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Morgellons Remedies

Last Modified on Oct 20, 2014

Multiple Remedies   1  1   

Posted by Pam (Waco, TX) on 01/31/2009

[NAY]  Have anyone on this site dealt with Morgellons? I can't find medical help and am getting more and more ill daily. I am using Oregano Oil, Tumeric, have tried MSM with no help, taking baths in peroxide and salt. If you have any other suggestions that have worked for you PLEASE reply. Thanks

Posted by Lea
Enterprise, Al
diet is important--you must cut sugars and carbs out of your diet.including fruit. i only eat white rice and brown rice, eggs, meat, veggies and salads. it helps your condition. yes, this diet is important. please try this. you should see an improvement and it helps the immune system.

Posted by Casey (Denver, CO/USA) on 12/21/2008

[WORKED TEMPORARILY]  I am not cured. I am better on some things. I tried the salt and C with regular salt and nothing happened. I have not found salt tablets, the company apparently went belly up. I got rid of the sores with peroxide and salt. I can't stay on the diet, but it does improve things for the few weeks I can do it. For a number of symptoms I use chuan xin lian, 4.00 at the vietnamese herbal store. Just chuan xin lian, not the mixture with other herbs. 4 pills 3x daily. It is an antiviral,antibiotic. The Chinese use it for spirochete diseses like leptospirosis and syphilis. Peroxide baths:1 large Wal-Mart peroxide plus 1salt container full. I think both are roughly 32 ounces. I had large sores that wouldn't heal and joint pain; vision problems, respiratory problems, fatigue,bouts of violence,depression, problems thinking,concentrating, memory,and I get lost in places I should know. I use coconut oil to moisturize after the baths, and black specs come out of my skin. Once whole black threads and tarry gunk came out after a bath; I wiped this off with paper towel and threw it away. I am pretty sure I got this from bedding.

Neem   0  0   

Posted by Lance Gumtz (National City, California) on 06/29/2009

Morgellons is not a disease it is a parasite, round worm it effects people in poor health and a high fungal load in the body. It really likes fungus so you need to wash with neem soap, or any other soap that removes bacteria. Then you need to take neem leaf it stops people dogs and cats and blood sucking bugs like scabies, body lice fleas and round worm from reproducing no more eggs.......If it cant produce then it wont spread. It takes a while for the neem leaf to get into your blood. Then you need to take msm (sulfur) it keeps parasites from being able to cling to your intesines walls. Then you need to take humana worm parasite killing herbs. Then i would also add worm wood it is known for killing parasites. Then you need to take clove it kills any eggs dead. You should really look into neem and all the wonderful things it can do its amazing...... some people use it as birth control.

Posted by Philip
Dearing, GA
Lance failed to mention amounts to be given and how often. There is alot great information here on earth clinic, but SO many of the post are incomplete. Precise directions are not given, leaving us to having to guess or experiment. Please....if you are posting something on this site, explain it to us like we are 6 years old (i.e. dosage, how often, and for how long).

Neem Oil   1  0   

Posted by Mimi (Wi) on 06/14/2014

Morgellons: I have an update on this condition... latest discovery is NEEM SEED OIL - can buy online in large bottles fairly reasonably...mix it with some liquid dishwashing soap (Dawn, etc.) just enough soap to emulsify the neem so it will blend into your bath water (by the way this is a neat trick to make any oil blend w/water)... /for some reason it makes the water feel so silky... I love it... But they don't like it and that's the best part... I also add into this mixture 5 drops Lavendar Oil, 5 drops Eucalyptus, 5 drops Peppermint Oil, 3 drops Clove Oil, 3 drops Cinnamon Bark Oil, and Tea Tree Oil - I use quite a bit of TTO - to use to suit.... after you have emulsified this, mix in w/bath water... and then mix neem in with shampoo and add one drop ea oil and wash hair, leave in while bathing... I take one hour baths... soothes and also weakens... If that's not enough, then put Neem Oil straight or with a drop of the other oils if needed all over body - you can put plastic wrap all over so it doesn't wipe off on clothes, sheets, etc. if you wish... The NEEM on the skin definately weakens them... This should harm both worms and insects and other things like viruses, bacteria, fungal, etc. Neem is great... I've been putting it on my skin for 3 days now and what a difference... they barely move now. Good luck with this. These will also go in your eyes... Echinacea is suppose to kill bugs so you might use SUPER ECHINACEA herb drops by Herb Pharm... and/or drink Echinacea Tea... Also Ginger is another one... I drink Ginger Tea all the time to keep my digestive tract healthy... it does a lot of things too... you can also take Ginger Extract Tablets.

Try these... see what you think... Good luck and God Bless!

Posted by Las1968 (Clearfield Co, PA) on 06/03/2009

[YEA]  I have so many of the symptoms of Morgellons, which started approx. 3 yrs. ago. Coincidently, I'e read where alot of peoples symptoms started about 3 yrs. ago give or take. Sometimes I debate within myself, if what I've been going through is Morgellons, or a tiny (rare) bloodfluke, or other rare parasite that the med doctors are just too cocky, uncaring and just plain DAMN lazy to try and figure out(they have better to do), so they rather make me feel like an ass----- or want me to think that I'm going out of my head, when I know damn well that i'M not HALLUCINATING, because I've showed my "matchbox collection" to several people and they'd never seen anything like this. I wonder how the MD's would like it or how they would feel if they had their side of their face swell up and on that same side of their face, one tooth at a time switching to a different tooth after a couple of days hurting with the most horrendous pain?

Then, getting white stringlike things out. The same looking things every time, sofar, only to hear FOOD PARTICLES. Well, Dr. Z., if you are reading this: FOOD PARTICLES MY A--!!!!!!!!!!!!Dear God knows I would never wish this on anyone, but YOU and every other selfish rude half assed dr. that ever made any of us feel crazy or ashamed, need to have this for only one day (and no more) and to feel what myself and all these other poor sufferers are going through. I bet you all would change your tunes fast. If you can't diagnose us why cant you just say that you dont know, insted of humilating us ? Is it because maybe yous are feeling humilated since we got you "stumped"? We re already suffering physically, so the brutal words only add to the fire. Any doctor should know that ones mental state can have an effect on healing, and you's sure as hell arent ones for giving out words of encouragement. Well, every dog has their day, and until yous get some compassion, you need to rethink whether or not you should use the title of DOCTOR. What happened to the hippocratic (sp?) oath? Did it change to "If we don't know whats wrong with you, we say SCREW IT, youre crazy". Seems so to me and all who do that can go straight to hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Are their any honorable doctors out there? I know their are a few (I'VE yet to meet 'em), but this ,then, evidently, dosen't pertain to you, and you have all my respect.

Anyways, I use Neem. 1/2 tsp. measured in a little cup that you get with your coughsyrup. It is Neem tree tincture (ratio 1:5) 1/2 tsp. 3 times daily evenly spaced apart as possible. It tastes horrible. you can mix it with some water. But as horrible as it tastes, if it kills whatever I have, it's worth it.

