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Melanoma Remedies

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Hydrogen Peroxide
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Posted by Dave (Dallas, Texas) on 08/12/2008

[YEA]  35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide--

I had crippling rheumatoid arthritis in 1985, where all the joints in my right arm were locked up and would not move. I was in constant, horrible pain and got no sleep for over 3 months. I began drinking extremely dilute amounts of the 35% HP DROPS in PURE WATER (NOT Tap Water!!)I also had candida albicans, and my cholesterol level was 465 as tested by my MD friend. Within 1 week the pain in my joints on my right arm was GONE and I was sleeping like a baby! Within one month I had free range of motion in all joints--from my fingers to my shoulder. My cholesterol was down to 289 and the candida symptoms were greatly reduced. By the end of the second month, my cholesterol was 155 (normal and safe) and all symptoms of candida albicans infestation were GONE. That was 28 YEARS ago, and I have had NO reoccurances of any of the above problems. I call that a "CURE!"

H2O2 amounts taken: Begin first day with ONE DROP H2O2 in 8 oz. PURE WATER. Second day: two drops H2O2. Third day: three drops H2O2...and so on until you reach 10 drops per day. Now, if the taste is too bad, split the HP drops into 5 in the morning, and 5 in the evening--near bed time. Work back taking 10 drops twice a day, THEN split it into THIRDS, AND begin taking 7 drops THREE times a day, or whatever you can handle. Slowly work back up to taking 10 drops THREE times a day. Don't go much higher than that, or you might want to stay at 7 drops, three times a day. Let your body determine your amount.

ALSO, do NOT drink any H2O2 water 45 minutes BEFORE OR AFTER EATING A MEAL OR TAKING SUPPLIMENTS! You may throw up (vomit.)

ALSO, take 500 mg. of Vitamin C once a day to neutralize any free radical formations that may have occured. The oxygen in the H2O2 attacks the iron in the blood and causes that reaction. The Vitamin C will clean it up, and Selenium may also be substituted for the Vitamin C.

MY SKIN CANCER (Melanoma) "erased" with topical application of 35% Food Grade HP: I had several dark mole-like formations on my forearms come up after being out in the Texas sun a lot. They itched, and my doctor friend said they were Melanomas and that I should see a professional about them. I knew what HP would do for them, so I took a nail file and GENTLY abraded the surface of these dark bumps, and then I applied straight 35% Food Grade HP to the spots with a Q-Tip (cotton swab on a stick) UNTIL THEY TURNED WHITE IN COLOR. I did this 3 times a day for a week. By the end of the week, they had turned to powder or dust, and were FLAT and GONE! There was no itching, NO pain, and they left a slightly lightened spot on my arm where they used to be. They never came back again, and that was over 20 YEARS ago!

ARTHRITIS IN MY KNEES: 17 years ago, I developed rhumatoid arthritis in both knees. I began the HP method by washing my knees with soap and water to remove any body oil, then MISTED them with a 3% solution of HP that was diluted down from 35% Food Grade HP (12:1) with PURE WATER. I wore shorts and then misted my knees, then waited until they were dry, then misted them again while I watched Television or did Computer work. I did this for at least 30 minutes at a time, and I did 4 HP misting sessions a day. My knees were back to NORMAL WITH NO PAIN in ONE WEEK!! I was so happy! I told my friends who had similar problems, and they said that they tried SOAKING their finger and elbow joints in 3% Food Grade HP by pouring the 3% HP solution into a shallow bowl and soaking them for 30 minutes 3-4 times a day. When finished, they would pour the 3% HP solution back into a one gallon plastic jug. The last soaking, they put it in the refrigerator for safe keeping overnight. The next day, they would remove the HP jug from the refrigerator and let it sit out until it had warmed to room temperature, then use in in the bowl to soak their joints until the evening. Worked great!! If you make up one gallon of 3% solution and keep it in the refrigerator, it should last at least one month before you need to make another gallon of it.

IN DALLAS, TEXAS, I found 35% Food Grade HP at "Roy's Natural Market" 6025 Royal Ln. Ste 130
Dallas, TX 75230-8857
Phone: (214) 987-0213. They have been selling HP for many years, and it is about $16.00 (US) for one quart, which will last a long time when you are spraying it.

Enjoy being pain-free!

