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Melasma Remedies

Last Modified on Jul 02, 2015

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Posted by Kathy (Dubois, Pa) on 10/01/2009

[YEA]  I've been meaning to post about melasma for awhile now, and your post reminded me to do it. Melasma can be a sign of a copper overload. I had melasma on my forehead and jaws until I added 50mg/day of Zinc Picolinate to my diet. After I did that the melasma faded away. For me, it was a completely unexpected result, but since Zinc balances Copper, my result leads me to conclude that I was too high in Copper. I had the melasma at the same time I was hypothyroid, hypoadrenal and estrogen over-loaded, all of which can lead to a build-up of Copper in the body (as I now know).

EC: Kathy is referring to the following post on the mole remedies page:

10/01/2009: Vernetta from Tampa, Fl writes: "I stumbled upon this website by accident about 6 months ago. I have tried several of the suggestions mentioned for different ailments and they have all worked. I tried the remedy for mole removal using organic apple cider vinegar from the health food store. I had this ugly mole on my neck and I must say that after soaking a cotton ball and applying it to the mole at night for 5 days, securing it with a bandaid, I am mole free. Thank you so much for that helpful suggestion. I have also been using the organic apple cider vinegar on my melasma (face) applying it directly on the skin using a cotton ball and it has lighten the areas on my cheeks and forehead. I think in a few months the melasma will have faded completely."

Replied by Aerin
Vancouver, Bc
My melasma started very slowly about 5 or 6 years ago on my upper lip, it was worse in the summer. About 3 years ago it started get fairly bad so I went off the pill and it lightened up somewhat and could be masked with makeup. Then I got pregnant and it got even worse, my daughter is almost 2 now and my melasma is the worst it has ever been. It is summer now so obviously the sun is making it much worse, I wear 60 uva/uvb sunscreen and wear a hat but it isn't helping much.

I have done loads of reading about melasma and I think it is obviously related to hormones and genetics but I also think it is fungas related as well. I do not get yeast infections very often, like 2 in the last 3 years. but I have been getting this foot fungas on and off for a few years now, it is called Pitted keratolysis. Does anyone else who has melasma have any other signs of bacterial or fungal growth on their bodies?

I have asked my doctor many times about my melasma and he said "you have to live with it, your a pretty woman and if thats your biggest problem - oh well! " This is not something I am willing to live with, it has greatly affected my confidence and I don't go out with my friends as much because I am embarrassed. I wear makeup but it makes me feel worse because the melasma is still visible and it honestly doesn't look much better with makeup.

Several months ago I came across a site called abc homeopathy and found similar stories as the ones on this site. I tried msm but only lasted a few days on it as it caused severe headaches. I have been reading everyones posts and feel hopefull that something will work for me. I went out and bought GRAPEFRUIT seed extract today and just started. I will also use apple cider vinegar day and night on my skin.

I am going to stick to a regime and track my progress so I can share with all of you. wish you all luck and thank you for sharing your stories, it is comforting to know I am not alone and that their are other people out there looking for a cure.