Heart Palpitations: Symptoms and Natural Remedies

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Posted by Pat (Burlington, Vermont) on 07/10/2007

[WARNING!]  Although many of you believe you have been cured of angina by taking garlic and flaxseed, I am afraid that is is not true and you are in a dangerous situation. These supplements are very useful and strong if used correctly...as prevention. However, they cannot unclog arteries. Please be good to yourself and reasonable. Use all available treatments and advice together! There are plenty of wonderful cardiologists who have a holistic approach.

Posted by Alex
Aventura, FL
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ever thought of uncloging your tubes with oral chelation, hydrogen peroxide food grade etc..
Posted by Vijay
Sunnyvale, CA
I have seen the best way to remove the clogging is to take cayenne pepper. Please take a t-spoon of cayenne pepper & dissolve it in hot water & sip it slowly. This will be a good remedy before the paramedics arrive. I have heard, read & seen many benefits cayenne pepper has on the body.

It removes stickiness in the arterial walls, removes clogs to some extent etc. Please do consult a doctor as these are remedied to prevent severe strokes & some measures to be taken before the doctor arrives.

Posted by Karen
Newport, Oregon, USA.
Vijay, must tell you that my mom at 85 yrs had a stroke & was "gone" by the time I got her out of the bathroom & into the bed. Had to really hurry & find cayenne powder which I mixed with a few drips of water then swabbed her tongue & mouth heavily inside with it. Next, Ran into the pantry, found my habinaro oil & proceeded to swab her tongue & inside of her mouth with it also.( it was much more hot!)The doseage was approx. a tsp of cayenne powder & enough water to make a quick paste. for the habinaro oil I put about a 1/4 tsp all around in her mouth. Then, her eyes opened! She was back- no brain damage observed then or now. She didn't feel the heat of the hot oils or remember them at all. It works & it's immediate.

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Posted by Ryle (Sta. Rosa, Laguna, Philippines) on 07/17/2012

Hello! I wanted to get someone's opinion, seeing as to how helpful this community seems. It's about my mom's condition. She's 44 years old, doesn't drink, doesn't smoke, and isn't overweight. She always seemed fine before- couple occasional migraines hit her hard, as they do everyone, and palpitations sometimes.

However, last week, her palpitations began to get fairly severe to the point that she almost couldn't breathe. She went to get a check-up and had tests done- ECG, 2D Echo, blood chem, thyroid exam, chest X-ray. They all went pretty fine. Heart and lungs were clear and of normal size, thyroid was okay, cholesterol wasn't of concern, potassium level was okay. I can't remember if she has slight anemia. I don't know if it would be correct to assume that, since my brother and I have it, she has it as well - please correct me if I'm wrong. The 2D Echo test revealed that she had irregular heartbeat and that a valve in her heart was thick (I'm not sure which one). She had a stress test done as well but she was stopped after no longer than 10 mins because her heartbeat was already spiking.

She's taking prescription drugs right now and her Holter monitor test results won't be out until next week. I've noticed she's beginning to tire more quickly now and her palpitations & dizziness have become more frequent and out-of-the-blue. She drinks coffee but the doctor told her to quit it cold turkey so she did, though she always gets headaches when she doesn't take her usual one cup a day. She does housework which can be very hard to do especially since we have no house help, but we've told her to not force herself to do all of it everyday (she's a bit OC when it comes to cleaning).

I'm really worried because I've never seen her get tired and dizzy so quickly and frequently. And she says her palpitations have become more frequent and sudden too. Our family, especially her side, has heart disease history. Her dad and all of her dad's siblings died from cardiac arrest. I'm positive she won't be in the same boat because, like I said (and unlike her dad and uncles), she doesn't drink and isn't overweight. I'm just really concerned as to what the cause of this all is since her tests are pretty okay (I guess) except for the fact that she has irregular heartbeat and the thick heart valve. I don't know, I guess it would be helpful if someone with a similar experience can tell me what their diagnosis was or how they dealt with it or if these are symptoms for something more serious. My mom tells me not to worry but I can't help it since I'm not always around her and I live at the university. Please, if anyone can just give me a clue or something. Thank you.

Posted by Sugarboo
Cocoa Beach, Florida, United States
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If you have insurance or can afford it, get your mother to an "Interventional Cardiologist". They can do a cardiac catherization on her to see if the inside of her arteries have any blockages. They will have to put her in the hospital for the day and push a thin tube into her groin vein and then they release a dye and take pictures to see if any of the arteries are getting clogged. This kind of heart doctor can put a stent in or do balloon angioplasty right there as she is on the table. If you go to a different kind of cardiologist, they can do the cath test, but they will have to call another Dr. to do the procedure. All the other kinds of tests showed nothing for me, and my doctor just blew me off.. I went to another Dr. (cardiologist) and he believed what I complained of, and did the cath and he had to put a stent in. All my short of breath went away the next day! I also found out I was anemic and and started getting monthly iron infusions.. It is hard to find a Dr. And a place that has the facility to do this, but they are well worth it. My iron level was 8 and it should be between 13 and about 150.. I get the iron infusions once a month now for the last 4 years. My body is kind of allergic to the iron, so I have to take a benedryl tablet an hour before I go, and they also give me a 1mg shot of Ativan to keep me calm and drowsy. The iron infusion drip takes about one hour to completely drip into my vein. It is well worth it though.. Hope your mom can get the cath test. I am 48 and got the first cath at 44.. With no history of heart trouble, and no smoking and a healthy lifestyle.. So you never know.. But find a Dr. that will do it for her..

