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Natural Remedies to Prevent Kidney Disease

Last Modified on May 21, 2016

Multiple Remedies  
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Posted by Keertika (Baroda, Gujarat, India) on 03/16/2013

[NAY]  Hi everyone, I am suffering from lupus since 13 yrs now. This has damaged my kidney and because of this I am on medications from last 13 years. My dosage is 2 500mg cellcept per day, 1 lohram daily & 1 5mg steroid daily and my DNA test is still positive. I have tried ayurvedic as well as homeopathic but there is no improvement. I started natural diet from last 1 year but there is no such drastic change. I just started with Trace minerals recently. Please suggest I am so scared of this disease. I wanna save my kidney and remove this disease from my body. My self esteem is too lowering day by day by steroids side effects(Weight gain and ol). Please help! God bless ol. Waiting for high responses. Please suggest what should I do?

Replied by Rsw
Uniontown, Oh
Look into low dose naltrexone for help with Lupus. It is an autoimmune disease that has been proven to be helped by LDN. The site to look at is Then join the Yahoo LDN group that is listed on that site for specific advise from people who use it for Lupus. I understand the Naltrexone can be purchased in any drugstore in India without a prescription. It will be a 50 mg tablet that needs to be diluted by mixing it with 50ml of distilled water (so 1 ml = 1mg LDN) then withdrawing a dose of up to 4.5 mg once a day. (VERY IMPORTANT - NO MORE THAN THIS PER DAY - IT NEEDS TO BE LOW DOSE TO WORK) Each tablet will last at least 15 days. Keep the mixture in the refrigerator. This should help you very much. Best wishes!
Replied by Joy
Battleground, Wash
ABC of Asthma Allergies & Lupus by F. Batmanghelidj, M. D. This book is on his website if you have a desire to read it.... He is dead but I personally love the way he writes in simple terms and easy to understand explanations. There are so many book reviews with testimonies of healings and miraculous results from people who bought his books and followed the advice and broke free of their hellish symptoms. Most said they had two books.... the bible and the water book by this guy.
Replied by Keertika
Baroda, Gujarat, India
Thank you so much. Will try this also. I want to repair my kidney damaged too. Is there any way we can reduce steriods side effects, my face is too puffed with the effects :(

Nephritis Remedy Summary  

Posted by Lis (Ny, Ny, Usa) on 10/29/2010

Nephritis (high protein in urine) - Summary of Remedies from Ted and the Earth Clinic Community

Often bacterial in origin or the body has an infection.

1. Alkalize (raise immunity and reduce bacteria): Drink two tablespoons of Apple cider vinegar plus 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 a cup of water twice a day (morning and night) on an empty stomach for four to five days a week. Or two to eight teaspoons lime or lemon juice plus 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 cup of water twice a day. You can alternate between these two formulas.

2. Zinc: Take 50 mg of zinc gluconate per week.

3. Magnesium: Take 250 mg of magnesium citrate five days out of the week -- increases the body's defenses against bacteria, thus reducing the high protein in the kidneys.

4. Sea Salt: Add 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt in one liter of water and drink throughout the day -- will raise the salinity of the urine somewhat and the antibiotic effect of the salt will reduce the bacteria thus reducing the protein buildup in the urine.

5. Oil Pulling: See here

6. Lecithin Granules: One tablespoon lecithin in a cup of water one to three times a day, 30 minutes before eating -- reduces excess fatty liver and reduces the liver's congestion.

7. Clove Oil: Mix one drop of clove oil in one liter of water and drink through the day - kills the bacterium in the liver, thus reducing the high protein in the kidneys.

*For cloudy urine, taking a vitamin B complex for a couple of days may help clear it up and reduce the protein buildup.

*Also discontinue drinking carbonated beverages


Replied by Ted Donate

Bangkok, Thailand

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Nephritis Summary Revised...

Excess protein may be linked to taking too much protein and lack of digestive enzyme that digests the protein, such as protease, and may be supplemented with pancreatic enzymes, bromelain enzymes and to some extent papain. The total protease should be 50 to 100 mg taken before meals 3 times a day, bromelain 2500 GDU, and papain roughly 250 to 500 mg also three times a day. There was a case where a doctor gave patients 10 white eggs a day plus steroids as a way to reduce urine protein but that actually made it worse. Milk powder also worsened. An excess urine protein can also be lack of amino balance such as arginine or glutamine, for example.

