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Chanca Piedra  

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Posted by Ashenafi (Addis Ababa) on 11/19/2012

Dear Earth Clinic, I am hep b positive 9 months ago, I heard that Chanca piedra is cure. So how can I get it here in Ethiopia or recognized shoppers. Which preparation ( capsule, tea or else) is better to clear hep b from my system. At what dose, frequency and for how long shall I use it to clear hep b from my system effectively. I am eagerly looking your reply please.

Replied by Bismark
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Re: Chanca Piedra for Hepatitis B: I'm using it and have it but I'm having some kind of headache

Replied by Ethiopia
Addis Ababa

Hi, Ashe I am also with a similar problem and so we can help each other on hepatitis b. Here is my email address mussie313 (at) gmail.com

Posted by Ashenafi (Mekelle, Tigray/ethiopia) on 10/24/2012

Please where to get chanca piedra in Ethiopia. I am hepetitis b positive 9 month back. Please your help.

Replied by Christopher
Kiev, Ukraine

Hi Ashenafi you get buy it online, from organic shops or ebay or amazon. Goodluck

Replied by Max
Commerce Township, Michigan

Ok, I wrote in February that I got rid of hep B in February, but I still did not have immunity to it. I have been trying different things. I was taking Astragalus, but I still did not build immunity. Finally, I did another blood test, which results I got today. My antibodies are 628 today and two months ago I had still zero. What helped me, I think, was beta-1, 3/1, 6-D-Glucan. You should have more than 10 to be immune. I got 628 within 2 months. I could not believe. I took also Linzhi mushrooms, but only for short time.

Replied by James In Bangkok
Bangkok, Bangkok Thailand
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Ive tried chanca piedra it did not work. Has anybody cleared this using other suppliments? I was going to try astragalus and beta 13 16 glucan. To those who managed to clear hbsag what did you use? Please let us know, thank you

Replied by Oscar
Syracuse, New York

Dear James in Bangcok, BHT [ butylated hydroxytoluene ] worked for me and for T. As reported at the BHT CURES group here:

Here are my HBV test results:

HBV IU/mL: 260,230
HBV Copies/mL: 1,514,500

HBV IU/mL: 204,890
HBV Copies/mL: 1,192,500

HBV IU/mL: 28,970
HBV Copies/mL: 168,600

After the first three months, I had a 25% reduction between my first and second test, and a 86% reduction between my second and third test. 1,514,500 to 168,600 is amazing!Though, it's hard to say exactly what has contributed to this. In addition to BHT, I started taking Chanca Piedra and Monolaurin these last three months. I also cut out a lot of my workout supplements/super dosing of vitamins.

Chanca Piedra is said help prevent certain viruses from replicating and monolaurin is said to destroy lipid coated viruses, similar to BHT. I'm sure they've both had a big impact on my results. Hope that helps you, ...Oscar

Replied by Oscar
Syracuse, New York

A quick follow up to my last post : For me, Oscar, I used the BHT only for hepatitis B.

That detailed report is from T, and not me. Those additional supplements are his additions and not mine. I only used the BHT....Oscar

Replied by James

Hi oscar. Those test results do not show that the virus has cleared.

Replied by Oscar
Syracuse, New York

Dear James from Bangkok, Not yet. It took me over 2 years to get a NEGATIVE with a hepatitis B antibodies test. But, as you can see: T has greatly reduced his viral load count using one 350mg of BHT twice a day. These hepatitis viral infections are hard to treat effectively. The liver is a very large organ. It takes time to completely clear the liver of a viral infection. The BHT does NOT clear a living liver cell of the virus. What it does is prevent new liver cells from becoming infected. And every cell in a person`s liver is a new cell in about one year. That is how it works. If you know of a better treatment go for it....Oscar

Replied by James

Hi oscar. I do not know of any treatment wich is why I am looking everywhere I can. I simply said that those results do not show the virus has cleared. My results are hbvdna 140 and that is just with healthy eating and keeping vit d high and cholesterol low. I am looking to clear hbsag permanantly I have tried chanca piedra it did not work. If bht works then it is worth a try. Thank you

Replied by Max
Commerce Township, Michigan

Chanca piedra decreased my virus load, but SALVIA LINGUSTRUM cleared my virus. And beta glutan built my antibodies.

Replied by Chika
Leeds, Uk

Hi, I was tested Heb b. And it is said that that the virus has been in me for a long time. Really want to get it cured. Confused between which to try. Chanca Piedra or BHT. What is BHT? I have tried looking for it on the internet and getting no specific item. How can I get BHT.

EC: Check out BHT Remedies on this page.

Replied by Oscar
Syracuse, New York

Dear Chika from Leeds, UK, BHT is an acronym for BUTYLATED HYDROXYTOLUENE. It can be purchased from online retailers. There are many selling BHT. I buy mine from VRP, Vitamin Research Products. Hope that helps, ...Oscar

Replied by Eyes
San Fran, Ca

It works! How did you take it? How many times a day? Clear HBV by making a strong, very dark tea. Drink 1 coke can size amount 3 times a day. Do not skip a day. Do not sweeten with sugar only with organic honey.

Toss your tooth brush every 2 weeks for the next 3 months and emerge it in some sort of sanitizing solution daily.

If you are not single and your partner who has been vaccinated can still hold a small amount of the virus and transfer it back to you.

We all have parasites in our gut. They are also hold viruses. Do a parasite cleanse. Research parasite cleanse b4 hand if you are unfamiliar.

Eliminating parasites will also help reduce viral load.

Don't measure viral load right after parasite cleanse. They release toxins and viruses when they die but also they stop emitting counter immunity substances and in a few days after eliminating you feel stronger and more focused.

You also need to take a good vitamin with high levels of VD VE and selenium. Chanca Piedra will stop the virus from replicating and the vitamins and minerals help the liver defend it self from the viral burden.

Also, lighten other burdens of the liver. Eat less fried fatty foods. Eat more fruits and veggies.


Please the best way to deal with those stubborn diseases is to kill the parasites, bacteria, viruses and worms causing them.

these are the list of plants to use:

  • Mugwort
  • Male Ferm Root
  • Pumpkin Seed
  • Black Walnut Hulls
  • Cascara Sagrada

please, note that all these plant combined together will kill the most strongest parasites, bacteria, viruses and worms. please check details on each and how to combine them because some should be used in little doses. but when combine and taken in small doses for a short time you eliminate all and get better.

Replied by Johnny
Pattaya, Pattaya Thailand

Salvia lingustrum what is this? And bht can anyone prove they work? Post links to lab results

Replied by James Bangkok
Bangkok, Bangkok Thailand

I will try chanca piedra again. Where can I get it in bangkok? Also where can I get salvia lingistrum and bht in bangkok? Thanks

Replied by Max
Commerce Township, Mi

You can get salvia lingustrum online. It is a combination of 6 herbs.

Replied by Closeyes
San Fran, Ca

So far I have yet to find anyone else who had such a high viral count of over 10 million. In 3 months it went down to 300 thousand. That is 97%!!!

I'm telling you, it works.