Posted by Randall (Oakland, Ca, Usa) on 03/12/2012

I am a forty year old, tall man of normal weight. I have been struggling with anxiety and various health challenges for as long as I can remember. Being diagnosed with minor mitral valve prolapse, a dilated aortic root about ten years ago only aggravated my anxiety. Wish I never got the diagnosis and I try to stay away from the medical industrial complex as much as possible. But for ten years I have been struggling with palpitations. Not really fast beats, not really slow beats- just strong beats that cause my ears, neck and chest to palpitate. It is as if someone is hammering away inside of me. I have quit my beloved alcohol because I noticed this aggravates the palps and causes me to suffer deeply all night long. I have quit gluten. But still I have palps- mostly when I lay down to sleep at night. Sometimes they last for ten minutes sometimes they keep me up for hours and hours- short of breath, gurgling stomach, gas and palpitations/pulsations. It sucks. I am experimenting with various supplements- magnesium, aloe, holy basil, L-carnitine, ACV, Tumeric but so far no real significant luck. I am thinking of trying Mangosteen.

I am desperate to be a semi-healthy human being again, free of this internal threat and am wondering if any one has found anything particular that has allowed them to be free from the tempestuous palpitations. This issue is deeply affecting my quality of life- so frustrating and scary. Thank you for any insight!!

Posted by Candy
Fort Madison, Ia
I read something here from someone else who used two herbs. Motherwort and hawthorn berry. Both in a liquid tincture form. The person said they really worked fast. Just mixed equal portions and put a couple drops in mouth, and they said the palps. stopped suddenly. Hope this helps.
Posted by Deborah
Chino Valley, Az
Hi Randall, Here are two suggestions:

Honey Wine Heart Tonic

*Pour 4 cups of red wine** into a saucepan and add 12 organic fresh parsley stems (leaves and all).

*Add 1 TBSP red wine vinegar and bring this mixture to a boil. Turn down the heat and let simmer gently for 10 minutes.

*Strain off the parsley and stir in 1 - 1 1/2 cup of natural, unprocessed honey. Allow to boil for 4 minutes.

*Strain into a clean bottle which has been rinsed out with strong alcohol as a preservative. Bottle should be kept closed when not in use. Tonic does not need refrigeration.

Dosage: Take 1 TBSP of tonic twice each day, preferably in the afternoon and evening. Most effective if taken away from food.

This is an ancient heart tonic that works WONDERS. Please do not worry about the alcohol in it, this burns off with the boiling.

Try to use only pure, organically-produced wine if you can find it. If you can't, any red wine will do. Cabernet Sauvignon seems to work particularly well.

Also, the enzyme Bromelain seems to be very helpful with palpitations. About 100mg day seems to do the trick and seems most effective if taken with lunch or dinner.

Good luck!

Posted by Gavin
Manganui, Northland, New Zealand
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It's usually a lack of potassium or magnesium, you need more as you get older. Best to get it naturally bananas, lemons etc but I've found some good supplements are good as well. It stops quite fast when you're on to it.
Posted by Debbie
Melbourne, Australia
Randall, have a look at Jerry from Seal Beach's remedy for tachycardia.. Hawthorn and motherwort.


Posted by Steve
Las Vegas, Nevada
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Try taking something called Natural Calm magnesium. Really helps quiet down the palpitations. Many hospitals give an intravenous form of magnesium to heart patients for this very issue. If you are having anxiety I would google energy healers as there are many qualified people that can help you with this issue faster than most supplements will work.
Posted by Edith
Townsville, Queensland
I also suffered from palpitations for years and know how frightening thay can be. I started taking magnesium at night before bed which helped a lot but they still occurred. I have been taking 1 teaspoon of cayenne pepper in a glass of warm water each morning after breakfast for the past year and this is working so well that I very rarely suffer anymore, maybe once a month. Hope this works for you too.
Posted by Tina
Houston, Us
Hi, I suffered from symptoms like those you mentioned, and after a lot of testing it turned out to be a correlation between sugar consumed (in the form of sugar, starch from white potatoes, white flour, white rice, honey and from fruits) that were not being processed by the pancreas which were causing palpitations.

Once I eliminated high glycemic foods from my diet, I noticed an immediate change, and after about 2 weeks when I began adding sugar back into the diet they returned.

Of course, I now stay away from fruits (except lemon, lime and tomatoes), white rice, white flour, and use substitues like brown rice and coconut flour.

Additionally I worked upto 2 teaspoons of Natural Calm powder about 1-2 hours before bedtime sipping gently until I fell asleep. I can now say I am free of palpitations. It is a scary thing to experience especially in the nights so I hope you get better soon.


Posted by Gardengirl
Gallatin Tn, Tennessee
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I'm 64 and had heart flutters for about 4 years.... Scary!!! I started taking 200 mg of Co Q10 and acetyl L-Carnitine 400 mg in morning and at night and all the heart flutters WENT AWAY... hope this helps.
Posted by Randall
Oakland, Ca
This is really fantastic (and deeply moving). Thank you all soooooo much for these remedies. I'm not sure where to start but I am taking notes and will try each one until something works. I feel some real relief in just reading through thes potential solutions. Thank you ALL again so much.. from deep in me heart.
Posted by Bess
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
An excellent book for those suffering from any type of heart problems is The Sinatra Solution: Metabolic Cardiology. In it this cardiologist discusses the "awesome foursome" - four nutrients absolutely vital for heart health. These are: CoQ10, L-Carnitine, D-Ribose and Magnesium. I just received it from the library yesterday and have found it to be an easy-to-understand and informative book. Cheers, Bess
Posted by Melissa
Gallatin, Tn
Gardengirl.... I too live in Gallatin TN and have had heart flutters/PVC's for years... I hate them! Can you recommend a good safe brand to take of each of those? Thanks so much!!

