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Last Modified on Apr 26, 2015

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Posted by Jennifer (Ny) on 01/20/2012

OMG I have been struggling to get rid of head lice for months. Went to the doctors twice I figured by going to see a Dr. They would give me a subscription. Took my subscription to pharmacy only for the pharmisist to walk out from behind the counter to get me an otc remedy oh yeah I needed to spend money to see a Dr. So he can tell me to go to drug store. Otc products do not have any effect whatsoever!!! I read that over a period of time these little bastards have built a resistence to the pesticide used for lice treatment. If we can put a man on the moon, sattelites on mars, why can't we cure head lice?

Replied by Susan
Grand Rapids, Mi
My daughter got head lice from the kids she was babysitting. I went to my local health food store to get a treatment that did not have the pesticide Pyrethrin in it. They had a shampoo that got rid of the lice and the nits in ten minutes. It was called ______ and was all natural. It did not stink like tea tree oil. It had peppermint oil in the ingredients. Now my pharmacy carries it too.
Replied by Kate
Nebraska, US
I discovered a horrid infestation on my son yesterday. The thousands of nits were too difficult to remove and he requested his head shaved. I had already treated and we washed everything in hot water, etc...once it was all over I got to thinking...with an infestation that large (and it was awful)...why did I not have one nit or bug? In the last several months I have taken to not shampooing (maybe once every week or two, as I am preparing my scalp for dread locks) so I should have been infested too. Then I remembered. I was worried about getting a fungus from not shampooing so I have been spraying a home made solution in my hair every day. Distilled water, Aloe Vera Gel, Sea Salt, Fractured Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Lavender Essential Oil and Lemongrass Essential oil. Now that I've been reading this forum, I understand exactly why my head is so clean. My son has now taken to spraying the solution on his bald head ;) Good Luck all!
Replied by Dj
Cleveland, Oh
Yes, coconut oil, tea tree, and lavender are all anti-parasitic / repellents. If your son doesn't improve, try the Borax baths - they are amazing. 1-2 cups in as hot as water as he can stand (have to open pores), dipping scalp in and splash on face (avoid eyes), boron is part of cells so no allergic reaction but can get red/rash initially due to the heat and die-off of parasites so drink a couple glasses of cold water afterward. Its good to do twice a day for two weeks, also there's a good natural lice treatment you can do concurrently that does not require you to comb out the nits called LiceFreee - it just dries them up and they wash out later. Just have to keep washing the sleeping areas, and I've found its good to sleep in a sleeping bag because its slippery/smooth surfaced and the bugs can't hide in it, then wash it daily while dealing with this. Also, sprinkling diatomaceous earth/insect dust on your carpets and sweeping it up can kill any that get into your floors, as well. Hope this helps & best wishes!

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Posted by Mrs A From Uk (London, UK) on 03/22/2015

For head lice, please read everything you can find about Grapefruit Seed Extract (liquid concentrate) - especially users' reviews.

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Posted by Stardrum (Maple Falls, WA) on 05/29/2009

[YEA]  Lice cures: I am a foster parent, and as yet have never had a new child placed with me that didn't have lice. I have tried many remedies, including the tea tree, and the chemical, but the thing that has consistently worked for me the FIRST time is dyeing the child's hair. I use a commercial dye, and dye it the same color as the hair so it's not a dramatic change. Then, after the dyeing, we comb out the dead bugs and all nits. In two days after coming and combing, I use a salt water gel. This gel is applied, use a shower cap to cover for an hour or so, and then rinse. I then use tea tree oil in their shampoo forever, and we don't ever get them back. It leaves their hair soft and shiny too.

Replied by Angie
Los Angeles, CA
[YEA]   Mayonaise, acv and tea tree oil got rid of headlice

My daughter when she started kindergarten she came home with lice one day. I bought the lice shampoos and did every possible thing I could do to get rid of them. I was so devastated I did't know what else to do for her. I would get rid of them only to find out she got them again within less than a month. This was my struggle for a whole year. Then one day my sister came accross a site, not sure which one but she told me to mix some Mayonaise in a bowl and to mix it with ACV to a consistency of pancake batter. Then to add some drops of tea tree oil and to put it on her hair. I put it for 1/2 an hour and then while she still had it on I combed her hair out with one of those nit removal combs and washed her hair. I kid you not but the day after when I checked her hair she did not have one single nit or headlice on her hair. It's been three years and she has not had a single headlice in her hair. After spending so much money on all the stuff I bought for her hair, I was so relieved to have found something so simple and so inexpensive that actually works and it is safe for her. Anyway, just thought this might help.