Nothing has ever worked as good. Salvia Lingustrum worked but not like CP! One unintentional side effect of Salvia Lingustrum, it increases libido. Depending on ones situation, that can be a plus or a burden.

Every day I drank CP, 3 or 4 times a day. Never missed a day NEVER.. I drank it as if my life depended upon it starting it Jan of 09 and finding out mid March it HB was nearly gone so quickly.

IF you want to rid this, it is a daily thing, like taking a medication and it has to be done right. Sweeten only with organic honey and never with surgar. The tea must be made strong, it must appear very dark and not see-through. It must be done every day minimum for 3 months.

I have not tried the BHT, I have not needed it. I found the CP to benefit with HBV and the common Flu. IT also clears bad calcium build up. Simply, it has multiple benefits. I don't know anything about the use of BHT but CP has been widely studied regarding efficacy with viruses since the 80's

There is a published medical report from Dr Blumberg regarding the use of Chanca Piedra and cases were chronic HBV was cleared after 3 months.


In 1988, Dr. Baruch Blumberg reported that Chanca Piedra could clear up the chronic carrier state of Hepatitis B. This was big news for Herbalists as Dr. Blumberg was the winner of the 1963 Nobel Prize for discovering the HBV antigen. This led to the discovery that HBV was the primary cause of liver cancer and initiated the development of HBV vaccines. Most of Blumberg's early research on Chanca Piedra was carried out in India in collaboration with an Indian research group. Blumberg was employed with the Fox Chase Cancer Center in Philadelphia, and it was with this group and the Indian research group that filed two patents on the plant's ability to treat HBV and its antiviral properties in 1985 and1988. The fist patent was specific to HBV; the second stated that the plant's antiviral properties were achieved in part through a strong inhibition of reverse trancriptase, necessary for many types of viruses to grow. This made it possible to treat such retroviruses as HIV, sarcoma and leukemia viruses. Their first human study reported that a water extract of Phyllantus amarus and niruri cleared the HBV surface antigen from 22 of 37 chronic HBV patients in only 30 days and continued to test negative for nine months. This same group had published several earlier in vitro studies as well as animal studies. They chose to use woodchucks in the animal tests because woodchucks respond to chronic HBV infection in much the same manner as do humans. All reported similar and effective anti-HBV effects

Replied by James
Bangkok, Thailand

Oscar, first you said they were your test results. then you said they were some guy called t? how can you test negative in antibodies test when if you cured the virus you shoud test positive for hbsab and hbcab? I have started taking bht as I want to try whatever I can.

Replied by Oscar
Syracuse, New York

Dear James from Bangkok, I have tried many times to copy and paste what "T" for tablecorn has to say about the use of BHT to treat chronic hepatitis B. I will try again:

Here are my HBV test results:

HBV IU/mL: 260, 230
HBV Copies/mL: 1, 514, 500

HBV IU/mL: 204, 890
HBV Copies/mL: 1, 192, 500

HBV IU/mL: 28, 970
HBV Copies/mL: 168, 600

After the first three months, I had a 25% reduction between my first and second test, and a 86% reduction between my second and third test. 1, 514, 500 to 168, 600 is amazing!

Though, it's hard to say exactly what has contributed to this. In addition to BHT, I started taking Chanca Piedra and Monolaurin these last three months. I also cut out a lot of my workout supplements/super dosing of vitamins.

Chanca Piedra is said help prevent certain viruses from replicating and monolaurin is said to destroy lipid coated viruses, similar to BHT. I'm sure they've both had a big impact on my results.


Well that seems to have worked. Tablecorn had more to say about all this but when I try to copy and paste it all, it falls apart when I try and copy and paste his full statement.

For me: Though a hepatitis B carrier [about one third of all people are such carriers] at one time I no longer am. I was never chronically infected with hepatitis B. I WAS a carrier and no longer am. The hepatitis B cleared up along with hepatitis C for me with the BHT treatments. I now test NEGATIVE with the HBV antibodies test as far as I know according to what the VA has told me....Oscar

Replied by James

Re hepatitis b, if the virus cleared you would have surface antigen antibodies and core antibodies that persist for life.

Replied by Naturalcure
Zurich, Switzerland

Hello Oscar. Can you explain in brief details how you started your curing process and which herbal treatments and what was the duration of the treatment you applied before you finally reversed your HEPATITIS B status from positive to Negative.I recently tested positive for HEP B earlier this year (The doctor told me I'm a HEP B carrier). Please, I need your help in getting the reliable information so I can begin my healing process as soon as possible. Thanks in advance. Nolan from ZURICH, SWITZERLAN

Replied by Oscar
Syracuse, New York

Dear Naturalcures from Zurich, Switzerland. There is some understandable confusion here. I successfully treated my hepatitis C and B infections with the use of BHT only. I used a daily dose of about 250mg of BHT twice a day=500mg of BHT per day. It was one of our group`s members who also used the herb chianca piedra along with the BHT to treat his hepatitis B infection with this statement by him:

As reported by tablecorn here:

HBV IU/mL: 260,230
HBV Copies/mL: 1 514,500

HBV IU/mL: 204,890
HBV Copies/mL: 1,192,500

HBV IU/mL: 28,970
HBV Copies/mL: 168,600

After the first three months, I had a 25% reduction between my first and second test, and a 86% reduction between my second and third test. 1,514,500 to 168, 600 is amazing!

Though, it's hard to say exactly what has contributed to this. In addition to BHT, I started taking Chanca Piedra and Monolaurin these last three months. I also cut out a lot of my workout supplements/super dosing of vitamins.

Chanca Piedra is said help prevent certain viruses from replicating and monolaurin is said to destroy lipid coated viruses, similar to BHT. I'm sure they've both had a big impact on my results.

For me, Oscar: It is not possible to say how long this took. I tested positive for hepatitis B and C in 1997 and again in 1998.

It was in 2006 that I was retested for both using the antibodies tests for those two different viral infections and came NEGATIVE for both using the antibodies tests. Again, I was using BHT [ butylated hydoxytoluene ] only for all those years. Now BHT has been proven to occur naturally first in certain phytoplankton in 2008 and a growing number of other plants since that time. Hope that helps....Oscar

Replied by Ricoh
Manila, Philippines
0 out of 5 stars

Good day!!! I just want to ask something about this chanca piedra as cure for hepatitis B. I want to try this CP to cure my Hepa B using this herb but the problem is, when I tried drinking CP decoction after 4days, my blood pressure went down to 90/60 and maybe that's the reason why I have nausea and sometimes diffulty in breathing although I can really feel that gallstones are really moving from my liver. I really want to continue drinking CP tea but I'm worried that it would lower my blood to a very life threatening level. So I would like to ask if what should I do to counteract or reduce the lowering effect in the blood of CP?? Are there any herb/fruit/vegies that I can eat or drink alongside CP which can elevate my blood pressure?? Please help me coz I can feel that my liver is in bad shape already and I really want to try this natural remedy since doctors would only tell me that there is no cure yet for hepatitis B.

Replied by Marcin
Toronto, Canada

Hi Ricoh,

Another herbal remedy for the gallstones is tulsi (holy basil). It lowers the level of uric acid in the blood, which is is a main culprit for the stones. It breaks down the stones and dulls the pain coming from them. I read that you have to take juice of the leaves with honey daily for 6 months. However, the fresh herb might be hard to get so you can try the powder.