Replied by Mary
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Hello Dave. You mention 35% hydrogen peroxide straight on melanoma. And 3% straight on knees. I have 3% hydrogen. Will that work on the melanoma? thank you! For your response. Mary
Replied by Joanne
Victoria, Bc Canada
Mary, I think he means that he used 35% food grade H2O2 that he diluted to 3% using a ratio of 12:1 purified water to hydrogen peroxide. The store brands have additional additives so can't be used internally. I don't know about using the store brand in this way, but that is what he's describing.
Replied by Charles
Coral Springs Fl
I have melanoma on my backside. The bottled for 35% H202 says not to apply directly to skin. You said you applied it straight. Please clarify what I should do.
Replied by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe
Charles, do NOT apply full strength!!!!!! Read up on how to dilute it.

Posted by Vicki (FT. WORTH, TX) on 08/09/2008

[YEA]  I made the mistake of using fingernail polish that contained those cute little sparkles of glitter. Developed melanoma under both big toe nails. The doctors froze it, it came back, and I almost lost my toenails. I remembered reading about H202 and tried it. Soaked cotton balls, placed them on my toenails overnight wrapped in plastic wrap. YAHOO! Melanoma GONE! And my toenails grew back normal. Readers, if something you read sounds feasible, try it. Always use caution but try anything that has worked for others. Sadly our government and the powers that be are not for our health. They want us sick for that almighty dollar. Thank this site for being free and your ability to read for yourself.

Replied by Daustin
Austin, Tx
Thanks!!! Tonight, after reading your post, I bought a huge bottle to treat our dog. He has a small, possibly melanoma growth. While I was applying it, my hands started stinging in places. Then, I remember all the fire ant stings I got last weekend. The hydrogen peroxide was treating them and bringing them to the surface. Maybe it will do that with the melanoma too. Our dog seemed to like getting the hydrogen peroxide put on. I've been trying so many mostly expensive remedies since I discovered his latest growth last weekend. Last year, he had half of his lower jaw removed because of a melanoma under his tongue. I didn't want to put him under the knife again for the one below his rectum. Hydrogen Peroxide is WAY cheaper and MUCH less stressful! We have our fingers and pads crossed that it will work!
Replied by Regine
Hello! I've had glitter nail polish on my toes from late March until about late June because it was so hard to get off! When I took it off I noticed a small black dot. I went to urgent care and he scraped it and told me to come back in a month to see if it has grown down past the scrape or up and out. Well I just took my nail polish off again and I could see that it has not changed. I just turned 30 a few months ago and I am in very good health. I do feel as though this is melanoma and I'd like to treat it naturally until I can be seen. May I just use regular hydrogen peroxide? I used a cotton ball and have it soaking on my toe now. Thank you so much, I am so worried! God Bless

Posted by Pat (Newton, New Jersey) on 12/28/2007

[YEA]  I started with melanoma in 2005 on my face. Had extensive surgery but they could not get it all. In March 2007 it had spread to my chest behind my heart. Had another extensive surgery to remove it. In August 2007 found out it had spread to my face/neck/and chest. Doctor told me that they couldn't operate. Did some internet research and read about hydrogen peroxide and how it puts oxygen back into your cells. Rejuvenating them. Well, decided to try it. I either take a 1/2 bottle and soak my feet in it with warm water or take a whole bottle and take a bath in it. Well, last petscan in November there were no new growths and the ones from August were less intense. My LDH also has dropped to an all time low of 113!! Is it the peroxide, can't say for sure but I won't stop it. Will try to keep you posted on my progress. What an easy cure this would be. Better than dying from metastisized malignant melanoma. Good Luck!! I am not a doctor just a normal person trying to help myself. I also started wearing magnetic jewelry. Who knows!!!

Replied by Everett
Tucson, Az
What portions do you mix?

Posted by John on 03/05/2007

[YEA]  I didn't mention it in my email for the cure with H202, because it would get too long and confusing, but I tried garlic before I tried the H202 and in one day it wreaked havoc on my skin - it got red an blistered and it did shrink one of my cancer growths some (I tried it only on two first). On the fast growing cancer the garlic had NO EFFECT - I got so scared at that point. It was horrible. I hope this helps someone. I know a lot of people are feeling helpless at this very moment, and I wish they somehow knew of this and tried it, because it really works. It's shocking that something so inexpensive is so effective and people are dying and don't even know there is a cure ;(

Posted by John (Birmingham, AL) on 03/03/2007

[YEA]  NOTE: I don't know what the laws are and I don't want to get sued. Use my information at your own risk. I'm just trying to help in any way I can, because NO ONE should have to go through what I went through - numbing devastation and fear. If this helps you, PLEASE spread the word!