Replied by Carolize
Gauteng, South Africa
[YEA]   Hair dye deffinately works!!! it's the only thing that ever worked for me! I constantly struggled with head lice when i was in primary school (i'm 16 now). tried everything from vinegar to horse shampoo to lice shampoo to mayonaise, you name it, i tried it! nothing ever worked. one day I decided to color my hair and BAM! no more head lice! you'll see that the nits are much harder to get off the hair when they're still alive. when the nits are dead they basicaly slide off the hair! Don't wait too long before you treat your hair though. One of my friends still have lice because it's everywhere in their house. they're couches, beds, everything. Once you realise you have it, take care of it immediatly and wash all your pillow covers, etc. also, clean your hair brushes with boiling water. that really helps! :)
Replied by Momof3
Katy, Tx
[NAY]   The hair dye did not work for me! Neither did Rid or Licefree. Licefree was the best though. Using coconut shampoo & conditioner and combing twice a day. Going to try Dennorex next.
Replied by Andrea0816
Hazlehurst, Ga Usa
Hair dye didn't work for me either. Been battling this crap for little over a month now & it's literally driven me to tears! I've done my hair with Rid the first time & cheapo the 2nd time. Both worked about the same. Been washing with Denorex for 2wks now everyday, but seen in other post to leave it on for 30 mins. I sooo pray this works. Got my head saturated in olive oil & skin so soft at the moment....
Replied by Mireille
Libourne, France
[NAY]   The hair dye does not work for everyone. I had my hair colored by the hair dresser today. She did it carefully as she knew what the problem was. It is the evening now and I already feel the buggers moving.
Replied by Andrea0816
Hazlehurst, Ga Usa
I felt like I had to update on how things are now. After being OCD for a month about getting the bugs out of my families & my hair, I am happy to tell you THEY ARE GONE!! I'm not crazy about the whole chemical treatments, but had to give em one more try. Did the treatments then combed nits & bugs out. The box says not to shampoo hair afterwards, but my daughter has very curly hair so I had to. I mixed in tea tree oil (1/2 of a 2 fl. Oz. Bottle I got from Walmart) with her coconut conditioner. I washed bed linens, bookbags, jackets/hats, vacuumed carpets, furniture, beds, and vehicles. Instead of vacuuming & washing things everyday like I read to do, I used a lint roller everywhere. Each day I put their pillows & jackets in the dryer just to be on the safe side. I checked for nits every other day. I repeated the chemical treatment exactly 7 days later. Repeated everything once again. Now it's 3 wks later & have not seen any nits or bugs!!!! I still do head checks because I DO NOT want to go through that AGAIN!

Still unsure of where they came from, but have a pretty good idea. I did my hair a little differently because I don't really have anyone to check my hair for me so I did the chemical treatment process the same way, tea tree oil in my conditioner & I use Denorex every other day. I would rub tea tree oil into my scalp & slather conditioner in my hair & wear a shower cap all day (I'm a SAHM so I'm able to, but you could do this overnight if you couldn't otherwise). I brushed my hair with a metal nit comb EVERYDAY in the shower. I know I don't have them because I had my daughters doctor check my head when I took her to an appointment. I have paid the price with all the treatments and Denorex. (I used 3 bottles in a month and dyed my hair the first time). All the combing left my head sore.

Even though I don't have them anymore, I guess my OCD won't let go so I still comb my hair nearly every other day with the nit comb & lint brush roll couches, chairs & pillows, and always checking heads for bugs or nits. Hope my horror story with a successful ending helps some of you out there suffering. To let you know, the first few things we tried were hair dye which didn't work; vinegar on hair for 30 mins killed bugs, but still have to remove all the nits; skin so soft by Avon helped to smother them after leaving on for 8 hrs under shower cap; conditioner with coconut & tea tree oil helped smother also. I think the double treatment got rid of them because the 2nd treatment stopped any re-hatching and the constant 'nit picking' helped conquer them. I think the tea tree oil is helping to keep them away. I believe a hot oil treatment would help the dryness caused by two treatments, but haven't got around to it yet. I wish you all well & if anyone needs any help or support with this let me know. I'll be glad to lend an ear :)

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Posted by Joshua (Lebanon, Pennsylvania, USA) on 08/12/2012

[YEA]  For those suffering from head lice, as well as many other tiny parasites that live in the hair and on the skin, do not be afraid of using kerosene! It is an old remedy that works and does not harm the skin or hair. It will even help cure at least some skin problems. The only problem is that it smells bad. It is a product of petroleum, just as is vasoline. Even diesel fuel is a good remedy since it is very closely related to kerosene; the only difference being the temperature used to distill the petroleum to produce the kerosene or diesel. In fact, my Dad told me that his father used to give him and his siblings a teaspoon of kerosene mixed with sugar for colds! Yes, taken internally! I tried two tablespoons once when having digestion problems and it took care of the problem! Having said all that, kerosene/diesel is not something to be taken for any and all illnesses. It is good for killing parasites, including on your pets. Try it.