You can also use Apple Cider Vinegar with sodium bicarbonate (pure baking powder) alkalizing remedy at the same time. It is described on this website.

Back to your original question, here are some ways to elevate the blood pressure:

*diet higher in salt

*drinking lots of fluids

*regular exercise to promote blood flow

*avoiding prolonged exposure to hot weather and water (baths)

Replied by Ricoh
Manila, Philippines

Thank you for the reply Marcin!! The reason why I chose chanca piedra is because I've heard that this plant has a higher chance of curing hepatitis B and that's what I'm trying to cure since I can find so many chanca piedra plant here in my place unlike tulsi which is hard to find. also I would like to ask how should I prepare a decoction/tea from a fresh chanca piedra plant, coz what I do is I take two fresh CP, roots included and boil it in 1.5liter water. am I doing it right and is it ok to boil it in the evening and drink it 3x the next day?? I also would like to know if I can take fresh CP and dry it for future consumption. what is the proper way to dry CP and does dried CP lose it's effectiveness in curing hepa B and dissolving stones?? if not, then how long can I store dried CP in an airtight bottle. is it ok to take other herbs alongside CP because I'm planning to take other herbs that will help to elevate my blood pressure. but first, I have to find some herbs which helps to elevate blood pressure.

Posted by Alex (Ottosdal, North West, South Africa) on 10/18/2012

Please I have hepatitis B and need your Chanca piedra here in South africa. where can I get one?

I want to get married and I do not want to pass this disease to my wife and kids, please what should I do? Can my girlfriend be vaccinated n our future kids be free? or I should wait and use the Chanca piedra in case I had one from your office before I get married?

I also want to inquire if there is vaccine for this disease.

Replied by Waytoomuch
Modesto, Ca/ Usa

Hi Alex! You have three good choices with Chanca Piedra, BHT, or a certain form of Vit. C, for clearing from the Hep B virus. It is easier to clear than Hep C. While there is an Hep B innoculation, ostensibly to prevent the disease, it has the clearly unwanted side-effect of potentially causing it, occaisionally, also. Of course, in our country, children are required to get this innoculation to attend high school. Crazy, huh?! Read up on your three good choices, and see where you can find one online, or locally. Helpfully, sometimes grocery stores carry BHT as an additive to preserve oils and prevent rancidity. --T.

Replied by Mharp
Baguio City, Benguet

contact me who need chanca piedra pure mharp_baguio(at)yahoo.com 09186207028

Replied by Shemustwin
Sheffield, Uk

I will like to give some suggestions to those on this forum with Hep B. Please take to this advice and it will help you

1. Change your diet: Stop fried or raw red palm oil in food completely or once in a month. Stop fried vegetable or raw vegetable oil. Stop eating red cow meat, change to fish, chicken and pork. Eat steamed or boil vegetables. Avoid sugar, natural honey is better as sweetener. Eat plenty of fruits and fresh raw vegetables as well.

2. Change your lifestyle: If you do not know how to pray, change and start praying. Go to a true man of God for prayers.

3. Drinks: Drink plenty of pure water, some herbal herbal tea. Reduce coffee and non herbal tea, cow milk. No alcohol or too much sugar mineral.

4. Limit stress level. take plenty of rest relax.

Posted by Floflo12 (Lagos) on 08/17/2012

Good day to everyone here. I was browsing through and came across this site, am from Nigeria and was diagnosed with Hepatitis late last year, after reading through this post, I want to know if the Chanca piedra can totally cure hepatitis b? if yes, please someone should state the procedures for me. I need an urgent reply. thanks.

Replied by Sara
Detroit, Mi

Best as a tea. Drink 8 oz 3 times a day. Make tea very strong. Do this every day for 3 months. Test results should be clear. If not, do another 3 months.

Take multi vitamin with selenium and vitamin D. Everyday. No drinking alcohol. Cut down on fatty foods, corn syrup and grains like rice. Eat more raw veggies.

There is a pubplished medical journal from the 1960's indicating its efficasy from the very doctor who discovered the surface antigens form HBv

Replied by Lovely
Cebu City, Philippines

Hi my name is lovely. I was diagnosed of HEPA B last april. I just want to ask if where I can buy CHANCA PIEDRA in cebu philippines. Hpoing that you can reply as soon as possible. thank you.

Replied by Bill
San Fernando, Philippines
1246 posts

Hi Lovely... Chanca Piedra is easy to find in the Cebu lowlands -- I know because I have just returned from Cebu visiting family and I was able to find Chanca Piedra easily for someone who had kidney stone problems. Here is a photo of it:


It is also called Seed-Under-Leaf which is a unique feature of this plant. Chanca Piedra is also anti-viral and is capable of greatly reducing the viral load for Hep B. See the research here:


Chanca Piedra is also currently being researched for its beneficial effects against HIV AIDS and Cancer.

By the way, for all those interested, I've just been reading about the FDA's newest tactic and strategy against the sale of alternative nutrients and remedies on the internet. The FDA are now not even bothering to take offenders to court -- instead, they are simply dictating which alternative remedies and nutrients are to be banished from Google Searches. In obeisance to the FDA's dictat, Google Shopping has just blocked all search listings of vitamins and nutrients in the US. More to come -- just think Codex...

Read about it here:



Replied by Olamilekan
Lagos, Nigeria

My name is lekan from Nigeria, pls can someone come to my recsue. Pls can someone tell me where I am suppose to get "Seed under leaf" in nigeria. You can email via oomoalhaja1(at)yahoo.com or or via pin:3237E07C. I dearly appreciate this website

Replied by Rj
Los Angeles, California, USA

Hi everyone, I joined the US Navy in January of this year, unfortunately, I was discharged three weeks later due to testing positive for Hepatitis B. I never had any symptoms whatsoever, one of my doctors said that I may have been born with it, the other one said that it may be from piercing (I had my eyebrow pierced in 2008). If so, will CHANCA PIEDRA TEA or OLIVE LEAF EXTRACT TEA completely clear the virus from my system? I really want to go back to the Navy but I still can't since I still have it.

My results from February 22:
Hep B Surf. An = Reactive
Hep BS Ab = Non-reactive; Count = < 3.0 L mIU/mL; Reference Range = 12 - 10,000
Here's my viral count as of June 6, 2012:
Hepatitis B = 170000000 IU/mL; Units = < 20
Hepatitis B = 989000000 copies/mL; Units = < 116

This was from the same test, although it confuses me, how is the other count different from the other? Please help.

We have an olive tree outside my house, and planning to make tea from it, I already started taking Chanca Piedra tea and capsules (since June), Salvia/Ligustrum (on my 6th bottle of 420 tabs) 9 tabs 3x/day (how long should I be on this?), I'm taking Extra Virgin Coconut Oil 1 tbsp. 3x/day, and taking high doses of Vitamin C. Also, I just started on Barley Grass powder, and liquid Chlorophyll (I read that it cleanses the blood). Anymore that I need to do? I never wanted to take pharmaceuticals because I've never believed in them. I never had any symptoms at all, and would have never found out about it had I not join the Navy. Also, I read somewhere, that if the person was born with the virus, the immune system doesn't recognize it as foreign, and thus does not attack the virus, if this is my case, what do I need to do? I desperately need of help, or suggestions. And please, PLEASE, no negative comments because I am willing to do EVERYTHING just to get back in the Navy.

