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Head Lice Treatment from Home | Natural Remedies!

Last Modified on Oct 16, 2015

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Denorex Shampoo
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Posted by Kristy (Lansing, Michigan) on 11/01/2008

[YEA]  My daughter and I both wound up with a 'rash' on our necks, upper backs and shoulders. Our doctor prescribed some cream that didn't work. Other people suggested heat rash, since it was summer and we both had really long hair. And still others thought it might be a shampoo allergy.

During the two months this lasted, I had gotten a lice comb and checked her hair, just as she checked mine, but we didn't see any bugs or eggs. (I think they just didn't show up in her hair and she wasn't sure what she was looking for in mine!)

Anyway, I read something online that lice move very quickly but that hair conditioner will paralyze them temporarily so I finally got some and tried it and, sure enough, my daughters hair was chock full of bugs! So was mine!!!

We tried lice shampoo, we tried oil and I don't even remember everything else, to no avail.

Finally I found something about Denerox and thought, why not.

We scrubbed it in, left the shampoo in our hair and wrapped our heads with towels for 30 minutes, per the instructions. And the lice was gone, never to return.

I believe that it worked because Denorex on your towel wrapped head gets REALLY warm. Almost uncomfortably warm. And my theory is it not only 'cooks' the bugs, it 'cooks' the eggs, too! Kind of a disgusting thought, but whatever!

So I wouldn't mess with anything else, should this ever become a problem for my family again.

Posted by Kimberly (Fairmont, West Virginia) on 03/31/2007

[YEA]  Denorex shampoo it must be the Denorex that has coal tar. The salicylic acid one does not work. This kills live lice on the first time you are lice free. I wash my hair in it and let it set a few minutes maybe 5 then rinse and wash once again. I then use it once a day for 14 days just to make sure I did not miss any or eggs that may have hatched.

Enzyme Shampoo
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Posted by Sarah (Seattle, Wa) on 06/30/2012

[YEA]  The only remedy I will ever use again for lice is enzyme shampoo. It is harmless to you and deadly to lice. It doesn't smell bad and is gentle enough to use on a baby. It doesn't dry out your scalp. You can use it daily if you need to, use it on anything that can get wet. I ordered it on line, but maybe it can be found in a health store.

Eucalyptus Oil
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Posted by Irene (Los Angeles, California Usa) on 02/08/2012

[YEA]  eucalyptis oil, tea tree oil, extra virgin olive oil, dawn dish soap

Finally cured after trying EVERYTHING!!! Just when I thought they were gone... The nits that I had missed started hatching. I immediately bought a bottle of tea tree oil for $11.00, eucalyptis oil for $4.00 at a store having to do with a red arrow aiming at something ha ha! (don't know if I can say on here... And they were not next to eachother I had to do some shelf hunting), also some extra virgin olive oil from a dollar store (warning: I heard if your child or yourself has had a history of epilepsy/seizures it is not good to use eucalyptus oil as it can bring out the seizures) for my 3 year old I used 3/4 tsp tea tree oil, 3/4 tsp eucalyptus oil, 2 tablespoons olive oil, then I mixed it with squirts of shampoo and mixed until syrup like. For my 5 year old and myself I used 1 tsp tree oil, 1 tsp eucalyptus, and 2 tablespoons olive oil and extra squirts of shampoo... I have long hair!!! I used a spray bottle to barely dampen their hair enough just so that it would create suds when I put the mixture on. I didn't want to get in their eyes so I "spooned" it into their hair in sections making sure I rubbed it very close to the roots/scalp (I didn't have any shower caps so I just rubber banded their hair up) let sit for 1 hour no less!! I draped towels on my couches so they wouldn't stain them and let them watch a movie for 1 hour and rinsed with water, after that I put dawn dishsoap in their hair and rinsed I immediately started seeing dead lice fall out... Combed out hair and removed all the bug bodies I could see more bodies as I was blow drying/combing out their hair.. I did see nits but they were all dead so keep pulling out nits just in case!! Been lice free for a whole week!!! When you rinse this stuff out make sure you put a washcloth over their eyes so it won't go in... Also keep eucalyptus oil out of reach of children it is extremely poisonus!! Good luck!!! :) you can even repeat just in case after 7 days.

Posted by Samantha (Adelaide, Sa, Australia) on 11/22/2011

[YEA]  Whenver we have lice, my daughter and I treat ourelves with 2tbsp of olive oil, 1 tsp of eucalytpus, 1/4 tsp of tea tree oil and a squirt of shampoo. Mix all together and slather on hair. Wait 30 mins. (We put a disposable shower cap over our heads). The oil suffocates the lice and the eucalyptus and tea tree oil damage their exoskelelons.

Our hair ends up soft and shiny. You need to repeat 1 week and 2 weeks later to completely break the reproductive cycle because it doesn't kill all the eggs.

Now if someone could come up with an oil that washes out more easily the formula would be perfect!

Posted by Cathrine (Perth, Western Australia, Australia) on 03/05/2011

[YEA]  I have been reading the posts here and I have noticed eucalyptus oil has not been mentioned. In the past I have used the oil successfully for head lice and fleas.

I have on occasion sat down with my cats and searched through their fur for fleas and when I spotted one I would just touch it with a oil soaked cotton bud. The flea died instantly. So I am thinking the oil is highly toxic to small insects such as lice and fleas.