Replied by Pedro
[NAY]   Kerosene and other should never be taken internally. It's extremelly toxic just like gas or diesel. Do not try this remedy. It's also highly flammable, so I wouldn't use it on the skin either (it is also toxic that way through absorption).

There are lots of remedies for colds and other ailments on this site that are safe to be tried, but not this one.

Replied by Rebekah
Dowagiac, Mi
[WARNING!]   Someone is going to end up in the ER or dead if this is not removed. DO NOT EVER PUT KEROSENE ON OR IN YOUR BODY!!!!
Replied by Slim
Cal., US
I have taken it internally & have had no side effects. Check this link.

Posted by Carla (Las Cruces, USA) on 04/07/2007

[YEA]  Don't use it unless you are desperate but it definitely works in one application. I had long hair and got lice on a trip to India. There were no shampoos for it where I was, local people were just shaving their heads to deal with it. I was determined not to return home with lice (and to keep my hair), so I got talked into washing my hair in kerosene. Be Careful to keep it off your skin, it got on my sunburn --- ouch!

I said not to use it unless you have to because it's bad for your hair.. I had to have my hairdresser put on all kinds of special conditioners to get my hair back to normal.

Replied by Teegr
Pacific Nw, Wa
[YEA]   Just thought I'd tell you that my grandmother who was born in 1916 always told me about the time they got lice right after they had got married...and bought a used mattress after sleeping on the floor for months. They lived in rural Texas..and there was no running to a market in a wagon to get treatments...even had they the money during the depression. They certainly couldn't afford to throw away an infested mattress. They treated the mattress, bedding, AND themselves with kerosene (which they used for bedbugs in bedding when she was a child) and that took care of the problem, except for their eyelashes, which they picked off for awhile. I was always shocked when she told me about it...visualizing they soaked the mattress. She finally explained to me that they dipped a rag into kerosene and scrubbed the daylights out of it. As a result of her experience she always told me to drag out our mattresses and bedding into the sun to bake each side at least every spring, which I did faithfully till I couldn't drag a mattress outside anymore.

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Posted by lacey (wilmington, nc) on 12/03/2007

[YEA]  lemon juice really works I poured some on my head and 5-7 lice bugs came out!! lemon juice is the key!

Listerine, Vinegar   2  0   

Posted by Heather (Leicester, England) on 04/03/2012

Here's how I always got rid of nits in my daughters hair. Go to the chemist and buy a couple of bottles of tea tree hair conditioner or failing that peppermint and a couple of White plastic nit combs. Wash your child's hair in shampoo as normal and then towel dry it. Next load the hair up with tea tree conditioner and comb through with a wide tooth comb to ensure no tangles( very important! ) next use the wider part of the nit comb from root to end and wipe on a tissue every time - you will see large adult insects, and little eggs stuck in conditioner on paper, continue right through hair, paying extra attention around ears and back of neck. Then rinse conditioner out as normal. If you found lots of nits then repeat this process next night other wise leave it a couple of days then repeat. This treatment works every time and takes around 30 min depending on thickness and length of hair. Good luck

Replied by Jenny
Sydney, Australiahi
Hi. I agree re the conditioner but would add another step. I put as much conditioner on as possible, covered it with a shower cap and left it for 30 minutes (I did for an hour plus), then combed through. I would also recommend doing it for several days in a row and put clean pillow cases on for sleeping each night. Good luck!