Replied by Jun

I need your help, I'm Reactive and non reactive of antihbe, can I take those medicine same at once everyday?

Posted by Kaye (Cebu, Cebu City, Philippines) on 06/17/2012

Hi! I'm just new here. Just browse thru some remedies about hep b. I was diagnosed with hep b last 2008 and since then, I didn't try any medications since my doctor gave me the option to take medicines or not. I read about chanca piedra and I was curious. Can you enlighten me if it can be taken alone or do I have to take other supplement together with chanca piedra? Im from cebu, where can I buy it here? Thank you.

Replied by Bill
San Fernando, Philippines
1246 posts

Hi Kaye... I also live in the Philippines and grow my own Chanca piedra and use it for many reasons. I do this because its far better to use unprocessed herbs in the form of decoctions, teas or extracts than to use the heavily processed forms(with additives) sold in the health shops.

Chanca piedra grows widely in the lowlands of the Philippines -- so you can grow it for free. It is a weed that grows everywhere and it's Tagalog name is Sampa-sampalukan. Here are some pictures of it:


The unique identifying feature of this plant is that its flowers and seeds are found along and underneath the main petiole leaf stem -- that's why this plant is also called Seed-Under-Leaf.

See this link for all the many beneifits(incl. for Hep B) and the research on CP:


You can use Chanca piedra against Hep B very effectively on its own. I've read one study where CP was given and in at least 50% of the cases -- the Hep B antigen disappeared completely within 20 days. They followed up on the participants after the research trial for nine mnths and the Hep B antigen did not reappear in any of the Hep B sufferers.

Hepatitis tends to destroy the liver over time. So another protocol -- The Berkson Triple-Anti-oxidant Liver Therapy -- is also useful to help to both defeat the Hep B(and Hep C) virus but, more importantly, this protocol helps -- by its massive anti-oxidant action -- to repair and recover the liver quickly. The Berkson Liver Protocol involves just supplementing Alpha Lipoic Acid, Milk Thistle and Selenium every day.

Also be aware that Chanca piedra has many other beneficial effects on the body including -- hypocalcemic(lowers blood calcium), hypolipidemic(lowers blood fat), hypoglycemic(lowers blood sugar), hypotensive(lowers BP).

Replied by Mustfightp
Leeds, South Yorks

I was a nurse 25 years, worked without gloves most of the time as we had no access to equipments in Africa then. I went on to study virology to Msc and on starting phD then, I found out I had trace of Hep b. Ever since I believed it has become chronic but still waiting to see Dr. Because I did a blood test two months ago and was stated ag present but they didnt specified. But I know is the Hep b still replicating. Ever since I was diagnosed as having hep B trace I didnt do much with my diet and lifestyle just carried on believing it will one day dissappear. I dont think it did.

My main aim now is to get rid of this Hep b in me by using CAM protocol. I have all the tablets in palce waiting to hear from you before I can start.

I know all the site effects of lamivudine, interferon, viread and others as such dont want to go through that route.

Please advise- will I feel terrible on my first doses? How do I take it accurately. thanks.

Replied by Pedro Protacio
Cebu City, Phil.

Please sir i need a contact to get a sample on chanca piedra.... i have a cousin really need this i need to plant.... this weed in my bot. garden.... pls plss plss have mercy.

Replied by Bill
San Fernando, Philippines
1246 posts

Hi Pedro... There are several ways to obtain Chanca Piedra(CP) in the Philippines.

Chanca Piedra(also called Sampa-sampalukan in Filipino) grows profusely as a weed all over the lowlands of the Philippines (I have also seen this plant growing in the Cebu lowlands). So you should be able to get CP for free. The Chanca Piedra plant looks like this:

Chanca Piedra on Stuartxchange

Chanca Piedra on Google images

If you can, try and plant these two herbs in your garden. They are also very useful for problems like gallstones, kidney stones, gout, fever, arthritis, candida, inflammation, high blood, malaria etc.

Chanca piedra's beneficial effects against Hep B are also enhanced when combined with Tinospora cordifolia -- also called Makabuhay in Filipino(also easily found in the lowlands of Cebu). Makabuhay is also known as Heart Vine or Heavenly Elixir and looks like this:

Makabuhay on Stuartxchange

Google Images of Makabuhay

Makabuhay is quite well known in the Philippines. Makabuhay, when taken as a decoction, also helps to inactivate the Hep B virus. Chanca Piedra acts by interfering with and stopping the reproductive cycle of the Hep B virus -- so it is both beneficial and synergistic if these two herbs -- Chanca Piedra and Makabuhay -- are used together in a decoction because they greatly enhance each other's beneficial effects.

To make the decoction -- get one whole Chanca piedra plant(with roots) and three sticks of the vine stem of the Makabuhay plant. Cut them up into 2 or 3 inch sticks and bash the stems to open them up. Put all the Chanca piedra and Makabuhay sticks into a large pot and fill it with 2 liters of water. Gently boil and simmer this decoction down to 1 liter and then strain the brown liquid into a liter container and put in the fridge. It is now ready to use. This is a potent drink and it will taste very bitter.

If you cannot find the Makabuhay, then just make the decoction using just the Chanca Piedra on its own.

Dosage: Fill half a glass with the decoction and then add fresh fruit juice for one full glass and drink this 3 times a day outside mealtimes. Drink this every day.

If you can't find the Chanca piedra plant, then the SM and Ayalla Malls should have them in their health herb shops such as GNC or Healthy Options. As an alternative, you can take the CP capsules -- 1000 mgs three times a day with meals.

You should also try the Cebu markets -- sometimes they sell these local herbs there and it would also be much cheaper for you. I know for sure that both CP and Makabuhay are sold in Quaipao market in Quezon City, Manila. Also perhaps if you ask a local albularyo or medico -- then they will be able to show you what these plants look like so you can find them yourself for free and perhaps plant them in your garden as well for use later.

Replied by Jrx
Maasin, Philippines

Instructions say, "Fill half a glass with the decoction and then add fresh fruit juice for one full glass and drink this 3 times a day outside mealtimes. Drink this every day." What is the meaning of outside mealtimes?

Replied by Phany

Hello oscar, I followed youth posts and happy to join your conversation, I have HPb virus. I am taking lamividin and tenofovil comprime and I am asking about those BHT that I am seeing on the post. Is it the same or not? thanks

Replied by Oscar
Syracuse, New York

Hello Phany [ Rwanda ].Lamividine and Tenofovil are two different antiviral drugs used to treat hepatitis B. They are NOT BHT [ butylated hydroxytoluene ]. The chemical structure of both of those antiviral drugs is NOT at all the same as BHT. I looked them up and the chemical structures of both are very different than BHT.

Now are they working for you or not ? Because if they are working perhaps you should continue this treatment. If they are not working BHT is worth a try. It [ BHT ] does work for many people infected with hepatitis B. But so do those drugs you are taking.

