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Melasma Remedies

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Grape Seed Extract, Vitamins  
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Posted by Leah (Sardis, Bc) on 08/10/2009

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  Hello everyone! I am 29 yrs old going on 30 in December. I developed melasma about 2 years ago and have been trying to get rid of it ever since. I have it on both cheeks, nose, forehead, and upper lip. A year ago I tried bleaching creams to treat didnt work. I thought it was in control over last winter because it was very faint. I left for Mexico in March of this year with of course my 60 spf sunscreen, but 2 days after beeing there my melasma had come out 3 fold and much larger!! I didnt even want to come out of my room. I have been doing alot of reading and have just recently started drinking aloe vera juice and taking 1000mg of grapeseed extract per day along with a multi vitamin and vitamin b. It has been a week and it is working!!!! the melasma on my cheeks has started to break up and on my forhead the size of the patch is getting smaller!! yeah!! I am so excited I hope this works for you! I will try to post another update soon! Leah.

EC: Please note: Leah is using grapeseed extract, not grapefruit seed extract.

Replied by Leah
Sardis, Bc
Just a little update for you. I am still taking Grapeseed extract, aloe vera juice along with my vitamins. Yes it did make a BIG differnce. The melasma that I did have, broke up and slowly faded, the melasma that I do have is now so faint no one notices! I have even gotten complements on how my skin looks!!

Replied by Izzy

Can you give us another update? You're taking 1,000 mg or 100 mg a day of grape seed extract. The pills I have are only 100 mg and I've been taking them 3 times a day for about four weeks. I've noticed nochange. After reading your post, I'm wondering if I should increase the dose and if I should try the juice. Where do you buy the juice. and what
brand of GSE did you buy? Are you still taking it?
Replied by Preet
Ithaca, Ny
This message is For Leah from Sardis, Bc

Hey Leah,

Could you please tell us what brand of grapeseed extract are you using? I know that we are not supposed to report product names here but I'm bit confused as the Grapeseed extract products that are available come in 100mg caps and are quite expensive as well. Did you take 100mg per day or 1000mg/day. Please let me know!!


Replied by Preet
Ithaca, Ny
Hi Izzy,

I'm so surprised to see that you asked the exactly same question (see my earlier post) on the same day! Yeah, I could not find Grape seed extract in 1000mg either and I wonder if Leah was actually taking 100 or 1000? Anyway, have you tried Hydrogen peroxide? I'm thinking of trying it. I've also changed my diet and included several supplements. lets see what helps.

I really believe in what Marea from Dallas reported but seems like she hasn't been on the forum for a while. I want to use Grapefruit seed extract but it gives me very bad die off (I think my liver might be quite weak).

Anyway, Good luck with your treatment (may be we should increase the dosage to 1000mg for a week or so? )I dont think it can have any side effects?What do you think?


Replied by Izzy
Hi Preet, How funny that we asked the same question -- on the same day. I'm not sure if Leah checks this site anymore so we may not find out exactly what she took. I think 1,000 mg of grape seed extract sounds too high. I've read that too much of it can thin the blood and make it difficult to stop bleeding. I would like to know if taking that muchhelped her. Where is your melasma? Mine is on my upper lip. I have thought about theHydrogen peroxide, but I'm afraid to try it. I have very sensitive, light skin.While I hate the melasma, I may hatea big read upper lip more! How long have you been taking the grape seed extract and what other supplements are you taking? How much grape seed are you taking and for how long? In addition to the grape seed I'm taking 1,000 mg a day of Vit. C. I've been taking both for a month. So far, no results.
Replied by Preet
Ithaca, Ny
Hi Izzy,

Thanks for responding. My melasma is on cheeks and nose. I know, I'm scared of trying hydrogen peroxide too but It think I'll still give it a try may be for a small area. I'm taking 100mg of grape seed extract. I just started few days ago but have taken it before with no improvements. I'm also taking EFAs, Lecithin, Vit. A, E, Zn, Mg and Silicon. I just started taking these too (read in a skincarerx forum that these helped someone so thought should try them). I'll actually report to you in few days if my melasma stays lighter before my period that'll atleast tell that these supplements make some difference.

Have you changed your diet at all? I wish you good luck for your treatment. I do feel that you are right in saying that 1000mg 'll be too much. I think we should keep it at 100 or 200mg max. and if it helps, may be overtime we'll see some effect.

Take Care,

Replied by Gigi
Brampton, Ontario
Hi Preet,

I am a new member to this forum, but have been following the posts for about a month now. There are great suggestions on this site.

Like most of you, I have also tried every single treatment known to humankind, from IPL to melanage peel (three times to be exact). Initially the melasma would lighten for about a month, then return with a vengence! I spend about $10,000.00 in treatments to help get rid of this problem. Sometimes I would sit in my room and cry for hours as this problem was the central focus on my life, I was truly a mess! I then started searching the net for "natural" solutions, and came across the posts from Marea from Dallas...what an angel this woman is! To share her experience, and solution...I pass on many blessings to her everytime I look into the mirror!

Preet, I am also olive skinned, and have used all the lotions, and potions under the sun, and the only thing that worked for me is GRAPEFRUIT SEED EXTRACT, not GRAPESEED EXTRACT. I used (and am still using) the liquid, 20 drops from 3-5 times a day, in a glass of water, and don't eat anything for about an hour. At a separate time I take acidopilis, which is "good" bacteria. I also take MSM caps (1000mg) with VITAMIN C (1000mg), 3 times a day (I take these together with meals). Also before bed I take a herbal liver cleanse liquid (which I purchased at Health food store), one large tablespoon. Actually, all these products can be purchased at the local health food store. I am not sure if I can mention that Nutribiotic was the brand for the GRAPEFRUIT SEED EXTRACT. My melasma broke up initially after about 10 days of everyday use, and it has been about 3 plus weeks, and my melasma has almost disappeared. I do use sunsreen everyday, SPF 30, as over this amount is only a marketing ploy,and is not anymore effective, just costs more $$$$. I also use NIVEA cream as it has Magnesium sulfate in the mixture, during the day. At night I use Retin A 0.05% cream, as it turns over the cells at a faster rate. I know Marea did not apply any type of topical, and found that worked for her the best. Everyone's skin is different, but this is the regime which worked for me.

Also on another note, HQ over long term use makes the complexion ashy, and some users have found that the melasma returns worse after you discontinue use. Also, more hair growth on area where used was observed. I was a user of HQ for years, and it did not work wonders, only got darker after use discontinued. Has been banned in countries such as Japan, and Europe, found to be a carcinogenic. FDA wanted to ban it in U.S.A. but pressure from MD's and Derms who make a whole lot of business from seeing patients who demand HQ. To everyone reading this post, please do not use HQ!

I hope this helps you! Let me know.
Warm Regards,

Replied by Preet
Ithaca, Ny
Hi Gigi,

A heartfelt thanks for sharing this with me. I really do think that grapefruit seed extract can make a difference. When I read Marea's post about Grapefruit seed extract, I purchased it (Nutribiotic) and started using it but it gave me a very bad die off reaction. I know that I used 10 drops/3 times for few days and seeing that it it not doing anything, I think I did 20 drops/5 times a day which gave me a very bad die off (I did not know at that point that it was a die off, only realized later) but your post has definitely given me hope and I'll try that again. I think supporting liver at the same time'll make a huge difference.

I've some specific questions if you don't mind answering!

1)Did you start the liver detox formula at the same time? (I'm sure it has milk thistle in it but can you mention some ingredients?)

2) Did you start on GSE slowly? If you remember could you tell me the details?

3) Did you ever get a die off reaction like flu like symptoms or muscle ache while using GSE?

4) Did you have constipation problems? I'm asking this because I've read so many times that if you try to kill candida with antifungals like GSE and your bowels are not moving 2-3x a day, that may release more toxins in the blood.

5) Did you change your diet like no caffeine, sugar etc?
I'm also taking MSM and vitamic C and liver support formula (just started 3 days ago). I'll really appreciate your answers to these particular questions I've and hopefully I can start on GSE as I've it sitting in my kitchen.

Take Care,

Replied by Laughriot
Los Angeles, Ca
Gigi, how did you get your melasma? Was it after pregnancy?
Replied by Leah
Sardis, Bc
Hello ladies!
I am glad to give you another update! yes my melasma has gotten better, in fact its so faded that even I have a hard time seeing where the out lines of the melasma are!! I was taking 1000mg of grapeseed extract. I buy it at my local health food store (you wont find that dose at the drug stores). It is in capsules and found in a white bottle with purple and black writing. Each capsule is 500mg and I take 2 pills at the same time once a day.
I have just recently stopped taking grapeseed extract only because my skin is so much better. I have been off of the grapeseed for about 3 weeks now. It has not gotten worse, although where I am the sun isnt out too much right now it is raining alot and if not raining then its cloudy. I will have to wait untill spring and summer to see if it comes back. I was also told, that if you start taking grapeseed extract a month before all the nice weather starts it could prevent the melasma from comming back. I will have to test that in a few months, but right now I feel great about the way my skin looks. One of the other benifits to taking the grapeseed extract as well as aloe vera juice I have noticed my acne hasnt been as bad. Although it did get a little worse before it got better (the acne) I think it may have something to do with all the cleansing of the body that both grapeseed and aloe do (so Ive heard)..

I will keep you posted

Replied by Izzy
Thanks for the update Leah! I went to several health food stores and can't find any brands with 500 mg. 100 mg is the largest I saw. Are you sure it was that much? The other question is about the aloe juice. How much did you drink a day? And how long did it take to see results? Please continue to give us updates. Is it completely gone. How did the upper lip respond to treatment, compared to the rest of your face?
Replied by Gigi
Brampton, Ontario
Hi Preet,

I am more than happy to answer your questions:

1) I took the liver detox (which does have milk thistle),in liquid form, about an hour before sleep, but not with other meds

2) GSE -- I take 20 drops 3 to 5 times a day, don't eat anything for about an hour afterwards

3) Yes, I did get flu like symptoms sometimes, but I think that was from the MSM, not GSE (I am fine now) I think my body was getting rid of a lot of toxins when first started taking the MSM, but now I am fine

4) I did not have any constipation problems. I think this is due to the fact that I take acidopolis (powder form), 1/4 teaspoon, in a glass of water once a day, at separate times than the GSE. The acidopolis puts back the good bacteria, which the GSE may kill (although, it is only a small amount of good bacteria which GSE kills).