3 skin cancer growths on my face cured in a WEEK of applying Hydrogen Peroxide on them - HOW YOU APPLY could mean the difference between EFFECTIVE, or NOT (read further for detailed explanation). (NOTE: I use a lot of repetition, to make sure you understand exactly what I'm referring to.)

I would definitely recommend trying this before you try bloodroot.

THANK GOD!! WOW! I'm still shocked it worked and it took only a WEEK!!! How is this possible that people don't know about this and a truth so simple is not known by everyone is beyond me.

My story and how I used Hydrogen Peroxide 3% to cure my skin cancers: Over the period of two years two cancerous growths appeared on my face (nose); one of them was growing very slow the other one faster. Then in less then a year another one appeared on my face as well - on the side of my nose very close to my eye. That one was growing at an alarming rate. All those growths hurt with unusual intensity when touched and had tiny veins but they were not moles. They were kind of the color of my skin except more red and at times really red. I applied just about every fruit on them I could think of with what seemed no effect. I was getting worried and felt helpless. I begged God to help me and I searched a lot. I found this great site and read that there have been reports that Hydrogen Peroxide cured melanoma. I was going to try the eggplant and white vinegar remedy, but was worried about the fumes from the vinegar being so close to my eye. So I decided to try the Hydrogen Peroxide first. At first it didn't seem to have any effect at all. I was getting so worried by that point because the spot close to my eye was growing even faster and by then it was about 5 millimeters in diameter and just few months ago it was a tiny spot. In my helplessness.


I took a cotton swab and soaked it in Hydrogen Peroxide and kept rubbing the cancerous growth with the Hydrogen Peroxide soaked cotton swab until the growth was soaked in the Hydrogen Peroxide and was white. It stung badly, but I didn't care, I just wanted these things gone. I was so desperate, my eyes watered every time I looked at the spots on my face. After the soaking of the growths I applied cotton soaked in Hydrogen Peroxide on them. NOTE: when soaking the skin with Hydrogen Peroxide make sure you don't do it to the healthy skin, because even though it is more resistant to getting white and soaked with the Hydrogen Peroxide, it will also get white after a while. If healthy tissue gets white like that, let it air out until it regains its normal color. So do the soaking to the unhealthy tissue only or as close as you can get. After soaking and making it white apply soaked in Hydrogen Peroxide cotton ball on the growth and when the cotton gets dry, wet it with more Hydrogen Peroxide. How it worked was: the soaked cancerous growth after a while formed as crust much like what happens with a normal sore. The strangest thing is I see no scars it flattened it out like it was never there..IN A WEEK!!! Even the fast growing one!! I'M STILL IN SHOCK. I tried SO many things. THANK GOD. THANK GOD!!!"

John writes again: "In my previous email to you, I forgot to mention:

1. I stopped drinking tap water and started drinking purified water when I was doing my Hydrogen Peroxide therapy.

2. I tried applying the Raspberry Skin Cream well known to cure skin cancer to the cancerous growths on my face for weeks, but it didn't work for me - I noticed no difference. I have heard the Raspberry Skin Cream worked well for many people after about two weeks.

3. Also I forgot to mention when I started my Hydrogen Peroxide I also started using air purifier that is running 24/7 in my bedroom.

Replied by Rich
Boca Raton, Fl
Intravenous Vitamin C (Sodium Ascorbate), will apparently kill melanoma. The mechanism appears to be that it increases the level of h202 in the blood. So our guys with the Peroxide cures appear to have gotten it right. It's also nice to see a Linus Pauling cure in the process of being proven correct (even if he got the mechanism wrong).

Sodium Ascorbate (Vitamin C) Induces Apoptosis in Melanoma Cells via the Down-Regulation of Transferring Receptor Dependent Iron Uptake

Vitamin C 'slows cancer growth'
"The vitamin C reacts with this chemical make-up, producing enough hydrogen peroxide to kill the cell, while leaving healthy cells unscathed."
"Tumour growth and weight fell by between 41% and 53%

Replied by Robert
Tuscaloosa, Al.
what is H202... ? Is it plane old store bought Per roc side, you know what I mean the stuff that fizzes up on a bo bo.
Replied by Dombewell
London, Uk
[YEA]   Hi there.

Love the site and have been using for a while as am I a student naturopath. Ok my partner was 6 months pregnant in 2009 and had flown her back from UK to Oz to have our baby with her family. I arrived about 2 weeks before proposed date (which was way out, they come when they ready) and she told me that at one of her checkups the doctor had suggested to her she go to a skin clinic for the itchy hang mole that was growing under her hair and skin on her scalp. The GP said it may be cancerous.

