Melanoma Remedies

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Posted by James (Summit, NJ) on 04/18/2009

[YEA]  The last two years or more I've been watching a mole like growth on my lower leg next to my calf. It didn't do much for a while but about six months ago it started to grow. It was about half inch across, maybe slightly less. It had a brown reddish dark hue. The texture was scaly and bumpy. Edges were irregular. It did have a more "round" shape. In short, it was the classic melanoma. I looked on the web and yes there it was in dozens of photos. An angry dark spot spreading out. I figured it was time to get to the Dermatologist but for some reason I held off. I started to take turmeric as a supplement in my morning smoothies. Intially I took turmeric as a cure for a severe case of diahrrea, which it cured almost instantly. After some more research I started taking it every day. After about a month I noticed that my small melanoma was changing. It was becoming lighter, the edges were turning into new skin. Now it's almost gone after three months. New skin has taken over most of it. There is only a small area in the original center left which won't be there long from the looks of it. I put a teaspoon of turmeric in my berrie smoothie, which hides the taste. I actually like the tast of it so for me it's not a problem.

Posted by Robert
Tuscaloosa, Alabama
My brother had a large growth on his belly next to his navel and if he bumped it on something it bleed alot. I tried for a long time to have him go to the doctor about it but he did not go. However, when he did go they found that the growth was melanoma and he was sent to the surgen. The growth was removed along with one of his limpth nods which had no melanoma in it. He was told to come back for additional treament which he chose not to do. Now he has three lumps that came up on his back.... So I guess the melanoma is spreading. Is there anything that he can do now since he is in the situation that he is in.

Robert in Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Posted by C.c.
Los Angeles, Ca
Re. Melamona. Research BLOODROOT. Also known as black salve.
Posted by Nevada Smith
Portland, Pennsylvania
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I wonder if it's the turmeric or the berries?

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Posted by Sid (Brisbane, Qld Australia) on 09/09/2012

I have chronic bcc skin cancer probs from the tropics of png. Does anyone know the side effects of using vitamin c mineral ascorbate vitamin c when used externally on the BCC's

Posted by Citygirl27
Richardson, Tx, Usa
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I don't know about ascorbic acid, but baking soda for skin cancers can work very well. This is Dr. Simoncini's skin cancer page.

Also, do whatever you can to raise and sustain your pH to at least the mid 7's til the cancer goes away. Mix A juice of one lime or lemon with a teaspoon of baking soda, then adding water, works well, and tastes like fizzy lemonade.


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