Neurocutaneous Syndrome   0  0   

Posted by Vinny (Atlanta, Georgia) on 06/05/2012

Hi Guys! I would like to inform you of Dr Omar Amin, a Parasite Specialist based in Scottsdale AZ, who has been working with many patients who show signs of Morgellons Disease. Dr Amin has submitted many publications and my guess is due to the negativity and silly conspiracy theories, he has labeled this Neurocutaneous Syndrome. He published a PPT during a conference in front of many doctors illustrating similarity in symptoms of NCS/Morgellons (including Fibers) and states it is not caused by parasites! That's right, not parasites but he states toxins that then brings about fungi, bacteria, severe nerve damage that causes nerves to misfire, which causes the lesions leaving the person a victim of Arthorpod Infestation! Though many of his patients have had dental work, it still should be relevant to you.

His patients either ingested high levels of mercury (Heavy Metal) and/or were allergic to certain chemcials; They were Zinc Oxide (found in many skin creams), Sulfa based drugs - sulfanomides (Please watch out for Bactrim as its a sulfa drug - There's a website advertising using this - it really did a number on me and my crawling sensations went on overdrive and I went from 7. 2 Urine PH to 6.2 in one day! ), Sulfites (Dont worry, MSM & DMSO are derived from sulfur, natural mineral so you can still use these), Titanium Dioxide (be careful if you shop at GNC, they lots of products now with T. D), Eugenol (Cloves, Cinnamon, and Wormwood have Eugenol so if I were you, say goodbye to Dr Clark Parasite Cleanse), and Calcium Hydroxide.

Dr Amin has a protocol available that comprises of Vitamins/minerals, Homeopathy, and Lymph Drainage Massage and has cured close to 60 people.

Please be advised a lot of the symptoms for NCS/Morgellons are due to Vitamin B Deficiency! Yes, that's right! .. The sensitivity to light, brain fog/loss of memory, crawling/tingling sensations, muscle spasms.. Etc are due to Vit B deficiency (though not the root cause). As soon as I took Vitamin B12 (form of Methylcobalamin, dont take another type of form - this one is the best one), crawling/tingling sensations drastically decreased. I have at least 4-5mg/day plus Vit B Complex (Dont waste your money on synthetic vitamins) Vit B1 that you should consider is Benfotiamine; This way its properly absorbed by your system

Magnetic Pulsing cured my joint pain I had within 2 days of pulsing 1-2min/day. Good magnetic pulsers are on eBay by Zapper Barney output at 17k gause.

My diet is low-carb vegetarian diet and no sugar (only when its a negligable amount I will take like in soups... but no more than 6g/day). My avg Urine PH is about 7.2-7.3 and my Salvia PH is about 7.3

Also if you are sensitive to Electro-magnetic fields (i. e microwaves, computers, or TVs), consider ePendant from eWater.

Also one thing that is working for me is Ted's recommendation of Sodium Bicarbonate. I take it everyday (dont add lime/lemon juice as it Sulfite) and 3x/week with 1/2 Borax 30 drops of H2H20 (be careful on your in take of Borax, start off slow as Ted advises).

It's too early to tell but I use Sea Buckthorn. Please consider if you are tired of spending money on those Borax/Epsom salt baths. It got to a point where I just had to stop wasting money on useless crap like this for bathing (though I recommend it for the first 4-6 weeks). Also please consider Far Infrared treatment (i.e. Far Infrared Sauna by Therasage that offers very low EMF output, no chemicals, and superb quality). I really hope this information is helpful! I am healing quite rapidly I feel. It seems I have had the nerve damage ever since I was small - Because it wasnt intense and because I got it at a small age (I am 27 now), I thought this was a normal thing to experience (tingling/crawling). I only found out 10 weeks ago what I had when I put essential oils on my body and bugs came out. It freaked me out!

Please be sure to research Dr Omar Amin's publications and try what you feel goes with your intuition re the above advice. Again I am rapidly healing from this. I wish you the very best!

Oak Gallnuts   1  0   

Posted by petersen (ft laudedale, florida) on 09/15/2007

[YEA]  Hi, I would like to post this comparison I've seen between what is known as Morgellon Disease. What I have noticed is that Morgellon Disease seems to be a mite and also a fungus or bacteria. It is not unknown to the government nor is it new to doctors or botanist.

Okay have you ever heard about "Oak Gallnuts"? Gallnuts are nuts that grow on many different type of trees mainly in China. The important part of the gallnut formation is the parasite or insect that stings the nut and help it form this cyst like crust. There are different types of insects that sting these nuts ex: wasp. I believe that the government was intrigued by this union that they tested and studied these trees or plants. This is because many of the trees or plants that produce these nuts are actually the natural herbs that kills or stop the formation of parasites in and on your body (morgellon's disease). There are many different gall nuts that's why there are different forms of this disease. If you study the different types you will find that these nuts produce the tannin that kills the symptoms that works relief for you. Funny how the CDC was not aware of this disease and there is no cure for it. That is because the cures are the natural herbs and the drug companies don't consider natural products medicine. Examples of this is alum (found in arid extra dry), black walnut hull (kills parasites) tea tree oil (astringent), cedar and pine trees there are many more. Mainly whatever gives you release for morgellons have plant or tree that are stung by these parasites or insects. So the government studied and alter this process and made stronger versions of this and used it against parasites in water, on plants and so forth. So we drink the water and eat the plants and wear clothing that have been altered with this. Some of the nuts do not break down completely but are what is called "polymers" (sounds like cotton or fibers to me). The nuts look exactly like the cyst that many people suffer with. The glucose in the nut is what helps with the cystic formation. Gallnut tannin are used to make ink and used to emboss leather. How I see it is if you locate what symptoms you are having and connect it to a plant or tree tannin is being used you will be cured after a period of time on those herbs.

Olive Leaf and Pantothenic Acid   1  0   

Posted by Karen on 12/17/2007

[YEA]  Will you please post this handling for Morgellon's which makes sufferers so miserable?

My nutritionist/chiropractor did muscle testing on me. I touched the worst Morgellon sore on my ankle and I tested positive for Olive Leaf extract (6 daily) and for Pantothenic Acid (also 6 daily). These are a very good remedy, not expensive and did the job in 3 days. I also put vitamin E directly on the sores. Such a relief! Olive Leaf extract is anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungual. - a 2000 year-old natural remedy. Check it out!

Posted by Jayne
London, Uk
I know this is a very old post, but how much olive leaf extract did you take? I have ordered some of this, then noticed your post. I'm glad it worked for you. I don't have great hopes for it as nothing has worked well so far, but willing to try if I can find the correct dosage. Thanx.

Peppermint Oil   0  0   

Posted by Izzy3 (Vero Beach, Fl.) on 01/03/2010

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  Am a long time sufferer of Morgellons, if they are in your ears try a dab of Peppermint oil on the outer ear, never put down in the ear and keep off your fingers, should you rub your eye it can sting badly, use Qtip or cotton ball, I also buy the Peppermint extract in the baking section and use a capful in my wash with the borax. Be very careful using Pantothenic Acid ( B 5 ) I may have done permenant damage to myself overdosing on it, research it first online and you will see that the body needs very little, and they sell it in high doses, high mg. It can cause wheezing and shortness of breath, which if your lucky goes away, but you are left with tingling in the feet etc.Cats Claw needs to be researched well also, we all want to get well , but self medicating can be lethal be careful and if possible talk to a doctor about doses of anything your not sure of. Mentholated body powders are a great help on the sheets in order to sleep, they do not like it ! God Bless and remember to share safe remedies.