A simple test is possible. A protein free diet or caloric restriction for 3 days to see if there is improvement.


Replied by Marie
Manistique, Mi, Usa
I am currently nursing my 6 month (almost 7 mos. ) old. I have had high protein in the urine for a long time =1 to 2 . During my pregnancy, I had 4 and was retaining water. The Dr.s induced labor and the protein was down to 2 again by 6 week check up. Can I continue nursing and do these remedies or should I ween her first? I need to get this problem cleared up. Thank you for this site and all the info people post. It is truly a gift you give to us! I thank God I found you!

Nephrotic Syndrome Remedies  

Posted by Taurusmum (Melbourne, Australia) on 09/17/2013

I have been doing some research for natural cures for Nephrotic Syndrome for kids. I saw in the website of Dr. Andrew Saul about the use of vitamin C in kidney problems. It says and I quote:

"Nephrotic Syndrome. This condition results from tissue damage and impaired nephron function. Its association with collagen diseases (rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, etc. ) is hardly accidental, for chronic deficiencies of vitamin C (and vitamin C's helpers, the bioflavinoids) cause the very event described by Williams on page 851: "The primary degenerative lesion is in the capillary basement membrane of the glomerulus which permits the escape of large amounts of protein into the filtrate." This is because capillaries, those tiniest and most numerous of all the blood vessels, get leaky in the absence of ample vitamin C."

I want to know if anyone has had any good outcome from this. A lot of cases I've read mentioned that they usually have attacks or relapses after a cold or flu, which meant they did not have enough Vitamin C.

Could it be that vitamin C can help? Has anyone known of any real life case?
Thanks for your help.

Replied by Dave
Fountain Inn, Sc
Dear Taurusmum: concerning your question about your son's kidney problem... Nephrotic syndrome; you make the argument for supplementation of Vitamin C splendidly yourself!

Remember it was Dr Linus Pauling who wrote and researched the effects of Vitamin C. And the quote from the book on the subject is quite convincing.

So what do you have to lose? Vitamin C can't hurt him. Just a few observations: if you take a lot of ascorbic acid (C) at once that is not time released the result will be a case of diarrhea. So give him a time released. And also if you give him large doses, remember ascorbic acid is acidic. Some prefer buffered C. You could experiment with what works best for him. If this were me, I'd try a time released in the AM and PM AFTER meals.

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Posted by Imran Abid (Portland, Ct, Usa) on 05/19/2013

[YEA]  People with bad kidney try this and this works too. Buy fresh okra from food store but you will be using only two a day for every day till you feel better. Take two and cut both ends then split from one side leave them in glass of water for over night. In the morning squeeze them good and drink the water. You don't have to eat okra. Do it and let other people know.

Imran Abid

Replied by John
Chicago, Il
Can you tell us what was your kidney condition? How long did it take you to get better? How did you learn about this? God Bless!
Replied by Shari
Neosho Mo Usa
How do u know this works? I have stage 4 chronic kidney disease.
Replied by Jacqueline
South Africa
I do know that Okra is excellent for diabetic patients and also aids in cleaning the gut.

Remedies for Horseshoe Kidney  

Posted by Dee (Porter, Tx, Usa) on 02/06/2013

My 8 year old son has a horseshoe kidney, meaning his two kidneys are connected in a U shape. I am told this occurs in about 1 in 800 births, more predominantly in males. This was brought to my attention by our family doctor several months ago, after conducting numerous tests. She stated, at the time, that there was no urgent health issue present, but that I should take him to see a specialist in the near future. Since we are now inbetween health insurance, I have put this off for a few months.

In the meantime, he complains of frequent stomachaches. These are not sharp pains or severe nausea; just discomfort. It is worse at times, and he has missed a few days of school. But there have been various viruses going around his school for the past few weeks, so I assumed it was unrelated. I have tried adjusting his diet to include more raw fruits and vegetables, and fewer processed foods. I insist that he drink plenty of water. I sometimes offer him herbal teas (peppermint or ginger/lemongrass). But I wonder if there is something else I can give him on a daily basis to ease or prevent these stomachaches. I wonder if I should give him herbs or enzymes to help his kidneys function better. He does occasionally take a chewable papaya enzyme, when he remembers, but I'm not sure if it helps.

