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Posted by Ed (Boston, Massachusetts) on 12/15/2009

[YEA]  Massage cured my headaches

I began having headaches, often debilitating ones, and even a migraine, the day after a bout of vertigo. I went to several doctors and tried all sorts of remedies over several very trying weeks, to no avail. Finally I went to a neurologist who figured out that I was having "tension headaches" caused by tightness in my neck and shoulders. The tightness was likely a way to avoid the vertigo. Within minutes of massage and gentle head movements to relax the muscles, the headaches melted away. The immediacy of the result was stunning. I followed up with several professional massages.

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Posted by Harriet (Federal Way, Wa, Usa) on 08/21/2009

[YEA]  This is for someone who may have tried EVERYTHING. My daughter had a 2 1/2 year long headache. She lost ages 11 1/2 - 14 because of constant pain. And I do mean constant. It NEVER STOPPED OR ABATED. The headache would be a 3-4 on the pain scale ALL THE TIME but would 'spike' several times daily to 7-8-9. We had CT & MRI which showed nothing.

Believing in alternative care we had her seen and treated by two chiropractors, one being our regular who knew this child's body well, a cranio-sacral massage therapist, theraputic massage, acupunture, and in addition was seen by her own GP, 2 neurologists, was given drugs that did not work: for blood pressure control (hers was fine, but they were throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what would stick), muscle relaxers, vasoconstrictors, migraine meds, OTC remedies, hot packs, cold packs, had her eyes checked, had her dentist look at her, consulted with her orthodontist, had Hashimoto's diagnosed and treated by a specialist, even went through the biofeedback program at Seattle's Children's Hospital. NOTHING worked. She dispaired for her life and we found that she was cutting to relieve the pain.

Thankfully we homeschool and she wasn't under stress of public school's rigid structure. One school year she did nothing more than read 8 books and turn in book reports to me. Yet her year end SAT (require testing) were above average and she isn't an 'A' student!

We didn't do food allergies as we saw no correlation there. After Thanksgiving when she was 13 1/2 the headache level went to an 8-9 all the time with spikes of 10 (or 12 as she put it!). She began throwing up. Over the next 2 weeks she had an urgent care visit with some sort of injected pain killer that didn't help at all. Then an ER visit that helped marginally. During that 2 weeks she ate little, drank little and slept even less as the nausea was everpresent. At the end of that 2 weeks, and on the eve of our final conference with the biofeedback doctor she began throwing up again. She couldn't stop and after a sip of water would egress more than she ingested.

We were so pleased with Children's Hospital's ER staff. She was attended by 4 neurologists including the dept head and was eventually admitted. Morphine did not help; Dilauded helped marginally. She was nearly dilusional by this time, terribly hungry, dehydrated and sleep deprived. It took 4 days of IV Zolfran to calm the nausea to where she could take her thyroid meds and not barf them up.

After about 3 days of constant flow of neurologists, p-shrinks, etc, they came to a diagnosis: "Chronic non-progressive headache w/o migraine". I thought it was a garbage can diagnosis. But they told us they were going to try the anti-depressant "Amitriptyline" with a low dose as they'd found that it raised Serotonin levels in some patients and alleviated the headaches. We even had a neurologist asked us if we'd investigated food allergies and when we said 'no' he retorted "Good! You wouldn't have found anything!"

After 6 1/2 days in the hospital she was released and found that this prescription began to work. Within 4 months her pain was down to a 1 or 2 on the pain scale. They upped the dose slightly and she began living with NO pain. Two days of not getting to the pharmacy for a refill, however, produced the 7-8 pain again for a whole week!

After about 16 months of faithful use she was able to wean off and for 5 months now has had no recurring headaches.

So, yes, this site is about alternative methods, which we tried. But the remedy for this was rather obscure and all alternative methods failed. Doctors were clueless though compassionate while attempting to help with the exception of one neurologist who, after her sample prescriptions didn't work (and had consultated with us for 20 minutes on the 2nd visit) told us that she "had no magic pill...you need to take your daughter to a psychiatrist". We left and never returned.

I submit this for the one or two desperate persons out there who are reading this headache page dispairing of finding something that works because they have exausted all other avenues yet still have themselves or a family member incapacitated. Maybe our child's story will help them find another avenue to pursue. And yes, I may be contacted by email if someone wishes more information. Thanks for this great site. It has been a help to me and I only found it last week.

