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Last Modified on Oct 06, 2014

Digestive Enzymes and Sauerkraut   1  0   

Posted by Marlene (Bc, Canada) on 09/12/2014

[YEA]  My husband and I take Digestive Enzymes as they help replenish our depleting stomach enzymes. Taken before or with meals 2/3 capsules. Enzymes break down food in the stomach and eliminates digestive issues and pass waste more easily and quickly. You can get plant based enzymes and enzymes for meat eaters. This makes all the difference in the world. My husband had heartburn for many many years...Now a thing of the past.

Also eating fermented foods such as sauerkraut is hugely beneficial.

Replied by Lauren
Queens, US
Hi Marlene....can you give me the name of the enzymes you use? I am almost sure I have digestive issues...I am hypothyroid and have been contemplating using for a while....when I saw your post, I figured why not...thank you.....

Eliminate Coffee   1  0   

Posted by Sam (Somewhere, California) on 06/24/2012

[YEA]  My hubby was having issues with heartburn and acid reflux, he thought he was having a heart attack at one point. He went to a doc in Canada and after she checked him over she asked if he drank a lot of coffee and he said yes. She told him to try not drinking coffee for a week and if that didn't help come back and see her. Well, as it turns out it did help. Kick the coffee and see how you feel in a week ;o}

Eliminate Sugar   1  0   

Posted by William (Arizona, USA) on 08/03/2010

[YEA]  I stopped using sugar in January 2009, my heartburn stopped completely - this was a side effect for me. I am 72.

Food and Beverage Separation Method   1  0   

Posted by Mel (Los Angeles, Ca) on 09/26/2013

[YEA]  I had heartburn before and it was like 6 times a day when it was most serious. I tried ACV and honey and the heartburn became once in a few days gradually, about after two months. But it didn't go away. I learned a separation of beverages and food method. My heartburn was gone since the first day I started. It also cured my stomachache and irregular period problem. The method is no drinking two hours before any meal and during the meal and two hours after the meal. So, it's like no drink four and a half hour. Two hours after meal, I can drink as much as I want. But I don't drink too much.

I am using the more serious method that no drink in the morning until two hours after dinner. I am taking alternate lunch for first two months, then every three months. So, have no lunch one month and have lunch in the next month. Then have no lunch for three months and have lunch for the next three months. Now it is my fourth month since I started. My stomach problem never appear again and I lost ten pounds. I can eat whatever I want now. I don't know how long will I last this method but separation drink and food will stay with me for long term.

This method suggests not taking any honey, sugar, and no soup, no pork, no cold drinks or cold food, and no water melon. Once a while, I also violated the rules like eating snack, drink little water, etc. It depends on you how serious you want to take. The method also suggests cancer patients to take two meals a day. So I thought it must be worked for me because I don't have cancer.

It's principle is that the body has its strength to cure any disease as long as it has the heated chi. Digestion required a lot of energy. So the chi was used most of the time for digestion and can't go to cure other organs or any other part of the body. So, the key is separation of food and drink, and don't overeat.

General Feedback   0  0   

Posted by Mikeyb33 (Concord, Ca) on 11/27/2010

I thought I was experiencing severe heartburn at 5am in the morning. It was unbearable and I could not sit, lie or stand still. The only thing that helped was to walk around outside, but that only lasted for a few moments. I decided to drive to the hospital ER with my wife. Once inside the ER admitting area, they asked me to sign a few forms, but before I could, I told the admissions person I was feeling lightheaded, and at that point passed out. I woke up in the ER room with several people attending me. It turns out that my heartburn was the prelude to a massive heart attack, where I had to be revived with CPR and the shock pads. They said I had left them for a few moments. Thank God I decided to go to the ER, something I was very reluctant to do. But now I know, that at the slightest signs of a heartburn, or any thing related to the heart, to call 911 immediately. I hope this helps many people who think they are experiencing what they feel is severe heartburn. Hopefully in everyone elses case it is only heartburn, and not the onset of a heart attack. I feel very blessed to be alive to be able to relay this message. Eat Healthy. Live Healthy. Stay Healthy.

Posted by Fran (Philadelphia, PA) on 07/21/2009

I have recently been diagnosed with acid indigestion and am waiting for an endoscopy end of week. In the meantime, I'm on an OTC heartburn med and antacids. Until it kicked in a couple of days ago, I felt nausea, upset stomach and fullness after every meal. If I didn't eat, I felt OK. Then spent 2 days eating nothing but rice, rice toast, rice cereal, rice milk and poached chicken. That's about all my stomach could handle. Since the meds, I've been able to eat more good foods but I don't want to stay on the meds after reading all of the negative side effects. Am interested in ACV and aloe vera gell. There are many varying amounts suggested to use of both items but I haven't noticed a suggested timeline as to when to take these things. I'm determined not to have to take drugs for this problem. Thanks.

Ginger Ale   2  0   

Posted by Donald (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) on 07/08/2012

[YEA]  HEARTBURN RELIEF - Easy, Fast and Cheap! Had heartburn and tried ginger ale. Worked as soon as I swallowed it.

It may work because of the carbonation and not the ginger. If that is so then any carbonated beverage ( ie root beer, cola, etc. ) would work. Please try these alternatives and let me know. Thanks.

Replied by Chelle
[YEA]   Ginger Ale worked for me. I sip and the burn was gone.