Posted by Andria (Bradenton, Florida) on 11/13/2011

I am 26 and I have been having palpatations for about 9 months now I have been to the er I have been to my doc which has ordered echo cardiogram a 2d I have had blood work and a ekg they say might heart looks fine. I quit smoking cigs its been 2 months now I have quit drinking coffee and I was stress free for over a month but there has been no relief from these heart palps. Any advice I am a young breastfeeding mom.

Posted by Bess
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Hi Andria from Florida - I have found taking magnesium (I use "Calm" from the health food store which is easily absorbed as magnesium citrate) every night has helped me with heart palpitations. And magnesium is something incredibly important for your health and that of your little one. North Americans seem to be deficient in that very important mineral.

Also, there is a page here on Earth Clinic which may have some info for you. Just click the link:


Congratulations on being a new mom - and also for quitting the ciggies! Best of luck, Bess

Posted by Gavin
Manganui, Northland, New Zealand
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Just having a baby has probably depleted your essential minerals, especialy magnesium and potasium. They say "a baby costs a tooth".. Eating bananas usually fixes the problem but it might be prudent to get a good multivitamin.
Posted by Jerry
Seal Beach, Ca
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Andria, check out my Hawthorn Motherwort entry under Heart Palpitations and my Motherwort Hawthorn entry under Tachycardia, and see if they can help. Hawthorn is wonderful for the heart but it takes a while to kick in. With motherwort, it makes a lightning fast remedy for my kind of heart palpitations.
Posted by Patti
London, Canada
Motherwort, Hawthorne- Each of these remedies brought on palpitations for me. It was terrible!!!! Certain foods trigger my episodes (kale, citrus, walnute, almonds, coconut oil, eating after 8 PM). Even applying magnesium oil has caused them to come on tonight. Can't wait until the morning bc will try black strap molasses. Recent blood tests report I have liver issues (took bld pressure med for 3 years---stupid stupid--and ironically, never really needed it), thyroid issues, am not absorbing nutrients. Visit with Naturopath/Auricular Medicine Specialist tomorrow and am praying for help there. Anyone else experienced these symptoms as precursors to palpitations? Thank you all for your comments and suggestions. This is, truly, a wonderful site. Cheers! Patti

Posted by Mrjansanman (Summerfield, Florida) on 09/15/2011

I'm a 53 y/o man, I'm a vegan and eat lots of raw fruit and veggies. I started running regularly again about 7 months ago and as my resting heart rate comes down I notice the palpitations becoming more frequent. I have no chest pain or shortness of breath, my bp is about 120/82. It's just a little annoying when I'm just sitting and relaxing. I remember the same thing happening when I was about 36 y/o when I was running a lot. Anyone have any ideas?

Posted by Maria
Gippsland, Australia
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Magnesium deficiency is definitely a suspect, you could try rubbing magnesium oil on your skin (chest, abdomen, calves & arms) especially before going for a run. Potassium can be a cause. As both of these are part of your electrolyte balance they can be suspected when the palpitations are happening due to exercise.

B-12, B-6 & Folate deficiency can also cause it. Whilst Folic acid deficiency can be a cause chances are that being vegan you are getting lots of folic acid and excess folic acid can mask a B-12 deficiency.

Posted by Gavin
Manganui, Northland, New Zealand
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Take a multi vitamin.. Or eat a banana a day.. Its low potassium or magnesium.. It will slowly clear up if you do this. Over 21 years of age you have to replace all the water soluble vitamins and minerals daily. Or drop your sodium intake as to much lowers the potassium. My arrythmia has totally gone due to the Multi vit but before that a banana would do the trick.
Posted by T
Houston, Usa
On the recommendation of my naturopath, I cut out all sugars, sweets, and fruits from my diet. Apparently the excess usgar was causing the pancreas to overwork and this was caushing heart palpitations (in my case). After a few weeks of no sugars, I gradually added a fruit a day and now I am palpitation free.

Please try this, it might help you too.

Posted by Anne (Chicago, Il) on 11/22/2010

I've been taking 25 mg of a beta blocker for about a year now, since having irregular heart beats. Are there any natural alternatives to beta blockers? Does anyone know what kind of long term effects I could be causing myself taking the beta blockers? I seem to be having issues losing weight, and wondered if they could be affecting my body. Thanks!

Posted by Stever882 (Lisle, Il, Usa) on 04/09/2010

Heart pvcs, palpations and tachycardia

Hello, i am a 27 year old male, since 10 i have experienced many heart palpations or pvcs aka skiped beats. i get them frequently some everyday all day and then i wont feel them for weeks, i seen cardiologist since i was 17 and they tell me my heart is fine, i am confused because sometimes they are very scary, but over the years i have learned to deal with them. since i was 22 i cleaned up my diet and beacme very active i ate all fruits ,veggies and grains and had tons of energy and my palpations seem to go away. but now am 27 and the past three years have been hell i get palpations all the time and most recent on 1/6/2010 i woke up in the middle of the night with a pulse of 160 i freaked out cause it wouldnt come down so i went to the ER and they gave me a xanax and sent me home becouse everything was ok. i also remember a year before 4/4/2009 i went to the ER for constant heart palpations for about an hour again they gave me a xanex and set me home. now just last week i was working out for about 20 mins intensly and after i was at rest for 10 mins my heart rate shot up to 160 and i took my self back to the ER to only find out that everthing was ok. now my doctor has now put me on 60 mg of a beta blocker for anxiety. my doctor says i have anxirty which causes my problems, the docs tell me my heart is fine and had passed all the required tests. on the other hand i feel like crap everyday have low energy and its hard for me to workout. i used to run everyday and lift weights 3 to 4 times a week. i was on a mission to loose some body fat and tried low carb diets but failed at it, i also think that over training has caused me to go to the ER for these bad episodes of the tachacardia.