Posted by Harriet
Federal Way, Wa
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Sorry, forgot to say it was ok to publish my email addy.
Posted by Sam
Miami, US
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Thank you for sharing Harriet.Sorry you and your daughter had to go through this nightmare.She might out grow her headaches eventually.Sometimes body just restores its balance on its own. At her age I had something similar so I understand the agony.

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Posted by Hlw (Philadelphia, Pa) on 03/06/2010


Wild oil of oregano... because the oils generally come with a dropper, you only need a very small amount dropped on your finger; rubbed into temple and base of neck for severe headaches. less than 10 minutes the pain is gone. oftentimes the pain radiates from the trapesius muscle-- a dab of the oil of oregano won't hurt. gently massage into muscle, then apply pressure. keep away from the eyes. not for the faint of heart: 1/2 dropper full under the tongue will kill any pain. or a small amount dropped onto finger and rubbed on the gums will relieve a toothache.

Posted by Sasha
Melbourne, Australia
Hi Hlw, Could you tell me what kind of pain will be helped by half a dropper full of oil of oregano under the tongue? My mother (aged 77) has tardive dyskinesia (involuntary movements of the tongue, causing pain and discomfort). Her doctors can do nothing to help. She says she would be willing to try the oil.

Thanks, Sasha

Posted by Catscradle123
Shanghai, China
[YEA]   Had a massive migraine/ headache all day yesterday. I drank 8 oz with 2 tbsp of ACV and it didnt help. I thought I was dehydrated so I drank a ton of water and coconut water too. Nothing worked! I decided to massage the oil of oregano onto my temples and placed a drop of it under my tongue. It was like magic!! Gone in a few minutes!! Thank you so much for your recommendation!!
Posted by Sam
Miami, US
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Re: Oil of Oregano for Headache: One should always dilute a therapeutic grade essential oil.The ratio is usually on the bottle.

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Posted by Mtairy72 (Virginia Beach, Va, Usa) on 08/24/2010

[YEA]  I keep a bottle of Peppermint Oil (essential oil) in my pocketbook. You dab the oil on your index finger and middle finger. Then rub it on the same two fingers of the other hand. Close your eyes so the fumes don't irritate your eyes. Rub, in a circular motion, on either side of your head at your temples. Don't be afraid to press hard while rubbing. I haven't taken a headache medicine in years. I am 58. You can get the oil at a health food store.

Posted by Kelly Elmore
Kingston, Ok
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[YEA]   I soooooo agree! It's amazing. Works awesome for nausea. I rub it on my tummy and throat and it's gone in minutes. But for headaches it's AWESOME!!!! I put it not only on my temples but totally across my fore head and wow, it's almost instantaneous! And if I feel sinus pressure on my cheeks I put it there too!
Posted by Sgbellaragazza
Providence, Ri
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I agree peppermint oil works wonders. I have also drank peppermint tea as well, which also seemed to work well.
Posted by Alia
Queens, Ny
[YEA]   I got this remedy from my sister, who carries all her essential oils in a little baggie for use on her daughters.

I rub a few drops on my forehead, temples, nostrils, and the nape of my neck. If I don't feel better in 10-15 minutes, I repeat. Works like a charm every time.

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Posted by Jan (Liverpool, England) on 12/18/2012

[YEA]  We used to put potato cut in slices on your forehead. Thats a mediteranian tradition.

Posted by Katie (Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio)

[YEA]  Cut a potato into 4 pieces, place 2 in the center of your forehead and two at your temple (Hold the ones at your temples in place). Lay down in a dark room and close your eyes. It takes a while to work but it takes away the throbbing. Something in the potato has a pain reducer. It sounds crazy (I thought my mom was a loony) but it works when you try it.

Posted by Nare
Los Angeles, Ca
[YEA]   This is SO funny because my mom told me this same remedy and I thought "momma you crazy! " but it works :D

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Posted by Susan on 02/03/2007

[YEA]  For headaches, my acupuncturist suggested massaging the bottom of the feet -- probe around til you find the most painful, tender spots, and rub them. I've stopped several headaches, including a migraine, as well as vertigo, using this method.