Posted by Cristina (La Coruna, Spain) on 04/21/2011

Replied by Bugs Be Gone Soon Pleaes
Pittsburgh, Pa
[YEA]   I had called our ped after nix and rid did not work completely (found one bug and still had occasional itching, ugghh! ). They told me to do the mayonaisse overnight, but we had plans to do a family zoo trip the next day. After internet research , thought I would try the listerine first and then do teh mayonaisse the next night when we would have more time in the morning to wash it out. I left the listerine in all night though, had the shower cap on her from 10pm -3am. Washed her hair as usual in am and cannot find anything in her hair, no itching, much easier than mayonaisse and not a scratch the entire day. So will see what tonight brings, if no itching may just repeat the listerine again to be certain.... just seems much easier to wash out and much easier for younger child to tolerate than the thick, mayo.
Replied by Bugs Be Gone Soon Please
Pittsburgh, Pa
[YEA]   48 hours and no itching, no bugs. Going to do it for 2 hours with shower cap tomorrow just to be ultra safe but looks like it worked for us! Finally, a solution.
Replied by Connie
London, Ontario Canada
I have been fighting with head lice for months now me and my 2 daughters. I am having a hard time getting rid of the nits I have tried everything- help, I am going crazy! My poor oldest daughter has sores on her head from all the treatments. Any ideas?
Replied by Jooey2
Cedar Lake, Indiana
My daughter got lice and she has long curly hair, I used baby oil. It killed them washed everything and dried on high heat. It worked! I would get a bottle of the oil and some plastic hair wraps to keep the oil off other things. Drench hair and comb out bugs and nits. Wash out then I put more on head and left it on for a day. I was crawly and did me too. LOL
Replied by Carolynn
Sydney, Nsw Australia
Hi there, I was channeled when my daughter always got nits to use warm Neem Oil... Leave in hair for 2 days and wash out.... leaves hair beautifully and no more nits..Carolynn
Replied by Momy97
Mattoon, Illinois
This is the doctor approved treatment for patients at nursing homes as well... Don't ask me how I know. I still have nightmares about it!!

Mayonnaise   5  0   

Posted by Sara (Rockford, Il ) on 12/28/2010

[YEA]  Mayo instead of miracle whip for at least 4 hours (plasic on head) rinse it out then rinse with vinegar, this will loosen eggs and get rid of the grease from mayo.. Repeat in 5 to 7 days

Replied by Iowama
Pella, Iowa/usa
[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]   Thank you for your forum on headlice. My granddaughter's headlice have resisted both the an OTC and an RX treatment, but they succumbed to mayonaise. I applied it as per a you-tube video, using plastic wrap and having her wear it for several hours. I did as complete a wash and rinse as a 2 year old will allow, but the hair still looked a little dirty. I found the nits slid off more easily than with the 2 previous treatment tries. I repeated 2 days later and am continuing to check for nits. Great results!
Replied by Iowama
Pella, Ia
[YEA]   I just wanted to follow up on my previous post. Although I do continue to check for nits from time to time, both my Granddaughter and I are now free from headlice. I alternated treatments between mayonaise, a generic OTC lice treatment containing pyrethrin, and olive oil. Assuming that her head contained lice of several hatch dates, I treated us both whenever I caught her scratching, which turned out to be 4 times a week. A friend suggested that the lice might be hatcing and alive in my carpet, surviving on skin cells they found there. I began to think of a newly hatched louse as being light as a speck of dust and easily transported and so I turned off the air and did a more thorough vacuum of every bit of the carpet and upholstry along with hot-mopping the flooring. Early on, I had ordered a good quality metal comb and I boiled it and all hair implements after every use. I hope someone finds this helpful.
Replied by Rosalind
New York, Ny
I've been having such a hard time with my 6yr old and this lice thing. So I'm reading all remedies an trying to find a cure. This is driving me crazy = ( the OTC has definitely not been effective for her. As I'm reading this mayo remedy I'm wondering is there any specific mayo I have to use? can I use helmanns?
Replied by Mother Trying To Get Rid Of These Buggers
Whitley City, Kentucky
My 4 year old daughter brought these little bugs home from her last day in preschool which was almost 2 months and I'm still trying to get rid of them, now I have gotten them to and my 17 month old boy gotten them so we shaved his head. I'm almost to the point of shaving mine and my daughters head. I have tried everything from mayo, vinegar, oils and OTC and RX treatments and I still can not get rid of them. They have taken over my life and I'm about to lose it. I have read about the alcohol and I'm going to try that but if it does not work then I guess I'm stuck using kerosene on my head and more than likely shaving hers. Can anyone PLEASE give me remedy that actually works, I'm desperate!!!
Replied by Kathy
Lv, Nv
When my niece bought home lice I was crazy!!! After trying so many things I finally went to walgreens and bought an electric zapper type headlice killer. I don't remember the name but you just comb it through dry hair and when the teeth come in contact with the lice they get electrocuted and die. Very easy... I combed her hair twice a day and mine as well.... Took off all of her bed linen but left one pillow with case and 1 blanket and I put them in the dryer on high every day for 30 minutes for two weeks straight. I also vaccumed her bed every morning when she got up. And she could only sit on a kitchen chair not the couch... I didn't want them crawling around the whole house. It takes alot of time... and I vaccumed my car often too...
Replied by Heather
Hi, this always works. You need a couple of bottles of tea tree hair conditioner from chemist- or any conditioner if that's not available but tea tree is the best due to it's smell and it being mildly antiseptic. You need one wide tooth comb to get rid of tangles and a couple of the small lice/ nit combs from the chemist in the White colour as these show up the nits so you can see them coming out. Wash hair as normal then towel dry hair til it is no longer dripping and just slightly damp. Then use the conditioner and use say half the bottle on
The whole head of hair. Use the wide tooth comb to help distribute the conditioner and to get rid of the knots and tangles so that when you use the small nit combs it won't hurt!