5) I am originally from the South Pacific of Indian background, so giving up tea or any sort of caffeine is not plausible (LOL).

I hope this helps you. I know how debilitating this condition can be but believe me, hon, there is hope, don't give up! You have to keep at it, it could take anywhere from three to six months to see visible results (although, some people have seen results before than). You can lessen the effects of the GSE die off, by taking the acidoplis at separate times. You may get some flu like symptoms, but once your body gets used to it, you will be fine. On another note, just make sure you are not allergic to any citrus because if you are DO NOT TAKE the GSE.

Take care,
and keep me posted as to your results.
Warmest Regards,
Replied by Gigi
Brampton, Ontario, Canada
Hi Laughriot,

I developed melasma after a blue light peel. I had a small amount about a dime size on my forehead and was told by plastic surgeon (huh?) to get the blue light peel to lessen the melasma on my forehead. Being young, and naive, I agreed. The procedure involved putting a blue die all over face, and standing in a tube like structure where they shine a light of rays (UV?) on your face for about 15 to 20 minutes.

Now when I think about it, doesn't heat make melasma worse? Why would he prescribe this treatment for me? Also, if the melasma was on my forehead why put blue die all over the face? I truly believe I was dupped.

Anyhow, the melasma was supposed to get darker, then disappear. But that didn't happen, the melasma spread all over my face. To my cheeks, nose, and more on my forehead. When I went to complain (in tears) about the results, they told me that they results were not guaranteed for everyone (huh?) But they had not told me this at the beginning. I think they were using me as a test case because of my skin tone.

I wanted to sue them, but in Canada the rules for taking someone to court, and suing them are quite strict. Anyhow, the damage was already done. I then went to see a derm (who put me on HQ and RA). This combo worked well, but once I finished the course of treatment, the melasma came back with a vengeance. I then tried a series of peels, Fractional laser treatments, etc, etc...

Nothing has helped me like the GRAPEFRUIT SEED EXTRACT...
Sorry for the novel, but I wanted to give you a complete picture as to my struggle.

Warmest Regards,

Replied by Preet
Ithaca, Ny
Hi Gigi,

Thanks for replying. You can see how desperate I'm for a cure. I keep checking this site every few hours to see if anyone has replied or not (I hope this'll be over soon). I've started GSE yesterday (liquid, nutribiotic)..I'm starting with 15 drops twice a day and 'll slowly build it up to 5 times a day (hopefully by next week).

I've taken MSM previously but never had a die off with it but with GSE it was wholw another story. I've also started a liver detox thing. I hope this helps. I'll take it for few months to see if this helps.

I'm from India and know how difficult it is leave chai tea :-) and again, I cannot express in words how grateful I'm to you for taking your time in order to help others like me.

One more question: DId you change your diet? (avoid sugar, flour, wheat etc.)

Replied by Crazydogjack
New Castle, Pa, USA

I have melasma also. I do have grapefruit seed extract. How much did you take, how long did it take to work and how did you take it? I've tried drinking it mixed in water or juice and had a difficult time getting past the taste.
Replied by Gigi
Brampton, Ontario, Canada
To Preet from Ithaca, NY: I am so happy that you are starting from the inside out, you will find a difference in your appearance soon. Your skin will become softer, brighter and the melasma will break up, keep at it!
I DID NOT change my diet. I do not eat a lot of sugar, probably only once a week. As for flour, I love chappati's, but I only eat chappati's made of stone ground flour, not refined or processed flour.
Also take MSM with Vitamin C as it is more effective.
Let me know after 10 days how you are coming along.

To Crazydogjack from New Castle, PA, U.S.A: With the GSE (Grapefruit seed extract) take 20 drops 3 to 5 times a day (in glass of water). If you find the taste too bitter, holding your nose and chugging the mixture is the best way to do it. This may sound funny, but it works. Also take Acidopilis (I take the pwdr for 1/4 teaspoon), once a day in water (separate time than GSE), which will replace any good bacteria which may be lost by GSE.

I hope this helps you!

Take care,
Warmest Regards to all,
Replied by Gigi
Brampton, Ontario, Canada
To Crazydogjack fron New Castle, NY: Sorry, I forgot to answer your question about how long it takes to notice results. I noticed results after 10 days, but it may take longer. Everyone is different, but if you follow my regime, I am sure you will find a difference in your skin. The key is to keep at it, don't give up! Let me know if you decide to follow this regime, and the results you have achieved.

Replied by Preet
Ithaca, Ny
Hi Gigi,

Thanks for replying so fast, I'll keep you posted through this site. I hope that you'll check this site occasionally. I'll give you weekly updates, so another update next weekend. Today is day 2 on GSE: 15drops/twice a day probiotics/once a day. I'll start MSM tomorrow although I've been taking it semiregularly since a month or so.
I was just wondering if I can get your email ID if I've any questions. I can leave mine here too if thats more convenient.


Replied by Gigi
Brampton, Ontario, Canada
To Preet from NY: You are on the right track! Just a quick question from me, how do I post my e-mail address so only those who I want to see, can see it?


EC: I can send it to Preet if I get her email address... Probably the best (safest) way for now!


Replied by Izzy
Preet, Could you please give us an update?
Replied by Preet
Ithaca, Ny
Hey Izzy, I just started using GSE on Tuesday so no updates yet but would let you know as I keep at it. Right now, I'm taking 20 drops/5 times a day. Have you started on it yet?
Replied by Izzy
Hi Preet,

Thanks for the update. I thought, based on your previous post, that you were a few weeks into it. Did you stop and then start again? Are you taking MSM or just grapefruit seed extract? For now, I'm sticking to the grape seed extract, vit C, prenatal vit. and vit c serum. I've noticed some lightening -- very little, but some. I plan to finish the bottle I have, which should last until mid Dec. or so. I may then start grapefruit seed. I just don't want to give up on this too fast. I've been off b.c. since late Aug., so that may be the only reason I've noticed the SLIGHT difference. (that and the fact that it's less sunny.) Please keep us updated. I'm rooting for you!

Replied by Sonu
San Jose, California
To Leah from Sardis BC,

Hello, I just started seeing these dark patches a few weeks back. I was on the bc pill. I discontinued it based on doctor's recommendation. The patches are still growing in size. I don't know when my face transformation will stop. I have patches all over my face ! I am using sunblock everyday without fail.

I want to start using the vitamins and grapeseed extract. Please let me know how much of Aloe vera juice you had every day. Also what vitamins where you taking. ? I would really appreciate that.

Sonu (Shachi)
Replied by Sonu
San Jose, Ca
For Preet, Ithaca NY,
Hi Preet,
Are you seeing any results so far by following the GSE ? Please let me know.

For Gigi from Brampton, Ontario, Canada
Are you still melasma free. Are you still taking any kinds of vitamins etc.
Replied by Sarah
London, England
Hello all - like everyone else here I'm suffering from Melasma. I first noticed it at the age of 24 (2 years ago) and although I was devasted I was told by my doctor there was nothing I could do and I should just cover it up with make-up. However, after reading all your wonderful posts I'm determined to not to give up. I'm English and very pale skinned (although I tan easily and go very dark in the sun). I have been on the pill for 9 years and also suffer from acne. The pill controls the acne and I'm therefore reluctant to come off it as in my experience the acne was more distressing. I was using Brevoxyl for a long time and I was also a sun worshipper (as it usually helped clear the acne) and rarely wore sunscreen - so there's no surprised why I'm now suffering from melasma. I'm now very keen not to do anything that will damage my skin further - that's my greatest concern. I wear a high sunscreen everyday (even if I don't leave the house). I plan to start on the Grapeseed Extract, Vit C, Zinc and Aloe Vera. I'm getting married in March and am really hoping these marks will fade before then - or at least enough that they can be fully covered. If anyone has any advice or recommendations I would really appreciate it. I'll keep you all updated. Thanks to everyone for all your posts - they've seen me through some hard times and given me hope x
Replied by America
Arlington, Va
[YEA]   I just want to say thank you to all of you. You are really a true blessing. This website is absolutely my reference for everything I do to cure ailments. The GSE extract, MSM, Vit. C and liver detox have solve my hyperpigmentation problem. Unfortunately for me, I've been using damaging skin care with HQ and after awhile it completely damaged the skin and cause hyperpigmentation at least on dark skin. I have shared this info with two other people and both had success. Once again, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Grapefruit Seed Extract  
95 User Reviews | 5 YEA | 4 NAY | 2 BETTER BUT NOT CURED

Posted by Connie (Slc, Ut) on 07/26/2011

Hi Tina; By the age of 7, I began to realize the importance of appearance to people. My family was especially "insistant" about this to me. It was decided that I was just plain ugly, and that I would not succeed with that quality. My thinking at that time was that, if I excelled at everything else, then it would compensate for my appearance, and then I would be loved. It didn't work. I also examined myself in the mirror, and assessed that although I had some proportions that weren't in norm; big teeth, big eyes, small head (dad said),
I also had many attributes.

In my teen years, I became what some people would describe as attractive. (braces and grooming) I then received even more negative criticisms of my appearance. I now realize that these poor people were describing their own reflections rather than mine. In my field, I have studied the definition of beauty, and it is a vast subject, but it does involve good health, if one is seeking harmony. An individual with good health has a strong will to survive and a strong will to create beauty.

It looks like you've begun with a good assortment of supplements for melasma. I suggest that adding B-12 to them could very well help. I would love to tell you that it will work right away, but that would be false. It performs so many functions in the body, and it may need to perform other functions first. So please continue your good practice and consider adding the form of B-12 that I believe is most effective; Methylcobalamin, (sublingual lozenge slowly disolved in the mouth). There is a large variance in the amounts people need, but the often recommended amount for skin conditions, thyroid, and endocrine, is approx. 1000 mcg. Daily. A good B-Complex is recommended for these conditions as well.