does any one have any suggestions on helping anxiety and trying to help the pvcs or palpations. they really ruin my life sometimes. i wish they would go away. the tachacardi is a new symptom that started within the past year. i need some help. thanks

Posted by Lisa
Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa
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Hi Stever882,

I'm sorry to hear about your distress. Have you maintained a healthy diet? You didn't say that you continued with that lifestyle that you started at 22. If not, returning to it would be beneficial. Also, make sure you are not taking any caffeine products-sodas, coffee, "energy" drinks, etc. I have had friends that actually thought they were having a heart attack and going to the emergency, found out it was from coffee! Some bodies have zero tolerance for caffeine. I know for myself, sugar can actually do this to me which includes fresh fruit. As soon as I eat anything like that, my heart races, I break out in a sweat and I feel a bit shaky so, I just avoid sugar. Read about the body ecology diet as you may also just be completely out of balance- the body is a complex thing. You can google that and find an extremely comprehensive site to study.

Also, you sound as if you are riddled with anxiety in your personality type. Have you ever tried any meditation? If not, you should consider it. There are many resources to learn about this and with the internet it's all at our fingertips. Explore that avenue because it definitely helps everyone to get a handle on that issue. Go easy too. Just start with 3 minutes. Believe it or not, that's huge if you've never meditated. I teach kids how to do it and tell them to just breathe and focus on their breath. Then you begin to observe. What you will see is how crazy "the mind" is. It has a life of its own if it is not directed. Watch your thoughts as if they're clouds drifting by and notice them and how they take on a life of their own. They can become utterly ridiculous and soon you will be able to actually laugh at them! You can then see where anxiety stems from because you begin to see how your thoughts govern you. That's when you can begin to take back your life.

I hope this helps. I wish you the best.

Posted by Bill
San Fernando, Luzon, Philippines
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Hi Stever882...I also had regular episodes of racing heart, and the cure for me was Magnesium. The best supplement forms to take are -- Mag Chloride, Mag Citrate or Mag Gluconate. Or you could take Magnesium transdermally through the skin by putting 2-3 cups of Epsom salts or Mag Chloride crystals into your hot bath and stay in for 1/2 hour to allow your body to absorb the Magnesium. Do this 2-3 times a week. This is the quickest way to up your Magnesium levels. See this link:

Transdermal Magnesium Therapy

Magnesium is the regulator of the Sodium/potassium/calcium electrolytes in your cells. If you are deficient in magnesium then there is no regulation, potassium leaks out of your cell and is quickly replaced by Calcium. If this occurs in your heart muscle, racing heart can result.Another symptom of low magnesium and excess calcium in your cells is low energy -- because it takes about 60% of a cell's energy to pump the calcium back out of the cell again.

I also note that you live in a part of the US which has one of the lowest soil iodine levels in the world. See this link:

Iodine Deficiency by Robert Sarver

Lack of iodine in your diet could also cause hypothyroidism as well as anxiety. Perhaps you should also consider supplementing with Iodoral tablets or Lugol's Iodine for your problem. You can even use Iodine foot-painting to supplement iodine because iodine is so easily absorbed thru the skin -- you can use Lugol's iodine or iodine tincture or even Povidone iodine for this(I use this method). See this link:

Iodine Foot Painting

Posted by Candy
Fort Madison, Ia
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get yourself some of the transdermal magnesium that other people have posted on here. works wonderful for heart palpitations and anxiety. also someone posted about blackstrap molasses helping for it.

i am doing both and I rarely have those anymore. And like you, they scared me. So I am quite thankful to have found relief from natural sources.

Posted by Jane
Arkansas, Usa
Iam really sorry to hear you are going through a tough time with those symptoms. Been there and done that! What helped me the most was magnesium oil ( read up on magnesium and the heart and magnesium and anxiety) Ichose the oil( you spray it on your skin) because it was gentle on my stomache unlike some magnesium supplements which can cause the runs. I noticed improvment immediately. I think the key for me was also balancing my blood sugar so take a look at your diet..there should be no caffine in it sugar etc. this just spikes the blod sugar making symptoms that you describe worse. Believe it or not but fats like butter and oil mixed with carbs and protein during each meal do a world of difference. Good luck
Posted by Gary
Wauchopw, Nsw Australia
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Hi Stever882,

Have look at Hawthorn Tea I have tachycardia and Have had a lot of success with Hawthorn I put 2 heaped tsp of crushed berries (crush them with a mortar and pestel) in a mug or cup half fill with boiling water (distilled is better) leave for 15 minutes, strain and drink. There is a company in the US that sells the Hawthorn Juice but I have never tried it.

They say they are having a lot of success with it look it up on the net through google.
Kind regards Gary

Posted by C
Pd, Fl
This is for Stever882,
I have been having heart palps and rapid heartbeats for three years, been on beta blockers for three years, they get worse and worse. I have had all the heart test they always come back great, except when my heart beats last month went up to 305 per minute and would not come down, they then decided it was PSVT and decided I needed an EPS with cather ablation. The heart doc atempted to do this and when he was in my heart he said the electrical impulses were coming from the back side of my heart in a concealed bypass tract. He said I would have to go to a bigger hospital UAB in Birmingham Alabama, but first he was going to put me on some other meds. He put me on digixon and tambacor, these two drugs alone almost killed me. I am now back on a beta blocker, and having anxiety and panic attacks as well. I take beta blockers, xanax and thyroid medicine. However, the thyroid meds make my heart race especially synthroid and levoxyl. I can take a small dose of 7. 5mg of Armour Thyroid with a beta blocker to keep my heart from racing. I have not found the perfect cure yet. I am going to read all the newest suggestions and see if any on them work. You can check out cather ablation and ask your doc about it. You can watch the youtubes about it. But if your doc decides to have it done, make sure you go to a hospital that can do the back side of your heart as well, so you won't be wasting money and time.
Posted by Bill
San Fernando, Luzon, Philippines
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Hi C... The problems you mention could be caused particularly by incorrect dosages of Thyroid plus iodine, or by excess Calcium and low magnesium or low potassium or low sodium electrolyte levels or from side-effects from Xanax or a combination of all these. Check the side-effects of the meds you're taking at this link at Drugs.com.