Next when you are tangle free and there is still plenty of conditioner left, work through the whole of the hair from root to tip with the small nit comb using the thicker end first to remove the bigger nits, they become immobile in the thick conditioner. Every time wipe the comb on tissue paper and you will see what you have removed and flush this away as some will come out live. You need to do the whole head to remove live ones then use the thinner side of the comb to remove the eggs, again wiping each time to ensure you don't transfer back to scalp/ hair. Use extra conditioner if necessary. Then rinse out the conditioner and dry hair. That's it!

Try and do everone in your house on same day and tell anyone you have been in contact with to do the same. Repeat again after a couple of days and then again after 1 week. Then take more vitamin c as I think all that nit biting lowers the immune system! Good luck. This works. Every time my daughters had them we got rid of them in this way. X

Replied by Mrs. Brown
Georgia, US
I tried the mayo thing when my daughter got lice last year. It didn't work! I have tried everything! We are on our 4th bout with it this year. I am throwing both of our mattresses away and buying new ones....I have not heard of the coconut oil remedy yet so I will try that tomorrow night....But head lice are a pain in the you know what and I am beginning to wonder why in the world they were even created? I use coconut oil on my hair about twice a week, thanks to my hair dresser promising me long lovely locks, but I sleep with my daughter almost every other night and have not gotten them, so the coconut oil must be working . Any other ideas for "curing" head lice would be greatly appreciated!
Replied by Om
Hope, Bc Canada
Mrs. Brown --- another one is Neem Oil.
Replied by Charity
Faithville, Us
I have LOTS of experience with these lice. My daughter got them and did not mention it to me until it was horrific case. We tried tea tree oil. A whole bottle overnight, she had long hair wrapped in a towel. I wouldn't do that again.

Ao over the course of six months . I nit picked out in the sun. If there is one egg left on the hair shaft and it hatches. Then you are back to square one. I also washed her stuff constantly in hot water and bagged it while using stuff that had been in bags. I also had 3 feet of hair and never got it. My other family members never got it either.

For my grand daughter, I used a lighted magnifying glass my friend got lice and I picked her twice in a week between her using tea tree shampoo and she was over them. The combs don't get them all off the shaft you have to pick.

Replied by Mariam
Brooklyn, New York
Don't know for sure, but try fresh garlic. I was crazy afflicted with mites and got clear of invasion eating garlic (swallowing pieces cut into pill size), plus I just read another post about garlic capsules. Garlic is more powerful than antibiotics. Give it a try. See my previous post under mites. Blessings

Posted by Haley (Ann Arbor, Michigan) on 12/15/2008

[YEA]  I got lice after taking care of my friends sisters children, and she failed to inform me her little girl had lice. A week later my scalp was so ITCHY! I heard from my friends mother who lives on a farm to apply MAYONNAISE to your hair! So I went to the refrigerator, grabbed the already opened jar of MAYONNAISE, dipped my hand into the pungent condiment, and applied it to my scalp. I soaked my hair and if you've ever dyed your hair you'll know how to apply it. Do the scalp first and work to the ends, make sure to saturate your hair and if you have a hair net wear that. I kept it in for about ten minutes and washed it out. The lice were dead!

A year later my little sister got lice, and we used the same remedy. Except hers came back because with the split visitation her father didn't wash the bedding at she contracted the bug again. But it works! Using it a second time for her did the trick! Best of luck!

Posted by Cat (Harrisvill, WV) on 01/25/2008

[YEA]  Cat here! Mayonnaise for head lice: We live in rural WV. Head lice come up from time to time in these hills. Rather than use the expensive, extremely toxic poisons that are sold. We use mayonnaise (the real stuff). Slather enough to coat all your hair,wrap your head in a plastic bag and let be for about two hours. Wash out and comb with a fine tooth comb. Then shampoo, you won't need conditioner. Repeat in a few days. Wash all clothes and linen in hot, hot water. I would expect that homemade mayo would work just as well, but never tried it.