This was stressing her out lots which was not great as she was of course due to give birth so as soon as I could, I looked at the problem then deicided on a safer remedy than what had we gone down the GP suggested route would have undoubtedly ended up with surgical removal.

I shaved the area and daily applied drops of pure 35% H202 on the the mole/melanoma which was actualy growing almost daily. It instantly reacted by turning orange and began to get flaky and eventully fell of completey and died after 4 days.

Understanding that cancerous cells simply cannot survive in a high oxygen evironment made this obvious and only route as had we taken gp advice would have led to drugs n surgery.

Thanks for your work,

BigLove DomBewell

Replied by Jo
Austin, Tx
Some people are using 3% and some are using 35% hydrogen peroxide. Is this the same stuff you can get at the drug store for cuts and scrapes or is this the food grade that can be taken internally? Any difference in results between the 3% and 35% for the skin cancer? Please explain.
Replied by Oscar Donate

Syracuse, New York
In my opinion this skin cancer is nothing to play around with. I have a brother who has had skin cancer occur a number of times. He sees a dermatologist who easily deals with these growths in his office. My brother has told me it is NOT painful to have these growths removed by a qualified doctor. The big danger with not having them removed promptly is that skin cancer can cause more serious cancers throughout the body if not removed by a qulified doctor as soon as they occur... Oscar
Replied by Eve13
London, England
Have you heard about black salve? It supposedly draws the skin cancer out of the skin naturally as a lump. It's an all natural remedy with dmso, zinc chloride and glycerine, plus herbs chapparal, galangal, graviola and bloodroot. I haven't needed it so I'm only passing on what I've learnt along the way. It's apparently cured breast cancers too. Check it out.

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Posted by Flame80 (Fullerton, Ca, Us) on 01/07/2012

I need help with information about the use of interferon for melanoma. My 19 year old daughter has been diagnosed with a Meltump, it was biopsied, they did surgery to check for any further growth, of which doctor said was clear, they biopsied 6 lymph nodes, they found a .2 mm tumor on her sentinel node. The doctor now wants to run a organ scan, and start her up on interferon, which is required to give herself 3 injections a day, and would have to deal with flu like symptoms for up to a month or so. we have elected to go to Tiajuana Mexico to the Bio-Medical Clinic, they have had great success with skin melanomas.

My question is, has anyone had experience with the use of Interferon, its side effects?? Any other Information would be great.

Has anyone had experience with the Bio-Medical Clinic in Tiajuana??? They use the Huxley formula, they moved to Mexico from Texas because they were being harrassed. Please help because we also have another doctor that say we should definitely use Interferon.

Please please please help with this, I have a beautiful young 19 year old daughter here, and I want to have her to able to live a great and long life. Any suggestions??? Any thoughts about where to go or we right to go to the Bio-Medical Clinic. We are going this Tuesday any information would be great.

Replied by Julie
Vancouver, Bc Canada
My 22 yr old daughter also has melanoma and has had 3 surgeries with more to come. I'm looking for any kind of information on alternate remedies to interferon too because of its side effects. I've been told hydrogen peroxide might be helpful but how do you take this internally? Any other suggestions?
Replied by Mt
Ottawa, Ontario/canada
-cannabis oil


-a combination of plants (washing the skin with horsetail and Mallow tea, drinking Calendula, Yarrow and Stinging Nettle tea and applying a poultice of plantain leaves on the skin. Full description is in the book Health through God's pharmacy by Maria Treben (ISBN 978-3-85068-773-7)

-sulforaphane (from broccoli sprout)

DNA repair ointment

-the cancer cure by Rudolf Breuss

Replied by Bryan
Sudbury, Ontario, Canada
I tried interferon in 2009, after 3 weeks of high-dose my liver enzymes went out-of-whack and my liver started to shut down. While on the treatment I had massive headaches, flu-like symptoms, and my personality changed (short tempered, mad at my family for no reason and very mean). I stopped the treatment and it all went away within a week. My oncologist said there was only a 10% chance it would reduce a recurrence and asked if I wanted to try self-dosing (epipen) every day at a lower dose, I denied and carried on with my life. Before the interferon I had a wide margin dissection where the mole was and a sentinal lymph node biopsy, the node came back negative. I had a recurrence in 2011 which resulted in surgery to remove the lumps and had radiation in the area.