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Posted by Mike (Richland, Ga) on 06/18/2012

I woke up 8 months ago with a mild headache on the left side of my head. I took 2 asprin and it was gone till the next morning. Its now been 8 months 2 motrin or Aleve will last 8 to 10 hrs. Sometimes 1 asprin chewed up makes it go away in min. Whenever my heart rate goes up my headaches get worse. Like from exercise. I have had MRI and Cat scan. I have been to 2 nuro. One said TMJ and the other said pinched nerve. The less I do the less it hurts. I am a very active person. Starts at the base of the skull on the left side. Hurts above left ear then at its peak, left side on top of head and above the left ear. Doesn't seem to bother me at night.

Posted by Ane
Bucharest, Romania
It could be something from your left ear, you can try 3-4 drops of polisporin, neosporin cream with 3 antibiotics in your ear. I've done ear cleaning with h2o2 and had incredible pain all the left side, I didn't realize at the beginning where the pain was coming from. Might work, give it a try.
Posted by Anonymous
Seattle, Wa
Here is I would first go to a doctor or ENT request a nasal smear, skip that costly CAT scan. You want to determine what is growing in your sinuses. My daughter has sinus issues for years head ache stomach ache sinus pressure. After years of seeing and MD we changed to an ND her first visit they did a nasal smear. The cause must be determined before you treat. Then the specific type of bacteria was treated it was so logical... For her ears we used garlic mullein oil for a three months that got rid of dizziness. Now she is fine. I hope that helps.

Posted by Painfull (Alexandria, Mn) on 05/22/2012

I have been suffering from headaches since 2005. I have seen several MD's, ENT, Allergist, 3Chiropractors, andNeurologist. I have tried acupuncture, quantum biofeedback, I have eliminated all forms of MSG from my diet. The head pain I have now starts in the tissue over my cheek bones, eye brows and temples. I would like to find the cause and not just cover up the pain if possible. Does anyone have any thoughts? Thank You

Posted by Had
White River Jct, Vermont
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Just off the top of my head. I would go in for heavy metal and toxin testing, see how toxic you are. Are you still eating wheat/gluten, HFC, artificial sugars, do you eat organic ? And have your iodine levels checked, (most are low on iodine and that affects everything from being able to detox properly/daily/normally to messing w/ your hormones). Are you taking support supplements? I know this isn't a straight answer, but headaches are always a symptom of something else. Hopefully this gives you some starting points.
Posted by Happyfeather
Reston, Va
Have you looked into going on a juice fast? I went on one and a number of ailments improved. Really can turn everything around in just a few days. Good luck!
Posted by Lydia
Warrenton, Mo
I had chronic daily migraines for 2 years, saw several doctors and tried all sorts of migraine medications.. But nothing helped. Finally I went to a doctor who checked my thyroid antibodies and they were over 1500 (should be under 30)! All my other thyroid tests were normal. Once I was put on thyroid hormone replacements the headaches went away.
Posted by Rsw
Uniontown, Oh
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I wake up many mornings with a headache that OTC meds will not touch, so I tried the EC suggestion for Gunpowder tea. It works very well for me. Usually by the time I finish the cup, sipping slowly, the headache is gone and I can get on with my day!
Posted by Debbie
Melbourne, Australia
Lately I have been getting migraines and usually throw up they are so bad. I was getting one or two a week. Since I started drinking carrot juice (and cutting back on coffee and dairy) I have not had a migraine. I googled carrot juice and headaches and it apparently has been used to relieve headaches.
Posted by Painful
Alexandria, Minnesota
I've had my hair & blood work done last fall & this Feb. I have been de-toxing. No Art. Sweeteners, I eat mostly organic and had my hormones tested and I'm on Bio-Iden. Horm. Rep. I am on many good quality support supplements. I had not thought about iodine or gluten, thanks I will look into that. The iodine might also help with my splitting nails. Thanks again for all your suggestions.
Posted by Mama T
Sparks, Nv
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My daughter who will soon be 27 years, has suffered from migranes for years. She would have migranes several times a month that would cause her to have to leave work. She would sleep a lot and had very little energy.

At the beginning of 2012 her boyfriend suggested going gluten free. The change has been amazing! Within a week she had more energy. She has not had a migrane in over 3 months. She told me she has had a few minor headaches that abate easily unlike migraines that would hurt for days. She has been very diligent about learning what is gluten free or not and will not eat or drink anything that will compromise her success. I, too, have gone gluten free and have noticed I don't feel fatigued like I used to. We are so thankful for this solution for my daughter's migranes. She has a bright future without gluten, without migranes.