Replied by Rika
Riverside, Ca
[YEA]   We recently had head lice and our whole family did each a mayonnaise treatment( w/ some ACV added) on our heads. We covered our hair and head w/ a plastic cap. After 30min - 1 hour we washed it out again. I washed only the pillows thinking we will do a deeper treatment w/ the "real " stuff from the health food store later. But it wasn't even necessary. I bought a metal lice comb and combed our hairs through w/ it every day or every other day until no more lice hatched. ( This was esential) This was so much easier to deal w/than flees( and I have very long hair up to my hips). I only washed the clothes we had worn the last few days( because lice can live for 2 days away from its host), but that was it.

Meat Tenderizer, Dog Shampoo   1  0   

Posted by Marlene (Springdale, Arkansas) on 01/12/2009

[YEA]  Meat Tenderizer and Dog Shampoo:

I got head lice when my daughter brought it home from a friend. After looking for a more natural cure for it, this is what I found. I used meat tenderizer and dog shampoo. I read that the head lices exoskeletal system would dissolve with the application of meat tenderizer, so I dumped two handfuls into my hair along with a leading brand of Dog Shampoo. It worked! (be sure not to use tenderizer with added spices such as garlic) I wrapped my head in a towel and let the mixture sit for about an hour, then rinsed, and used a heavy conditioner. No bugs! On top of that, my hair was shinier and bouncier than it has been in years. I know the dog shampoo has chemicals in it that cannot be good to use on a regular basis, but I'm thinking of using it as a cleanser when there is a lot of build up on my hair.

Replied by Deb
Anywhere, USA
I don't have a lice remedy, but to get hairspray buildup out of your hair, just apply some baking soda to your wet hair before the final rinse. It works wonderfully.

Mineral Oil and Vinegar   1  0   

Posted by Charlotte Easley (Federal Way, WA) on 11/16/2007

[YEA]  I have had long hair since I was a teenager and worked for 6 and 1/2 years as a residential counselor with young children. I would freak out every time any of the kids got lice and would immediately use that horrible shampoo from the drug store to try to keep from getting it. That stuff is totally toxic, kills my hair, gives awful dandruff, etc. One day, I was reading a parenting magazine to get ideas for arts + craft projects and noticed an article on lice treatment. Several months later my little sister (who was living with me at the time) came home with lice, and it was bad. I could see them jumping off her head and her hair was also long! I remembered the recipe, used it, and will swear by it from now on.
It consisted of first saturating the hair with mineral oil and vinegar (4-to-1 mix). Leave it in an hour, then lightly rinse it. Do not shampoo or try to remove all of the mineral oil yet. Instead, put on a shower cap overnight. Rinse out after 24 hours and utilize a vinegar rinse again while using a fine comb to remove as many nits as possible. This is a miracle cure for long-haired folks. I believe they said it works because the oil suffocates the bugs and the vinegar dissolves/loosens the glue that holds the nits on. Hope this helps somebody!

Multiple Remedies   3  1   

Posted by Nante (Germany) on 09/27/2014

[YEA]  Want to get rid of lice in once? It requires a lot of work but pays off.

1. wash your hair with tea tree shampoo or if you have none add tea tree oil to shampoo

2. put as much coconut oil in your hair as you can fathom. wait 2 hours

3. comb, comb, comb with a fine lice/flea comb (i used my pets flea comb after disinfecting). this is really important. divide your hair up in partitions to make sure you have had each section. after each stroke dip the comb in hot water with vinegar and brush with an old toothbrush. keep combing until the comb is clean.

4. wash again with tea tree. use also vinegar with your wash to kill eggs.

5. apply new coconut oil and leave it in for two days. keep combing every day.

6. sleep with a shower cap. put a towel on your pillow that your replace every day.

7. Meanwhile: take out all of your bedlinnens, all coats, scarfs and clothes you have been wearing. Put them in separate closed bags. Spray vinegar in the bags. Wash them as soon as you can. keep them closed and in quarantaine until you are ready to wash.

8. Add baking soda and/or vinegar to your laundry to kill lice & eggs.

9. wear clean clothes every day for 3-5 days depending on the severity of your infestation. add the dirty clothes to the separate, closed bags. keep the laundry separate for a week.

10. steam clean your home, mattrasses, pillows, blankets, laundry basket and clean your whole house thoroughly. don't forget the wardrobe, cloth hangers! Replace the vacuum bag. if you don't have a steam cleaner use vinegar everywhere and let it soak for a while.