I would imagine scabies would be in the same family as these insects. If you do try eucalyptus oil please research the correct dilution with a carrier oil. For head lice I didnt dilute it but I have read warnings that one should always dilute the oil. I also read the oil fries the fleas exoskeleton.

Good luck!

Garlic Oil
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Posted by London3 (Sacramento, Ca) on 01/10/2012

[YEA]  My daughter and I have been fighting to get rid of her head lice for 2 months. I tried rid, nix, 2 different prescriptions, tea tree oil, and mayonaise. None of it worked. Those buggers were resistant to everything! I then remembered how well the garlic oil cleared up my bunnies mites, so I tried it in her hair for almost 15 hours and the next day was her first day nit free in 2 months!! She and I both agree that it was the easiest and only treatment that worked!

General Feedback
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Posted by Maria (Iligan, Phillipines) on 04/01/2012

Hello, can head lice survive, if you're suffering from dandruff?

Replied by Iowama
Pella, Ia/USA
Hi Maria, Yes, to answer your question, I am afraid that lice feed on dandruff. On two occasions, I've had to treat my Granddaughter from severe infestations, but the remedies I used were very successful and came from Earth Clinic posts. Best wishes, Iowama

Posted by Jennifer (Ny) on 01/20/2012

OMG I have been struggling to get rid of head lice for months. Went to the doctors twice I figured by going to see a Dr. They would give me a subscription. Took my subscription to pharmacy only for the pharmisist to walk out from behind the counter to get me an otc remedy oh yeah I needed to spend money to see a Dr. So he can tell me to go to drug store. Otc products do not have any effect whatsoever!!! I read that over a period of time these little bastards have built a resistence to the pesticide used for lice treatment. If we can put a man on the moon, sattelites on mars, why can't we cure head lice?

Grapefruit Seed Extract
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Posted by Mrs A From Uk (London, UK) on 03/22/2015

For head lice, please read everything you can find about Grapefruit Seed Extract (liquid concentrate) - especially users' reviews.

Hair Dye
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Posted by Mireille (Libourne, France) on 01/25/2012

[NAY]  The hair dye does not work for everyone. I had my hair colored by the hair dresser today. She did it carefully as she knew what the problem was. It is the evening now and I already feel the buggers moving.

Posted by Momof3 (Katy, Tx) on 05/01/2011

[NAY]  The hair dye did not work for me! Neither did Rid or Licefree. Licefree was the best though. Using coconut shampoo & conditioner and combing twice a day. Going to try Dennorex next.

Posted by Carolize (Gauteng, South Africa) on 11/23/2009

[YEA]  Hair dye deffinately works!!! it's the only thing that ever worked for me! I constantly struggled with head lice when i was in primary school (i'm 16 now). tried everything from vinegar to horse shampoo to lice shampoo to mayonaise, you name it, i tried it! nothing ever worked. one day I decided to color my hair and BAM! no more head lice! you'll see that the nits are much harder to get off the hair when they're still alive. when the nits are dead they basicaly slide off the hair! Don't wait too long before you treat your hair though. One of my friends still have lice because it's everywhere in their house. they're couches, beds, everything. Once you realise you have it, take care of it immediatly and wash all your pillow covers, etc. also, clean your hair brushes with boiling water. that really helps! :)

Posted by Stardrum (Maple Falls, WA) on 05/29/2009

[YEA]  Lice cures: I am a foster parent, and as yet have never had a new child placed with me that didn't have lice. I have tried many remedies, including the tea tree, and the chemical, but the thing that has consistently worked for me the FIRST time is dyeing the child's hair. I use a commercial dye, and dye it the same color as the hair so it's not a dramatic change. Then, after the dyeing, we comb out the dead bugs and all nits. In two days after coming and combing, I use a salt water gel. This gel is applied, use a shower cap to cover for an hour or so, and then rinse. I then use tea tree oil in their shampoo forever, and we don't ever get them back. It leaves their hair soft and shiny too.

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Posted by Joshua (Lebanon, Pennsylvania, USA) on 08/12/2012

[YEA]  For those suffering from head lice, as well as many other tiny parasites that live in the hair and on the skin, do not be afraid of using kerosene! It is an old remedy that works and does not harm the skin or hair. It will even help cure at least some skin problems. The only problem is that it smells bad. It is a product of petroleum, just as is vasoline. Even diesel fuel is a good remedy since it is very closely related to kerosene; the only difference being the temperature used to distill the petroleum to produce the kerosene or diesel. In fact, my Dad told me that his father used to give him and his siblings a teaspoon of kerosene mixed with sugar for colds! Yes, taken internally! I tried two tablespoons once when having digestion problems and it took care of the problem! Having said all that, kerosene/diesel is not something to be taken for any and all illnesses. It is good for killing parasites, including on your pets. Try it.

Replied by Pedro
[NAY]   Kerosene and other should never be taken internally. It's extremelly toxic just like gas or diesel. Do not try this remedy. It's also highly flammable, so I wouldn't use it on the skin either (it is also toxic that way through absorption).

There are lots of remedies for colds and other ailments on this site that are safe to be tried, but not this one.

Replied by Rebekah
Dowagiac, Mi
[WARNING!]   Someone is going to end up in the ER or dead if this is not removed. DO NOT EVER PUT KEROSENE ON OR IN YOUR BODY!!!!
Replied by Slim
Cal., US
I have taken it internally & have had no side effects. Check this link.