We have also been through some difficult (but common) transitions in the last year, and he is undoubtedly stressed about those things, even though there is much stability now. He is a very good student, and a well mannered child, but he tends to exhibit signs of stress more than his siblings do. So this causes me to wonder if the stomachaches have nothing to do with his kidneys.

I expect to make an appointment with a specialist next month, but if I am advised that a lifetime of pharmaceuticals is the answer, I will seek answers elsewhere.

Replied by Timh Donate

Louisville, Ky, Usa
Dee: if the stomach aches are also associated with improper bowel activity like constipation or diarrhea, it would suggest the high probability of Parasite infestation, as almost all children, at some point of development, have an occurrence of worms. Lots of treatment option posts here on E.C. For that, under the "Ailments" section at top page.

As for the Kidneys, most herbal product lines have a "kidney complex", which is better than just one or two herbs that support urinary health. Typical ingredients in this line are Cranberry, Slippery Elm, Uvi Ursi, Juniper Berry, Parsley, and others. Take this as suggested on labels. It is advised to have a week on week off rotation so as to avoid any long term alteration in electrolyte balance. Speaking of electrolytes, a good multimineral supplement would do wonders. Replace processed table salt with Iodized Sea Salt or Himalayan Pink Salt.

Tulsi Leaves, Dietary Changes  
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Posted by Gp (Jammu, Kashmir) on 01/15/2010

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  i am suffering from kidney trouble my cretinine went up to 3 and i was bedridden for almost 4 months where i lost my job and under depression. taking mashed 10 tulsi leaves empty stomach with one spoon of curd which helped me a lot. now my cretinine level has come down to 1.7. i got my blood test done and found there was no iron, calcium and folic acid. avoid dairy produts and leafy vegetables. peas should not be consumed. one apple a day.

EC: Tulsi is also called "Holy Basil"

Replied by Calvin
Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Dear GP

Please take a lot of radish leaf juice without adding water, sugar or salt every morning and evening, about 40 minutes before your meals. Radish leaves are excellent in melting your kidney stones. It is also very safe and excellent for chronic renal failure patients. There is absolutely no side effects. I am praying for you.
Replied by Kidney Nurse
Adelaide, Australia
[NAY]   I am a dialysis nurse and I have chronic renal failue. Please anyone who is looking at this hoping to find a magic cure, go to your doctor!!!! There is no cure for ESRF if there were people wouldn't need to go onto dialysis or have transplants! If it were as simple as drinking vinegar why would anyone put themselves through transplantation. Perhaps you are scared and in denial, it's normal. But this is a serious condition please dont put your lives in the hands of strangers on the internet who probably have no real expertise/qualifications! This site is terrifying to say the least.

* don't eat lots of radishes if you are in end stage failure they are high in potassium you will become hyperkalemic and this is a potentially lethal condition. (this is especially important if you're not on dialysis yet). Your kidneys are unable to excrete potassium when they are in failure and it will build up in your blood and cause dangerous arrythmias!!!!!!!!

* Dont eat spoonfuls of saly for the love of god it's terrible for your blood pressure and will cause fluid retenion. Please read up on basic osmosis (high school stuff) if you want to find out more.

*Don't go trying to correct acidosis ob your own with vinegar or baking soda. You run the risk of over treating it and putting yourself into metabolic alkalosis. If you must, get a professional to help monitor your bloods and titrate doses accordingly.

A lot of the suggestions of this site will do you more harm than good. Please speak to a competent professional don't trust faceless quacks on the internet!!!
Dialysis will just kill you slowly. I will use alternative medicine first. Maybe not the ones recommended here, but there are a lot of helpful ones you can try. Doctors aren't always the answer and often or too often not the cure. People who try other methods are likely to have tried modern medicine and is not working for them. Quacks or not, I would caution people who try to stop other people from trying alternative method of making themselves better.
Replied by Gavin
Manganui, Northland, New Zealand
Most people on this site, are here simply because they cant afford the modern medicines. Or have developed an aversion to the money making of patent medicines, that have done them absoulutly no good , and have left them working with a list of side effects on top of the original illness. Nowhere on this site does it suggest, that a good doctor be ignored, or that a good surgeon isn't worth his weight in gold.