Posted by Mary (St. Petersburg, Florida, Usa) on 02/08/2012

Hi Everyone... I started having severe headaches about 2 years ago. I associated them with hormones because they came once a month and I was approaching menopause. The first headache was very intense: throbbing, puking and debilitating. I do not have a history of headaches otherwise.

I did the obvious treatments at the time: tylenol, ibuprofen, sinus meds. I even took some percocet that I had left over from the wisdom teeth extraction. None of these helped at all. At one point I even took 20mg of prednisone that I took from another person. It completely stopped the pain in about 10 minutes, like magic. Of course I don't want to take prednisone but I found that when your head hurts that much you don't care what you swallow.

Now I am at the place where the periods have stopped but the headaches are still showing up. They are less severe but they ALWAYS come in the early morning and wake me up out of a sound sleep. They present as a throb right in the middle of my head and radiate outward toward the front and back and sides of the head like a saucer or disc. The pain is less when I sit up straight.

Since being on Earthclinic for the last month I have done the basic steps of change...

1. stopped all artificial sweeteners and sugar

2. started ACV, blackstrap molasses

3. started taking flax and omegas plus got the good vitamins from the organic store

4. will be ordering magnesium oil today to start

I am not feeling any different than before I started these things and I am wondering if I am missing a piece of the puzzle.

I am otherwise healthy. No smoking, no drinking, no meds and no hormone replacement. No disease history. I am not overweight. No allergies.

I would very much appreciate some opinions and perspectives from others who have some experience with these kind of headaches.

Thanks to all who can respond.


Posted by Diane
Los Angeles, California
Hi Mary, Sorry to hear of your medical problems.

A family friend told me of a woman's health aid for menopausal women. A Vintage remedy that works!

Great for hot flashes, nervousness, headaches etc.

Lydia Pinkham tablets!

Our great friend couldn't stop talking about how these tablets helped so many women in the past.

It takes about 2 weeks to see good results. So don't stop taking them if you try them. I think you can order them from your local pharmacy or on line. Google: Lydia Pinkham tablets.

Posted by Ydk
Bend, Or
You may want to investigate craniosacral therapy. See Upledger web site for local practitioner(s).
Posted by Carly
Seattle, Wa - Usa
Hi Mary. Your headaches sound just like my MSG headaches. If I wake in the middle of the night with a throbbing headache - and go back over what I ate the evening before - I usually will find MSG lurking in something I ate.

It goes by many names, and is in many good items you would not expect. I would read up on it if you have not yet - many excellent articles on the web.

Also - I just read something about low vitamin D3 causing chronic headaches.... At this time of year almost everyone in the northern hemisphere, (yes, even FL if you are indoors a lot or go heavy on the sunscreen! ) has low D3. I would read up on that too.

Also #2 - Check out wheat / gluten intolerance as another possible reason for headaches. I believe Dr. Mercola's site had an article on that. Apparently 7 out of 10 people who had chronic headaches and cut out ALL gluten (also hiddne in many things! ) had their headaches go away in some small study that was done. Interesting...

Good luck. Throbbing headaches are awful.


Posted by Mary
St. Petersburg, Florida, Usa
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Thanks Carly. I am looking into the MSG info. I have never thought much about it so this will be new info. I remember as a small kid my mother bought it at the store from the spice section and used it to cook. The stuff has been around a long time.

I will be isolating food items this week to see if there is a connection between MSG and the pounding head.

Also, while reading up on it last night I found an article that made a connection between MSG and ACNE!

News to me. Might be of interest to those dealing with skin issues.


Posted by Timh
Louisville, Ky, Usa
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Mary, Evening Primrose Oil is supposed to be the superior EFA for menopausal problems. Also the amino acid L-Methionine is good to help a congested Liver ("fatty liver" or possibly gallstones) metabolize excess estrogen buildup in the bloodstream (which could be the cause of your problem). Be sure to take extra B-12 or else L-Methionine won't work and could become dangerous homocysteine. SAM-e is the preferred form of Methionine but is more expensive. To be precise, any "Homocysteine Formula" would be the best as you would presumably get better results. Sun Lecithin is also very good fat burner.

Hope this helps and good luck and please update progress.