Posted by Sue
Vermillion, Ohio
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I have the morgellons on my eyelids and have found chapstick a relief, for some reason it is so thick they can't move too much, and the tried the peppermint burt bees chapstick and it stings for 1 minute then gave me good relief. It works for a time but if I stop using it they come back.

Petroleum Jelly   1  0   

Posted by Matthew75 (Winter Park,fl) on 05/30/2014

[YEA]  Hello my name is Matthew I have had Morgellions for 2yrs. My story is identical to the hundreds u have probably read by now online and in the news. I have tried numerous home remedies and RX medicines mostly topical in nature with not much success. To make matters worse at least mentally I live 6 miles from Lake Mary, Florida where the "DISEASE" was named. I have stumbled upon something I thought it necessary to announce as a huge victory in the fight to a cure to this GOD AWFUL PLAGUE. These things we feel are real and I can make them show them selves at will.

The most important I have been working on a regiment to wipe them off and out of my body. Petroleum Jelly is my recommendation for all who suffer. The first step is to basically saturate your body similar to frosting a cake. Second wait 10 minutes and the magic starts to happen I had 100,000 of small things race out of my skin in order to escape certain death through lack of oxygen (this is my theory at least). I have tried this harmless remedy on my 2 children as well as 3 friends who suffer with absolutely success. PLEASE TRY THIS YOU WILL FEEL LIKE A NEW PERSON. let me know how this works and with any luck we can put and end to our suffering and stick it to the CDC the founders of GRID and cigarets that don't cause cancer untill 1990's.

Posted by Timh
1293 Posts
Matt: Great to hear your healing testimony. This makes me think of the old timers remedy for Mange, Scabies, Lice, Tics, and Fleas on pets or livestock ---Motor Oil.
Posted by Rebel
Somewhere Usa
Mathew you may want to start slowly with some cayenne pepper about 30,000 to 40,000 heat unit internally as well as the petroleum jelly.

I was able to make something come out of my forearms for many years. Not sure it was morgellons. It was black pepper mites, I think. They looked like black pepper. I could rub them out with different kinds of oil. I started taking cayenne for some reason and took it for several weeks working my way up in the amount.

Then one day when rubbing my arms I noticed when I rubbed with the oil the specks of black were no longer coming out. This might help with your condition as well. Start as low as 1/16th Teaspoon and work your way up.

Posted by Kate
Washington, DC
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Thanks for the tip. How old are your kids? And how did you rinse off all the petroleum jelly?

Reader Theories   1  0   

Posted by Laurie (Sayward, Canada) on 03/22/2007

[YEA]  Seems we have lots of skin conditions going around....another SILENT EPIDEMIC happening is Morgellons.... The CDC has been warned by the ones infected (NOT the doctors???) something serious was happening to the people and they have done NOTHING to help us....

My husband was infected 13 years ago 1993 the chemical plant he worked for introduced NANO sized microbes into the waste water treatment plant to cleanup the sludge in the waste water.....near Freepport, Texas one of the hot spots for this disease...imagine that!!

There were NO SAFETY PROCEDURES in place for the maintenance/mechanical workers working around these microbes and working on the equipment needed for the open pit digestros and blowers....

After finding out from media information May 2006, we did our own people research and when we located several co-workers from my husband's crew were all sickened with Morgellons symptoms....and quite a list of symptoms I might add....Morgellons symptoms for your review....

Since then my husband being infected from his job site has now infected me and our pets and WE have infected other family members and close contact co-workers and friends....once infected you CAN infect others....this is an infectious disease.

These NANO sized microbes and there were 5-6 different parasites and bacteria MANipulated to do a we believe there are different varities of Morgellons just depends on what microbes you came into contact with as each batch was designed for that particular sludge in that wastewater different wastewater treatment plants have different recipes of microbes....and these same microbes have been used for oil and chemical spills and other types of environmental issues and also in pesticides...the real kicker is these NANO sized microbes have been used for 25-30 years now and all I see is disease....disease in humans, pets, wildlife and plants....anthing that comes into contact with these microbes becomes fact Morgellons is killing our cold blooded animals at an alarming rate.....and has been reported in many pets like cats, dogs, horses and is being considered as a major player in the BEE CRISIS we are experiencing across the country....and is responsible for the disappearance of frogs across the country....and we believe is responsible for the dead zones in our oceans and the cause of much of the mass wildlife deaths recently growing in the past few years....

In one year the number of registered households has risen.....March, 2006 - 1,250-1,200 to 9,592 March, 2007..... this is households.....the number for indiviuals is that much higher.....many many households report the whole family infected including their pets....many still do not know of Morgellons or do and are in denial, or misdiagnosed into other categories depending on symptoms so this count is mild compared to the real count that is out there.....

This disease creates skin rashes and lesions that can spread easily if scratched and opened and take sometimes years to one is immune from this disease it is reported in people 0-100 years old and in 15 nations and growing.....

This disease takes time and time it has had.....25-30 years of MANipulating microbes (parasites and bacteria) and setting them free across this great land of ours....and now they have had time to reproduce in our environment and once infected you can now infect others....

I suggest you familiarize yourself with a disease that will become a household name very soon....called Morgellons....

I call this the BLUNDER OF THE CENTURY...

This disease is very real and spreading like wildfire....

Posted by Brook
Knoxville, Tn
She is correct -- these are NANO-bots created by man. It's like Godzilla -- except on a microscopic scale. These NANO bots have a hive intelligence -- which is why they fight back even harder when you try and get rid of them.

This is another man-made disaster the geniuses who casued it and approved it don't want to admit. It's time to lawyer-up and get legal, folks. This is a tobacco-sized lawsuit waiting to happen, and there are pleny of lawyers willing to take this on. Politicians and "officials" are doing nothing. Only money talks and a multi-billion dollar lawsuit will start getting some action.

Posted by Deb
Valdosta, Ga
I could not believe what I have been going through the past three years. It is like living a horror movie. Thank God I have a doctor that knew something about it. Together we are try to find a cure. I did however find out that using 20mule borax in a bowl with a wash cloth with little water as a scrub to wash with in the bath. After using pure glycerine all over except the hair, for it will make your hair fall out, was clearing up the skin part. It may be uncomfortable because the glycerine is like syrup, but it does seem to heal the lesions and sores.

The only thing is the inside needs to be healed. Drink Ionized water, do not drink spring water and only fresh food, eat like they ate 100 years ago. Do not eat any processed foods, I have heard and read that it is in these items as well. I started having symptoms in 2008. Thought that it was caused by the gastrographen I drink and the MRI. It started the day after. But I was told by my physician that Florida is loaded with Morgellons and I had been to Florida often before the MRI. I do know what you are going through, one comment that my physician said is that the cure for this is probably going to be found by the patient. Everyone trying different things, bound to hit the perfect solution. Keep your faith in God and a positive outlook the best you can, I wish all of you with this awful, nightmare will be cured soon. I pray for you all.