There is no right or wrong answer as to what to do, at first diagnosis you reach for answers and cures other than surgery, chemo (which doesn't work for melanoma) and radiation. I personally don't believe alot of the crap that is on the internet about natural cures, actually the internet will only fill your head with false hope and promises and you'll waste alot of money at the same time. A good website for help is MRF (Melanoma Research Foundation), there is alot of knowledge there from patients and their families. I wish you my blessings, never lose hope or give up, a positive attitude is everything!

Replied by Teva
Los Angeles, Ca
There are a lot of people sharing their similar experiences and successful treatments and CURES of Melanoma with a more natural approach. It does not sound as if you have given any of the alternative treatments the possibility of a fair try. EarthClininc is a good start in reading about ones experience using natural remedies for a variety of aliments including cancer.

I hope at some point you do investigate it with an open mind as there are hundreds (if not more around the world) of people sharing their testimony of their cures with corresponding oncology diagnosis and follow-up results after treatments, proving a factual basis that the cancer was cured with out the using any of the approved methods like chemo, radiation or cutting.

The "reality" most people are familiar with cancer is created and governed by the FDA with their corresponding laws regarding claims and approved cancer treatments. All the "approved" data taken in through television, news media and set standards in the medical and pharmaceutical establishments, writes our perception of cancer reality IF we do not stop to think for ourselves, questions "reality" and research, discern a wider spectrum of cancer reality.

For those who have yet to do so, this will not make sense as "everyone knows the earth is flat" but eventually the true nature of reality will show cancer it treatable with natural remedies including high dosage of Vitamin C in an IV, clean healthy organic diet, the removal of toxicity in the body and environment, replenishing the body with minerals not present in the food supply due to soil erosion.

Replied by Heather
Hi, Here's another Melanoma story that may help someone. I found a dodgy mole when I was pregnant with my first child at the age of 30.. It looked like the magazine photos but not as bad but as I was pregnant and in and out of the docs frequently I showed it to the doc who humoured me and sent me to the check in centre at hospital. It was a melanoma I had 2 I biopsy and 2 surgeries.. For a small mole a large chunk was removed from my calf. As I was pregnant that was my treatment, it was 1996 so 15 years ago. No lymph nodes or scans were done, it was low grade. I went for 2 hands on healing sessions. When people found out a few collegues and friends of friends told me they had been treated for melanoma too often in places that were not exposed to the sun. I now think it is a deficiency in selenium maybe vit d and c. I remember before my mole I had a strange mole/spot that I had squeezed! Before that when I was around 16 I had a strange sort of sweat burn from using a sunbed. My consultant at the time told me to go away and live my life he said they still did not know the cause and that the sun was one of many lines of study.
I hope this helps x

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Posted by Jaketthomas (Beverly Hills, Ca) on 10/10/2013

[WARNING!]  I used Iodine for my malignant melanoma on my right cheek. Not good. I almost killed myself in the process.

ONLY use Iodine for non-malignant melanoma. My melanoma spread to my brain, and when I put Iodine on my cheek topically, it must've been trying to attack the cancer in my brain as well, and I started having such severe dizzy spells, that I thought I was going to die.

These dizzy spells lasted for weeks. Unlike anything I have ever experienced. They were so crippling, that I thought any day could be my last.

I had to heal my cancer from the inside out. Low carb, alkaline diet, eating right for my blood type O, plenty of meditation, exercise, sunlight, sleep, and love.

The biggest thing for me was going on a low carb, high vegetable diet. I feel like candida/poor digestion played a huge role in the formation of my cancer.

It took months of super strict eating and super clean living, but, it worked. Iodine, on the other hand, damn near killed me.

Posted by Tim (Cincinnati, Oh) on 10/19/2012

[YEA]  I have had great success with using iodine to remove melanoma. I have had 2 separate brown and irregularly shaped growths on my body that where getting bigger over the years which I removed with Lugol's 5% iodine solution. The 2% solution requires more applications, so for lazy people like me I recommend the 5% solution. I would apply it at least once per day and twice if I could remember. I took a nail file and lightly exfoliated the area to remove any dead skin cells that might have blocked the absorption of the iodine before I applied it. It took about 6 to 10 weeks to have them scab up and fall off. They were itchy soon after I applied the iodine but in about 15-20 minutes it stopped being itchy. This is one of the best remedies that I found on this site and I highly recommend it.

Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn Usa ) on 04/19/2012

HI U GOOD FOLKS DOIN, , , , , , , Recently read of Dr Simoncini's iodine cure for skin cancer and found a forum in which 6 of 7 people had cured their problem with 5 % Lugol's Iodine. They took this route after their Dermotologist had made a mess of things. Normally, I go to my Dermotologist once a year and have my skin problems frozen with CO2. I have taken some off via ACV as others do on this site. This time I am taking a growth off with the Iodine. I think this may be a better method than the ACV. The forum folks say their growths did not come back. We'll see.