Go with what works for you....Oscar

Replied by Rass

Dear Oscar,

I also have chronic hepatitis B but I have not tried BHT. I have not had much pain but lately I have felt pain on my right side around my lower ribs. I have tried milk thistle and other Chinese herbs and also Ayurveda medicine but I still feel the pain. Could you please let me know your suggestions. Last time my viral load was 2500. I'm going for my next tests in October.

Thanks for your help, Rass

Posted by Livercursexlm (St John's, Newfoundland Canada) on 06/03/2012

This is a question for Ted, but any forum members can answer. Ted, is it advisable to use Chanca Piedra as an enema to speed up the eradication of the Hepatitis B virus from the system? Have you any experience personally or anecdotally? I am considering such a step.

Replied by Bill
San Fernando, Philippines
1246 posts

Hi Livercursexlm... I am not quite sure why you want to take chanca piedra as an enema when research has already shown great efficacy against hep b by taking Chanca piedra orally in capsule, tea or decoction form.

Hep b infection occurs in the liver which infects the blood. This human in vivo study by Blumberg et al in 1988 shows the speed with which chanca piedra, when taken orally, can successfully kill the hep b virus:


In the above study 22 out 37 human chronic Hep B participants lost their Hep B surface antigen within 15-20 days. Some of the subjects were followed up for 9 months and in no case did the Hep B antigen return.

All they did was take Chanca piedra orally on a daily basis. Chanca piedra also has few, if any, side-effects.

Replied by Livercursexlm
St John's, Newfoundland Canada

Hi Bill, My idea of using Chanca as an enema is to simulate intravenous injection of same. Because the large intestine will filter out most of the unwanted impurities and deliver the the pure essence directly into the blood stream.

Would this not accelerate the therapeutic effects and render the body free of those nasty little buggers that harrass the liver?

I am taking Chanca orally, but I am seriously considering the enema route.

Yesterday I went for a HBV colony count test and and the antigen test as well. I hope to confound my doctor....

Replied by Afolabi
Lagos, Nigeria

Good day sir/ma, I could read right from here what u testify to be a good treatment of hep B... Please can you kindly send me the details and probably if possible an image of chanca piedra. I don't know where to get it in Nigeria... Thanks so much I appreciate.

Replied by Kuje
Osun, Nigeria

Pls Max, this silvia/ligustrium What is it, a plant or processed drug? I have been taking chanca piedra for a month now

Replied by Leon

Max, I will like to know where u got your herbs please. Thanks for your help

Replied by Dea
New York

Hello all! I have hbsag positive. My hbv DNA is 428 iu/ml. I am hbe negative. I am interested in starting chanca piedra, salvia or bht? Based on my blood work what can anyone suggest I do, and where I start?? Thank you

Posted by Vasan (Hyderabad, Andhrapradesh, India) on 12/26/2011

Hi there, I am new to earth clinic and glad to meet you all. English is not my first language, but I hope you will get my point. I am a chronic hepatitisB healthy carrier, ( recently known accidentally). My lab reports are, Hbsag positive, hbsab negative, hbeag negative, hbeab positive, DNA quantification is 102567 copies per ml.. My doctor said that it is a chronic state and no medicaton is needed except monitoring every 6 months once.

Then my life seems dark and I was scared how my future is going to be.. Little later I started googling alternative things and got hope when I see earth clinic remedies. I read about chanca piedra and decided to use it. My question is that please, anyone tell me that my viral load is too high?? Is it posible to cure completely with chanca piedra? Is it possible to convert hbsag positive to negative?? And also clarify me on what is active carrier and inactive carrier? Is chanca piedra useful for inactive carriers? Thank you...

Replied by Maria
Gippsland, Australia

Hi Vasan, If you go to http://www.earthclinic.com/cures/hepatitis-b.html#CP_69915 and look straight under your own post Bill has posted about Hep B and Chanca Piedra. The Ayurvedic herb Amla is also something that may be of help.

I also wonder if BHT would be of help for Hep B as it is for Hep C, maybe Oscar would have some idea. All the best.

Replied by Max
Commerce Township, Michigan
5 out of 5 stars

Hi, I just converted Hbsag positive to negative. I could not believe it. My viral load was low. But my doctor said the same thing: you cannot do anything with it, just monitor. But I told him that I am going to fight. And I did. I experimented with both chanca piedra and salvia/ligustrum. When I drunk chanca piedra, my viral load went down to undetectable. But I stopped taking it, because I did not know how long I should take. After some time, my results went up a little bit, then I started taking salvia/ligustrum. And yesterday I saw my doctor who told me that my Hbsag is negative. He did not ask me what I am taking, but said that keep doing whatever I am doing. I also started taking Quercenol (a mix of vitamins, minerals and milk thistle). I am still taking salvia and quercenol hoping that I will become immune and my Hbsab will become positive. But salvia can be taken for 3 months and later you need to take a break.

Chanca piedra is better when you make a strong tea.

Replied by Va
Hyd, Ap

Hi, you are so lucky that you have seroconverted. Can you share your HBVDNA level, Hbsag quantity, e antigen status so that I can have an idea of the regimen. Thanks

Replied by Max
Commerce Township, Michigan
5 out of 5 stars

My HbDNA was always very low, last couple of times, it was undetectable, but was still present. When I noticed that my DNA changes, goes up and down, I started paying more attention what I take and what I eat. First time, when it became undetectable, I was drinking chanca piedra tea. Couple times a day simmered about 15 minutes. I used dried herbs. Later I stopped and DNA went up a little bit. Two months before my tests, I started taking salvia/ligustrum. My doctor did not know what my results meant. I do not know either, I do not know if I am recovering and one day I will become immune to the virus. I am still taking salvia. When I am done, I will go back to chanca piedra. I also take astragalus. This herb raises our own interferon that is in our bodies. Astragalus is to build immunity.

Replied by Emmanuel
Lagos, Nigeria

Thanks you all for sharing this information, I will try to see how I can get the chanca piedra leaves here in nigeria. Thank you all very much for you assistance.