Posted by Kk
Seattle, Wa
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I've had symptoms described before, like something crawling on my body, face, legs, hair, everywhere. It would happen all of the sudden and I would jerk to reach to scratch it and the sensation that something was still there would not disappear. I've had sores from scratches too. Some cloths would cause more itchiness then others. Of cause doctors I saw (dermatologist, infectious disease, internists) were useless. I started taking PARA 90 deworming course on my own. The crawling sensation on the skin disappeared with the course. Also I did zapper few times during the same time. I have other issues at the present time but no crawling sensations on the skin so far.
Posted by Kk
Seattle, Wa
I forgot to mention that I also did Hydrogen Peroxide baths (food grade or regular Hydrogen peroxide). It also gave me quite a relief in itchiness and crawling sensation. It probably killed all mites on my skin.
Posted by Karen K
Columbus, Oh
For those of you who are not familiar with Cliff Carnicom's research, it's worth googling his videos and checking out his site at Carnicom Institute. Whether or not you believe in chemtrails, aerosolized crimes, global weather control, etc. , the man has a wealth of research and a VERY good protocol for putting this dreaded condition into a sort of "remission. " Mind you, it is not a cure, but a way to live with this crap while we all wait for more answers. All of our symptoms are gone for the moment.

He recommends a combination of n-acetyl cysteine, L-carnosine, Vitamin C and whey protein. Sounds too good to be true? Try it. Similar protocol to the one Mr. Common Sense used with success. You have to do some research to come up with the right combinations, but this is the ONLY thing that has worked for us. We had severe skin involvement, slime, parasites, and neurologic problems. ALL of them have resolved.

In addition, you have to clean up your environment and your body's bioterrain through clean eating and good nutrition. If you are willing to make these changes AND take the above mentioned supplements to repair your immune system, you WILL see good results.

Red Chicken Mite Vs Morgellons   0  0   

Posted by Sharon (Tampa) on 05/15/2014

Morgellons: To all the sufferers of this parasite, I, too have suffered for 7 years. I was lucky, as l caught it from my mother, who had sent off a sample to the University of Texas entomology dept.and found out it is definitely a red chicken mite. If you research mites, you find they have 4 stages, egg, larva, larva molt, adult. The larva is white and soft bodied. the larva molt is a little firmer and white and does the crawling, while the adult mite is white(unless it has fed) and hard like a speck of salt. That explains some of the confusion people are having over what they are fighting. Many insects have several stages to reach adulthood. The eggs are laid under the skin. Almost impossible to see except on darker clothing, or in bright sunlight as they are less than a speck of pepper in size. These mites live in the pores of your skin, lay eggs every 5-7 days, and the eggs hatch out in 3-4 days. And they are longer-lived than the scabies mite, some of them surviving as long as 9 months without a blood meal. The icky part is that as the females eat their way onto your skin to lay eggs, poop collects in their tunnels that they use to travel (yes they poop), hence the black, blue, and green "fibers". An entomologist can help you with info. They create a nest where they live and breed, hence the pimple-like appearance. There is much good info online about mite life cycles, and also, is helpful to learn what you are battling.

Red Wine Vinegar and Garlic Tablets   1  0   

Posted by Anita (Old FORT, N.C.) on 03/17/2007

[YEA]  Morgellons Disease, MRSA: red wine vinegar, 1 tablespoon a day, for 3 or 4 weeks. Also garlic softgels,1000mg, 1 day a week, take five. The garlic might also be used for MRSA. This is what I use for all of my family, we do not go to doctors.

Posted by Dana
Oakland Ca
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Thumbs way up! Way to Keep it real and hold it down! I'm on 3,000 mg garlic 3 times daily. the little buggers are hanging on. I'll get the red wine vinegar but I don't like the taste :/ but he'll, I don't like morgellons either! Thanks for the tip.

Remedies Needed   0  1   

Posted by Dana (Oakland, CA) on 10/08/2014

Please help me. I miss my family so much I can't stop crying. I am very ill. And severely depressed. im confused by what I'm reading maybe because of the brain fog. Please send me any cure for this horrible affliction. I am so desperate and ill. Some say there is none, only treatments. Is this true? This is a very sad day indeed. I have written many notes and gotten no response. Perhaps you will be the first?

I'm a registered nurse to and having a terrible time with morgellons. Please help.

thank you

Posted by Prioris
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Skin parasites dislike citric acid and salt. Try taking lemon and wiping across skin multiple times a day for a few days and see what happens. You could buy citric acid from pharmacy and make your own strength. You could do the same with salt water. You could put salt in bath. For fibers, they can be more protective so may require DMSO so it can penetrate.
Posted by Jasmine
Vero Beach, Fl
Hello Dana, I am very sorry for your suffering. I pasted below some previous threads, by Ted regarding Morgellons. It is a lot to read, I know, but I feel this will help immensely. Please let us know your outcome, and best wishes to you.

Treating Morgellons Disease with Borax

08/08/2013: DC from Anon: Dear Ted, Firstly, thank you for saving my life. In January of this year, I hosted an international student who arrived with prick marks on her arms and intense itching. We were both treated for 3 months for scabies, using, sulphur, clove, permethrin and ivermectin to no avail. I was getting new symmetrical rashes every 3 days in different parts with maddening itching. My cat also got it. They also penetrated my tongue. I lost more than half of my hair and lost 30 lbs, quit work, discarded all furnishings, saw multiple doctors who wanted to give me antipsychotic drugs!

Then I found earth clinic and your borax cure. Thank God for you and your generous healing heart. After two days, I bathed and the tub was lined with black specks. I felt cured within a month and so was my poor cat who was given selamectin every two weeks at the vet... they didn't believe me so I brought him home and gave him borax and shaved him and sprayed him with enzymes... he was covered in black specks.

So I have been taking borax for about two months now, but my hair is still falling out in handfuls every day. I wonder if they are on my scalp still and perhaps there isn't enough blood circulation to take the borax there? Also, most worrying, is that I go to places that are infested and I immediately feel the pin pricks, so I can never stop borax? I have been feeling a dull ache in my left side and I am worried about my kidney. I am a 44 yr. old female and both my mother and her mother died of kidney cancer. I am taking so many supplements plus hydrogen peroxide 35% 5 drops a day, plus borax and baking soda. I just don't know how they got on my tongue again... maybe they just went dormant? I was feeling so great for about a month but I am aware of the re-infestation when I go to the grocery store bank. I live on the outskirts of Toronto. Some people seem to be immune. Sometimes I feel them in my nose and notice others noses being bothered while some people have no reaction. I have lost all nose hair, but the hair on my head is most upsetting, however shallow that sounds.

I feel like you are the only one who can help me regain my life and have started thinking about coming to Thailand to see you but it is so far and so expensive and I have lost so much already and have no income or family. Do you have a clinic? Do you ever make trips to North America? There are no words to express my gratitude to you. How can it be that you are the only one on the planet to understand this plague? Is this morgellons? Why is the entire medical community in the dark?

I know you are so busy healing so many but I pray you can help me with this. Most important question is if I can stay on borax forever? I am also taking fish oil and vitamin B and biotin and magnesium chloride and C, and zinc, and iodine. I am just wondering if I am hurting my kidney. I can never find the same place on earth clinic so I wrote to you personally so I don't miss your reply.