Posted by Carly
Seattle, Wa - Usa
Hi Mary, Thanks for posting back. I am very interested in your results and if it was the MSG or some food allergy, so I hope you will write back with an update later.

My mom used to buy "Accent" meat tenderizer in the spice isle. Accent is pure MSG. I was shocked when I started reading up on MSG. It is a neuro toxin, and the top symptoms of being sensitive to it are headaches and shortness of breath. I can't believe it is even legal to sell!

Here is an excellent link (if it is okay to post links) with simple charts telling the hidden names that MSG goes by in foods, and the symptoms. It is on an aspartame poisioning website, but this particular page is about MSG. I like it because it is so simple, and easy to comprehend.

http://www.aspartame.ca/msg names.htm

Good luck, it is a very hard additive to avoid entirely, as I have found out.... But well worth reading all of the labels on anything you put in your mouth. I just have to make sure I take my reading glasses to the supermarket now.


Posted by Debbie
Melbourne, Australia
Mary, here is a great article. It says that headaches are caused by an acidic condition in the body and the more severe the more acidic your body is. It would be interesting for you to test this theory out and see if it helps you. I also get bad migraines but actually haven't one for a little while. I have also been taking wheatgrass powder in capsules which is very alkaline so I am wondering now if it is connected.


Posted by Linda
New Haven, Connecticut, United States
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@ Carly... Love your link but now I'm a bit concerned. Have just started adding some gelatin powder to my diet for my arthritis but your link showed MSG in gelatin! That is just for the prepared "Jello-like" products right? Not in the plain gelatin powder? I don't want to trade my arthritic knee for MSG issues. Anyone know for sure? Thanks.

Linda :-)

Posted by Mary
St. Petersburg, Florida, Usa
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Well, guess what? Yesterday I eliminated all MSG and today I have NO pounding in the head!

I will continue on this journey to see if it is coincidence or not. I have to tell you that after reading about MSG yesterday that I will eliminate it from my life whether my head hurt or not. I did not know it was so poisonous. I told my teenagers about it and they let me throw away their Ramen noodles. That's huge. I even made my own mayo yesterday.

The offending item seems to be the packaged lunch meat and sliced, processed cheese item. That was easy enough to figure out. I would like to know of a cheese I can switch to that is chemical free.

I wonder how many symptoms we put up with and call it "hormones" or "age" (that's a dirty word at my house).. No wonder people are on so many prescription meds.

Thanks again to Carly for the heads up.... no pun intended.

Posted by Carly
Seattle, Wa - Usa
That is awesome Mary! I am very happy for you! (I am doing a happy dance right now! ) So, so fabulous!

When I read your original post your symptoms were so exactly like mine when I get an MSG headache that I just had to write in.

Ramen noodles are tasty (addictive tasty! ) not to mention cheap and easy - it is sad they are full of MSG in the flavoring packet. I have not eaten ramen in ages and ages now, and I still miss it. Lol. Good on your kids for not wanting to eat that junk!

I agree, most lunch meats are just terrible.... As are most turkeys. That "solution of 6% injected" is MSG. The non injected turkeys cost twice as much, and that is IF you can even find them in a regular grocery store.

The list goes on and on, as I am sure you have found out by now. Knowledge is power, and taking control of our own health (when possible) is such a great feeling!

Earth Clinic is such a wonderful site, people sharing their issues, and what has worked (or not worked) for them. I have learned so much here. A HUGE "Thank You" to the people running it as well!

Carly :-)

Posted by Carly
Seattle, Wa - Usa
Hi Linda, It is just a website that I found helpful for me, it is not my website. :)

If you are unsure if the regular (unflavored) gelatin has MSG or not - I would write the manufacturer. A lot of food labels now list websites and email addresses you can write to as well as phone numbers - so you can usually get a pretty fast response from most companies.

Also, about arthritis in your knee - unsolicited advice follows! ;-)

I don't know what type of arthritis you have or how severe it is, but you might want to look into taking a boron supplement - it has been amazing for the arthritis that I had / have in my hands. When I take boron it goes away, when I ignore my boron for a while, it comes back. The caps of boron I buy are 3mg and cost less than 5 dollars for a 3 month supply. I take one or two a day. If you search "boron and arthritis" on the web there are some really interesting atricles on it.

Hylauronic Acid (HA) is supposed to be good also, but costs more.