Posted by Lisa B (Devonshire, Bermuda) on 08/14/2010

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  I want to THANK everyone who have posted their experiences relating to Melasma on this website. I have had melasma mainly on my upper lip for about 5 years and I truly believe that it is associated with taking birthcontrol pills (bcp) in my case. When I decided to look for a natural treatment for my melasma I found this website. I began taking 15 drops of GRAPEFRUIT SEED EXTRACT in water, 3 times a day (and sometimes only twice a day) exactly 1 month ago. AFTER TWO WEEKS I could tell that my MELASMA was starting to LIGHTEN. Now today, 4 weeks later, it has not completely disappeared but it has lightened quite substantially and I am going to keep taking the GSE until it has vanished completed - I can't wait! :)

I really hope that everyone who has melasma is able to find a treatment that works for them. Good Luck!

Lisa B from Bermuda

PS: I truly believe that melasma should be treated from the INSIDE OUT because external treatments tend to be a temporary fix and fade creams can cause melasma to return darker.

Posted by Becky (Queen Creek, Az, Usa) on 08/16/2009

[NAY]  I tried taking GSE for melasma and it did not work. I took 15 drops in water, 3 times per day. I did that for 2 1/2 weeks and did not notice any difference in the melasma, so I tried increasing the dose to 20 drops, 3 times per day. I could only do that for a couple of days; it tasted so horrible! After that, I tried taking 15 drops, 3 times per day again, but did not notice any difference, and the taste was so horrible, I just could not take it anymore. I don't believe it is a fungal condition that is causing my Melasma. However, if I were to ever try the GSE again, I would take it in capsule form.

Replied by Kristin
Reykjavik, Iceland
Hi, I find the taste too bitter too, it is easily solved by adding the GSE to a little orangejuice!
Replied by Promise
New Zealand
Hello... I used Grape Fruit Seed Extract in pill and liquid form to rid me of melasma. I am now melasma free and no longer need all my GFSE pills. I have bottles of them and will give them to any genuine melasma sufferers in NZ or Australia if they are happy to pay the postage (if it is NZ it should only be about $10 maximum for all the pills - anywhere in the country I have about 10 bottles of pills). They worked for me and I don't mind sharing. I know how horrible this condition in. If you want them please reply to this thread with your email address and I will contact you. I think the bottles are bout $40 NZ each to buy.
Replied by Ausgirl
Adel, Australia
Hi, just wondering if the person from NZ still has the grapefruit seed bottles available... I would love to try to see if it will cure my melasma.
Replied by Emily
New York
Hello, I was wondering what kind of doses you were using of the grapeseed extract and oil? Especially since this is something that worked for you. If you wouldn't mind listing exactly what it was you used along with doses I'd appreciate it. I've had melasma on my upper lip for 3 years now and nothing has worked. Have almost given up hope really. Thanks
Replied by Chris
Manchester, England
I'm a 36 year old male that has had melasma around 15 years. At the moment it is at its worst and is also now mottley with whiter patches, it is a nightmare. My melasma started between my eyes and is now everywhere, though the area it started is clear. This tells me the sun is not the cause.
Replied by Simo Kiel
Spain, Marbella
I am a male, skin type 1,37 years old suffering with melasma. It started 8 years ago as a small patch on both sides of my face. 2 years ago, after a holiday with the family to Barbados, it started to apear on my neck too. It was not alot but enough. This year, 2 months ago, again after a holiday in the sun where I took super precaution with sun screen, shade and hats, it suddently from one day to another increased in size on my neck on both sides. Very frustrating. I have tried all sought of creams and azelac acid serium. Now I am trying grape fruite seed extract dropes too. I am on my second week. So far, no change. I depressed about this.
Replied by Art

110 Posts
[YEA]   Based on the following study I made a silymarin topical for my niece and it has helped her hyperpigmentation issues:

Print this study and show it to your doctor to see if he will approve this cream for you. If yes, you might be able to have the cream made up at a compounding pharmacy.


Posted by Vijaya (Hartford, Ct) on 06/11/2009

[NAY]  Hi Everyone,
I started taking GSE since May 14th 15 drops 3 times a day. I have seen very little change. I am not figting up hope, i will keep trying for another couple of months and keep you all posted. I had mesalma for a long period of time over 15 years. I will start takig mega doses of vitamin c as well. Please any one has advice?..very desperate..thanks.

Replied by Preet
New York, USA
Hi Vijaya,

The lady who originally posted GSE for melasma mentioned taking larger doses (20 drops/ 5 times a day) so may be you should try longer and larger doses. I took it for few days but my die off reaction was so bad that I had to stop it altogether. If you think you have a candida or some other infection, I think this'll help! Just try larger doses and also change your diet. No Sugar including fruits, no Refined products etc. Start a Candida diet! This is all I can suggest but don't lose hope!

Replied by Pvt.
Eugene, OR
Grapefruit Seed Extract vs. Grape Seed Extract:

Commenters are exhibiting a great deal of confusion about these supplements.

According to Ray Sahelian, M.D., the correct supplement to use for melasma is

******Grape Seed Extract******

NOT Grapefruit Seed Extract.

I suggest that somebody try to clear this up. Maybe it would then help people to clear up their melasma.
Replied by Emma
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Yes, could someone share their expertise on grapefruit seed extract and grapeseed extract. The postings are clear that some people are using one vs the other.
Does anyone know what the differences are between the two and how they work in the body or on skin? Thanks.
Replied by Tricia
I just started looking into this to-day and from what I can gather (in laymans terms) Grapefruit seed extract is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-parasitic. Grape seed extract is good for cleaning and strenghtening all blood vessels (veins and capillaries). It's late here in Ireland so tomorrow I will try to look up the sites I got my information from and post them.

I would be interested in knowing the difference between grape seed oil extract bought in the 1 oz bottles in health shops and grapeseed oil which is situated next to the olive oil for cooking.

Replied by Preet
New York, USA
Hi Vijaya, Did you make any changes to your diet? That makes a huge difference! Let me know.
Replied by Priya
Alexandria, Washington Dc
Hi everyone, I am new to this post. I truely appreciate helpful tips on this forum. I am too suffering from melasma since 4 years. I have it on cheeks and upper lip. Would also like to add that I have been diagnosed with two small fibroids and my TSH level is slightly elevated. I don't know whats making my melasma resistant.

Presently I am taking grapefuit seed extract, MSM, Vit C, Zinc, Iron, Acidophilus, aloe vera juice. I have also tried putting antifungal cream, aloe vera juice, castor oil, coconut oil, horse radish... on my face. Its 2 months now and I haven't noticed any change in my melasma. I have taken off all bakery products, nuts and sugar from my diet. I don't know if anything could help me with my melasma. I totally feel helpless. I would highly appreciate any suggestions.

Replied by Christina J
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
I'm 25, female and I've always had hormonal imbalance which affected my menstrual cycle every now and then. My gynae recommended to go on the pill called Yasmin. After few months of going on it, I started having dark patches below my neck, chin and the sides of my jaw.. :( it's really upsetting & I've since stopped taking Yasmin. Right now I'm using 200% concentrated aloe vera gel, and it's definitely taking its time... I would like to know if any of you have any success with anything like acv, epo and such & please be kind enough to let me know how exactly you used it & how long it took you?

Posted by Rebecca (Sydney, Australia) on 06/05/2009

I have now got a bottle of liquid GSE extract. For melasma on my cheeks, do I take this internally or apply directly to my skin? Please, if anyone has had success with GSE, let me know how I go about using it for this purpose. Many thanks.

Replied by Fernanda
Modesto, CA
hi Rebecca

in regards to your question on gse i was told to use 15 drops in a glass of water by itself 3 times daily on an empty stomach let me tell you to expect a very bitter taste i have not seen results at all but i was mixing with juice to hide the taste so now drinking it straight and will keep you posted as to the results

Posted by Karen (Richmond, VA USA) on 05/07/2009

I have a question about the Grape Seed Extract remedy for melasma. Do you ingest it or use it topically? Does it interfere with any meds? I have a severe case, 60% of my face. Wear 2 sunscreens and a hat unless it is raining. Tried IPL 2 separate times--spent a fortune. Hyperpigmentation came back worse. I paid in advance to have Fraxel and chickened out at the last minute. The not so common side effects were bad enough to keep me from actually going through with the laser. My skin is wrinkle free at 51 with a nice texture, but.....I currently use Retin-A, Dermalogica Night White, Obagi Vitamin C w/o HQ and some Nivea cream that I found mentioned on a different site. I feel self conscious because my face looks so bad. Make-up makes the dark spots look gray. Appreciate your comments.

Replied by Fernanda
Modesto, CA
i am currently using grapefruit seed extract with juice trying to see if it works as for IPL'S i also have tried several treatment with no change in my melasma as for other options also tried Obagi with minimal results what i have found is that you should not use any skin lightners as they can actually make your melasma worse i am using acv on cotton ball daily as a toner and also using fresh lemon juice on my clean skin and it has made some difference on the discoloration as it has lightened a bit will keep you posted on the grapefruit seed extract as i see results
Replied by Kimberly
Santa Monica, CA
A few months ago an esthetician at a skin care office recommended the obagi system to me a couple months ago for age spots on my cheeks. The program had retin-a, 4% hydroquinone and alpha hydoxhy acids. I didn't have any problems until I applied the hydroquinone. Immediately the lymph nodes in my neck became inflammed. I thought it was a fluke, waited a few days doing just the retin-a and alpha hydroxy, then applied it again. Same thing occured. I tried it ONE MORE TIME after a week's rest. Not a fluke at all, clearly a toxic substance. I then went online, which is what I should have done before shelling out almost $200 for this skincare line and read up on the hydroquinone. Happens to be banned in Europe, Australia and Japan because, quite simply, it's carcinogenic! Tied to leukemia in rat studies. The FDA wanted to ban hydroquinone a few years ago but came under sooo much pressure from dermatologists that so far, nothing. Apparently these skin "specialists" make an enormous amount of $ from selling it in packages like the obagi system. So the short of this story is, please be careful (not stupid like me) and research any products before you are talked into them by your doctor. That said, I am trying the grapefruit seed extract now!
Replied by Vijaya
Hartford, Connecticut
Hi Everyone,

I have very bad malasma since 1997. I tried dermotologist, plastic Sugeon now after reading the success stories i started drinking GSE (grapfruit seed extract not grape seed extract) for one week now. I want to know how long it took for you to clear? i will definitely let everyone know the result soon.