God bless you dear Parhatsathid. Because of you I know there are angels among us.

08/09/2013: DC replies: Thank you Ted for your prompt and very informative reply. Please educate the world about this plague.

So, if they are internal, I must only continue borax and H202? And ETDA and ammonium chloride external only?

Very interesting about skin.....I have polycystic ovarian syndrome and have had oily skin all my life!

Also what is the connection with schizophrenia? Is it a coincidence that my father was schizophrenic? ( I am not).

I had my house treated with high heat (150 degrees for four hours), the same treatment used for bedbugs and the pinpricks inside my house and crawling sensation in front of the computer subsided, so high heat does also kill them, but is very costly.

I have asked so many doctors and veterinarians is there is a new mite that is not species specific and they all said "no". Nobody believed that my cat and I were both suffering from the same thing. I had a successful dog walking business for 12 years and I quit in order to protect the dogs from me. But my clients asked their vets and were told I am crazy. Even my own family doctor wanted to admit me to a psychiatric facility because I was almost suicidal and she thought I was crazy for taking borax. I begged her to admit me to an infectious disease hospital but she said no. I finally saw Dr Keystone at Toronto General Hospital (leading infectious disease specialist), but I was already much improved with Borax and told him everything... he said he didn't know what this is, maybe morgellons, but he was the only one to tell me to continue to borax since it was working and had heard others success with it. At least he validated my sanity, but I will never see a western dr again.

Many blessings to you, Ted."

08/26/2013: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "This Morgellon's is all over the world, That is all I know; however, it is not recognized until it is epidemic. The problem appears to be the disease cannot be recognized by conventional means. So they can escape detection if people are not trained to look for it, like the movie, Minority Report. However, you can detect them by collecting samples in plastic petri dishes (they tend to grow all over) from the head, or dead ones by killing them with EDTA and ammonium chloride in the bathroom. Insects spreads them, but they don't seem to be found in Morgellon's in every case, but insects like Morgellon's as they live symbiotically with a fungus by helping to lay eggs. For example a mosquito lays her eggs in water, but to ensure larvae grows, spores of fungus are needed to grow before larvae grows. By controlling the growth of fungus in the water, this will prevent the spread of mosquitoes and Morgellon's. I think this is common knowledge but we are not trained to recognize this.

So, if they are internal, I must only continue borax and H202? And ETDA and ammonium chloride external only?

Continue with borax and H2O2, it will also reduce polycystic ovarian syndrome. EDTA and ammonium chloride can be sprayed on the body and outside also. It can be taken internally, but the dose is much less, and concentration is different if taken internally.

Very interesting about skin... I have polycystic ovarian syndrome and have had oily skin all my life!

Borax, PABA, inositol and EDTA will help reduction, but not pressing issue.

Also what is the connection with schizophrenia? Is it a coincidence that my father was schizophrenic? ( I am not).

I actually cured three cases of schizophrenia last month alone by simply getting rid of the fungus. This is why the schizophrenic spends a long time in the bathroom taking bath as a result of this internal heat and have frequent skin issues. Not all Morgellon's cases have schizophrenic co-disorders, but if Morgellon's overgrowth to the point of fungus invading internally especially the brain you can create schizophrenia, especially if the immune system is also low, by eating lots of sugar and fried foods. This however doesn't apply to obsessive compulsive condition.

The best way to kill these Morgellons mites that doesn't cost a lot (such as for those in the third world country such as where I am living), I would prefer to use diatomaceous earth.


08/09/2013: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: I wonder if they are on my scalp still and perhaps there isn't enough blood circulation to take the borax there?

The breeding grounds for Morgellon's is the head, falling of hair indicates some infections in the head. The other breeding ground is in the bathroom ceiling and maybe some other ceilings, but they like the moist bathrooms and plastics. Everyone has different electrostatic attractions, which these Morgellon's are attracted to. If anyone with Morgellon's tries to tell anyone about the conditions, that person will be improperly treated using anti psychotics or assumed to be crazy. The prime organs that the Morgellon's love varies from person to person, but are usually the liver, kidneys, head, skin, and tongue.

People with morgellons can feel the electrostatic attraction and hence can detect a room that has high risks, like electrostatic attraction of your hair on a winter day. So at least you know how to avoid those rooms.

Since they are attracted by electrostatic attraction, unscented fabric softener will protect you. There is another remedy which humans, cats, and dogs like which is ammonium chloride and I mix it with tetra sodium EDTA, in equal portion with 90% water as a disinfectant spray against morgellon's such as bedrooms, carpets, and bathrooms, especially ceilings will be helpful. Both schizophrenia and Morgellon's have similar symptoms and thus can be cured without the use of antipsychotics, there are more advanced methods, but I refrained for laypeople as it is hard to obtain. To prevent new reinfestations, always use this disinfectant spray on the body and the room. Yes borax and h2o2 works, but antiseptic spray also works but better as it lasts longer, and forms a dust to continue killing them as well, which can be used to protect the house. I think the level of hyaluronic acid varies greatly from one person to another, but dry skin indicates less hyaluronic acid is not helping, it makes it worse by attracting Morgellon's. Dead ones have black specks, active ones have red specks, and will be attracted to a person of dry skin or lack of hyaluronic acid.

Other things I found that helps besides, Borax, H2O2, ammonium chloride and tetrasodium EDTA, myristin which is used in treatment of arthritis, but also helps against morgellon's too. If you have the complete protocol you should get control of your life. For hair loss just mix maybe sodium molybdate a pinch, ammonium chloride, borax and EDTA. People with Morgellon's disease should use only tetrasodium EDTA solution (up to you how much concentration) as a soap and shampoo, always start with the head going down the body if you want to get rid of it, and always at least disinfect the bathroom and bedroom with the antiseptic spray before use. This should kill them and make them visible, especially on the bathroom ceiling, by turning them into black specks, the active mother is red specks, the active but not the mother one should not be visible and the head and ceiling are prime breeding sites. Hoteliers should be aware of this fact or they faced people never going into hotels ever again, as Morgellon's is slowly but surely infesting them, through airplanes, buses, especially the hotels and motels. It's possible to detect easily by sensing electrostatic attraction and the methods of eradication is known already.


08/27/2013: Going, Going, Gone! From NC, USA replies: Ted, You rock. Our family got Morgellons after a bad lice infestation last summer. Your protocol absolutely does work.

I started using the Borax "mite" protocol--as outlined on Earth Clinic--at the beginning of July, so I lost a little time. Luckily I found this Q and A area and added the hydrogen peroxide to the Borax. Now that we have the internal drink "correct, " it is all systems go.

Hair: EDTA.

Disinfecting Spray: Ammonium Chloride, on sheets, in cars, etc.

Alkaline: We keep our systems above 7. 4 by drinking baking soda and water (1/2 tsp. ) several times a day. We test with strips, purchased from Amazon.

Per your updated info, we will now just spray ourselves with the disinfecting solution (and add EDTA). This will eliminate the Borax/hydrogen peroxide baths and application on the body. That's a good thing, because I literally feel like an addict scooping up boxes of Borax at the local Ace hardware. The manager thinks I'm a nut. lol.