Good luck to you! :-)


Posted by Mary
St. Petersburg, Florida, Usa
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OK. One more thing on the MSG issue. I just couldn't let this go by without saying something.

One article I read on MSG expained that MSG actually kills brain cells, in particular those located in the hypothalamus. The hypothalamus is the area of the brain that controls... you guessed it....appetite!

No wonder people are addicted. They have literally lost appetite control from this chemical.

Also, where is the hypothalamus located? That's right, exactly in the middle of your head. That is where my headaches were. Frightening.


Posted by Linda
New Haven, Ct, United States
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@ Carly... Thank you for the suggestion. I will contact them to see if their product contains any MSG at all. Really hope not as I've heard so many good things about gelatin use for arthritis. I have Osteoarthritis in my knee and seem to be doing a bit better with the gelatin. I'm also taking 1 1/2 teaspoons of tumeric twice daily and find that doing the stairs is a bit easier. I'll pick up the boron on my next payday. Thanks for the suggestion. I'm "only" 58 but have used a cane to get up stairs for the past 3 years or so, taking them one at a time until recently when I began actually going up them fairly normally.

My Dad had knee issues as well and had a total knee replacement done when he was 82 that went badly. The doctor had scheduled two patients for surgery that day with just a short time between them. Dad swears that a younger "trainee" doctor (it's a teaching hospital) finished up his surgery. Dad's inplant was later found to be placed too high up & to the right with the result being that it never allowed him to walk properly even after a year of therapy.

The doctor claimed he wasn't working hard enough! Dad would even tie bags of cement to his leg to use as a weight while trying to work the knee! Finally, another doctor discovered the real issue in a simple x-ray. It was never put in properly to start. Dad underwent a 2nd replacement by this new doctor but after being in an improper alignment for over an year there was only so much they could do.

The knee would give out while walking unexpectedly, eventually leading to his death. His knee gave out one day, he fell, fractured his back, was given Oxycodine, became immoble from the strength of the drug, developed pneumonia & died. Granted this was an extreme combination of events but his life insurance policy that ONLY paid out in the case of accidental death was fully convinced that he died as a result of the fall, which related back to the faulty knee replacement.

Sorry for the long post but even agter 12 years it's upsetting that this happened to my Dad. He was into health before it became common. He walked hours every days for his entire life and began each day with healthy eating & exercise. He would have loved this site and all of you who share their experiences to help each other.

God bless you all!

Posted by Justjoy (Atlanta, Ga) on 02/03/2011

My sister gets attacks of sudden, sharp headaches that cause her literally to scream uncontrollably. She was driving and had the attack and frightened those in the car. She didn't realize initially that she had screamed. Can anyone explain and suggest a remedy? Thanks graciously

Posted by Shiloh
Escondido, California
To Justjoy from Atlanta, Georgia,

Hi Joy, I just watched a episode of Dr. Oz, he said that if you ever experience the worst headache of your life, one where your pain is excruciating, you need to go to the hospital and demand a brain scan you could be getting ready to have a brain anyurism, (not sure of the spelling). He had two women on the show that had one and survived, and relatives of two women who had one and died. Please don't take any chances with this.

Posted by Brooke
Montgomery, Tx, Usa
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Tell her that MOST headaches start in the colon. Have her take a lot more fiber in her foods, and give herself enemas and get a good colonic at least once a week for awhile. The headaches might get a little worse after a colonic, because of all the toxins, but they might go away. I would also have her do a 3 day apple diet before starting the colonics. Red Delicious apples, as many as she can eat for 3 days straight. On the 3rd day, take 1/4 cup of cold pressed olive oil and do the colonic on that day also.

Posted by Pat (Athens, Al, Usa) on 06/02/2010

Does anyone have a remedy for a sinus type headache? My sinuses seem to be clear - no mucus or anything to "blow". But I get these headaches that even make my face and teeth hurt. When I take a Sudafed or generic type suda-whatever (red) pill it goes away. Sometimes I might need to also take 1 ibuprofen, but usually not. I've tried using a saline type spray to see if that would offer any relief to no avail. I've looked under the ailments section under all of the sinus headings as well as the headache section and nothing seemed to "fit" this type of situation. I've gotten these headaches off and on most of my life - I've tried taking Benadryl and Claratin on a regular basis to see if it was allergy related but have had no luck there either. I'm open to suggestions. Thanks in advance.