Desparately waiting

Posted by Raquel (San Francisco, Ca) on 05/01/2009

[YEA]  I tried the Grapefruit Seed Extract, to clear my Melasma, 12-15 drops in water three times a day.. It worked, IT WORKED!!!!!! I'm so happy! Thank you Marea from Dallas.. I've spent thousands of dollars on getting rid of it over the last four years. I tried laser removal, Obagi skin system from a dermatologists office, and every expensive treatment you can buy over the counter.. I still can't believe it when I look in the mirror. It's been a month and there is still some but it's no longer noticeable like it was before. I feel so much better and I don't look like I'm a female walking around with a mustache over my lip anymore.. Thank You, Thank You!!!! - R

Replied by Preet
New York, USA
Hey Raquel, Thats so good to hear that you also have success with melasma treatment. Can I ask you if you did something else besides the GSE, any supplements etc. or any colon cleansing? Also, was your melasma related to BCPs or being pregnant. I'll really appreciate if you can provide the feedback also how long have you had melasma and where on your face?

Thanks a lot!
Replied by Raquel
San Francisco, CA
Preet, I haven't been taking any prescriptions for four years now. I was on BC pills for almost 10 years. I also had taken Prozac for about three years. Both of the prescriptions mess with your hormones. I have not done any internal cleansing but have in the past and believe it could be beneficial. I did a candida cleansing and it helped my flatten my stomach and helped me lose weight and look less bloated.

In addition to the GSE I have also been doing the horseradish mask about three times a week. I was really tired of my spots so I wanted to try both at the same time. My melasma was mostly spots over my lips and two circles, one on each side of my cheeks. Good Luck
Replied by Michele
Denver, CO
Raquel...along with the GSE remedy you use the horseradish mask. Can you share your "horseradish recipe" or is it just plain horseradish from a jar? How much do you put on and for how long? Thanks!
Replied by Hayday
Little Rock, Arkansas
Raquel from San Francisco -- I was curious as to if you had dermal or epidermal melasma or both?
Replied by Sadia
Hello please tell me from where should I buy grapefruit seed extract? Any website? Can a feed women take this? Thanks in advance :)

Posted by Michele (Denver, CO) on 04/16/2009

Marea.....I've read all of your posts and I am happy that GSE has helped you tremendously. I have tried all treatments except for natural remedies. I am unsure the severity of my melasma (I have it on my upper lip- mustache looking). It seems pretty deep and severe especially if the treatments haven't helped. Also, I have olive skin and the melasma appears darker when I get hot, in the sun (I try to protect my face as much as possible), under stress, worry, before menstrual cycle, or when I sweat. A couple of questions for you...1) can you elaborate more on your internal cleanse to flush out your colon and liver -what did you do? and 2) was your melasma severe? Thank you!!

Replied by Marea
Dallas, Texas


Dear Misha,

I hope your cleansing regimen is going well. You had stated in your previous post that you were having sleep issues, which I believe it could be due to die-off of pathogenic organisms as you are attempting to cleanse internally. I have read further into Dr. Hulda Clark's cleansing protocols, and have learned that sleep issues, she believes, are often times related to ammonia produced by pathogens as their waste product. Ammonia is toxic and causes the body to be acidified. In order to detoxify ammonia, she recommends taking, at bedtime, several capsules of the natural amino acid Ornithine, which is NOT habit forming. You won't need to continue taking it after you are finished with your cleanse.

I would like to add that it is important to stay well hydrated always, but especially during a cleanse in order to flush out toxins as quickly as possible, which will help tremendously in minimizing pathogenic die-off side effects. Try drinking, throughout the day, at least 2 quarts of purified water (no tap water) to which you add the juice of a FRESHLY SQUEEZED LEMON (never from concentrate). Rinse your mouth well (don't swallow) with plain purified water (you can add a pinch of sea salt to the rinse water) after drinking lemon water. The lemon water will help alkalize your body and it is a very healthy natural drink. Best regards, Marea from Dallas, Texas


Hello Raquel, I am very happy for you! I am glad the Grapefruit Seed Extract worked for you. Marea from Dallas, Texas.


Hello Michelle, I have been traveling quite often, so please bear with me as I am packing for yet another trip and will be gone for a little over a week. Since I did the cleanse a while ago, it will take me some time to look up the products I used specifically before GSE; however, I don't know if I can disclose product information on this site. I will check with Deirdre first and will get back to you with a response when I return.

In the meantime, what you can do is drink A WARM CUP OF LEMON TEA EVERY MORNING UPON ARISING. FRESHLY SQUEEZED LEMON JUICE (not ever from concentrate) in a cup of preferably warm distilled water or warm filtered water is a wonderful, natural liver cleanse! It will do its job over time. Do not add anything else to the lemon tea or you will probably nullify its liver cleansing effect. Also, add the juice of one FRESHLY SQUEEZED LEMON to two quarts of purified water and drink this lemon water at room temperature, never cold, throughout the day. Rinse you mouth well (don't swallow) with plain purified water (you can add a pinch of sea salt to the rinse water) after drinking lemon water. The lemon water will help alkalize your body and it is a very healthy natural drink. Note: never use distilled water from plastic containers for oral consumption, otherwise, you will be drinking phthalates and BPA leached into the water from those plastic containers. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. My daughter reads the posts, and if she can answer questions while I am gone, she will be happy to do so.

I have olive skin also and my melasma was spread in several places on my face - some spots on the sides of my forehead, upper cheeks, upper lips and around my mouth. It would get very dark only in those areas every time I was exposed to sun. I don't use any sunscreen on my skin because I do not like the greasy feeling or the use of any chemicals. So, I use hats, or "fashionable" caps when I am out in the sun for an extended time. I have noticed, however, that now that my Melasma is gone, I can be out in the sun in moderation (early morning hours and late afternoon hours) without any problems. My skin has an even color all over, and I am pleased...Marea from Dallas, Texas


Hi Liss, I share your concerns over mixing Grapefruit Seed Extract with medication. I am not a medical doctor, therefore I can not advice you; however, I have a motto I go by which is "when in doubt, better off without".

My own successful personal experience was with the LIQUID (NOT capsules) of Grapefruit Seed Extract in plain water (nothing else added that would interfere with absorption and assimilation) taken on an empty stomach several times per day, not the Grape Seed Extract, so I do not know if the Grape Seed would work. When I took the Grapefruit Seed Extract between meals on an empty stomach, I waited at least one hour before my next meal. I can not vouch for success with GSE if it is taken any other way.

In response to your question about whether this is a lifelong problem, I believe it is totally up to you. When we have a healthy body ecology (with the right balance of intestinal flora, properly alkalized and oxygenated internal terrain), and support it by eating the kinds of foods that nourish and heal our body, our hormones will naturally be in balance, our immune system and all the organs in the body will function optimally and health problems will not persist. Since you said you were open to recommendations, I will gladly offer some suggestions for you to try that will not be intrusive, as they will NOT interfere with medications, but will be rather natural. I will be out of town for a little over a week, so I will get back with you when I return. In the meantime, please don't allow anxiety over melasma rule over you. Anxiety could exacerbate the problem by further acidifying you. Be calm, and know that you have the power to overcome health issues when you make the effort to correct the UNDERLYING CAUSE of health problems, not just treat symptoms. Marea from Dallas, Texas


Karen, I used GRAPEFRUIT SEED EXTRACT, not Grape Seed Extract, internally, not topically. If you check out the melasma page under ailments, you will find some specific directions. I did NOT apply any treatments to my face. I am also wrinkle-free, and now that I don't have melasma, I am also make-up free - wonderful freedom! Marea from Dallas, Texas
Replied by Fernanda
Modesto, California
i am currently trying gse mixed with juice because i can't handle the taste i need to know what the mixture should be as i am currently mixing 10 drops of gse with juice and am getting a horrible itchy rash on my body and how often it should be taken at that strength and for how long for my melasma as the health food store that i bought it from said no longer than 3 weeks at a time as it is a cleanse but on your posting it has said for a month before results are seen. thank you so much
Replied by Liss
Franklin, Ohio
Hi Marea,

Thank you so much for your reply. I went to my OB/GYN yesterday and stopped the BC pills. She said I could go on a different kind but wanted to wait a few months to see what happened since the melasma can have many causes.

I read something about too much copper in the system and it seemed to fit me perfectly...I rarely eat meat not because I'm a vegetarian just don't particularly care for it. I have a very unhealthy diet hardly ever eat breakfast or lunch and an unhealthy fast food or quick fix dinner. (I do drink ensure sometimes) I love chocolate. I read that all of those things contain excess copper and animal protein contains zinc which helps balance the copper. So I eat a lot of foods with copper and almost no animal protein.

I am definitely open to your recommendations. I know I am very unhealthy at this point and would like to do things to change that. I believe this is probably contributing if not causing both the melasma and anxiety but all that I read on the internet concerning both problems is so confusing.
Anything you can suggest I am willing to try. I know the anxiety contributes and I try to remain calm but that seems to be impossible for me! Even with medication I am still anxious pretty much all the time just not to the same extent as I am without medication. It's not really one specific problem I worry about, I am just a worrier period and am anxious a lot mostly for no apparent reason. Before being on medication I was sick constantly. I always thought I just got sick a lot but it was actually the anxiety making me sick with stomach upset, headaches and even fever. I also suffer from migraines with very strange side effects...loss of vision and numbness so I am always worried I will get one even though I get them pretty rarely now. Since being on medication I have been doing much better but I don't want to have to take medication daily for the rest of my life. I would like to control all my health issues naturally as you do. I know I am a very long way from that, but that is my goal to be off all medications and live a "normal" life. Sorry for going on and on. Any suggestions you have would be great and again thank you so much for caring and helping others.

Thanks! Liss

Replied by Fernanda
Modesto, CA
are you familier with the horse radish treatments for melasma and have you tried and had any success with them?
Replied by Michele
Denver, CO
Marea, thank you for your reply and suggestions on the liver cleanse. I certainly will try the remedy. I understand you travel and appreciate it very much when you can reply. That is great your melasma is gone, you can be out in sun in moderation without problems. I am hoping the same will happen for me.

I went to a dermatologist and I have come to find out that I have epidermis and dermis melasma meaning it is on outer and inner layers above my lip. And, it is pretty deep. My melasma doesn't have spots..its more like a full looking mustache. The dermatologist recommended the Active FX treatment. I have done research on the procedure and haven't found positive news about it. With that said, I am uncertain about the treatment. Though, I am not sure if GSE will work because of the severity of my melasma. Was your melasma deep and severe? It has been a year and half since I've had melasma above my upper lip. Is it safe to say that it may take several to 6 months before I see any improvements with GSE regardless of my severity?