I will write more in a few more weeks when our family is cured, but I wanted to add this about pets.

3 of 4 of our cats are infected. Baths in hydrogen peroxide and Borax only get part of the job done, so started adminstering Borax in a little bit of butter daily. The cats didn't mind it, but still, invariably black specks in bath--reduced--but not eliminated.

So, following your protocol and common sense, now give each 10 lb. cat 2 cc's of a Borax/hydrogen peroxide solution.

The key: The hydrogen peroxide must be 35 percent food grade! Add one drop to your 4 cups of water. Then take 1 tsp. Of the diluted hydrogen peroxide and mix with 1/8 tsp. Of borax per pet! Stir and suck up 2 cc's in a syringe. Administer once a day.

Now we have massive shedding of black fibres and red ones from the pets. I cover our sofas and bed with a white sheet so I can monitor the progress. Way to go, cats! They, too, are healing.

Normally I would also stick with the baths for our pets, but now that you mention the disinfecting agent--is that ok for a cat's coat in lieu of the borax/hydrogen peroxide baths? I will not apply without your say so--you may have meant their bedding only. And it's possible licking EDTA and the Ammonium Chloride mix could make them sick.

Readers, everything Ted mentions can be purchased on Amazon. Do not delay. This can and will be cured, for both yourselves and your beloved pets, if you stick with the protocol.


08/28/2013: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: You can prepare a spray for the dog or animals, yes, and not just for the bedding. First, you have to get the dog wet, not too wet, basically rinsed, but not dry. Then you spray lightly on the dog throughout the body. The area of the mouth and the dog's eyes cannot be sprayed, but cup of water, with a light spray of EDTA and ammonium chloride, on the cup, and apply it lightly in this area. Should there by any stinging sensation, then wash over with water in those areas. I also like mysritin, which is a powdered form used for treatment of arthritis, to work fairly well for Morgellon's also but EDTA, ammonium chloride will be the disinfectant spray. The borax and hydrogen peroxide works more deeper and is used first, on the dog.

This would be in lieu of the hydrogen peroxide/Borax baths. Yes, you always start with that then do you the spray.

Actually people can sense these Morgellon's mites, the feeling of a spider web on the skin even though it's not there. These things get infested slowly in public places such as airplanes, buses, bathrooms, hotels, apartments and of course people's homes but it can be easily stopped by making tetrasodium EDTA spray and ammonium chloride, 10% solution as a cleaning agent. A person with Morgellon's can easily detect these things but I don't actually get appreciated for my work in Thailand, as they try to close it down and me as well, as I don't follow their usual protocols. As a result I have to posts these things to the public otherwise these people will be improperly and needlessly treated wrong before a gag rule is in place.

Similarly tetrasodium EDTA and ammonium chloride can be saturated with water and used as drops to be taken internally to get rid of these also. The usual drops dosage is 10 drops after meals twice a day. This is considered a safe dose for most people. Morgellon's is actually not a popular topic and people get ostracized for being crazy and it will continue to spread if this spray is not used as a disinfectant.



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Fighting Scabies or Morgellon's Infestation

05/15/2013: Ray from Anon: Ted, my wife have been fighting what we believe to be scabies we had the feeling like something was running across nose & lower extremities. It has been 10 months and we never got scabs, just a little rash & itching. What we have tried: lindane stromectol help permithium before that. Next coconut oil & clove seem to help more. We are now using neem oil but we put on head to toe on 5th week. I added turmeric to enema a month or so ago and got alot of black pepper spots.

What I seem to get now is pin type sticking every once in awhile fingers toes occasionally I will see a few purple spots come to surface. I put clove oil on and next I will wipe them with clinic either wipe off or disappear slowly into hand. We also have been taking teaspoon of diatomaceous earth in orange juice & Milk. We have done borax and hydrogen peroxide baths. And with bleach we're seeing white & grey stuff coming out of us. Still feel occasional itch & pin pricks. Last bite was a few days ago. What is your cures should we stick with neem oil? What is correct way to use this? We haven't had sex in months. We didn't sleep n the same bed for six months we wash clothes daily sheets etc. My wife is bipolar so this alone has worn me down. I am almost 60 we need help please this is killing me.

Last few questions: did bleach bath only saw 1 grey larva float to top? Are they dead when they come out or can they go back in you? The black peppers when they come to top of body are they dead? I also see white dots are they dead?

Last why is the USA CDC not have a clue that lindane & permithium does not work or that they also tell people to go back to work & they are infecting others if they shake hands or hug or even get in there car? My friend called me said he is now itching all he did is shake hands quick hug and he rode in my car. Now he is treating himself with Tea tree oil peppermint & coconut oil Nut is not coconut oil like sugar don't the scabies thrive on sugar. Last what do you take to get them out of your blood for good? IS THERE ANY NEW CURE ANYONE IS WORKING ON IN YOUR COUNTRY INDIA AUSTRALIA BRAZIL MEXICO OR ANY OTHER COUNTRY I HEARD IN FRANCE THEY USE A SPRAY CALLED SPRECTAL BUT THEY CAN NOT SHIP IT TO THE STATES THEY SAY IT WORKS ?????


05/20/2013: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Your symptoms seem consistent with Morgellon's Disease. The tetra sodium edta I have tried (on myself) as shampoo and soap does work. Also myristin taken internally works against Morgellon's. A disinfectant of ammonium chloride 10% with 5% edta inactivates stray Morgellon's parasites found in bathroom ceilings and other places.


Posted by Dana
Oakland, Ca
13 Posts
Ohh, thank you so, so much. I have been miserable and hysterical. Also, overwhelmed and confused by all the information or lack thereof from western medicine, on this HORRIBLE plague. I cry every day for my family. I want to be held by my mother so badly but don't want to get her sick. I miss her terribly. I could go on but don't want to cry...thank you again again for answering. I was feeling very lost. Thank you :)
Posted by Dana
Oakland Ca
13 Posts
I've gotten better taking 3000 mg of garlic plus 2000 mg msm three times daily with cats claw. However, I've been reinfected by my car, apartment or bag. Does anyone know teds complete protocol to clear morgellons? I understand he is busy. I need this out of my life or I have no reason to live. Please help.
Posted by Prioris
Fl, US
264 Posts
Here is one link to ted's morgellon info:
Posted by Ava
Oakhurst, Ca
I remember reading in one of Ted's postings that Morgellons makes nests in bathroom ceilings.... so its important to sterilize the ceiling in your bathroom(s). and afterward, you could even repaint them with a couple of coats of semigloss paint. Ask the person behind the paint counter if they can recommend which brand has extra mold inhibitors in it.
Posted by Bill
San Fernando, Philippines
948 Posts
Ted from Bangkok's Morgellon's cure, together with discussion, are all shown here on EarthClinic:

Ted's Morgellons Protocol Q&A

His daily Morgellons protocol is based on internally alkalizing the body using Ted's alkalizing remedies and supplementing hydrogen peroxide, myristin, borax and externally using 5% Tetrasodium EDTA mixed with 5% to 10% ammonium chloride as a spray or in baths. In the link above, Ted also strongly advises various methods of getting rid of Morgellons from your pets, clothes, car and home to prevent any re-infection.