Replied by Steve11269
Bangkok, Thailand
3 out of 5 stars

Better But With Side Effects

I've had hep b for almost 5 months. Chanca piedra (phyllanthus niruri) was about the only hope I had outside of Lamivudine which I despise because the virus can mutate. Chanca piedra killed the majority of the virus but it does have one side effect that I am careful of. It can lower blood pressure drastically over time. I usually take a spoon of salt for that and no problems. Just thought I would share my experience when making the tea from chanca piedra. I have learned that by letting the mixture sit overnight to cool, it becomes much stronger. I now am in the process of adding a lemon to the mix. I may also crush some star gooseberries and add as well. The star gooseberries are another type of phyllanthus (acidus). I just ordered the Salvia/Ligustrum tablets and hope fully I will be rid of this disease. Thanks to Max from Michigan :)

Replied by Steve
Bangkok, Thailand

I just thought I would expand on phyllanthus for anyone suffering from hep b in Thailand. I have been trying to find the Indian gooseberry (Makham Bum) in Thailand to no avail. Thailand does have the star goosberry (Mayum) and I thought I would share my experience. Before I was able to find Chanca Piedra, I tried the star gooseberry. It had the same effect as Chanca Piedra and believe it or not I found myself itching under my right rib after eating them for a few days. Plus no pain. My next goal will be to mix the 2 types of phyllanthus together and perhaps switch off with Salvia/Ligustrum tablets. Anybody know of any side effects? I also started taking coconut oil. Another question I have is how can I boost my immune system with food or supplements? I know Astragalus has been mentioned. I am looking forward to seeing some immunity results. In my overall opinion about hep b...... I believe that even in a chronic state, all hep b can be removed from the host if multiple forms of treatment are enforced. I believe the key is to never focus on only one form of supplementation thus bypassing the adaptability of the virus. By the way, has anyone had any experience with neem? I have read about doctors in India providing a new dialysis technique combining both the amla (gooseberry) and neem together with some astounding results :)

Replied by Bill
San Fernando, Philippines
1246 posts

Hi Steve... I feel that I must congratulate you -- your thinking and stragegy against Hep B couldn't be better. It is always much better to use a multi-strategy against a dangerous pathogen like the hep B virurs because, as you so rightly point out, these pathogens are so clever at adapting and hiding.

The best strategy embeds the following principles:

* Herbs that directly attack and remove the virus.

* Supply the body/organ with large amounts of anti-oxidants to help clear the virus/toxins and to also help repair the damaged organ.

* Creating a healthier body terrain and stronger immune system and therefore creating a bad environment for the virus.

The phyllathus plant that you mentioned is Phyllanthus emblica or Emblica officinalis -- Indian Gooseberry. This plant has one of the highest amounts of Vitamin C for any plant -- which is why it is so effective against the hep b virus. Chanca piedra (Phyllanthus niruri) fights hep B in another way. CP prevents the hep B virus from replicating by inhibiting the Reverse Transcriptase enzyme needed by the virus to reproduce. Because CP interferes in such a way, this also means that the hep B virus cannot adjust to CP like they can against antibiotics and other drugs or chemicals. I have also read that Chanca piedra, in trials and when supplemented for just a month, can reduce hep B viral loads to virtually zero. There are no known toxic affects when you supplement CP. The most recent research on CP has found that it acts to protect and fortify the hepatocytes(worker liver cells). CP is currently being researched for use both against HIV AIDS and liver cancer because of its unusual effects on the Reverse Transcriptase enzyme in retroviruses. See the research here.

Other remedies -- such as coconut oil, BHT and plain old aspirin are also effective against Hep B and Hep C. CP also contains salycilic acid(same as aspirin). These methods kill the virus by hydrolyzing its outer cell wall envelope, thus completely de-cloaking the virus for easy removal by the immune system. Using the Berkson Liver Protocol(Alpha Lipoic Acid, Selenium, Milk Thistle with NAC and LDN) will also help to heal the liver more quickly. You should investigate these too -- like you say, you should always use as many effective protocols against dangerous viruses as possible.

You can also find Indian Goose Berry in Indian Ayurvedic remedies like Triphala. Triphala powder is made up of a blend of equal parts Amlaki (Emblica officinalis) Haritaki (Terminalia chebula) and Bibhitaki (Terminalia Belerica). So this herbal mix is very high in protective anti-oxidant content, incuding Vit C.

Chaywanprash is also another very useful Ayurvedic mix. It contains over 40 herbs -- including herbs that help the liver such as CP, Indian Gooseberry and Boerhavia diffusa that specifically help the liver. You should be able to find these herbs in any Indian deli in Thailand. I found them in the Philippines quite easily.

By the way -- Chanca piedra is very common in the tropical Far East. It grows everywhere in my garden as a robust and common weed that has one very distinguishing feature which is how you can recognize it so easily and quickly. CP is also called Seed-Under-Leaf because the flowers and seeds always peculiarly form along and under the main leaf stem. No other plant has this characteristic.

Here is a picture of it.

....Chances are that if you are sitting outside, then Chanca piedra will probably be growing somewhere very close to you right now... Even in Bangkok!!

Replied by Michael
Lagos, Nigeria

Thank you so much for the information, Chanca piedra is every where here in Nigeria I make a juice of fresh leaf of it and I have been taking it for two months now and still positive of HB. I really need to get salvia-Ligustrum but can't seem to get it in an of the pharmacy stores please some one should tell me where to get salvia-ligustrum in NIGERIA. Thanks

Replied by Max
Commerce Township, Mi

Ok, I converted my antigen into negative, but now I have to build my antibodies. Has anyone done this? If so then how and what was used? I repeated my tests after two months and nothing has changed. I stopped taking salvia, beacuse it can convert it back to positive. I am afraid that I have to use something else to build antibodies. Any suggestions?

Replied by Michael
Lagos, Nigeria

Hello Max, Please I would like you to clear me more on this, those it mean that chanca piedra alone with some immune supplement will clear up the virus. I truly want to be sure what to think and clear up this virus from my system, it is slowing me down I can't get a job because of this.

Replied by Max
Commerce Township, Mi
1 out of 5 stars

Chanca piedra did not convert my serum antigen, but salvia lingustrum did. I took 9 pills 3 times a day for 2.5 months. I had blood work done meanwhile that showed my negative serum antigen. Then I stopped taking it, because I read that it may convert it back. I know that you can take salvia for only 3 months and have a break.

Replied by Steve11269
Bangkok, Thailand

Hello, and thank you Bill for all your helpful advice pertaining to hepatitis B remedies. Sorry it took so long to reply.

I have been taking the Salvia/Ligustrum tabs for 2 weeks now. Unfortunately, it not only did not reduce any of my liver inflammation, one of the pills got stuck somewhere in my body. Be careful taking pills! I went into shock last night and I am still recovering. My heart rate hit 200 and tingling was felt throughout all of my limbs. I know it was one of those pills because I felt it when I switched positions in lying down.

Last night the liver inflammation went down, but it's back in full force the next day. I will be going to the doctor to get a DNA test of this virus because it simply won't die. I am convinced the only way for me to rid myself of this hepatic curr, is to try more extreme medicine like BHT or MMS. I have read good reviews on BHT. That will be my next route. The strength of this virus has me concerned :/ Not to mention I am at the 6 month point with this virus :(

Replied by Bill
San Fernando, Philippines
1246 posts

Hi Steve11269... BHT will certainly help you to get rid of Hep C. BHT also has the characteristic of being a first class anti-oxidant as well as being capable of killing the Hep C virus as well.

Other remedies for Hep C that seem to work are The Berkson Triple Anti-Oxidant Therapy -- ALA(300 mgs), Selenium(200 mcg) and Milk Thistle(1000 mgs) twice a day at meals. Ted also mentions various other remedies that help to cure Hep C here:


In the above link, Ted also mentions various other remedies against Hep C including using his own Lysine remedy as well as a TCM remedy called Pien Tze Huang which is made by Zhan Zhou. But this one is expensive and beware of fakes.

Some more options for you.