Posted by Aurelia
Houston, Tx
Several years ago I experienced this type of headache. I took 20,000 i.u. of Vitamin D, plus 1 capsule of vit.K2 for a month. I also stopped all wheat for 1 week (no bread, pasta,etc.) thereafter I would eat wheat (whole grain) every other day. I also decreased my calcium supplement intake to 400mg. There was an immense improvement. Prepackaged foods may also be the culprit. They often contain MSG. MSG may cause terrible headaches. Also the supplement Quercetin (500mg)and combined Bromelain (300 to 400 GDU)is extremely helpful when taken at the first sign of pain.
Posted by Regulator555
Grand Rapids, Mi, Usa
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The pills could be the issue, as they dry out the mucus membranes. You may have dried out your sinus cavities. Plain saline drops will help keep the nasal passages moist, as will a humidifier. For the headache, (I just recently suffered something similar) I massaged an essential oil blend all around my hairline including the back of my neck, temples, over my sinuses, and across my nose (avoiding the eye area). The blend: 1 tablespoon of a carrier oil (like hazelnut or sweet almond), 5 drops lavender, 3 drops eucalyptus, and 3 drops peppermint. Apply as needed. Also, try pressing in at the point where the skull meets the neck in the back center. Massage helps a lot.
Posted by Lucy
Santa Cruz, California, United States
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Sinus problems are started from over the counter produces like Sudifed or prescribed antibiotics, because it dries out the sinus membranes and building up pressure.

Myrhh oil placed inside each nostril with a Q-tip, being very careful not to touch the outside of the nose. One time is all you'll need.

The first time I did this, I could hear my sinuses crack and it was instant relief.

Posted by Pat
Athens, Al, Usa
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Me again. Thanx for all of the feedback. I only take a sudafed once in a while - like when I actually get the headache as a first line of defense - sometimes it's all I need and the headache leaves. But it's those times when it doesn't work that are really bad. I've tried rosemarry oil messaged on my temples as well as just inside my nostrils and occasionally it will temporarily reduce the symptoms but they come back. I take a pretty good dose of vitamin D already and I don't take a calcium supplement. I haven't tried the myrrh oil and the local shop doesn't have any at the moment. I do take ACV but I have been taking that for awhile so I don't see why all of the sudden it would cause one of these headaches as I have had these headaches on and off for years. I avoid MSG like the plague. It always causes me discomfort in one way or another. I'm open to more feedback and will check back with the local shop for the myrrh in a day or two. I still have the headache today - it seems to be worse on one side of my head today though, sometimes it's like that. Ugh! Thanks.

Trigger Point Massage   1  0   

Posted by Ginny (La Quinta, CA) on 11/26/2005

[YEA]  I look forward to trying apple cider vinegar for my acid reflux but would like to pass on some headache help. My mom and I have been chronic headache sufferers for several years combined. Four months ago I bought and read "The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook" and changed my life. I began using "trigger point" self massage and was able to get rid of my pain meds. Not even pain meds worked on my mom so when "trigger points" worked for me, I tried them on her. They worked wonders. I taught her how to self massage and she has all but eliminated over 30 years of chronic, debilitating headaches.

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Posted by Kari (Murfreesboro, Tenn) on 09/03/2008

[YEA]  I decided to take some Turemic followed by a glass of water to help with my joint paints. When I took it I had a headache and later was going to take some pills for that. Within 30 minutes I realized my headache was gone! I have NEVER had that to happen so fast before. I was amazed. From now on when I have headaches I am going to start taking Turemic. I put about one tablespoon and a little bit of water in it. Mixed really good and drank it really fast. Still am so very amazed that I took that for something else and it helped with my headache and cured it. I highly recommend TURMERIC for headaches to see if it helps any.

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Posted by Anonymous

[YEA]  I am 49 years old and have suffered with very severe headaches since I was a young girl. I have tried many medications and remedies, but this simple and inexpensive thing can relieve the pain, sometimes within minutes. Bring a small saucepan of water to a boil. Remove from heat and add 1/2 cup apple cider vinegar. Make a "tent" with a bath towel over your head and breathe in the vapors, deeply and slowly. (If it makes you cough, cut back on the vinegar.) A few minutes of doing this will cure most headaches as well as pills or shots.

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