...has sulphur in and is good for adrenals (stress)

Arsenicum Alba homeopathic I have read will cure cutaneous larva migrans, skin maggots and other similar parasites so might work in right dose

Take good quality vitamin I use Vitamin Worlds Green Multi pretty good...keep you healthy while your body is under this attack

Magnesium 500 mg daily

Also taking Sulphur homeopathic 6C 2x daily

1/4 tsp baking soda in glass of water 2x day