Replied by Robert Henry
Ten Mile, Tn USA
[NAY]   HI U GOOD FOLKS, , , , , well I've used Lugol's Iodine on my hand growth for over a month and a half and it has only gotten larger and higher. Last week at my Vit C , B Complex IV, I told a fellow patient and showed him the spot. He told me that I was a dumb ass and showed me where he had numerous skin grafts because he delayed in getting them removed. He said, "fella, if that gets into your lymph system, you a dead man". That comment scared my mule and I immediately made an appointment with my surgeon to have it removed.

Like the old gambling song goes, there's a time to hold and a time to fold. The thing looks just like the photo's of Melanoma on the net. Also, my brother in law let his get into his lymph nodes and it now has returned. We try to go the natural way, but sometimes you got to see a sho nuff doctor.

Also, I am going back to my dermatologist because my research on this problem says that sometimes you can't see your problem, but can feel it. This is the way my present situtation started. I think it is best to handle these by CO2 freezing while you can.

As I've told ya'll many times, I's smart, jus slow. If I don't come back as a goat in the next life, I will do things differently.

Your buddy==== ROBERT HENRY========

Replied by Timh Donate

Louisville, Ky, Usa
Robert Henry, I had a mole turn nasty on my back a few yrs ago and I threw everythang in the medicine cabinet at it and 6 mo later I felt it itch and scratched the bugger right off and on the floor. I posted the products on E.C. somewhere before but the logic here is variety. If the doc can't beat it, use one substance or treatment for 1 wk then rotate to the other.

Posted by Diane (Chesapeake, VA) on 02/26/2007

[YEA]  I use tincture of iodine (everyday) on skin ulcers which refuse to heal. Sometimes I apply iodine 2 to 3 times a day. I never miss a day when treating squamous cell carcinoma. The area being treated by the tincture of iodine often becomes very sensitive or itchy...don't discontinue the iodine...keep applying iodine on the ulcer. The itchy skin will scab's just the healing process. Scrape off the skin if it again develops a white flaky patch or a brown scab...then, apply more iodine. Use the iodine for at least one to two months until the skin ulcer has completely disappeared. Then, use Retin-A cream to complete the skin rejuvenation process. Use Palm Fruit Oil along with the iodine to promote deep healing and along with sun block to prevent future skin damage. The ulcer patches have developed on my hands and lower arms. One skin damaged area shows my skin separating on crease lines on top of my wrist. The day after I applied the tincture of iodine to the separating skin, the crease lines showed signs of healing, as blood circulation appeared in the area. The areas I treat are all about the size of a quarter, which is larger than the freckle-sized spot. I figure the underlying skin damage takes in a larger area and it may only show up on the skin as a small freckle-sized spot. Last, everyone will ask you why you are using iodine on your's's sooo old fashioned. Don't let the embarrassment of orangey skin stop your beats having a doctor remove the cancer and leaving you with holes where the carcinoma or melanoma used to be. I use this treatment on all skin problems, to include possible melanoma. In addition to the topical treatment, I plan to add a daily dose of Lugol's Iodine in my drinking water. I want to treat all cancers and other health problems from within. I have red hair and white skin with lots of freckles, and I am very sun sensitive. I have been terribly burned year after year while growing up in California. I am now 56 years old, and the skin cancer is just starting to appear. That's why I feel it necessary to add the Lugol's Iodine daily to my drinking water.

Replied by Coregon
Medford, Oregon
[YEA]   If you're using iodine for topical use and don't want the orange stain..remember you can buy decolorized (clear) iodine. Leaves no evidence behind! I found mine at the local drugstore for about $5.
Replied by Sue
La, Ca
[YEA]   For well over a year I have had a slowly enlarging growth on my face that began with tiny discoloration under my skin. After it broke the surface I began trying every one of a number of creams that have worked on rashes, etc. , in the past, such as vaseline, cortesone, Neosporin, and even the strong Desoximetasone Cream. The growth increased in size - about like a fingernail - and became red and rough. After reading about Iodine on this site, I researched and ordered Lugol's. Two weeks ago I took it internally for four days as they direct and also began applying it to the area every night. It stung at first and seemed slightly irritated, but after a week I suspected improvement and it no longer stung. Last night it felt tight so I barely scraped at the edge of the thin scab and it fell off. Today the redness is gone and a little residue is visible only because I know where to look. With a magnifying mirror I observed a little star patterned mark, which may mean something to a dermatologist. This is just terrific.