I have read your posts to other people experiencing anxiety and frustration with melasma. I can easily say I am very subconscious of my melasma particularly because it is on the upper lip and very noticeable. And, I become very anxious when I am out in public/work. I know with anxiety, it only makes the melasma worse. It is not an easy battle to fight and remain free of anxiety. Again, thank you for your recommendations and support you have given to everyone on this site. Safe travels.
Replied by Michele
Denver, CO
Marea, how long does the liver cleanse last? Do I still eat throughout the day or just drink the lemon water and tea all day? Thanks! :)
Replied by Michele
Denver, CO
Marea, how long does the liver cleanse last? Do I still eat throughout the day or just drink the lemon water and tea all day? Thanks! :)
Replied by Patience
Charlottesville, VA
Hi Michelle, I posted another response in another section I think. This is my first time doing a forum discussion, but I think it's great! I have pretty deep hyperpigmentation caused by laser hair removal a couple of years ago, and since my skin is already freckly, the pigment is accentuated in the epidermis as well. Currently I only use sunscreen and wear a hat when I think of it. My dermatologist gave me 4% hydroquinone yesterday, but I don't think he had any idea what he was talking about. He actually dismissed my claim that it could potentially make it worse! I don't trust doctors or laser people anymore, and I don't think they really care. The girl who did my treatment 2 years ago should have been to look at skin and strongly discourage me from doing it!! Of course she just wanted to make money! I would like to advise people to stay away from lasers!! It always seemed like I was the only one with the mustache problem, and it appears to make everyone else uncomfortable... a subconscious response of a lot of people is to rub THEIR upper lip, anyone know what I mean? At first I thought I was getting hypersensative and overinflating the phenomenon, but I don't think I am. People notice and sometimes even laugh when they think I'm not noticing. It really hurts my feelings and the depression it's causing is becoming unmanageable. Anyway, thanks for all your postings everyone! At least I don't feel so alone. I love the MSM/Zinc/VitC/GSE/Probiotic idea and will start immediately!! It turns out I do in fact eat many of the foods that are the highest in Copper!! Anyone else out there with melasma in the dermis?? I need some support.
Replied by Michele
Denver, CO
To Patience from Charlottesville: You are not alone and I empathize with you. I, too have epidermal and dermal melasma and it is pretty deep. It has been stressful for me and constantly wondering if people are staring at me. To be honest with you, I have not seen any improvements using GSE. Maybe I was not patient enough to continue the GSE treatment. I was on the GSE treatment for a month and half. From the postings on this website and other websites, I noticed GSE works more for people with epidermal melasma. Again, I am not 100% positive and maybe I didn't give the GSE treatment a chance. I have switched over to MSM, Vitamin C, fish oil, and Arnica 30c treattments. In addition to the supplements, I wear sunscreen and a hat. I have been on it for 2 weeks not and no changes, yet. I know this is not sounding too promising but, we have to find a treatment that works for us.
Replied by Patience
Charlottesville, Virginia
Hi Michele! Thanks for writing. I wasn't sure if you checked this forum anymore. Do you know what caused your condition? I think that makes a difference, right? I stupidly went in for a series of laser hair removal treatments and the girl must have used the wrong laser, or my skin is just really sensitive to injury. She told me to wear sunscreen of course, but failed to mention WHY!? She was an idiot. Anyway, can you tell I'm bitter? I will definitely keep you posted on how the MSM/GSE/Vit C/probiotic works. What's Arnica for? You weren't doing MSM and GSE at the same time? Also, how much were you taking? I have a lot of questions!!
Replied by Michele
Denver, CO
Patience from Charlottesville: I do check this forum often but, there isn't much activity. I posted my email address so we can continue to correspond. To be honest, I have no idea where how I got my melasma. It could have been from birth control pills which I stopped more than 6 years ago, out in the sun all day, stress, hormones, etc. Guess I will never know how I got my melasma!?! I am SO sorry to hear about your procedure and I totally understand your frustration. I would have felt the same way. No, I was not on any supplements when taking GSE. Maybe I should have??? I was taking 20 drops of GSE 3-5 times a day. Arnica is for bruising and swelling. You can find Arnica 30c pellets in the natural food stores. I do hope that the supplements will work for you!! I am glad to have found someone who has both epidermal and dermal melasma. Feel free to email me and we can continue our conversations.
Replied by Emily
Alexandria, VA
Hello everyone I have a similar situation with hyperpigmentation melasma or whatever you want to call it. I went in after having an allergic reaction to a face product to have some peels and microdermabrasion. I got a light peel and the estetician told me to wear sunscreen thats it no big deal nothing. Then when I went in the sun I started to develop some brown spots, this was about 3 years ago, and I was so angry at this woman. So angry that I didn't get to express it fully, when i went back she said oh just use this stuff to lighten the spots. Well that was total crap because I am still suffering today with this and constantly looking for solutions. Right now i am using alpha hydroxy acid and some natural brown spot reducer but I don't seem to think it works very well or very fast. I take msm too. I've done ipl but its only temporary it doesn't last. If I go out in the sun everything just gets worse. I wish I could magically go back in the sun the way I used to. Funny enough initially my goal was to be comfortable in not wearing makeup and now look at me still so very uncomfotable. If it wasn't for makeup I would not leave the house, I don't know what I would do. Luckily I found some great products that cover it all up. The thing is I don't want to hide behind make up anymore and I know there has to be a solution. Part of it is I realize that I have to be patient and that is hard. Its good to see I'm not alone although sometimes I feel like the only one do you know what I mean? Thanks for the support of everyone :)
Replied by Yvette
Grande Prairie, Ab
Hello I am having all the same problems I have one spot on each cheek one is darker then the other and I was in getting lazer treatments done when the lady told me it was Melasma I never heard of it before I was always told hyperpigmentation or liver spots I am been trying everthing to get rid of these things I use to have it above my lip also but that has lightened not sure what the treatement was that lightened it but I seem to be making my cheeks worse not better with potions and treatments I am at my witts end seriously.I am so glad to find this web page I have been searching for something on the web so I am going to try the herbal/ internal treatments now it sounds like that might be the only good solution to this terrible Melasma. Is GSE does that stand for something are they gonna now what it is in a health food store and what about MsM and were do I find Lacto Calamine for sun screen. hope and thanks.

Posted by Sandra (Seattle, Washington) on 03/16/2009

I just want to thank everyone for their input on melasma. I've had a stubborn spot right between my eyes on my forehead for five years now. After reading all your posts, I decided to try the GSE. I've been taking it for two days now and can't wait to see the results. I'm very confident that this will be the solution to my problem. I just might have clear skin by my 40th birthday on May 15 2009. I'll keep you posted on my progress!

Replied by Jen
Small Town, Ohio
Everyone read!!!! I do all kinds of supplementation for my whole family. I have been watching the guts of my children, but I also recently came down with a relapse of melasma, red bumps, horrible fatigue, and some pains here and there (including my ears, toes, and shoulder). I was drinking a lot of Bolthouse Green drink and lots of supplements (not going to list out)... I have never had this and thought I was on the right track. Must have thought I could still get away with ice cream or one of my supplements triggered it. Back to tea and GSE. Read the link above. I wish I had found it long ago. This is a link to check for candida with saliva. I know this will help someone.

Posted by BILLIE (CALEDONIA, ONTARIO) on 03/05/2009


Replied by B
Malaga, Spain
Hi I live in Spain and have Melasma on my cheeks, forehead and very noticeable on my upper lip. Ive been suffering with it for about 2-3 years now and its been ruining my confidence, self esteem, and relationship. I'm embarrassed to go out in public and hide away from social events with friends and family. I have tried chemical peels and bleaching creams to no avail..... I use high sun protection but living in such a hot climate its hard to stay out of the sun ... I recently had problems with my ovaries and had a laparoscopy after the operation the melasma dissapeared for a while but has come back with a vengance. I have been so depressed and low that i have considered giving up on myself as i feel so ugly and hideus to look at (im also a performance artist) i cant bring myself to perform and so it is also effecting my work and everything in my life!

I have been reading these articles and am so relieved that i am not alone...i just bought some GSE yesterday and am praying it will be gone soon and i can my life back and be happy again ..Thank you all so much for sharing your stories and experiences :)
Replied by Michele
Denver, CO
Billie, since your last post has the GSE helped you? I share the same frustrations as you do and I hope the GSE has brought back your self-confidence.
Replied by Patience
Charlottesville, VA
Hello, I too have epidermal and dermal melasma, much like Michele from Denver and Billie from Ontario. Mine started from laser hair removal on my upper lip 2 years ago... I'm not 30. Someone mentioned it was post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation from basically the injury from the laser. Whatever it is, it sucks. I also just found this website! Thank God! Doctors know nothing. So, have either of you experienced changes since starting more internal treatments rather than topical solutions (which don't work, and make it worse, right?). I'm desparate. I'm also leary of posting personal information on websites, so if you guys check this forum again, maybe somehow we could exchange emails. I will keep checking back. Everyone's case is a little different depending on depth of the melanin in the layers of skin. I'm afraid mine is pretty deep. Anyone else?

Posted by Maria (Pune, India) on 02/07/2009

dear mam, i have melasma since last one year and tried several lightening creams available in local market. I have read about GSE. can you please tell me where I would get this. i have melasma on both my cheeks and nose. please ..i would like to have the information as I had been told to do chemical peeling but since i heard many regative things about this i do not want to go in for it.


EC: Try a good health food store in your area. If they don't have it, try looking online in the Google shopping section.

Replied by Preet
New York, USA
To Maria from Pune:

Maria, I am also from India and live in New York now and if you don't find the GSE there, let me know and I'll send it to you! Its not expensive at all so you dont need to worry about paying me and I'll just be happy to send it to you and hope that it'll help!

Let me know
Replied by Maria
Pune, India
Dear Preet,

Thanx for the reply..but its my bad luck that i saw your comment (grapefruitseed extract) to my question only after a year. In the meanwhile i am still struggling for curing my melasma..i had asked for Meladerm cream from US..but to my bad luck that too did not work for me ..its been a month now and still i did not see any difference. I bought two bottles..quite still applying it. Actually i was again trying to get GSE but till date i did not get it..if at all you can help me please do. I am seriously thinking of taking GSE. Also let me know if i have to take anything besides this.