As a health profesional haven't you asked yourself the question, why are people living longer, but are sicker?.. It dosn't take a PHD. In medicine to work out that curing sickness , is in addressing the simplest things first.. Which is basic nutrition. Where this simple fact has been ignored the price is paid with "dis ease". Even in the homes of so called health profesionals, I've seen the fridge filled with soda pop, hydrogenated oils.. And all the other crap. In the same house iv'e seen their prescribed medicine list getting longer and longer. So as far as listening to health profesionals.. I can tell you, I have the same problem sorting.. the truth from the fiction from "Health profesionals" as I do from any other source.

Replied by Gavin
Manganui, Northland, New Zealand
I forgot to mention that diets with low levels of Nikel. Cause problems with regards to liver and disease of the kidneys. It might be a hobby horse of mine but these essential elements were all available when living as hunter gatherers by the sea a few thousand years ago. But tend to leach out of the soils over time, and hence if they arnt in the soil the plants cant take them up. Low levels can cause a host of problems.
Replied by Kidney Nurse
Adelaide, Sa
@ Gavin. This isn't a website nutritional/dietary advice it is a wedsite for "folk remedies" (if in doubt look at the banner at the top of the page). I think some of you people are getting confused between ailments like kidney stones and infections and actual failure. Yes I'm sure some of these suggestions may benefit someone with stones etc but if you have ESRF the advice on this site can be life threatening. If you need dialysis or a transplant, you need dialysis or a transplant. Theres no magic elixir that's going to get your reverse your kidney failure, if there were drug companies would have patented it by now and be making millions.

Show me one randomised controlled trial where people with kidney failure on apple cider vinegar or whatever have treated as successfully, if not better than people on dialysis.

I would assume that in order to practice as a naturopath or whatever people would need at least some basic understanding of human physiology but reading through some of these comments it's clear they don't. That is assuming people on here even do have qualifications.

And what's with the people living longer and being sicker comment? What are you basing that on? I don't even know where to being with that one.

Replied by Gavin
Manganui, Northland, New Zealand
Living longer and being sicker?.. Just look at the burgeoning health budgets for the developed countries. The elderly living longer, and taking more prescription medicines to stay alive. Population growth is not in synch with health budgets increase.

Everyone I know has something wrong with them. This can't be the natural order of things.. Something is very wrong. At the risk of sounding boring have you had your essential elements checked lately?

Replied by Rob
Manhattan, Ny
unlike the liver I've long assumed that the kidneys were unable to regenerate themselves and one was doomed to kidney failure.. However there is a glimmer of hope refuting this belief... At least for diabetic kidney damage with a ketogenic diet... see this study here...

Replied by Annette
Independence, Mo
My response is directed to the comments by Adelaide, dialysis nurse.

I totally agree with Gavin from Manganui, the medical profession is failing all the people that are on this website, that is why they are researching elsewhere. My question to you is, why are you on this website? The pharmacuetical companies are creating and manufacturing "pills" that are killing the general patient population basically. Then another "pill" brings them back just enough to keep them "alive" with no quality of life. My husband suffered a hemmoraghic stroke 2 years ago because his kidneys were failing him and his doctor was "letting him decide when to go on dialysis". My husband had no idea when he was supposed to start dialysis, so he had a massive stroke that left him with brain damage and on dialysis.

I helped wean him off all his 30 daily medications once dialysis was started because he didn't need them any more because dialysis was doing the work his kidneys had failed to do for 2 years prior to his stroke. He gets dialysis 3 times per week, he takes no "prescription" medications and his labs come up nearly perfect every 2 weeks with the exception of his phosphorous is sometimes high, which he just watches his diet better and it goes down.

He takes dietary supplements, ie: Calcium, Magnesium, vit A, C, D etc. Just recently, after multiple testing, which came out fine, he was denied being put on the transplant list because he takes natural supplements, not the harmful pharmecuticals he doesn't need. That's why I am on this site, looking for any bit of hope to maybe help him heal his kidneys instead of being another one of the medical worlds zombies. Another thing, there is not a doubt in my mind that a cure could be as simple as ACV, but the "medical" world would never let that get out because alot of businesses/companies and people would lose too much money!