To further help people more understand dosages etc, please see these links as well:

Borax Water

Hydrogen Peroxide Dosages

Supplementing Hydrogen Peroxide Q & A

Posted by Diamond
34 Posts
If there is mold in your house/ceiling I would take all the insulation out & check the boards for mold as well/mold is nothing to play around with or to cover up, I lived as a young child in a house infested with mold, there is nothing that can treat me or change the damage done to my whole body, I was also young when I became wheelchair bound because of what doctors chose to call a blood disease( aka Mold) Again mold is very, very contagious. Drs. run when I tell them I was in contact with mold. Please stay with family or friends until house is clear/clean of the mold. Good Luck.
Posted by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
The easiest treatment for Morgellons is to obtain tetrasodium EDTA and take a bath with it and use that like a soap. Ted
Posted by Dana
Oakland, Ca
13 Posts
Thank you all so much for your help. It's hard not to feel overwhelmed by this disease. Especially since most people think I'm just crazy. I ordered the ammonium chloride and EDTA. I hope it comes soon. I'm starting to lose hope. Idk how I can do this on my own. My apartment, my car, my laundry...I need help. Thank you all again.
Posted by Dana
Oakland, Ca
13 Posts
I am so lonely. My father is dying of pancreatic cancer. I miss him and want to comfort him in his last days but I can't shake this demonic plague. I shudder to think of infesting him with pestilence on his death bed when he's already suffering. It's so hard not to long must I wait to be with him again? I feel I am losing the battle. I grow more morose with each passing moment. My dad is having pain today. He's all alone in pain. I just want to be there for him and I can't, this is horrible. I don't want to live like this anymore. My apartment is covered in diatemacoius earth and smells of rubbing alcohol. I've fogged with cedar oil and sleep with no bedding. You should see my counter full of supplements. Not to mention my strange poops from all this stuff. Luckily it's formed at least now. I miss people. I miss my friends. I miss my family especially. It makes me so angry that we are ignored, misdiagnosed and maltreated. Even when we provide artifacts from our skin and environment. Sorry to vent all this stuff. I have NO ONE to talk to about this stuff. I get so scared and overwhelmed. I see no light at the end of my tunnel...thanks for reading.
Posted by Mama To Many
705 Posts
Dear Dana,

That is a heavy load to bear - physical suffering and loneliness and your father dying. My mother passed away in the spring. I was able to be with her in her final days and it comforts me still. If you father is in pain and in his last days, perhaps the risk of getting what you have is worth having you with him. If I were dying I would want my children near me, even if I might catch something that they had. You both need each other now, Morgellons or no. Just my two cents...

~Mama to Many~

Posted by Dana
Oakland, Ca
13 Posts
Thank you so much, mama. I'm sorry you lost your mom. I don't think we ever stop missing our loved ones. I am crying from reading your note. Not because I am sad, but touched by your kindness, acknowledgement and comfort. I feel a relieved by your words. I guess I needed permission...I love him so much and we had so little time...I cry out to the universe! Why must you be so cruel? I feel like I'm being punished. This is so effing hard. Thank you for reading and being there. Cosmic hugs :)
Posted by Prioris
264 Posts
What can happen to a lot of chronically ill people is that they lose the support of their entire family, lose their friends, lose their spouse, be engulfed by severe poverty, become trapped in their homes, lose their homes, develop other severe medical problems, lose their physical functionality and live with constant pain. The world can become a more hostile place when your weakened ... the chain reaction of events can be very devastating. No matter how bad things get, they can become worse. Problems can be like a flowing river. They may not stop. If that weren't enough, the conventional medical system is intentionally broken so treatment becomes health threatening. Thousands of people who had disability insurance have gotten screwed. This is the norm when one is weakened.

One can only hope that one is in the right place at the right time.

I could not be with my mother when she died due to sickness. It is what it is. I was talking with a older couple who had a son and daughter. They always imagined they would get grandchildren. It never happened due to them placing work as the priority. Real life doesn't go according to plan for many people.

Posted by Joy
14 Posts
Hello Dana.Im so very sorry to hear of your problems, but agree woth Mama to Many that you should be with your Father for both him and yourself., If he should pass away or become unconscious and not see you, then I feel your feelings of perhaps guilt and the sadness will be awful for you to bear. I also feel it would be good for you to be there for him and don't worry about passing anything on to him as he certainly won't be worrying. I wish you all the very best and hope your health improves, I know your peace with yourself will help you afterward when your Dad has passed on.
Posted by Kathy
I am just so sorry for you.....
Posted by Bee
New York
81 Posts
I understand the aging parents thing and when someone is sick.. I was so fortunate in that my mom lived to be 90 but it was def. a huge burden on the family as we took care of her as she declined more and more.. She wound up for a few months in a nursing home and that was aweful.. I used to give her apple cidar vinegar and she felt better but alas she never believed in anything natural.. I even snuck lemon balm in her water ......It took its toll on the family and of course our health.. I watched her die in the emergency room.. It was surreal and I did not want to be there but what was the choice.. She had me , my sis and sis's boyfriend watch her peacefully pass on............we didn't want her to be alone.. If I had a choice I wouldn't have chosen that but I felt like there was no c hoice... not to mention all of the wacky people in the E.R. and the nutty doctors.

Just my story...........

Posted by Prioris
264 Posts
I do definitely agree with everyone that you should be with your father even with the morgellons.
Posted by Dana
Oakland, Ca
13 Posts
Thank you everyone. I can barely write this note because of unending tears. Thank you for taking the time to care and respond. Please excuse the brevity of my response. I just can't stop crying. I wish I could stop shedding specks everywhere so I could hug him and not feel so contagious.
Posted by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe
Bee, everyone is different. We stood around my father's bed, and softly sang his favorite songs. We knew he was "with" us because his eyes fluttered at some point.
Posted by Dana
Oakland, Ca
13 Posts
[NAY]   The diatomaceous earth is not working on the carpet. I'd rip it out but it's an apartment. I found a huge random fuzz ball in the middle of de filled space. Plus, oh goody my wounds are coming in nicely. Any recommendations? This sucks. And they hurt. well the good news is I sprayed 91% rubbing alcohol in my hair and on my scalp. It stopped itching and falling out as bad for a couple days, so that's nice. Should I shave my head? How's everybody else doing? Oh and I'm gonna try mms. Just came in the mail today. I've been taking tons of stuff for morgellons - chlorophyll, cayenne, msm, kombucha, castor oil, caprylic acid, vitamin c, hydrsol silver, garlic, cats claw, and a bunch of other stuff. It works at first then they become immune. Still waiting for my EDTA and ammonium chloride. I'm going to buy a garden sprayer and try to save this mattress. Supposedly, they don't like memory foam...idk. Tonight I thought again about suicide. Not too long ago I had so much to live for. My life wasn't awesome but it wasn't this bad. Anywho, what's going on in your world? It's Saturday night and I'm eating butternut squash and spinach casserole from trader joes. Any tips on preventing sores would be great. Thanks for reading this ridiculously long post :) cheers
Posted by Timh
1293 Posts
Prioris: Sadly true is your observation.