Malassezia Yeast
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Posted by Joru (Northeast US) on 12/09/2014

I strongly suspect that Malassezia yeast, in combination with environmental and virulence factors that favor its growth, are the cause of Melanoma.

Key points about Malassezia:

- It infects melanocytes in the skin.

- It accumulates melanin.

- Non-lethal exposure to UV radiation stimulates the growth of fungi.

- Unlike candida and most other common yeasts, Malassezia feeds on LIPIDS rather than sugar/starch. Note that because of this, Malassezia will *not* be found in serum fungal cultures because the medium they use is sugar/starch based; it does not contain lipids which are required for Malassezia to grow.

- It is very slow growing, meaning overgrowth occurs over years or even decades.

- Risk factors may include: prolonged use of antibiotics or steroids, exposure to UV radiation (sun, CT scans & other medical procedures, etc), use of oil-based skin lotions, diet high in vegetable oils/animal fats (sources of oleic acid), excessive alcohol (with the possible exception of beer and dry red wine), high cholesterol/triglycerides. High sebum/skin oil and high triglycerides could in theory also be CAUSED by Malassezia. It might release acids etc. that cause the body to respond with increased lipids. (Makes sense since that is its food source).

If I am correct, it may be possible to reduce one's risk by eliminating things that favor the growth of Malassezia. I don't know what treatment options there might be once Melanoma occurs. In general, sulfur seems to inhibit the growth of fungi so that's at least something to think about. Not sure whether levels in food would be high enough to have an effect. Foods high in sulfur include garlic, onions, brassica vegetables like broccoli. Highly pigmented/colorful foods (red-purple-green) are another avenue to explore. I would be careful about supplements containing Vitamin D or iron, as these can feed yeast from what I've read.

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Posted by Mike (Durham, Nc, Usa) on 01/23/2010

[YEA]  I just wanted to let you know what else has worked for me now. I was using applications of ACV directly to the basal cell or cancer spots of types unknown. The ACV worked to an extent but took many months it seemed. Then I read a bit about the fact that melatonin has been known to help with the control of melanoma. I never found any actual hard core documentation about the melatonin but there is a lot of references to the fact that melatonin has been useful in the treatment of cancer within the body to certain extents unknown. Nonetheless, I decided that there would be little or no harm in trying to apply melatonin directly and topically to my spots of skin cancer. I am never really sure of what type of skin cancer I have but in the past I have had surgery for carcinomas . I have also been biopsied for pre-cancer and basal cell etc etc. I do not know if I had a melanoma spot recently but it was not healing with ACV or cream or efudex etc. The dermatologist had previously prescribed Efudex for topical treatments when need. By the way, the Efudex did seem to work on the carcinoma and the pre-cancer cells but I am not sure if the Efudex ever really cured anything as I was also using melatonin off and on. So, one day I decided to mix a batch of melatonin for topical applications. So I went and bought some melatonin pills. I took about 20 pills and crushed them as best I could using the back of a stainless steel spoon and a flat glass dinner plate. I crushed the pills into a fine powder and made the powder as fine as I could get it with the spoon method. I did not really know how to make a fine powder so this is what seemed to work. I then mixed the fine crushed melatonin powder with about 3 parts of coconut oil. I used coconut oil because I have learned that it is very high in antioxidants. That's 1 part melatonin powder and 3 parts coconut oil. I mixed the powder into the oil as best I could again using a spoon. The coconut oil can be formed into paste or not formed. The oil seems to turn from paste to oil at about 76 degrees or lower. It does not matter to the mixture. However, I like to keep the coconut oil cooler so that it stays as a paste. After mixing the powder with the coconut oil I began to apply the paste to my suspect spots 3 times per day. I used my fingers to apply as from what I could determine, the melatonin will not harm good cells. I decided that if I applied the melatonin mix to a spot without cancer cells, then that spot would be unchanged? Not very scientific I suppose but I am no scientist or chemist or expert. Exactly why the melatonin works is somewhat explained within various research articles found on the internet but I am not smart enough to explain the chemical actions myself. Nonetheless, I applied the mix to my spots and within about a week or less I noticed that the spots began to scab at the crown of each spot. I was also applying Efudex on some days in place of the melatonin mix. I am not sure why I switched back and forth but I did. The spots kept healing and then I decided to use the melatonin mix only and stopped the Efudex and each spot healed fully within a month and never returned. Because of a biopsy, I was scheduled to have a carcinoma spot on my head surgically removed via the MOHS method but I was not happy about surgery of any kind and especially not on my forehead. So I opted out of the surgery and used the melatonin mix three times per day for about 3-4 weeks until the spot appeared to be just sort of red without scabs and without scales. Just pinkish. Then I stopped using any topical applications to the area so as the air could heal the spot/spots. The melatonin mix worked really well for me and none of the spots has returned within the last 6 months. I also decided to start using a supplement of (COq10, alpha lipoic acid and Acetyl L carnitine) combined. So at the same time, I began taking the supplements because my very limited and elementary research abilities began to show me that the supplements would help stop the occurrence of cancer spots of all types. I am not saying that this method will heal melanoma or prevent melanoma or prevent anything else, because I do not know that at all. I was never diagnosed as actually having melanoma but then again, I never had all the spots biopsied. I am simply saying that I used the mix on all suspect spots and it always worked. I am however, convinced that if I truly saw spots that appeared to have the strong possibility of being a melanoma, I would charge off to the doctor for a biopsy. That's just me. I no longer have any spots and I am hoping that I never will again. We all have very different chemistry within our bodies so your experience might be different. good luck,, mike at