Replied by Steve11269
Bangkok, Thailand

Thanks again for your feedback Bill but I have great news! The pain I have under my right rib for four months was my gallbladder. The Chanca Piedra pushed out one large stone in exactly one week. I just went back to the doctor because the pain is still there. I had bloodwork done and NO VIRUS! I do not have the antibodies as of yet though. So, how long does it take to form anti-hb's? I see many people asking this question here. By the way, the pain is diminishing in my gallbladder because I started taking 3,000 milligrams of Vitamin C daily. I think it is healing me :D Cheers!

Replied by Akin
Lagos, Nigeria

Thanks All for your honest comment, I just discovered the virus after blood works and an ultra sound show the liver is inflated, the viral load was 250,000 as feb.

I often experience some pain in the stomach area, body itch, and muscle pains and easily fatigued.

I have been on milk thisle, vit c 1000mg, and vit e with daily juice of Carrot, Beetroot, celery, white radish, lemon, cabbage and apple. I exercise regularly.

Its been traumatic, worrisome and burdened with this diagnoses but I'm more than conqueror IJN.

I will like Micheal from Nigeria to contact me on h4bv(at)ymail. com for advice on where I can get CHANCA PIEDRA in Nigeria and maybe we can share more knowledge/approach on defeating this common enemy.

Replied by Art
Vancouver Bc., Canada

It is not recommeded that you take Milk Thistle if you are taking BHT. The Milk Thistle will block the BHT as it works to protect the liver. Grape fruit or grape fruit juice is also known to block the effects of BHT and other drugs. art.

Replied by Rhea
Manila, Philippines

Hi! I'm Rhea, I was found to be a carrier of hepa b last year. I've started taking entecavir/entegard for almost a year now and wondering if I could stop it and take chanca piedra instead? We have chanca piedra leaves and I want to know how to use it? hope for your response guys. Pls help. I'm hoping for your response soon, I'm becoming hopeless as time goes by.

Replied by Timh

Start with a small dose of Chanca Piedra and slowly increase as the days go by. For the meds, slowly decrease dosage.

Replied by Rhea
Manila, Philippines

Thanks Timh from KY, won't there be any side effects from the chanca piedra? can I decrease the entegard by taking it every other day? because as of now I'm taking it once a day.

Replied by Timh

If the pills are tablet you can break them in half for starters for maybe two weeks then 1/2 pill every other day for maybe a month and hopefully will be able to not need the chemical meds anymore.

I have been using Chanca Piedra for chronic active viral hepatitis w/ good results and zero side effects for about 1yr.

Replied by Jingle

I just started the baraclude 0.5mg per day, can I take Chanca Piedra meanwhile? Thanks a lot!

Posted by Bill (San Fernando, Philippines) on 11/27/2009 1246 posts
5 out of 5 stars

Ayurvedic Cure for Hepatitis

Hi everyone...There is an Indian plant called Bhumya Malaki -- also known as "StoneBreaker" or "Seed Under Leaf" or Chanca Piedra -- that grows as a weed in the tropics. This is widely used in Indian herbal medicine and is, at present, the only cure for Hepatitis B that is proven by research -- Evidence here on use, efficacy, safety, contraindications and research:



This herb grows as a weed in my compound in the Philippines where I live and is a most useful herb for a host of problems, good for almost any illness and I use it all the time myself. It is also a harmless herb, with no recorded side-effects.

If you can, visit an Ayurvedic herbalist, and I can almost guarantee that he or she will prescribe this herb amongst others for Hepatitis.

To be effective against Hepatitis, an aqueous decoction(herb boiled gently in water) must be made. A tincture is not so good. My method is to take one or two small plants, cut them up, bash them to lightly bruise it and open it up, throw all this into a pot, add 2 litres of water and boil this down gently to 1 ltre, cool, strain and then pour into a container and store in the fridge. I pour out a third of a glass of this decoction twice a day, add a little orange juice(decoction is very bitter) plus a little more water and down it in one.

Chanca Piedra or Bhumya malaki acts directly on the Hepatitis B virus by preventing reproduction, with virtually complete disappearance of the H-B antigen within a month of using this protocol.

Phyllanthus niruri or Chanca Piedra is a plant with a unique feature -- it isn't called "Seed-Under-Leaf" for nothing and may be identified as a small plant that grows 30-40 cms high and eventually forms small seeds all along the leaf stems. Here are some useful pictures of the plant:



Replied by Jam
Pasig City, Philippines

Hi I had read your claim regarding CHANCA PIEDRA, I also made some research, thou not totally proven yet I believed that this will help my friend... my question is where can I get this herb..

Replied by Climategate
Los Angeles, Ca

Do a search on line. There as a place located in San Diego that I buy from but this site does not allow for names. For me the tea sweated with honey worked. Also plant based selenium, alpha lipoic acid and milk thistle. Make sure to take a general multivitamin too.

All of the above mentioned items WILL lower the viral load!

Replied by Hauwa
Fct, Abuja

How can I get your hepatitis B remedy in Nigeria?

Replied by Bash
Abuja, Nigeria

Hauwa CHANCA PIEDRA is everywhere in Nigeria, u can recognise it as weed if u have the picture

Replied by Bayo
Nigeria, Ogun State

Just noticed about the seed under leaf plant also known as Chanca Piedra and I discovered that its a plant that grows all most everywhere in Africa Nigeria and may be recognize as weed. Just got some now for my use and I hope it will cure my Hepatitis B in Jesus name. I need somebody to say Amen for me...

Replied by Rj
Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines

Hi Bill, I like to know where can I buy the Chanca Piedra. I have hep B since I got tested last february 2012. I been using Korean Red Ginseng and my Hbsag count goes down and down. Can you help me?

Replied by Bill
San Fernando, Philippines
1246 posts

Hi R from Quezon.... You are definitely living in the right place if you want to buy Chanca piedra.

They sell Chanca piedra (also called Sampa-sampalukan in Filipino) in the herb section at Quiapo Market (aka Quinta Market) just next to both the Church of the Black Nazarene and Quezon Bridge. You can buy chanca piedra as a plant there and perhaps grow it in your garden and use it like that.

Replied by Ricoh
Manila, philippines

Hi there Bill!! Hope you're still there to answer my questions.. my first question is, can I substitute that heart shape plant that you mentioned with serpentina (andrographis paniculata also known as the king of bitters)??

What is the purpose of combining of another bitter herbs to CP?? Can you teach me a proper way of drying CP plant?? hope I can talk to you longer in our dialect because I'm not very good in english. I really need your help. please add me at my yahoo messenger (cire_gt(at)yahoo.com) or at my friendster (dodong_oragon(at)yahoo.com).

Replied by Bill
San Fernando

Hi Ricoh...Regarding your Hep B problem, it's probably best if you go to Quiapo Market in Quezon City(by the bridge) and buy the Chanca piedra from there -- this is the main herb that will help to cure your Hep B. In Filipino, this herb is called sampa-sampalukan.

Only Chanca piedra(or sampa-sampalukan) has the proven the ability to cure Hepatitis B.

Chanca piedra grows everywhere as a weed in the Philippines and looks like this:

Chanca piedra

To make the decoction, just add 3 tablespoons of the dry, powdered chanca piedra to 2 liters of boiling water. If you find the plant then just use one whole plant, with roots, to make the decoction. Boil this down gently until you have one liter. Then strain the liquid and put this into the fridge. Drink half a glass of this liquid 3 times a day. You can add fresh fresh juice to it if you like for a better taste.