Also check that you are not taking flourinated drugs.

I would also get a hair analysis done(fairly cheap) to check your electrolyte levels and to check whether you have a problem with heavy metals or with halogens such as chlorine, fluorine or bromine.

Posted by Dee (Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa) on 10/03/2009


I am a 19 year old male and I have been having very weird heart palpitations and irregular heart beats. I sometimes stay up at night and can't sleep due to the fact that I am very stressed about whether I'll actually wake up the next morning or not (I know that sounds funny but it's really starting to become a problem). i also get regular pains in my arm/shoulder and chest, and I also get regular small headaches.(and I think the stress of this matter is making me physically sick in other ways as well eg: colds, flu, pains, nausea, etc) I have been to the doctor and they said if it happens again then i have to go to the emergency room. as expected it happened that night again, so I went to the hospital, they put me on some kind of machine that checks my heart rate and blood pressure etc. unfortunately I got there too late and my heart was fine again. They just said that my blood pressure it very high but other than that, they don't see a problem... Now I'm too scared to go to the hospital if it happens again because I am scared I am going to make a fool of myself again, and other than that my mom is paying the medical aid so I feel bad that she has to keep paying for something that the doctors think I don't have. I know my body and I know when something is wrong. But what can I say when professionals (apparently)say otherwise?

I am going to the shops today to get some ACV, but I just wanted to ask for some advice regarding how much can I take and how often, taking into consideration my age... I do NOT eat sweets and I have basically completely stopped drinking caffeine and having sugar in almost any form... I am looking for something that will not only take away the feeling but permanently stop the problems if possible.

If you have any advice that could be helpful (other remedies-what and how much?), please tell me. I am getting sick of having to check my heart beat every 10 minutes everywhere I go. I am a firm believer in natural remedies. and believe it is the only way to go... unless the problem is something that involves heavy surgery of course.

Thank YOU very very much for your time and concern

Earth clinic is an amazing website. (I even got a family member checking out a few problems of their own like eczema and many other things, as they too never go to the doctor or drink pills, and so far the problems have just been getting better and better)

hope to hear some feedback asap...

A wonderful day to all!!!

Kind Regards

Posted by Margaret
Chicago, Il
Response to Dee regardin heart palpitations.

Dee, I am 57 year old female but was having heart palpitations a couple of months ago, so understand what you are feeling. Do you exercise a lot? I believe that mine were caused by running down my electrolytes by exercising too much in the heat, also I could have had lactic acid buildup in the heart. I found this website and the ACV and Blackstrap Molasses helped a lot. I also learned about oil pulling here from someone else who had heart palps and oil pulling stopped them. (Info on oil pulling is in the remedies tab on this site.) I did see a cardiologist who put me on Toprol, and who doesn't believe the exercise caused it. But I know it couldn't be a coincidence that when I started exercising too much, it started happening. I had also started eating yogurt again, and yogurt can cause palps because of its lactic acid. So I think it was a perfect storm for me. I'm not an expert, but I've been taking a teaspoon of ACV every morning with a dash of baking soda, doing the oil pulling in the morning, drink 1 TBS of blackstrap molasses in hot water throughout the day at work, make sure I drink water, and cut out yogurt. I also had a sleep test (told my cardiologist I thought I had sleep apnea), and I use a CPAP now. It comforted me to have gone to a cardiologist to determine that my heart was strong, but I had to find on this site what I believe caused it. Now when I hike, I put blackstrap molasses in my water and stay hydrated. Hope this helps.

Posted by Bunny
Santa Ana, Ca
Go get a thorough physical, NOW. At your age that collection of symptoms is very worrysome, especially the high blood pressure. Possibilities: magnesium deficiency, amemia or hyperthyroidism. A quickey test for thyroid is basal temperature. People with hyperthyroidism run hot. A Google search can give you details on that. Could also be an adrenal problem, or a problem with the blood flow to your kidneys. Get full endocrine tests-saliva tests are great if you can get them online. If not, settle for the blood tests the doctor offers. Ask for a ferritin test-in case of too much iron (not all that common, but not all that uncommon either). Push for answers-why is (whatever they find) happening. Get details. Don't let them just toss you a prescription and shove you out the door. Do not delay. I hope this helps.
Posted by Mia
Ct, Usa
This is in response to Dee from South Africa.

Dee, I have had exactly the same symptoms that you speak about, heart palpitations and the weird feeling going to bed at night that I won't wake up in the morning. I know exactly what you are going through! Be careful if you take apple cider vinegar because if you have a blood sugar issue it may make your symptoms worse. My issues are caused by something I eat, that I know. Anything with a large amount of corn syrup, like soda, will cause me to get dizzy and light-headed about an hour after I drink it. The symptoms last more than 24 hours. Something else causes erratic heartbeats and the weird obsessive feelings about not waking up in the morning, which I have yet to discover. I read somewhere on this site that someone who had a reaction to bread felt better after eating protein, so I started to do that too when I feel the symptoms and feel much better, but usually the next day.

I suggest you start keeping a food diary and jot down everything that you eat. Be very careful with any foods that have food preservatives, artificial sweeteners or msg. I think you may in time discover what it is that is causing the erratic heartbeat. Oh, magnesium oil around the heart may help you as well.