Despite all the negatives associated w/ my 25 yr environmental illness, there is one big benefit ---education. When one's back is against the wall or one is upon their knees (figuratively speaking) learning becomes a forced occupation. Also, illness can or should be humbling. If one must loose an abundance of material or personal attainments to at last be broken to the point of truly appreciating the small or little things in life, then that can be viewed as a success. Today I watched some Mockingbirds having the time of their lives as now is the season for fall berries; they have been gorging themselves and will need the reserves for the winter. Couple months ago I watched a pair (male & female) Hummingbirds in a constant mating ritual play.

C.S. Lewis is widely quoted for his statement of Divinity in creation saying "God whispers to us in our pleasures - speaks to us in our conscious - and shouts to us in our pains."

In conclusion, considering all the disease and tragedy in creation ---this place is not a destination, it is a thoroughfare. How accurate is Peter Gabriel's "more than this" statement! "So much more than this."

Posted by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe
Timh, very true: education, humility and appreciation of life are the by products of having something to heal!!

Posted by Chanel99 (NJ, US) on 10/01/2014

Please can someone help me.. Three years ago I took a neuro toxic antibiotic that literally blew out my immune system and nerves. I have stinging in my entire body 24/7 for 3 years and living in a bathtub to survive. My cat, who carries bartonella, scratched me and gave it to me. This was just before the levaquin.. I noticed crystals all over me and black things on my bed.. I looked it up and it is morgellans. Yesterday my cat is scratching so much I noticed she has a sore and millions of these black things as well. She has it..

I am unable to take any herbs or meds as my system won't process it.. I tried msn in the tub and tons of this stuff comes out but the stinging is so severe 24/7 I cant put clothes on. I am suicidal from the pain.

What can I do. I cannot put my babyboo down, it is not an option.. What can I do for her and myself.. I do not know what is safe and we are reinfecting each other.. I can't live in this degree of stinging much longer, heart pounds non stop, I can't be treated for lyme bart..

I read some of the posts but my cognitive is so bad I do not understand some of it. I have no sores, just every pore of my body stings severely. I thought it was all nerupathy but realize I think it is the morgellans doing this..

Msn is not safe to bathe in? I tried bathing in borax and empson salts but did not help.

I do have borox here, I have food grade hydrogen peroxide..

What is safe for my cat, how can I help her. I have had her since 6 weeks and I can't put her down. I am almost ready to put myself down as who is stung over the entire body 247 for 3 years to the point of screaming, even my tongue.. I guess it is because my system is so damaged..

Please tell me what I can do for babyboo and myself. Something simple as it is hard for me to undertand a lot..

Thank you, I will try to hang on. The stuff coming out of us in black, pods, and stuff, I notice around the computer is worse. My place is tiny so am jammed together in here..


Posted by Prioris
Fl, US
264 Posts
I had a couple small fibers of morgellons and a tingling forehead I brushed off the tingling for many years until some fibers grew so different from yours. No small specks. A parasite nonetheless although I can't prove it.

What I did to get rid of the tingling forehead was wipe slices of lemon on my forehead thru a couple days and the tingling went away in a couple and never came back. It was the citric acid in the lemon that was active ingredient.

I tried that with the couple protruding fibers and had no success. It couldn't penetrate. Instead of the messy lemon, I just went with the active ingredient so bought citric acid powder from drug store and combines some citric acid with water.

I used a combination of DMSO and citric acid for two days and it blew those tough fibers away in short order.

Many people with morgellons have had success with citrus fruit. Parasites don't like it.

Try using that on some of that on your skin to see if that works.

If it does, maybe make a bath with just citric powder only as an experiment.

You may need something internally also but first start with the skin and see what happens.

I don't think it is necessary to kill every single parasite on the body except maybe the most pernicious. In your case, you want to get rid of all black specks and crystals. Maybe wash your bed sheets and any place else they may be also. I'm not sure it is necessary but just covering all bases.

I think it is about bringing the number down. Most people may probably carry around some type of skin parasites. Most of our body is dominated by microbes. Like our gut flora. They coexist with us.

Posted by Om
Hope Bc Canada
Chanel99 --- My heart goes out to you. I have, thnk od, no direct experience with it yet, but I thought I read on EC that Ted from Bankok on EC mentioned he has a simple cure.

The other incident was it was found one sufferer was swimming in salt water a few times and was free of them.

Please try to find Ted's contributions or ask EC staff about it if you have difficulties.

Love to you and your dear kitty. Om

Posted by Prioris
Florida, US
264 Posts
Ted has good ideas. Some parasites may not like salt water. Add in DMSO for penetrability for that too. Another thing to try.
Posted by Meeya
Sunnyvale, Ca
26 Posts
My heart goes out to you as well. Please reply to this thread to let us know if you've gotten these messages... and keep us updated on how you're doing.

My first thought when I read that you had taken Levaquin is that you should seek out a personal injury lawyer. If they determine you have a legitimate claim, they will take on your case FREE of charge, and fight to get you financial compensation. This way at least you can see some specialists with the money you deserve. I did a quick internet search for "attorney injury lawyer Levaquin" and several results came up. One lawfirm has just filed their first claim for against the drugmakers for a woman who was diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy (nerve damage) after taking Levaquin. The name of the lawfirm is Schmidt Firm. Here's the website:

The Schmidt Firm, LLP is currently accepting Levaquin induced injury claims in all 50 states. If you or somebody you know has been diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy, you should contact our firm immediately for a free case consultation. Please click here to contact our Defective Drug Litigation Group or call toll free 24 hours a day at (866) 920-0753.

The drug has also been linked to irregular heartbeat (which it sounds like you have). If I were you I would contact a few different lawyers and see who could help me.

As for the pain from the neuropathy, I pray you can find a natural or holistic approach specialist who knows how to control or heal it.

As for the Morgellon's, I had heard once that a blend of essential oils will cure it. I trust the quality of oils for internal use from Native American Nutritionals

Instructions for using the essential oils to treat Morgellon's: Get the following 6 essential oils


Take 3-6 drops of each oil 3 times per day. May need to take every day for months in order to achieve lasting results.

Also helpful would be to take Zeolite Powder. I like the Healthforce brand. This will absorb a lot of toxins from your body, and someone reported that this alone cured their Morgellon's.

I also remember reading here on Earthclinic that someone swam in a salt water pool everyday for 3 weeks, and was then cured of Morgellon's.

Perhaps you can try taking warm salt water baths daily for a month. Add lots and lots of salt to the bath. You could even do a second bath each day in baking soda or borax (alternate each one daily).

As for Bartonella, I would think that the essential oils would also clear up that infection. But if you believe more is needed, and that it's related to Lyme Disease, I've heard that great results have been achieved using salt. You basically need to saturate yourself with salt (sodium chloride) and vitamin C. The parasites cannot survive in the body. All the info you need to do this is here:

For your cat -- I think it would safe to give her Zeolite powder, and baths in salt or baking soda. Or bathing in citric acid may work well too (for both of you).

For the cat -- I don't know much about them. I wouldn't give her any essential oils, or salt, or vitamin C until I spoke with a vet.

Get yourself better first, so then you can take care of her. Maybe keep your distance from her the best you can while you are healing so you don't reinfect yourself.

Let us know if you have any questions... we are here to help!

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