Replied by Ricoh
Manila, Philippines

Thank you very very much for your reply Bill, I really appreciate it. is there a Quiapo Market in Quezon City?? isn't it located in Quiapo Manila?? Anyway, I have another question. are there any supplements which contains most of the important vitamins and minerals that you mentioned like alpha liphoic, selenium etc etc coz it would be very expensive to buy those supplements one by one. how about usana supplements?? it says that it has some of the most important minerals like alpha lipoic and many more but its selenium is not food based just like the one you recommend.

Also I would like to ask if its safe for a person with hepatitis b to take fresh cayenne pepper because I've been taking it for more than a week now, 3x a day after meals because I've heard that it's good for the heart and will unclog blocked arteries. even though I don't have any symptoms of heart problems yet, I decided to take cayenne for prevention since almost all of my grandparents, uncle, relatives died from heart problems & stroke. If you have spare time please text me at my cel. no. 09106630286.

Replied by Bill
San Fernando, Philippines
1246 posts

Hi Ricoh...I would advise, for now, just to take the Chanca piedra(CP) as advised for your Hep B problems. CP is also highly beneficial for the liver and kidneys, lowers blood pressure, removes excess calcium from the blood and helps to lower fats and sugars in the blood. So CP will also go a long way to helping you maintain a healthy heart.

Concerning your fears of hereditary heart disease, I would simply take 100 mgs niacin at every meal. Niacin will give you the niacin flush. To avoid this just take an aspirin 20 mins before you take the niacin -- no flush. If you can, you should also supplement some form of iodine as well. You can buy lugol's iodine from Philippine websites like sulit.com. You could also perhaps just buy some liquid kelp extract(which contains iodine) from a health store and use that instead. The combination of niacin and iodine -- called iodo-niacin -- is an old and well-known pre-WWII heart remedy that worked better than statins and without the dangerous side-effects.

I would also try to avoid sugar, excess carbohydrates, junk food and excess fats in your diet.

Replied by Trey
Apopka, Fl

Hi I have Heaptitis B and would like to know how much chance piedra would help me kill the virus. I read that someone boiled the weed and cured his hep b in 6 months. What is the best form to use, whole leaves, tea or extract? Thanks

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Posted by Nitin (Panipat) on 06/03/2014

You can consult ayurvedic doctors online for help with Hep-b.


They are really helpful. I tried this.

Posted by Elumalai (Bangalore) on 04/30/2014
5 out of 5 stars

I'm Elumalai, living in Bangalore. Since 4 year I am hep b positive, can be possible get negative?

Posted by Kumar_pp123 (Kerala, India) on 02/03/2014

Dear Oscar and all,

Hope all is well, I want know that which country allow to work with Hep b, could tell me the name of the country? Regards, Ranjith

Replied by Oscar
Syracuse, New York

Dear Kumar, I do NOT know of any country that sanctions BHT as a treatment for ANYTHING. The same is true of many if not most of the treatments discussed in this forum. BHT is sold as a food preservative. And as far as I know BHT is available in India sold as a food preservative. Also I am NOT a doctor and have NEVER pretended to be one. If you want whatever assurances a doctor can provide you NEED to see a doctor and use the treatments he or she prescribes....Oscar

Replied by Oscar
Syracuse, New York

Kumar from India, Are you asking what countries allow a hepatitis B carrier a work visa ? A permit to work in that country ? If so I do NOT know. You need to be clear about what you are asking. If this is your concern there may be people here who can help you....Oscar

Replied by Kumar_pp123
Kerala, India

Dear Oscar, Thanks for your reply, and could you help me which country allow to work Hep b carrier with work permit without any restriction on the medical OR which country issue the work permit for the Hep b carrier ? without any concern, because last year some of the listed country lifted the ban for the HIV carrier to work or tourist for their country. Regards, Ranjith

Replied by Oscar
Syracuse, New York

Dear Ranjith from India. This a very hard question to answer.For example I am reading reports that China has lifted such restrictions. But even those reports are confusing. Many factors may apply for the different countries. What country or countries were you most interested in working in ? Job skills, age, and other things all matter. I truly wish I could help you with this. But I am NOT in any way up on this issue. If you can afford to pay a lawyer who specializes in this issue [ work visas for hepatitis B carriers ] that would be my advice. The issues are many and complex. If you can find a lawyer you trust he or she may be able to get you what you want and where you want.

There are times when there is no substitute for a GOOD lawyer....Oscar

Posted by Oregano (On, Canada) on 07/27/2013

Hello, I would like to contact people living with Hepatitis B or C (I have B) or parasitical infections to contact me to discuss the same issues for God's sake:

pollopollop(at)live.ca Best regards

Posted by Jhe (Baguio Cuty, Philippines) on 07/11/2013
5 out of 5 stars

I am so much desperate my plans are all failure I took physical exam. And I was so discouraged when I recieved my HBsag 55 "reactive" it's like I can no longer work overseas, in fact that is my dream in the level of my understanding I can no longer be cured and how about my family are they infected too. Please help.

Posted by Glen (Antipolo City, Rizal) on 06/20/2013

My hepa b surface antigen screening test -positive: I need some advice to convert it to negative please.. Thank you.

Replied by Oscar
Syracuse, New York

Dear Glen from Rizal, That test you described indicates that you are infected with the hepatitis B virus. Fully one third of people now alive are infected with this viral disease. For most of those people it is not a big problem. For some it is. There are remedies or treatments discussed in this forum`s REMEDIES tab. I myself recommend the BHT treatment....Oscar

Posted by Tara09 (Ahmedabad, Gujrat, India) on 02/19/2013

hepatitis b: hi I have just done my test on 13/02/13 and I got hbsag +
Then doctor asked me to do further tests and they are
hbeag - non reactive
hbv viral load -101 IU/ml
anti hbc Igm - 0.08 negative
anti HBe - 0.14 (positive)

my doc has to say that I am having chronic hepatitis b with inactive virus and no treatment needed. but I cannot get rid of virus anytime and can't become Hbsag negative. please guide me with the same... Is there any chances???

Replied by Akanni
Ogun, Nigeria

To jamaal2013 plz, I need ur help asaap, I am positive wit HB, can u pl add me up on facebook (@Rooneeey) and I need the yoruba name of chanca piedra leaf or how do I get it here in Lagos. Will like to have a chat with you. Is there anybody that know the name of the chanca piedra leaf in yoruba or were to see it in Lagos. Thanks

Replied by Paul
Lagos, Nigeria

The Yoruba name for Chanca Piedra is EYIN OLOBE. You could get this from any ELEWE OMO in Lagos.

Replied by Akinl
Lagos, Nigeria

Chanca Piedra is everywhere in Lagos, try Oyingbo market you probably will get it there the other name for the plant is SEED UNDER LEAF my part of Yoruba calls it EYIN OLUBI (do-do-re-re-re)

Has anybody read or used quails egg for hepatitis and liver health? I need enlightenment about it.