Replied by Dipti
Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh India
Replied by Anupa
Bangalore, India
Hi Preet, I also have melasma for the last 2 yrs, tried with many options, pigmentation did not fade. After reading these sucess stories, wanted to try GSE. I am bangalore, can I get the GSE too? Will pay you online... Please help

Posted by Ann (Los Angeles, CA) on 09/15/2008

Hello, Everyone: I just wanted to let you know that I am trying the liquid Grapefruit Seed Extract. So far it's only been about a week, and I have not noticed any change in my melasma. I will post again after 4 weeks have passed and then after 8 weeks have passed.

Replied by Ann
Los Angeles, CA
[NAY]   Well, it's been almost a month since I've been using the Grapefruit Seed Extract, and so far I do not see any noticeable improvement in my melasma.

I have been mixing 25 drops/2 times a day mixed in with juice. This stuff tastes truly awful mixed with water, so I had to mix it with juice to be able to drink it.

Anyway, I will continue using the Grapefruit Seed Extract until I have finished the bottle that I bought. I will write back again in another month or so to let you all know if I have any lightening.

Posted by Joy (Columbia, SC) on 07/01/2008

[YEA]  Hello Everyone - I have decided to give the Grapefruit Seed Extract/GSE a try also, and have been doing so for 3 days now. It is really too early for me to report on how I think it is doing, but I feel like it is working.

I have been out in the sun, and wear hats/sunscreen and it has not gotten any darker. Last summer mine would get darker no matter how much sun protection I used, I was pregnant then. I have had it for going on 5 years now, prior to my pregnancies.

I wanted to write in about the GSE liquid. The lady at the health food store suggested some Empty Gelatin Capsule's and they are the ticket. The GSE is bitter, and does not taste good at all, so the capsules really make the whole experience much better. I am still taking the MSM -2,000mg once a day, and 2 -Cranberry pills 475 mg twice a day pills instead of Vitamin C. And the GSE 20 drops 3 times a day, and plan to increase as everyone recommends.

I will report back on my results in a week or so, but wanted to let everyone know about the Gelatin Capsule's. Keep posting this wonderful information! I want to thank everyone! It has helped so many people including me.

Mine is so much better than before, not gone, but much, much less noticeable and ALMOST gone!

Replied by Deb
Albuquerque, NM
Hello, Joy just reading your post and I'm glad to hear that your melasma has lightened, how bad was your melasma was it dark and where did you have your melasma,what is the reason why not vitamin C. has the cranberry helped out with the GSE? Has the GSE really helped out a lot. I have tried so many creams Etc. with no results. Seems to spread at times or get darker.
Replied by Mychelle
Irvine, CA
[YEA]   I've been trying a few of the suggestions and I've noticed a huge improvement using the GSE drops (15 drops in juice and water -because it tastes awful- 5x daily) for about three weeks now. My spots haven't lightened but they've broken up and there are far fewer. I have had melasma on my forehead, cheeks, and a bit in other places and this is the first time I've seen real, I'm-not-imagining-it results. I'm also taking MSM 1000mg 3x a day and Vitamin C. Before this I had tried Cosmelan, IPL, everything! Thanks so much for the great advice, I'm looking forward to when it is completely gone, finally! :)
Replied by Joy
Columbia, SC
Hello Michelle - I am really glad you are getting good results. I to have tried many, many different things from chemical peels and creams nothing worked, and gave me results like all of the suggestions on this site.

As for the Cranberry I was taking it for other reasons, and it is an Antioxidant so I did not do the Vitamin C for a while. I am back on the Vitamin C instead. I am taking MSM - 2,000 mg, - Vitamin C 500mg twice a day and GSE 15 drops 4 times a day.

My Melasma was on my cheeks, forehead, bridge of my nose, and I had a spot on my chin. My cheeks are clear, except a little on each temple. My chin is clear. And my forehead and bridge of my nose are still where it is dominate. My forehead is almost completely covered, however it is all really, really light where it remains. I have a very fair complexion, and mine was about 3 shades darker than the rest of my skin. Now it is only one shade darker. Mine was brown, not black.

I too am looking forward to the day when it is completely gone as well.
Replied by Joy
Columbia, SC
Hello Everyone - I have not written in a while. After added the GSE to my routine. I did not notice that my melasma was going away completely, and like others it would get darker closer to my cycle. I was trying some oil of olay cream at the same time so I don't know which one was lightning it. I had seen some information about liver cleansing and alternative medicine. I went to an alternative medicine doctor and we worked on getting rid of Candida. I have been on a number of cleanses and now take a multi vitamin called Intramax. My melasma is not completely gone, but I don't notice it at all anymore, and can go with out make up. Which is something that I have not been able to do for years. I feel wonderful!! I still take 1,000 mg of Vit C. Wanted to write in and let everyone know they need to find an alterative medicine doctor and they will help you come up with the right plan to make you look and feel better. Good luck to everyone. I am back to my oldself, and hope everyone finds their path. I would not be on my road to complete healing if it was not for this site. Thank you everyone for posting your stories. Treating yourself from the inside out is what works.
Replied by Vivien
I've read the thread on GSE (grapefruit seed extract) helping to clear facial melasma/discoloration. What is it in grapefruit seed extract that clears the discoloration? I read that grape seed extract does the same thing. I'm rather confused between the two GSE. Thanks for your feedback.
Replied by Preet
Ithaca, Ny
To Marea from Dallas:

Hey Marea, Could you please tell me which herbal lover cleanse you used? I'll really appreciate your reply. Thanks, Gagan

Replied by Sanjay
Kathmandu, Na
Does Fractional CO2 laser help in reducing pigmentation? Help

Posted by Marea (Dallas, Texas) on 05/16/2008

[YEA]  I share your sentiments about melasma. I, too, was afflicted with this condition, but nothing you do externally will be of great help or even permanent, unless you also address your internal terrain. I started using an herbal liver cleanse, and it took four months before I started noticing improvements. My melasma was reduced by half by the end of six months. However, when I started taking Grapefruit Seed Extract (the natural citricidal kind) for an unrelated condition, to my amazement, the melasma started dissapering at a faster rate than with the herbal treatment. It took only about four weeks to almost completely dissapear. I believe liver spots, melasma, age spots, whatever they are called are mostly related to an internal fungal condition, which the GSE greatly treated and that is why it acted so much faster. I was taking it five times a day on an empty stomach.

Replied by Deborah
Albuquerque, NM
Hello Maria, Were you taking the pill or the liquid (GSE) what brand and where did your purchase yours? Where did you have the melasma? And is your melasma gone completely? Do you use sun screen? Sorry so many questions but it's so hard to get rid of the melasma. Hope to hear from you. Thank You.
Replied by Debbie
New York, NY
What brand of GSE were you using?
Replied by Laura
Wichita, KS
Marea, What mg of GSE were you using? I bought the 250mg (the highest potency I could find) and just started taking it yesterday. The directions are to take one 3x's a day with food. Do you think that would be adequate? I'm also taking 1,000mg of MSM twice a day. Been doing this for a week. Any more info you can give would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
Replied by Marea
Dallas, Texas
To Laura from Wichita: Laura, I was using 15-20 drops of liquid GSE extract (the natural citricidal kind) five times a day on an empty stomach (10 drops =100mg for a total of 750mg-1,000mg daily). I started with 20 drops three times a day, for a few days, increased to 20 drops five times a day for a few weeks, then tapered off to 15 drops five times a day. I prefer the liquid GSE because, in my opinion, it is more easily absorbed and perhaps faster acting. If taken on an empty stomach, you do have to increase gradually because otherwise you might experience some mild stomach acidity. I don't know if you will get the same results with tablets or capsules. Just try it and if it doesn't work then switch to liquid and see if it works better for you. Do be aware, though, that the liquid extract tastes very bitter. If you do an internet search on the benefits of GSE you will see that it states it does not affect beneficial intestinal flora; however, I took probiotics at separate times, just as a precautionary measure. I have never tried the MSM. Joyce from Joelton and Ted highly recommend it, and they are both very knowledgeable, so I am sure that would help, too. I wish you the best at resolving your skin condition. I hope it works for you as well as it did for me.
Replied by Marea
Dallas, Texas

I don't know if I can mention brands, but I was taking the NutriBiotic original GSE liquid concentrate unfiltered formula (10 drops contain 100mg) which I purchased at a Whole Foods supermarket, to be taken 5-15 drops in 5oz. or more of water or juice 1-3 times daily, with or without meals.

My melasma was on the sides of my forehead, very pronounced on my nose, some on my upper cheek bones and somewhat around my mouth. And, yes, it is all gone, except for one tiny spot on my nose where it was the most pronounced. I had gone on vacation for three weeks and had stopped using the GSE. The Melasma has not returned, but I have started up again on GSE to get that one spot left on my nose. No, I don't use sunscreen. I don't like to use chemicals anywhere on my skin. I use hats during the sun's peak hours. If you decide to try it, I hope it works for you, as well as it did for me. Do remember though, that you would also have to address your internal terrain. Going on an internal cleanse to flush out your colon and liver would greatly benefit your overall health. My best to you.


Laura, I was using 15-20 drops of liquid GSE extract (the natural citricidal kind)five times a day on an empty stomach (10 drops100mg for a total of 750mg-1000mg daily). I started with 20 drops three times a day, for a few days, increased to 20 drops five times a day for a few weeks, then tapered off to 15 drops five times a day. I prefer the liquid GSE because, in my opinion, it is more easily absorbed and perhaps faster acting. If taken on an empty stomach, you do have to increase gradually because otherwise you might experience some mild stomach acidity. I don't know if you will get the same results with tablets or capsules. Just try it and if it doesn't work then switch to liquid and see if it works better for you. Do be aware, though, that the liquid extract tastes bitter. If you do an internet search on the benefits of GSE, you will see that it states it does not affect beneficial intestinal flora; however, I took probiotics at separate times, just as a precautionary measure.