I know this is a lot but it will get you rid of the lice in ONCE!

Posted by A Ming (Boise, USA) on 07/14/2009

[NAY]  I have tried TOO MANY lice "treatments" if you can call them that. I used the spray on EVERYTHING, used the 'special' shampoos, and the easy-nit-removal-gel to search every inch of her hair too many times to count. Washed ALL my blankets, clothes, pillows, checked everything and everyone everyday, all while my two year old had a stomach flu and a cold...and STILL!!! she STILLL has lice! on top of it, we both have terrible dandruff from the product. She's been at home with me since then, not at her daycare, so i know the little bugs are still not dying on her head. I check my head, but i don't see any eggs. Just dandruff, and I continue to find tiny bugs, like they were just hatched, on her head. Ive also used tea tree oil, baby oil gel, and a 400 degree curling iron and straigtener on my hair ( heat kills them, right?) damn near every day.

I just can't get rid of them... i'm breaking!!! Ive gone broke on buying products, my water bill, and laundry detergents. The sugestion on meat tenderizer and dog shampoo sounds look a good idea, but what is the mixture? ANybody else tried it?

If any other suggestions, PLEASE POST!!! My daughter, wallet, hair and time can't take these bugs anymore!!!

Replied by Angie
Los Angeles, CA
If you make a mixture of mayonaise, mix some ACV and tea tree oil (5 or more drops) in a bowl to the consistency of pancake batter then put it on your childs hair. Leave it on for a few hours, then you can use a special nit comb they sell at the drug stores and comb her hair throughly with it and rinse the comb to keep it clean constantly. You'll notice that a lot of lice eggs will just fall off. Then just rinse her hair. I did that to my daughter and when I checked the next day she had not one single lice, or egg on her hair. It really really works, plus it's cheap to do. My daughter had lice through all her Kinder garten and no matter what I did I could not get rid of them until I tried this. The lice and their eggs will literally fall off when you comb out the hair with the mayonaise mixtures still on it. You might want to untangle her hair first with a regular comb and then use the nit comb remover. But remember, comb it out while she has the mayonaise mixture on her hair. Very important.
Replied by Piper
Toronto, On
I have had numerous outbreaks with my two daughters. First tried drugstore remedy and diligently followed instructions. Washed bedding, removed nits. In a couple of weeks I had another outbreak. This time I had them, so after treating with shampoo, I combed my hair every time I had an itch. I still found bugs in my hair. The pharmacist suggested they were dying or that I had diluted formula as I had to add wet hair to get the shampoo through my hair. I found after using several pesticide treatments that lice are very difficult to kill. I found that in between treatments new bugs were hatching. The chemicals do not kill the nits as they suggest. As you eliminate nits, it gets harder to find them. You can pour over a kid's head for hours and the next day one will pop right out at you. These are my suggestions. There are two ways to kill lice with pesticides or natural treatments that affect them chemically or smother them (oil, mayonaise, conditioner). If you use pesticides I wouldn't advise using more frequently than directed. In between treatments, comb hair regularly with lice comb, before school and bed to remove dying bugs. Natural remedies I have tried, mayonaise and ACV, oil and vinegar (1 tsp of neem powder added), hair conditioner and comb, shampoo of dish soap, 1 tbsp borax and 1 tsp neem powder, rubbing alcohal, borax bath. I would suggest doing a treatment several times a week if using natural treatment and regular combing to remove bugs. To make them more palatable to the girls I call them spa treatments. Nits I boiled and put in bags in the freezer. Combs and brushes, do not boil, but put in boiling water for 10 minutes. I ruined a few this way. Laundry. I add borax to laundry. Hot water and use dryer. Borax is hard to find. After several trips to different stores, I called the company to find who sold it in Toronto. Do not confuse borax with boric acid (used to kill cockroaches and bugs). Borax is in the laundry section. I have a clothing steamer which I steam the mattress and pillows. Most natural ingredients can be bought at grocery, drug or dollar store very inexpensively vs the drug store pesticide route. Neem I found in little India in Toronto very cheaply. You can buy it in health food stores, but if you have ethnic neighbourhoods, often products are cheaper there. I believe that all remedies are effective to a degree, but as I said, after all I found survivors (dying?) with a comb. Do not expect with a single treatment that you have eliminated the problem. I would suggest several over a week several treatments, diligent combing, removal of nits and careful cleaning. Checking hair every once in a while with a lice comb is a good idea. Lice are very hard to see and it is much easier to catch the problem early rather than wait till you have nits.