Replied by Guess Who...
Adelaide, Australia
Pharmaceuticals aren't as evil ad you think. You owe your life to them and the people who develop them (even if you don't take them yourself). I am on this website because I'm sick of seeing patients die unnecessarily because of self absorbed low life quacks with no life who want to feel like some sort of expert by telling complete strangers to pretty much kill themselves. If it were up to me I'd find out who these people are peddling these snake oil remedies and get them thrown into jail. Dont get me wrong, I'm not completely against this stuff. Some complimentary remedies actually have good hard evidence behind them. Chitosan being a good example (google "chitosan and kidney failure and you'll find some very promising data. Also its practically harmless as long as your not allergic to shellfish! ) But do your research and talk to your doctor even if you think he's a bastard. He knows infinitely more than you when it comes to this stuff and is an invaluable resource if nothing else.

EC: Earth Clinic has closed this thread to further discussion in the interest of keeping our conversation civil, productive, and germane to the topic of natural remedies. Thank you to all contributors.

Replied by Jass
Nairobi, Kenya
Kidney problems from Diabetes are best resolved or reversed by normalising your blood sugar levels - Read up on THE DIABETES SOLUTION by Dr. Richard Bernstein
Replied by Ken
Miami, Fl
@ Miss Adelaide from Australia: First off, how can anyone owe their life to a medication they don't take. Doesn't make a bit of sense. Secondly, you sound just like Big Pharma with that idea of "get them thrown into jail." Let me hip you to the facts from where I stand. My mother in law wouldn't listen to me about the pharmaceuticals they were prescribing for her for Sarcloidosis. Simple viral infections of the lungs curable with a change in diet to include fresh fruits and vegetables. Died at the young age of 44. She wouldn't stop taking the Prednisone. Side effect-congestive heart failure. My brother diagnosed with AIDS he didn't have and killed by a hospital staff that bled him out one blood sample at a time and medicated him to death. Started out with pneumonia but by diagnosing him as having AIDS they got big bucks from the government. They got caught but not before they killed him. Died at age 50. My sister, younger even that both of us, died at age 45. All killed by being "Patient" while people "Practiced" medicine on them. NOWHERE do any of you EVER claim to cure anything because that is not the business you're in. I have survived two younger siblings and nearly my entire generation by following my golden rule. "STAY AWAY FROM DOCTORS AND HOSPITALS. REFUSE EVER VACCINATION and NEVER, EVER TAKE A PILL YOU DON'T CREATE WITH A NATURAL HERB YOURSELF.

I take especial issue with you calling people low life. How low is it to make your money pretending know so little of what you should that the only word for it is "criminal"? What makes you a better quality human being? Your MIS-education? Not one natural remedy I ever used failed to resolve the issue at hand. NOT ONE!!! As a result, I am at 64 operating at the level of a 34 year old, and have reversed that much of aging by following the rules above and some simple dietary rules as well. If you don't like what's happening here, get lost. Let people do what they need to do to help themselves. Your profession and most of those associated with it has become the enemy, not the salvation of mankind.

Replied by Deen
Manchester, Uk
To Ken from Miami, Florida, in your reply to that nurse Adelaide, from Australia.

I totally agree with your comments about the greedy medical profession and all the harm they are doing to people. You certainly put a smile on my face with your comments. But I don't know what she is doing here criticizing and not contributing anything to help others. Earth Clinic has certainly helped a great deal of people including myself several times. All I can say is "God Bless Earth-Clinic".

Replied by Jerry
You have been brain washed by the Doctors you work around. I have healed myself many times and twice from life threatening diseases using alternative healing so don't be discouraging people. Hardly any of these cures can harm you.

Watermelon Seed Tea  

Posted by Andoy (Boise, Id) on 07/01/2012

Has anybody tried this tea for kidneys? This tea was recommended by Edgar Cayce.

Replied by Kat
Fredericksburg, Va, Usa
That's a possible remedy for Kidney Stones. I think Hulda Clark has information on it also.