I have never tried the MSM. Joyce from Joelton and Ted highly recommend it, and they are very knowledgeable, so I am sure that would help, too. I wish you the best at resolving your skin condition. I hope it works for you as well as it did for me.
Replied by Leah
Suffolk, VA
Marea - How long did you have melasma, and the GSE actually worked? I've had it for a few years and nothing has worked and can't believe one extract would work and others don't know about it. Does it seem as if it's permanent. Can you give us an update on your status as of 6/30/08?? Sorry about unsuredness, but if you've had it a long time, you know how stubborn it is. I'm taking 19 pills a day to get rid of it right now and am adding GSE!
Replied by Laura
Wichita, KS
Marea, Thank you for your feedback. I will keep that liquid in mind. I appreciate your input!
Replied by Laura
Wichita, KS
Melasma: For those of you reading the posts. I just wanted to update you all on my condition. I had my hormones checked and my progesterone was pretty low. I started the bio identical hormone therapy last night. They put me on 125mg of progesterone dissolve tabs. Part of the month, I will only be taking half that dose. Also, I started yesterday upping my intake of MSM to 2,000mg twice a day along with 1000mg vit C twice a day. I'm also taking the 500mg grapefruit seed extract twice a day. I'm continuing with 50mg of zinc a day to help with any copper overload caused by the estrogen dominance. We'll just see how this goes after a few weeks! I will keep you posted.
Replied by Kristin
Wichita, KS, USA

I am also from Wichita, KS. What Dr. are you seeing that has provided you with your hormone level check?

I have lived with Melasma since 1999 when I was pregnant with my first child. The only medication I have used is Triluma. It did have little results but left my skin flaky and dry. I am interested in finding out more about Melasma.

A very good friend of mine found this website and I am certainly thankful for her passing along the information as I have found many interesting facts and remedies to try. Please let me know how you are progressing and what Dr. you have been seeing here in Wichita.

Thank you so much for your information, and I wish you the best of luck.

Replied by Leah
Suffolk, VA
Marea, Laura, others - Any feedback on GSE as of 7/21/08 and how working on your hormone levels might help work against melasma??
Replied by Laura
Wichita, KS
[NAY]   To Kristin from Wichita KS. Hi Kristin. I see is Azure, she's Dr. Tana Goering's PA. She's pretty well versed in the bio identical hormone therapy. Good luck! I haven't noticed the GSE has helped my melasma either. I'm just hoping this hormone therapy will give me some results for a change. Living with this for 10 yrs now is about to drive me crazy. All I want to do is let the sun shine on my face! Even if it's just for 10 minutes! Good luck to you and sorry it took so long to respond. I've been extremely busy.
Replied by Marea
Dallas, Texas

TO LAURA FROM WICHITA,KS: Laura, I have been traveling this summer, so I am now catching up on my reading, and noticed your comment on the CURES section for Melasma. You said you "haven't noticed the GSE has helped my melasma either". I would like to encourage you to persevere just a little longer, don't give up too soon. I treated my melasma successfully with GSE, and gave the GSE extract to a friend who also treated hers successfully, but took her a little longer to see results. I can only deduce that the longer you have had the melasma, the longer it will take to see results. I had my melasma for about five years and it took four weeks to see results. My friend had hers for about 12 years and it took her about nine to ten weeks to begin to see results.

Also, I noticed that you were taking several things such as MSM, Vitamin C, Zinc for copper overload, hormone therapy in addition to GSE capsules. I am wondering if perhaps too many things for the same condition are causing system overload. Not only that, but also you were using GSE capsules (or tablets?) which in my opinion, may not be as effective as the GSE liquid extract itself. I had started with an herbal liver cleanse prior to the GSE which addressed my internal terrain, which I believe helped to get things started, but I KEPT IT SIMPLE and used no additional supplements. I used the GSE liquid extract on an empty stomach mixed with plain filtered water, NOT mixed with any juice so it would not interfere with digestion or assimilation. I learned to tolerate the taste.

If your condition is hormone related, perhaps the hormone therapy is what will work for you. Everyone's body chemistry is different, so what may work for some, may not work for others. But we should all be willing to try different avenues until we find what works for us. In many cases, it is also a matter of giving a remedy sufficient time to work. Let me know of your progress. I wish you well in your quest for a solution to you condition. Marea

TO LEAH FROM SUFFOLK,VA: Leah, I had my melasma for about five years, and yes the GSE (GRAPEFRUIT SEED EXTRACT, NOT Grapeseed) worked for me. It took only a few weeks, but it might take longer for those who have had melasma for a longer period of time. So far, I would consider it permanent resolution as my melasma has NOT returned.

TO DENISE FROM BROOKLYN,NY: Denise, you said you were experiencing side effects from the MSM and wondered if Vitamin C and GSE worked on their own to treat melasma. In my personal case, I took NOTHING ELSE BUT GSE. The GSE worked for me all by itself. I had started taking GSE for an unrelated condition after I had finished doing an herbal liver cleanse to address my internal terrain, when I realized to my delight that it was breaking up my melasma faster than the liver cleanse! It cleared it completely, and to this date, it has not returned. I wish you well in successfully treating yours.
Replied by Denise
Brooklyn, NY
To Marea, Thank you so much I am taking the msm and the grapefruitseed extract in pills because I am unable to find liquid. I think I am going to try the GSE alone to see if I get these wonderful results that you have obtained. I am very curious about this liver herbal cleanse can you tell me more and how to do this. My daughter is getting married in June/2009 and my dream is to go to her wedding with a clear face, I know this sounds vain but anyone who suffers from this dreadful condition knows how bad it can make you feel. Looking forward to hearing from you, thanks for the info.
Replied by Denise
Brooklyn , New York
Re Marea's posts: I am a melasma sufferer and I have seen several posts about herbal liver cleanse and how well it removes toxins from the body. I am very interested in this procedure however have no clue how to go about it? Can someone help me here?
Replied by Irma Louise
Pescadero, CA
Does mixing GSE into my green tea lessen the benefits of either? I've found that when I do this, I don't taste the bitterness of the GSE as I do when I drink it in plain water. Since I want to drink several cups of green tea per day and take several doses of GSE to help with my melasma, I am hoping this combination proves effective.
Replied by Misha
Karachi, Pakistan
Grapefruit Seed Extract
This is for:
Marea from Dallas, Texas

Marea, I have had melasma since I was 14. At 29 it has grown to a disturbing extent. I have tried every medical and herbal/alternative doctor I could find and used every remedy anyone and everyone has advised. (The funniest was when a woman once came up to me at an airport and said to use the inside of a mango seed)

All I have ever noticed is slight lightening of the marks and eventually (due to stress, sun, etc etc) they darken again and grow larger and thicker.

The last medical doctor I saw told me they can ONLY lighten and I have to live with th fungus family and they will get worse if/when I have children,so I should be prepared (life just gets better!). The last herbal doctor I went to told me to be patient. I spent 2 years on her medicine and saw a little peeling after a few months and eventually it all returned...

And then around the end of 2008, I read your thread...
Marea, YOUR GSE remedy is the first time I have SEEN results.

Bless You Marea, I cannot thank you enough. I ordered Grapefruit Seed Extract from America and started with a few drops and as you said, it did play havoc on my stomach. So I was on and off it trying to control the nausea and bloating, and simulaneously I did see breaking up and peeling within the first week. When I increased it to 15 drops in 5oz of water Three times a day, the results have been phenomenal! My back now has huge clear spots where the fungus family had been squatting for years! In other areas I can see dramatic breaking up and watch with amazement every morning as the clear spots get bigger and bigger. (it is on 70% of my back and 30% of my front and sides of my face and scalp..eyuu)

I do get bloated and feel nausea (I wont even get into the ITCHING stories). I have had sleep issues as well. I am thinking it must be the need for an internal cleanse as you had stated. I started taking acidophillus tablets alongside the GSE (but at a separate time of day from the GSE) I now started taking physillum husk in a glass of water (internal cleanse attempt). I could not find bentonite (for a colon cleanse) yet so I have ordered that from America.

After starting the fibre, I felt more nauseous, but the next day my sleep had improved, skin is generally looking fresher (even my under eye bags). Yesterday I felt a strange euphoria. From what I have read, I believe the dead bacteria that was left in my system must have been removed or reduced by the fibre leading to these positive effects.

Do you think you can give some more guidance on the internal cleanse and diet you followed? What kind of acidophillus and how many tablets daily? Can you be more specific on the type of internal cleanse you did and what diet you followed?

Marea, I honestly send you so many blessings everytime I see progress. And whoever founded this forum, thank you!

Clear skin by my 30th birthday..., everytime I think about it feels surreal.
(I must sound like a commercial:))

This is the only place where I found a sincere remedy. Many many thanks :)
Replied by Marea
Dallas, TX


It was almost by accident that I saw your letter. I have been traveling extensively over the last few months as we are seeking relocation to land in the mountains (for pristine soil to grow our own crops, fresh air and sunshine), so my daughter is able to keep up with the reading of the posts much more than I am able to. A few of my friends have now tried the GSE. It did not work for some who gave up too soon, but those who stuck with it and took it as directed in spite of its very bitter taste, were able to see results.

Continue doing what you are already doing - it takes WILLPOWER and RESOLVE. You are on the right track. Taking Acidophilus at separate times and also psyllium and bentonite will all lead to internal cleansing and detoxifying over time. As I had mentioned in my original thread, internal cleansing to flush out the colon, liver and bloodstream will greatly enhance any healing protocol and will benefit overall health. Everything we consume will work that much more effectively if our internal organs are clean and able to absorb; so yes, internal cleansing is of paramount importance, and that is where one should always start if long lasting, permanent results are desired (otherwise, conditions will always eventually recur, when we stop treatment before we address the root or cause of many problems - sluggish, inflamed, clogged or overburdened organs with candida, fungus, bacteria, parasites, etc.)

There are many herbal cleansers on the market. Over the last couple of years, I have used Dr. Richard Schultze's and Dr. Christopher's herbal preparations - they are excellent, and natural. I have heard that Dr. Hulda Clark's herbal preparations are also good. I have followed the _____'s internal cleansing protocol by fasting on distilled water (distilled water is the best solvent of inorganic minerals - I use it for cleansing over the short term) once a week, and three days out of every month by drinking about ten 8-oz glasses of water (in three out of ten glasses of distilled water, I add two teaspoons of Apple Cider Vinegar and a dash of cayenne). For me, short periodic fasts are an excellent way to give the digestive system a rest, and time to fully use energy for regeneration and restoration of cellular function. Once a year (I have now done it two consecutive years), I have done the Stanley Burroughs Master Lemonade cleanse for ten days. His lemonade/maple syrup/cayenne drink (I also add a dash of cinnamon) is surprisingly sustaining.