Ginger, Honey, Aloe Vera or Baking Soda   1  0   

Posted by Dante (Manila, Philippines) on 12/11/2008

[YEA]  Ginger and honey is good to me but apple cider vinegar is not good to me it will make my stomach more upset and more heavy... by reading some of the post remedy of GERD, heartburn cases have different causes some are hernia problem and apple cider vinegar is good for them but for gastritis, ulcer etch.. caused of heartburn is not good for us... i feel better in baking soda, aloe vera, ginger, honey.

Replied by Dinesh
London, UK
Hi Dante, Thanks for the advise. I am going to buy ACV tomorrow as i suffer from hernia. I tried to use ACV but didn't help me. I shall try.

L- Glutamine   1  0   

Posted by Marianne (Tacoma, Wa) on 11/23/2010

[YEA]  I use Glutamine also sold as L Glutamine (an amino acid) for heartburn. It does not taste great but works right away. About a teaspoon in a small glass of water does it.

Lemon Juice   1  0   

Posted by Jay (Johannesburg, South Africa) on 08/26/2009

[YEA]  Hi, I stumbled across this site at work today and have been reading all the great remedies on it. However, I see ACV works for a number of things mainly heartburn. I just thought that I should also comment on how Lemon juice is great for AR/Heartburn. I heard about this as an old folk storie from my Grandmother.

What you do is take a small glass, and just fill the bottom of the glass with Lemon Juice, then dilute it with about a half or a quarter full with water. Then gulp it down in one go. It works like a charm for me, and I must admit I have tried almost every other remedy out there, most of which only gave temporary relief.

Lime   1  0   

Posted by Kellysam (Nassua, Bahamas) on 08/13/2009

[YEA]  I have been recently diagnosed with Gerds after a recent flare up, for the last three weeks i have been using every suggestion i have found , none with lasting benefits. After having heartburn for three days i tried lime tea, that is the skin of one lime, peeled off and brewed in hot water, drinking that with a little sugar or without throughout the day, at least three times has helped to relieve and even rid me of my heartburn. Also i found that i was not making enough bowel movements, this i believe can increase heartburn, because the stomach is not emptying fast enough so gases and acids are released upwards.So a good colon cleanse as also been of great help.

Low Carb Diet   1  0   

Posted by Anthony (Weirton, WV, USA) on 01/10/2009

[YEA]  Heartburn cure: A low carb diet completely cured my heartburn/acid reflux. I tried everything from ezymes to raw apple cider vinegar and nothing worked. I quit coffee (which I love), but it still remained. When I went on a low carb diet, the heartburn went away. It took about a week to totally cured.

By low carb I mean 30-40g of carbs per day. I'm surprised no one else has mentioned this. If you feel you have tried everything to cure heartburn, this may be just what you needed.

Replied by Cassady
Norman, Ok
100% of my heartburn is due to gluten intolerance. I can eat whatever I like, as long as it doesn't have any damn gluten in it. As soon as I eat gluten, I get awful heartburn. My point here being, perhaps a low carb diet helps some people with heartburn because they are generally eating less breads and pastas? Maybe try eliminating gluten from your diet if you've tried everything else.

I'm here because sometimes... You just have to have a slice of pizza!! I ate a pear, per someone's suggestion cause I already had that and not an apple. Heartburn has not disappeared completely but is DEF much better!! Thanks!

Low Carbohydrate Diet   1  0   

Posted by Max (Titusville, Pa / Usa) on 03/28/2011

[YEA]  Recently I switched to a very low carbohydrate diet to control my weight. My heartburn, along with cracking skin and calluses on my feet disapeared along with my heartburn! I have had heartburn for quite awhile and did get relief form apple cider vinegar, lemon juice and celery but it would come back. I can now eat spicy chili and drink coffee and the heartburn does not appear. It is amazing.

Magnesium   1  0   

Posted by Miranda (Passau, Bavaria, Germany) on 07/30/2009

[YEA]  Despite eating a healthy diet and getting regular exercise, I suffered from really bad heartburn for over 10 years. At first I just used antacids the doctor prescribed, but I realised that was just covering up the symptoms.Then my heartburn got so bad that I suffered from it almost all the time, especially during the night. The doctor diagnosed reflux and for 3 years I took pills daily to prevent an attack. He even advised me to have an operation. One Friday I ran out of pills. That afternoon I got a really bad cramp in my leg that lasted about a quarter of an hour and was so painful I nearly passed out. In agony, I took two 80 gr. magnesium pills at once and four more spread out over the next 12 hours. Then I took 3 pills a day for the next 2 days, after that one pill a day. When the weekend passed I realised I hadn't had any heartburn all weekend, despite not having taken any heartburn pills. Now I take a magnesium supplement every day and haven't had any heartburn or reflux for two years. It was like a miracle and it certainly gave me a new lease of life.

Milk   2  0   

Posted by Veronica (San Antonio, Texas) on 02/21/2008

[YEA]  I noticed a couple of swallows of milk will always relieve my heartburn. I thought everyone knew that milk was good for burning sensations in the mouth and throat, but it seems that is not so. Milk also works much better then water on stopping the burning sensaton from hot sauce.

Replied by Becki
Washington, Indiana
Throughout both of my pregnancies and afterwards, both dairy and non-dairy milk has always worked for me. During my menstral cycle, I notice that I become lactose intolerant. So, I will drink soy, almond, rice, and even coconut milk to soothe my heartburn. I find that when I drink the non-dairy milks it will take a lot more to soothe the burning than dairy milk. However, my favorite remedy is chocolate milk and dark chocolate almond milk. I suppose, it is because of the thickness it helps to ease off in a matter of seconds.

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