Replied by Kimberly
Ontario, Ca
First of all let me tell you how bad I feel for anybody with head lice. They are little boogers! This is what I did. My niece got them at her friends house. So I got a popular brand of treatment used it and it seemed to work OK. But for 3 weeks I washed ALL bed linens daily, put pillow in the dryer on high for 30 minutes, vacuumed everything then vacuumed again! We only used 1 comb per person and soaked them in boiling water nightly, used a towel once then washed it. Immediately after school I looked for nits and picked them out. Then she took off her clothes got into the bath and washed her hair with coconut shampoo and conditioner. As far as bedding goes I got a plastic cover for her bed and gave her 1 pillow and blanket. Daily I lysoled her plastic mattress cover. Finally they were gone but it took a while before I was sure and could relax. Fast forward 8 months she went with us on a trip and on day 5 she told me she thinks she has lice AGAIN! OHHH I am so angry! I gave her another treatment and sent her home to her moms so she can have the privilege! However now I had lice. So it all began again. But this time the bugs aren't dying like the first time. They are very resistant. I finally got neem oil shampoo and that seems to do the trick. The first night I put it in my hair for 10 min then washed it out, next morning did it again, last night again, will do it again tonight... I am mentally exhausted as well as physically. And I don't want to tell anybody so I'm hiding it all.... Thanks for letting me vent and if you have any suggestions let me know. Thank you
Replied by Kelly Elmore
Kingston, Ok
[YEA]   Cedar oil it awesome for lice, bed bugs, fleas and on and on. It's completely natural, smells good and absolutely no side effects, of course unless you're allergic to Cedar oil. It's amazing. I use on the yard, the outside of house, the inside of my house, for fire ants, flies, gnats, mosquitos, in my dogs ears, on my dogs and cats. It's GREAT!!!! No ill effects on anyone or any animal in our home.
Replied by Crazydogjack
New Castle, Pa, Usa
Where do you get cedar oil? My dog had fleas and the ACV and water wash did not work.
Replied by Anonymous
Fl, Usa
[YEA]   Try Denorex Coal Tar 2.5% shampoo. Moisten hair (but not to the point of saturation), put the shampoo first at the base of neck where the hair starts and also concentrate on the hair around the ears. Leave it on for 30 minutes with a towel on your head. It will BURN and be somewhat uncomfortable for that 30 minutes, but when you see all those dead bugs in the water, you will be glad you tried it. I think, as another poster said, the shampoo "cooks" the lice and nits. Also, before treatment I visibly had nits on my hair line and the day after treatment, they were gone. Apparently, the shampoo works well with lice. You have to repeat the treatment every day for a week to make sure you're OK and you also have to be diligent about cleaning your clothes and environment.
Replied by Seahorse
Arlington, Va
My daughter who is 6 had lice my son then got them and my husband the only reason I think I did not is because I dye my hair. I used mayonaise with olive oil in it you can buy it that way, left it on their heads for the day, and washed the hair a couple of times used a conditioner that I mixed with tea tree oil, lavender oil, peppermint, rosmary and eucalyptus oil. I also made a misture that I spray and leave in the hair too with those oils and either argan oil or olive oil just a cap full in one of those bottles of detangler spray. Then, I make sure to put gel in and no more lice! This killed them and prevents them!
Replied by Punky Ramone
Quezon City, Philippines
ok im 42 years old american been living all over the pacific and asia including philippines from 2004-2005. Since my wife is filipina. Left went to saipan then to u.s. 2008 back and forth between u.s and philippines til 2011 where we started business until july 2012 we never had problem with head lice. We still dont know where we got it but being a devoloping country could have been anywhere. This I do know 1st and formost get out all the bugs and nits u see using a very fine comb and a white tshirt on the floor. The ones that come out that are moving give them a good squezze u will here them pop. Then burn the tshirt. Second use tea trea oil mixed with shampoo. Comb again next day take a day off. Then use eucalyptus oil. Dont dilute at least the eucalyptus oil we have in philippines leave on 30 minutes wash out with shampoo. Repeat 3-4 times and get used to the smell of eucalyptus coz u can wash the oil out ur hairs not oily but the smell stays nothing u can do deal with it. Besides its not a bad smell alternate tea tree and eucalyptus every other day for 2 weeks. Lice gone but if you dont remove all the bedsheets and pilow cases all this treatment is pointless. Best to get your bedsheets to a commercial dryer and set it as high as possible after washing in clorox if they are not colored if colored wash in borax then dry on highest setting and vacuum everything hope this help

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