After the short fasts, I follow with a healthy diet of lots of raw fruits and vegetables and their freshly extracted or blended live green juices. As far as my eating habits go, I eat a variety of foods in moderation (at least half raw or more, the rest cooked). I alternate between organic goat's cheese, free-range organic eggs, wild salmon and free-range organic chicken or freshly made chicken soup in small amounts about two or three times a week. Also, the best way to get your probiotics is through raw, cultured (fermented) vegetables if you can spare about one or two hours once a week (I do it on a Saturday or Sunday). That way I can have a couple of tablespoons of the cultured vegetables with my meals throughout the week (cabbage rejuvelac is surprisingly easy to prepare). I must say that I started following this diet after the success with GSE. I was so thrilled with my new face, that I wanted to make sure I would never again get those spots on my face! It was a great motivation to keeping my internal terrain clean after the herbal cleanse and GSE. By the way, I strongly believe that if you do periodic cleanses to keep your internal system working optimally, and your immune system strong and alkalized by the consumption of plenty of raw fruits and vegetables, you will not have to keep taking any treatments indefinitely (I don't need to continually take remedial herbs, nor take any medications, prescribed or over the counter). I no longer need the GSE. I was thankful that it did a fabulous job, because the cleanse alone was not taking care of the condition fast enough, BUT in conjunction with the cleanse, the GSE accelerated the process along in just a few short weeks, not months. By the way, your internal terrain also includes your emotions. Minimize, or better yet, eliminate continued negative thoughts and emotions such as stress, anxiety, worries, fear, anger, resentments, etc. - they are highly acidifying and conducive to ill health. Yes, in varying degrees, they are part of life, but don't let them control you.

If you have access to a trampoline (I use my children's old outdoor trampoline), soft rebounding is also excellent for the lymphatic system. It works by stimulating circulation of body fluids to nourish the body and bringing vital life and energy to every organ in the body. I have seen a difference in my muscles and skin tone, including facial skin tone since I started using it. At my age, I am limber, in perfect weight and with the body, life and energy of my 20's - I attribute it to the internal cleanses, the diet and the trampoline combined. Once you get into a routine, it really does not take a lot of time, and it is not hard to follow. Once you experience the benefits, the energy and the feeling of well-being, you will never want to go back to old habits. Above all, a positive frame of mind, love and laughter and the power of prayer are great medicine for the body and soul!

Many blessings to you, too, Misha. I hope you get my response to your questions, and my best wishes for your continued success. Many blessings, too, to the beautiful staff at Earthclinic for keeping up this wonderful site, and to those who contribute with their caring responses to the questions aked. Marea from Dallas, Texas

Replied by Misha
Karachi, Pakistan
Wow, both wisdom and thought provoking ideas in your mail. Thank you for the detailed response Marea. I am going to try to incorporate what I can from your regime and give you periodic updates on my progress as well.

Good luck in your new home search. May it bring you all you wish and desire :)
Replied by Marea
Dallas, Texas
Dear Misha, Thank you very much for your good wishes. Just keep in mind, as I am sure you know, that chances of success are higher when changes are not overwhelming, but incorporated one or two at a time. Yes, please keep me updated on your progress. May your efforts be rewarded with beautiful, glowing skin! :) Marea, from Dallas, Texas
Replied by Liss
Franklin, Ohio, United States

Hi Marea, I developed Melasma last summer but did not realize that is what is was until a few days ago. I believe it's related to BC pills but I have been taking them for a few years now and it just developed last year. I have an appt. with my OB/GYN this Monday to have it checked out.

I have not really been exposed to excessive sun since last June when I developed it. It has faded a lot since then but that is how I realized I had it because I haven't been out in the sun but still have dark spots on my upper cheeks giving me the "racoon eyes look". Last summer I also had a spot on my upper lip and between my eyes but those are hardly visible now.

I want to try the GSE but I have GAD (generalized anxiety disorder) and have to take 3 mg of xanax daily to control it and it has helped me tremendously (I was miserable for 10 yrs before I finally found a dr who took me seriously concerning my anxiety) The xanax says not to take grapefruit products because it increases the absorption in your blood. I have asked my dr. before about herbal/nutritional supplements and he does not seem open to that type of thing but otherwise he is the best doctor I have found in my 13 yrs of searching since I outgrew my pediatrician so I really don't want to get another doctor. I also don't want to take the GSE if it's not safe but it sounds like it works so well and I am scared to death of the other treatments(from the dermatologist) because of what I have read on several posts. I read something on here that said Grape Seed extract could also work.
I know these questions seem technical and may be out of your area of expertise but I really want to have my face back and from what I have read your suggestions seem to work the best for everyone on who's tried it. Any ideas for my situation? Would you suggest seeing a dermatologist or treating it myself? Do you know is this a lifelong problem or once it is cured will it come right back with sun exposure even after the hormonal imbalance is taken care of? Sorry for so many questions this is all new to me and I am very concerned about it. Anything you can recommend would be greatly appreciated! Thank you so much for caring about others and making a difference! I can tell you are a very special person!

Replied by Fernanda
Modesto, CA
how many drops were you using on a daily basis 5 times a day on an empty stomach i am currently using 10 drops 2 times a day and am getting a rash on my body maybe too strong of a dose let me know please and for how long should i be on it to see a difference. thank you for your help
Replied by Jennifer
Orlando, FL
Thank you all so much for the helpful posts! I recently developed small patches of melasma on both sides of my cheeks and a little bit between my eyebrows from using oral contraceptives. It was like they developed over night! I immediatly discontinued the pill and am now searching for all natural cures. Today I am going to get GSE in the liquid form and MSM supplements. I am a fan of the hydrogen peroxide because it almost fades the spots immediatly but it's not lasting if you go out in the sun. That's when I realized I need something internal as well. So, thanks again for the help and support and I will update on my progress :)
Replied by Sumita
Akron, Ohio, U.s.
Hi Misha from Karachi, Pakistan,Can you please tell us how is your progress with GSE now? I hope your skin is all clear. Please reply.
Replied by Tina
Fairfax, Washington Dc
Hi Marea, I don't know if you are still active on this forum, I am too suffering from melasma since five years. Its not due to BC but my TSH level is elevated, progesterone level is low and I have been diagnosed with fibriods. My dermatologist says these conditions have nothing to do with melasma and put me on chemical peels and hydroquinone. It helped me in the begining but melasma reappared again. Now I have it on my upper lip and both cheeks. Reading posts I tried GSE in tab form MSM, vit C, Zn, aloe vera juice and acidophilus but nothing seems to be working for me. Its two months now and I feel very disappointed. Only people here on this forum could understand how much humiliation I have gone through because of melasma. Sometimes I feel like commiting suicide. Reading this forum I don't want to lose hope but nothing new seems to be coming my way. Please help me...
Replied by Zulema
Houston, Tx
Tina, Please be patient with this. I suffered melasma for the first time when going thru some marital issues.... Age 39 at the time... It does get better... It's a constant battle, but I have seen pics of a couple of years ago, and now, and have marked improvements. I have also tried everything topical.. But it comes back... Obagi, chemicals peels, TriLuma, 8% bleaching, etc... I am so ready to try the grapfruit seed extract to see if it works. I used 100 percent sunblock and still have some patches which intensify... I usually have some light orange/red patches now but they used to be so dark and ashy looking.

Please continue to work with this... Do not give up. I used 2-3 coats of foundation and people can't even tell. I am a beautiful woman 42 yrs old, and melasma in my opinion is what is bothering me the most... But I have to put things into perspective. I am taking ACV internally and will start with the Aloe and all the other antioxidants recommended in these blogs.

Replied by Janet
Washington, Dc

I have had melasma all over my face for about 5 years. I have tried all of the expensive topical treatments and peels with only temporary success. I discovered this website back in May and have since tried many of the remedies recommended here. I have also started seeing a Naturopathic Doctor, which has been very helpful (although quite pricey$$). She discovered I have a hormone inbalance and she thinks this is the reason I have the melasma (as well as some pretty bad PMS symptoms). I am taking vitex along with other supplements to correct my hormone inbalance (I am estrogen dominant). I am also taking Vitamin C, MSM, a multi-vitamin, Pycnogenol, Zinc, Copper, Probiotics, Fish Oil, and using ACV topically. I have tried the GSE, horseradish, hydrogen peroxide masks and Kefir, but that didn't do anything for me.

For me the fish oil and probiotics have been key to helping my skin. My melasma has lightened quite a bit, but I think this is also due to shifting my diet. I did a 2 week liver detox and have tried to stay away from sugar, wheat, dairy, red meats, alcohol and caffeine since then. I know that sounds like a lot and no fun, but it has made me feel a whole lot better and I think my skin is getting better. I have been eating mostly veggies, beans, fruits, grains and beans. I am not completely strict on this, and I still like to go out and have pizza and beer on the weekends, but I do notice that my brown spots look darker the next day when I do.

Another thing I have done is to shift my beuty products to all natural ones -ACV, coconut oil and natural makeups and SPF (look up to find out if your products have irritating chemicals in them). I recently heard about topical niacinamide (vitamin B3), which is supposed to act much in the same way as Retin A by curing acne, hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, but it is completely natural and is very inexpensive. Just google the natural spray form. I am definitely going to give it a try and I will report on my progress. Good luck to everyone else -this is a difficult battle! (I do have to put things in perspective sometimes and think -things could be a lot worse ;)

Replied by Tina
Fairfax, Washington Dc
Janet and Zulema thanks for your inputs. I am no longer taking supplements since I got pregnant recently and don't want to harm my baby in any way. Presently I am trying 40% lactic acid peel, I just had two peels and could see some improvement in my melasma. I hope to get some relief after years of suffering. Will keep updating. God bless all you pretty angels out there!
Replied by Praying4us
Toronto, Ontario
Anyone has a solution for dermal melasma? Feel free to email me.
Replied by Amanpreet Shergill
I want to know about what time is the best time to take GSE. As all day we r used to eat something. One has written empty stomach 5 times a day. Plz suggest me when is empty stomach except morning. Need help. Suffering from melasma from last 5 yrs now totally fed up. Plz need help