Let us know how you are feeling.

Posted by Potsmom
Charlotte, Usa
This is in response to Dee from S. Africa and many others who suffer from a racing heart. ~ My daughter has been diagnosed with Postural Orthostatic Tachycarida. It is a rare, yet unknown illness that affects mostly teenagers. ~ Please look into this, and go to a good Cardiologist or neurologist who knows about this. Most family physicians are not aware of this illness because it has just been diagnosed in the last 10 years. Many people who suffer from this never get the treatment or respect that they deserve and its passed as an 'Anxiety' problem. ~ Symptoms: Racing heart, dizziness, headaches, feeling like you are about to pass or/or do pass out, nausea, tremors and sometimes pupil dilation. ~ Have your doctor to check your blood pressure & heart rate by lying down. Then have him take it while standing. If your heart rate increases up to 30bmp while standing and your BP drops this is a sure sign of POTS. ~ To be completely sure, there is a 'Tilt table' test that is more accurate. ~ Wishing you all the best!
Posted by Potsmom Too
Chicago, Il
P. O. T. S. - My son was just diagnosed with Postural Orthotic Tachycardia Syndrome and has similiar symptoms - racing heart, headaches, dizziness.... Before you start taking medications, please see a cardiologist!
Posted by Healthnut
Mission Viejo, Ca
For those of you with "POTS" diagnosis', my sister had been diagnosed with POTS and had suffered for years. She found out just yesterday that her real diagnosis is pernicious anemia due to a low B12 level, even though her lab results showed in the lower ranges of normal. Her new doctor did a homocysteine level or MMA and intrinsic factor blocking AB (antibodies) and found them to be abnormal. I hope this helps someone!

Posted by Kathy (Dubois, Pa) on 10/03/2009

You might want to get some Magnesium into your system right away. I don't know what is available to you there in South Africa, but look for Epsom Salts (Magnesium Sulfate) and if you can find it, put 2 or 3 large cupfull of it into a tub full of hot water and soak your entire body for at least 20 minutes. Look for other forms of Magnesium to take as a dietary supplement as well, but stay away from Magnesium Oxide because it is not well absorbed and is a total waste of money.

Posted by LEIGH (ATLANTA, GA) on 06/23/2009


Posted by LEIGH

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Posted by Lisa (Lafayette, La) on 04/12/2012

[YEA]  Randall, my husband was diagnosed with the exact same thing as you, mitral valve prolapse. He was experiencing the same symptoms as you. It was hard for him, as he is a handsome, tall, athletic man who was not used to being held back by physical ailment. Dr. wanted to put him on beta blockers. NEVER go on beta blockers.

I began corresponding with a Dr. via email who wrote a few books. He put my husband on this protocol: morning - 300 mg. Magnesium, 500 to 1000 mg. Sodium ascorbate (vit. C), 500 mg. L-carnitine, 200 mcg. Selenium, 500 mg. IP-6, 100 mg. Co-q-10, 800 mcg (or mg. , however they measure it) of d-3, 100 mg. K-2, 100 mg. Quercetin. We get all capsules or powder, except for the d-3 and co-q-10, which are tiny enough for him to swallow, and I put it in a small cup, mix with about an oz of orange juice, and he drinks it up. With the exception of the selenium, repeat in evening, right before bed. Sounds like a lot, but do it. His heart palps stopped in their tracks. If he gets careless and adds a lot of sugar and a beer or two to his diet, it will recur. Palps stopped within a 2 week period or so. Keep up the regimen daily, if you want your life back.

If you feel one coming on during the day, take some magnesium powder in o.j. , maybe 500 mg. or so. It calms them right down. Also, fill pot or bucket with ice water, dunk your face into it, and rub it on your arms and wrists. This will stop palps in their tracks. As far as the motherwort and hawthorn, I ordered both thru vitacost. com, and they are coming in the mail any day, to keep on hand for emergencies. You can get your life back, it just takes diligence. Oh, yeah, above all; prayer is the ultimate healer. Ask God for his help. He has guided us through this. God is so good!

Posted by Sandy
Hartbeespoort, South Africa
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I have been having "panic attacks" for awhile now, but have never thought to call it heart pulpertations. They have been very bad the last few days. Being holidays, I decided to have a break from all supplements aswell. I have gone back onto Selenium 500mg, Flaxseed oil 1000mg and CalciMag. What a difference. I also do the ice water to drop my core temperature. I would like to know if HP could be associated with menopause, as I actually take the above for the hot flushes. Works better than any chemical. Thanks for a brilliant forum.
Posted by Rjsvan54
Pocatello, Idaho
Sandy, your problem is most likely MSG poisoning. I had the same symptoms as you.your heart is beating irregularly, skipping beats, heart pounding, getting little sleep. Waking up with a panic attack. Things going completely out of control. Check the website msgtruth.org and many others, do a Google search, msg poisoning. It?s in almost every processed food. And hidden under ingredients on the label you will spices, natural foods, soy, enzymes and anything hydrolized. Keep a food log of everything, time you eat and record when you are having an episode. Keep in mind that all the food additives have at least 20 to 80% msg. The FDA lets the food processors hide this poison in the ingredients I have listed. You eliminate all processed foods and within 2 days your symptoms will disappear. If you accidentally get poisoned by msg dilute 1/2 teaspoon of cream of tater in 8 oz of water. Also drink 4 to 6 16oz of water to flush this poison out. Restaurants are to be avoid until you know what foods are most natural. Lot and lots of home cooking.

My name is Bob I am 59, married and my wife is a great cook. I've had these symptoms for 30 years and have wasted thousands of dollars on BS treatments from doctors. Holtergrams, cat scans, heart specialists. Now I am living symptoms free.