Salicylic Acid
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Posted by Phantom010436 (Singapore) on 01/18/2010

17% salycidic acid can kill and remove skin cancers (melanoma) but not the healthy tissue. Salycidic acid is
commonly used to remove wart but few know that it can also kill cancer cells. Salycidic acid is common asprin made from the bark of a willow tree. Just apply salycidic acid to the cancer parts often and the cancer cells will be killed. Common vinegar can also cure chronic ear infections like swimmers ear.

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Posted by Anonymous (Quincy, Ma) on 12/31/2012

[WARNING!]  A word of warning! I went to a dermatologist who wanted me to have a precancerous lesion operation on my lower lip. Months after I was thinking it over I went in for a follow up visit... His female assistant attended me the next visit... She quickly looked at me and said I have a lesion on my nose and quickly sprayed some liquid nitrogen on it... It took about 2 seconds for everything... I got the bill which was paid for by medicare for the prodedure and it cost $120.00 for 2 seconds and THERE WAS NO LESION... This much money and this phoney procedure is probably being taken from every patient...

It happened so quickly I couldn't respond... She should have showed me the lesion.. I know my own face and there was none. I have since found out that I didn't/don't need an operation on my lower lip... My chiropractor was told he needed surgery on his nose by the same dermatologist which was also a lie.. This Dr is in Plymouth, MA. And Quincy, MA. and has a large practice of older people who don't question anything... They are prey for this unethical, crooked Dr.

I hope this saves people in the area from being taken for money and suffering... Happy New Year everyone!

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Posted by James (Summit, NJ) on 04/18/2009

[YEA]  The last two years or more I've been watching a mole like growth on my lower leg next to my calf. It didn't do much for a while but about six months ago it started to grow. It was about half inch across, maybe slightly less. It had a brown reddish dark hue. The texture was scaly and bumpy. Edges were irregular. It did have a more "round" shape. In short, it was the classic melanoma. I looked on the web and yes there it was in dozens of photos. An angry dark spot spreading out. I figured it was time to get to the Dermatologist but for some reason I held off. I started to take turmeric as a supplement in my morning smoothies. Intially I took turmeric as a cure for a severe case of diahrrea, which it cured almost instantly. After some more research I started taking it every day. After about a month I noticed that my small melanoma was changing. It was becoming lighter, the edges were turning into new skin. Now it's almost gone after three months. New skin has taken over most of it. There is only a small area in the original center left which won't be there long from the looks of it. I put a teaspoon of turmeric in my berrie smoothie, which hides the taste. I actually like the tast of it so for me it's not a problem.

Replied by Robert
Tuscaloosa, Alabama
My brother had a large growth on his belly next to his navel and if he bumped it on something it bleed alot. I tried for a long time to have him go to the doctor about it but he did not go. However, when he did go they found that the growth was melanoma and he was sent to the surgen. The growth was removed along with one of his limpth nods which had no melanoma in it. He was told to come back for additional treament which he chose not to do. Now he has three lumps that came up on his back.... So I guess the melanoma is spreading. Is there anything that he can do now since he is in the situation that he is in.

Robert in Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Replied by C.c.
Los Angeles, Ca
Re. Melamona. Research BLOODROOT. Also known as black salve.
Replied by Nevada Smith
Portland, Pennsylvania
I wonder if it's the turmeric or the berries?