Posted by Sandy
Hartbeespoort, South Africa
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Rjsvan, thanks for that bit of info. As a rule I stay away from non fresh foods, but am a sucker for anything cheese or olive. Will definitely take more care in reading labels. I was able to obtain BSM today. Start taking it tomorrow with ACV. Will share my experience as time goes by.
Posted by Sandy
Hartbeespoort, South Africa
3 Posts
[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]   Hi all, I am much better. I feel I cannot say cured as the time laps is to short. Flaxseed and selenium to start then BMS with ACV. I have not had an elevated heart rate in 10 days. Will keep on keeping. Up date to follow.

Posted by Pam (Marlborough, Ct, Usa) on 10/22/2010

Two weeks ago I started taking a regular multivitamin, vit B6 100mg, B3 250 timed released vit. , and turmeric caps. 400mg plus boron 3mg. Once a day. The last two nights I have awakened around 4am with a rapid heartbeat that lasts about 3 hours, I think I am taking too much, any help would be appreciated, I am not taking anything today, or until someone gets back to me. Thanks Pam

Posted by Tom
Regina, Sk
Pam: It seems you are "topping out" on the Vitamin B3 (niacin) and experiencing one of the harmless side-effects of it, either due to that 250mg being just too high for you and your body size, or having a digestive system that forces fast breakdown and release of the vitamin in far less than the nominal 24 hours! People have wide variance in almost everything, so you might be metabolizing that 250mg in those 3 hours of rapid heartbeat.

This page mentions the rapid heartbeat side effect of niacin: www.buzzle.com/articles/niacin-flush.html
The effect of niacin doses is different for every person and so is the symptom of niacin flush. Thus, some people may show severe symptoms of niacin flush, while some may not. Read more on niacin overdose. Niacin is not a drug, but a useful vitamin. Niacin flush benefits the circulatory system and hence, one should not worry about this symptom. Though niacin flush can be irritating, one can take proper measures to avoid this discomfort and enjoy the health benefits of niacin. So, if you are taking niacin medications for cholesterol or lipid treatment, and are experiencing niacin flush; then do not stop taking niacin. Instead, consult your physician and get the proper amount of niacin dose and learn the methods to avoid the niacin flush. So, either go to a much lower dose B3, perhaps 50mg or 100 mg NOT time release and see what happens, or don't throw out the time release, but just use a knife or pill-cutter to take 1/4 or 1/2 a 250mg pill at a time, especially before nighttime. Then once your symptoms are gone with a lower B3 dose, just reintroduce the other supplements one at a time over many days. There is a small outside possibility that the multivitamin you also take has one of those thick RED food color coatings, which you may have a sensitivity to. That red, if it is, despite FDA approval generations ago, is notorious for causing reactions. It will be derived from either coal-tar aniline, or an African beetle! Check the box or bottle label.

FDA approved food coloring are to be avoided as much as possible. Practically all food coloring are derived from Coal Tar (Aniline Dyes) and can cause learning difficulties, anxiety, restlessness, and most are potential carcinogens. Children with ADD should not have food or sweets or drinks containing Red, Blues, Green, Yellow dyes.

A red coloring frequently used in yogurt, candy, fruit drinks, and other sweets, labeled as "carmine" is made from the dried, dead ground-up husks of female red beetles to make a paste. The beetles are usually raised in the Canary Islands and shipped to the USA and other countries to use as a coloring in processed foods to give them a rosy-strawberry coloring.

Posted by Francisca
Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France
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One question about the use of niacin. I have never used it so far but in a book I am reading the author advises the use of niacinamide instead of niacin. Do you know anything about it?
Posted by Pam
Marlborough, Ct, Usa
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Thanks Tom, I have started taking the vitamin supplement again, and the vitamin B3 timed released yesterday and today. Haven't had any bad rapid heart problems like before, but last night I noticed a slight increase in the night. The supplement has a yellow coating, but also since I have been having trouble with my hands, I started taking a 8hr timed release acetaminophen pill mostly at night so if my hands bother me I don't have to keep getting up and these pills do have a red coating, which all I can find is FD&C red food color. If I notice that I am starting to get that rapid heartbeat again, I will definitly cut down again. But I feel that the B vitamins have really helped my hands, even though they are not better yet, but I can start seeing knuckles again. I will also stay away from the coloring if you think that could be it. Also I usually take the vitamins in the morning after eating something, is it better to take them at night after dinner. Thanks again Pam
Posted by Alexis
Ca, US
Be mindful when taking of supplements, my friend was taking vitamin D and was sick with dizziness, nausea and heart palpitations. She saw several doctors and they were all dumbfounded. About 8 months later, she figured out it was the vitamin D. It is unclear if it was a certain product or all vitamin D doess this. She apparently can not breakdown vitamin D. I would suggest elimination diet to anyone have allergic reactions or unfounded heart issue.

Posted by One Guy (New York City, NY) on 10/19/2009

[YEA]  For Palps

This is a great site and I tried many of your suggestions. I started to get Palps after some stents were put in and I understand that often happens. Perhaps it was from a temporary med like Toprol, as some suggest..... However, here is what I recently added that seems to have worked... Palps seem gone 98% and that is with having a martini every other night.......

Magnesium Aspartate by Solaray - 400 mg one a day; Vitamin Shoppe Ubiquinol CoQ10 100 mg one a day; 3 Tablespoons of Lemon Juice in a glass of water ( Minute Maid 7.5 oz Frozen from concentrate - find it where the frozen veges are ) with 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda, every morning; and Pediatric Electrolyte (must be kept in the fridge after opened, so drink slowly, not to shock the heart to create a palp) unflavored from Walgreens 2-3- oz plain, every evening before going to sleep.

That's it so far, but this, for once, these seem to have worked. As we know, it might be temporary, or even a coincidence but I hope others will say if it works for them.

Good health!

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Posted by Zeliset (Ramsey, Nj) on 02/09/2010

[YEA]  i have tried several remedies for heart palpitations where my heart felt like it was beating out of my chest at 2 or 3 times the normal rate (like 170 beats/min)which has happened several times in my life.

the 1st time it happened, i was at rest in a coffee shop, and i just had coffee ice cream. my heart just started beating so fast and so strong, my body shook with each beat. this was the first time it happened to me, and i didn't understand what was going on, and i just let it take it's course and somehow it stopped.

the 2nd time was years later. i had gone running in the morning, had a cup of coffee (on an empty stomach) and then ran up the stairs and my heart went crazy again. i went and lay down on the couch right away and it stopped.

the 3rd time was again another several years later, i was just sitting in my house, tired after a long hard day spent in the sun, and my heart started racing again. no caffeine involved really, although i am sure i had caffine that day. i immediately went to lay down, but this time that didn't work. it was going strong, at almost 170 beats/min and this time for a full hour, and so i went to the ER.

at the ER, the connected me to the heart monitor, which was no fun by the way, everyone got to see me without a bra! they basically had to inject something in me intravenously that basically flat-lined me to reset my heart for a second and then all was back to normal. i went to see a cardiologist after that and he said, everything was normal. he said, the nerves in my heart have a path and sometimes, the signals along the path get directed wrong, like in a circular pattern, and it makes the heart beat extremely rapidly. he said since it's only happened to me a few times over the course of 10 years, i should just keep an eye on it and live a normal life. he told me a trick though... the ER also told me the same... when you're heart is racing like that, stick your head in a bucket of cold water (not a very appealing thing to do). another remedy... take a deep breath and pinch your nose shut, keep your mouth closed tight and act as if you're trying to breath out and like you're trying to push out poop at the same time. this creates a kind of pressure in your heart/lung area and can reset your heart as well. i've done it once when it happened again, the breathing trick, not the bucket of ice trick and it worked. but i did this like as soon as i felt my heart start to skip into the rapid beating. i think if i were to wait a few more seconds it wouldn't have worked.

the last time i remember having a rapid heart rate attack was while i was driving. my heart started racing away again, seemingly out of nowhere. it was early in the morning and i was on my way to do a project and i was a little nervous about it. so what am i to do? i'm driving on a highway, so i pulled over the nearest exit and parked at a restaurant. i reclined my seat all the way back and lifted my legs way above my neck, as if i were doing a yoga position where you lie down and lift your legs above your head and let them rest behind your head on the floor. once i did that, my heart rate went back to normal.

i don't know what all this really is about, and since my doctor said my heart was normal, it seems that stress, lack of sleep, overworking your body, etc, has caused me to experience this, as well as drinking caffine in certain situations.

i also have tried prayer and meditations to relax me and it has helped as well. one interesting thing to note is that my grandmother had the same symptoms, so it could be genetic. but she was in a foreign country and had limited access to medical care and unfortunately she died of heart failure in her early 40s. she had been sick for a very long time, and i am very healthy, aside from the few rapid heart rate attacks i've had. so i hope this helps some of you. it's comforting to know though i'm not the only one out there with this problem.

EC: Fantastic info, thank you!

Posted by Donna
Drexel Hill, Pa
I have experienced very similar heart palpatations over the last 25 years. Once I was taken to the hospital and I too had my heart stopped with some injection to reset it. I was diagnosed with Super ventricular tacky cardia. I was told it has to do with the electric currents around the heart. I'm still not sure why it happens, because the doctors say otherwise might heart is strong. Doctors wanted to do some kind of surgical procedure, which I said no to. They also said I could take a beta blocker the rest of my life, which I don't do. I do find that when I feel an episode beginning, I just start to cough and it seems to throw my heart back into proper beating.
Posted by Katie
Edison, Nj
Look into Tai Chi...During one of my classes, my heart starting racing. The instructor told me to concentrate on my big toe.. a little strange but it worked. The extra energy was brought down away from the heart and it regulated itself..I'm not an expert in this, but Tai chi is very calming.
Posted by Candy
Fort Madison, Ia
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i had the same problem and discovered magnesium really helps. I hardly ever have it happen since i started using the transdermal magnesium.
Posted by Fred
I just wanted to share, that sometimes Heart Palpitations are not related to a problem with the heart at all. Many times it's because a Nerve in your back is being pressed, and this will be corrected by a good Chiropractor. Amazing but true. I hope this helps.
Posted by James
May want to look into a Brugada Syndorme. It's when your heart races so fast you pass out and....This syndrome affects your heart beat very randomly. Never know when it's going to attack you. Ask your cardiologist about it.
Posted by Linda
Raymond, Washington, United States
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I would like to hear more from the gentleman from Mexico.

I have always believed that a problem with my back caused my a-fib but, the Doctors just laugh at me and pat me on the head and say we are trained, its our job. The a-fib started after I believe I ruptured a disk in the upper middle of my back. Now when I use my arms to scrub or do heavy work with my back and arms I have an attack. I do the magnesium, potassium, fish oil, and calcium. Because it makes me feel better but, I believe it is a nerve that is affecting the vagus nerve and that is creating the a-fib. I would like to hear more from Fred from Mexico or anyone who suspects this may be a cause. What would you tell a chiropractor about the problem?

Thank You.

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Posted by June (Michigan, US) on 06/30/2014

[YEA]  For heart irregularities, check your thyroid! Had this for years.. Now I take two drops of potassium iodide (which is clear) plus a tiny bit of pig thyroid from nutri meds and adrenals. I am cured.

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